Wonder Woman's Voluntary Enslavement Part 5  

Wonder Woman's Wedding

By Barnabus

Written: 12/7/03
Revised: 5/22/04

(M/F, Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor, Romance.)

Steve resists the opportunity to "screw the hell out of Diana" with astonishing results!

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The story is a sequel to "WONDER WOMAN'S VOLUNTARILY ENSLVEMENT, parts 1, 2, 3 and 4", which should be posted on this site. It is not necessary to read the stories the prior stories before reading this episode.

The story is set in modern times, probably six months or so after 'Part 4'

In keeping with the desired end results, birth control is not used in this story. However, in 'real life' every reasonable adult should know that he or she should behave responsibly when participating in sexual activities and he or she wishes to avoid unwanted conception and the spread of disease.

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* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Chapter 1 - Diana's attempted seduction

Steve Trevor and Princess Diana, also known as Wonder Woman, were sitting, reclining actually, on the sofa in his darkened living room. Their arms were entwined and both were breathing heavily as the passion of their kisses grew greater. Steve's hands were roaming over Diana's voluptuous body, while she unbuttoned his shirt and was caressing his chest.

Once again, Steve found the fastener that released her bustier and the tight garment opened and was pushed aside, taking its place beside the discarded golden belt of power on the floor. Steve buried his face in her succulent mammaries, licking, nibbling, biting and finally grasping her nipples between his lips and sucking so hard that he drew as much of her breast into his mouth as he could, rolling the nipple between his tongue and the hard pallet of the roof of his mouth.

Steve had lusted for Wonder Woman for years and loved her intensely for almost as long. The first time he saw her in her tight bustier, high boots, and skintight star spangled panties he had lusted for her. And even though he had fallen deeply in love with her, his lust was always present below the surface.

But she had always maintained absolutely correctness in her behavior with him. He had never been able to lay a finger on her other than to occasionally grasp her arm as he led her through a crowd, or maybe put a hand on her shoulder when she was sitting in a meeting. He had never even held her hand except when one of them was helping the other climb up a mountain or into an airplane. He had received an occasional kiss on his cheek during the time he had known her, but he could count the kisses on the fingers of one hand.

Then, suddenly and for no discernable reason, that all changed. About three weeks ago, Wonder Woman had invited herself to his quarters for a 'dinner for two'. She had made it plain to Steve that she didn't want ANYONE else there, not even a cook. When she arrived, she appeared somewhat nervous, but she kissed him on the cheek at the door, then took his hand as they walked into his living room. The evening became quite cozy, and at the end of the evening she gave him a light kiss on the mouth.

She had come back 'for dinner'. And she kept coming back. Each visit became more physical, more intimate. And more passionate! All of this was totally out of character for Wonder Woman, but Steve was afraid to mention the change for fear he would lose all of the 'ground gained' during these past few weeks.

Wonder Woman had insisted that they meet this night. When Steve told her he had a meeting scheduled, she had demanded that he change the meeting and spend the night with her! (Yes, she had said 'night'.)

Diana whimpered as Steve sucked on her nipple and rolled it against the roof of his mouth. Her demanding hands were tearing the shirt from his shoulders and arms.

His hand moved to her star-spangled panties and he caressed her through the silken material. As soon as she had dispatched his shirt, her hand found his and directed it to the waistband and pressed his fingers inside so that he was caressing her bare skin. She gasped and tightened as his fingers made contact with her. Immediately, she forced her muscles to relax. Infinitesimally, her legs seemed to part, freeing his access to her and she started purring, "Yes. Yes …" in time with his caresses.

She reached for the buckle on his pants, when Steve sudden stopped his activity and withdrew his hand from her.

"Diana, I love you!" Steve exclaimed. "We have to stop. You have to make me an honest man!" (He purposely inverted the roles of the sexual mores.) "We have to stop now!"

"We can't stop, now!" Diana spoke incredulously

"Why can't we stop?" Steve asked.

"Because I'm not pregnant, ye . . . ." Diana slapped her hand over her mouth as if she had inadvertently said something that shouldn't be said.

"Diana," Steve spoke in a mildly patronizing voice. "You don't have to get pregnant for me to marry you."

She pulled her lips between her teeth to prevent herself from talking. Steve gazed at her, realizing that there was more to this than he expected. Although his loins still burned with lust, his confusion was quickly dampening his ardor.

"Your plan wasn't to get pregnant as a way to force me to marry you, was it?"

Diana's eyes dropped, and she shook her head.

"I think we'd better talk," Steve stated.

"Do we have to talk?" Diana objected. "I only have a few days . . .". Diana's voice faded off as she realized once again she had said something she shouldn't.

"A few days for what?"

Eyes down. "My fertile period will end in a couple of days."

"Fertile period?" Steve exclaimed. "Diana, I want to protect you. If we made love, I would use a condom to protect you from pregnancy."

Diana's eyes widened. "A condom!!? You can't!"

"Diana," Steve explained. "We're not married. I can't make you pregnant if we're not married! Oh, Diana! I love you! I want you to be my wife! I want you to be the mother of my children. Please, marry me. Marry me now! Tonight!"

"Marry?" Diana's astonishment was evident in her eyes. "We can't get married!"

Astounded, Steve tried to digest what she was saying. "Can't get married? And yet, we're about to . . . . Why can't we get married? I love you! I want to marry you. Right now!"

Diana burst into tears. In typical male confusion, Steve tried to figure out what he had said that had caused the woman he loved to cry.

In a moment of total emotional collapse, Diana cried out, "I can't marry you! I just want to have your baby! Ooooh, Steeeeeve!" And Diana's tears flowed freely.

"My baby?" Steve was astonished at her statement.

