Wonder Woman and the Superheroine Serial Killer - Part 27

Pascal strides the few paces between himself and the heroine posed on the rounded leather hump before him. Gathering up the end of the golden lasso loosely draped around her body with one hand, the determined Frenchman grabs the raven locks of the dazed beauty slumped forward on her knees and pulls her up sharply. “But first...” he snarls, then he pushes her face deep into the dirt floor in the unfinished corner of his laboratory. He twists the head to the right and left a few times while the flailing heroine’s arms wave wildly in the air and her muffled squeals emanate from the dirt pile. Finally Pascal pulls her face up out of the clumpy brown heap. Her face is masked in dry dark powdered grit, only her eyes showing a brightness as they open wide in panic. With a harsh quickness, the man hoists the dazed heroine’s body up with a sharp jerk and then shoves her downward until Wonder Woman straddles a small leather horse that’s only 18 inches high. Both knees on either side of the small leather horse press into the soft dirt while Wonder Woman’s pussy is lodged firmly on top of the hard rubber bump saddled there.

“...ohh!” The startling pressure of her vagina forced roughly against the unyielding rubber bump draws an involuntary gasp from the man-handled beauty.

Pascal quickly kneels behind Wonder Woman, wrapping her neck three times with circles of her lasso and pulling her nearly naked body against his broad chest. His breath feathers lightly in her ear as he holds the drugged Amazon in place. She can feel the heat of his body through his dress shirt even as he tightens the rope a fraction around her neck. Too dazed to fight, Diana’s head droops backward onto Pascal’s shoulder as he whispers to her.

“I know you are a novice to the world of sex toys, Wonder Woman, so I will explain to you that the device you are currently riding is called a sybian.”


“A sybian, cherie. He pulls back on the lasso and releases it so that Wonder Woman’s body tilts backward a couple of inches before leaning heavily forward again. Her pussy slides over the rubber bump, drawing a hissing breath from the Amazon. “They come with a variety of attachments including dildos of every size and shape you can imagine. Fun but also sometimes a bit chafing for the female. What you are mounted on is a clitoral and vaginal stimulator though. It vibrates for extra pleasure. Or so the manual says.”

Another jerk and release of the lasso forces the heroine’s body once more to move roughly over the rubber hump. It flickers Wonder Woman’s eyelids as she sags on the device with her arms entangled behind her in the loose loops of golden rope.

“...don’t...” The helpless Champion of All Women is easily controlled by Pascal, her weakness, confusion and energy levels prevent her from retaliating in any way. Pascal has completely incapacitated her here. Can’t fight him. Where’s.... the energy from my belt. Still feel it....around my waist. Whutz happening...?

“By the way, Wonder Woman, I do not know if you realize it but I made absolutely sure you can feel every tiny ripple of pleasure from the special rubber bump on this sybian. Pascal nestles up closer to the slouching female and thrusts his hips back and forth against Wonder Woman’s naked ass causing her pussy to rock against the hard rubber bump.

“...uuhhnn...” Trembling with a surge of pleasure from the movement, a confused Wonder Woman blurts out softly, “....whut...I don’t.....get it....get what you mean...”

“I shaved off your bush, Wonder Woman. You are as naked down there as the day you were born.”

“What!? N...N...NO! You...you didn’t....you couldn’t...wouldn’t.......”

“Take a look for yourself, baldy.” Grabbing her hair in his hand, Pascal forces the defenseless heroine forward so she’s bent over with her face less than a foot away from her crotch.

There’s no hair!

There’s no hair on her pubic mound at all, Wonder Woman sees. Her eyes wide, shocked, begin to fill with tears. Her chest and face turn a deep red in complete embarrassment. Pascal jerks the heroine back up and her gaping mouth and horrified anguished look he sees from the side fill him with untold delight.

“Oh, does that upset you, Wonder Woman?” Clinching the rope tight and pulling the teary-eyed beauty close to him, Pascal slowly licks his captive beauty’s ear. “Are you thoroughly humiliated to lose that royal bush of yours?”

