Wonder Woman and the Superheroine Serial Killer - Part 13

Destiny feels completely helpless because she is.

Her wrists are bound behind her back with titanium chains. Her costume panties have been pulled down to her thighs and she’s resting on the standing Battle Axe’s pelvis, his dick thrust up deep inside her cunt. Slouching back against his chest, she feels extremely weak. She’s as fragile and exhausted as she’s ever been in her life. She can’t think very clearly and she is getting more aroused by the moment as her conquerer’s oversized prick stretches the walls of her newly-violated vagina to their limit. The pulsing heat of him in there makes her swoon, her tongue licking her lips, her body quivering despite herself. Pleasure clouds her thoughts.

The French professor has backed away from her and now merely stands there watching his henchman handle his assignment. And the young thug is doing it with gleeful spirit. Battle Axe’s hands clutch tightly around her breasts. He squeezes them roughly, his knuckles showing as prominent ridges under the smooth gold latex of her costume’s blouse as he lifts her up. And then, slowly, the large palms gently lower her body back down onto his hard hot penis. The width and the size of his cock throbs against the tight walls of her pussy as her own weight helps him defile her. The slow passage of him into her as gravity pulls her velvet sheath over his warm hard muscle is extremely erotic to the young blonde beauty.

He’s already broken through her hymen and although her nodding head and her drowsy, slitted eyes can’t see it, her trembling inner thigh glistens with the pinkish trail of her lost virginity. She has lost so much of her power. Now, not only could she be easily penetrated but her vagina muscles are not strong enough to crush this invader. Her attempt to do so moments ago had only drawn a happy gasp and a cheery “thanks, doll” from the huge blonde rapist who now possessed her.

“Feels a little wetter down there, champ. I guess you’re really starting to enjoy yourself, Guest-in-me,” chuckles the voice behind her ear. Her soft naked tush settles against his pelvis, his pubic hair tickling her butthole. Her pussy is stretched to its utmost by his girth and length and Destiny sighs heavily as the sensation of the large man filling her completely so befuddles the limp blonde teen that all she can muster is a husky murmur – a completely unbelievable, “..am....n...not...”

“Right. Well, guess I’d better try harder then, huh, sugar tits?”

“...doesn’t....matter...to...m...OHHH!” With Battle Axe suddenly hoisting her body up and down in short little jerks as he thrusts his cock in and out of her, the Bylangian heroine is introduced to a new level of pleasure. She’s never felt anything like this before in her life. As her tight slick pussy is repeatedly impaled, her head bounces up and down, her chin bobbing against her chest, her mouth open, her eyes closed to mere slits. Now she knows precisely what all the fuss was about when it came to sex.

This is incredible. This beats flying. This beats saving lives. This beats everything!

The 100% aphrodisiac spray that Pascal had dosed her with only two minutes ago has worked its way into her brain and the rush of this new undeniable need overwhelms the naive blonde.

“...f...f...faster...” she blurts out, then blushes with embarrassment. But Battle Axe is only too happy to comply. With his right hand cupping her left breast and twisting and rolling her nipple with his fingers, his left hand leaves her other breast and reaches up to grab her shirt collar. He pulls her up and down on his rod with more energetic strokes than ever. Her bare buttocks wobble and bounce wildly as her cunt takes his driving, throbbing prick again and again. The hard length of him spears into her repeatedly. The skin of her lower lips pucker and fold and shiver and grip. The pleasure in their glistening flaps builds along with the feel of his thick rod driving up and down into her pussy, inflaming her brain with absolute joy. The head of his cock bumps against her cervix with every sharp urgent thrust. The size of his shaft is undeniable. The virgin hero has never experienced anything close to this before. After two minutes of the thrusting muscle, Destiny is overcome by all the sensations


Destiny’s pussy releases a slippery wash of her helpless ecstacy all over the fat prick dominating her every thought right now. Her body is rigid, her head back, mouth open, eyes clenched shut. There’s nothing but whiteness to see anyway in her orgasm.

Battle Axe stops all his motion and just savors the pulsing, clutching warm cunt wrapped around his cock like a velvet glove. The girl’s body then begins to relax, and starts to tremble and quake as she moans in his hold, limp and docile after her first vaginal climax.

