Wonder Woman and the Superheroine Serial Killer - Part 15

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Previously in Wonder Woman and the Superheroine Serial Killer....

With her knees spread apart over the sybian, her ass deeply impaled by Pascal’s prick, the mighty Champion of All Women gasps out yet another grunt. And before she knows it, Pascal wraps her own lasso around her neck and yanks it tight. The raven-haired beauty’s eyes go wide as her breath is stolen away.

“Now, cherie. I think we should talk about why you didn’t save my sister. Why you hated her so much. Why you let her die.”

“Urgghkk!....didn’t...i...didn’t...let her die..”gasps the heroine, her face going red as Pascal lessens the grip on the golden rope around the Amazon’s neck. “...was...you.. “ She says in a raspy whisper. “You killed her....Pascal....it..was you....”

The lasso of truth around her hands and neck, there’s no way Wonder Woman can lie. Pascal’s eyes widen in surprise and a touch of fear.

“What? What did you say?”

And now, the tale continues...

Wheezing and weary, Wonder Woman swoons in the grip of Rene Pascal. Her hands are bound behind her back by her own lasso and there’s a loop of the golden cord around her neck as well. Her body weight slouches forward which makes the magic rope strain against her throat. Her eyes flutter as the famous heroine tries to gather her thoughts.

On the floor, Wonder Woman sees her torn and tattered bustier. It had fallen off her sometime during all the abuse she’d been subjected to in the last half hour. It saddens her deeply to see a part of her famous costume so callously treated but her head jerks as she tries to focus on the moment. Pascal had asked her about that night. What had happened that night so long ago. The drugs in her system and Pascal’s hard hot cock throbbing in her ass make it very hard for Wonder Woman to concentrate but she tries. Slowly, her memory surfaces...a remnant of that fateful evening returns and she speaks of it.

“..s..s’true...” she mumbles, as the scene floats to the forefront of her mind. “...when I knocked ...no, banged...on the door to your apartment, no one answered...at first. Banged harder. From the street below, I’d heard a cry. A cry for help.”

“Yes, that was me.”

“No....don’t think so. Voice was higher. Female.”

“That’s impossible!” The Frenchman jerks the lasso around her throat and around her hands at the same time pulling Wonder Woman up against his body in angry denial.

“Awwrkk! I’m.... telling you.... what I heard...” Wonder Woman shifts in place, dazed and flustered. The smooth bump of the sybian presses firmly against her naked pussy. Since she has been shaved to baby smoothness, Diana can feel every millimeter of the wide rubber surface of the sybian’s knob pressing firmly not just into her cleft but slightly above and below the opening, grazing her pubis mons with undeniable pleasure. The hard penis that impales her rear and immobilizes her for the moment is equally exciting. Together, the combination feels much too good to the chaste beauty. A soft moan escapes her frowning mouth.


Pascal frowns as well. She can’t lie to him. Not like this. Not with this infernal rope sucking the truth out of her.

“Go on then, bitch,” Pascal hisses his seething hot anger into her ear. “Tell me what you think happened.”

Yanked back from the pleasure by the harsh command of her captor, Wonder Woman continues. “I broke the door down. And went inside. Nobody in the entryway...nor the living room. I heard noises...toward the back of the apartment. Rasping, choking sounds.”

“My sister dying.”


“So you arrived sooner than I thought. She was still conscious. Clearly you could have saved her. More than enough reason for me to hate you, cunt!”

“Listen to me!! Through the doorway I saw her, she was sitting on the bed... facing me.” Wonder Woman licks her lips as the memory clarifies in her mind. “Her eyes bulging wide... filled with terror. Her throat cinched tight by a silver chain.”

“It was a rope,” Pascal corrects her. He lets go of the lasso binding her hands and reaches around to cup her naked breast in his palm, squeezing it and holding Wonder Woman in place. “I am certain that she’d choked herself with a rope, hero. Do not try to confuse me. I will wring this tit right off!” Pascal squeezes hard on her breast, twisting it and drawing a gasp from the mighty Amazon.

“Aaghh. I...I’m not....trying to confuse you...It...it was a chain. I remember it shining”

“I do not....that is not what I remember,” Pascal tries to bring the memory back but it’s foggy for him. The night always had been. He’d pieced together what happened over the years. It had been hard work but important for him to remember. He had reconstructed everything down to the last detail.

