Family and Friends

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Friday morning Kara woke up after just a few hours sleep and headed for the shower. Lunesta had left to go home after fixing the peeping Tom problem, unhappy. She still wanted to cut the boys nuts off, but she had calmed down quite a bit since first finding out the boy had taking pictures of them nude and having sex.

So Kara was alone on the farm with just Aunt Martha for the day. Her friends would start to show up for her party the next afternoon. She had offered to take her aunt into town for lunch, just the two of them, but first she had to go visit her shrink for her bi-weekly session.

The young blonde grabbed a clean pair of panties and headed for the shower. She paused for a moment to make sure the shade was pulled down so no one would see her. It was bad enough several boys in town had seen pictures of her naked, she didn't need for more to get a glimpse. From now on she would have to be more careful. The boys this time didn't realize what they had. They thought they had pictures of 2 different girls when they photographed her with and without her wig. Cassie was good enough to put a block in their minds so they never would figure it out.

As Kara made her way to the bathroom her thoughts were interrupted when the phone rang. "Hello?" She asked putting the receiver to her ear.

"Hi Linda it's Jake."

"Oh, hi Jake." Kara replied with her mood shifting and a bright smile coming to her face.

"I was just calling because my father and I have tickets to the ball game tonight and now he can't go. I was wondering if you'd like to go see Metropolis trounce Boston?" Jake asked.

"I'd love to." she replied as she fidgeted with the phone cord. "Where should I meet you?"

"I'll come and get you. I've seen your aunts truck and we wouldn't want you stranded on the side of the road now would we?" he said with a chuckle. "I'll be there around 4 and we can grab dinner before the game."

"Sounds good to me." Kara replied then rolled her eyes at herself for her lame response. "I'll see you at 4 then. Bye." she said with a lilt and hung up. Kara bit the corner of her lower lip as she grinned and walked into the bathroom.

"Good morning Metropolis. This just came over the wire." Sam Cousins said to the camera. She tried not to squirm too much from her sore ass and tried to make sure not to look any of the crew in the face. She was sure some of them heard her cries the day before as she bought Todd's support for her job with all her holes. "Three guards just surrendered themselves and admitted to murdering General Marshel."

"That's right." Todd said sitting smugly next to the hot blonde he fucked silly the morning before after the show. He had been getting high fives all morning from the crew. "In a bizarre twist to the Corps story, three of the guards charged with holding the general confessed to murdering him.

"We will bring you more on this story as it comes in." Sam stated. She was wearing a silk blouse that covered her bruised cleavage. The previous days sexual encounter was one for her record book. She never would have expected a guy his age could ride her that hard or give her that many orgasms. She could see why his wife stayed with him, even with his philandering ways.

"And now to sports. Take it away Jeff." Todd said and the light on the camera went off. But Todd wasn't. He was hard as a rock thinking of what else he could do with Sam. His wife hadn't been up to a rocking time like that in years.

Ares sat fuming in a large stone chair in the great hall, his helmet and sword on the floor next to him. The palace on Olympus was a huge stone structure with marble floors and walls. Used mainly as a meeting place between the gods and humans they once ruled over. "When I find that little cunt she'll pay for this." he mumbled to himself. He would still like to enslave the bitch and make her serve him in various ways, but if he couldn't control her or the suit she would have to die.

Ares thoughts were brought back to the moment with a flash of light. Hermes appeared with two men in suits and highly polished black shoes. "Welcome gentlemen." Ares said with a sick grin. The god of war never moved from his spot sitting erect on the stone chair with his hands on the arm rests. He looked relaxed, but was beyond rage on the inside.

Hermes stepped aside as Ares spoke with the men. Frank Jacobs and Tim Thompson were both ex military and both now worked for the FBI. "I want her found." he stated angrily to the two men.

Frank, a middle aged white man in his early 40s, stepped forward. "Sir, it might be easier to find the other one and force her to tell us who she is and where to find her."

"I have to agree." Tim added. The blonde man in his late 30s stepped forward and said. "We know Spanish Fly's real name is Guenevere Gonzalez. We should find her first and force her to tell us where to find the other. We may even be able to get where to find Wonder Woman out of her also."

Ares gave the men an evil grin. "Then find them." he replied angrily. "I want all three of them on their knees before me."

"Yes my lord." both men replied. It wasn't going to be easy using agency resources without being questioned by their superiors, but if they succeeded Ares would reward them.

Ares waved his hand and Hermes, along with the 2 men, vanished to leave Ares alone to fume in private.

Dr. Leo Smith grinned as he sat back in his chair listening to the hot blonde on his couch tell him what she did during the week. "So you were really upset with this boy for spying on you?" he asked with a chuckle.

Kara frowned and replied "I know boys will be boys and stuff, but they shouldn't be spying with telescopes on naked girls in their own homes."

"Your right. And you showed great restraint in not hurting him. The fact is that you only took the pictures and negatives as well as making sure he won't do it again shows that your now acting on sexual issues in a healthy way." Dr. Smith stated.