“Seems like the sex does matter to you, Jizz-in-me!” His hand moves from her collar to her thigh, stroking her slowly as he increases her body’s delightful sensations enough to cause her whole figure to jerk slightly in happy reflex.

All Destiny can do is pant and shake and murmur a weak. “...unbelievable...”

“I cannot help but wonder if you will respond to pain as enthusiastically as you do to pleasure, mon cherie.” Pascal steps forward and pulls aside the right lapel with a quick tug. The right breast bounces out and wobbles momentarily before he takes hold of it.

The Frenchman fondles her tit slowly, dimpling it with his fingertips, squeezing its wide silky roundness in his palm, massaging the soft yielding breast steadily and thoroughly enough to pull a low, satisfied moan from the loose, drooping mouth of the nodding, dazed champion. And then he begins to work her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. He rolls it, twists it and squeezes on it lightly until the aroused nipple is a long, stiff pink nub.


“I imagine it does. Try to recall that in the next few minutes,” Pascal says quietly as the jaws of the electric pliers surround the nipple and then close on it. He grips down on the black rubber handles with a harsh jerking squeeze. Destiny slowly raises her head and looks at him with a blissful smile.

“...mmmhh...ooooooh, cold steel feels greeaattt!”

“Oh, does it? Let me know how you enjoy it when the electricity amplifies the grip ten-fold. And do not be afraid to voice your opinion. We are all about feedback here at Pascal Research.” The French scientist presses a button on the fulcrum of the pliers and squeezes down again on the handles.

“...mmm...okay...Doctor Pasca....AAAIIEEEEEYYAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!” Her body bucks and jolts and flails in an insane need to escape from the blinding pain but Battle Axe knew what to expect and, although she strains and jolts enough to raise a sweat on his forehead and to accent the veins in his forearm, his iron grip on her breast and her thigh do manage do hold the crazed girl in place. The rattling of the titanium chains around her wrists and suspended down her back can barely be heard under her screaming. As her struggles lessen with exhaustion, Destiny has only succeeded in giving the henchman an incredible rush of pleasure as her spasming, writhing body jerked up and down, stroking his cock with her pussy like a person possessed.

Pascal releases the handles of the pliers and moves the jaws away slightly. He then flicks his finger against the tortured white, bloodless nipple, the teeth marks from the pliers having formed tiny ridges there.

“OWW! Ohh....noohhhhh...uuuhhnn...don’t....don’t...” Destiny implores, her voice catching with raw pain. The nipple slowly regains its pink color as the blood returns. And then it blushes from pink to angry red, the ridges lessening a bit but still clearly defined.

“Oh, yes! That was most enthusiastic, mademoiselle. Excellent feedback, indeed. And now the other I think.”

“NO! NO! PLEASE...Please...don’t do that. PLEASE! DON’T! What do you want? What do you want me to do?”

“We shall get to that in a moment.”

“By Quylon’s scepter, don’t do this! I’m begging you...”

“So you would do anything I ask now?”

“Anything! Yes. Yes. But no tool...no tool!” Destiny’s panicked blue eyes bore into Pascal’s, hoping for mercy.

“Good, we will talk in a moment about what I shall ask. BA, if you please.”

Mercy is not in the cards.

Battle Axe takes his hand off Destiny’s thigh and wraps it around her waist. The other hand switches breasts, its sweaty palm pressing against the angry crushed nipple.

“OW!” She yelps. Then her eyes grow impossibly wide. “Oh no! You’re not going to... You promised!”

“I did no such thing, my dear.” The shiny silver jaws surround the fresh nipple.

“Oh no...no....no...” Destiny can’t look. She turns her head. Her thighs grow warm with the sudden drizzle of urine draining out past the penis blocking her hole. The evidence of her fear runs down her inner thighs and spills into and over and down the long surfaces of her thigh-high boots. It collects on the white tile between her swaying boots in a yellow glistening circle of piss. The puddle slowly grows and slides along the smooth tile and into the gray lines of grout between the squares: tiny dark channels of shame and defeat.

Destiny merely whimpers in abject fear.

