Wonder Woman and The Horror of The Femplants 4

Author: The Master
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Wonder Woman and The Horror of The Femplants (Part 4)

Wonder Woman awakened to screaming and tried to open her eyes, but quickly closed them as the overhead lamps were blinding. She could hear Supergirl crying and begging and she could hear laughter and voices yelling and applauding. She struggled but she was spread-eagled on the stainless steel lab table and leather straps held her wrists and ankles tightly in place. She new she had been rejuvenated as the pain was gone, but without her power belt she wasn't going anywhere. Slowly, she opened her eyes and turned her head toward the noise.

The four kittens were raping Supergirl on the floor as Catwoman and Poison Ivy cheered them on. Each of the kittens was wearing a thick green strap-on about 13 inches long. Supergirl was lying on one of the kittens facing up her pallor was green. The kitten had buried her dong in Supergirl's ass and was doing her very well. Another of the lackeys was on top pounding her pussy with her dong. The third kitten knelt over Supergirl's head and was busy mouth fucking the Maid of Might. The last one straddled her chest and was brutalizing Supergirl's tits slapping the massive mounds back and forth using her dong like a blackjack.

Wonder Woman watched as the four rotated positions and attacked the helpless heroine again responding to their leaders commands and cheering.

"Leave her alone!" Wonder Woman shouted. "Can't you see you're killing her?"

"Well, well sleeping beauty awakens." Catwoman purred as she slunk over to the table and looked down on the amazing Amazon. "I wouldn't want to be you now for all the money in the world." Catwoman ran her hand over Wonder Woman's beautiful face, stroked her long raven hair, ran her hand over the perfect mounds of meat that jutted straight up into the air. Then she smoothed her hand down the flat stomach and fingered her tight pussy before stroking her muscular thighs and tight boot covered calves.

"Not for all the money in the world!"

"OK Miss Kitty, its my turn now." Poison Ivy walked over to the other side of the table.

"Fine, fine, fine. I'll just sit over here and play with myself as I watch!"

"Wonder Woman. What an interesting name." Cooed Poison Ivy as she leaned over Wonder Woman. "Well when I'm through with you you'll be wondering about a lot of things, but not who your Mistress is."

Poison Ivy reached down onto a large medical cart along side the table. Wonder Woman pulled against her bonds and struggled desperately to be free. Poison Ivy brought up a stainless steel instrument that looked like a very fancy corkscrew mounted on four curved brackets to an adjustable circular base. She placed the base over Wonder Woman's left breast and adjusted it so that it just fit around the massive mam then she started to ratchet the base in tightening it like a clamp around the breast and bloating the big boobie out between the four brackets until the boob pressed tightly into the curved pieces. Wonder Woman stiffened as her breast began to harden and turn bright red.

The contraption looked like a miniature oil derrick with the corkscrew poised over Wonder Woman's nipple. Poison Ivy began to turn the corkscrew down holding Wonder Woman's left nipple directly under the sharp tip. The corkscrew compressed Wonder Woman's nipple onto her areola before it pierced the pink rose bud.



Wonder Woman screamed as the corkscrew pierced her nipple and Poison Ivy twisted it into her meaty mound. Down, down, down the Poison Ivy twisted the corkscrew into Wonder Woman's rock hard purple tit. Wonder Woman pounded her head on the stainless steel table as the excruciating agony consumed her head obliterating all other thought. Then Poison Ivy pushed down on the flanges on each side of the derrick. Unlike a corkscrew these flanges were self-releasing similar to a car jack and each time she pushed down on the flanges Wonder Woman's skewered nipple stretched higher and higher off her breast. Poison ivy "jacked" Wonder Woman's nipple up until finally her entire areola had been stretched above her breast in a tiny cone-like shape.

Wonder Woman continued to bang her head as sweat now ran off her tightly stretched body as her hands clenched and unclenched.

"Aughhhhhhhhhhh…p-pleeeesssssssssss…t-take it off…Aughhhhhh…"

Instead of taking it off Poison Ivy reached down onto the cart and brought out another nipplescrew. Wonder Woman screamed as the process was repeated on her right nipple while the evil villainess taunted the helpless heroine. When she was finished Poison Ivy stepped back to admire her work.

