Wonder Woman and The Horror of The Femplants 2

Author: The Master
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Supergirl landed lightly on the side of the rocky crag. She lowered the sleeping Wonder Woman to the dusty ground and placed her uniform and power belt on a rock next to her. She looked down at the battered Amazon scanning her body for any signs of foreign life inside…there was none.

Supergirl placed the power belt on Wonder Woman's belly and stood back. It was like watching an inflatable toy being blown up. The ligature marks on her neck, arms and legs slowly faded and her large flabby breasts inflated to perfection as the belt rejuvenated the defeated super heroine. Her matted hair and blood-spattered body literally glistened like a car that just left the car wash. Wonder Woman stirred.


"Easy Diana, your OK." Supergirl bent down and gently touched Wonder Woman's left breast marveling at its size and firmness.

"Supergirl, Great Hera, what was that thing?"

"One of Poison Ivy's surprise gifts to Catwoman I guess. It took all of my super strength and super speed to get you out of it."

"Thanks, I owe you one. How did you find me?"

"Your plane's not invisible to me Princess. I have been on Catwoman's trail since the heist at the Museum of Sciences. Some of the rocks taken were actually meteors encrusted with diamonds and other precious stones…priceless in value…and irreplaceable.

Wonder Woman stood and stretched, completely unabashed and naked to the world as she overlooked the tiny green jungle island and the white sand beach in the distance where her invisible plane had landed. She began to put on her uniform.

"I owe Catwoman more than one, and she gets hers right now!" Wonder Woman put on her power belt and struck her power pose, chest out, hands on hips and head high as she surveyed the island.

"Can you find her with your vision?" Wonder Woman asked.

"Her hideout is in a cave directly below us."

"Have you scanned it well Supergirl, I…I…I just don't want any more surprises." Wonder Woman stammered with a worried look on her face and then added. "You know like kryptonite." Wonder Woman smiled faintly.

"Its OK Diana…no kryptonite and no plants…just Catwoman and her four kittens."

"OK…let's getum!"

"Good then everything is under control. Just hurry…CRASH!!!"

Catwoman dropped the cell phone and turned as Supergirl and Wonder Woman came crashing through the cave's large wooden door and landed in the middle of the room.

"Come in." Catwoman purred. "Would you like a chair or do you prefer standing. Oh, I guess you'd prefer to be on your feet…Wonder Woman."

Wonder Woman seethed as Catwoman smiled and rubbed her own pussy.

"Owwwwwww…what an ordeal. Thank God for Supercunt eh."

Supergirl flew at Catwoman but Catwoman's speed was equal to the task and she bounded to another side of the room and opened a door to a dark hallway.

"Ta-Ta my little blonde bimbet. My kittens will keep you entertained!" Catwoman leaped through the door and was gone.

The four women in leopard skin catsuits and masks confronted Supergirl and Wonder Woman.

"You got this?" Supergirl asked Wonder Woman.

"No problem…Go!"

Supergirl flew after Catwoman as the four women moved in toward Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman began moving to her right as the women spread out in front of her.

"WHUMP!" The floor where Wonder Woman was standing opened and the Amazing Amazon dropped out of sight as the trap door sprung shut. Wonder Woman dropped twenty feet landing hard on the sandy pit floor.


Wonder Woman landed on her butt. She got up and dusted herself off.

"Well, well, its Wonder Cow! Nice landing bitch!

Wonder Woman looked up to see Poison Ivy standing on the ledge above her.

"You…you and your plants…I owe you…"

"Yes I believe you do Wonder Cow…and now its time to pay up!"

Suddenly, the sandy pit beneath Wonder Woman exploded upward with dozens of tentacle vines. Several grabbed Wonder Woman's ankles and twisted.

"Aughhhhhhhhhh…" Wonder Woman went down hard as two large Femplants slowly emerged from the sandy pit floor.


Vine after vine whipped around Wonder Woman's legs and ankles as the first Femplant engulfed our heroine in vines.

"WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! Wonder Woman chopped the vines with both hands severing the tentacles in two and freeing her legs.


The second plant whipped tentacles around Wonder Woman's throat and mouth in attempt to choke her out.

"WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! As quickly as the vines struck Wonder Woman severed them her flashing hands like whirling knives…she was magnificent!

"BWOOOSHHHHH!!" The top of the first plant exploded out the deadly pistils seeking out their target. One enveloped Wonder Woman's head and quickly shrunk to size as if our heroine was suddenly in a huge cellophane bag. Wonder Woman reached up grabbing the tube above her head with both hands and twisted. As she did the suction tubes pulled down her bustier and slammed into the tiny rosebuds skewering the nipples and areolas with hundreds of tiny needles.

"Aughhhhhhhhhhhh…you bastards! The flashing hands severed the suction tubes and pulled off the pistil just as it emitted its first blast of gas. Wonder Woman was free and she backed away from the plant… right into the second plant.

"BWOOOSHHHHHH!!!" The top of the second plant exploded and the sheer mass and weight of the tumbling tubes and pistils enveloped our heroine knocking her to the ground. The first plant launched another wave of pistils and Wonder Woman's form disappeared under the mound of writhing stalks.

"PHSSSSST…PHSSSST…PHSSST…PHSSSST…PHSSSSST…" Dozens of pistils could be heard spraying their deadly gas inside the pile as severed tentacles flew out of the pile like bees from a hive. The fight went on for ten more minutes then the pile exploded upward and the Amazing Amazon stood up.

Wonder Woman stood still her arms at her sides. Her bustier had been pulled down and blood trickled down from the tiny piercings in her nipples and areolas. Her power belt was gone…as was the crotch of her blue star-spangled panties…a huge proboscis was wedged in her vagina. Blood dribbled down the tube as it slowly piston pounded the impaled pussy.

Wonder Woman staggered as the spine-covered dong drove deep up inside her. Each thrust was so powerful that her hair and shoulders bounced up and down. Diana's eyes rolled back in her head. Her right arm reached out as a wrestler might reach for the sanctuary of the ring ropes.

"PHSSST…PHSSSST…PHSSST…a small tube was wrapped tightly around her neck a dozen times and a triangular-shaped pistil covered her nose and mouth as it sprayed its deadly gas into Wonder Woman's championship body.

"That's my boys!" Poison Ivy shouted. "Now finish her!"

Wonder Woman staggered a few more steps reaching out in a vain attempt to reach the wall of the pit.

"WHUMP…WHUMP…WHUMP…WHUMP…" The huge dong pounded the impaled pussy and Wonder Woman's leg's quivered with each step.

"PHSSST…PHSSST…PHSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSST…" Wonder Woman inhaled more of the gas then the vines struck.



The vines from both Femplants flew through the air wrapping around Wonder Woman's arms and legs in seconds. Then the wilting Amazon was lifted off the floor between the two plants and with the precision of a drill team the plants pulled spread-eagling the helpless heroine between them.

Poor Wonder Woman hung in mid-air her arms and legs stretched between the two huge plants as they now went to work on her championship body.

As the first plant was reaming out her vag the second plant plowed a huge spiked dong up her anus. As the two plants piston pumped our heroine blood dribbled down into the white sand beneath Wonder Woman's spread-eagled frame and tears flowed from the famous steel blue eyes.

Dozens of vine tentacles now finished off our heroine binding her thighs, upper arms, chest and torso. Several more coiled around the base of the massive mams as the suction tubes leeched onto the tiny nipples skewering the small buds and piercing their perfect tan bases. The pressure in the suction cups began to build as blood rushed out of the nipples from the now severely bloated and blue breasts.

"POP…POP!" The two nipples gave way under the severe pressure and suddenly Wonder Woman's super milk was being sucked into the plants tubes in large swells.

"Aughhhhhhhhhhh…Aughhhhhhhhhh…sob…sob…Aughhhhhhh…" Wonder Woman moaned as her strength was slowly drained from her chest.

"THWOP…THWOP…THWOP…GURGGGGLE….GURGGGLE…" The plants were now sending their cum and golf ball size eggs up the tubes and into Wonder Woman's vag and ass.

"Aieeeeee…Aughhhhh…sob…sob…Aieeeeeeeeeee…Aughhhhhhhh…" Wonder Woman knew the horror that would follow this agony and she sobbed brokenly for help.