Battle Axe’s eyebrow arches and his feet move slightly farther apart. Pascal looks down and then back at the rigid jaw and clenching cheek of the blonde teenager whose face is turned away from him in paralyzed terror. His only acknowledgment of this most unheroic act is a soft clucking of his tongue.

And then he closes the pliers with their electrical enhancement and her scream fills the room once more. It is filled with anguish and loss. It is long and steady. Again her body reacts like a rodeo bull trying to shake its rider but Battle Axe continues to restrain her until she arches her back and collapse in a funky sweat. The echoes of her scream hang in the air for an extra moment after the crushing jaws are pulled away from the flat white lifeless bit of flesh. Pascal takes one step back and crosses his arms to survey his subject. This portion of his experiment is proceeding very closely to how he had anticipated. The girl was not used to either pleasure or pain. She would be easily controlled from here on out, he surmised.

And the validation of his assessment comes very quickly. Destiny begins to weep and shake in Axe’s steady hold. Her limp body quivers from head to toe as her chin rests against her chest and she sobs noisily and wetly before her foes, uncaring. A line of snot hangs from her nose, a translucent blue thread, as the sobs increase to wracking heaves of anguish. Destiny is a beaten and crushed soul. Her heroic willpower has been as thoroughly flattened as her nipples.

When Pascal cups her chin and lifts her face up, the streaks of dark mascara sliding down her cheeks tell the tale clearly as anything. The twisted quivering lips and shifting, cowed eyes add the final period to the statement of her conquest. Pascal is very pleased at the view before him.

“So, you would do anything I ask, mon cherie?”

“...that was if you didn’t...” Destiny eyes shift away from Pascal, hesitant and nervous, and she doesn’t have the chance to finish her thought before Pascal interrupts her.

“The pliers are still in my hands, idiot. Do you think I am not willing to use them over and over?”

“Anything, yes,” Destiny instantly acquiesces. “Whatever you want. Anything. Just don’t...don’t...please....” Destiny’s eyes meet the Frenchman’s for just a flicker. “..you know...those...” The eyes shift to his hands and the tool that had wrenched the very spine from her body.

“Yes. Yes. I know. Very well then. You will suck my cock for starters and using your freed hands fondle and caress it and tease my balls. Understood? No resistence. Just compliance or the repercussions will be beyond unpleasant. Permanent disfigurement of your nipples will be the least of it. Perhaps your nose can be reshaped by my tool here. Are we clear, Most Awesome One?”

“Yes. Absolutely. S..ss..suck your cock and f..f..fondle your balls,” the teenage girl responds quickly, stuttering with fright..

Pascal raises the pliers before her face and Destiny’s eyes grow wide with horror.

“And be creative,” the Frenchman urges. “I want to cum in your throat like a fire hose,, yes?”

“Yes. I will be creative.”

“And loving....”

“And loving.”

“So I can....?”

“Come in my throat like a fire hose.” Destiny voice cracks on this and tears slide out of the corners of both eyes.

“Excellent. Let’s get to work then. Oh, but wait.”

“What? Oh no...I promised to.....what...what...?” Destiny voice chokes with fear as her arms and hands behind her back flex and strain in a reflexive effort to try to break out of the titanium chains wrapped around her wrists. She is trying to protect her face as the pliers are moved up close to her mouth. The vanquished heroine can do nothing though and impaled on a long hard cock, her shaking legs and wrenching arms only serve to shake her pussy around on the warm muscle helping to keep her in place. It distracts her with pleasure and brings a grin to the face of Battle Axe as he holds her tight for his boss. Pascal puts the pliers to the mouth of the trapped girl, forcing them slightly between her lips to torment the wild eyed blonde.

“I almost forgot. I want you to spray yourself in the face with my aphrodisiac. I’m afraid all your recent pain has dulled your pleasure center somewhat. That is not a problem for you, Destiny, is it?” The pliers press against her teeth through her trembling lips.

“No. Not at all. I will spray myself in the face. Whatever you say. Just....”

“Yes, I know. No more of this nasty tool.” Pascal pulls the pliers away from Destiny’s face and gives her one of his most charming smiles. “I am so pleased we are getting along, mon amie. Especially since we are going to be so intimate. BA, please remove the chains from around our young champion’s wrists so she can willingly use her hands to jerk me off and fondle my nutsack so I may jizz in her mouth, yes?”