The two devices had Wonder Woman's boobies in a tight vice. The two bloated and purple titties were streaked with rivets of blood that seeped out of the pierced and tightly stretched buds and ran down the sides of her tits and onto the table. Poison Ivy went back to her console and observed the ultra sound scan of Wonder Woman's tits through the monitor. She returned and made some adjustments to the bases and the nipple screws then returned again to the computer. She seemed pleased and pushed a button before returning to Wonder Woman.

Two chains lowered from the ceiling on the end were steel hooks. Poison Ivy hooked the ends of the nipple screws with the hooks and released the screws from their support structure. Returning to the console she pushed another button.



Wonder Woman's screams were inhuman as the chains pulled the screws out of Wonder Woman's tits like one would uncork a wine bottle. As the screws exited the mighty mams they were covered with dozens of white spaghetti-like strings that were wrapped around the screws and dangled down several feet as the hooks slowly pulled them out of sight.

"Kiss your milk ducts goodbye Wonder Cunt you willn't be needing them in your immediate future."


m-more…p-pleeeesss…I-I…d-do…anything y-you want…sob…sob…"

"Yes you will! But first we need to finish off these big titties of yours."

Poison Ivy pushed another button and two plastic tubes with small suction cups at the ends slowly lowered from the ceiling. Poison Ivy made quick work of affixing the cups to Wonder Woman's perforated nipples. Then she turned on the suction.

The tubes jumped to life as the milk in Wonder Woman's breasts was sucked into the tubes and whisked away up into the ceiling. Poison Ivy monitored the milk flow as Wonder Woman sobbed and grew weaker and weaker on the table. Then Poison Ivy approached Wonder Woman.

"This hormone will redirect the effects of your super tit milk my dear." Poison Ivy set up the two IV drips then inserted a long IV needle into the base of Wonder Woman's left tit!


will'nt get away with this…Aughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…Aughhhhh…"

"Good! I like a little spunk in my slaves…I'll put a bigger "spunk" in you when I'm done with your tits!" Poison Ivy then inserted another IV in Wonder Woman's right tit. As Wonder Woman struggled Poison Ivy connected the two tubes and adjusted the flow of the greenish slime in the IV bags.

"Here's how it works Wonder Bitch." Poison Ivy spoke softly into Wonder Woman's ear. "The hormones make you horney, but not for a man…no they make you horney for the plants. After this instead of your super milk making you stronger the hormones will make you horney for my Femplants. We willn't have to tie you up anymore you'll obey me just like the plants do. You'll go to the plants for your own satisfaction. We'll make you the neighborhood slut!"

An hour later, Wonder Woman's tits were completely drained of their super milk and were swelling up with the Poison Ivy's hormone serum. Poison Ivy had removed the support structure and ratcheted down the clamps at the base of Wonder Woman's breasts so horribly compressing the bases that the big boobs wobbled back and forth at a mere touch of the hand. The bound titties glowed an ominous green and Wonder Woman's eyes were glazed and fixed.

Poison Ivy removed the tubes and IV's and removed Wonder Woman's bindings.

"Stand up Wonder Cunt!" Poison Ivy ordered.

Wonder Woman stood up along side the table. She almost toppled over from the weight of her now 48DDD breasts that were constricted on 3" wide bases. Wonder Woman held her big boobies until they stopped wobbling then came to attention.

"Excellent, excellent!" Catwoman applauded. "Kittens, put away your toys and bring Super Cunt over here!"

The four kittens dragged a thoroughly raped Supergirl over to the table.

Poison Ivy went to the back of the room and came back with Wonder Woman's belt and lasso. "Put this on bitch."

"Whaa?" Catwoman was astonished.

"Easy there my fine furry friend, trust…it's sometimes hard to do."

Catwoman and the kittens looked uneasy as Wonder Woman put her power belt around her naked waist. Diana seemed to swell up as the belt's rejuvenating powers started…then slowly as Wonder Woman's body began healing her skin began to turn a pale green and the whites of her eyes turned green.

