Wonder Woman and the Superheroine Serial Killer - Part 14

The aphrodisiac worked its way into Destiny’s mind with the directness of a summer storm, drenching her thoughts with the purpose for which it was designed. Within six minutes of its application to her facial pores, the blonde Bylangian was deeply infatuated with Pascal’s penis. She couldn’t get enough of it. She lusted after every inch of its surface with her tongue, her fingertips, her eyelashes, her breath, her very being. She warmed it, spat on it, rubbed it and loved it like a pet. She cooed, laughed, kissed and sighed onto its stiff form for all she was worth. Even Pascal’s balls received concentrated attention with light tickling, gentle cupping, feathery squeezing, soft kissing, slippery tonguing and rapid twiddling in concert with the stroking and sucking of his rod.

And the teenage heroine was thrilled with every reaction she herself had generated. The stiffening was marvelous, the bobbing at her touch delightful, the jerking a joy. And to jerk the sliding skin up and down in rapid strokes and see the veins strain at her frenzied touch and the head of the cock swell and throb was nothing short of fantastic. She especially enjoyed the groans she coaxed from the body overhead. But the center of her universe was the seven-and-a-half-inch muscle before her. That and the feel of the even larger muscle stroking into her pussy from behind her. Held in place with large hands encompassing her breasts as she ministered her devotion to the eagerly receptive dick, Destiny was prodded into even greater heights of her lusty devotion to Pascal’s prick by the constant thrusting and withdrawal of Battle Axe’s own huge member. The chorus of groans from the trio at play grew as the speed of the licking, the thrusting, the jerking off and the pulsing of hands at her swollen aching breasts and pointed pink nipples built to a fever pitch.

“Sacre b..bleu, th..this is marvelous. Y....you...are a natural...”

“So fuckin’ tight. So fuckin’ great.” Battle Axe’s mouth is drawn to a harsh stretched grimace as he fights to hold off the inevitable rush of his rising semen for just another half-minute of heavenly bliss.

Destiny’s eyes are half open, her head bobbing now as she takes the top half of the cock into her mouth and down her throat over and over, gulping furiously.

“...ghulghhk ...ghulghhk ...ghulghhk ...ghulghhk ...ghulghhk ...ghulghhk...”

Her sweaty blonde hair flaps and jerks up and down as her mouth takes in the pole eagerly, her lips gripping tight on every withdrawal. One soft hand circles the bottom of his staff and gives loving short jerks on it as her other hand tickles the dangling fuzzy nutsack below.

“JE SUIS FINIS!” Pascal yells out and cums in Destiny’s mouth with a hot stream of thick warm semen. It fills her cheeks in a rush and she gulps it down like melted ice cream, dizzy with the flavor of it, heady with her deluded accomplishment of bringing a man to an orgasm with her mouth.

“Gulp...Ulp...mmmmmmmhh....” Destiny sighs before swallowing a second mouthful of sweet man-cream.

Sex is incredible! Everything about it is wonderf... “OHHH!”

Losing his control, Battle Axe furiously pumps his hips in a final flurry of action, his penis jerking in and out of Destiny’s pussy, driving into her and forcing a grunt from her.

“UUHHNN!” Her eyes blink at the sensation.

Her assailant’s left hand leaves her tit and grabs her collar as he pounds away at her. With her mouth still wrapped around Pascal’s cock, the teenage heroine’s eyes grip shut as she suddenly orgasms from all the sensation between her legs.

“...eeehhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm!!” Nobody had told her about any of this.

“AT’S G..GRREEAATT!” Yells the big blond thug who, at the last moment, pulls his dick out of Destiny’s cunt. The heroine’s lower body drops to floor, her knees coming to a thumping rest against the white tile. Battle Axe pulls her skirt down with his right hand and then uses that same hand to quickly point his dick at the swath of bright orange material spread before him. He hoses his spurting white cum all over the mounds of Destiny’s butt, showering it down on her skirt-covered ass in fat damp circles and long splattering trails of semen that stain her costume with shame. Taking a swipe at a thick clump of cum with his palm, Battle Axe reaches under Destiny’s skirt and spreads the wetness all over the cleft of the dazed blonde teenager’s lower lips. His fingers push the greasy mess into her cavity and then two fingers beginning rapidly rubbing her clit back and forth.