“Sure thing, doc. And I still get to stay in her cunt, right?”

“Bien sur, mon frere. As you so wish. But I would have you pull out and soil her costume thoroughly, if you would be so kind.”

“What?” Battle Axe’s face drops, he stops unwinding the chains momentarily.

“What?” Destiny’s face drops as well.

“Was I not clear?” Pascal grins. “You both heard me, I am sure.”

“Yeah, yeah,” mumbles Axe. “You were clear. I’ll do it. Won’t like it but I’ll do it.”

“Merci,” smiles Pascal. “And you, my young champion, sadly, have no say whatsoever in this. Now let us get those chains off you so you can willingly anoint your face with my aphrodisiac and then you can show me how well you can tease the cum out of my penis with that pretty little mouth of yours, yes?”

“...y...yes...” Destiny answers quietly, her eyes shifted to the floor, her spirit shattered.

Diana is back in her apartment after dropping off the mugger with the police and giving her statement. It is 1:45 in the morning and she’s ready to hit the sack. Her day was very long and she’s beat. She spins out of her Wonder Woman costume in a flash of light and into her identity as Diana Prince. She undoes her bun and undresses, tossing her jacket, navy skirt and blue blouse in the laundry hamper.

She’s too tired to shower now and plans to do so when she awakes. Diana pulls out a royal blue silk camisole and matching tap shorts out of her dresser drawer. She dons the outfit and it clings to her body with an incredibly sensuous coolness that only silk can offer. It’s a pleasure that she allows herself. The soft blue silk beautifully accents every curve with small stretch lines that pull against her generous figure. The feel is heavenly as would be the sight to any male observer on the planet. The beautiful Amazon slides between the sheets and rests her head on the soft down pillow with a sigh. She drifts off to sleep in less than a minute, too tired to even dream about any of the problems she might face on the morrow.

The tiredness that Destiny feels is deep as well. Her chin bumps against her chest as her head bobs in a befuddled daze from the weariness and the potent drugs cycling through her bloodstream. Her untied hands now hang loosely at her side, her legs equally limp hang against Battle Axe’s thighs as he holds her breasts in his palms and savors the feel of her vaginal walls encompassing his hard cock. He loves how weakly she sags helplessly within in his grip. The heroine’s golden panties with their blue piping have slipped down to around her knees, stretched tightly across the width of her bowed legs. The toes of her bright orange boots sway gently off the ground as the groggy, defenseless teen heroine is steadily and brazenly sexually molested.


“Bend her forward, if you please, monsieur,” Pascal says.

Lowering his hands and bending forward is all that Battle Axe has to do. Destiny’s dead weight has her upper torso bending low. Her breasts are still tightly clutched as her arms swing free, her hands dangling inches off the white tile floor. When Pascal takes a clump of her hair in his fist and pulls her head up, the sensation brings the blonde teenager back to herself a bit. Her eyes open to reveal dull blue irises with only moderate intelligence there. Pascal kneels down and pulls up one of Destiny’s dangling hands, placing a plastic bottle against her palm.

“Grip it, dear.”

She does, holding it just where he has left it.

“Good. Now hold the trigger grip. Excellent! A quick study for such a simple-minded twit.”

Destiny frowns at this but says nothing in return. Those days of spirited sass are over for her.

“Now turn it around and pull the trigger so the spray hits your face nice and full.”

The blonde reluctantly turns the bottle around until the nozzle faces directly at her. She closes her eyes and, with no way to avoid the inevitable, she squeezes the plastic trigger on the spray bottle. The cool mist rushes through the air, caressing her brow and cheeks and collecting on her nose and upper lip until it drips off in the tiniest bright pink drops.

“...iicckk!” Destiny says with a shake of her head, flinging the drops sideways. And then she feels her breasts squeezed hard and the hard, hot penis buried deep within her pulls out suddenly. A beat later, the huge tool is thrust hard back inside her channel, pushing deep through her warm walls and into her cervix. “Guugghhnn!” She grunts out. Her upturned face grimaces in the bright light from the large overhead fluorescent fixtures. The already drying mist permeates her skin, searching out her bloodstream, the pathway to her now all-too-vulnerable brain.

