Wonder Woman's Voluntary Enslavement Part 3  



Wonder Woman tries to extract vengeance and pays the price.

By Barnabus

(M/F, oral, anal, non-consensual sex/rape, perceived first time, M/C, Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl.)


Wonder Woman confronts the man who stole her sister's honor.


This is an adult story, containing sensitive material of a sexual nature, including graphic descriptions of non-consensual sex (read rape). If you find such material offensive or are underage, do not read further, but please bypass this story for one more suitable for you. Also, if you are a little squeamish about rape, you may want to pass this story up.

Wonder Woman is copyrighted, trademarked, and owned by DC Comics. I am borrowing her for my own pleasure and to expand her sex life.

This is a work of fan-fiction. This story is written for enjoyment and entertainment purposes only, and no commercial profit is expected to be made from it. It may be copied for personal use or for posting on other sites, provided they are free sites . . . it may NOT be posted on any site that requires a "membership fee" of any kind. Posting is permitted on a site requiring an 'adult verification service' provided it only costs a few dollars a year for access to many sites (the way "Adultcheck" used to be) but not on an "Adultcheck Gold" site, which requires much more money.

Like most stories of this ilk, at the end of the story, (unless there is a sequel) the characters are magically returned to their original condition, undamaged, unharmed, and unchanged in any way with no memory of the events that have taken place. . . It is as if the story had never happened, because, after all, it never really did.

The story is a sequel to "WONDER WOMAN'S VOLUNTARILY ENSLVEMENT, parts 1 and 2", which should be posted on this site. It is not necessary to read the stories in sequence (but it helps)!

I have set this story is set in the 1940's - around the time of WWII. At that time sexual mores were considerably more conservative than they are today. I decided to set it back to this period to surround our heroine with the morals and mentality of that period so that Wonder Woman's humiliation would be more complete.

The sex in this story results from anger and vengeance. Rape is not a crime of sex, but rather a crime of power, control and usually anger. The man in this story, being motivated by vengeance, does not use birth control. (During anal sex, he uses a condom, obviously not for birth control, but to protect against monilia.) But, of course, in 'real life' every reasonable adult should know that he or she should behave responsibly when participating in sexual activities and he or she wishes to avoid unwanted conception and the spread of disease.

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In the past, Wonder Woman and her sister, Wonder Girl were captured. By threatening torture, their captor successfully extracted promises from both sisters. Drucilla was released in return for Diana's promise to spend two weeks as her captor's sex slave. At the end of the two weeks, he planted a post-hypnotic suggestion that Diana forget the time they had spent together and established trigger words that would cause her to again fall into a hypnotic trance. Drucilla had promised to meet him at a later time. When she met him, he plundered her virtue and took her virginity.

Of course, when Diana found out that her sister had been violated, she came after the man who had taken her sister's honor.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Chapter 1 - Wonder Woman accuses.

Wonder Woman pushed her way into his hotel room, brushing him aside and glaring at him. He looked familiar, but she didn't recognize him. Had she met him before? Had something taken place between them that she couldn't remember?

"Did you take advantage of my sister?" Wonder Woman spat at the man.

He saw the fury in her eyes, and after a moment's hesitation, he answered. "Your sister and I spent time together. It was . . . ."

Wonder Woman was upon him, grabbing him by the lapels and lifting him from the floor. "You bastard! You raped my sister!"

Taken aback by the violence and her vehemence, he gasped out, "We had consensual sex, I did . . . "

"Liar!" Diana screamed in his face, hurling him across the room. He landed on a coffee table, which shattered beneath him. "She was just a child!"

Winded and gasping for breath, he replied, "She is nineteen! That's over the age of consent in this state, as well as according to Amazon law."

Wonder Woman moved in on him again, pulling him to his feet. "Amazon law doesn't have an age of consent! We've never needed it!" She threw him against the wall, knocking over a tray of glasses and bottles with a large crashing sound.

"Oooff!" the man grunted as his head banged against the wall.

"Were you younger than that when you had your first sexual experience?"

Moving in again, she grabbed his jacket and shirt, ripping the shirt as she lifted him again and drew back a hand to strike him. "That was different! It was with an Amazon sister and we were in love! Do you think she knows what it is to be in love? You abused her . . ." Wonder Woman smacked the man across the face causing blood to trickle from his lip. He saw stars, but the blow wasn't hard enough to cause him to lose consciousness. It was obvious Wonder Woman wanted to punish him, to hurt him, but she wanted him awake as she did it.

Suddenly, his eyes widened as her fingers closed over his scrotum, grasping his 'family jewels'.

"Do you like raping little girls?" she sneered at him?

"I didn't rape . . . uuuuhhhh!" his sentence was cut off as Diana tightened her grip causing discomfort, but not real pain … yet.

"Oh, no! You didn't rape her!" She tightened some more. "You just took advantage of an inexperienced young girl!" She tightened again, causing pain. "I think I'll just make sure you're never able to do that again!" Again, she tightened, and his pain became excruciating!

"Wait!" He gasped! Wonder Woman waited. After all, she didn't want him to pass out. Not yet!

With her nose almost against his, she asked, "Yes? I'm waiting!"

He looked into her eyes, and gasped out, "Wonder Woman - - - ": he had to gasp for breath again. "- - - does - - - Dallas!"

Diana's eyes glazed over as his words triggered the post-hypnotic suggestion.

"Release my - - -"

Immediately, her grip on his testicles relaxed, and he sighed in relief.

"Now, put me down!' Obediently, she lowered his feet to the floor and released her hold on his jacket and shirt. Immediately, he sank to his knees, his hands cupping his genitals, taking deep breaths. After a moment, and without looking up, he croaked out, "Give me your Golden Lasso."

Obediently, Wonder Woman opened the fastener and handed the lasso to him.

Shakily, he rose to his feet, and placed the rope over he head and pulled it tight around her shoulders. Once the rope was firmly in place, he allowed his venom to enter his voice.

"You will never to try to injure me again! Do you understand?"

Although still in a hypnotic state, the magic of the rope coursed through her forcing her to obey. She nodded her head.

"Speak to me!" he snapped. "Do you understand?"

"I understand. I am never to try to injure you again."

He moved to the sofa and sat on it, momentarily doubling over and groaning from the residual pain to his testicles.

"And you will never do anything that will cause me injury or that will result in injury to me. You will not try to injure me by biting me. If you hit me or kick me, you will never use enough force to cause injury, do you understand?"

"I understand!"

He wiped his hand across his mouth, finding the blood that had flowed from his split lip. He stared at the blood on his hand in disbelief, then at Diana. Although he still felt nauseous from her handling of his private parts, he started to speak, but paused, as there was a knocking at the door.