The feel of Battle Axe’s fingers furiously working her clit blinds the sexually hypersensitive Destiny with a second rush of pleasure. Her hands squeeze and tremble with joy, pulsing around Pascal’s cock and fluttering his balls. This encourages a final spurt from the Frenchman’s cock into her slackening mouth. Too spent to swallow, the white cum drizzles heavily out of both sides of her mouth, dripping onto her chest.

Finally, Rene Pascal bends Destiny’s clutching fingers away from his cock and pulls it out of the blonde heroine’s mouth, tucking it back into his pants with a wide smile. Destiny’s dazed and vacant face falls forward onto his thighs, the cum dribbling down the leg of his suit pants.

“Incroyable! You are quite the slut-in-training. Rarely have I been so eagerly pleasured, my dear.”

Battle Axe quickly grabs Destiny by her breast and with his other hand on her collar, hoists her up and backward. He stands up straight and positions her so his shrinking cock is buried under her skirt, between the sweaty cleft of her buttocks. He holds her limp body in mid-air, her back against his chest as he savors the heat of her dripping pussy. Her head lolls on her shoulders, her eyes closed, her breath coming in quick pants.

“It is time to put her on the horse, I think, my friend,” directs Pascal. “But first...” Pascal takes Destiny’s jaw in his palm and faces her vacant expression to the front. “You enjoyed that, yes?” He forces the numb blonde’s head up and down playfully. “Well, you will have much more pleasure coming my dear. So very much more.”

Pascal releases her jaw and walks back to the bench to retrieve a bottle marked “100% KO” filled with bright blue liquid. He returns and, careful not to dose his crony, sprays Destiny in the face with a double pump of blue mist. Moments later, the Bylangian champion’s eyes roll up into her head and her chin collapses to her chest.

“Excellent. Let’s put her in the latex stimulation suit and then on the horse.”

Fifteen minutes later, after struggling with the limp body of the unconscious teenager, the two men have laid her latex-encased body on the leather vaulting horse. Her arms and legs are wrapped around the cylindrical leather shape and shackled to steel rings extending out from underneath the horse from both sides, short chains giving barely half a foot leeway to move any limb. Wheeled into position behind her is a table-mounted electric fucking machine. The dual-headed dildo penetrates both her holes, each head just penetrating an inch into her. The crotch flap of the clinging stimulation suit lies open against the top of the leather horse as Pascal stands by Destiny’s arm with a syringe and Battle Axe stands by the fucking machine’s on-off toggle switch.

“Time to awaken our guest so she can enjoy this portion of my experiment,” Pascal says. He injects the wake up solution into her upper arm then rolls down the rubber sleeve. Moments later, Destiny’s eyes flutter open and she lets out a long slow moan.

“....ohhhhhhhhhhhh.... whaddya do...to me?”

“I’ve taken you from heroine to slut, mon cherie. And being a slut, I’m sure you will be greatly delighted with special pleasures I’ve arranged for you over the next three and a half hours.”

“...don’t...no. Please, you...win. I won’t bother you ever....again....”

“Of that I am certain, my dear. But hush now, and do not worry, you will be thrilled with what is to come.”

“No....no...don’t want...any...more pleasure...”

“Sadly, you have no choice. The wake up injection contains yet more of my aphrodisiac. Together with my machines and my stimulation suit, you will be experiencing whole new plateaus of pleasure such as few have ever experienced. And I will record it all for posterity and, naturellement, for science.”

Panicked, Destiny yanks violently on the chains binding her body to the leather horse, stretching them taut with every ounce of her strength. But, by now, the Bylangian champion is far too weak to break them or pull them out of the steel rings. Pascal smiles and merely nods at the tall blonde who flips the toggle switch. Immediately the double headed dildo begins to hum and vibrate and a second later, the drive mechanism kicks in and the dual dildo slides forward, pushing deeply into Destiny’s two orifices.