"Ooooohhhhhhhh!" Diana wailed, her eyes as wide as overflowing saucers and with a very guilty look on her face. She had obviously said something wrong and Steve had caught her at it. "I shouldn't have said that!" And with another wail, Diana started bawling, placing her face against him and pounding his chest with her fists in utter frustration. Steve realized that if she had been wearing her Magic Girdle of Strength at that moment, she might well have inflicted serious injury. "Why did you make me say that? Why? Why? Why?!!!!" She pounded his chest with each exclamation.

Then she clutched him to her and wept profusely against his chest.

Steve held her close to him, acutely aware of her almost totally naked body pressed against him. The right word from Diana, the right touch might have caused him to forget marriage for the pleasure of the moment, but Diana's obvious distress held him in check. Somehow, comforting the woman he loved took precedence over his bodily lusts.

"Ooooohhh, Steve!" she gasped between sobs. "Don't! - - - Please - - - - I don't know how - - -." She gasped for breath and momentarily looked up at him, before quickly looking away as if she were unable to meet his eyes.

Almost in hysteria, she continued, " - - - Just have sexual intercourse with me - - - let me have your baby - - - - But, Pleeeeeeease! Don't do this to me!!!!!!!!"

In complete puzzlement, Steve hadn't the foggiest idea what 'this' was that he was 'doing' to Diana. If anything he had stopped 'this' when he had resisted the temptation to climb on top of her and screw the hell out of her. So Steve did the only thing a truly red-blooded American man could do in this situation. He held his beloved in his arms while she cried her eyes out!

Eventually, her tearful frenzy passed, and she hiccupped a few times and collapsed on his chest in total dejection. She was breathing tremulously. The discussion she knew was about to take place caused her more fear than she had felt when she had been approaching the actual act of love with her lover a few minutes earlier.

When she had settled into a very nervous repose in his arms, he whispered to her.

"Diana. I want you to have my babies . . . "

Babies? He used the plural form. Diana was only thinking of one baby! Could she possibly have more that one baby with Steve?

"I want you to be the mother of my children!" Steve continued. "I want you to be my wife!"

Immediately, Diana burst into another paroxysm of weeping!

Steve was flabbergasted! He was giving a sincere proposal of marriage to the woman he loved and who, he was convinced, loved him. And his proposal was met with hysterical weeping. He let her cry, and held her to him, trying to make sense of the events of the past few minutes.

When her tears subsided, he asked the obvious next question: a question she knew would come now, but she dreaded.

"Maybe you'd better tell me," he began, "why you want my child, but you don't want to marry me."

Diana sniffled on his chest and murmured, "I do want to marry you! I've dreamed of being your wife! But I can't! It's just not possible! Ooohh, Steve! Just hold me! Please!"

Steve held her. His ardor was gone, and when she made fumbling attempts to rekindle it, he carefully maintained control of the situation. Since she couldn't distract him, Diana had no choice but to talk to him.

Chapter 2 - Diana's reasons.

Diana was scrupulously honest by nature. Deception was not part of her makeup, and whenever she tried to gloss over something with a half-truth, Steve recognized it and called her on it. Her total innocence of the world of men worked against her. She had never learned the art of deceit, of trying to hide what is true and obvious. Steve wouldn't permit her to talk around the subject, but kept pulling her back to his questions. And to her chagrin and embarrassment, the story came out.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Several weeks earlier, Diana received an unexpected visit from her mother, the queen of Paradise Island.

In a freak accident, several Amazons had been killed. Diana grieved the loss of her sisters. But the queen had pointed out to Diana that the end result of the accident required that the dead Amazons must be replaced. Accordingly, several young Amazons of childbearing age had been selected to have children in order to re-establish the population of Paradise Island. Diana was one of the Amazons selected to bear children.

Diana had pointed out Drucilla's unplanned pregnancy, and the queen had reluctantly conceded that Drucilla's child, if female, would be welcomed to Paradise Island and would be raised as an Amazon. But the queen was greatly displeased at the father of Drucilla's child, a man who had made both Drucilla and Diana his sex slaves and had poured considerable abuse upon Diana during his relationship with her. Diana was thankful that he had always been prudently careful during her fertile periods; apparently he had not been so careful with her sister. Diana remembered the relief she had felt when she learned he had died in an accident, thus freeing Diana from her bondage to him.

Diana had accepted her obligation to become a mother but questioned the effect pregnancy would have upon her duties as Wonder Woman. The queen stated simply that Wonder Woman would have to retire from active life, a situation which had already occurred to a large extent, and if needed, a new Amazon champion would be appointed to serve in her place. The queen had been grooming Drucilla to take Diana's place, but Drucilla's unexpected pregnancy had eliminated that possibility.

Diana knew that she wouldn't be given any say in the selection of the father of her child, but she briefly indulged in a fantasy of Steve being the one. Unable to wait any longer, she respectfully asked her mother the identity of the man who had been selected to be her mate.

"Why, Colonel Trevor, of course!" her mother had answered.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

As the meeting between Diana and her mother ended, Diana knew it would be three weeks before she would enter her fertile period and could conceive. Thus, she had three weeks to change her relationship with Steve from a judiciously platonic relationship to . . . a more intimate liaison. Sadly, she admitted to herself that her goal was procreation, not commitment.

Immediately, she had begun the process by spending more time alone with Steve and becoming more physical during the time they spent together. She had hoped to intrigue him and to have him impregnate her during her next fertile period. Then she could return to Paradise Island and complete her gestation and bear her child. Hopefully the baby would be a girl who would be welcomed into the Amazon community.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Diana loved Steve. She would love to bear his child! In this way, a part of Steve would always be with her. Marriage had never been a consideration for her, other than in a daydream. Although marriage to Steve and spending her life with him was something she deeply coveted, she knew it would be unthinkable for any Amazon (let alone an Amazon Princess) to marry a 'mere man'. The idea that Steve would desire marriage when she was trying to feed his passion caught her completely by surprise. Diana was totally unprepared for the possibility that he would want to marry her before he . . . .