"Yes, who is it?" he asked.

"Hotel security," came a gruff voice.

The man took a deep breath. "Just a minute."

His gaze returned to Diana. "You are to sit on the sofa and do nothing until I tell you otherwise. If he asks you how you are, you will assure him you are OK and you are not injured. Do you understand?"

"I understand," she answered tonelessly, and moved to the sofa. Once seated, he removed the rope from her shoulders. The man straightened and grimaced briefly. Then, he laid the rope innocently on the table behind the front door. Still aching from her abuse of his testicles, he tried to move in a 'normal' fashion. He straightened his clothes as best he could, took out a handkerchief to cover his bleeding lip and opened the door.

"Yes?" he asked the plain-clothes security man.

"We received complaints of loud voices. Is everything all right?" The security man had heard that Wonder Woman had come to this suite, so he was craning his neck, looking into the room and was rewarded with a glimpse of the superheroine sitting on the sofa.

The man withdrew his billfold and extracted a $100.00 bill. "We were having an argument. But everything is all right now," and he pressed the bill into the security guard's hand. Visibly, the security man became less belligerent.

"It was reported that there was the sound of furniture breaking . . ."

The man withdrew another one hundred dollar bill from his billfold. "I'm afraid that during our argument, there was some damage to hotel property. Please ask the manager to add the cost of repairs to my bill." He pressed the second bill into the guard's hand.

The security guard tried to push into the suite, but his way was blocked. "Are you all right, ma'am?" he asked Wonder Woman.

"Yes, I'm OK." She answered in a monotone, but the security man was so engrossed in gawking at her famous cleavage that he didn't notice.

Returning his eyes to the man, he observed, "You have a cut lip. Would you like medical attention?"

"Thank you, no. I'm fine!" Impatiently, he took a third bill from his billfold and handed it to the security man, gently but forcefully closing the door. "You can tell the manager that he shouldn't hear any more - - - ", the man smiled to himself as he began to visualize in his mind what he was going to do to Wonder Woman, "- - - unusual noises from this room. And we will try not to argue loudly any more." He took the 'Do Not Disturb' sign and placed it over the outside doorknob and firmly closed the door, double locking it. Then he picked up a post-it pad from the table and pressed a sheet to the door, covering the peephole.

Picking up the Golden Lasso, he took a chair facing the Amazon princess, but kept the rope in his lap. He spent several minutes quietly deepening Wonder Woman's hypnotic trance.

Then he began to give her various instructions: "For as long as you are in this suite, you are to make not efforts to contact anyone outside of these walls. You are to make no attempts to obtain help from anyone else."

Remembering the security guard who had visited the room, he gave Wonder Woman further specific instructions. "While you are in this suite, you are not to raise your voice above a normal conversational level. You are not to make any loud noises such as breaking bottles, breaking furniture, pounding on walls; you will make no noises loud enough to be heard outside of this room. Do you understand?"

"I understand." she responded.

"And once you are in my bedroom, you will not be able to leave until I give you permission. Understood?" WONDER WOMAN nodded.

If there was a sport of shooting fish in a barrel, he might be a candidate for it. He intended to enjoy Wonder Woman, and he didn't want to give her any real chance of escaping. By giving her orders while she was in a hypnotic trance, she wouldn't know that the cards had been totally stacked against her. And he would have the pleasure of simply overpowering her.

He placed the Golden Lasso around her, and then he woke her from her hypnotic trance.

Her eyes cleared and she glared at him momentarily as she became aware that her super strength was gone. She looked down to see the Golden Lasso around her arms. She had been bound by a man! She began to struggle and he commanded her, "Do not try to escape." Her hands dropped to her side as she fiercely stared into his eyes.

Looking around, she demanded venomously, "What are you doing to me?" She looked around and quickly found the windows. Across the street was another skyscraper with offices on the same level. Two or three of the people were standing at the windows staring across the street at Wonder Woman in a hotel room with a man.

"Close the curtains," he said, and reluctantly she moved to the window and closed the curtains. Again, she looked around, her eyes landing on the telephone.

Facing her, he gave her a predatory smile. "Now," he said, "tale off your Magic Girdle of Strength and hand it to me."

Her eyes widened. How did he know about that? That was a well-guarded secret.

Although she tried to resist, the lasso compelled her to unfasten the belt and hand it to him. As he grasped it, she knew she would not regain her super Amazon strength, even if she were able to get free from the lasso. He placed the Golden Belt in the lower drawer of a chest and told her, "You are not to open this drawer, or pick up the belt or put it on or even touch the belt until I say so, do you understand?"

The power of the Golden Lasso coursed through her imbedding his statement on her mind as an order that could not be violated. "I understand," she responded. She wasn't so rancorous now that she knew she would not be able to regain her Amazon strength until he gave her permission.

"Now," the man gloated, "you were more than willing to slap me around when you had your super strength. You were willing enough to fight me when I had normal strength but you were super powered. Is that fair? Admit it, you have never fought fair."

It was true. At least when he stated it that way, it hadn't really been fair. She nodded.

"You are not to use the Golden Lasso to bind me, ever. You are not to use it to try to control me. Is that understood?" She nodded.

"In a few minutes, I will remove the Golden Lasso from you. Once it is removed, you are free to move around, but you are forbidden to touch the Golden Lasso until I say you can. Is that understood?"

"I understand," she replied. One by one, he was systematically removing every weapon that she could use to gain the upper hand over him. All she had left was the strength of a normal woman, which probably would not be enough to overcome a normal determined man. And she had her wits. She hoped that that would be enough.

"All right!" he sneered scornfully. "Let us see how well you can take care if yourself if you only have the same strength as any other woman." Wonder Woman didn't like the sound of that! The man removed the lasso from her and lay it on the coffee table. She gazed longingly at the golden rope, but knew it was useless to try to pick it up. She didn't know for sure what he had in mind, so casually, she stood and moved away from him, trying to find a means to escape.

Chapter 2. The Rape of Wonder Woman.

"You've released me from the lasso. What are you going to do now?"

"Let's continue our conversation about my relationship with your sister," he replied, rising to his feet.

Immediately, the same irrational fury flooded into her that she had felt before.

"You raped my sister, you bastard!" Wonder Woman screamed and lunged at him again, hands reaching for his throat. Without the advantage of her super speed and super strength, the man easily parried her lunge and slid behind her, capturing her hands in his as he hugged her from behind.

"There was no rape. Everything that took place between us was consensual," he reasoned. "We were both consenting adults."

