Wonder Woman's Voluntary Enslavement Part 1  

Wonder Woman's Voluntary Enslavement

By Barnabus

(M/F, Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl, M/C, non-consensual sex, first time, light bondage)


Wonder Woman is captured and voluntarily accepts two weeks of enslavement.


This is an adult story, containing sensitive material of a sexual nature, including graphic descriptions of non-consensual, "vanilla" sex. If you find such material offensive or are underage, do not read further, but please bypass this story for one more suitable for you.

Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl are copyrighted, trademarked, and owned by DC Comics. I am simply borrowing them for a while for my own pleasure and to allow them to have a sex life. This is a work of fan-fiction. This story is written for enjoyment and entertainment purposes only, and no commercial profit is expected to be made from it. It may be copied for personal use or for posting on other sites, provided the sites are free sites . . . it may NOT be posted on any site that requires a "membership fee" of any kind. Posting is permitted on an "Adultcheck" type site (which might cost a few dollars a year for access to many sites) but not on an "Adultcheck Gold" site, which requires much more money.

Like most stories of this ilk, at the end of the story, (unless there is a sequel) the characters are magically returned to their original condition, undamaged, unharmed, and unchanged in any way with no memory of the events that have taken place . . . It is as if the story had never happened, because, after all, it never really did.

Perhaps this story should be classified as a 'novella'. It is not simply a two page 'fuck-'em and forget-'em' story, but makes an attempt to create a mood and to develop some of the characters, and possibly even (gasp) have a bit of a plot.

The story could be set in the 1940's, approximately World War II, but there is nothing in it to reference any particular time period. Parts of the story are not told in the text. They have been purposely left out. Feel free to use your imagination to fill in 'between the lines.'

Birth control is used in this story, because in 'real life' every reasonable adult should know that he or she should behave responsibly when participating in sexual activities and he or she wishes to avoid unwanted conception and the spread of disease.

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Chapter 1 - Heroines captured.

With a faint 'pop', the portal closed behind the infamous villain. After a battle that had lasted much too long, the archfiend had been banished back to his own dimension and the danger to the earth had been averted.

With a deep sigh, Wonder Woman allowed herself to relax, sinking to her knees. She had won! But just barley. Wonder Woman had been running on adrenalin for much too long, and all of her reserves had been depleted. The battle with the villain had taken three days, and Wonder Woman was totally exhausted.

She crawled to the limp form of Wonder Girl, and briefly surveyed the unconscious, bruised figure. Wonder Girl had been badly battered, but she would heal. With great effort, Wonder Woman sat beside the collapsed figure of her sister and cradled Wonder Girl's head in her lap. She was too tired to call her invisible airplane, let alone fly it. The mere act of sitting in one place allowed the fatigue to wash over her and her head drooped as she fell into an exhausted slumber.

Cautiously, a man stepped from the trees surrounding the clearing. He was only about 20 feet from the two unconscious women. He had been hiking in the woods when he heard the sounds of the battle, and had crept closer to see what was happening. You can imagine his surprise to find that both Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl clashing with a beast, the likes of which he had ever seen. Fascinated, he remained and watched. He had seen Wonder Girl fall under the attack of the fiend, and then watched as Wonder Woman had landed what looked like a lucky punch, disabling the monster. He had watched her extract a promise from the villain never to return. And he had watched as the portal opened and the villain staggered through before it closed behind him.

Now, both Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl were unconscious before him, apparently helpless.

He had fantasized about an opportunity like this, now it had presented itself. Could he take advantage the opportunity that had presented itself to him? Was he willing to take the chance of being found out.

An occurrence like this would never come again, and he decided to seize the opportunity. He had heard that the superheroines would lose their super powers if their hands were bound by a man. He had nothing to tie them with, but he saw the golden lasso hanging from Wonder Woman's Belt. He crept up beside her and carefully removed the lasso without disturbing her. Then he made a quick, double-bowed slipknot and unobtrusively slipped a loop over Wonder Woman's hand. Gently moving her other hand behind her back, he slipped the second loop over that hand and gently pulled the loops tight. He was securing the knot when Wonder Woman stirred. She felt her remaining strength draining from her and noticing the tightness around her wrists causing her to wake up, but her exhaustion was so great eyes had difficulty focusing.

"Uuuhhh. What's happening?" Panic spread as she realized her strength was gone, and She looked around, still not seeing the man who was behind her. "What's going on?", her voice rising.

"Shhhhhh! Be quiet," the man whispered to her, afraid that her voice might awaken Wonder Girl before he had her tied up. Wonder Woman stopped talking, but began pulling on her bonds.

"Sit Still!" the man urged her, still holding on to the end of the rope. And to his astonishment, she stopped fighting the golden lasso.

"Will you remain quiet and not move?" he asked. Wonder Woman nodded, to his amazement. He moved around and took Wonder Girl's golden lasso. She was lying on her back, so he couldn't get behind her back, so he tied her hands in front of her, all the time keeping hold of Wonder Woman's rope.

Once both women were bound, his looked again at Wonder Woman. She was gazing back at him with fury in here eyes, watching his every move. But for a reason he couldn't understand, she was making no effort to resist him. Sitting back on his haunches, his eyes met hers. She was alert now, but her face was a mask of fatigue.

"Why aren't you resisting me?" He asked. Weakened or not, the man knew he wouldn't be a match for Wonder Woman's famous strength and stamina. When she didn't respond, he added, "Tell me!"

"Because you ordered me to be quiet, and not to move."

"But, why?" he asked. "Why would YOU obey ME?"

"- - the rope makes me obey. As long as you are holding the rope, I must obey any order you give me."

He vaguely remembered hearing something about this property of Wonder Woman's lasso, but had forgotten it until now.

"Is that true of Wonder girl's rope as well?"

Wonder Woman nodded.

He noticed that she was attempting to resist answering his question, despite the influence of the lasso. He added, "You can tell me your secrets." And after a moment of thought he added, "You have absolute trust in me." He watched as a change in Wonder Woman's demeanor took place, and he guessed it was the rope forcing her to reluctantly internalize his order. When her face cleared, he asked, "Tell me more about this magic lasso."

"It contains Amazon magic. It is unbreakable, and when a person is bound by this magic rope, he must tell the truth." She was no longer resisting his interrogation.

"Isn't there something about when you are tied up, you lose your powers?"

"Yes, if I am bound by a man, I lose my Amazon strength."

"And then, you are no stronger than any other woman?"


"Are you telling me the truth?"

"Yes, the golden lasso has the magical effect that a person must always tell the truth when bound by the lasso."

"And to obey the orders of the person holding the rope that binds you?"


The man looked around the clearing and as deeply into the forest as he could see. Although this wasn't exactly a 'public place', he knew that a hiker could stumble across them at any time, and decided to get the two women to the privacy of his cabin as quickly as possible. He thought for a moment and asked.

"If I tie this end of the rope around you, and release your wrists, you will have your Amazon strength again because your wrists are no longer bound by a man. But you will still have to obey me because the magic lasso is around your waist, is that correct?"

Wonder Woman nodded. "That is correct."

Quickly, the man tied a loop around Wonder Woman's waist. But before he untied her wrists, he hesitated.

"When I release your wrists, I order you not to try to escape from me and not to try to injure me in any way. And to obey my orders. Is that understood?"

"Yes, I understand."

The man had risked himself this far. He decided to take a chance that she was telling the truth. Keeping hold on part of the rope, he released her wrists and ordered her to pick up Wonder Girl and to carry her to his cabin. Although her super strength returned as her wrists were freed, her fatigue made it extremely difficult for her to carry her sister the distance required.

Finally, she entered the cabin and deposited Wonder Girl on the sofa as the man locked the door behind them.

The man pulled up two chairs next to the sofa and when they were both seated he continued his interrogation.

"Are there any other 'magic' characteristics about the ropes?"

Wonder Woman shook her head. After a moment's consideration, the man asked, "Are there any other magic powers about you or your costume?"

"I receive my Amazon powers from my belt. It also has the power to rapidly restore energy and to heal injuries. Also, we can communicate with our invisible plane using our tiaras."

