Wonder Woman and the Superheroine Serial Killer - Part 38

“Okay Princess, it is time to get you into your sex harness,” Pascal informs the heroine as he presses a button on the wall above the small table the cat suit had been laid. A click and a thump sounds overhead and Wonder Woman looks up to see a hinged door hanging open in the ceiling. Then the noise of a motorized winch fills the room and a shiny tangle of bright blue plastic straps descends until the looped ends of the straps touch the lab floor. The motor stops and Pascal says, “Climb in, cherie.”

“I don’t know how. I’ve never been in one of these before.”

“Tch, tch. So deprived. Fine, put your left arm in here. No, through this strap. Good. Now the right through here...”

Two minutes later, the mighty Champion of All Woman has allowed herself to be strung up in bright blue, wide PVC straps with her arms and legs spread far apart, her pussy on display and, for an extra bonus, the red, white and blue ball gag used earlier in the day has been inserted into her mouth and harnessed to her head. Her naked ass hangs three feet off the floor of the laboratory and she has been given enough of a push by Pascal so she is swinging side to side for four feet in either direction.

“There! You look just delicious, cherie. How do you feel?”


“That was rhetorical, my dear. Especially since not only can I not comprehend a word you are saying but I do not care how you feel; not precisely. I just need you to feel so good that you ‘juice the suit,’ so to speak. The more you cum, the better for everyone. Let me start with a simple nipple stimulation program and see how that works.”

The circle of stim pads surrounding both of Wonder Woman’s areolae begins to tickle and vibrate. The flow of pleasure circles around at a very high speed, drawing a gasp of delight through the ball gag.

“Ah, you like that. Excellent. Let’s see if this pleases you, too, my pet.” With the nipple being contacted by one corner of each of the six stim pads circling it on the areolae, the possibilities for sensational nipple arousal is quite varied. With Nipple Stim Program C Theta engaged, the Amazon’s nipples feel like they are being prodded in a circular sequence every 4 seconds. Six points of subtle pleasure around the edge of the nipple begin firing faster and faster making it feel like a finger is rotating around the nipple at superhuman speeds.

“MMMPPPHHH!” Wonder Woman’s body jerks and bucks as her nipples double in size with pleasure. They grow large and pink in their excitement, hardening and poking against the restraining rubber sheath in obvious delight. The stretch lines created by her nipples are noticed around the globe.

“Oh my,” Etta utters softly, licking her lips. “She seems quite sensitive.”

“Yes.” Steve’s mouth has gone dry suddenly.

“Faster perhaps,” Pascal suggests and touches the phone’s screen.

Wonder Woman’s head drops back, her teeth grip fiercely into the rubber ball in her mouth and her hips shiver in a sexual palsy as her nipples are circled and stimulated by a cyclotron of pleasure.


This program runs for three full minutes. The nipples pulse in time with every fourth high-speed cycle around their circumference. The mighty Amazon female bucks and sweats and moans as the program builds to its conclusion. Her hair flies out in all directions, snapping and whipping with her sweat. Her eyes droop with pleasure. Her back arches and drops, arches and drops. Her fingers twitch and shiver. Her huge chest rises and falls like an ocean in mid-squall.

“And now something for the rest of the body, yes?”

A line of tickling delight flows in slow progression from her breasts down her torso across her pelvis and into the crevice of her sex. Wonder Woman’s body shimmies in place as the tickling flow reaches her pussy. It is a wonderful sensation but she can fight it...until it happens again at twice the pace of the original stream.

“Mmmm....” she moans when it reaches the apex of her thighs.

This is one strange way to kill a person.

The flow begins again and this time it is finished in less than 10 seconds. The next flowing current from her boobs to her pelvis to her snatch takes but five seconds and the next pass is done in half that time.

After that, Wonder Woman stops counting and starts moaning and sighing steadily. Her body jerks and bobs and sways within the careful tangle of snapping, straining bright blue straps. The pathway of pleasure flows from her breasts to her pelvis to her crotch, over and over like a neon arrow at a cheap roadside motel showing the way: Tits, pelvis, cunt! Tits, pelvis, cunt! Tits, pelvis, cunt! Like it’s announcing FREE HBO RIGHT HERE! HERE! HERE!

Wonder Woman’s eyes, barely seen under leaden lids, are pin-balling from side to side. Then she begins to pant heavily over and over. After only one minute and 27 seconds, the world famous heroine grunts loudly several times in a row and the crotch of her clear cat suit shows a squirting geyser of cum that immediately forms a small puddle in the seat of her suit.

“That’s one climax, Wonder Woman. Let us go for another.”