Struggling to free herself, Diana spewed out, "That's a lie! She's just a child. She's not old enough to give consent. She doesn't know enough about men to give consent. You took advantage of her. You raped her!"

Fury erupted in him, and he threw Diana to the side and she fell to the floor half across the threshold to his bedroom. "All right!" he growled. "You refuse to listen to my explanations! You come into my room, making accusations! You push me around, hit me, and attack my - - - ", he paused and looked downwards toward his lower body, " - - - person!

"Maybe it's time," he snarled, advancing on Diana, "that I treated you the way you've treated me!" There was a definite predatory gleam in his eye, and Diana crawled away from him, entering his bedroom. He followed, and grabbed her by her dark mane, hauling her to her feet. "Maybe it's time that I slapped you around," he slapped her hard across the cheek with an open hand, "and threw you around," he threw her sprawling across the bed, "and used my superior strength over you!" He ripped open his shirt, sending buttons flying, and shucked both his shirt and his jacket simultaneously.

Diana's eyes widened, and she scrambled over the end of the bed, dashing toward the door. She couldn't get through. It was almost as if there was a sheet of glass blocking her way. Something, she didn't know what, kept her from leaving the room.

The man was behind her, grabbing her wrists and twisting them behind her back as he pressed her against the wall next to the door. He took both of her hands in one of his and raised them until the pain in her shoulders became excruciating, blunting her resistance. Diana whimpered. Her attention being centered on the pain in her shoulders, she didn't realize that his free hand was seeking the top of the zipper on her bustier until he suddenly pulled it all the way down. She gasped as she realized what was happening, but it was too late. Unable to use her arms to defend herself, the bustier was peeled away and thrown aside leaving her enormous breasts uncovered and exposed to the cool air of the room. Her ample bosom seemed to defy gravity, and her large pink nipples began to harden almost instantly.

Again, he whirled her around and threw her across the bed. She immediately rolled over to face him, finding that his trousers were dropping to the floor and he was stepping out of them, leaving his slippers behind. Diana couldn't help but notice the large bulge in his boxers.

"You barged into my room, doing whatever you pleased to me!" he accused. Diana scrambled off of the bed away from him, trying to find a means to escape, "So now, maybe it's time for me to do whatever I please to you!" he continued.

Wonder Woman realized she had been backed into a corner. There was no escape. She tried to lunge past him, but he stepped into her path, again grabbing her wrists and twisting them behind her back, pulling her breasts against his bare chest. She tried to drive her knee into his groin. She was still quite strong, but somehow she couldn't connect and there was just no power behind her kick. He pulled her tightly to him and lifted until her feet were almost dangling from the floor and carried her back to the bed, where he released her hands and pushed her back onto the bed. He fell on top of her, his weight momentarily stunning her.

The next thing she knew, he was lying beside her, one knee was between her legs and her left arm was pinned beneath the weight of his body. His hand, tucked under her head grasped her right wrist. Both of her hands were secured but he still hand one of his hands free, and he was using it to paw her breast.

Diana felt fear rising up in her. Obviously, what strength she had was insufficient to overpower him, or even resist him. Every effort of escape had been blocked. Without her super strength or her Golden Lasso, she was afraid he would overpower her. And she would be raped.

"I think it's time we got better acquainted, don't you?" He punctuated his question with a brutal twist of her nipple causing a suppressed cry from the fallen Amazon. Immediately his hand slid down and he groped her through her star spangled panties.

"Stop it this instant!" she rasped at him, trying to sound more brave than she felt. "I'm Wonder Woman! You can't do this to me!" Vigorously, she tried to wiggle away from him, but with both arms and one leg restrained, she was unable to mount any type of meaningful defense.

"Oh, but I can!" he snarled back. "I can because I am stronger than you are. He slid his hand inside her panties and manhandled her mound, his fingers sliding along her slit. "I can do whatever I want, with or without your permission." His finger roughly found her clit, sending shock waves through the whimpering, gasping wide-eyed Amazon.

Almost immediately, he began pealing her panties over her hips, an action that generated a paroxysm of activity as terror began to replace fear in Diana's Amazon soul.

Without warning, he released her and she immediately rolled and tried to crawl away from him. This, of course was exactly what he wanted! She was facing away from him, on her hands and knees with her gloriously rounded backside presented before him. He grabbed both edges of her satin panties and pulled them to her knees, hobbling her and causing her to fall awkwardly onto her stomach. In an instant, he had straddled her, facing her feet. Observing a cotton thong, he grabbed it and ripped it from her body. Then, he proceeded to slide her star spangled briefs over her boots and tossed them across the room, as she continued to struggle futilely against him. He gave a satisfied grin as he took a moment to slide both hands over the curves of her buttocks, followed by the running of a finger between her legs. He relished the touch of her bare skin and observed the rapid appearance of goose bumps on her posterior.

Her feet kicked rebelliously and he grabbed an ankle, immobilizing her leg and unzipping her boot, pulling it off and casting it aside. Moments later, the other boot was also disposed of.

He quickly moved to her side and thrust her over onto her back. Immediately, his knees were between her legs as she flailed wildly trying to push him to the side, or away from her - or anything! He quickly captured her hands and pressed them down to her stomach, and held them with one of his hands. Then, with measured deliberateness, he slid his boxers down to his thighs, revealing a rampant erection, which stood, angry and ready for action. Mesmerized, Diana watched with the expression of a bird facing an approaching cobra.

"Please stop!" she begged, panic tingeing her voice. "Please don't do this! I'm a virgin! As an Amazon princess, I must maintain my honor! Please stop! I beg you!"

Almost exactly the same words she had said the last time, he noted. And, of course, since she didn't remember their previous encounter, she thought she was still a virgin. Oh, well, he thought. If she still thought she's a virgin, who was he to disagree?

Separating her arms and pinning them beside her head, he lowered his weight onto her, holding her in place as he slid downwards between her legs until he positioned himself at the entrance of her sex. She was babbling incoherently, trying to find words to dissuade him from what he was obviously going to do.

"You accused me of rape," he whispered. "Maybe we should find out what rape really is." He inched the head of his penis between her lips.

"Please don't rape me!" she babbled frantically. "I'll do anything you ask, but don't take my honor. I beg you!" She was struggling but obviously without direction, simply trying to get away. Neither her wits nor her female strength had protected her so far. Now she was reduced to begging and groveling. His attack on her virtue was so nearly eminent she couldn't even conceive of a plan to escape. She felt like anything but a superheroine!

How he enjoyed hearing her beg him now that the tables had turned so completely. She knew he was pressing into her and there was nothing she could do to stop him. All she could do was whimper and whine, as she groveled and begged him to stop. But he paused and actually withdrew fractionally.