"And if your belt is removed?"

"Then I am no stronger than any other woman. And if I am injured, I will heal at the same rate as any other woman."

"Take off your belt and give it to me."

Reluctantly, and only because of the magic of the rope still around her waist, Wonder Woman obeyed. Then, at the man's order, she removed Wonder Girl's magic belt and handed it also to the man. Once the belts were in his possession, he pointed to a grand piano in the room and ordered Wonder Woman to lift it.

Because of the rope still around her waist, she tried, but could only lift one end of it off of the floor for a moment before it thudded back into place and the man told her to stop.

"Are there any other secrets about you and Wonder Girl that I would like to know?' he asked the woman who was panting from the exertion of attempting to lift the piano.

After a moment's thought, Wonder woman shook her head.

The man hesitated before asking the next question. His curiosity had been piqued as Wonder Woman had carried her sister to the cabin. Following behind, he had become mesmerized by the swing in Wonder Woman's hips which were covered by the skin-tight satin briefs. Finally, he simply asked the question. "Can Amazons become pregnant?"

Still under the influence of the magic lasso, and his command that she could have absolute trust in him, she answered without hesitation. "Yes, if they are fertilized during their fertile period."

Fertilized? The man smiled at the clinical answer, as if discussing a textbook subject, rather than some thing that involved interactions between real people.

"And when is your fertile period?" he asked.

Wonder Woman paused for a moment, thinking. Then responded, "I am at the end of my fertile period now."

"So it would be possible for you to get pregnant at this time?" he asked.

"Yes. If I were fertilized now, there is a possibility I could become pregnant."

"What about Wonder Girl?" the man asked.

"I don't know when her fertile period is," Wonder Woman responded.

The man thought more. He asked, "How old is Wonder Girl?"

Wonder Woman responded immediately. "She's just a child, nineteen years old." The man smiled. 'Old enough,' he thought to himself.

Then he realized a new possibility. He asked:

"Using the rope, I can give you orders and you must obey. Can I use the rope like a hypnotist?" A look of confusion crossed Wonder Woman's face. He continued.

"I order you not to try to escape, or even to leave this cabin without my express permission, and not to attempt to contact anyone outside of this cabin and not to injure me in any way, or to attempt to injure me or attempt to overpower me. You are required to obey, correct?"

Wonder Woman nodded.

"I further order you that this order is to remain in effect for as long as you are here, regardless of whether you are bound by the rope or not. Are you required to obey this order as well?"

"Yes," Wonder Woman grudgingly admitted.

Thinking back about all he had read about hypnotism and every show he had ever seen where a hypnotist had performed, he asked, "If I order you to forget the time you are with me, will the rope make you forget everything?"

"Yes," responded Wonder Woman.

"Good! Now, I want you to fall into a deep sleep, but you will still hear my words and be able to respond to me, even though you are asleep."

Wonder Woman's eyes fluttered and closed. When the man satisfied himself that she was indeed in a hypnotic-type sleep, he careful planted a post-hypnotic suggestion in her. Whenever he said the words 'Wonder Woman does Dallas' (he smiled at the implications of this phrase), she would again fall into a deep hypnotic sleep. He also instructed her that she would not consciously remember this instruction or suggestion.

Before he left her to sleep, he had another idea. "And whenever I say 'I'd like you to shuffle and deal the cards', you will indeed shuffle the playing cards and put them on the table to be cut, but then you will fall into a trance where you will be unaware of what's happening around you but you will still be receptive to my instructions. Is this understood?"

"Yes," came the inflectionless response from the superheroine.

"Now, sleep, rest! Regain your strength," the man ordered. You will not awaken until I wake you up or until you are fully rested. However, in any case, you are to obey my orders. You are not to attempt to escape, or to injure me, or to contact anyone outside of this cabin without my permission. Do you understand?"

"Yes," and Wonder Woman slipped deeper into unconsciousness.

Chapter 2 ­ He makes his preparations.

He let them both sleep & recover. As they slept, he made his plans.

He had fantasized about Wonder Woman ever since he had first seen her picture in the newspaper. Just like very other red-blooded man, he wanted to have sex with her. Now, she was literally at his mercy. He considered rape and briefly enjoyed the fantasy, but quickly dismissed it because that wasn't his style.

He believed he could use the Magic Lasso to make her a willing partner. Or could he? If it worked like hypnotism, he might not be able to order her to do anything she wouldn't normally do. But he could suggest to her that she had fallen in love and gotten married and tonight was her wedding night - - -

This was a delicious thought, but again, it was not one that he was likely to use.

No, he wanted to come up with a plan where she would come to his bed of her own choice. It was not necessary that she be a willing participant (there would probably be some constraints on her participation due to her Amazon indoctrination), but if he could have her yield herself without restriction . . . willingly, freely, it would be a dream come true. What would it take to get her to CONSENT to freely surrender herself?

Then again, there was Wonder Girl. If Wonder Woman was a piece of prime meat waiting to be devoured, then Wonder Girl was certainly a delicious, tender morsel to be savored and enjoyed! Wonder Woman had called her a child, but had also acknowledged that Wonder Girl was 19 years old - - - old enough, the man reflected.

The two women were sisters, and apparently had a close relationship. A plan began to form in the man's mind. As the ideas fell together, he smiled and rose from his chair to head to his tool closet. To use this plan, he had to act quickly, before the two women had a chance to rest much more. Fumbling through his toolbox, he took out a crescent wrench and several screwdrivers. Then, frustrated, he scanned the closet, seeking an electrical repair kit. Finding it, he opened it and smiled as he found a collection of alligator clips of different sizes.

The man had read numerous articles on brainwashing, and knew that sleep deprivation was a vital part of the process. Maybe he had made a mistake allowing the two women to sleep after he had questioned them. He quickly ran to awaken them both.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Chapter 3 ­ Wonder Woman makes a promise.

Wonder Woman awoke to find herself bound to a solid oak chair in the man's bedroom. She knew she had been bound by the hands of a man, because her Amazon strength was gone. Wonder Woman examined the bonds on her wrists and saw that she had been bound by her Golden Lasso, so there was no chance of breaking her bindings. She tested the chair briefly, and found it was solidly built, and it was unlikely that she would be able to pull it apart without her Amazon strength. There was an unexplained tenderness in her nipples and in her private area that Wonder Woman couldn't explain, but that though left her consciousness almost as fast as it had entered.

Wonder Woman saw that Wonder Girl was on the bed. Her golden lasso bound her wrists to the headboard. Another cord tied her feet to the foot of the bed. Dru appeared disoriented, looking around as if trying to find a way of escape. On a table beside the bed was various equipment: some wires, several alligator clips of different sizes, and a car battery.

"Dru," Wonder Woman whispered. There was no response. "DRU!" she1

spoke more insistently. 1

"She can't hear you," came a familiar voice from behind her. "Using her magic lasso, she has been instructed not to see you and not to hear you."

"Why is Wonder Girl here? What are you going to do to her?" Wonder Woman demanded. She realized that the man wasn't holding onto the Golden Lasso, so she was not constrained to tell him only the truth or to obey him.

The man pulled up a chair next to Wonder Woman.

"She is a bargaining chip. I plan to use her to get you to do what I wish," the man explained.

"And what do you want me to do?" Wonder Woman asked.

"I want you to be my slave for the next two weeks. At the end of the two weeks, I will release you and you will be free to go. During the next two weeks, you will prepare meals for me. You will clean the house, make the beds, and wash the dishes. AND you will share my bed and will do whatever I ask in bed. "

Wonder Woman dismissed this with a roll of her eyes. "You know that's impossible."

"And why impossible?" the man asked.

"That violates every principle that every Amazon lives by. We are forbidden to have intimate contact with any man, lest we succumb to the influences of a man's world."

"Ah, yes, I know. And is it also true that if an Amazon has sex with a man she becomes his slave forever?"

"Not quite. If an Amazon is defeated in battle, then freely gives herself to her male conqueror, then she will become his slave, and she will permanently lose her Amazon powers."