Steve suddenly jerked Diana back into reality. "Are you saying that everything that has occurred between us these last few weeks was simply an attempt to get yourself pregnant with my child?" It sounded course and calculated when Steve spelled it out. Diana nodded with downcast eyes.

Steve's eyes narrowed. Diana had never seen such a calculating look in Steve's eyes before. "Do you want to bear my child?" He asked.

"More than anything!" Diana exhaled, her eyes melting.

"Very well, I agree!"

Just like that? Suddenly his acceptance seemed more sordid than anything she could imagine. A brief vision flashed across Diana's mind of Steve rutting on top of her, and then walking away without even looking back. The agony of that image made Diana's lower lip tremble.

"However, I want something in return," Steve continued. Suddenly what had begun as a night of passion had become a bargaining session. And Diana felt like a piece of shopworn fabric to be haggled over.

"I require . . ." Steve paused, " . . . that you become my wife, and the two of us will live together will raise this child, and all of our children until they becomes adults."

Diana's shoulders slumped. "That's not possible," she said. Steve waited for her to expand on her statement, so she continued. "First, I can't marry you because the Queen would not permit it. It is forbidden by Amazon law. And second, - - -" Diana knew that confessions were in order. "And second, I would not be a suitable bride for you. I'm . . . . . I'm . . . . " Diana straightened her shoulders, met his gaze squarely, and used an expression that she hated! "I'm 'soiled merchandise'."

Diana reminded Steve of her many absences a few months earlier. And confessed her relationship with the man (whom she referred to as 'the master') who had captured Drucilla and her. Diana had been forced to become his sex slave while she was his prisoner. And later, the master had taken advantage of Drucilla also. This led Diana to do battle with him where Diana had been defeated by him and had become his lifelong slave. Diana cried as she described, in much more detail than she intended, the brutality of his repeated rapes when he had conquered her, the feelings of worthlessness she had experienced, her shame and guilt. And ultimately, he had fucked the fight out of her, and she had given herself to him. She described the panic she had felt when she realized that he had defeated her in battle and she had given herself, freely to him, thus committing herself to be his slave. She had been required to appease his every sordid and perverted whim. With downcast eyes, Diana admitted that it was the master was responsible for Drucilla's pregnancy.

"His lifelong slave? " Diana heard the anger and hardness in Steve's voice. "Who is this man? And where is he?" Diana explained that he had recently died in an automobile accident. And with his death, Diana was freed from her bondage to him.

Steve sat for a very long time, saying nothing. He only stared off into the distance. Finally, he took a deep breath and spoke directly to Diana.

"I understand the conditions under which you . . . entered that man's bed. But he is dead now, so he is no longer an issue. I choose to forgive and forget your relationship with him.

"Having said that, as I understand it, you cannot marry me without the Queen's permission. Is that correct?" Diana nodded.

"Very well, then," Steve continued. "I wish to speak with the Queen."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Chapter 3 - Steve meets the Queen.

Steve was almost in a state of shock as he and Diana sat primly in the spacious limousine. He was unable to comprehend how speedily his interview with Diana's mother had been arranged. It was almost as if the Queen had expected the request and had prepared for the meeting in advance.

Initially, Wonder Woman had endeavored to talk him out of the idea of trying to meet with the Queen. When he had refused to budge from his determination, Diana had reluctantly made a telephone call. After a short conversation, the Queen had agreed to see him. And her private limousine picked them up twenty minutes later. Steve had barely had enough time to dress in his best suit and buff his shoes before the limousine had arrived.

He was impressed as the limousine pulled up to a very fashionable hotel. They were immediately escorted to a private elevator. It was obvious that the Queen had a great deal of money at her disposal.

The elevator door opened, and Steve and Diana gazed into the anteroom of the royal suite. Two ladies-in-waiting met them. Steve had never seen such opulence, even when he had visited the White House.

"Greetings, Princess Diana, Colonel Trevor. You are welcome here!" The ladies wore toga-like costumes that spoke of utter simplicity, but Steve recognized that each was wearing feminium bracelets and a golden girdle of power, much like Diana's. Although he could see no weapons anywhere, Steve was sure there was a formidable presence of power and fighting strength present.

"The princess and her escort wish an audience with the queen," Diana responded formally.

One of the ladies, obviously the senior, nodded her head. "The queen is expecting you. Please follow me." She led the way to a door on the far end of the room.

Beyond the door was a throne room. That was the only possible description!

On one side of the room was a very pregnant Drucilla. She was kneeling unobtrusively at a scribe's table.

Steve began to greet her, but a nudge from Diana warned him not to acknowledge her.

The queen was sitting on a raised throne in the center of the room. There were two other chairs, one facing the queen and one to the side.

Steve snapped to attention and bowed formally from the waist.

"There is no need for that sort of formality. But thank you for your courtesy," the queen responded with a dismissive gesture of her hand. "Please be seated." The queen indicated the chair before her for Steve. When Diana held back, the queen continued, "Both of you!" Diana took the chair to the side.

As soon as both guests were seated, Queen Hippolyte addressed Steve without preamble. "Princess Diana tells me she has asked you to mate with her and you have refused. Do you find her unattractive?"

Such undiplomatic directness caught Steve by surprise. "Of course not!" he sputtered.