"Anything I want?" he asked.

Wonder Woman's face radiated optimism as relief flooded her soul along with the possibility he would reconsider what he was about to do.


The man seemed to consider her words. He loved this game!

"Remember,' he whispered into her ear, "No noises loud enough to be heard outside of this room."

Then he added gently, "Smile at me." The terror stricken Amazon complied as best she could under such traumatic conditions.

"And put your arms around me," he continued and he released her hands. Without questioning, she complied feeling elated with what she hoped was a concession from him. In her terror, she would do anything he asked if it meant he wouldn't rape her.

"And wrap your legs around me." Without thinking, she obeyed, not comprehending that she was opening herself to him.

He took a moment to enjoy her embrace, the tip of his penis still between her petals. In the position she was in, she could not offer any resistance.

"Tell me," he began softly, "why should I bargain with you when everything you want to safeguard is mine to take?" His eyes turned viciously cold and he slammed into her unlubricated orifice. Diana winced and drew a deep breath. Her mouth opened in a shriek, but no sound issued from her lips. He knew she wasn't properly lubricated, and he enjoyed the sandpaper feeling as he tore into her.

"Nooooo!'" She tried to scream as she tightened every muscle, trying to stop him. Too late, her muscles clamped around him, in a belated attempt to prevent his entry.

He withdrew an inch and pounded into her as hard and deep as he could go, merging their pubic hair into a single tangled mass, their bodies linked together.

Diana gave a groan that sounded like a death rattle as he abraded her dry vaginal walls. The pain involved in his brutal entrance into her unlubricated and unprepared vagina almost caused her to swoon, but she clung to consciousness knowing that she must do everything within her abilities to resist him.

He began pumping into her dry hole, causing her to whimper and groan with each thrust. He noticed that quickly she began to develop lubrication. After an eternity for her, but all too soon for him, her mind was shaken as her tormentor climaxed, pouring copious quantities of semen deeply into her recesses. It was an absolute triumph for him!

It was a total and crushing humiliation for her. She was utterly vanquished.

Chapter 3 - And that's not all!

Diana lay in subjection. He relaxed, allowing his weight to rest on top of her. She felt absolutely helpless, but she was not defeated. There had to be a way to escape, to defeat him! Fear of pregnancy wasn't a concern because she knew this was not her fertile period. She scarcely breathed as she felt him shrinking and he begin to slip out of her. His semen was acting as a lubricant, so his exit was not nearly as painful as what had led up to it. But she still felt like a red-hot poker had been thrust into her. Although her body was almost in a state of shock from what she had experienced, her mind was racing through possibilities of escape. But she would need time to have a plan to solidify and she hoped that he would give her the time she needed.

He slid out of her and she felt an enormous relief.

But as quickly as the relief began, he rolled from her, grabbing her hair and pulling her to a sitting position as he slipped his feet over the edge of the bed.

"Now, bitch, clean me off!" he commanded as he pulled her toward the edge of the bed.

Completely taken aback by his demand and the way he addressed her, all thoughts of escape vanished!

"I'll get a wash cloth," she responded automatically and tried to pull away from him.

"No! No wash cloth!" he interrupted as his grip on her hair pulled her off of the bed to her knees. "Use your tongue and your mouth!"

Diana stared at him. He couldn't be serious! She couldn't believe what he was saying. This was the 1940's and a man just didn't say things like that to a lady! The only time she had heard of a woman using her mouth like that had been in a dirty joke. No gentleman would ever ask a nice girl . . . .

Suddenly, he jerked her between his legs and pressed her face toward his groin. In absolute astonishment, totally unprepared for anything of this nature, Wonder Woman clamped her lips shut as her face was pressed against his shrinking penis. She could smell her own musky scent mixed with another odor, a scent that could only be his.

He smiled at her. "Go ahead. You can kiss it!"

With saucer-like eyes, she looked up at him. He was smiling at her like a serpent. Refusing to open her mouth, she shook her head in refusal.

Immediately, her head was pulled back and his open hand unexpectedly slapped her face. Wonder Woman gasped as she recoiled from the blow, seeing stars. He reached down and gave her nipple a cruel twist causing her to cry out. Immediately, his hand captured her jaw in such a way she couldn't close her mouth again. His flaccid penis was before her eyes and her mouth was being held open.

"Clean me off!" he repeated.

Seething hatred forced the sense of shock from her body. A quick plan formed in her mind. Once he was in her mouth, she could bite down causing him pain and injury. Still, the idea of having him in her mouth disgusted her. She couldn't bring herself to submit.

His hand drew back to slap her again and she quickly nodded her head to ward off the blow. His hand on her jaw relaxed and she began to open her mouth for him.

"Kiss it!" he demanded. Filled with revulsion, she kissed the head of the limp organ.

"Now, lick it!" Trembling with revulsion, Diana obeyed. Nervously, she licked her lips. Then she reached up to grasp him gently between her fingers. Slowly, she ran her tongue up the underside of his member. She got to the crown, and her tongue ran around the head causing him to gasp and tense up. Fighting off nausea, she took the crown of his penis into her mouth, using her tongue to bath the disgusting extension of his body. As her lips encircled it, it stirred. It seemed so large to her.

"Now, clean it. Suck on it and slide your mouth up and down its length!"

She began to suck and slid it a little further into her mouth. Now, she thought! Now is the time to bite, and bite hard!

But somehow, she couldn't! Her jaws wouldn't close no matter how hard she desired. What was wrong?

"Suck on it!" he demanded again. Dazed, Diana complied. To steady his organ, she wrapped her fingers around it. It was becoming firmer, but not yet hard or erect. He grabbed handfuls of hair on each side of her head and pumped her mouth up and down upon his member. Wonder Woman distastefully swallowed as her mouth filled with a mixture of her saliva and the juices from his member. Her jaw was growing tired, but when she tried to slacken off on her efforts, he tightened his grip on her hair. "Keep sucking until you get me up again." he rasped at her. She began to stroke his member with her hand as he slid its head into her warm, moist mouth, her ruby red lips engulfing as much of him as she thought possible.

His penis began growing hard again, seeming to inflate and extend and he was rapidly becoming much too large to fit in her dainty mouth. Her jaw felt even more tired, and she hoped it would not take long to 'get him up again'. She began stroking him faster and his member stirred. Bobbing along his shaft, she drove his hardening member in and out of her mouth like a piston. She felt like she was becoming a cock-sucking machine as he continued to harden in her mouth. How long would it take for him to achieve his full erection, she wondered.