“..i...i.....never....” The mortified and bewildered champion can’t even express her horror. She bursts into tears and weeps in a slouching despair as Pascal grabs her jaw and tilts her face upward and to the right.

“Show the camera how you feel, Wonder Woman. Show the world your shame!”

Wailing loudly, the Amazon beauty cannot control herself. She blubbers and shakes in a unquenchable fit of self-pity. Her cheeks glisten with salty tears, clear snot drips from her nose, her head is held firmly in place to allow the cameras to record her abject misery.

“This is what the famous Wonder Woman is reduced to. A pathetic mewling moron. No honor. No heroics. Nothing but a pitiful weeping vision of inept disgrace. There’s your Champion of All Women. A classic case study of what absolute defeat looks like. I even replaced your shoddy rag of a bustier so you look even more the part of a vanquished Amazon warrior. Look and learn, world. This is what your precious hero can be reduced to.”

Held firmly in place, with her jaw uplifted in Pascal’s right while his left fondles her naked tit, Wonder Woman is a red-faced, weeping, shaking mess. All she’s endured both physically and psychologically is written in her frantic, uncertain and tear-filled eyes. The drug patch on her arm denies her any dignity, prevents any hope of escape. And the sadistic French scientist heaps on even more misery with the cold demeanor of a boy pulling the wings off a fly.

“Oh, but wait, I almost forgot. I have two special adornments to accent this famous champion’s complete fall from grace.”

Releasing her jaw, Pascal reaches behind him to lift something off the floor, tucked behind the sybian. He brings them forward, two shiny long metal tubes. They have been bent and shaped into wavy 8-inch-long folded ornaments with large alligator clips on their upper ends. Wonder Woman’s famous feminum bracelets have been crushed and formed into hideous, dangling nipple wear. The sluggish Amazon sees the obscene jewelry and even feels the first one clamped securely onto her right breast but it doesn’t immediately register with her what they are and what they represent. Only after the second dangling ornament is fastened onto her left nipple and pulls her breasts lower by two inches does Pascal announce the new horror to his slouching, confused captive.

“It may be hard to recognize them since they’re so badly disfigured, cherie, but these lovely nipple decorations are nothing less than your famous Feminum bracelets.

“....my...bracelets...i...don’t...that...can’t be....

Coiling the lasso more tightly around her limp wrists behind Wonder Woman’s back, Pascal smiles as his cheek presses against hers, his mouth drawing wider and wider in glee.

“I warned you I was going to work your bracelets into something artsy, my dear. You’re so forgetful though, you silly bubblehead. Anyway, how do you like them?”

Yanking back on Wonder Woman’s shoulders, Pascal forces the Amazon’s chest to thrust forward. The massive mammaries shake roughly from side to side and the nipple ornaments sway from side to side, their bottom ends softly clanking against each other.

“Are they not the very definition of disgrace, hero?” Reaching around with both hands, Pascal tugs on both dangling metal decorations until the bottom of Wonder Woman’s breasts strain and shake against her belly. “The only way these bracelets will be blocking bullets is if someone decides to take target practice at your titanic titties, cherie.”

“...i..i...you...this is....not...how.....i.. can’t...take this...”

“What is it, Champion of All Women? You ladies are supposed to adore jewelry, especially custom-made pieces designed exclusively for you. What’s more appropriate than your own famous bracelets being turned into shooting gallery targets swaying tantalizingly in front of these famous naked tits of yours, my helpless dove?” He pulls on the crumpled bracelets, fingering the very tips of the nipples poking through the clamps, and then hefts the heavy weight of both breasts in turn, fondling the stunned and nodding heroine with complete impunity.

For the second time in less than ten minutes, Wonder Woman breaks out in tears, weeping and blubbering mindlessly as she is overcome with the despair of her plight.


“So you do not like my gift? I am deeply hurt, Wonder Woman. After I went to so much trouble to make something so unique for such a famous beauty as yourself. Let me show them off again to their best advantage.”