“HUUNNNGGHH!” The force of the greased rubber rods pulls a throaty grunt from the blonde teen draped over the leather apparatus. And then it withdraws and the flywheel circles, only to plunge deeply within both holes once again. After the fourth cycle, Destiny grimaces and asks, “..ohhh!....uughhh....what’s.....the....point...of this....?....”

“It is the same as the pool, the shotguns, the liquid nitrogen, all of it, Destiny, my stupid little dove. To draw down all your powers until you are not threat to me and I can dispose of you as I see fit.”

“...there will be.....Oh! ...mmmmhhhh...ohhhhh..uuuhhhh....others....that follow...me...” The blonde teen gasps between excited grunts as the machine now steadily thrusts away at her chained body.

“I would hope so. There is one in particular I would hope may come to seek vengeance.”

“....Wonder Woman...Ohhhhhhhh...you...want....her...” Destiny’s forehead breaks out in a sweat as her body now wriggles in place with the steady pleasure being forced upon her.

“Yes, I have a score to settle with her. But now let me turn on your suit to ensure you enjoy everything you have coming to you.” Pascal takes a small remote from his hand and keys in a three digit code. Immediately the sensors in the latex suit spring to life and Destiny feels waves of stimulating charges running up and down her legs, around her thighs and over her pelvis and then finally up her abdomen to her breasts where they circle both nipples like electric pinwheels. The sensation is unbelievable to her. She was delirious with delight. What’s more, the continuing stimulation of v-shaped pattern leading from her abdomen to her crotch works in tandem with the electric fucking machine to draw a loud gasp of helpless joy from Destiny.

“AAHHHH! OHHHHHHH!.. HNNHHHH! ...stop...it...STOP!”

“No,” is the simple reply from Pascal.

“Gerald, please increase the speed of that machine,” says Pascal. Battle Axe leans over and twists a dial to the third setting out of 8 clicks. The rods pick up their speed instantly and Destiny’s body arches on the horse with a squeal. It is only 40 seconds later that the friction proves too much for the young heroine.


The blonde heroine freezes in place as her body releases a sudden flush of fluid from her crotch. A spray of six or seven drops slide down either side of the leather cylinder, leaving obvious trails of Destiny’s climax. Her chest rises and falls beneath her.

“Cumming at such a low setting. My, my,” taunts Pascal. “This is going to be quite an exciting evening for you. By the time we work up to the top setting, I would think you might go insane with the pleasure, my dear.”

“...won’t...get....Wonder.......Woman....too smart........for you........”

“Sorry to burst your bubble, little Bylangian, but your grief-stricken friend will blunder right into my trap. By this time tomorrow night her juices will run as freely as yours. Like you, I will baste her in them and then kill her as I will you.”


“Trust me, cunt, your friend will fall easier than you. She doesn’t have half your powers, just more experience. But I have a few ideas to counteract that. Now enough about her, it is time to push you up another level.” Pascal nods at Battle Axe who moves the dial setting to 4. The 15-strokes-per-minute cycle increases to 25-per-minute and Pascal nods to his compatriot. “That should be good for an hour, my friend. Let’s see if she can add 2 + 2 when we return, eh?”

“I’m not sure she’s smart enough to do it now,” chuckles Battle Axe.

The two men walk out of the lab and head upstairs to share a quick dinner. The cameras are all set and focused to record the procedure. The Bylangian heroine should not be a problem from here on out. But the camera feed to the dining room will let Pascal keep an eye on the chained blonde beauty if she is somehow able to escape.

With the stimulation suit gripping her every curve so tightly, the blonde teenager cannot help but feel the rushing flow of pleasure as it cycles around her tits and up and down her back and across her two holes. Combined with the double-headed dildo thrusting into her body, the mighty Destiny is overwhelmed with pleasure. Her body tenses in place and she climaxes again with a loud and lonely grunt. And once more the leather cylinder has long drip trails of Bylangian cum sliding down its sides.

When the two men return an hour later to violate Destiny’s body with their cocks, she is a mumbling, confused mess of sweat-soaked hair, matted stinking bush, dazed unseeing eyes and drooling, slack-mouthed incontinence. A pool of urine has gathered beneath the horse.

“Oh, good,” says Pascal. “Stage Three is complete.”