He turned her head so that he could slide himself deeper into her throat. With great effort, she resisted the gag reflex as he pressed deeper into her mouth, pressing against the back of her throat.

Chapter 4 - He gets her 'back'.

Suddenly, gently, almost lovingly, his hands grasped her head, stopping her bobbing motion on his penis. He pulled her away from him and her fatigued jaws relaxed as she released him from her mouth. She sat back on her heels, staring at the massive erection that she had just held in her mouth. Her head and shoulders drooped. She was still close to shock, having been raped and forced to service him with her mouth. But she couldn't take her eyes off of this enormous one-eyed snake standing in front of her.

Gently, he raised her upwards and her shaky knees barely supported her, so she sat on the bed. At a slight pressure from his hand, she fearfully lay backward on the bed. She was aware that semen was leaking from her vagina, covering her lower regions running down between her cheeks. She took perverse satisfaction knowing that his linens were becoming soiled . . . or at least more soiled.

He took a moment to scrutinize her reclining form, surveying every inch of her naked physique, her slightly parted ruby red lips, her breasts, her flat stomach, narrow waist and flaring hips, her sex still oozing his seed . . .

Lovingly, he rolled her onto her stomach and through her fatigue, she fought off the urge to sleep and disciplined her mind again to try to formulate a plan of escape. She heard a tearing sound and somehow knew that it was a condom package being opened. Why would he want a condom now? He had already raped her without a condom and there had certainly been no condom when he had forced her to use her mouth on him. Perhaps he had suddenly developed a conscious. But if he had a conscious, he wouldn't be . . .

The bed shook as he moved beside her. He slipped one knee between her legs, and she was too fatigued to react. Then he gently lifted her hips and slipped a pillow beneath her. She recognized that this was a slightly more comfortable position with her bottom elevated: it reduced the pain to her chafed vaginal walls and for a moment, she appreciated his consideration.

Her appreciation was short lived as he placed one hand on her back and slid a finger between her legs to traverse the length of her lips. She tensed, anticipating being raped again, but a sudden suspicion coursed through her as his finger didn't stop, but continued upward and she realized he was using his own semen to act as a lubricant around the rosebud of her rectum.

Immediately, she thrashed her arms around, trying to find a way to escape from the bed and away from him, but the hand on her back combined with her leg being captured between his knees gave her no leverage to move away. She felt him leaning forward, using his weight on her back to immobilize her as he slipped his other knee between her legs and his member sought for her forbidden opening.

"No! Don't! Please! Not that . . . " she pleaded as he positioned the crown of his penis against her sphincter. She tightened herself as best she could, but it was a losing battle as the lubrication covering the exterior of her rosebud permitted him to force his way into her bowels. She grunted as he entered her, gritting her teeth against the humiliation she was feeling. There was sufficient lubrication to permit his entry, but none once he was inside of her. The dry condom, somehow she knew he wasn't using a lubricated condom, rubbed against her sphincter and the walls of her large intestine causing uncomfortable friction, even though some lubrication was being providing by his semen.

She knew that begging and entreaties would be useless, so she simply lay there, trying to relax as much as possible. He began thrusting into her causing her to grunt with every thrust. The continuing friction caused the discomfort to escalate as he pounded her. Her grunts became wheezing sighs and then became groans as the friction and the pain increased. And she knew that he was nowhere near climaxing.

He looked down, watching his latex covered penis sliding in and out of her rectum. He could sense her emotional resistance as she was being taken, and he pounded harder and deeper into her bowels. He knew the limited lubrication of his semen wasn't really assisting her and his continued chafing of her orifice would cause her current discomfort to become progressively more painful as the unlubricated friction continued. Her grunts became groans of pain, and he felt a subtle change as her as her will to resist began to crumble beneath his ongoing attack. He picked up the bottle of baby oil from the nightstand and poured the mineral oil liberally over her backside, providing her with much needed lubrication as he continued his thrusts.

Sodomy was not a sexual activity he enjoyed. He much preferred the feel of a woman's vagina gripping the entire length of his penis to the admittedly tighter feel of her sphincter holding only a small portion of his member while the remainder of his penis was essentially unstimulated within her fairly roomy large intestine. But, regardless of his personal preferences, he continued pounding in Diana's bowels because he knew the humiliation and degradation it generated in an unwilling partner. Wonder Woman had stormed his room and attacked him. It was payback time!

Gradually, his thrusts slowed and he relaxed on her, remaining firmly embedded in her anus. He could sense tension returning in her body as she awaited what would come next. He kept her waiting.

Diana lay still. She felt terrible! Without her Magic Girdle of power, she had limited strength and much of that had been depleted trying to defend her honor. Her vagina was sore, her rectal cavity was rubbed raw, her jaw was still tired, her nipples and breasts were sore from his abuse, and she felt much to tired and battered to mount any form of defense against him. The helplessness of her situation was taxing her resolve. She didn't think he had cum, and he wasn't shrinking in her ass. What would he do now?

Again, hatred flashed through her mind, but almost immediately, it was snuffed out by the chill remembrance of her helplessness and degredation. Unexpectedly, her sphincter spasmed around him.

Slowly, he withdrew from her, providing Diana a small feeling of relief. But the pain from the battering she had received, combined with the exhaustion she was feeling and the tension of being forcibly and continuously raped left her feeling limp. She would have said she felt numb if it didn't hurt so much!

He moved to her side and rolled onto his back. Diana sighed as his weight moved from her body. Unmoving, she looked at him, her bottom still held in the air by the pillow. He was lying on his back beside her, his penis still erect pointing upward. She could see flecks of brown on the latex sheath covering him, and knew that the brown material had come from her. Her fear returned as she met his eyes.

Chapter 5 - Another indignity

"Go ahead," he whispered.

"Go ahead?" she asked, pretending she didn't know what he was asking.

"Clean me off."

Again her eyes widened. "No! I'm not your whore!" she spat at him, pulling herself up toward a kneeling position. She was surprised that she somehow found the strength for her vehement refusal.

She never saw the blow coming. His open palm crashed across her ear causing unimaginable pain. She saw stars as she fell to her side in agony. She fought down the feeling of nausea as tears flooded her eyes and she put one hand up to protect her ear and shook her head, refusing him again.

"As a matter of fact," he responded, wryly, "you are my whore! And you will be for as long as I want.

"But, it's your choice." He rolled her onto her stomach again and she felt him use him wipe away the semen and baby oil from her anus. "If you deny me your mouth, I'll have to use another opening." He moved on top of her again and began probing her anus. Diana gasped. She was so sore, she couldn't take him again. Not there! And especially since he had wiped away the oil that might lubricate her. She held her breath as he began to press against her rosebud. The excruciating pain from the chafed tissues hit her as he forced his way past her entrance once more.