"I see," the man nodded. "And have you ever become a man's slave in this fashion?"

"Of course not," Wonder Woman snorted.

"Have you ever given yourself to a man, either willingly or not?"

"Never!" exclaimed the Amazon princess, her nostrils flaring at the intimacy of the question.

"Are you a virgin?" the man asked, leaning into Wonder Woman.

She turned away, averting his eyes. She had told him too much already. The man reached out and took hold of the end of the golden lasso that bound Wonder Woman, and repeated his question. "I asked, are you a virgin?"

Diana felt the power of the magic rope surging through her, forcing her to give a truthful answer. Blushing, she dropped her eyes and whispered, "Yes."

Astounded, the man stared at his prisoner. Not only was he going to possess the Amazon princess, but he was going to take her virginity as well. Regaining his composure, he released the rope.

"Let us return to my original request. Are you refusing my request to be my slave, remaining here for two weeks and sharing my bed during that time?"

"Most definitely!" was Wonder Woman's emphatic response.

"Then, that is the end of our conversation." The man stood and moved his chair to the bedside. "Let me say, first of all, that I have no real interest in Wonder Girl whatsoever. However, since she is here, there is also no reason why I should not enjoy her!"

"What are you going to do to her? She's just a child. She's had almost no contact with men. Leave her alone!"

Ignoring Wonder Woman, the man bent over Wonder Girl, his hand caressing her cheek. Wonder Girl was suddenly aware of his presence as his touch released her from his instructions not to see him.

"What are you going to do to me?" she whimpered, pulling her face away from contact with his hand. "Why have you bound me like this?"

Wonder Girl whimpered as his hand caressed her breast through her bustier. The ropes tying her contained enough slack that she could move around somewhat on top of the bed, and she pulled as far away from his touch as she could.

Although the man could hear Wonder Woman screaming at him, he knew that Wonder Girl could not hear her sisters objections. He ignored Wonder Woman's complaints and sat on the side of the bed, putting his arms around Wonder Girl reaching behind her until he found the fastener holding her bustier in place. She struggled against him as he opened the fastening and pulled the garment away, dropping it beside the bed. Mortified at being bare-chested before a MAN, Wonder Girl turned her face away, begging him to stop and to release her.

Wonder Girl hadn't been in a man's world that much, and almost always she had been with her sister who protected her. She had never experienced what she was going through now, and the experience terrified her.

Without responding to her, the man caressed her delightful mammaries, and began rolling one of her nipples between his fingers.

Unable to meet his gaze, Wonder Girl twisted and squirmed, trying to pull away from his touch. Her whimpers increased and a single tear escaped her eye as unwittingly, the nipple began to engorge. Keeping her eyes closed and turned away from him, she didn't see him select an alligator clamp from the table and was caught totally unaware when the sharp teeth of the clamp bit into her greatly stimulated nipple. She cried out, more in surprise than in pain as the metal bit into her tender flesh. The man began manipulating her other nipple, while preparing a second alligator clamp. Unused to being treated in this way, and feeling totally helpless, Wonder Girl began sobbing and begging the man to stop.

But he did not stop, and soon her other nipple was erect. Wide-eyed and begging, and virtually without dignity, Wonder Girl watched as the man fixed the second alligator clamp in place. Her eyes riveted to the on the second metal clamp, she wasn't aware of his saying the words, "Deaf and dumb!" But even though she wasn't aware of the words, they had their effect on her and at that moment, she was no longer able to hear either the man or Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman had been thrashing in the chair, trying to break loose or to do something to help her sister. She had screamed so loud and so much that her voice was becoming hoarse.

The man stood and faced the Amazon champion. He placed one hand on the car battery next to Wonder Girl.

"I have read that the current of an automobile battery passing through the private parts of a woman causes the most exquisite pain. Do you happen to know if that's true?"

Wonder Woman responded with a string of invectives that seemed to turn the air blue.

"Oh, my!" The man responded. "I will never permit a slave of mine to use

that language! It seems you're not prepared to discuss your situation yet!" And he turned back to Wonder Girl and caressed her cheek. The simple action of caressing her cheek brought him back into her world, and Wonder Girl became aware of his presence.

"It seems that I have one more clip," he observed to Wonder Girl. "I'll have to find a place for it!"

He stood and as Wonder Girl had dreaded, he gripped the sides of her star spangled panties and pulled them down. Wonder Girl's reaction was immediate and predictable, clamping her thighs together and turning her knees away from him. But she could only postpone the inevitable and soon the panties were at her ankles.

Then, he began rearranging her bindings, replacing the binding holding her wrists together with two separate ropes attached to the bedposts. Then he released one foot and after slipping the star spangled garment off of that ankle he rebound the ankle to a corner bedpost. Soon the pants joined her bustier on the floor and Wonder Girl was spread-eagled on the bed with each limb tied to a different bedpost.

He returned sit on the bed beside her and gently caressed her breasts before allowing his hands to travel downward over her tense belly to her mons, where he started new manipulation. If Wonder Girl had been mortified before, her face turned red at the new indignities he was visiting upon her body! Unable to draw her knees together, there was no way she could offer any resistance to the man's touch. Tears freely poured down her face as he parted her lips and continued his manipulations, causing her clit to engorge and become erect. Whimpering and begging, she gave a wide-eyed gasp as his finger began to enter her. She whimpered as he briefly explored her. His thumb grazed her clit and his finger continued its explorations. After a moment, he removed his finger and rolled her clit between his thumb and damp finger. Wonder Girl watched as he placed the next alligator clip on her erect clit. Although he was exceedingly gentle as he fastened this clip into place, the cold metal still bit into her extremely sensitive organ causing Wonder Girl to experience sensations such as she had never imagined before!

Her body was wracked with pain and exhaustion. She could only watch

uncomprehending as the man fastened wires to each of the clips. Then she watched as he fastened one of the wires to a terminal of the battery. She comprehended in a general way what would probably happen next, but she had no conception of what the experience would be.

"Deaf and dumb." the man whispered, and again, she became unaware of him or the fact that he was talking with someone that she couldn't see.

The man spoke, as if he was continuing his conversation with Wonder Woman as if it had never been interrupted.

"I have also heard that if a man is making love with a woman while the battery power is running through her, he will not receive a direct shock, but that his stimulation will be increased 10 fold by the power and by the spasms of the girl. I doubt that that is completely true, but I suspect I will enjoy finding out!

"Oh, by the way, in case you were wondering, her hymen is still intact - - - I - - - uh - - - did a brief examination of her before attaching the clip."

"You CAN'T rape Wonder Girl!" Screamed a very hoarse Wonder Woman. "She's a virgin! She's never been exposed to men, let alone have any intimate contact with men! Leave her alone! Please! I beg you!"

"I'll have to repeat myself," the man responded. "As I said, I have no real interest in Wonder Girl. I would forgo the pleasure of raping her most willingly." The man knelt before Wonder Woman so that his eyes were on the same level as hers. His voice was low, but his intensity was obvious. "It's YOU that I want, Wonder Woman!"

Tears streamed down Diana's face. She gently moved her head from side to side. "Please! Please don't do this. Please don't ask me this! Please!"

Ignoring her pleas, again he asked, "I know that when you give your word, you will keep your promises. I realize I haven't defeated you in battle. And if you accept my terms, your acceptance will be under coercion, so you will not be 'willingly giving yourself to me'. In fact, I suspect you will be rather unwilling. However, you will not fall under the law resulting in your losing your Amazon powers. But you will remain with me and serve me. And at the end of the next two weeks, I will release you to resume your duties as Wonder Woman. So, once again, will you promise to be my slave, and to remain with me for the next two weeks, to prepare meals for me, and clean the house and make the beds, and wash the dishes, AND do whatever I ask in bed."

Her spirit utterly broken, Wonder Woman sobbed, "I can't!"