After the first program shuts down, the second one begins. The current passes across her entire chest, around her back and down her spinal column. It feels like pleasant steady pressure from a strong masseuse. The relaxing routine continues for a full four minutes until the enjoyable sensation of pressure extends from the end of her spine into her rear end. Then a tiny rib of rubber in the seat of the suit begins to expand and there is a sudden throbbing pressure of the tiny rubber bulb directly against her anus. Rapid and incredibly erotic, it takes Diana’s breath away. When a second bulb of rubber expands and begins to rapidly pulse over the area of skin directly over where her clit is situated, Wonder Woman lets out a squeal through her gag. The pulsing rate picks up to 75 pulses a minute and that is too much to handle. The dazed dangling beauty begins to tremble and shake once again. The flow of rushing pleasurable energy around her chest, down her spine and into the center of all her pleasure turns Wonder Woman into a blubbering, whimpering, flailing marionette of helplessness. The squeaking rubber, the flexing muscles, the snapping PVC straps, the jerking head and the splattering drool all spell complete erotic devastation for the famed beauty. After less that 77 seconds from the inflation of the ass bulb, Wonder Woman sprays her suit once more with her climax and sags heavily in the harness, a ravaged mindless wreck.

Just when Sal and Jimmy pull up outside the house of Rene Pascal, the obsessed Frenchman sets up the third program built into his rubber stimulation cat suit, and the mighty champion from Paradise Island doesn’t have a prayer of resisting its sensual overload capabilities. He doesn’t quite start that third program yet however.

“I am so glad you are enjoying yourself, Wonder Woman. Your pleasure brings me pleasure. Well, it will shortly anyway. Maybe we should take a moment before we proceed to see what your fans have to say, eh?”

The drooling, sweating ball-gagged heroine hanging in a fog of delirious pleasure is too spent to even grunt at Pascal. She merely sags in place and tries to control her ragged breathing through the ball gag. Her wheezing is very loud.

“Here is a comment from Vlad in Moscow: ‘That's prime heroine pussy. It’s so juicy I could fill a vodka bottle with it.’ Any comment, cherie? No? No matter. Hans from Germany thinks your ass crack would be a perfect place to park his bike. Germans, so practical, yes? Here’s a good one from Luiz in Brazil. He says ‘I’ve seen the Amazon River, WW, and the one flowing from between your thighs gives ours a run for its money.’ Very clever, Luiz. Oh, here’s one from a female friend, perhaps you know her? Etta who claims to be a team member of yours of some kind. Justice League? Anyway, she says ‘Stay strong, Wonder Woman, your sisters are behind you.’ Say, would that be with a strap-on, Etta?” Pascal winks at the camera and laughs out loud. “Well, that is all the time I have for comments now, people, but keep sending them in because we may have time for more later on in the evening. Now however, Wonder Woman will be subjected to her third and final climax in the sex harness and I believe I’ve saved the best for last.”

Pascal shifts from reading the text page on his phone back to his control page. He brings up Full Stimulation Protocol WW-1 and is about to press the start key when the phone rings. His eyebrows fly up at this but he answers the phone with a curious tone to his voice.


“Hello. Rene Pascal?”


“This is Major Steve Trevor of the IADC. Stop what you are doing right now.”

“Major Trevor. How charming of you to call. I do believe I came across one of your agents earlier today. What ever can I do for you?”

Wonder Woman’s eyes slowly open. They are filled with surprise and fear

What on earth is Steve up to? What does he hope to accomplish?

“Listen to me, Pascal...”

“I intend to Major, but I have to put you on hold for a moment....”

Back in his office, Steve’s mouth is left agape at this unexpected hitch in his plans. He was hoping to delay Pascal’s further humiliation of Wonder Woman until the detectives could get there. According to a livid Sal Abato, they were just moments away from Pascal’s residence at the time he blistered Steve’s ear. The idea to stall Pascal was all Steve’s own brainstorm. Being put on hold was not in his plans though.

“I apologize for that, Major Trevor, but I wanted to pipe our discussion into the webcast. I have done so. Now the world can hear our little chat. And with Wonder Woman here ball-gagged,” Pascal says, patting the heroine’s cheek softly, “we won’t be disturbed by any of her imperious yammering.”

“Hear this, Pascal. You may think you’re winning right now but it’s all going to come crashing down on you. And soon. You’re not going to get away with this monstrous assault on Wonder Woman, especially with the eyes of the world on you.”

“Excellent! A wonderful blowhard opening.”

“Listen, Rene is it? I implore you, on behalf of all that’s decent, I urge you to stop this and give yourself up. The authorities will be surrounding you shortly and there will be no way out. In fact, Pascal, with what you’ve broadcast I can’t be responsible for their actions. Your life is hanging by a thread here, mister!”