"No, stop! Please! I . . .". Diana took a deep breath. "I'll . . . do it!" she whispered.

"As you wish," he responded, withdrawing and moving to her side again.

Her body ached all over! With great effort, she rose to her hands and knees and moved over his midsection. She sat back on her haunches and reached to remove the condom, but he stopped her.

"Clean the outside of the condom before you take it off."

Bile boiled up in Diana's stomach, and it was only with great effort that she kept herself from throwing up. But she feared what would happen if she refused to do his bidding, so with great determination she steeled herself and licked the still erect latex covered organ, tasting her own waste products as she did.

After she had licked it clean, he permitted her to remove the condom. He had become slightly softer in this process, so he told her to take him in her mouth again and bring him to arousal. She was perpendicular to his body, so when she took him into her mouth, it was almost as if his penis was pointing directly down her throat. She began to suck again and move her head up and down. The soft under-portion of his penis was rubbing against the ridged roof of her mouth, while her tongue licked the back of his penis. He groaned and took her head between his hands to guide her movements.

"Relax the muscles of your throat so that it can go deeper!" he coached her. He was too large, and she wasn't sure what he expected of her. There was absolutely no way that his entire organ would fit in her mouth. But she tried to loosen her muscles and was surprised that as she relaxed her throat, she could take him considerably deeper into her mouth. Her jaw was growing tired again and she could only thinking of getting him clean so that she could relax. Dimly, she was aware that he was growing even larger and he was breathing faster and pumping harder into her mouth.

She was caught completely unaware when he suddenly released a barrage of his semen deep in her throat causing her to choke and cough as she tried to pull away from him. His grip on her hair kept her head in place, although she coughed and snorted, causing semen to escape through her nose and past her lips around his member.

She felt defiled as he continued to spew his seed into her mouth as she choked and coughed. How could he do this to anyone? She struggled more and finally pulled away from him falling backward and sitting on the floor, staring at him in disbelief as his semen dripped from the sides of her mouth. She was Wonder Woman! How could this be happening to her? She had been raped and sodomized, and then, he had done - - - that - - - to her!

She could only breath through her mouth: her nasal passages were blocked up with . . . . with his cum. She shuddered at the thought.

She saw a box of tissues and crawled to the night-stand and reached for a tissue. "No!" His voice was quiet but commanding and insistent. She looked at him.

"Swallow what's in your mouth," he instructed. "And leave the rest where it is."

Amused, he watched from the bed as she swallowed hard, trying to keep some semblance of dignity. She felt she was covered with cum and unable to breath. He smiled as she shuddered, resisting the wave of nausea that engulfed her. Being abused was bad enough, but she felt like a back alley prostitute, kneeling before a man as his cum was drying on her face and body. Once again, she tried to think of escape, but the hurts of her abused body and accumulated fatigue, together with borderline hysteria kept any rational thought from forming in her mind.

She struggled to keep her mind from shutting down because somehow she had to find a way to resist: a way to escape.

A sudden panic flooded over Wonder Woman, a full consciousness of what she had done, forced her mind back into awareness. She had come to him intending to do battle with him. She had fought him and he had defeated her. He had defeated her in battle! Then he had taken her! Did this mean the end of Wonder Woman? Would she be his slave forever? Were her powers gone? Dread spread throughout her entire being!

Maybe not, she thought. She had not willingly given herself to him. No, he had raped her!

If it was possible, she took consolation in the fact she had been raped, although her aching body certainly found no comfort in that fact.

"Come up her and lie beside me until I'm ready for you again." he ordered.

His voice wasn't threatening. Nothing in his demeanor indicated that he would attack her again. Or at least not until 'he was ready for her again.' She felt too weak, too disheartened to rise, so she crawled to the bed and rose to sit on the edge of the bed, her back to him, staring at the wall without thinking.

She felt his hand on her shoulder and gently, he drew her backward and turned her until she was lying on her back. His insistent hands drew her legs up on the bed and she lay beside on her back beside him with her hands folded over her waist. He propped himself up on his elbow and looked at her cum-crusted figure. She felt him move closer to her until his body was in contact with hers. He caressed her face, causing her to shudder with fear of what else he might do to her.

His hand slid downward and cupped her breast, gently massaging and caressing her. His touch was sending strange sensations through her. Intellectually, she knew she didn't want to be touched by him, but somehow his caresses were strangely, even wildly erotic if she would let herself admit it. But she didn't want him to continue.

She shuddered again as he leaned over her and kissed her nipples. How could he treat her so gently after everything he had done to her? How could his gentleness be affecting her this way? Gently, he sucked on her, the suction drawing much of her breast into his mouth as his hand moved to her pubis. Again, she shuddered as his finger found her love button and gently circled it as he rolled her nipple between his tongue and hard palate. Diana remained motionless as his finger ran between her lips. She jumped as once again he found her vaginal opening, sending electric waves throughout her body. She couldn't be enjoying this! Not after everything he had done to her! But she whimpered and turned her head away as his finger entered her and he rolled her nipple against his hard palate again.

Was he about to . . . ? She turned her face back and looked downward. She breathed a sigh of relief as she saw his flaccid penis, twitching slightly. It was obvious he was trying to arouse his body again, but his body simply wasn't cooperating. She took a perverse joy in his inability to 'get it up'.

Diana became aware that he was no longer sucking on her breasts, and his head turned to the side, cushioned on her. His hand relaxed. Was he falling asleep? Gradually, his breathing became more regular and deeper. She felt him relax, and his finger slipped from her. Diana dared not move. She waited for him to slip into a deeper sleep. She resisted the temptation to sleep herself, valiantly fighting off her fatigue. After what seemed like an eternity of waiting, she hoped he was sleeping soundly.

Gently, she lifted his hand from her hip and moved it to the side. Then, as slowly as she could, she steadied his head and slid away from him, placing his face against the bed once she was out from under him.

Hoping he would remain asleep, she slowly inched away from him. He didn't move. As imperceptibly as possible, she slipped her legs over the edge of the bed and stood. Her knees were wobbly, but she straightened herself out. Afraid to look back, she tiptoed toward the door and escape.

Chapter 6 - A final abuse

She had forgotten the unseen barrier that she could not circumvent. She cried out in frustration as she tried to find a way through the door. Unexpectedly, he was upon her. She gasped as he grabbed her hair with one hand while groping her breast with the other. Futilely, she drew upon reserves she didn't know she had as she tried to pull away but his grip was solid and she couldn't break free.