The queen continued, "Our intention in allowing you to mate with Diana is, of course, to produce a child. If the child you produce is male, you will be free to keep him. If the child is female, she will be an heir to the throne of Themyscira. Accordingly, we will expect to transport her to Paradise Island so that she can be raised in her own heritage and groomed to eventually become queen."

Surprised at the rapidity with which they have moved into negations, Steve parried, "I don't think it is in the child's best interest to be separated from her mother."

"She won't be separated from her mother." The queen spoke as if explaining a simple truth to a child. "Princess Diana will return to Paradise Island to raise the child."

"You're talking about my wife leaving me."

"Of course. Once a female child has been born," the queen continued as if she had not heard the word 'wife', "there will be no further need for your . . . services"

Steve's jaw dropped and he looked at Diana.

Diana lowered her eyes. She had tried to prepare Steve, but the queen had stated things in what Diana considered unnecessarily succinct and harsh terms.

"I do not wish a 'one night stand' simply to furnish you with an heir", Steve declared.

"Oh, but it won't be just one night," Diana interjected. "I will be in my fertile period for the next three days,"

"And when your fertile period is ended . . .?" Steve prompted her.

"If I am pregnant, then there will be no further need for us to have further sexual relations," Diana responded, trying to explain.

Steve's mouth tightened and his eyes narrowed. "I'm afraid I am not interested in a . . . . a 'three night stand' either!"

Diana asked incredulously. "What do you want?"

"I want to marry you!" Steve answered with a tightly controlled voice. "And then I want you to live with me and to have . . . sexual relations with me frequently, . . . whether there is a baby or not . . . for the rest of our lives together!"

Diana's eyes widened as she stared at him, scandalized. It was one thing for him to say in private that he wanted to marry her, but to say so in front of the queen . . .

Steve looked back at Queen Hippolyte. She met his gaze with rock solid certitude. Steve had seen that determined look in the eyes of Generals who had dressed him down. He carefully controlled his response and took a deep breath before he spoke.

"I'm sorry, Queen Hippolyte," he replied, meeting her gaze. "Your terms are unacceptable."

Diana's eyebrows rose to stare at him, and she blanched. Drucilla looked up from her notes, eyes wide. No one, NO-ONE had ever talked to the queen that way. Queen Hippolyte flushed, but retained her dignity.

"My terms are unacceptable?"

Steve hesitated. Obviously, Queen Hippolyte had her own ideas of what was an appropriate relationship between him and Diana. And her ideas were very different from his. He drove onward.

"The reason I asked to speak with you was not to discuss procreation. Rather, I am here to ask for your daughter's hand in marriage . . ." Queen Hippolyte gave gesture, dismissing his statement the same way one might brush away a gnat. Steve pressed on. " . . . marriage under American Law . . ." The queen stared at him incredulously. Steve continued, " . . . marriage that is a lifelong commitment between a man and a woman to live together, share their lives, and which assumes the parenting and raising of children."

"An Amazon is not permitted marry," the queen replied, "let alone live with a man! Paradise Island needs children to replenish its population. Marriage is not necessary. Nor is it desired. Your request to marry Diana is denied!"

Steve turned sad eyes toward Diana, who was looking at her hands folded in her lap. Then he turned to the queen and rose, his eyes flaring. "Then, I'm afraid we have nothing further to discuss. If Diana cannot become my wife, then I will not become her paramour. You'll have to find another stallion to provide you with stud service." Somehow he made the phrase sound like words dredged from a sewer. "Please excuse me."

Steve bowed formally, turned and started toward the door. Suddenly, the queen's two bodyguards blocked his path. Seeing the doorway was blocked, Steve looked back at the queen as if to ask her to give her bodyguards instructions.

The queen leaned back in her throne. "Please do not leave yet, Colonel Trevor," she requested.

"Are you holding me against my will?" he asked.

Almost imperceptibly, the queen's shoulders drooped at having her bluff called. "No, of course not!" Steve did not see the queen's signal, but immediately the two bodyguards melted back into the woodwork.

"You are free to leave. But I . . . " her eyes became almost beseeching, " . . . humbly request that you remain a while longer."

Steve gave a curt nod and moved back toward his seat.

"Colonel Trevor", the queen said, looking at her daughter, "Would you allow me a few minutes alone with my daughter for a private mother-daughter conversation, please?"

Steve doubted that Diana would be able to say anything to dissuade the queen from her position, but he graciously nodded. Without a word, moved to the door the queen had indicated and left the throne room.

The queen watched as Steve closed the door. Diana sat motionless watching her mother. Never in her life had Diana seen anyone stand up to the queen the way Steve had. If one of her sisters on Paradise Island had spoken to the queen the way Steve had, she would have faced banishment . . . or worse. In keeping with her position, the queen had not revealed her anger to Steve. But now Steve was in the other room.

The queen looked at Drucilla. "You, too!" she ordered. Without a word, Drucilla and the two bodyguards rose and left the room.

Chapter 4 - Diana and the queen talk.

Only Diana and the queen were left. And Diana had no idea what to expect.

The queen's eyes remained riveted to the door where Steve had exited. Finally, she looked at Diana.

"Come here, little girl. Sit in your mother's lap."

Diana was astounded! Her mother hadn't called her 'little girl' for years! It had always been the queen's favorite endearment when she was talking to her daughter. But she hadn't used title since Diana had reached her maturity. And Diana hadn't sat in her mother's lap for much longer than that.

Diana didn't know which astonished her more, being addressed as 'little girl' or being asked to sit in her mother's lap!

Breaking protocol, Diana stuttered, "Mother, I've grown up. I'm much to heavy to sit in . . . "

The queen's hand rose commanding silence from her daughter. Then, with Diana's with her mouth still open in her unfinished objection, the queen turned the palm of her hand toward herself and beckoned to her daughter.