“You...you were behind her on the bed. Sitting behind her. Just as close to her then as you now are to me.”

“Well, yes, certainly. I was trying to loosen the rope...to ease the pressure.” Eased by the memory of his heroic attempt to save his sister, Pascal puts his face into the Amazon’s long smooth neck and nuzzles it as he moves his hips forward. His dick is now fully hilted inside Wonder Woman’s ass. He savors the incredible tightness of her back channel, how it grips him so, a warm all-encompassing velvet vise. He rotates his pelvis, grinding himself within her. She feels the heat of his stiff rod buried in her....distracting her. Filling her cavity as the tip of his cock rubs against her sensitive walls. Stimulating her. Raising goosebumps on her arms. Her head nods heavily on her rubbery neck but the memory is too clear to ignore and she tells him the truth of what she sees.

“No. It was you....you holding the chain ends, pulling on them. So tight. The chain was digging into her throat.”

“You lying cunt! You are wrong!” Pascal’s body freezes in place, no longer grinding his dick within her rear. He sits behind her, stunned and in horrified denial.

“And...and your legs...they were wrapped around her own legs, pinning her in place. She couldn’t move well. Her hands....were fists, flailing here and there. Trying to grab the chain. Trying to hit your face. Bad angle for her. I ran forward.”

“It’s not true. It can’t be true!” Pascal squeezes Wonder Woman’s tit with a steely grip that pulls a gasp out of her. It’s a short raspy inhale that the lasso cuts off as Pascal’s emotions get the better of him. His face is red with rage and confusion. Wonder Woman’s is red with lack of oxygen.


Pascal gets hold of himself and lessens the tension on the choking lasso around Wonder Woman’s neck and she sags forward, relieved but deeply frightened. She gasps and wheezes for thirty seconds, working at getting her wind back.

“You ran forward....and what? Choked my sister to death?”.

“..no...of course not...why would I...No. I hit you....hard....from the side. Knocked my fist into your left temple. You released the chain and fell over. Your sister fell face forward on the bed.”

“You made me jerk and choke her too hard with a super-powered punch, didn’t you? You killed her.” Pascal’s spit flecks into Wonder Woman’s ear. He pushes her forward so her face is just two feet off the floor as he pumps his hips in anger; once, twice, several times more. For half a minute the enraged Frenchman’s cock thrusts in and out between the Amazon’s wide pink buttocks as he takes a hard measure of revenge. Wonder Woman’s head bobs up and down on her shoulder’s as she is ruthlessly sodomized by Pascal. With stroke after stroke, the bent and deformed Feminum bracelets hanging from her tits clank and clink against each other in a steady swaying rhythm worthy of the devil’s own metronome.


The once-mighty heroine is moaning and whimpering in a mindless mixture of incredible pleasure and some minor pain. The shaft driving in and out of her now slippery butthole sparks one of the most intense moments of Wonder Woman’s life. The friction of the hard muscle plunging and withdrawing, plunging and withdrawing between her butt cheeks drives the overwhelmed heroine to a massive climax.


Her neck arches and her mouth spreads in a wide grimace of untold pleasure as her cum flushes over both sides of the rounded sybian. Thin rivulets of slippery moisture cascade down the black leather to form puddles on the floor. The mighty Wonder Woman goes slack in the arms of her captor, a long satisfied moan floating out of her.

“...whoaaah....ohhhh.....Hera...help me....that wuz....that wuz....ohhhhhhhhhh....”

Pascal pulls her straight up by her tits, letting his dick keep her in place. It is a warm hard stationary spike that allows little movement. Wonder Woman’s head sags back, coming to rest on Pascal’s shoulder. Drool slides out of the corner or the raven-haired heroine’s mouth. Her eyes roll back into her head.

Pascal gives his charge a very hard shake to bring her back to her senses. His anger has prevented his own climax. “Tell me she died then and there, Wonder Woman. Tell me how you killed her yourself with your desperate attack on me!”

“...c..can’t....can’t...think....” The befuddled, floaty beauty mumbles incoherently in Pascal’s arms. Her own arms remain limp, her huge swollen breasts heaving up and down, her toes and fingers twitching with tiny spasms of residual pleasure.

“Tell me, cunt!” Pascal shakes the wilted form hard once more and Wonder Woman’s senses slowly come back to her.