She gave a muffled yelp as he threw her around until she was facing the bed again. A sudden jerk backward and downward brought her to her knees, and his feet positioned between hers calves. Suddenly, her torso was forced onto the bed, and his knees captured her calves, pressing them to the floor.

Her arms thrashed as he positioned his penis at her vaginal entrance again. Fanatically, she tried to escape, but the bed limited her movements. And he forced his way into her with a brutal lunge and their bodies merged once again. He thrust deeply into her drenched, defenseless depths. His semen, still present in her vagina, provided lubrication this time. She wheezed in agony beneath his brutal assault. When she tried to push him away, he easily captured her arms and pinned her hands behind her back. Overpowered, with arms pinned, and barely able to move, she could only grunt as he pounded into her.

Capturing both of her wrists in one hand, he pressed the other hand between her and the bed, and began manipulating her clit with his fingers as he thrust into her. Diana was surprised at her immediate and involuntary response to his touch. He knew exactly how and where to caress her. She was being raped in a rather brutal manner, but still she was rising toward a climax. She resisted as best she could. But her feeble resistance was ineffectual when pitted against with the expertise of his strokes. Diana moaned with frustration as her fickle body responded to his skillful fondling.

He was invigorated after his brief nap! And he was intent on forcing her to climax this time. If it was against her will, so much the better. Being raped and being forced to enjoy it wound increase her humiliation.

Her moans became whimpers, and developed into cries as her level of excitement rose. Her cries faded and in their place grew a procession of low, sharp inhalations. She did not know when he released her hands, but she drew them upward laying palm downward beside her face, fluttering aimlessly against the bed. His free hand covered her breast, kneading it and skillfully manipulating her nipple.

As she felt her sexual tension rising, her rhythmic whimpers and cries became louder. Her world was about to explode as he whispered into her ear, "No noises loud enough to be heard outside of this room."

She tightened on him and, again, her mouth opened in a silent scream as her orgasm crashed over her like an avalanche. It was her first orgasm of the day and it hit her like a locomotive. Her mind shattered, as if everything that had happened in this room had led up to this moment! She thrashed around gasping for breath. Her vagina grasped and caressed him, convulsing around his member. The mantel of righteousness and purity had been totally stripped from her, and she was totally humiliated and shamed at climaxing as she was being raped. Rape was not something to be enjoyed! Being orgasmed while she was being raped was not an acceptable reaction; she would have chided herself if she had been able to form the thoughts.

He rode out her climax, still thrusting within her. He had come twice this afternoon, and so his 'staying power' was greater.

"Ooooh! you're easy!" he tormented her. "So easy to take, so easy to climax. It almost seems like you are enjoying it! Shall I continue?"

"No . . . no . . . . Enough . . . . I can't . . . " she whimpered.

He lifted her hips with his hands and resumed pounding into her. The slight changed of position changed the angle at which she was being penetrated and sent new stimulations throughout her. Diana had never heard of a "g-spot", but she certainly felt it now! She moaned in shame at having been forced to climax, but found her body responding as he continued driving into her. She was sore, but the ongoing stimulation was raising her again toward her peak. He was merciless and relentless as he plunged into her, his fingers persistently stimulating her clitoris. And he was rewarded as he felt her climax again.

Diana's spirit continued to sink at the thought of a mere man manipulating her body so successfully.

"Ooohh, yes, I can keep this up all day," he whispered into her tormented ear. He eased his thrusting as she rode out her climax. "Would you like me to do this all day?"

"No . . . enough . . . I can't . . . please, . . . . no more . . . . " Wonder Woman moaned in humiliation.

"But I haven't cum yet. I certainly can't stop before I've climaxed, can I?" He resumed his thrusting, again altering his position to give her yet another new set of sensations, gently pulling on her nipple and rolling her clit between his fingers. "Do you want me to cum, Wonder Woman?"

"Oh, yes! Cum! I want you to cum," the tormented superheroine moaned in agony. If he came, he would have to stop, at least for a while!

"Inside of you?" he taunted.

Her will broke and she finally gave up. She was desperate to end her ordeal and would do anything to end this torment.

"Yes! Inside of me, just cum!" Her appeal took the last of the fight out of Wonder Woman. The agony had to end! She would agree to anything! Say anything! Just to get it over with.

He felt the change in her as she capitulated, and he savored the delicious fading of her resistance. She had been tenaciously holding on to her final reserves of defiance, but with these words, he felt her yield. She was his! Totally!

His hammering increased and she offered no resistance. She began to rock into his thrusts, grinding her hips into him as hard as her weakened and exhausted body would permit. Her breathing accelerated. Her face became a mixture of shame and, yes, sexual yearning. The thrill of having her surrender to him excited him beyond belief. Lacking any further emotional resistance from her, he allowed himself to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of this no longer resisting beauty. He thrust into her hard and deep with every muscle he had! It was not take long before he felt her rising to her climax. And he rose with her! The tightness filling his testicles rapidly traveled up until unbelievable pressure was building up in the head of his penis. He was more than ready to give her his semen. Her body bucked with abandon beneath him, and when Diana orgasmed, she came with a horrible lurch, totally uncontrolled, her mind shaken by her body's betrayal of her. She was so immersed in the spasms of her sex that she really didn't hear his grunts.

He sized and groaned loudly in pleasure as he let himself discharge pulse after pulse of his seed deep into her depths. Each pulse seemed to increase her response and he pressed harder and deeper into her. Gasping loudly she climaxed yet one more time moaning slightly, and contracting around his pulsing member, knowing that his vile seed was spreading to every nook and cranny of her reproductive system. He continued pumping in and out of her, filling her with the evidence of his passion. She clamped around him with an instinctive reaction, milking every drop from him. She gave a soft moan of resignation, admitting that there was nothing more she could do. And her fate was sealed. The superheroine's vaginal muscles milked him, seeming to perform calculated movements designed to extract as much of his seed from him as quickly and completely as possible.

Chapter 7 - Wrapping up loose ends

Diana collapsed in humiliation, lying over the edge of the bed. She had been raped, sodomized, forced to perform oral sex. Finally, she had begged her attacker to give her his seed. Her humiliation could not be more complete!

He lay on top of her and she orgasm, yet one more time! He did not withdraw until he was sure he was completely spent and his manhood shrank within her.

He rolled her over and she slid until she was sitting on the floor beside the bed. Again he approached her. Her gaunt eyes saw only the deflating, flaccid penis before her. Without being instructed, she let her mouth drop open and she cleaned him again.