“Major, major, major, really, your negotiating talents are so infantile. How ever did you attain such a high rank being so stupid?” The Frenchman calmly steps up closer to Wonder Woman and slides his hand over her shoulder and down to her rubber-encased tit, giving the right one a slow, firm squeeze. The heroine hangs from the ceiling, her body slack in the blue plastic strap harness. All her limbs are extended outward with her forearms and calves dangling loosely, her ample butt hanging low in the sling, her pussy on display with her thighs spread open. She doesn’t try to buck or avoid his hand. She just lets her head hang back, her neck arched and vulnerable as the ends of her hair sway against the white tiled floor. Wonder Woman groans thickly past the rubber ball gagging her mouth and prays to herself that Steve doesn’t say anything that will anger her tormentor or give away her secret identity.

“I am the one who has focused this attention on myself and Wonder Woman, you fool,” Pascal explains calmly. “I am fully aware that police are on route if not already here. As for surrounded, well, I doubt the term applies when it is simply two men with mere handguns against a veritable fortress. So no, I will not stop what I am doing, Major Trevor. And regarding my life hanging by a thread, I think you can see on your monitor that Wonder Woman is much closer to hanging by a thread than I at the moment.” Pascal gives the harness a sudden tug and Wonder Woman’s body begins to swing from side to side.

“But despite the ball gag, and her drool, and her body stuffed into a rubber catsuit, and being displayed like a side of beef, she still remains beautiful, no? Perhaps because of it, n’est ce pas? Oh, you are watching this, are you not, Major? Judging by the stress in your voice, I can assume that you ultimately did have to pay me to see this vision of Amazon fortitude be reduced to a submissive ass-fucked doormat, correct?”

“Only because I need to keep tabs on you, dirt bag. And I will see you pay for everything you’ve done to that woman, that national treasure, Pascal. I swear it!”

“You Americans: Always making promises you cannot keep.”

“You French: Always trying to weasel out of a fight.”

“Now, now, Major. You will get in trouble with the State Department talking like that. You may even be broken down to a more deserving rank. I think corporal is probably more appropriate.”

Pascal smooths his hand over to Wonder Woman’s other breast, squeezing the left one with a firm clutch of his fingers and dimpling the flesh through the thin clear rubber.

“Now admit it, Major, don’t you wish it was you caressing and squeezing these huge, lovely jugs? That it was your fingers teasing and circling these delightful sensitive nipples?” The tiny brown buds strain and stretch against the thin rubber, showing off the Amazon’s inability to restrain her body from showing off the pleasure she is feeling. Another groan escapes from the naked beauty dangling limply before the entire world. The camera captures the suspended Amazon in all her beauty, her incredible figure encased in gleaming rubber, being so nonchalantly fondled and caressed by her captor. The website is automatically switching cameras now and the overhead one in a far corner zooms in to capture the silvery sheen from a heavy line of drool dangling from the center of the white star on the large ball crammed into Wonder Woman’s gaping mouth. It falls to her chest and runs down her body before sliding off it onto the white tile floor as the subdued heroine stares dully into space.

“If you are any sort of a man, I know you do wish it were your hands gliding over this statuesque figure,” Pascal continues. “Tell me, are you enjoying my little show, soldier boy? The Amazon’s tits are quite fetching don’t you think? Not to mention her delightfully taut abdomen here.” Pascal’s hand travels over the landscape of Wonder Woman’s remarkable body in a slow caress, his palm coursing over the curves and mounds of her rubber-clad physique with complete impunity. Only when his hand glides between her legs does the raven-haired heroine flinch.

“And, of course, her bald pussy,” Pascal says, his hand gripping between Wonder Woman’s thighs as he gives her mound a slow, steady squeeze while winking at the camera. “Are you getting horny, Major Trevor?”

“I sure am!” Jake’s eyes are glued to the wall-mounted television. “This is the best fucking show I’ve ever seen in my entire fucking life. I fucking swear it!”

“I second the young man’s proclamation,” Roger adds. “I’m sorry to say it Gary but there’s absolutely nothing in your store that will ever be able to compare with this. I may have to give up porn after this.”

“Yeah, that’ll happen,” snickers Jamal.

“I second your proclamation, Jamal,” Gary smirks for a moment, before frowning. “Roger here is a windbag. But he IS right about one thing. Business may take a hit after this. Except maybe for sales of rubber suits. We could make out like bandits on those. Good markup, too.”

“Fascinatin’,” Jamal says, “but could you put a sock in it. I want to hear this.”

“How about the rest of you, my friends,” Pascal says with a smile and a brisk slap to Wonder Woman’s pussy that has her wincing slightly. “Are you getting a little worked up by the little show that my Amazon’s here and I are putting on? I hope so, since you paid good money to enjoy yourselves. I would hate to disappoint anyone.” He gives Wonder Woman another snap of his palm against her pubis and grins. “Oh, and thank you Corporal Trevor for calling in. You played a delightfully diverting part of the proceedings. I am sure the French consulate will be contacting your superiors shortly about your demotion.”