“Say, you didn’t forget about me did you, sugar thighs?” Behind her, Battle Axe gives her tits a harsh second squeeze and then stays put, his huge member packing her cavity to the utmost.

“...too hard to...forget...” she admits glumly, unintentionally acknowledging his steel-hard muscle filling her cavity as well as her thoughts.

“That’s the kind of compliment I can hear all day, tasty tits.”

“And now, if you please, my dear,” interrupts Pascal, taking the bottle from her and putting it aside on the floor, “it is time to suck the cream out of my rolled crepe.”

Destiny looks straight across at the face of the Frenchman kneeling before her. As she reaches over to his suit pants, Battle Axe lowers his hands even more and takes a half step forward. Now her upper torso is only three feet above the tile floor. Her body is angled down at the perfect position for what she has to do. Her one hand unzips his fly and her other pulls Pascal’s penis out past the waistband of his blue low-rise briefs. Though only slightly swollen, the warm member is a generously-sized snake in her soft young hands.

She holds the middle of his staff in her fist and looks at it in wonder. She’s only ever seen a penis this close once before and that was when she was only 15 years old. It was not an act of her own desire. She’d been forced into it under the grandstands at a raucous football game. Four tough young Bylangian thugs from her high school had intercepted her on her way back from a visit to the girls’ room. Two of the foursome had herded her suddenly under the stands and viciously twisted both arms up behind her back. They pulled up on them high enough to bend her over so far that her yellow panties showed brightly from under her short red pleated cheerleader skirt.

And before she knew it, the third member of quartet had unzipped his fly and pulled out his prick. The sudden sight of a fully engorged penis waving before her eyes shocked her and intrigued her. It was such a threatening thing yet fascinating at the same instant. The bulbous mushroom head, the pulsing veins, the startling length of this strangest of all manly muscles. And then her arms were twisted higher and she had yelped in pain. The penis rushed forward, plunging into her open mouth. She was instantly threatened with a broken arm if she even thought about biting down, but she couldn’t have bitten down if she’d wanted to. The head of the long warm tool had pushed against the back of her throat, gagging her. Her eyes watered as she tried to breathe but all her air was blocked by the thick, sweat-scented mushroom forced to the opening of her windpipe.


“Aww, poor Kasey Draper. Too young to know how to suck cock,” taunts the older teen who had his dick stuffed in the choking cheerleader’s mouth. He then pulled out just long enough for her to take a breath before jamming himself back into her mouth, his hands holding matching clumps of her blonde hair on both sides of her head. The boy proceeded to face fuck the defenseless young coed at will. His penis ram-rodded into her face over and over, his hands holding her hair tight and not giving her any leeway. She was weeping at her helplessness.

On the other end, her cheerleader skirt had been pushed up so it laid against her back. Her feet were kicked wider apart and her yellow cheer panties were yanked down to her knees. The double curves of her comely teenage buttocks were bouncing lightly as her mouth was violated again and again by the constantly thrusting spittle-coated dick. Her rear end was just as tempting a target to the fourth boy as her mouth was to the third gang member.

Tyler Cademus, the fourth teen and the only one of the four that Kasey had recognized, spoke in a soft but haughty voice. “Look at you, hot little Kasey Draper. The prettiest cock teaser on the junior cheerleading squad bent over and ready to take my dick. I’ve been waiting a long time for this, you stuck up twat. Think I’ll sample this sweet, sweet ass of yours first since you love shaking it so much on the cheer line. I’ve watched you from the stands for two years now, sweet cheeks, and I’m finally going to stick my dick in a hole that’s been crying out for it since you hit puberty, slut.”


There was the sound of a hawking spit behind her and she felt a wide wet spot on her ass. Immediately, a finger swiped there and then the tip roughly pushed against her balloon knot. It forced its way in, wet and short, swiping around in a circle before being quickly withdrawn. Then warm hands laid over the surface of her exposed rear and they pulled her butt cheeks apart. That was followed by a warm hard rod that bumped up against her anus.