Kara smiled at hearing she did good. "So, same time Monday?" she asked feeling her hour was nearly up.

"That won't be necessary. I don't think you need to come see me anymore." the doctor stated.

Kara had a little pain in her voice as she whined. "You don't want to see me anymore?"

Leo gave a belly laugh and answered. "You don't need me anymore. But if you have an issue and feel you need to talk it over with someone feel free to come and see me. The rest of your Kryptonite jewelry

is in the top draw of my desk. You should take it home now."

Kara smiled with being declared better, but was scared on the inside. "Will I have to call your secretary?" she whined, wondering how she would get to see him without anyone knowing.

"No." he laughed. "But you will have to come to my new office." he said with a big grin.

Kara gasped and rolled over on the couch to face him with a big smile. "They gave you the job?"

"Yep, your now looking at the new staff psychologist for the JLA. I transferred my other patients to my partners and will hang my diploma on the Watch Tower station first thing Monday morning." he told the smiling girl as she laid on her stomach. Her skirt had flipped up as she turned over and her round red panty clad ass was clearly visible to him.

"So before I go, do you want me to help you with that?" she asked with a grin as she pointed to his crotch and his hard -on clearly showing through his trousers.

Leo laughed and replied "I don't think we have the time for that. And you don't have to do that."

"I know I don't have to. I want to. And I bet I can suck you off and make you cum before your secretary walks into the office." she said with a wicked grin as she looked at the clock having learned the woman's routine and knowing she had 17 minutes to get the deed done.

Leo chuckled and asked "What're the stakes?"

"How about if I can't make you cum before she gets here I promise you can have me one time of your choosing." she offered.

"And what do I have to do if you do make me cum before she gets here?" he asked the wickedly grinning teen.

Kara chuckled and replied "Tit for tat. I get to use a strap on to fuck your ass."

Leo pretended to think about it for a moment then stuck out his hand saying "Deal"

Kara blushed slightly as she stuck her hand out to shake on it. Then she jumped off the couch and quickly peeled off her tunic and cape as she dropped to her knees in front of him. Kara licked her lips as she smiled brightly up at the grinning man and she reached for his zipper.

Kara's head turned quickly to look at the outer office hearing someone coming in. Kara looked up at Leo with her best shocked face. Her mouth and eyes wide open as he chuckled. "Yes, I knew she was coming a little early to start cleaning out her desk." Leo sat up and using the fingers on his right hand closed Kara's mouth. As the girl sat on her heels, pouting, he laughingly leaned over to her and whispered "A deal's a deal. I'll be calling you on it someday." He then kissed her tenderly on the lips.

Kara moaned with the kiss as she sat on her heels and pouted at being taken. "Not fair." she whispered back.

Leo chuckled with her as he said "Life isn't fair. Now get dressed and get your jewelry. It's time for you to go home." Leo grinned as she nodded then slowly stood up. She bent over to get her top off the floor purposely bending at the waist with her back to him. Leo gave a chuckle as she teased him with a good view of her ass. She then stood up and turned around to put her top back on. She stopped pulling it down before covering her tits to pull her hair free and shake it out, teasing him more with her shaking breasts.

Kara grinned down at him getting a bit of revenge for his little scam. As she finished pulling her tunic into place she whispered "See you later." She smiled brightly as she walked to his desk to get her stuff back. Then in the blink of an eye his window was open and she was gone.

Helen materialized on the roof of the Daily Planet building next to the giant spinning globe. She reached out with her mind to make sure she ditched her mother as gave a little giggle when she felt she had. She had changed her appearance to that of a young adult woman in her early 20s. Not that anyone would see her as she was, like most gods and goddesses, invisible to mortals unless she wanted to be seen. Or was stripped of her powers. Blonde and blue eyed, she was now 5'6" and 110 pounds with perfect D-cup breasts. She made sure they were topped by tiny pink nipples as she liked they way men drooled over her if see let them see her.

Dressed like her mother in a nearly transparent white gown she surveyed the city from her high vantage point looking for a little fun. She wasn't evil, but she wasn't exactly a good girl either. With her powers being of a sexual nature she could make two people want each other more than anything. But sometimes it was even more fun to make just one hunger for the other.

Helen looked across the sky to see Supergirl zooming by. Flying faster than the human eye could see Kara had no idea she the young demigoddess was watching her. "This could be fun." Helen mumbled to herself and gave a little giggle as she decided to follow the heroine.

"Don't even think about it." a stern woman's voice said from behind her.

"MOM?!" Helen gasped as she turned around to see the stern look on her mothers face.

"That one was one of Ares' victims. She doesn't need a reason to hate all of us, now does she?" Aphrodite asked. She was trying hard not to let her daughter run amok, but Helen had a knack for getting away from her.

"No, I guess not." Helen whined.

"Besides, didn't you learn anything about messing with mortals when you cast a spell on that guy the other day? Look at how much trouble you caused. If Zeus finds out he'll rip both of us new assholes."

Aphrodite scolded.