Pascal gives a hearty laugh before disconnecting Steve who scowls at his monitor where Wonder Woman is receiving a series of short sharp slaps between her legs. The smacking of his hand on her flesh sounds like very slow applause. They’re not enough to hurt the famous Amazon, just enough to pink up her nether lips and swell up her mound a tad.

Etta bites her lip and lets out a whisper of a moan that has a shocked Steve swiveling his head to look behind at her. The plump sergeant blushes as she coughs and looks down at the floor in shame. When Steve turns back to look at the monitor, Pascal finally stops the sharp little slaps between Wonder Woman’s legs. Etta quickly looks up, sees the Frenchman give a slow, lingering final caress of the heroine’s pussy. The IADC sergeant does all she can to quiet down the sigh escaping from her parted lips. Her panties soak up more of her juicy excitement from the show she’s watching. The pink cotton underwear feels warmly moist as Etta can’t help but rub her thighs together a bit. “Th...tha...that... poor dear. What he’s doing to her... he should be stopped.”

Steve doesn’t think Etta means a word of what she’s saying and though he does wish Pascal could be stopped, it still doesn’t prevent the major from being hard as a spike and frustrated as hell. His plan barely slowed down the man, it fed the bastard’s ego and may have damaged his own career.

Where are those two cops anyway?

Diana is a little sore but feels a small surge of satisfaction that at least her secret identity is still safe for now. But she too is wondering where Sal and Jimmy are. And would they get here in time before Pascal finally brought out his garrotte or whatever it was he used to choke out her heroine friends. She can only hope as Pascal taps the screen of his cell phone and tilts his head up to give the camera up in the corner of the ceiling a brief satisfied smile.

“Now where were we, cherie? Oh yes, I think an adjustment or two is in order.”

“Car 54, respond”

“We’re here, Dispatch,” Jimmy replies, keying the mike as the two men sit in the car assessing the brick townhouse. “What’s up?”

“We’re tracking this monster’s webcast here, 54, and he’s mentioned that he expects two officers on site shortly with handguns.”

“Isn’t that dandy,” Sal growls, nodding at Jimmy to key the mike open. “Can you tell if he’s monitoring his perimeter, Carla?”

“Hard to say, Sal. He’s got a cell phone that he seems to be using to control the webcast my people here tell me. Currently he’s got his hands all over Wonder Woman and running his mouth like he’s getting paid by the word. He just got off the phone with a Major Trevor I’m being told.”

“Fuck! Are you shitting me?” Sal almost explodes in his seat with fury.

“It’s a good thing I didn’t have the mike keyed on, partner,” Jimmy says with a worried look to his left at the red-faced Italian shaking his head. “That would have cost you another fine. Try to keep it together, huh, Sal.”

“Yeah, I know, but that Major ain’t helpin’ things.”

“He does seem desperate. I think he may have a thing for Wonder Woman. Think he knows his lady agent is his lady love?”

Sal scowls at this. “Maybe. Guy seems a bit thick to me. Either way, if he’s not careful, he could get her killed.”

“So could we. But we’d better see if we can get in there and stop this,” Jimmy nods at the house. He then keys the microphone. “Dispatch, we will survey the property for entry points. Contact either of our cell phone with updates from this point on.”

“Roger that, 54. Cell phone contact from here on. Be advised, suspect is considered dangerous.”

“And an asshole,” Sal murmurs back, thankful Jimmy hasn’t kept the mike open.

Six minutes later, Rene Pascal’s four-story brick mansion has being cautiously and carefully surveyed by the two detectives for booby traps, snares, trip devices and open windows. Circling the house in opposite directions, neither man had found anything dangerous yet. Nor had they found any weak spots where they might have gained access. They met back together around the back of the house.

“Cameras. There and there,” Jimmy points out, the glass lenses reflecting the streetlights in the dark. It is 9:50 p.m. and only some of the houses nearby show lights in the windows. Many residents of this upscale neighborhood have gone to bed early in order to meet their Monday morning’s ready to go.

“Yeah, I saw ‘em. Plus another one on the side that I circled around from. He may know we’re here now if he’s not too preoccupied with Wonder Woman.”

“More than likely. You want to try knocking on the front door?”

“Unless you got a battering ram, I don’t think it’ll do much good,” Sal answers.

“Procedure says we should attempt...”

“Fuck procedure,” Sal interrupts. “This guy is so far off the reservation he’s got frequent flyer miles and a fuckin’ upgrade to first class. We do this smart and we do it fast as we can. I say we break a window and take the fucker out quick as we can.”