The man smiled patiently at Wonder Woman. "Of course you can't. I'm sorry I asked," he replied condescendingly. He rose and went to the side of the bed and picked up a wire and prepared to touch it to a battery terminal. He had not caressed Wonder Girl's cheek, so she remained unaware of him and couldn't see his actions, therefore she was totally unaware of the danger she was in.

Holding the wire about an inch above the battery terminal, the man paused and again looked at Wonder Woman.

"Stop," she mouthed.

The man raised his eyebrows. "Did you say something?"

"Stop!" Wonder Woman croaked.

Without withdrawing the wire, the man gazed into Wonder Woman's eyes.


"I'll do it!" Wonder Woman managed to squeak out.

"Yes?" the man waited.

"I'll be your slave for two weeks, if you release Wonder Girl!"


Trembling with emotion, Wonder Woman continued. "Release Wonder Girl without harming her further, and I'll - - - " Wonder Woman took a deep breath, still trembling, and continued, "- - - share your bed and - - - ." Sobs broke out and between sobs, Wonder Woman managed to complete the sentence. "­ - - I'll do whatever you ask me to in your bed - - -!"

"You're saying that if I release Wonder Girl without harming her further, you agree to be my slave? And you will remain with me for the next two weeks and serve me?" the man repeated, carefully rephrasing what she had said.

Utterly dejected, Wonder Woman nodded her head, not noticing the subtle change in wording.

"Do you give me your word? Do you promise?"

Wonder Woman nodded, attempting desperately to regain some composure. "I promise. I give you my word."

Chapter 4 - Wonder Girl's release

The man whispered some words into Wonder Girl's ear, and her eyes closed as if she had fallen into a deep sleep. He removed the three clips, then released her arms and legs and redressed the girl in her costume.

Then he returned to Wonder Woman and picked up the end of the Golden Lasso. "You have given me your promise, and your word. Will you keep your promise and word?"

Wonder Woman felt the surge of power from the magic Lasso compelling her to tell the truth. "Yes."

Still holding the Golden Lasso, the man continued, "During the next two weeks, you are not to attempt to escape or to injure me in any way. And you will not contact anyone outside of this cabin. And you will not leave this cabin without my permission. Do you understand and agree?"

Wonder Woman nodded. "The rope makes me obey. I understand and promise to do as you have commanded."

"If I untie you," the man asked moving his fingers to the knots binding Wonder Woman, still holding the end of the rope, "will you attempt to hurt me or to escape?"

"No, I cannot," Wonder Woman answered. "Your commands will not permit that."

The man released the end of the rope and loosened the knots. In a few moments, Diana was standing rubbing her wrists.

"To assure you that I too am a man of my word, we will release Wonder Girl together. You will write Wonder Girl a note, then we will carry her back to where I found the two of you."

At the man's direction, Wonder Woman wrote a note to Wonder Girl telling her that Wonder Woman had been called away on a very 'top secret mission', and expected to be gone for two weeks. The note told Wonder Girl to go to Wonder Woman's home near Washington and wait for Diana's return. Hoping that Wonder Woman's promise was good, he returned the two Magic Girdles, and immediately he observed Wonder Woman's strength increase.

Wonder Woman picked up Drusilla and carried her down the stairs to the front door where she hesitated.

"You have permission to leave the cabin with me to release your sister. Then we will return and you will remain in the cabin as before."

Wonder Woman carried Drusilla back to the clearing where they had defeated the beast from another dimension. Wonder Woman propped Drusilla against a tree, tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear and kissed her on the forehead. She watched as the man instructed the sleeping Drusilla to forget everything that had happened to her since she had been knocked unconscious in battle with the monster, and that the battle would be the last thing she would remember. He further instructed her to continue sleeping for five minutes after they have left her, then to awaken and feel rested. And when she awoke, she would find the note from Wonder Woman. Satisfied that Drusilla was in a deep sleep, he told her they were leaving.

He and Wonder Woman withdrew back into trees, far enough that they wouldn't be seen by Wonder Girl when she awoke. They stood there, hidden in the trees to and watched. A few minutes later, Wonder Girl awoke, look around, found the note. Ultimately, Wonder Girl signaled the invisible plane. As she climbed in the plane to return home, she wondered what had happened to her Golden Lasso.

Chapter 5 ­ Wonder Woman begins her service

The man and Wonder Woman watched Wonder Girl climb into the plane and disappear as they heard the craft fly off into the distance. Now that Wonder Girl was safe and away from the man, once again, Wonder Woman began to allow herself to relax and immediately the accumulated fatigue and tension poured over her. She had trouble focusing and tripped frequently as they made their way back to the man's cabin. The Sun was overhead, so she guessed that it must be close to noon.

A great deal had happened that day: She and Wonder Girl had successfully defeated the arch villain and sent him back to his own universe. Then they had been captured by the man. Their exhaustion from the three-day fight with the arch-beast had made them easy prey for the man, along with his luck in choosing to bind them with their own magic lassos, and the subsequent discovery of the powers of the golden ropes.

In addition to the physical fatigue she had experienced from the long fight, even more of Wonder Woman's energy had been drained by witnessing the torture of her sister and her subsequent promise to be the man's slave for the next two weeks.

Wonder Woman knew she would be at his mercy for that period, but for the moment she was too exhausted to even think about it.

Almost blind with fatigue, she entered the cabin with the man and followed him to the bedroom where he slipped her under the covers. He ordered her to rest and sleep, and when she awoke, she would begin her duties. Wonder Woman knew the magic girdle would aid her healing and recovery, but even so, sleep was necessary. As darkness swirled around her, there was something slightly disturbing about the words he had spoken, but she was much too tired to think about it.

Wonder Woman slept soundly. The magic girdle continued to heal her injuries and combined with her natural sleep function to refresh her mind and body. It was dark outside when she woke up. She had slept hard and her body didn't want to wake up.

At first, she was confused at her surroundings, but soon the memories of what had happened earlier that day came to her. Had she REALLY promised to be the slave to that man she had just met? And to share his . . . and do whatever he . . . Wonder Woman shuttered and hoped that it had all been a bad dream.

But bad dream or not, a delicious odor assailed her nostrils, and she realized that she was famished. Not surprising since she hadn't stopped to eat at any time during the past three days.

"Ah! You're awake!" The man was standing at the door holding a glass of orange juice. It hadn't been a dream! His living presence testified that everything had actually happened.

"This is for you," he said bringing the glass of juice to her.

Wonder Woman took the glass and eyed it suspiciously. "Am I your prisoner?" she asked. She wasn't bound and her magic girdle was still on, so she had all of her Amazon strength. Although still tired from the long battle, much of her strength had returned, and certainly no mere man could defeat her.

"Prisoner? I hope that's not necessary! But no, you are not my prisoner. However, you ARE my slave. And for the next two weeks, at least, you are obligated to do as I demand.

The details of the past twelve hours cleared in Wonder Woman's memory. She remembered what she had promised. She eyed the juice suspiciously.

"Are you using this to drug me?" she asked.

"Why would I want to drug you?

"To keep me compliant."

An evil smile crossed the man's face. "I don't need drugs to keep you compliant. I have something much stronger than drugs."

"And what would that be?" Wonder Woman asked, sniffing the juice.

"Your promise!"

Wonder Woman flashed a withering look at the man. "A promise that was extracted under duress, therefore not valid!"

"Duress? Perhaps. You may have been under duress. But no one forced you to promise. You were not ordered to promise by use of your magic lasso . . ." Wonder Woman remembered he had her magic lasso and knew of its powers.

The man continued. "You had your choice. And you DID promise! And I refuse to release you from that promise. I intend to require you to fulfill that promise in every respect for the next two weeks!

"Now, drink your juice and come downstairs. I have prepared supper for us," the man said terminating the conversation and leaving the room.

The dinner the man had prepared was delicious. The man carefully measured the portions he gave to Wonder Woman. As she emptied her plate, she had received enough to satisfy her, but no more. She felt comfortable and stronger as she began absorbing the nutrition.