Mutely, Diana rose and moved to her mother. And the Queen guided Diana as the adult princess sat in her mothers lap. The queen's arms surrounded her grown daughter, and Diana's arms entwined around her mother's neck and their foreheads pressed together. It was a very un-royal scene.

Mother and daughter held each other quietly for a very long time.

"Do you love him?" Hippolyte whispered.

Diana nodded.

"Are you in love with him?"

Again, Diana nodded.

"Can you live without him?" the queen asked.

Diana took a deep breath. She stifled a sob before she dutifully answered, "If the queen commands, I will obey!"

"The day will come when you will be queen," Hippolyte whispered to her daughter. "You will be called upon to make difficult decisions like this one. Tell me, if you were queen, what would you do?"

Diana felt her heart sink within her. Her mother always recognized honesty and would know if Diana was not telling the truth. Diana gave the answer that all of her training as a princess required of her.

"If I were queen, I would find another consort for your daughter."

"And why would you not accept this one?"

"Because . . ." it was difficult for Diana to say the words. "Because he refuses to accept and honor our traditions."

"He has his own traditions. He wants to raise his children. Is that unreasonable?"

"No, it's reasonable from his point of view," Diana responded, "but his traditions are not our traditions." Tears were welling up in Diana's eyes. "You must find another consort for your daughter, one who will accept our conditions."

"But that's not what you want!" the queen observed.

Tears ran down Diana's face. "I love him, mother! I want him! I want him to be the father of my child! I can't think of life without him!" Sobbing, Diana cradled her face on her mother's shoulder, shamelessly dampening her mother's royal robe. Her mother held her and caressed her until the crying slowed.

"Of course," the queen commented almost as if it were a passing thought. "There is another fact that must be taken into consideration before making this decision."

Diana struggled to regain her composure to return to her role as Princess and advisor to the queen. "And what would that be?" she asked.

Her mother looked deeply into Diana's eyes. There was a long pause before she answered her daughter. When the answer came, Diana understood the words, but couldn't comprehend their meaning.

"We need his genes," the queen stated as if she were discussing the luncheon menu.

"His genes?"

"Colonel Trevor's genetic make-up contains characteristics that we need to breed into our race. It is imperative that he father children with an Amazon partner. And you are the ideal genetic match for him."

Slowly, a realization crept into Diana's mind. Almost fearfully, she asked, "And just how long have you known this?"

The queen smiled at her daughter's perceptiveness. "Since several years before you were sent to America."

Diana faltered, "Then it was no accident that I was sent here and assigned to work with him."

The queen shook her head.

"Does this mean," Diana asked falteringly, "that you will give in to all of Steve's demands?"

The queen gave her daughter a sideways glance, "I could always begin the search for a new consort for the princess."

Diana's spirits sank at the thought.

The queen continued, " . . . and if this discussion had taken place when I was your age, that's exactly what would have happened."

Diana couldn't follow what was being said, so she remained quiet waiting for the queen's explanation.

"You can thank your father that that is not what will happen today," said the queen.

"My father?" Diana asked.

Queen Hippolyte continued her explanation. "Your father begged the queen, my mother, for many of the same things that Colonel Trevor wants. My mother refused. Later, he confessed to me that he finally accepted her terms because life with me for a few months was preferable to life without me at all."

"He loved you that much?" Diana asked, incredulously. "He loved you so much he was willing to give you up?"

Never before had Queen Hippolyte confided so many intimate details with Diana. Like a small child sitting at her mother's feet, Diana listened raptly.

The queen nodded. "And I loved him that much, also!" Somehow, Diana had never imagined that her mother could ever be in love with a man! "He chose your name before he left, and when you were born, I named you Diana to honor him."

Fascinated, Diana continued to ask questions. "And you never saw him again?"

"Oh, I did see him again!" the queen said. "After I became queen, I was able to locate him. Do you remember the first time you left Paradise Island with me?"

Diana remembered. It had been a great adventure. She and her mother had gone to a great city in Europe. They had done many things together, but much of the time, Diana had been confined to her room while the queen was out tending to her duties. Tending to her duties? Was it possible?

Suddenly, a memory came back to Diana. During that trip, the only time she had been able to talk to a man was when the queen and Diana ate supper with . . .

"The ambassador . . ." Diana asked hesitantly.

Again, Queen Hippolyte was pleased with her daughter's astuteness. She nodded. "The ambassador was your father. He absolutely insisted on meeting you, and he wasn't about to be put off by anything I said. He was so proud of you!"

Great emotion welled up in Diana as an image of her father, her father, formed within her mind. Irrational gratification swelled within her at knowing that her father had been proud of her!

The queen continued. "And he was immensely pleased that you had grown into such a fine young lady! Meeting you was one of the greatest pleasures of his later life.

"I only had the joy of being with him for three short periods of time," the queen continued. "You were the product of our first meeting, Drucilla was the product of the second meeting. The third time I saw him was when I nursed him on his deathbed.

"I respected the traditions of our culture and kept myself from him, even though I thought of him every day when we were apart.

"So you see, I understand what it's like to love someone," the queen concluded. "I loved him as much as you love Colonel Trevor. And he loved me as much as Steve loves you. And that is why I am going to permit Colonel Trevor to negotiate a marriage between the two of you, and I will permit the two of you to keep you and your children here as a family until the children are grown."

Diana almost swooned with the joy she felt at the prospect of being Steve's wife. Still, her duty as the queen's advisor required her to say, "There is a law that forbids any Amazon from being intimate with a man . . . "

The queen gave a dismissive gesture. "You are hereby exempted from that law in your relationships with Colonel Trevor for as long as you are married to him and you both are alive."

Just like that! How simply an immutable law could be set aside!