“This guy seems like the type to have traps inside. I love you like a brother, Sal, but I’m not getting killed in there. We go in careful. No bull rushing.”

“Yeah, fine. Let’s try that basement window there.”

The double-pane armored glass and a flurry of wasted pounding on the window demonstrates to the cops that Pascal has considered the sanctity of his home as vital.

“Fuck! Now what?” Sal fumes as he stalks around the house searching for any possible soft spots. At the back of the house he sees a way up to a second story window and climbs up. It too has the same armored glass he sees so he doesn’t waste his energy pounding. He peers inside the room, hands at the side of his face to cut the reflections.

“Some sort of home office,” Sal whispers loudly down to Jimmy who’s on the ground looking at the sliding doors leading to a breakfast nook. “A broken mirror but nothing else. There’s no way in here either.”

“I may have something down here,” Jimmy says. “I might be able to jimmy this lock.”

After climbing down to join his partner, Sal stands beside him as the Irishman fiddles with the lock mechanism using a small pen knife blade on his key ring. After three minutes of working the tiny knife into and around the lock mechanism, Jimmy is able to spring the small loose bolt away. With a grin he pulls open the sliding door and waves his arm with a flourish.

“Ta daah!”

“Great. Let’s go find this fucker and end this.”

“I do think this extra little touch will make things a lot more exciting for you, cherie. Much more intense, yes?”

Pascal steps back and admires his handiwork. Using its dual elastic straps, the scientist has secured a specially-ordered sex shop blindfold onto the face of the dangling heroine. It’s bright blue leather facing is edged with red and white barber-pole trim. The colorful mask covers her eyes completely and half her forehead. To give his audience the best show possible, Pascal has rigged it so Wonder Woman’s head no longer dangles off her shoulders over the floor. Now it is secured by a line from the back strap of the ball gag harness to one of the dangling blue plastic straps over her head. There’s enough slack so it doesn’t pull too harshly but, like now, when the Amazon’s head tilts back slightly it keeps her eyes pointed at the ceiling. If she straightens or even bows her head a bit, she can look between her spreadeagled legs and see her tightly-packaged cunt twinkle in the lights back at her, or could if she weren’t currently plunged into darkness.

The inside of the blindfold is lined in black satin to help block any stray light while offering a sensual feel to the face. Wonder Woman feels the coolness of the satin press against her skin and turns her head slightly to hear where Pascal is moving. He seems to be walking away to her right side. She hears the sound of a drawer opening. He’s at one of his workbenches, silent except for a sudden, “Hmmm. Which ones?”

The hanging Amazon feels yet another fat bead of her drool fall onto her chest. Through the thin but durable rubber, she can feel the heavy drop slide down the valley of her cleavage, gain momentum and rush to her navel. It lingers only momentarily before losing adhesion from the puddle there and sliding down her pelvis and into the fall-off of her camel toe. The pathway has had much of Diana’s drool slide along its course and there will be much more flowing across it as before the hour is up. The slippery pool on the white tiles beneath the suspended heroine spreads out gradually from the runoff of the glistening “Amazon Falls.”

Within the tight rubber suit, under the bright fluorescent fixtures, sweat and condensation from the spreadeagled heroine have begun to build up. The tributaries of perspiration from all over the warm body collect in a small bulge just under the ass crack of the dangling Wonder Woman. A small gray puddle of it shimmers there in the light.

“These should do the trick,” Pascal says, his voice still a distance away from Wonder Woman.

Suspended and plunged into a world of total darkness, Wonder Woman tries to calm her heartbeat which feels like a triphammer. She is resigned to dying here today. She’s too much of a warrior to ignore the signs of probable demise, but she doesn’t want to humiliate herself in front of a worldwide audience. It is this fear that keeps her pulse quick, her body tense, her senses heightened. That and this blindfold, yet another advantage that Pascal had engineered against her. It galls her to no end to realize just how badly she had underestimated his intelligence, his cunning and his planning.

Diana recalls how she’d stood in front of the lifeless bodies of her sister heroines and thought herself above them, more clever and more experienced. She’d thought herself removed from their fates by her heritage and her skills and her god-given weapons. How naive she’d been! How insolent and proud! How incredibly obtuse! They’d all been used against her. Every single element of her heritage had been desecrated, ruined and turned into tools to shame her beyond belief. Step by step throughout this endless day, she’d been outfought, out-thought, out maneuvered and out-classed over and over again. All her warrior skills had gone for naught. Her vaunted willpower had even been overcome and she’d been tricked and abused and treated no better than a stupid alley whore.

Worst of all, she herself had permitted far too much abuse and much too much humiliation to be heaped on her, all in an attempt to preserve her secret identity so she could continue to fight in the long run when she escaped. But she now understood all too well that there would be no “long run” for her now: no future.