After dinner, they went to the living room where a checkerboard was set up. The man suggested, "Let's play a game of checkers. The loser will serve the winner cognac and cake." Wonder Woman was surprised, but saw no harm in accepting the terms. Since she had seldom played checkers, the man quickly won the game. Wonder Woman found some sliced cheesecake in the refrigerator and a tray containing cognac and snifters on the sideboard.

When she returned to the table, she found the checkers had been replaced by scrabble. "We'll play to 150 points. Then the loser will serve coffee," the man stated. Again, Wonder Woman accepted the wage. The game began and Wonder Woman quickly won. He asked her to put away the game as he went to serve the coffee. When he returned, they both sipped their coffee talking about inconsequential items. The man was a clever conversationalist and many of his comments were amusing. Wonder Woman began to relax as the evening progressed. Finally, the man picked up and shuffled a deck of cards from a nearby end table.

"Are we going to play a card game now?" Wonder Woman asked.

The man nodded and offered the deck to Wonder Woman to cut. Then he dealt five cards to each of them. Absently, Wonder Woman picked up the cards and examined them.

"And what card game are we playing?" she asked.


Wonder Woman stiffened. "Doesn't poker involve some sort of wager? I have no money here. Do you have some chips?"

"The game will be strip poker." the man replied examining his cards without looking at her. "For each hand, the loser will remove one item of clothing." Looking up, meeting Wonder Woman's eyes, the man continued. "Your tiara and bracelets are not considered clothing and are exempted. If a person looses all of his or her clothing, then the opponent can demand something else as his wager."

Wonder Woman threw her cards on the table. "What makes you think I would agree to anything like this?" she demanded.

Wide-eyed, the man's eyes met hers. "I don't expect you to agree to anything. However, you are my slave . . ." Holding up his hand to cut off Wonder Woman's objection before she could even voice it, he gently reproved, "You gave your word. And you promised. And I intend to hold you to your promise.

"And as my slave," he continued, "If I wish to play strip poker, then YOU will play strip poker with me.

"Oh, and by the way," he continued, almost as an afterthought. "If we wager and you lose, you're is not really yielding to a man, you are simply honoring a debt, and every honorable person honors his or her debts. Now, I'll wager my shirt against your magic girdle," he said, returning his attention to his cards.

Wonder Woman didn't like the sound of 'honoring her debts'. But with much hesitation and great trepidation, she grudgingly played the game. She felt better when she won the first three hands, costing the man his shirt, his shoes and his socks. Then the cards turned against her, she lost her magic girdle and her boots. With the next hand the man drew first blood. After he won the hand, he watched intently as a very embarrassed Wonder Woman unfastened her bustier with great reluctance.

Holding the loose Bustier over her breasts, Wonder Woman asked in a disgusted voice, "Do we have to continue this ridiculous farce?"

"Of course! You lost fairly and squarely. Put the bustier aside so we can continue the game."

Keeping one hand over her breasts to hide them, Wonder Woman allowed the bustier to drop to the floor beside her.

Two hands later and the man had lost his pants and underwear, and on the following hand, Wonder Woman lost her satin panties. Both were naked, facing each other across the table. Wonder Woman was ready to stop the game at that point, but the man wished to continue.

For her wager, she demanded that he release her and allow her to leave. When he wouldn't accept those terms, she wagered that they would end the game and he would not ask her to play strip poker again during the two weeks that they would be together. He agreed, and said he would place his wager after the cards were dealt. "This time, I'd like you to shuffle and deal the cards," he said.

Wonder Woman shuffled and set them on the table for the man to cut. She experienced a brief moment of disorientation as the cards before her seemed somehow to be in a slightly different position than they had been when she placed them on the table But she picked them up and dealt. When she examined her cards, her eyes widened when she saw she held a hand of four eights and a queen. The odds against her drawing a hand like that were astronomical. The odds of him having a hand that would beat her were virtually nil.

The man picked up his cards, but hadn't looked at them yet. He stated, "If you win this hand, we will end the game and I will not ask you to play strip poker again during the next two weeks. However, if my cards are better than yours, you will go upstairs and prepare for bed. Then you will get into my bed dressed as you are, and wait for me to join you. You will be compliant, and not refuse me and you will not resist me because any good slave should always be submissive to her master."

'Dressed as she was?' She was only wearing her tiara and her bracelets.

There was nothing new in his request. Simply a definition of 'when and where'. Wonder Woman looked at her cards again. She knew that there was no way he could beat her hand of 4 eights. Possibly by winning this wage, she might have a better bargaining position, however slight it might be. She accepted his wager and lay down her cards.

His eyes widened as he saw her hand. He studied his cards for a long time. Then one by one, he placed his cards on the table. A nine. A second nine. A four. A third nine. He hesitated and his eyes met Wonder Woman's eyes, before he put his final card on the table. It was a nine. His hand held 4 nines and a four.

Chapter 6 ­ The man collects his winnings.

Wonder Woman returned to the bedroom and straightened out the bedding. For a long time, she stood there staring at the bed before her. She contemplated with fear and trembling what was about to occur. She heard a sound behind her and turned. The man was standing in the doorway. He had a light bathrobe on, and he gazed at the beautiful vision standing before him. He had anticipated this moment for most of the day, and didn't want to delay any longer. Stepping past Wonder Woman, he lifted the sheet and held it up. The invitation was undeniable. Dropping her eyes, Wonder Woman slipped into the bed, but kept her back to him and left almost no room for him.

The man smiled and walked around to the other side of the bed, dropping the robe, and slid under the covers. Wonder Woman tried to roll over and turn her back to him again, but his hand gripped her arm, stopping her on her back. He moved over her propping himself on his elbow so that he was above her, trapping one of her arms beneath his body. He gently caressed her firm breast, quickly finding the nipple which he rolled between his fingers, eliciting a gasp from Wonder Woman. After that first involuntary gasp, she tightly controlled her body, refusing to respond to his intimate touches and caresses.

With a sudden movement, he threw the sheet off of them, and suddenly, they were both naked on the bed. Wonder Woman's embarrassment was supreme as his gaze audaciously appraised her entire voluptuous body. He kissed her breasts and his lips caressed her nipples with a feather light touch. Wonder Woman bit her lip to resist the sensations that passed through her body as his teeth grazed her nipple. Very gently, he began to suck on first one nipple, then the other. She trembled at the stimulation, and the man was pleased as he noticed goose bumps forming. Slowly, as he continued his gentle manipulation of her nipples, he explored her various 'secret' places. She quivered at his touch. She turned her face away from him and grimaced as his fingers separated her lower lips and a finger began to enter her. Try as she might, she couldn't repress a whimper as his finger came into contact with her maidenhead. Involuntarily she pulled away from him, and was relieved when his hand didn't reestablish itself. Even so, tears formed in her eyes at the assault she was experiencing. She knew that she was beginning to lubricate. No matter how much her conscious mind resisted the idea, her traitorous body was preparing for sex.

She heard a tearing sound, and looking back, she saw he had opened a condom package and was rolling the contraceptive over his erect penis. She suddenly remembered she was at the end of her fertile period, and unprotected sex might cause a pregnancy. Seeing the man cover himself with a prophylactic sent confusing and mixed emotions through her. On one hand she was glad that he was taking steps to protect her from pregnancy. On the other hand, his action confirmed beyond any doubt what would happen next. Looking away, she began to cry in helplessness and frustration. She had to stop him to protect her honor. But her honor prevented her from stopping him. What could she do?

Wonder Woman felt his weight on top of her. He settled between her legs, spreading her thighs. His penis nuzzled her entrance, spreading her juices around.

Reflexively, she pulled away from him, breaking their contact, but her withdrawal was limited by the mattress. Not to be thwarted, he repositioned himself and began his entry again. She gasped as he slowly penetrated her. She knew she should not permit this, but she had given her word. She couldn't renege on her promise. She clenched the muscles of her sex as tight as she could in an unconscious and futile effort to deny him access. She whimpered as he began to press against her hymen. The direct threat to her virtue sent her into a trembling fit.