“...ennn....naahh...nuh....dunt...aaauuwwwggkkk...” The relentless penis in her face wouldn’t let her breath for more than a second at a time much less talk. Kasey knew her protests were heard. The foursome just didn’t give a shit.

And then she was violated in the worst way she’d ever felt. Tyler’s penis rammed into her rear, plunging deep and hurting her profoundly.

“...Eeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhnn...” she squealed in torment past the dick clogging her raw throat.

The sodomy was brutal and seemingly endless. She was held in place unable to move by hands holding her wrists high up on her back, holding her hair tightly over her ears and holding tight to her tits protected only by the satiny yellow material of her cheerleader top. Her ass and mouth were violated over and over and over by the warm pistoning muscles. The feel of the hard long muscle pushing deep into her rear end again and again was the supreme horror of the young girl’s life. Nobody should have to feel this. This was a crime not just against her but against nature itself.

After an eternity, she felt the boy fucking her face suddenly stop and groan. Kasey had an idea what that meant but she still wasn’t prepared for the amount of thick, smelly fluid that jetted down her throat. She choked, she gagged, she swallowed and she almost heaved when the dick finally pulled out of her mouth. The white gummy overflow fell in a thick stream out of her mouth to the cement floor until it quickly thinned out to an almost translucent strand that hung from her quivering lower lip.

Behind her, just as her eyes were focusing on the cement floor and the glob of white spunk that was a small portion of what she’d just ingested, Tyler grunted loudly and Kasey felt the hot jet of his seed fill her rear.

“Eeemmmhhhh...” she whimpered as she felt Tyler lean over her, his body pressing against her back, his palms squeezing down on her breasts as he sighed in contentment, his cock spurting every last drop of his pleasure into her rear. She was a thing to be fucked by these boys. Nothing more. She understood that completely now. And she hated them for it. This violation was what drove young Kasey to become Destiny. Ultimately she turned her shame into courage, into willpower and into fearlessness in the face of all odds. This moment forged in fire was what infused Destiny with her need to help the weak and to pursue evil in all its forms.

When she was suddenly clubbed on the head by one of the foursome’s shoes, she was instantly released and fell to the ground in a heap. The foursome ran off laughing as the dazed and traumatized cheerleader laid there unmoving, cum draining out of her naked rear, her panties bunched around her trembling knees, her mouth oozing white globs of semen from the corners. She wasn’t unconscious though. No, Kasey Draper was aware, was awake, was horrified. But more than that, she was on her way to becoming Destiny.

But now the familiar scenario was happening all over again: the penis in her face, the complete helplessness, the humiliation, the defeat. She was being forced to relive the shame of rape and there was nothing she could do to stop it. She had come full circle and for what? Worse yet, this time she was being forced to actively participate under the threat of torturous pain so awful she could not hope to tolerate it. It was suck on this man’s penis or go insane with pain. There was no other option here.

She had never given a blowjob before and didn’t have much of a clue how to do it. Snippets of unlikely suggestions from girls as naive as herself came into her thoughts, but she really didn’t know how to start or what to do after that.

Still, compelled by a terse “Well?” from the man looming overhead who was but an arm’s length away from those nipple-crushing, soul-pulverizing pliers, she grimaced and gave the smallest whimper of resignation. She took his penis in her two palms like she was holding a trophy and began to lick the top of Pascal’s dick like an ice cream cone. Sure, her hands were free this time. But this time her soul was locked up tight in Pascal’s prison: a dead moth in a black airless box.

Her pink tongue flattened against the head of the cock as she dragged it quickly and nervously all over the top and then around the sides of the purplish cap of the twitching member. It tasted a bit salty and her nostrils were filled with the scent of his sweat. She was surprised to discover that neither of these sensations were objectionable. If anything, it was somewhat exciting. She went around the penis’ split head again, this time more slowly.

“Loosen your grip. Softer hands, girl,” the deep voice guided, not angry – even patient in its tone. Surprised at this as much as the sensuousness of the taste and smell of Pascal’s dick, Destiny felt compelled to shift her eyes up and look at the smiling face gazing down at her. They were not angry eyes. They were very pretty actually. She was a sucker for a man with nice eyes.

“Ohtay,” with the champion as she swirled her tongue in a circle this time and loosened her hold on Pascal’s warm shaft.