Escape seemed impossible even if the two police detectives were to arrive. What keeps the famous heroine slack in the plastic loops swaying despondently in mid-air are two crucial considerations: the slim ray of hope of some miraculous rescue and the realization that Pascal probably had some defensive strategy capable of nullifying any attempt she might make. He’d been ahead of her so often throughout the day she firmly believed he would be so again, so Wonder Woman simply dangles in space, morosely waiting for her fate. Her thoughts have occupied her to the extent that she is actually surprised to hear the Frenchman speak in her ear, and to feel his body heat beside her as he settles down next to her.

“Are you ready for the most overwhelming orgasm of your life, Wonder Woman?”

Startled, she growls loudly around the edges of the foul ball gag filling her mouth, the sound low in her throat. But Pascal seems to find this amusing and chuckles lightly, dismissing any threat to the sound whatsoever.

Diana wishes she could blind this bastard for real. Put out his eyes permanently with the edges of her own tiara. Her lost tiara. Bent and wrapped in a scrap of her costume, it had been used as a dildo. The heroine understands all too well now why Pascal chuckles. Her threats are no more than mild amusements to him based on how little they’ve meant throughout the day. Behind the blindfold, Wonder Woman sheds a few tears of self-pity that dampen the black silk. Not enough to leak out from below the fold. But enough to make the heroine draw a shuddering breath to try to stop her wallowing in depression. She would have to be stronger than.....

Right beside her, the sound of a loud buzzing implement suddenly fills her ears, and the next second after that Wonder Woman’s camel toe is filled with a humming plastic wand that send vibrations through the rubber, through her body and straight into her brain. It is stroked rapidly and firmly up and down the crevice between her thighs.

“MMMUMMMPHHHH!” The shocked heroine’s back arches and her limbs jerk and pull wildly in the PVC traces. Pascal then stops the wand’s movements completely, just holding it between the outer lips of her pussy and letting it simply vibrate there. Wonder Woman mewls through the ball gag at this and then stops herself.

I must not do this. I must not show him weakness. I shouldn’t show him the pleasure he’s causing in me.

For a full minute, the famous heroine simply hangs from the ceiling in a tangle of blue plastic straps trying to ignore the buzzing, thrumming tool pressed against her pussy.

“Is the pleasure building, my dear? It is difficult to tell with all this slippery drool gliding between these puffy lips down here whether or not you are beginning to lubricate from the inside. You could nod your head up and down to indicate yes you’re getting wet, you know.”

The raven-haired Princess just dangles in space, not offering any growls or grunts or nods, merely biting down on the firm rubber ball as more drool slides over her lower lip.

“I suspected you would not indicate anything to me. Well, I will just have to move forward and see what other signals your body might send to provide clues to me and my audience out there just how you are feeling as things progress. Watch carefully, people, and let us see what happens when I do this.”

Wonder Woman feels Pascal slowly begin to slide the smooth plastic dildo up and down between her labia, now well-lubricated by her own drool. He presses the cream-colored shaft firmly into the cleft and continues the patient sawing motion. Wonder Woman’s forehead breaks out in sweat and she clears her throat, trying to hide an inadvertent moan. Pascal’s eyebrow lifts as he looks up, smiles and then draws the dildo to the lowest point of the heroine’s nether lips. There, he slowly grinds the tip into the small concave area of rubber covering the sensitized lips pressed flat by the suit’s crotch. He circles the area slowly, pushing the dildo tip firmly into the rubber and against the slimmest little edge of pink presented there. Wonder Woman’s thighs tremble and she cannot prevent a long low moan from escaping.

“I do believe that was a signal, my friends,” chuckles Pascal.

With a firm twisting of his wrist, Pascal grinds the smooth plastic tip of the dildo against the access hole covering the woman’s vagina. Were the port open, the dildo would be buried deep inside Wonder Woman’s snatch. As it stands now, however, the rounded end of the pointed pleasure tool is generating a heady cascade of joyous ripples between Diana’s legs. She cannot help herself, suddenly spreading her thighs wide and then drawing them closer together in rapid succession, two, three, four times. Restrained by the straps, she can’t nearly bring her legs together. Strung up as she is and off-balance, and she can’t prevent the incredibly arousing thrill to her pussy and she can’t fight the incredible pleasure she feels. Wonder Woman bucks and shakes her head in a plea for mercy.


Oddly enough, mercy is forthcoming. Pascal removes the dildo tip from between Wonder Woman’s thighs and holds the softly humming sex tool against his pant leg in one hand as he gestures at her body with his other.

“I believe that is pretty conclusive evidence that the famous Champion of All Women here enjoys stimulation to her sensitive twat like any healthy female. Thank you, cherie. That small experiment is completed. Now let us get this remarkable rubber suit working up to specification, yes?”

