Wonder Woman and The Horror of The Femplants

Author: The Master
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Wonder Woman was in a bad way. Her arms were hopelessly bound behind her back. Several dozen of the plant's vines bound her wrists, forearms and elbows so tightly together that they forced her two huge jugs to jut vulgarly forward as her back was arched in agony.

One of the plant's helmet-like pistils had completely enclosed her head and neck and had been tightened around her neck by several more vines. The outline of Wonder Woman's pain racked face was visible through the fibrous material. Her eyes were squeezed closed and her mouth gaped open in a silent scream. Inside, Wonder Woman's face was covered with sweat. Tears ran from the famous steel blue eyes, mucus ran out of her nose and drool dribbled down he chin. Her breaths were slow, long and shuddery as she breathed in the plant's numbing gas. She moaned, babbled incoherently and cried incessantly as the plant worked on her championship body.

Wonder Woman was suspended in mid-air her spread-eagled red booted legs were each wrapped in a dozen vines several feet off the muddy floor of the swamp. The plant had her in a complete split. Her power belt and gold lasso floated beneath her in the slime along with her bustier and star spangled panties. The plant had wrapped several more vines tightly around her stomach, and chest just above and below the magnificent mams.

The trunk of the plant was as thick as a hundred year old oak, but the plant was only ten feet tall. Its dark green color had helped hide it in the dim over vegetated swamp. None of its tentacle like vines that protruded from the trunk had been visible until Wonder Woman ran past the plant in hot pursuit of Catwoman. Then the plant had shot out several vines looping them around Wonder Woman's neck and waist. When the plant tightened the vines the one around Wonder Woman's waist pulled her power belt off! The amazing Amazon struggled furiously but, there were too many vines and the huge plant quickly reeled in its catch. As more vines ensnared her, the top of the plant opened and the pistils and other tubes exploded out like and octopus. One quickly covered her head and began anesthetizing her as the vines stripped her uniform off the muscular frame. The last thing Diana saw was another Femplant about five yards from her with several skeletons hanging from its vines. It was not the last thing she felt!

The plant had a most unusual "root" system. After stripping the helpless heroine the plant's root system slowly emerged from the ground under the plant. Dozens of huge spiny proboscis 2 feet long on the end of thick tubes emerged and found Wonder Woman's vag and anus brutally penetrating the tiny holes and reaming the helpless heroine out good!

Then from the top of the plant, tubes with small suction cups on the end slammed into Wonder Woman's massive mams. Inside the cups hundreds of tiny needles pierced the nipples and areolas of the captured Amazon. Soon the plant was draining Wonder Woman's super tit milk out in huge swells.

Meanwhile, the huge spiny dongs in Wonder Woman's ass and vag were ripping her a new ass hole and goring her uterus to shreds. Blood ran out of our heroine's two tiny orifices and dribbled down off her ass into the swamp slime below her turning the water from green to brown. Then baseball sized eggs started to migrate up the tubes and into Wonder Woman's vag and ass. Slowly, dozens of eggs filled her belly and ass attaching themselves to the well reamed out and bloody walls inside!

The suction cup tubes stretched the big boobies into long cone-shapes. Vines then wrapped around her breasts several inches down from the areolas and tightly constricted the tit trapping the super milk inside the small segment. Then the suckers sucked the segment dry and repeated the process on the next segment. Wonder Woman's titties were stretched out on either side of her further and further as they were drained of their precious contents. Soon the huge titties had been stretched as long as her legs.

"One of the Femplants has Wonder Woman." One of Catwoman's kitten shouted as Catwoman entered the cave that she used as her hideout.

"Show me!" Catwoman hissed as she walked over to the bank of security monitors.

"Here missssstress!" The young woman in the leopard skin catsuit and black mask purred, pointing at one of the monitor's screens.

"Oh, that's nasty! Catwoman said as she stared at her nemesis in the coils of the deadly plant. "That bitch almost caught me before I could get to the swamp. Look at her now, guess that million I gave to Poison Ivy to develop these plants was money well spent! Miss high and mighty Wonder Woman getting reamed out like Batgirl, and the others. Make sure you get this on film my little kittens!"

"We have it all Mistress." Another kitten shouted. "Here's the tape." Catwoman turned toward another bank of monitors.

"Watch Mistress! Its just as you predicted she tried the shortcut through the Femplants to cut you off before you could get in the caves."

Catwoman watched herself on the tape as she ran through the swamp avoiding the Femplants with Wonder Woman in hot pursuit. Then Wonder Woman cut off the path and ran through the grove of Femplants. In the blink of an eye the vines shot out and whistled around her throat like a whip snapping the Amazon off her feet in mid air and sending her crashing into the swamp.

"That should have broken her neck! That bitch is tough!" Catwoman exclaimed.

Another vine had grabbed the power belt and now ripped it off the dazed super heroine eliminating her super strength as Diana struggled with the vine coiled around her neck that was reeling her back toward the plant. Then other vines began to shoot out at the struggling Amazon quickly coiling around her wrists and arms, pulling them behind her back and drawing them tightly together. Wonder Woman's muddy face turned bright red and her bound fists clenched and unclenched again and again as the plant pulled her into the air and hung her.

"Oh this is great!" Catwoman giggled. "It's going to choke her out!"

The plant held Wonder Woman for several minutes as she struggled and kicked her legs out into the air. Then slowly, the plant coiled the vine around her neck tighter and tighter. Wonder Woman's eyes bulged and tears flowed out as her tongue hung out the side of her mouth and her face went purple. Then the pistil slid down over Wonder Woman's head and started to emit its deadly gas. The vine around her throat released and her mouth could be seen through the fibrous cover gasping open and gulping in the anesthetizing gas.

Wonder Woman's body went limp and the plant went to work stripping off her red bustier ands blue star spangled panties. The mighty mams burst out and Catwoman and her kittens applauded. When Wonder Woman's small well-groomed womanhood was exposed they went wild whistling and cheering. The plant then coiled several vines around her ankles and split the long muscular legs like a gymnast on a balance beam spreading the unprotected vagina like a flower. As if on cue, the root system of proboscis emerged and penetrated the helpless heroine.

As the spine covered phalluses reamed out Wonder Woman's vag and anus spewing her virginity into the muddy swamp water the vine around Wonder Woman's neck tightened down and dozens of other vines coiled around the helpless heroine's tits bloating the massive mams into rock hard mounds as the suction cup tubes exploded from the top of the plant and skewered the tiny buds and expanded areolas.

"What an amazing plant!" Catwoman purred as she watched her nemesis slowly impregnated and destroyed. Catwoman turned back to the live monitor and watched as the helmeted super heroine was birthing out several football-sized grubs that dropped into the swamp water from her vag and ass and swam away.

"She was my #1 adversary girls, I'll need a moment." Catwoman said feigning grief and then purring softly. "OK kittens time to go to work!"

"Wait a minute…where the hell is she?" The kitten at the live monitor puzzled. Catwoman and the others turned…Wonder Woman was gone and the Femplant's vines hung limply at its sides…

…to be continued…