Wonder Woman and The Horror of The Femplants 3

Author: The Master
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The two super heroines hung in mid air less than ten feet away from each other. Both of them were completely naked except for their red boots and Wonder Woman's tiara. Their bodies glistened with sweat as the Femplants continued their horrific assault on the two fallen crime fighters.

Supergirl hung upside down, her muscular legs were spread in a complete split at 90 degree angles from her body by two of the Kryptonite Femplants. Three proboscises were piston pumping her vagina and three more were reaming out her anus. Blood spewed out from her two well-reamed orifices like oil from a well as the multiple-dong attack continued. Droplets of blood covered her horribly stretched muscular thighs and dozens of rivets of blood ran down her back and stomach. The dongs were so large that their outlines could be seen as they penetrated the helpless girl ripping her uterus to shreds. Her arms were at 45 degree angles and stretched tightly down so that her fingers were just inches off the ground.

Supergirl's head was completely engulfed in one of the head hugging pistils and wrapped in dozens of vines. Her long blonde hair hung down towards the ground and it was apparent that under the pistil hood several huge gas tubes were inserted in her mouth and nostrils. The suction cups were working her big tits over good. Each nipple was impaled on dozens of needle like spines inside the cups and the suction was so great that the nipples had split open and now spewed swells of super milk into the long green tubes. Tentacles wrapped around the large mounds and squeezed them tightly into segmented sections that bloated up around the constricting vines.

What was most clear was that Supergirl was no longer in control of her own magnificent body. Her legs trembled as the proboscises reamed her out. Her toes curled and her hands clenched and then unclenched splaying out rigid separated fingers that shook before the hands involuntarily clenched again. Through the thin leafy grain of the pistil Supergirl's eyes could be seen closed into little slits as her puffed up cheeks inhaled more and more gas with each breath. The once firm breasts now looked like small animals in the death grip of a giant Anaconda. The vines and the suction cups worked in unison as they squeezed and sucked Supergirl's massive mams.

"GURRRGLE…GLUB…GURK…GURK…THWOOOSH…" The eggs now began to travel up the proboscis tubes toward Supergirl's now ready ass and vag. As the eggs entered her, Supergirl's stomach began to take on a greenish glow as it swelled popping out her belly button.

"This one's done honey!" Catwoman called to Poison Ivy. "Oh yea her timer just popped out."

Poison Ivy came over and looked at the computer screen in the console in front of Catwoman.

"Easy Miss Kitty…that's Supergirl and she can take a lot more than you think. I'll tell you when she's ready."

"Whatever! How's my #1 girl doing?" Catwoman sauntered over to the other side of the console where her kittens were all huddled together watching.

Wonder Woman hung about three feet off the ground in a "pretzel position." Her legs had been pulled up behind her head and folded at the knee so that her right foot protruded out behind her left ear and her left foot was behind her right ear. Her ankles were wrapped in tentacle vines that also wrapped tightly around her throat and then back around her legs. Any attempt to pull her legs down from behind her head would choke her out immediately. Her head was enveloped in one of the pistils and inside it two tubes were inserted in her nostrils and three more in her mouth all spewing the deadly anesthetizing gas into her championship body. Her face was clearly outlined in the shrink-wrap like pistil as it hugged the super heroine tightly. Wonder Woman's beautiful face was distorted in pain. Her eyes were tearful slits and her mouth was horribly distended in a long silent scream.

Wonder Woman's arms had been bound together at the wrists and elbows by dozens of tentacles vines, but something else also held her arms rigidly fixed behind her back…her tits! The suction tubes had drained all of Wonder Woman's super tit milk causing her massive mams to soften and stretch. The Femplants had then pulled the now pliable titties around behind Wonder Woman and tied them together behind her elbows! Wonder Woman was completely immobilized!

Meanwhile, beneath her a half dozen proboscises piston pumped her defenseless vag and bloody anus driving deep into the shredded orifices and depositing another clutch of eggs. Her whole body shook as the brutal rape continued the only sign of life from the helpless heroine was the clenching and unclenching of her hands as they dangled down behind her next to her matted raven mane.

"That's beautiful. Not so tough now are we Wonder Cunt. She's not dead is she?" Catwoman queried Poison Ivy.

"No, no, that's Wonder Woman! She'll be a good breeder for months! If we use her power belt to rejuvenate her…she'll be a brood mother forever. "

"I have to talk to her now how do I get that damn thing off her head?"