Wonder Woman lets her chin rest on her chest as she tries to gather her strength and her resistance but her body language as she hangs in the straps shows pretty clearly just how despondent she feels.

Pressing just one key on the screen of his cell phone, Pascal launches the program he’d been ready to start before Trevor’s ridiculous phone call: Full Stimulation Protocol WW-1.

As before, the stimulation pads surrounding Wonder Woman’s areolae begin to circle around her sensitive nipples grazing against them with pulsing stimulations at each corner in turn until the buds begin to grow and press against the constraining rubber, boldly displaying her easy arousal. The heroine’s barely-stifled groan through the ball gag reinforces the extent of the raven-haired beauty’s pleasure.

The paying website visitors enjoy the view of the famous beauty as she stretches and writhes and moans within the dangling straps. Her body would be swaying much more heavily were not Pascal gripping her shoulder with one hand as his other reintroduces the long plastic dildo into her pussy cleft with the other. He presses the shaft vertically between her legs, effectively stabilizing her lovely body momentarily even as he continues to excite the jerking beauty.

With the program launched and the cameras set on automatic for the website viewers to get a variety of perspectives, the obsessed scientist can relax and enjoy the torment that his prize heroine is experiencing without any distractions. He looks down at her wriggling spastic body with pure delight. The heroine’s teeth bare down on the rubber ball gag as a flurry of pleasure makes the remarkable figure jerk and dance under his hands.

He slowly pulls the vibrating dildo out down through the twitching flaps of her pussy and around to the back, moving his own body back a step as he draws the plastic wand through the deep crevice between her ass cheeks. The unique design of the Cunt Hugger Xciter suit allows the rubber to cleave tightly to a woman’s body so there’s only the smallest air pocket between her legs. From front and back, both holes of Wonder Woman’s body are tightly packaged and prominently displayed. The suit’s structure even pulls the ass cheeks apart slightly for maximum body availability. And it is this availability that Pascal takes full advantage of. After 30 long seconds of softly probing Wonder Woman’s anus with the tip of the dildo, her tormentor pulls open the tiny round access hole embedded in the rear of the suit. A steady stream of sweat drains out of the hole and when that slows to only a drip, Pascal puts the tip of the dildo into the opening of Wonder Woman’s ass and pushes up with a hard shove of his forearm.


The device disappears up Wonder Woman’s rear as her teeth clench hard around the rubber ball in a shocked reaction to this callous intrusion.

“We are just getting started, mademoiselle. Right now, the program has begun making the most of this anal intrusion. You feel it, no?”

The bastard is right! The stimulation pads placed against her spine are sending signals of pleasure all along it’s length. From her shoulders all the way down to her coccyx, the pads send a glow down her back. The gliding thrill proceeds slowly down her spine at first before picking up its pace. A second stripe of sensuous delight travels from her neck to her ass. And then it happens a third time, then a fourth and then too many coursing runs of pleasure down her back to count. Ultimately, they concentrate all her sensation and attention on the bottom of her spine, ending up at her rectum where Pascal is slowly pulling and pushing on the dildo buried within her at that spot. Then, added to these flowing arrows down her back, comes a circling ring of sensation across the wide surface of her ass cheeks. Like caressing hands they accent the spinal flow and create a shivering charge of pleasure that Wonder Woman cannot resist. What’s more, being blindfolded, the sensations are magnified incredibly and the Amazon princess begins helplessly gasping around the edges of the ball gag and rapidly shaking her head back and forth, sending drool flying in all directions.

“The suit and the dildo feel exquisite, n’est ce pas, cherie, with all those lovely sensations coursing over your naked body, down your back, around your nipples.” Pascal tweaks her left bud with his fingertips, drawing a whimper and an upthrust breast that he captures easily in his palm and squeezes. The rubber squeaks and so does Wonder Woman.

“With this much pleasure, mon ami, I believe you may reach yet another climax shortly.”

Diana realizes that the fiend is right. She tries to settle herself down, to calm her thumping heart, to ignore his warm hand fondling her breast, to concentrate on her anger at being so easily man-handled. She was no better than a toy to this cold-hearted prick. Delving into her Amazon core, Wonder Woman feels the fury deep within her being. She bastes the hate inside her like a cooking fowl. So foul a thing this man. She imagines his soul a withering spastic worm shriveling in the fire of her rage, dwindling to nothing as the flames of her fury...

And then her clit lights up like a pinball machine paying off as the suit’s two stimulation pads straddling her pussy send rapid vibrations back across its surface like a finger rapidly twiddling her to a frenzy.


All of Wonder Woman’s rage and hatred evaporate instantaneously as her body yields to the incredible delights inundating her. She bucks and thrashes in mad abandon, barely fighting back the cresting wave of a climax.