After ten seconds more, she murmurs softly, “....n...n...no.....not dead. She wasn’t dead. She was gasping....gasping for air. She was alive at that point.”

“What!? No. This is all wrong. She was dead.”

“Not yet. Not then.”

“This is madness!”

“This is what happened. This is what you did,” the dazed Champion of All Woman declares loudly as she finally comes back from her orgasm. She’s coherent but still quite addled by the drug patch on her arm.

“You have some trick with this fucking rope. A way to over-ride it. I never did this. Not any of it!!”

“You did all of it, Rene. You killed Marie.” The truth from the lasso is searing from the Amazon’s lips but Pascal will still not believe.

“There. You are lying. Right there. You said she was alive. Gasping for air you said. I knew it! I knew you had some trick, some way to by-pass this cursed golden leash of yours.”

“There’s more yet.........I pulled her to her feet, off the bed....Away from you. Walked her out of the room, to the kitchen. She was gasping for air and asking for water. So that’s where we went while you were out cold on the bed. Clocked you good.”

“This is all some fabrication. I don’t remember anything like this. None of it. I loved my sister. She was my life.” Pascal grips Wonder Woman’s breast roughly and shakes her angrily. The Feminum bracelets sway and click against each other even as the heroine’s head snaps back and forth violently two times.

When her eyes are able to focus and her head stops swimming and the nausea passes, Wonder Woman answers. “You two were arguing, she said. It was very heated.....lots of shouting. Something about ethics.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about, slut. Perhaps a second orgasm will knock some sense into you. You certainly seem to be enjoying yourself here. Are you not?” Pascal pulls her body toward him and cinches the rope around her neck, pouring his will into her. “Tell me what you feel.”

Wonder Woman licks her lips and murmurs too softly to hear. “Yurgud.”

“Louder and clearer. Declare yourself to me, Wonder Woman!”

“You are big. You are hard. You feel good.”

“How good?” His whispered query softly brushes her earlobe.

“...tuh...too...too good. I c...cannot...control myself...”

“Your best ever, hero? Your best ass rape?”

“Almost,” Wonder Woman replies, hanging her head on her chest and breathing slowly through her nostrils as she fights a new round of rising pleasure from the penis now wriggling within her ass as Pascal rotates his hips against her.

“Explain that, bitch.”

“There was one other. Only one.”

“Who was this illustrious cocksman?” Pascal’s hand fingers the nipple on Wonder Woman’s right breast, the firm nub sending quivers through her body.

“Not a man. A...a...i...i....cannot say...it is too....too shameful...”

“You will say. You will announce it.”

The demanding will floods through the lasso and Wonder Woman cannot help herself. She calls out the answer loudly. Every microphone in the room catches it clearly. Every camera records her anguish.

“It was a minotaur!”

“Describe it, whore!”

“His weight on me,” Wonder Woman declares aloud, “the immense size of him stroking into my stretched anus, his hot breath snorting against the back of my neck, the tips of his smooth horns rubbing against the backs of my forearms as I lay helpless beneath his heaving broad chest. I was his. Completely.”

“So,” the haughty Frenchman leers at the back of Wonder Woman’s head, thrilled at his psychological and physical domination of this stupid female, “I am second best to a rampaging steer. I guess I will have to be satisfied with that,” Pascal says with mock solemnity, then laughs loudly, long and hard, in the princess’ ear as he once again begins to stroke at her ass with his thick hard dick.. “With a whore like you, how can I believe anything you say? It is all lies. Lies I say!” His anger and frustration rising again, Pascal drives his hips against the nearly naked figure slouched before him. Only her belt circles her waist. Only her boots adorn her feet.

Thrust after thrust, he takes his vengeance out once more on the Amazon’s body. Each thrust is accompanied by a word and an exclamation of pleasure or denial from the famous heroine being ravaged unmercifully.









The black halo of hair around the Champion of All Women’s head is a tangled mess. Her blue eyes are dulled but suddenly she screeches out loudly.

“NOOO! YOU KNOW I AM NOT!” Then, softly she speaks slowly and clearly. “The lasso forbids it!”

“A trick. A ploy.”

“Not possible, Pascal. You know this!” A dizzy and winded Wonder Woman then slowly begins to explain herself to her tormentor even as he holds her tight, his prick hilted within her, both hands now clutching at her breasts. “Marie said there were girls on campus who were disappearing. She couldn’t talk much with her sore throat. Told me you were her own brother who she loved but you were off the rails as she put it.”