When she could no longer detect the taste of any of his cum or her own fluids, she relaxed and began to withdraw. Her defeat was complete, and she slid to the side, falling to the floor. Diana, her arms and legs askew, lay beside the bed. Her eyes were glazed and she was breathing heavily. She felt dreadful! She had been raped and raped again. But even worse than the physical pain she felt was the psychological pain of having been violated repeated against her will. Never before had she really understood why rape victims shut down mentally after their ordeal. Now she knew and understood. Escape into mindless oblivion seemed so attractive to her!

The man moved away from her to rise to his feet. She didn't pay any attention to him. What more could he do to her? Her eyes filled with tears as she was sure he could find lots of other things to do to her, if he wanted. And since she was so weak from her ordeal, he could overpower her, and there was very little she could to prevent it.

She was so tired! She ached all over. The energy she had spent trying to resist him had taken its toll. The stress of being repeatedly abused combined with the resulting pain and humiliation had exhaustion filling her entire being. She felt like she was just a piece of meat lying on the counter. If he wanted her again, she would just roll over and spread her legs. If she had the energy.

He put his hand beneath her forehead and gently lifted her head. Like a rag doll, she permitted him to slide the Golden Lasso over her head and then over her shoulders. She felt it's magic as the rope tightened around her arms.

Once she was encircled by the Magic Lasso, he whispered, "Remember how you feel now."

It was not likely she would forget the physical, mental and emotional abuse she had been subjected to during the past few hours or how she felt. The image of his face would be branded on her memory until the day she died! But she felt the magic from the Golden Lasso course through her, and the experiences became firmly planted in her memory.

Holding the lasso, he rescinded the orders forbidding her contact with her Golden Belt and Magic Lasso. Then, he fitted her Magic Girdle of Strength around her waist and fastened it in place. Immediately, the healing power of the belt began flowing through her, healing the abrasions she had experienced, repairing the physical damage she had incurred, and restoring her strength as well as her body.

He lifted Diana and placed her on the bed and she curled herself into a fetal position, the only comfortable position she could imagine. A soft blanked covered her bare flesh and its warmth felt like a cocoon enfolding her. He actually tucked her in, the same as her mother had when she was a little girl.

Diana's mind went back to the time when she had been a very small girl. In rebellion, had tried to run away from her mother on Paradise Island. Her mother had come after her and found her, and had actually crawled into her small hiding place. Her mother had sat beside her and waited until little Diana was ready to talk. Then she had listened as her daughter had poured out her soul. And her mother had understood!

He was whispering in her ear, and she could sense the magic flowing from the Golden Lasso of Truth as he spoke. She had to listen; the lasso required it. He was preventing her from going into shock and mental shutdown, actually forbidding it! As much as the mindless oblivion of insensibility appealed to her, he simply wouldn't let her go! Patiently and carefully, he drew her back to sanity and reality.

The healing magic of the belt was coursing through her, and she felt her strength, at least much of it, returning to her, even though she was bound with the Magic Lasso. But There had been a change in her will.

Diana knew that more had happened here today that a simple rape. And she wept for her lost innocence and the loss of her freedom and independence, because she knew they no longer belonged to her. The man simply held her head, cradling it in his lap and soothingly stroked her head and face, stroking her hair back behind her ears, the same as her mother had done when she was small. Somehow she felt at peace, secure, knowing that someone, he, would take care of her. A small part of her wondered about being cared for by him after he had treated her so badly.

She nuzzled her cheek against his hand as it stroked her. "That's right, child," He murmured to her. "Just relax!" Diana relaxed, resting her head in his lap. He continued to pet her head, as if she was a small child. And she slept.

When she awoke, she felt rested and restored, almost her old self. He still held her head in his lap and was stroking her face. And she was still bound by the Magic Lasso. Seeing she was awake, he spoke again and reiterated his command that she was never to injure him or cause him injury and she was never to use the Magic Lasso against him.

Then He instructed her to remember their previous encounter.

Memories of the two weeks in a cabin with him flooded into her brain. He had not brutally raped her then, but he had taken her repeatedly and she had not been able to resist him. She supposed that her lack of resistance made her pervious encounter an orgy of consensual sex. But Diana knew in her heart that she had never willingly given herself to him in that cabin. She had been coerced into making a rash promise and for the remaining two weeks she had paid for that rashness. But compared with today, it had been a honeymoon!

Today . . . today had been an orgy of rape and degradation. He had defeated her in battle and taken her. And in the end, she had been so eager to end the process that she had begged him to cum. She had begged him to cum inside of her. Everything had worn her down, and ultimately, to bring everything to an end Diana had willingly given herself to him.

He spoke again, pointing out, things were much easier on her when she didn't resist him or attack him. But Wonder Woman knew she would never be able to attack him again. She would never be able to resist his commands. When he summoned her, she would come. Whatever he requested, she would do. From this moment on, her freedom would be subject to his wishes. And this would continue for as long as they both were alive!

After the Magic Girdle of Strength had completed it's healing process, he lovingly drew a bath for Diana. Before removing the Golden Lasso from her shoulders, he released her from her confinement to his bedroom and to his suite. As she sank into the warm, soothing water, he tenderly bathed her. Afterwards, he carefully dried her from head to toe and returned her costume to her, complete with the Magic Girdle of Strength. Finally he returned the Golden Lasso to her and reminded her that she was never to use it against him.

She gazed at the Magic Lasso. It was one of her most powerful weapons, but she could never use it against him. Never again! She fastened it to her belt.

Then her gaze met his briefly, before she lowered her eyes and submissively whispered, "Am I your slave, now?"

He knew the question was coming, and was prepared to answer it.

"If you are my slave," he replied, taking her hand, "then I have the duty to describe what your duties are, is that correct."

Shamed, Diana squeezed her eyes shut and nodded.

"Then, if you are my slave, your instructions are that you are to return to your home and resume your regular every day activities. Resume your duties as Wonder Woman, just as if the events of today had never occurred. However, you are to return here on Wednesday and spend the evening serving me. And again on Saturday. When you are with me, you will obey me without question."

Diana knew she would.

Once again, he felt himself becoming slightly aroused as he thought of the power he now held over the world's most powerful and independent female. But they had had enough for today. He ignored the stirring within him.

Finally, taking her arm, he walked her to the door of his suite and led her to a rear exit of the hotel where she could leave without encountering the prying eyes of the various hotel patrons and employees.

He softly kissed her, and she left, unobserved, to return to her own home.

Diana would be back on Wednesday and again on Saturday. She was compelled to obey him.

Drucilla would come on Monday and Friday.

# # #

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Wonder Woman's Voluntary Enslavement part 3