Suddenly, Diana blanched. Hesitatingly, she acknowledged that her mother had known about the man Diana called 'the master'. Her mother waited for the question she knew was coming.

"Were . . . you . . . responsible . . . for his . . . death?" Diana faltered.

Queen Hippolyte shook her head. "The Gods would not permit me to interfere with that relationship." She acknowledged. After a moment's hesitation she admitted, "But if he had not died, I think I would have defied the Gods and taken action. And if that had become necessary, you would probably be the Queen of Paradise Island at this moment."

There was a long moment, and even though Diana had been 'the master's' slave, tears welled up in her eyes as she momentarily grieved his loss. Within moments, Diana regained her composure.

"However, there is one other item we must discuss." the queen stated. (Oh, how Diana hated the 'howevers'!) "Although you will be marrying Colonel Trevor, you are the heir apparent to the throne of Paradise Island. I can permit you to remain here only so long as I am alive and well. If I should become ill or unable to rule, or if I should die, then regardless of anything else, your duty will demand that you return and take up the throne. And THAT is not negotiable either by you or by Steve."

Hippolyte lifted her daughter's face and using the edge of her toga in a most un-ladylike fashion, wiped the tears from her daughter's eyes. When her daughter had been properly groomed, she asked, "Shall we call Colonel Trevor back and continue our negotiations?" The queen asked.

"Oh, there is one more thing . . . " the queen stated. Diana cringed, fearing that her mother would throw another 'however' at her. She waited as the queen continued.

"Don't ever allow Colonel Trevor to become a poker player. Or at least, not a high stakes poker player. He is as easy to read as one of your woman's magazines."

"Mother!" Diana remonstrated.

"He is! Oh, he can play poker 'with the boys', but keep him away from the gaming tables."

Diana was appalled at her mother's statement. "He came to you and he spoke earnestly! He is fighting for my hand! And you say he is easy to read?"

Queen Hippolyte smiled. "Little girl, you must spend more time studying people! You need to learn to read what they are thinking by the way they act and their unconscious gestures. You will need these skills when you become queen."

"Are you saying you know what Steve is thinking, what terms he would find acceptable, even before you've completed your negotiations with him?"

Queen Hippolyte raised an eyebrow. "But, of course! He is so in love with you, that he would be willing to accept any terms I dictate simply to obtain my permission to marry you. And if I permitted him only a few months, he would gratefully accept that."

"But he walked out of the discussions with you!" Diana objected.

The queen smiled. "Trust me, little girl. The door would never have closed behind him. I simply allowed him to save face by not permitting him to leave."

"If he is willing to accept such a limited arrangement," Diana asked her mother, "why do I get the feeling that you are going to give him a great deal more?"

The queen smiled indulgently at her daughter. "I know what it means to be deeply in love with someone, and to be separated from him. I also can see how much he loves you and how much you love him. I will let him win various concessions because I don't want you to be separated from the man who will probably be the love of your life."

Chapter 5 - Negotiations

The queen gave some sort of signal that wasn't visible to Diana (how did she do that?) and Drucilla and the two bodyguards re-entered the room and returned to their places. Diana returned to her chair.

Moments later, Steve was ushered back into the room and resumed his chair. The queen continued to negotiate as if there had never been a break.

The negotiations went as the queen had predicted. Permission was given for Steve and Diana to be married, and Diana was exempted from the law forbidding Amazon intimacy with a man "for as long as the two of you are married and both are alive." The queen paused to instruct Drucilla who was making notes of the meeting, "Make sure that that directive is noted properly in the records, Drucilla."

The discussions between the queen and Steve continued. Diana was amazed, especially in light of her private conversation with her mother, as she saw Steve win point after point in their negotiations. First, Diana would be permitted to remain with Steve to raise any male children that might be born. Then, the queen conceded that female children should remain with their mother and Steve until they reached an age of maturity. Eighteen years of age, "or when they completed high school, whichever is later" was agreed as the age of maturity. At that time, Diana's daughters would be given the choice whether or not to live on Paradise Island or remain in the United States.

Steve stressed that he wanted his children to have good relationships with ALL of their grandparents, and it was agreed that the queen would periodically visit the Trevors at their home. The queen also insisted that the female children should be allowed to visit Paradise Island during vacations and holidays. When Steve requested the queen's promise that she would allow her granddaughters to return to America at the end of their vacations, the queen smiled and agreed, again instructing Drucilla to be sure that this promise was properly recorded.

Since males could not be permitted on Paradise Island, the queen agreed to establish a home in America where her grandsons, if there were any, could visit her.

Steve didn't like granting the stipulation that if Diana were to succeed her mother to the throne of Paradise Island, that Diana would be required to return to become queen. But neither would he ask his wife to shirk her responsibilities to her mother, queen and people. In this event, the custody of their male children would be granted to Steve and custody of their female children would be split between Steve and Diana. Diana, in turn, promised that she would return to Steve as often as her royal duties would allow.

As the marathon bargaining session drew to a close, the last item that the queen required was a promise from Steve that he would do nothing to prevent pregnancy in his wife, and would accept and raise all children that were conceived within their union. Steve pointed out that if no birth control was ever used, there might be a dozen or more children: more than Steve wished and possibly more than were needed for the queen's purposes. So the queen agreed to reconsider this provision after four children had been born.

When the last item had been negotiated, and everything was mutually accepted, the queen sat back and stated, "I see no reason why this union should be delayed any longer. I have arranged for a clergyman to be here. Shall I call him in to perform the wedding ceremony?"

Clearing his throat, Steve told the queen, "There is a law in this jurisdiction that requires that a license be obtained from the proper governmental authority. Once the license has been obtained, there is a three day waiting period before the couple can be married."

"Ah, yes," the queen replied. "Drucilla?"