Pascal stops sawing the smooth plastic dildo in and out of her asshole and just leaves the thrumming tool inside her. The beauty’s head rolls on her shoulders as her hips jerk about.

“I thought for sure you were just about to cum there, my dear. Your willpower is most impressive. You sure you would not like to give just one lusty Amazonian battle cry and break down into a helpless quivering mass of flesh and tears? For all your fans watching, no?”

The panting, drooling Amazon does not respond as she pulls herself back from the edge of the precipice of delight she was about to fall over.

“Hmm. I see that you are not quite ready for that yet. A pity. Well, we have time,” Pascal says casually as he takes a second dildo out of his pocket, one he’d taken from the workbench earlier. “Ah well, perhaps this will inspire you.”

Pulling open the wider front access hole on the suit, Pascal exposes Wonder Woman’s hot pulsing pussy to the air for just a quick moment before invading her body for the second time within a seven-minute span with a hard, heavily vibrating plastic dildo.


Pascal slowly begins to push and pull this second dildo in and out of the heroine’s slippery snatch even as the suit’s stimulation program shuts down the strobe effect down her back and circling her ass cheeks, merely firing off pleasant clit stimulation arcs every 20 seconds.


With one dildo sticking out of her rectum just quietly vibrating away while a second dildo is worked up into and back out of her sloppy pussy by a man who knows how to apply friction to her cavity walls in the most patient of ways, Wonder Woman’s head lolls helplessly on her shoulders as the pleasure drowns her thoughts into incoherency.


“I am going to remove your ball gag now, my dear, so you can suck my dick, Wonder Woman. You will do this willingly and creatively or there will be consequences. Do you understand me, trollop? Nod your head twice that you will comply.”

The heroine’s head nods forward and then falls back.

“Was that a yes?” Gary asks aloud, stunned as he watches the big screen, transfixed by the view of the famous Wonder Woman with two dildos jammed up her holes agreeing to give a blowjob to this god among men.

“Did she just agree to orally satisfy that man?” Etta Candy can’t believe what she’s seeing. Her panties are sopping wet with all that’s gone on and it seems like it isn’t going to end anytime soon. Steve is just sitting there watching the monitor, shocked into silence by all he’s witnessed.

“My dear, I could not tell if you were agreeing to my terms,” Pascal declares, “or just rolling your head forward in helpless delight. You must be more vigorous in your movements, my sweet.”

“...uhhh...huuhh.....’esss...” Wonder Woman replies through the ball gag, bowing her head forward twice in quick succession.

“Excellent.” Pascal leaves both dildos thrumming away inside the famous beauty’s holes as he walks behind her and unbuckles the ball gag. He then unties the line connecting the bondage gag to the PVC strap holding the swaying heroine’s head. After that, he kneels down and whispers so softly in her ear that the site’s audience cannot hear him. “If you try anything, your identity is forfeit. Instantly. And your death will not be quick. And your friend Trevor will also die horribly. Now nod again, bitch, to show me you will behave like the slut you are proving to be.”

Wonder Woman reluctantly nods her head forward again in two strong movements. She had been seriously considering biting this man’s dick off. But, as ever, he is a step ahead of her. Seeing her head nod firmly in the affirmative, Pascal pulls the sopping wet ball out of her mouth and tosses it off to the side with the cavalier act of a man in total control of the situation.

“Well, my friends. It appears that the Champion of All Women will be sucking my cock, YET AGAIN TODAY!”

“I want to have this guy’s babies!” Roger shouts out, his fist pumping the air. The threesome in the bookstore just shake their heads sadly and throw magazines at him.

“Good god! Where the hell are those damn cops. I could have driven to that guy’s place by now. I should have...” Steve throws his hands up in the air, his eyes filled with pain at how his adored heroine is being treated.

“No, Steve, Abato was right. We had to keep tabs here and confirm it was Pascal.”

“We didn’t! We didn’t do anything. We’ve failed Wonder Woman!”

“The police are probably working their way to her right now, Steve. We just have to be patient a little longer,” Etta says, standing behind her crestfallen superior officer, squeezing his shoulder and kneading it gently. “Things may still end up okay. It’s...it’s just...just...a..a..bj..it’s not...not...that big a deal.”

“I’d like to put a bullet in that guy,” Steve fumes, watching the screen as Pascal drops his pants.

“Maybe the police will,” Etta says encouragingly. “Maybe it will go down that way.”

“Not before Wonder Woman goes down on him,” Steve nods at the screen. The famous Amazonian Princess hangs loosely within the harness of blue plastic, her head thrown back and her neck arched. She opens her mouth wide as Pascal takes one step forward, waving his dick in the face of the world’s once-famous role model for chastity and virtue.