Wrenching hard on the rope coiled around her neck and her hands, Pascal gives the defenseless woman his hardest shake yet and the Amazon’s massive breasts flop and shimmy with the ruined bracelets clinking dully against each other like some sort of obscene wind chimes.

“...stop...it....no more...i...can’t...no...don’t...not...again....”

“I shaped your illustrious bracelets into degrading nipple clamps to make the point that even Wonder Woman’s costume is nothing more than a new and interesting way to demean her status as a woman and a hero.”

“...my....my....bracelets...gone...ruined......l...l...like....m..m...meeeeee...” Wonder Woman howls in torment.

“Gosh, if only your belt could deliver a massive surge of power so you could overcome all the drugs, break away and punish me for such impudence, eh, Wonder Woman? But that is not happening. Do you want to know why?”

“...please...no...more...leave me....alone...”

“Not a very cogent answer to my question, my groggy little fuck-bucket, but I will tell you regardless of that. It’s because I used the very coarse edges of the bracelets before I folded them inward a final time. I took those razor sharp Feminum edges to that famous belt of yours and trashed it completely. Scraped it, cut it, tore at it and gashed it until it is little more than a flimsy, insubstantial band of thoroughly-ruined gold garbage around your waste, hardly worth its weight in memorabilia now, I am sorry to inform you.”

“...this..tuh..too..?...” Wonder Woman mumbles thickly, her head slumped back on Pascal’s shoulder, her red, weepy eyes half-lidded, all hope drained from their dull flat blue irises. “..it...d..d..doesn’t... end...”

“Not until I say so, cherie. And that is not for some time yet. Now would you like to feel how this sybian works when that delicious rubber bump on that saddle starts vibrating? I am guessing you will find it simply irresistible. Say, was that a song from some years back?”

At first, the loud buzzing that emanates from the sybian when Pascal clicks on the remote control surprises the terrorized heroine but as the shaking device thrust into Wonder Woman’s heavenly cleft continues to shimmy and slide back and forth, the famous beauty’s neck goes even more slack. Her head nods and bobs on her shoulders as Pascal loosely holds onto the end of her lasso while kneeling behind the now-moaning champion. Stunned and completely out of control, Wonder Woman’s pussy begins to moisten thickly with pleasure. She sags against Pascal’s body, feeling the hardness of his erect penis bounce and tap against her ass crack even as her pussy quivers with rising waves of pleasure.

“Ohhhhhhh....” The once-mighty heroine moans helplessly as she is held in place from behind by Pascal’s grip on the lasso around her neck and hands while her pussy is vibrated and slid against and agitated by the sybian’s powerful motor.

“Never felt anything quite like that, have you, champ?” Pascal keeps his hold on her lasso around her wrists as his hand moves around her waist to reach up and massage her right tit.

“...uuuhhhh......ohhhhh ...no...never....never....” As long as Pascal has been holding her lasso, even without trying hard to impose his will on Wonder Woman, she still is succumbing to the magic rope’s effects. She admits her feelings to the Frenchman despite her reticence. In fact, the panting of the heavily stimulated Amazon is loud but is drowned out by the sybian’s throaty rumble as it slides back and forth over and over beneath her throbbing cunt while vibrating away directly on her sweet spot.

“This thing would make you dizzy and stupid if you weren’t already there, Wonder Woman. How does it feel to have your bald pussy rubbed and stroked by this wonderful machine, cherie?”

“...it’s...it’s...zilerating....” she murmurs through a wave of pleasure.

“Excellent. You are getting very excited, very hot, n’est ce pas, cherie? How you say it, uhhm, oh yes: Randy?”


“Tres bien! Tres bien. So now it is natural, yes, with so much pleasure tingling between your legs for you to pleasure me, yes?”