Wonder Woman had never seriously contemplated the event of losing her virginity, but what was happening was very different than anything she might have imagined. She was lying in a man's bed in a remote cabin, offering any resistance and permitting herself to be taken! She wasn't tied up. Physically she could easily offer resistance. But She had given her promise, she simply could not refuse to comply

"Please stop!" she begged. "Please don't do this! I'm a virgin! As an Amazon princess, I must maintain my honor. Please stop! I beg you!"

The pressure against her maidenhead was increasing and she gave an unwilling groan of humiliation and shame. She knew that her virginity would be gone in moments, and she was powerless to prevent it. The pain and feeling of helplessness and the embarrassment of not being able to defend her own honor sent tears pouring down her face. The pressure mounted and so did the pain. She moaned, and clasped her thighs tightly around his legs, her delicate sex spasming while she mounted this ultimate defense against his invasion.

"Please!" whimpered Wonder Woman. "I promise I'll do anything you ask!"

He paused and actually withdrew fractionally.

"Anything I want?" he asked.

"Anything!" Wonder Woman felt elation at what she hoped was a concession from the man.

The man seemed to consider her words.

"Well, I could ask you for a blowjob," Wonder Woman's eyes widened at the suggestion.

"Or, I could ask you to roll over and take you in the backside!" Again, Wonder Woman cringed. Neither of these choices would be acceptable to her. Although, she regretfully acknowledged to herself that either would be preferable to his taking her virginity.

"But, no! Since you have promised to do my bidding for the next two weeks, there is no reason for my delaying having you now. But, who knows? Maybe tomorrow my desires may be different.

"However, you offered to do ANYTHING I ask. So SUBMIT TO ME!"

Wonder Woman looked up at him, eyes wide with tears and panic. Ever so gently, the man increased pressure into her. He felt her tension increase as unconsciously she would start to clamp her thighs against him to prevent his further penetration, only to realize what she was doing and force her thighs to relax. Her vaginal muscles were spasming and clenching in an unconscious attempt to prevent his access.

She cried out as her hymen broke, and she disintegrated into unrestrained sobbing, a reaction to her pain and her sense of loss as he forced his way past her final defense. In shock, her vagina convulsed around his penis, utterly aware that for the first time in her life, she had been taken by a man. Unconsciously, she clenched hard in an attempt to force him back out of her. The man didn't move as he spoke soothing and commiserating words to her and caressed her face as her sobs gradually subsided. She hoped that it was over. Her hopes were dashed when he pressed into her further.

He progressed a millimeter at a time, pausing and backing off periodically, only to press further into her. She was tight, but not so tight as to prevent his pressing further into her.

Unwittingly accepting her defeat, Wonder Woman groaned. Tears flowed from her eyes, her legs kicked and slid helpless against his. She shuddered as her delicate and tight sex stretched wider than she ever imagined possible and he forced his way deeper. Didn't he ever end? Shame and humiliation threatened to overcome her as strange and unfamiliar sensations flooded into her mind and body. She blushed even more discovering that her body was betraying her. Her sex to moistened even more while she futilely struggled. She knew that surely he could feel that as well.

The man was ecstatic! He was actually fucking Wonder Woman! And while she wasn't exactly a willing participant, by not resisting she was tacitly giving him permission to continue!

His pelvis came in contact with hers. His hips pressed against hers! Their pubic hair matted together. She tensed, while he reveled in the warm sensation before he began thrusting into her. Thus, his total domination of her began with the violation of her virtue.

She sobbed and moaned and grunted.

Although refusing to actively participate, Wonder Woman unconsciously began to roll her hips, meeting his thrusts. He knew he wouldn't last long and wondered if he could bring her to climax also, but it didn't appear that that would happen. So he continued to plunder what was his to take.

His breathing increased as he thrust deeper into her and clutched her closer to him. She moaned and grunted with each thrust and tentatively moved her arms around him in an unconscious embrace. She felt him grow even bigger inside of her as his penetrations sped up and thrust became deeper and deeper.

He gave a long moan, as he exploded inside her and she whimpered once again as she recognized the humiliation of his seed pouring into her. Without thinking, her vaginal muscles grasped him in an unconscious female effort to milk every drop of seed from his pulsing member.

Gradually, his climax passed and he collapsed on top of her naked body. He began to shrink inside of her, but didn't roll off of her until his softening member slipped out of her.

He recalled a description of prostitute he had once met. Someone had said "She'll put out, but she sure hates doing it." The description matched Wonder Woman.

Chapter 7 ­ Wonder Woman receives special instructions.

The first few days, he insisted that she remain nude throughout the day, reinforcing his control over her. Sometimes he had her wear her magic girdle, and wearing only this symbol of power increased her humiliation of being in his power. After that, he sometimes he would have her wear her Wonder Woman costume, sometimes a bikini, sometimes a sexy negligee and penoir, and sometimes he would have her wear a French maid's costume (but only the cap and transparent nylon apron). He took her every way he could imagine, in the shower, bending over the kitchen counter, even on the dining room table. At first she attempted to resist, since she had promised to do his bidding in bed. But when he had demanded her obedience to him as her master, she reluctantly accepted to every new position and technique he requested. Sometimes, he had her wear her magic girdle during sex. He enjoyed her increased muscle tone when she was wearing her magic girdle of strength, especially in her Klegles and other vaginal muscles.

He had brought her to climax several times. She resisted being brought to orgasm, but he was a skillful enough lover to bring her on several occasions, and she cursed her body for its weakness in yielding to him. She could no longer consider herself a virgin in any way.

He considered inviting some of his friends to share his possession, but he quickly abandoned that idea. He was well aware that each additional person who knew a secret increased exponentially the likelihood that that secret would be revealed to someone else. And this was one secret to be kept to himself.

But although she would always accept him, it was obvious that she still hated doing it. And that reluctance was getting old.

Initially, he enjoyed the power he held over her and relished the reluctance she exhibited as she submitted to him. By the end of the first week, he began to want her to be a willing and eager participant, at least once. But also, he was extremely aware that he did NOT want to do anything that would cause her to lose her Amazon powers and make her his responsibility for the rest of her life. So whatever he did, she would have to realize afterwards that she had not "given herself freely to her male conqueror." He couldn't work out a way to accomplish this end. He needed more information.

After lunch, Wonder Woman washed the dishes in the kitchen sink. She was wearing her French maid apron and cap. Her backside was bare. She knew when he approached her from behind, although she didn't turn from her task.

He caressed her back and ran his hand over her bottom. She bit her lip, trying not to respond to his touch, but when his finger slipped between her legs and parted her labia, an involuntary gasp escaped her lips. He caressed her nub gently and noticed her vagina began moistening almost immediately. She closed her eyes, in an attempt to block out the stimulation. With her eyes closed, she didn't see the golden lasso slip over her shoulders.

Under the control of her magic lasso of truth, he took her to the dining room where they sat at the table. He confirmed that she had never had any sexual experiences with a man before she met him. She had never seen a man naked. No, she didn't know what would REALLY turn her on. Life as a 'normal' woman in a long-term relationship with a man and without her Amazon powers was something that she had never contemplated. Although she had felt love for certain men (Major Trevor was mentioned), she couldn't imagine what it would be like being married or having a long-term sexual relationship with a man.

Try as he might, he couldn't find anything in her past that he could use to lead her to become an enthusiastic and willing playmate. If ever there was a 'Boy Scout', he found it in Wonder Woman.

Groping for something - - - anything, he asked her if she read books. She had. Novels? Sometimes. Had she ever read romance novels. Again, she had. But only a few. Why? She had become disturbed when the heroine had made love with her partner and described it as a satisfying experience. Wonder Woman had discontinued reading this form of literature because it was contrary to her Amazon training and inconsistent with her personal experience. It had made her 'feel funny'.

And he smiled. Perhaps this was the handle he was seeking. He took her back to the kitchen sink where he instructed her that she would remember nothing that had happened or been said while the golden lasso had bound her. Then, he removed the rope from her shoulders.

She was once again facing the dishes with him fondling her. He turned her toward him and lifted her hips to the edge of the kitchen counter and nailed her before he allowed her to return to washing the dishes.