Drucilla rose from her place by the wall and brought a paper to the queen who handed it to Steve. Steve and Diana were astonished to find that it was an authentic marriage license for him and Diana Prince, issued one week earlier.

Steve glanced at Diana who shrugged her shoulders, indicating that she had no knowledge of the marriage license.

He looked at the license again. "Diana Prince. . . . ?" Again he looked at Wonder Woman. "You're . . . . "

Diana dropped her eyes and nodded her head. Steve simply stared at her, unbelieving.

Two ladies-in-waiting entered carrying civilian clothes. At a nod from her mother, Wonder Woman quickly dressed and pulled her hair back in a bun. Steve stared in amazement as the dynamic Wonder Woman put on Diana Prince's ever-present glasses, completing the transformation from dynamic superheroine to mousy secretary.

"I have taken the liberty of booking the bridal suite in this hotel for your use for the next week," Diana's mother told Steve, "if you are willing to accept a wedding gift from your mother-in-law."

"Thank you," Steve nodded graciously, still in awe of everything that had happened this evening. "However," Steve added, "there are two items of unfinished business that I must resolve before our negotiations can be completed and I can accept your generous offer."

He moved to Diana Prince and took her hands, gazing into her eyes. He examined her carefully. "Is it possible that you and Wonder Woman are the same person?" Diana Prince smiled and squeezed his hand. Steve eyes opened in amazement as her grip became painful. "Uuuuuuhhhhhhhh, Yes! I guess it is," he conceded and she relaxed her grip.

The, speaking in tones so hushed Diana could barely hear, he whispered, "I love you, Diana. Will you be mine?" He knelt on one knee, still holding her hands. "Will you marry me?"

"Yes!" Diana's answer came out as a strangled squeak as tears of joy gushed down her face and, forgetting the presence of her mother, immediately Diana dropped to her knees and the two folded each other in their arms and Steve pressed his weeping fiancé to him. Finally, her tears stopped, and Diana took a handkerchief from Steve's breast pocket to dry her eyes and wipe her glasses. The two stood side by side, facing the queen.

"It would not be fair to my parents," Steve began, "if I were to get married without telling them and inviting them to be present. May we postpone the wedding for a day so that I can notify them and invite them to come?"

"I anticipated this contingency," the queen said in an off-handed fashion. "Your parents are in this hotel as guests of a - - - shall we say - - - foreign dignitary who wishes to discuss certain business arrangements with your father. I had lunch with them this afternoon and they are charming people. I will ask them to join us and you can talk to them. Then we will decide if you wish to postpone the ceremony."

Chapter 6 - The wedding

After Steve had spoken to his parents and introduced them to Diana, it was agreed that Steve and Diana would marry immediately. Steve's father would "walk Diana down the aisle and give her away". The queen personally presented a tray of items to Diana. It contained an ancient shawl worn by one of Diana's ancestors, a pair of white gloves that still had the price tag on them, and a blue garter. Something old, something new, something blue, something borrowed . . .

Diana's eyes rose to her mother's. The queen took the royal tiara from her head and placed it on Diana. "Some day, the Queen's Tiara will be yours. But for today, you may borrow it."

The clergyman entered and performed the ceremony. Afterwards, the proper paperwork was signed, and the queen provided snacks and champagne for an impromptu reception. Diana returned the borrowed tiara to her mother as the champagne was poured.

After a period of toasting and celebrating, Queen Hippolyte handed the key to the bridal suite to Steve and kissed him. Then, she hugged her daughter. Meeting her eyes, the queen said in clear tones that everyone in the room could hear: "I hope you are very happy, Mrs. Trevor!"

As everyone in the room enjoyed a good-natured chuckle, the queen leaned close to her daughter and whispered, "You still have two fertile days left. Make the most of them!"

"Mother!" Diana exclaimed, blushing deeply. But both women laughed and hugged each other again. In the depths of the embrace, Diana whispered into her mother's ear, "I won't waste a minute!"

The queen passed her daughter's hand to Steve. And she stood in her doorway watching the newlyweds walk down the hall to the bridal suite at the extreme far end of the corridor, but on the same floor. She watched as Steve unlocked the door, kissed his bride, and swept her upwards into his arms to carry her across the threshold, disappearing from the queen's sight.

That was good!

The queen was pleased that he observed this custom, and he honored his family. She reflected on what she had observed this evening. 1. He had come to her to ask for her permission to marry her daughter. 2. He had indicated he wouldn't marry before contacting his family. 3. He had approached Diana and asked her (on bended knee) to marry him, even though all of the arrangements had been completed. 4. He had lifted her over the threshold to avoid an ill-omened loss of balance as she entered the honeymoon suite.

All this indicated that he was a man who observed tradition and he would teach his daughters (she hoped) to honor traditions and respect customs. Perhaps, even the traditions of the Amazons. And when his daughters reached an age of maturity, the queen had faith they would come to Paradise Island to be with their own people.

But there was time enough to think about that. Right now, the queen reflected, the only truly important activity was taking place in that room down the hall!

Chapter 7 - Steve and Diana, at last!

Steve gently set his bride on her feet. He pushed the door closed behind her, then carefully removed the ancient shawl and reverently folded it and lay it on a table. Diana removed the new gloves, placing them beside the shawl. Then, Steve gently removed Diana Prince's spectacles, and carefully withdrew the pins holding her hair in the severe bun she always wore. It was amazing how much her face softened without her glasses as her glorious mane of hair tumbled over her shoulders. Steve gently, but firmly drew her into his arms. Diana was amazed at what she felt being held in his arms, her husband's arms. She felt comfort, safety, fulfillment, but most of all peace being held and accepted by the man she loved. They kissed again. It was a long, sweet, tender kiss, but still they were both a little short of breath when it ended.