“...whut...whad’ju....mean...” The lusty full-figured heroine’s head is bobbing up and down in dizzy out-of-control pleasure as the sybian stimulates her pussy to new heights of ecstacy. Her breasts jiggle and bump, the bracelet ornaments sway, her tongue sweeps across her lips and her blue eyes lose their focus before the smiling Frenchman. The rubber saddle is dripping with the joy seeping out of Wonder Woman’s heavenly slit.

Pascal walks around to face Wonder Woman from the front, still firmly holding onto the lasso. “I mean to say that I think you would be happy to suck my cock right about now, mon amie. Would you not?”

Pascal visualizes the scene of this famous heroine leaning forward and taking him into her mouth and the world-renowned beauty nods up at him, her mind befuddled with joy and confusion, the loss of her inhibitions due to his willpower and finally, the sudden sight of his tasty cock waving right in her face. She leans forward and makes Pascal’s wishes her own. Her mouth opens wide and she engulfs the large swollen penis in a firm warm lip lock that sucks the flesh of his rod tight against her cheeks.. Her eyes roll up slightly in delight as Wonder Woman groans in true joy at giving this man the pleasure he wants, the pleasure it is her duty to provide.

She sucks hard at him, savoring the salty tang of his member filling her mouth. Unable to use her lassoed hands behind her back, she puts all her effort into her lips and her saliva. She coats the long fleshy rod with her spit and draws on it eagerly back and forth, back and forth with her head nodding into his crotch again and again. Saliva drips from her mouth, from the underside of his dick, from the tops of her breasts as she moves the tight circle of her plump lips up and down the length of his cock until its tip slides far to the back of her throat. Again and again Wonder Woman’s head dips and withdraws in the service of the Frenchman. Over and over the lust-crazed beauty fills her throat with him as the sybian drives her higher and higher into the stratosphere of lust.


The heroine is frenzied in her need to gratify her oral fixation, to pleasure the man to whom she is mindlessly devoted and to bring herself off. Her hips counter the action of the vibrating, sliding sybian rubber saddle that delves back and forth into the opening of her vagina, the tiny knob on the vaginal stimulation bump brushing against her swollen clit again and again. They buck in wild humping thrusts as her brain goes virtually simian in its base desire for pure sexual climax. She is drowning in her need for the ultimate conclusion of the life force that moves all men and women. There is nothing else driving her but her need to orgasm. When Pascal wraps his fingers around the back of Wonder Woman’s head and grasps her hair while continuing to hold the golden rope, she thrills to the pressure of his palms, delights in the thrust of his hips, shudders at the depth of his cock at the back of her throat and cums in torrents in a simultaneous explosion of their combined orgasms. His hot seed fills her throat. Her extasy drenches the rubber knob on the sybian and together they swoon in place, rigid in a tableau of inexorable, incalculable pleasure.

Their moans, their gasps, their fluids, their numbness, their conclusions mingle as one, a breathy, needful thing that envelops the two of them in a glowing aura of absolute bliss. And when they are aware again, when Pascal’s limp hand drops the end of the lasso and he falls to a happy cross-legged squat before the naked, dazed and cum-drooling Wonder Woman, she comes to her senses and begins a keening wail of anguish at the deepest depths of shame that she has let herself be taken.

After five minutes of sitting cross-legged on the floor just floating in the foggy pleasure of his intense orgasm from Wonder Woman's enthusiastic blowjob, Pascal slowly gets to his feet and looks down. Slouched forward before him, the famous heroine is very woozy herself. She has come to rest with her forearms in the dirt floor, her knees straddling the now-quiet sybian. Her naked pussy can't be seen from where Pascal is standing but he knows it is neatly cleaved by the rubber bump, the rounded white mound pressed deep into her cleft. Smiling down, Pascal tucks his cock back into his pants and zips up. He's pleased with the view before him.