While she was completing her chores in the kitchen, he searched the bookcase, looking for a pulp romance novel that one of his girlfriends had left. When he found it, he thumbed through it until he found the section he was seeking. He scanned the pages and smiled.

He returned to the dining room. Wonder Woman had finished the dishes and was drying her hands. "Take some time and read this book," he ordered as he placed the book on the table. Wonder Woman's eyes narrowed with distaste as she saw the title and tawdry cover to the book, but she would obey his order.

"Pay special attention," he added, almost as an afterthought, "to the section where the man comes back after a long absence and they make love. Read that section several times."

That night, after supper, the two played gin rummy. The man was wearing silk pajamas, slippers and a bathrobe. WW wore a long, virginal silk nightgown and penoir. (The French maid costume was in the laundry.) As they played, he asked her about the book she had read, and she told him that she hadn't particularly enjoyed the book because it wasn't very well written. In fact the novel was almost as crude as its cover had suggested.

"Did you enjoy the part when he returns to her?"

Wonder Woman shook her head. "The author did a good job of describing what she supposedly felt when she saw him again," she responded frankly, "but does any woman EVER feel like that? Okay, she might a little, but not like he described."

Wonder Woman was talking frankly and honestly, without guile. When the man had first bound her with the golden lasso, he had told her that she could have complete trust in him. Thus, she was absolutely candid as she spoke to him.

"Your Amazon background has conditioned you to resist the ways of men. Do you suppose that someone without your training might feel like the woman in the book? Is it possible that someone without your background might actually have the experience described?"

She drew a card and exclaimed, "Gin!" showing her hand to the man. He smiled and counted points as she sipped coffee.

"Most American women are so undisciplined!" she reflected. "Sometimes I hear 'girl talk' when women are gathered together and talking about the men in their lives. And it seems that almost every woman's magazine available is intent on teaching women how to behave like whores. So I guess the answer to your question is yes. Some woman probably would behave as she did. And if she did, the book might provide an accurate description of what she experienced."

The man had completed the tally sheet and looked up. "So what the book describes might be the 'normal reaction' of a woman. Is that correct?"

"Yes," acknowledged Wonder Woman. "that's correct." It was the admission the man was waiting for. He gathered the cards together.

"This time, I'd like you to shuffle and deal the cards," he said.

Those words somehow sounded familiar. But Wonder Woman shuffled and set them on the table for the man to cut. Once the cards were on the table, her eyes glazed over as she slipped into a hypnotic trance. Obviously his post-hypnotic suggestion had not worn off. The man spoke softly to her, testing to see if she was indeed in a trance and then deepening her trance. He took out a notebook and began his carefully prepared instructions.

"When you awake, you will imagine that you are the woman in the novel and that I am the man. I have returned to you after an absence of several years. You will feel totally be in love with me and will feel very aroused and will want to make love with me."

He paused looking at her. From here on, he didn't know if imagining she was the woman in the book would be enough to overcome her Amazon conditioning. If not, she might come out of the hypnotic trance at any time. When she accepted his words, he continued.

"Your pent up arousal will be almost overpowering. You will do everything I ask of you. Every nerve ending in your body will send you strong, erotic signals. You will not care when we are naked and you will want to do everything that I tell you."

She was still in the trance absorbing his words. Possibly having spent a week in various states of undress before him had changed her concept of 'what she would normally do.' Also, after experiencing a week of non-stop sex with him, even though she had not been a willing partner, may have affected her unconscious acceptance of sex, even though her Amazon training still forbad it.

"You will love being naked before me and every part of your body will feel stimulated as you eagerly anticipate the entry of my penis into you and your vaginal walls clamping around me."

She was still in her trance accepting his words! He paused giving a sigh of relief as confidence that this WOULD work after all filled him. Growing bolder, he continued.

"You will do whatever I ask without thinking about it. With every step of our - - - uuuumm - - - interactions - - - you will anticipate the glorious moment when you will climax with me. When I finally enter you, you will feel it throughout your entire body. You will experience the most incredible orgasmic explosion you could imagine spreading throughout your entire body. It will build as I plunge inside of you. Your arousal will intensify. And as you sense my orgasm approaching, you will experience the most incredible orgasm possible. You will clasp me close to you as your body responds to your orgasm. You will feel it in every nerve in your body. It will radiate from your breasts and your vagina to every limb on your body, your arms, your legs, your neck and head. After your orgasm, you will feel fantastic!

"You will feel self confident and good about yourself and about me. And only after your body comes down from this incredible orgasm, only after your heartbeat and breathing return to normal, only then you will remember these instructions. When you remember, you will still feel self confident and good about yourself and about me, but you will know that you do not love me. You will remember your climax with pleasure and satisfaction, but you will also know that it was caused by these post-hypnotic suggestions, and not because you 'gave yourself willingly and yielded to a man'.

"Do you understand all of these instructions?" he concluded.

"Yes." Her voice was a flat monotone and her eyes remained glazed.

The man wasn't an experienced hypnotist. As he put his notebook back in his pocket, he hoped he had covered all bases with his instructions, but there was a nagging uncertainty. 'Okay,' he thought to himself. 'Let's give it a try!'

"When I count to three, you will come out of your trance. You will not remember our conversation, but you will do everything I have told you. You will imagine that you are the woman in the novel and that I am the man. Do you understand?"


He took a deep breath, his heart pounding rapidly in his chest. "One, two, - - -" He composed himself, and smiled, hoping that he looked suitably adoring. "- - - three."

Chapter 8 ­ Wonder Woman lives a fantasy

Her eyes cleared and settled on the man sitting across from her. The cards lay forgotten on the table. She gazed with wonder in her eyes. He held out his hand to her and she took his hand. Finally she whispered, "it's good to have you back after you've been away for so long."

She had slipped into the dialog of the book.

"You cannot imagine how much I've longed to be back with you," he responded, mimicking the book.

"Have you really come back, or am I just imagining it?"

He didn't answer. They stood and he took her into his arms and kissed her lightly. Her arms surrounded his neck and she pulled him into a much deeper kiss.

"Do you want to make love?" he asked as the kiss ended.

"Oh, yes! I've wanted to make love with you for such a long time!"

He drew her away from him, holding her at an arm's length, and continued quoting from the book. "I want you to undress me." Wonder Woman modestly dropped her eyes and blushed. The fact that he was wearing pajamas and a bathrobe didn't seem at all incongruous to her. She stole a quick glance at him, and slowly reached out to the sash on his bathrobe, gently pulling the knot loose. She moved in a little closer to him to slide the robe off of his shoulders. It fell to the floor. She moved in even closer and slowly opened the buttons on his pajama tops. When the last one opened, she spread it aside and gently placed her hands on his bare chest and kissed his chest. Again, she slid the pajama top off of his shoulders and it landed on top of the bathrobe.

Shyly, her eyes found the waistband of his pajamas, and she noticed the bulge that had formed below the waistband. Again, she looked up to meet his eyes. He nodded, and her eyes dropped to his pajama bottoms again, and her fingers located the two snaps holding the elastic in place. Slowly she opened the snaps, and her hands moved to his hips, gently sliding the material downward until it, too, fell to the floor.

Transfixed, she stared at his erection in awe. He remembered that the girl in the book had been a virgin. Wonder Woman was deep in the role she was playing.

He pulled the sash on her penoir open, breaking her out of her reverie. Her eyes raised to his in an expression of devotion and submission as he slid the penoir off of her shoulders. It, too fell to the floor. His hands slid under the straps of her nightgown and eased the straps outward, slowly pulling them downward until the gown slipped over her breasts and dropped.

Modestly, she placed one hand over her breasts and the other over her pubis, dropping her eyes as he gazed hungrily upon her form.

He recited his last line of dialog in this scene. "Take me to your bed!"

They were both naked and she stared at him but she didn't move for a long time. She loved being naked before him. Her pent up arousal felt overpowering. Every nerve ending in her body was sending strong, erotic signals. Finally, she took his hand and led him upstairs to the bedroom leaving their clothes and slippers where they lay.