Poison Ivy and the kittens watched for several more minutes as Wonder Woman's belly swelled and her tits stretched and deflated as the plants had their way with her.

"This show is over kittens." Poison Ivy hissed. "Time to go to work."

Supergirl flew down the corridor in hot pursuit of Catwoman. The corridor twisted and turned then dropped like a roller coaster ride and went on for several hundred yards deeper and deeper into Catwoman's lair. Suddenly, Supergirl flew out of the corridor and into a huge under ground cavern. She scoped it out with both her x-ray and telescopic vision…no kryptonite here…just an underground Garden of Eden with beautiful flowers, trees and a stream. Supergirl walked slowly through the grass using her x-ray vision to insure she was not walking into a trap. This must be Catwoman's Fortress of Solitude she thought.

"You've got your guts Supergirl I'll give you that!" Catwoman's voice echoed through the cavern.

"And you've got yours." Supergirl responded. "Now be a nice kitty and come along nicely. Time to pay the piper."

"Oh, and you would be the piper."

Too much prattle my dear Supergirl thought as she finally spotted Catwoman on the branch of a huge tree in the far end of the cavern licking her paws and looking much like the "Preditor."

In the blink of an eye she flew at super speed and landed on the branch next to Catwoman.

"Games up Miss Kitty. Time for you to…THWOT!"

A long tentacle vine from a Femplant on the ground next to the tree shot out like a frog grabbing an insect and coiled around Supergirl's neck. Suddenly, Supergirl felt weak and as she went to pull the coil from around her neck…

"THWOT…THWOT…THWOT…THWOT…THWOT…" More tentacles hit her whipping around her legs, waist and left arm. Supergirl struggled but could not pull the vines off of her. Then suddenly the plant pulled her out of the tree and she landed hard on the ground.

"Kryptonite!" Supergirl thought. "But where is it?" She used her x-ray vision but could not find any kryptonite rocks in the area.

"THWOT…THWOT…THWOT…THWOT…THWOT…THWOT…" A half dozen more tentacles now bound her arms, head and torso as the plant stepped up its attack.

"BWOOOSH!" The top of the Femplant open up and out came the pistils. They ripped at Supergirl's cape pulling it off her. The tunic and panties went next.


The plant shoved a large proboscis into Supergirl's mouth and the Maid of Might was suddenly very quiet as she struggled with her attacker. A greenish pallor came over Supergirl's face as she looked up and saw Catwoman smiling down at her from her perch up in the tree.

"Looking for the kryptonite my dear. Its hard to find when its so small isn't it?"


The plant had just found Supergirl's vagina with an exceptionally large proboscis that exploded her hymen like a water balloon dropped ten stories to the street below."


Now the spiny green dong went to work on Supergirl's uterus. Again and again the huge tool drove in and out of the Maid of Might ripping her vag to shreds.

"That was the beauty of Poison Ivy's plan. Grind down the kryptonite we stole from the Museum to use as part of the fertilizer for a few of the Femplants that we'd place strategically around the island. Wonder Woman's swamp lover wasn't one of our "special" plants but this one is

…and so are those."

Supergirl strained to look over her shoulder as three other green Femplants behind her began shooting their tentacles out at her.

"Raised on kryptonite, their whole metabolism is kryptonite based, except the plants don't glow like the rocks, thanks to Poison Ivy." Catwoman cackled. "Hope you don't mind my watching, it's not everyday you get to watch a real super heroine raped and tamed."

Suddenly, Supergirl was lifted off the ground and spread-eagled between the four plants. Then they began working her over. They took turns raping her mouth, vag and anus. The plant that wasn't penetrating her was sucking the super tit milk out of Supergirl's bodacious set of ta-tas. Sweat, blood and tears flowed in large quantities as the plants began to impregnate the helpless Supergirl. The hot gism burned as it entered her mouth, vag and anus. As the baseball size eggs entered the three orifices Supergirl's agony turned to gut wrenching fear as the merciless Catwoman watched from her tree stand.

Then the pistils enveloped her head and a grateful Supergirl breathed in the gas finding a brief reprise from hell.

…to be continued…