"I wouldn't go in there if I were you Catwoman, I'm the only one that can control the Femplants." They can be killed with the simple spray from these insecticide cans or I can order them to do whatever you wish. Be forewarned Catwoman, if you saunter your furry little ass in there when I'm not with you…well you get the picture."

Catwoman shivered as she watched another huge needle covered proboscis enter Wonder Woman's vag with the speed of a bullet.

"Yep! Got that picture.

"Good, click "Save Ass." Poison Ivy said smugly smiling at her own little pun.

As the two villainesses entered the cavern followed by the four kittens Catwoman couldn't contain herself.

"OK, OK…what about Super Cunt. How long will she last?

"Hard to tell with that one. She could die from the Kryptonite poisoning if we don't give her periodic breaks. If we do, there's no reason that she shouldn't rejuvenate like Wonder Woman and breed on forever. Getting her on the right schedule is crucial, that's why I rely on the computer monitors for these two…it gives me all the data I need. We'll breed these two as long as we want once I have the right information programmed in."

"Yes! That's what I'm talking about. An army of plant warriors at our disposal and these two super cunts breeding more all the time BWAAA…BWAAAA…BWAAA…"Catwoman laughed manically.

"SHHH…I need quiet now!" Poison Ivy cautioned as they approached the Femplants.

Poison Ivy waved her left hand and the pistil wrapped around Wonder Woman's head withdrew back up and into the plant. She waved her right hand and the proboscises raping the Amazon withdrew as well.

Catwoman grabbed Wonder Woman's hair and pulled her head close to her. Wonder Woman moaned as she tried to swim out of her semi-conscious state.

"That's a big fat belly your sporting Wonder Cunt and I don't believe I've ever seen tits that long before…do you buy them by the yard?"

Wonder Woman's tearful steel blue eyes looked at Catwoman as the villainess straightened the tiara that slumped stupidly to one side of the Princess' head.

"H-help…p-pleeeessssss…h-help…m-meeeeeeeeeeee…Aughhhhhhh…" Wonder Woman's voice was barely audible as she painfully entreated Catwoman for help.

"NO, no, now a big bad super heroine like you doesn't need any help from me. Why don't you just hang in there and squeeze out those puppies like I know your going to then the Femplants can fuck you again and again as we create our army of super plants. I know I'll be watching…and enjoying every minute. Does it hurt?"

"Y-yes…p-pleeeesss…h-help…m-meeeeeee…sob…sob…it h-hurts…it h-hurts…bad…p-pleeeeesssssss…sob…d-don't let them h-hurt m-meeee…anymore…sob…sob…I-I think I've…been …impregnated…"

"Really? Why that's terrible…what makes you think that…"

"Aughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…Aieeeeeeeeeee…Aughhhhhhhhh…" Wonder Woman's scream startled Catwoman. Then they all looked down as the first larvae started to emerge from Wonder Woman's vag.

"Your right!" Catwoman cried out. You're definitely fucked!" The women laughed as Wonder Woman's face pained in agony as another larvae began to emerge from her ass. The two football sized grubs wiggled out of the super heroine's body as she screamed in agony and were quickly followed by two more.

Poison Ivy waved her hands at the pistil and proboscises fucking Supergirl…they retreated into the plants and the plants seemed to go into some sort of dormant state. Then she knelt down in front of the upside down super heroine. That's a huge belly you got bitch…I'm not green with envy but I see you are…not so tough now eh Super Cunt?"

"P-pleeeesssss…p-pleeeeesssss…d-don't h-hurt m-meeee…anymore…"

"Why I haven't touched you…it's those damn plants…I don't know what's got in to them…OK…I'll venture a guess…Duh…kryptonite!"

"P-pleeessss…it h-hurts…p-pleeessss…d-don't h-hurt m-meeeee…anymore…sob…sob…Aughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…"

The first of Supergirl's larvae began to emerge from her anus…then as it was struggling to get out a huge two headed larvae began ripping out her vag. Blood spewed everywhere from the well spread super heroine.



"OK kittens, get your pans ready and let's get all the newborn into the nursery in the back as quickly as possible." Poison Ivy directed the kittens as they retrieved the newborn as quickly as the two "mothers" birthed them out.

The two fallen super heroines hung across from each other and watched through tear filled eyes as the other super heroine birthed out more larvae. Their screams mingled together as they begged each other to help save them. More than sixty larvae were birthed over the next three hours before their bodies were emptied of their vile contents. Then the two were taken back to the lab and anesthetized.