Several candles were burning in the bedroom, so they left the light off. She went to the bed and pulled the covers completely off, dropping them to the floor. Uncertain of what to do next, she turned and folded him into a deep kiss. She felt his presence pressing against her stomach. Her bare breasts pressed against his chest added to the stimulation she felt, and she eagerly anticipated having him make love to her. He led her to the bed and she readily lay back leaving ample room for him to join her. When he did not immediately join her, she looked up and realized his hungry eyes were roaming over her body, devouring her with his gaze, if that were possible. She loved being naked before him and his gaze stimulated her almost as strongly as if he was caressing her with his hands rather than his eyes. She was eagerly looking forward to the actual act of love, and passionately wanted to do whatever he wanted. She would be completely satisfied if he simply jumped on top of her and took her in an instant. She closed her eyes and longed for the moment when they would become one.

She felt the bed move as he settled beside her and his hand caressed her chin, then moved to cup her breasts. Her breathing became rapid as he stimulated her even further. How much stimulation can a woman take?

He mounted her, and he gently moved into her. She gave a delicious moan ending with a sighed, "Yes!" as he entered. His penetration generated an incredible orgasmic response that spread throughout her entire body. She gripped him with a tenacity that was not to be denied. It was glorious! Her face flushed as their bodies coupled. She was breathing very hard. Her body was vibrating.

Still totally absorbed in the character from the book, she sighed into his ear. "I've waited so long for you to come and claim my virginity! Thank you for coming back to me!"

The flush was spreading down her entire body. He thrust deeper and deeper into her. Her breath became ragged and her hands were shaking. Her eyes glassed over and a fine sheen of perspiration covered her body and face. She started to convulse and her hips bucked and she kicked her feet into the air, then wrapped them around him, holding him in a vice grip that would not let go. She was trembling in anticipation of the climax she knew would come.

As he drove deeper inside of her, her arousal continued to intensify. His thrusts became quicker and she felt him growing inside her, and somehow she knew that her orgasm was in some way tied to his. She rolled her hips into him as her legs pulled him deeper with every plunge into her depths. She clasped him to her with every ounce of her strength. Rational thought was impossible as she felt her impending climax radiate from her center outward. She felt it in every nerve.

She let out an ear splitting scream as her climax crashed over her. Clinging to him, her hips bucked against his and she screamed again and he felt her fluids flowing. Once again, she screamed and her vaginal spasms clutched his penis like it had never been held before. He clenched and released, pouring his seed into her eager, willing, receptive body, enfolding her bucking frame against his. It was grand! Her climax went on and on until finally it began to fade and her legs relaxed, falling to the bed beside him. The scream became a cry that became tears.

"Oh, it was wonderful," she gasped, fading into an almost comatose condition. That line had not been in the book, so he observed that it must be her personal reaction to their lovemaking. She clutched him to her as she came down from her orgasmic high. Her chest was still heaving. She was sprawled out on the bed beneath him, and he had collapsed on top of her, cushioned on her ample breasts

She felt fantastic! She was totally confident in her womanhood and felt extraordinarily good about herself and about her partner. She lay there, still panting, a beatific smile on her face. Blissfully holding him tightly to her, her heartbeat and breathing slowly returned to normal. Still inside of her, he was shrinking, and she felt the evidence of his love beginning to seep out of her.

He felt the subtle change in her body and he knew that she was remembering the instructions he had given her. She felt betrayed, used. But she didn't push him off of her.

"You took advantage of me!"

He nodded. "Yes, I did. But it was worth it!"

Wonder Woman reflected. She still felt the self-confidence she had experienced. And she was totally at peace with herself and her womanhood. And, even though he had taken advantage of her, she still felt good about herself. And surprisingly, she felt good about him. But she felt a profound sense of loss as she acknowledged that the man in the novel, the man to whom she had just made love, didn't really exist. And the woman she had been didn't exist either.

She replayed her orgasm in her memory, and experienced tremendous pleasure and satisfaction from the experience. She was not in love with the man in bed with her, but reluctantly, she admitted that he had given her something that probably no-one else in the world could.

"Yes," she admitted. "I guess it WAS worth it."

She sighed as his softening member slipped out of her. "But now that I've experienced that, it will be harder for me to resist sex in the future."

Later, the man made love to her again. She submitted, and although she was still reluctant, he noticed some subtle changes in her reactions. She did not climax.

Afterwards, they slept.

Chapter 9 ­ Wonder Woman completes her service.

Midway through the second week of Wonder Woman's 'service' , the man began spending time preparing for Wonder Woman's departure. At unexpected times during the day, he would speak the words "Wonder Woman does Dallas." Wonder Woman's response was a result of conditioning using the golden lasso, but it functioned the same as a post-hypnotic suggestion. Hearing the words, she would lapse into a dazed hypnotic state and be receptive to his suggestions.

In her suggestible state, he had her repeat the conversation, word for word, where she had committed herself to him. Then he asked her what she had promised, she gave her understanding of her agreement, that she would be is slave for two weeks. Then he had her repeat the conversation to him again, and he claimed that in reality that she had agreed to be his slave forever. And as his slave, she would remain and serve him for the two weeks, after which she would return to the outside world. But her promise, being open ended, meant he could recall her to her 'servitude' anytime in the future he wished.

Wonder Woman repeated his words: "You're saying that if I release Wonder Girl without harming her further," the man had asked, " you agree to be my slave? And you will remain with me for the next two weeks and serve me?"

He had her acknowledge that this was what she had promised.

Even in her hypnotic state, Wonder Woman was obviously disturbed by this interpretation of her promise, and the man calmed her down before continuing. When she was somewhat calmed, again he asked her to recite the conversation. When she reached her promise, he had her repeat the sentence two or three times:

Still in her hypnotic state, he instructed her that she would not remember these details when she was conscious, but she would not remember them when she returned to the outside world. They not effect her in any way unless she heard 'her master' say the words "Wonder Woman Does Dallas." If they were alone when he said these words, she would immediately fall back into her hypnotic state. If they were not alone, she would keep her eyes open and maintain the appearance of wakefulness and behave as she normally would, but she would be in a deep trance and would do everything he would ask of her without question and without hesitation. She would still be susceptible to his suggestions.

As the end of her 'enslavement' drew close, He gave her a 'cover story' to explain her absence and why she could not share any details of her absence with her sister or anyone else. He also instructed her to forget what she had experienced during the past two weeks, and again reassured her that she had not 'been defeated in battle and freely given herself to a man'.

When the time came, he returned to the clearing with her and drew back into the woods as she summoned her invisible plane and flew off into the distance.


Some time had passed since Wonder Woman's return from her "secret mission". When questioned by Wonder Girl, Wonder Woman told her sister that this mission had been SO secret, that she had willingly submitted to a drug treatment preventing her from remembering it. Thus, Wonder Woman could not share any of the details with Wonder Girl.

One afternoon, Wonder Girl told her sister that she was going to meet a friend at the Jefferson Memorial, and dressed in a light cotton sun suit and left for the memorial. She arrived punctually at 1:00 PM, and purchased a rose from a flower vendor, and placed the rose in her hair, behind her right ear. She looked around seeking the person she was going to meet. She was a slightly disturbed that she couldn't remember WHO she was meeting, but she was sure that this was the right time and place.

She saw a man, deeply engrossed in a guidebook, moving closer to her. "Typical tourist," Drusilla thought.. But somehow she felt uneasy about him. There was something familiar about him that she couldn't quite place, something that frightened her and made her uncomfortable.

Stopping beside her, he looked directly at her and asked, "Excuse me, are you alone?"

"Yes, my tour has left me behind," Drusilla answered. Why had she said that? There was certainly no tour group that she was involved with.

The man whispered to her , "Wonder Woman does Dallas!". Her eyes glazed over, and the man continued, "No one is near us. Speak to me."

"Yes, Master," Drusilla responded flatly.

"Good!" the man continued. "Now take my arm and we will walk to my hotel." Wonder Girl obeyed immediately and the two moved away from the Jefferson Memorial.

The End

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