“I was? I was practicing perfect science!”

“You were blinded by ambition, she said. And you took her completely by surprise.... when you went into the bedroom... to apologize she thought. But then...without warning there was a chain around her neck. You tried to kill her. Why, Pascal? Why?”

“I never....never did.”

“Of course you did. You understand how my lasso works. I can’t lie under its rule. And I saw you...saw you choking her. You were crying. Tears as big as lemon seeds. But you were choking her anyway.”

Finally, at long last, Pascal admits his intent. “...she...she said she’d tell the university.... about the coeds....brain damage...dying...all of it. I could not....just could not let her....do that...to me.”

“You’d lose everything.”

“I was too close. The answers, all of them, were right there. It would be an incredible breakthrough. Slowing down the synaptic flow. The applications of my work were innumerable. Prevention of seizures perhaps. Who knows. It was a huge door being thrown wide open. And if I could slow the process down, I could very possibly speed it up. Prime the receptors. Make people smarter. Millions in revenue. It was all there in front of me. And she wanted to stop it all. I couldn’t let that happen just because of a few stumbling blocks along the way.”

“You mean the brain-damaged coeds you had killed and hidden. Those stumbling blocks?”

“Science is never easy. Never fair. Sacrifices must be made.”

“People’s lives were ruined. They had no knowledge. No say in it. She called you a monster.”

“She was upset. She would have come around eventually to see my way was worthy. The benefits to mankind....”

“You didn’t really believe she would have come around though, did you?”


“In the kitchen of your apartment. She was reaching for the phone. Her hand was shaking. I remember admiring her courage. She was ruining her own life , her reputation with her decision. But she made that decision. She was going to do it. And then she looked horrified. You came up behind me and hit me with something hard....”

“A golf club. An 8-iron. You fell off your chair and onto the floor like a clumsy drunk. I was back in control. I....i....took care of things from that point on.”

“That’s it. That’s all I remember. Until I woke up and your sister was dead hanging off the edge of her bed. Her face blue. She’d soiled herself. You came running into the room, horrified and screaming. I’d let your sister die you screamed. It was all my fault. I couldn’t remember what had happened. But I know now, finally now, that it was you who killed her. Not my negligence.”

“Yes, you’re right. I remember it now. I don’t know why I forgot it. Maybe when I used your lasso on you to make you forget everything...I think your hand might have been holding my balls at the time.”


“Well, you were sucking my cock at the time.”

“You vile filth! I ought to...Wwrrullggkk!”

“Hush now, Wonder Woman,” Pascal says, yanking the lasso tight and drawing the Amazon’s body close to him as he thrusts his penis an inch deeper into her rear. “I am holding all the cards here. Besides, you seemed to know your way around a cock very well.”

Wonder Woman’s eyes shift wildly unable to see anything behind her as the rope squeezes her down on her throat, stopping her oxygen. Her face goes pink. She is so weak and so desperate. She can do nothing but listen to his taunts.

“You licked me, sucked me, everything but fucked me. And then you swallowed my cum. A big healthy hosing of it. I remember now how it blew out your cheeks and ran like white glue out of the corners of your mouth. And those bedroom eyes of yours showing such pleasure at it all.

“You’re lying.”

“Now who is the one who cannot face the truth, cherie?”

Wonder Woman’s face darkens with anger and shame. She’d been known to enjoy many a bj in her day.

“I wish there would have been time to stick my cock all shiny from your spit into your snatch, champ, but I was afraid of some neighbor intruding. So while you were finishing up giving me a world-class blow job, I gave you instructions to forget everything about the evening. I guess I should have waited until your soft eager fingers had stopped fondling my ballsack, huh, Champion of All Women?”

“Pig!” The heroine spits out her venom and gets another hard yank on the lasso around her throat and another withdrawal and thrust of Pascal’s prick in her ass for her insolence. She grunts loudly at this even as the pleasure of the friction in her ass singes her heart with forbidden joy.

“Whore!” He snarls. “I am sorry that your minotaur is not here service you properly, mon amie. I suppose you’ll just have to settle for second best at this point in time.” For this, Pascal unbuckles his pants and lets them fall against the top of the sybian. He then grasps both of the Amazon’s hefty, heavy tits and begins to maul them as his hips begin to rock back and forth against her exposed bottom.