The Amazon's head hangs low with her raven black hair hanging like curtains on either side of her face and several strands covering her eyes. The two nipple adornments that had been the famous Feminum bracelets now dangle beneath the slouched Champion of All Women, stretching out her tits and pulling her nipples downward. Their wavy accordion ends brush the dirt floor as the massive tits sway beneath the heavily doped female. From behind, Pascal notes how high Wonder Woman's naked ass points in the air, her wide buttocks shivering as the once-mighty champion blubbers softly. She is not tied down by the lasso in any way. It merely hangs from her limp prostrated body in loose coils and untethered ends. One loop around her neck is all that keeps the magic rope from pooling in limp tangles on the floor. The drug patch affixed to Wonder Woman's upper arm continues to deliver its potent blend of mind-numbing narcotics and strong aphrodisiac.

With a bellyful of cum from his big dick hosing her throat earlier and thin white trickles of it still sliding out of the corners of Wonder Woman's mouth, the helpless beauty wavers stupidly in place before the conquering Frenchman. The cum drains down in thin lines to a tiny puddle in the dark brown dirt just inches under the nodding heroine's chin.

"Well, if that is not the defining image of your ignominious defeat, Wonder Woman, I do not know what else it could be."

Bewildered by her exhaustion, Diana's whimpering comes to an end finally, as she tries to gather herself. Perhaps her belt will send her a rush of strength momentarily so she can try to fight this devil in shiny suit pants. Her throat is suddenly constricted and she gags up a choking clog of semen, spitting the white phlegmmy clump into the dirt, next to the puddle below her face. Then, slowly, Wonder Woman raises her head, her heavily-lidded eyes trying to focus on the face of the tall man standing over her.

"Are you ready for your next session of abuse, hero?"

"...i...uh...uuuhmmm...whuh...huuughhh..." The very act of speaking causes Wonder Woman to belch loudly. The stink of Pascal's cum wafting on the gust of breath from her gaping mouth horrifies the Amazon princess, grinding her face in the reality of what she had just done moments before. "...Hera....help me...what have....i..become...?..."

"You are mumbling, cherie. Speak up for the cameras and the microphones."

The horror on Wonder Woman's face as she suddenly recalls through her confusion and despair that all her actions and abuse are continuing to be captured for posterity is nothing less than poetry to Pascal's point of view. Her widening eyes, the mouth dropping open, the flush of red speeding across the cheeks: it is a sweet, sweet joy for the scientist to behold. A moment to treasure.

"You...Will....Pay...." Wonder Woman's eyes narrow, her voice goes into a low growl at this vow as she collects her wits as much as possible. Rearing up on her haunches, the beauty swipes at her golden rope looped around her neck and hanging over her body. She gathers it up in her right hand, the golden loops dangling from her clenched fist. With her other hand she fumbles at the rope, trying to make a lasso to throw at Pascal. But having reared up, her body weight shifts and her pussy is virtually impaled by the smooth rubber hump of the sybian beneath her. A grunting exhale of unexpected pleasure from the heroine and the soft clang of her new nipple jewelry banging together draws a smirk from Pascal. Calmly, he watches the Amazon beauty awkwardly trying to make a circle of her magic rope while her brain is so thoroughly befuddled by the drugs in her system. Amused, the Frenchman touches a button on the remote in his pocket and the sybian's rubber hump begins to vibrate.


"Concentrate, cherie. I am sure you can do this. After all, you have captured hundreds before with your golden lasso. It should be second nature. Muscle memory, non?"

"...i...uuhhh....just a....minute...." Wonder Woman's fingers are like unwieldy fat sausages to her and the loop is beyond her ability as she continues to try to work the rope she's used forever. Below, her pussy is continuously stimulated, stealing her breath and tightening her stomach with pleasure.

"Certainement, mon amie." Pascal winks. "Take your time. Do not rush."

After two bad attempts, Wonder Woman finally has her loop slip-knotted. Awkwardly raising it over her head and swinging her arms, the heroine barely weaves a wavering circle in the air above her. She looks at Pascal, judging the distance as best she can, distracted by the vibrating rubber bump doing exquisite things to her labia and the now-warm walls at the entrance of her pussy. She is about to fling the golden lasso at her nemesis when he presses the remote in his pocket and the vibrating rubber mound slides forward six inches and then back even as the vibrations kick into a much more frenzied blur.