Steve took Diana's hand and they walked into the main living area of the suite, observing another ice bucket with champagne prominently displayed next to a gorgeous spray of flowers.

"Do you want more champagne?" Steve asked.

Diana shook her head. "Maybe . . . " She smiled. "Maybe . . . after . . .

". . . but right now," Diana whispered as Steve's arm encircled her. "I'll give you a choice. Who would you like to make love with first? Diana Prince or Wonder Woman?"

Steve almost laughed! "Do you need to ask?"

Diana shook her head and stepped away from her husband. Turning her back, there was a flurry and almost as if by magic Wonder Woman stood where Diana Prince had been a moment before. She was still wearing the blue wedding garter given her by her mother. Steve and Diana joined hands and moved to the bedroom.

"I can't believe it!" Steve whispered.

"Neither can I!" responded his bride. Then they faced each other.

"But we really can!" they both said together, and then they laughed.

"And I even have your mother's permission!" Steve said with awe in his voice.

Diana began loosening Steve's tie. "Not only her permission, but the royal decree!" Diana responded, dropping the tie to the floor and slipping Steve's jacket off of his arms. "And I have the queen's command!"

As Diana unbuttoned Steve's shirt, he released the latch of her Golden belt. The fastener to her bustier released at the same time she slid his shirt off his shoulders.

"Am I dreaming?" Diana sighed as Steve folded her into his arms, pressing her bare breasts against his firm, muscular chest. "Only in a fantasy or a dream would an Amazon Princess find herself married to the man of her dreams, with a royal mandate to make love as much as possible. This can't be real!"

Steve's emotions soared feeling her perfect breasts rasping against the hair on chest, her silky smooth skin, her absolutely flat abdomen and broad hips pressing into his.

Steve kissed Diana's forehead. "I promise not to wake you up from your dream if you promise note to wake me from mine!"

Diana looked into her husband's eyes. "I promise!" And she unbuckled his belt. Steve sat Diana on the bed where he lovingly and with many accompanying kisses, removed the blue garter. They both removed their footwear, then, as if by mutual agreement, they moved to opposite sides of the bed and slid under the sheets. Their remaining clothing had been discarded as two naked bodies met in the middle of the bed, skin to skin, belly to belly, lip to lip.

Breathing hard, Diana rolled onto her back, drawing Steve on top of her. She wrapped her legs around her husband and whispered, "As a royal princess, on my wedding night, I am required to say to my husband, 'I offer my honor!'"

Acknowledging the protocol, Steve whispered back, "And I honor your offer!" as he positioned himself to enter the holiest of shrines, to lay claim of her sacred temple. Others may have taken her, and she may have even given herself to her master, but never before had she freely given herself to a man in an act of absolute love. He could feel her wetness, her total acceptance of him, her body's preparation to receive him. There was no resistance, no reservations either physically or mentally.

Her body arched upward to meet him, to invite him, to welcome him,

Diana gave a slight intake of breath as she felt him begin to spread her nether lips, "The queen commands . . ." she whispered.

". . . and I must obey!" Steve finished as he lovingly and gently entered her receptive body for their first time as husband and wife. Both gasped and clung to each other.

How appropriate the term 'make love' is. It truly fits what they experienced that night.

And to be sure, it was 'honor' and 'offer' and 'offer' and 'honor' for the rest of the night!

They had the champagne for breakfast.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Epilog. - a little later.

Dear Mother,

The Doctor thinks I'm going to have twins! Can you imagine that! I'm thrilled! I called Steve at his office and he is so happy, too. He's taking the rest of the day off and is coming home to take me out to dinner! He hopes that we'll have both a boy and a girl!

He's funny when he talks about our baby. Er . . . babies. He wants a little girl to sit in his lap and wear pink and frills and look up at him with her large inquiring eyes as he explains things to her. But he also wants a boy 'to carry on the family name'. I don't really understand that, but it's important to Steve.

He's a wonderful husband! Thank you for letting me marry him. He truly appreciates me, and is always respectful to me. He has always shown me love and that love seemed to double when we learned that we were pregnant. He almost wanted to treat me like an invalid until I reminded him that women have been having babies for thousands of years and I was still the same woman. Then I had to prove it to him . . . (in bed, of course)! (But I found out later that he secretly called the doctor to find out what he could do without injuring me or the babies.)

We have had arguments, and one argument almost became a real fight. (I hesitate to admit it, but you have always demanded total honesty.) But to give him credit, he has never lifted a hand to strike me. And even in his anger he has never treated me disrespectfully. (Steve made a rule that every quarrel must be resolved before we go to bed. Sometimes that has resulted in staying up pretty late!)

And making up when it's all over is so much fun!

I was pregnant when we returned from our honeymoon. I'm so happy that Steve wouldn't let our sex-life end when we found out I was pregnant. You know, mother, sex can be enjoyable even if you're not trying to have a baby. And it makes us feel so much closer to each other. And it has taken on a new dimension ever since we found out I was expecting: we have truly become more intimate. (Thank you for releasing me from the law against intimacy with a man!) Being Steve's wife and the relationship we share has truly expanded my understanding of life and people. (The queen broke into a satisfied smiled at this.)

(Lest you start worrying, just last night Steve acknowledged my responsibilities as heir apparent to the throne of Paradise Island. He is willing to let me assume my duties as Queen if required, but he also insists on 'visitation rights' as he calls it, either there or here or somewhere in between. And he also insists on participating in the raising of our children if we are separated.)

And he hopes that you remain alive and healthy for a looooooonnnnng time!

I hear Steve's car in the driveway, so I must close now. More later!

Your 'little girl'

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The End

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