“No! Don’t! No more! No more,” pleads Wonder Woman, knowing her words are in vain. She simultaneously dreads and yearns for the punishment he will deliver. This knowledge sears her dignity like napalm.

Once again the famous heroine is bent over and roughly sodomized. Once again the cameras capture the scene if crystal clear detail. The pumping hips, the arched neck of the Amazon, the wide grin of the French scientist as he bumps his hips over and over and over against Wonder Woman’s jiggling expansive buttocks. The microphones pick up every resonant slap of flesh on flesh, every throaty grunt from both of them, all the clinking and clacking of the dangling bracelets being knocked about in every direction as Pascal takes his full pleasure from the dazed and defenseless Wonder Woman.

Ten minutes into it and both participants are right at the crest of the wave of pure sensual delight. Wonder Woman’s mind is numb, tuned in solely to the sensations assaulting her now. The hot constant friction of Pascal’s cock rubbing the cavity walls of her ass makes her brain stupid with delight. The mad delirium of her nipples sore with teasing as his fingers rub them and work them to a stiffness as hard as pebbles is indefensible. The confusion and loss of self is thoroughly debilitating as the drug patch robs her of all reason, forcing her to focus on nothing but her nerve endings. The repetition, the unending repetition of the movement, of the friction, it is beyond tolerable: from his cock and from the sybian’s vibrating rubber bump sliding back and forth in her slippery furrow. Her insides are glowing with a tenseness and a swelling wave she cannot ignore.

Pascal feels it too from his side. The hot compression of her rear as his dick pushes through the tight canal again and again and again. The smell of her sweat as he dominates her completely. The sound of her whimpering cries of pleasure as he draws out their mutual agony to the very precise point of pure ecstacy. Neither of them can withstand another second of it. They crash together. A hard curling wave on an unforgiving beach.

“AAIEEYAAAHHHHHH!” Wonder Woman shrieks, her mouth a perfect oval. Her eyes clenched, her body frozen over the ever-active sybian.

“G...G...GHOOOAAAA....UUUNNHHHH!” Pascal bellows like a minotaur himself as everything releases inside him. He holds on for dear life and spews a thick ropy stream of cum up Wonder Woman’s ass. He spurts again and again with jerking pleasure, filling her with his steaming semen, helplessly holding on to her sweaty figure as he gladly relinquishes all control to his cock.

The sensation of him hosing her rear with spastic jerking jets throws the over-sensitized Amazon into a sinkhole of pleasure she did not anticipate. She falls hard. Crying and weeping tears of absolute joy, her cum gushes from her pussy and wets the floor with a slippery silver spray.


Six minutes later, the two bodies are still slumped forward together on the sybian. Both panting, slower now at last. Their brains have finally regained some function. Pascal raises himself up wearily and looks down at the naked heroine sprawled like a carcass before him. He smiles like at no other time in his life. His dream has been achieved. Virtually all of it. Now there was just some final cleaning up to do. A heroine to finish off and dispose of. A paper to write. Grants to apply for. Money, huge container ships of it, waiting for him to sign for. Life was good. For him. Not for the sloppy, bewildered beauty lying before him. Her life was not going to be good ever again.

“Get up, bitch. Time to get you into your playsuit,” Pascal barks as he pulls his slimy dick out of Wonder Woman’s ass. A thick white stream of his cum drains out of the stupefied heroine, draining over the soiled black leather and puddling on the floor. “We are almost done here. You have become a definite liability I’m afraid. You now have knowledge that I simply cannot abide.”

The befuddled Wonder Woman groggily shakes her head, barely comprehending what Pascal is droning on about. She frowns deeply. Her belt she realizes hasn’t given her any surge of power in hours it seemed. She could not believe it. With no resources, no way to think clearly, no chance of escape, the mighty Amazon warrior realizes with desperate clarity that this could be her last day alive on earth.

“Stand up I said, bitch!”

Achy and unsteady, Wonder Woman finally gets to her feet. She wavers there awkwardly. Standing up for the first time since her berserker rage. Her muscles feel like jelly. She leans against Pascal who takes her elbow and puts a hand on her waist. As if reading her mind, he says to her.

“Whatever are we to do with this worthless belt of yours? And those tacky boots? Hmmm. Got any ideas, Wonder Woman?”

End of Part 15

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