Wonder Woman stood rigidly at attention. Her body was its magnificent self again except for her big wobbly tits and her skin color. Her red boots, raven hair, steel blue eyes and gold belt accented her beautiful green body. The black bands binding her tits tightly at their bases topped the whole look off perfectly

"I like it!" Poison Ivy exclaimed. "I was really tired of that old red, white and blue outfit. Now this is a uniform!"

"I looooove it!" Catwoman purred. "But, does it work?" She asked suspiciously.

"Wonder Cunt, take "The Maid of Might" here into the sanctuary and be sure every one of my Krytonite Femplants does her good…and while you're at it…get yourself filled up too!"

Wonder Woman grabbed Supergirl by the hair and dragged her into the cavern.

"Oh, and soften her up a bit will you honey." Poison called out as Wonder Woman carried Supergirl out of the lab.

"Poison, aren't you worried that Supergirl might take Wonder Woman out?" Catwoman inquired.

"Not in this lifetime Miss Kitty, you see the hormones in Wonder Cunt's tits are from the Kryptonite Femplants! Supergirl willn't be taking Miss Kryptonite Tits out ever!"

"WHUMP!" Wonder Woman's fist landed square on Supergirl's jaw!

"Aughhhh…" Supergirl was lifted off her feet and landed flat on her back. Little dots shot across Supergirl's field of vision as her head whirled around and the sounds inside the cavern dimmed in her head then returned.

"WHUMP!" Wonder Woman kicked the naked Supergirl right in the cunt.



Supergirl held her twat in both hands as she rolled over onto her side and retched on the ground next to her.

"CRACK!" Wonder Woman grabbed Supergirl's hair in her hand and pounded her face into the stone floor. Blood spurted from Supergirl's nose and mouth. "CRACK! CRACK! CRACK!" Wonder Woman pounded her face into the rock again and again. Then she pulled Supergirl up on her feet and held her by her hair dragging her over to a rock wall and placing the sagging super heroine against the rocks.

"WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! Wonder Woman pounded heavy shots to Supergirl's body concentrating on her ribs, stomach and tits. Wonder Woman's blows were devastating as Supergirl's body was still filled with kryptonite hormones and Wonder Woman's tits now made her entire metabolism kryptonite based.

"WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! The beating continued as Wonder Woman held the helpless Supergirl in position as she punished her once impregnable body. Huge bruises and blood clots formed on Supergirl's breasts and torso until Wonder Woman finally allowed her to slump to the ground.

Wonder Woman then dragged Supergirl over to the grove of kryptonite Femplants and held her up until the plants lashed out with their tentacles and seized the helpless heroine. Wonder Woman watched as the plants made quick work of The Maid of Might twisting her into the same pretzel position Wonder Woman had been in earlier. As the teen's ankles were secured behind her head the suction tubes found her big tits and the sharp needles secured the cups onto the pert areolas. The suction began stretching the tiny buds and in minutes the dam had burst and Supergirl's super tit milk was flowing into the Femplants. Then as the plants continued binding her elbows and wrists the proboscises attacked. This time several dozen fought to penetrate the bloody teen super heroine. As many as six of the spiny dongs were raping her ass and vag at the same time. As the pistil slowly covered her head Supergirl's dull eyes found Wonder Woman standing in her power pose on the ground beneath her. Wonder Woman's huge green bloated tits shining in the dark cavern. As Wonder Woman watched her right hand slid down to her own clit and slowly stared to rub herself. Supergirl's mouth seemed to form the word "why" just before the pistil covered her face and the gas tubes penetrated her mouth and nostrils. Then the eggs started to migrate up the tubes as the pale green cum and rich red blood dribbled out of the fallen heroine's well-reamed orifices.

Wonder Woman watched and rubbed her clit as the plants slowly stretched Supergirl's tits around her thighs and behind her tying them off behind her elbows. The Maid of Might was done for, now it was time…she sniffed the air…pheromones filled her nostrils…Wonder Woman walked towards the plants.