"OH MY...OHHH.....hoooohhhhh..."

The lasso falls pitifully short of its mark, a glowing figure eight in the dark dirt two feet away from the toes of Pascal's shiny black shoes. Wonder Woman has lurched forward in an ungainly sprawl, both palms deep into the dirt, her head down and shoulders shaking as the sliding rubber hump between her thighs robs her of all dignity. It slides back and forth every three seconds even as the humming vibrations from the sybian's powerful motor send the confused beauty into sexual overdrive. She is moaning and grunting as her body is teased toward the throes of a sudden climax. Her ass jerks and bumps and grinds in the air as the sexual toy churns her insides to mush. Her huge swaying breasts make her ruined bracelets clink and clank against each other like metal castanets.

Pascal steps forward and blithely bends to pick up the end of the golden lasso inches from the bent, scraping fingers of the Amazon as she clutches the dirt in a delirium of helpless ecstasy.

"Tch, tch. You were not even close, my dear, to roping me." He drapes the loop casually over Wonder Woman's nodding head as she begins to pant and writhe in ever wilder motions. Cinching the magic cord loosely about her straining neck, Pascal smiles down at his captive as she lifts her head up, her eyes clenched shut as she tries desperately to fight the orgasm building inside her.

"...mustn't....release...." she whispers hoarsely.

"Oh, but I think you should, Wonder Woman" Pascal squats down beside the bucking female and whispers into her ear. "I do so love to see beautiful women lose themselves in orgasm. Do it for me now, si vous plait."

Holding the rope in one hand and a clump of raven hair in the other, Pascal turns Wonder Woman's head slightly toward him and watches with cold satisfaction as the Amazon warrior's mouth gapes wide, her lower lip quivering, her eyes welded shut as all her constraints melt under the force of the sybian, the aphrodisiac and Pascal's will flowing through the rope into her fevered brain. She never had a chance against such overwhelming odds.


"There you go."

Wonder Woman's palms in the dirt freeze in place, the heels of them dug in deep as all ten fingers splay out like quivering fans. The scent of her climax fills the air as heavy silvery rivulets of Amazon cum leak over the sides of the black leather mound on which she kneels. The toes of her red and white boots stutter in the dust and the dangling Feminum nipple tubes rattle against each other as the dulled mind of the Champion of All Women floats in a velvet cloud of blissful sexual excess.

"Again I think."

Pascal's whispered command is easy enough to follow with all the vibrations continuing on while the sliding white rubber mound plows Wonder Woman's fertile juicy crevice with a mechanical constancy that obliterates all thought.


More flowing streams, more quivering thighs, more wobbling buttocks. The Amazon is a shaking, helplessly gasping fish out of water. Her mouth works to try to pull in air. All this pleasure has robbed her of her natural reflexes, her survival instincts, her reality.

It takes several minutes for Wonder Woman to recover her breath and find her way back to the scattered thoughts that pass for her mind under the boot of Pascal's narcotic arm patch. In that interval, Pascal has circled behind her and now straddles the sybian as well. His fly is down and his penis is out. Nestled firmly between the firm wide cheeks of the Amazon's shapely ass, the fleshy muscle is fully erect, looking all the world like a knockwurst in an oversized bun.

"Now I think we shall be fucking your ass, cherie. This is what you desire, yes?"

It is the lasso that pulls the slow, hesitating words out of a dazed Wonder Woman's mouth.

"...i....i....yes....your desires....are m...m...mine...."

"That is not what I asked. You truly want to take my cock deep into your rear, do you not, Wonder Woman. Not because of what I want but because of what you secretly yearn for, something you genuinely enjoy, yes?"

"...y...yuh....y...yessss....." Barely audible, the truth slips from the Amazon's trembling ruby lips. The hung head hides the flushing face of the mortified heroine.

"Magnifique! Let us begin..."

End of Part 27