Wonder Woman and The Horror of The Femplants 5

Author: The Master
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harder… I-I'm cumming…again…Auhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…"

Wonder Woman knelt over a rock her ass high in the air as dozens of Femplant proboscises reamed her out. Her own cum covered the rock and ran down forming several small puddles on the ground Her green body was covered with sweat and she was taking on all comers.

"Ain't she something?" Poison Ivy asked with a twisted sense of pride.

"Yea honey she's great, but I already know how to fuck so can we get on with the show?" Catwoman said as she started for the door.

"Careful dear…remember what I said about going out there alone."

Catwoman stopped and opened the door gesturing to Poison Ivy with a bow and hand sweep. Then Catwoman and her kittens followed her out.

Poison Ivy went straight to Wonder Woman. Clapping her hands she pointed at Wonder Woman, circled her right hand, tapped her chest and pointed her right thumb down.

The plants reacted quickly grabbing Wonder Woman by the throat and throttling her mercilessly. Wonder Woman soon discovered that while her kryptonite based metabolism allowed her to easily defeat Supergirl, her new body was no match for the Femplants as her magic belt no longer enriched her breast milk giving her super strength, it now super charged the Femplant hormone serum making her horny and weak. The plants made quick work of her.

The plants quartered Wonder Woman 3 feet up in the air and parallel to the ground. Her arms and legs were wrapped with tentacles and spread and stretched until her joints were on the verge of popping. Her throat was tightly bound and several proboscises had already driven deep down into it. Several dongs pistoned her pussy and ass as the tentacles removed the tit clamps and coiled around her bloated titties like constrictors popping her nipples just as the suction cups skewered the enlarged areolas. Wonder Woman writhed in agony and ecstasy as she climaxed again and again. Then the eggs came…the pleasure ceased and the pain returned. Wonder Woman's silent screams went unnoticed as she watched her belly swell with eggs and her tits deflate.

Supergirl screamed in agony as another huge larvae wigged out of her bloody anus and dropped to the ground inches below. She hung in the same "pretzel" position that she had been in when impregnated except that the plants had released her legs from behind her head and spread them in a perfect split about 1 foot off the floor. She was producing new larva at the rate of six an hour.

"She's got to have 4 or 5 dozen in her this time girls. We're gonna be here all night." Poison Ivy boasted. "Be sure you get them in the pool quickly and keep them warm. Don't forget to look after the first litter."

Poison Ivy and Catwoman spent the next several hours taunting the helpless teen as she birthed out dozens of larvae. Supergirl sobbed and begged for an end to her agony but the sadistic villainesses added to her agony straddling her head and forcing the helpless heroine to eat them out. The pain, the humiliation, the violation, the betrayal, the hopelessness of her situation finally came to bear…Supergirl broke!

"I-I'll d-do anything y-you want…Misstress…p-pleeeesssss…d-don't let them h-hurt m-meeeeee…anymore…Aughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…"

Supergirl babbled on as another larvae wiggled out her ass joining the one trying to get free from her vag. Poison Ivy motioned to one of the Femplants and it quickly sent four spiny proboscises over to her. She pulled several dozen spines from the thick dongs and handed half of them to Catwoman.

The two bitches then went to work on Supergirl's horribly stretched tits. Needle after needle skewered the once mighty mams until each of Supergirl's tits looked like a porcupine. So absorbed were the women in torturing the super teen they lost track of all time.


"Where did you put that one honey?" Catwoman inquired as she turned. "Whaaaa…???"

Catwoman turned and saw Poison Ivy clutching her throat as blood spewed from her jugular vein. Poison stared past Catwoman as if she had seen a ghost.


The tiara whirled back to its owner as she stood in her red, white and blue uniform.

"When your plants suctioned my hormone enhanced breasts they drained all of your serum out. Since I was wearing my magic belt it rejuvenated my breasts and my super milk and destroyed the eggs in me. It wasn't hard after that…good bye you sick bitch!"

Poison Ivy bled out and lay still. Wonder Woman turned to Catwoman.

"Your kittens willn't be disturbing us Catwoman." Wonder Woman pointed at her lasso. "Now you get yours!" As Wonder Woman pulled her arm back to throw the tiara Catwoman bounced quickly through the plants and was gone.

"WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! Wonder Woman's hands whirled like knives and in seconds Supergirl was free. Wonder Woman flew her back to the lab and using her belt rejuvenated the super teen in minutes.

"Catwoman!" Supergirl nearly snarled as she put on her tunic and short cape. She flexed her muscles in a mirror and marveled at her once again perfect form.

"Come on." Wonder Woman gestured. The two super heroines flew out into the cavern leaving the four kittens tied up in the lab. Wonder Woman set down lightly on a large rock in the middle of the cavern followed by Supergirl. Wonder Woman pointed down.

Below them Catwoman was spread-eagled to a single Femplant her back to the plant's trunk. Her black latex cat suit hung in tatters from her arms and legs. Her tan skin was exposed from her shoulders to her thighs. Her large 38D breasts had several tentacles coiled tightly around them that segmented the tits into separate compartments. Several proboscises were trying to penetrate her well-groomed pussy. Catwoman's lightening fast reflexes allowed her to shift her hips to avoid each dong's attack.

"That's great!" Wonder Woman yelled down. "Keep moving, I think your tiring them out!"

Catwoman looked up and saw the two super heroines and snarled.

I'll…ULP! MMMPHHHHH…" A huge proboscis stuffed her mouth and quieted her. Catwoman shook her head trying to free herself from the offending dong but it was too deep. Then suddenly, Catwoman stiffened. She had been distracted long enough for one of the spiny dongs to find her pussy. Catwoman's eyes closed, her brow wrinkled and her silent scream filled only her cat ears on top of her head. As the spiny dong began reaming out Catwoman a second larger spike impaled her anus. The two spiked dongs piston pumped the helpless Catwoman as she threw her head back and forth. Then the pistils erupted from the top of the plant and one quickly covered Catwoman's panicked face as the suction cups skewered her bloated tits.

"I guess we should help her." Wonder Woman mused. Supergirl put her hand on Wonder Woman's shoulder.

"Everything in its time sister…now is not the time."