Helen gave a pout as she changed into a little girl to pull on her mother's heart strings as she whined "But they both deserved it. He screwed her best friend and she's a bitch."

"And what about the other one?" her mother asked sternly.

Helen fidgeted on her feet and tried to look as innocent as possible. "She already had sex. It was about time she did it and remembered." she weakly argued.

Aphrodite sighed and replied "The Fates said she was to be important in the future. You just can't change that. Now we have to set things straight."

"And how are we supposed to do that?" Her mother had made her remove the spell, but how was she to get the girl to return home and forgive her father.

Aphrodite frowned and answered. "I guess we'll have to keep an eye on her and make sure she makes it another way."

Helen perked up and asked "I get to cast more spells to help her?"

Aphrodite folded her arms across her chest and sighed deeply as she thought it over. "I guess a few spells might be needed to set things right, but I'll decide which ones." she said sternly.

"Aww mom. You can't be looking over my shoulder all the time." Helen whined.

"I wouldn't have to if you would stop causing trouble." Aphrodite replied then hugged her daughter. "And you need to remove that spell from that teacher before school starts."

"Awww mom." Helen whined. "But he really likes his math teacher."

"It's still not right. Besides, she's married."

"To a jerk." Helen stated. Helen stiffened as she felt something with her mind.

"What is it?" Aphrodite asked as she broke off the hug.

Helen looked around and answered "It's weird. It's there and it's not at the same time."

"Like the other times?" her mother asked concerned at what was going on.

"Yeah?" Helen replied looking around confused by the sensation she was getting. "That's why I came here to begin with." she stated changing back to a young woman. "I should be able to follow their lust, but something is blocking me somehow."

"We need to find out who and how." her mother stated. Someone who could effect a goddess' powers needed to be investigated. And Aphrodite was sure Zeus would agree.

By mid afternoon Kara and Aunt Martha were back from lunch and Kara was up in her room deciding what to wear on her date to the ball game. She had showered again was wearing just her lace panties as she thought of what to wear. She put on a tight pair of jeans and posed in front of the full length mirror on the back of her door. "They may rip when I sit down." she chuckled to herself as she looked over her shoulder to check out her ass in the mirror. "Besides, I might want him to get his hands in there." she mumbled to herself.

Kara slipped off the jeans and went to the closet. Checking through the few outfits she had at the farm she giggled as she pulled out a pair of overalls. She slipped them on and stood in front of the mirror. The front barely covered her breasts as she turned from side to side to check it out. "If I go with just a bra it'll look too slutty. And if I wear a top it will just look sad." she mumbled to herself with a pout.

Kara went back to the closet and grinned as she spotted the leather mini skirt Cassie gave her for Christmas. She giggled as she remembered how Cassie scammed her on her second Christmas. On her first Christmas she had gotten very little. No one had explained to her that there really wasn't a Santa Claus and the reason she didn't get much was because Aunt Martha couldn't afford it. She was old enough that no one felt she needed to be told such a thing so Cassie took advantage of the situation by conning her. "Be extra nice to Santa." Cassie said "And he'll be extra good to you." Kara grinned at the memory of how that department store Santa would have a story to tell for years.

Kara slipped off the overalls and put on the mini skirt. She grinned and nodded her approval as she checked the view from various angles in the mirror. She then went to the dresser and pulled out her #34 , Sam Jacobs, T-shirt. He was the big hitter for Metropolis and had 37 homers on the season so far. Putting it on she frowned and shook her head. She took it back off and went back to the closet and grinned seeing the button down jersey with #34 on the back. She put it on and stood in front of the mirror. "Still not quite right." she mumbled. She thought about it for a moment and unbuttoned the shirt. "That works." she said to herself. "I'll have to wear a bikini top with it, but it looks great." she said. She would also have to leave the house with it buttoned up or Aunt Martha would have a fit she thought.

In Midvale Gigi was also deciding what to wear on her date. She walked out of the bedroom and posed in front of Diana and Mae as they sat on the couch. "What about this?" the perky Latina asked as she slowly spun around to show off her hot pants and a halter top.

"It's a first date. Maybe something with a little more coverage." Diana suggested.

"Yeah, that may be a little to hot for a boy." Mae grinned and added.

Lunesta giggled and stated "Not if their first date is at the Lake Side Motel."

"LUNESTA!" Mae gasped at the reference to the motel hookers were known to use.

"Not funny." Diana commented to the fairy as Gigi stood gape mouthed at the suggestion she was dressed like a whore.

"I'm sorry." Lunesta whined. "I was just trying to be funny. I didn't mean to be mean."

"Try something less sexy." Mae suggested.

Gigi walked back to the bedroom, but glared at Lunesta for a second before she went in. "I said I'm sorry." the fairy whined.

Gigi went to her dresser and started looking through the drawers. She pulled out a tank top and found a frilly skirt that would go down to her knees. She stripped down to her lacy panties and mumbled "I'm not a whore." still a little upset by Lunesta's words. She slipped on the skirt and pulled the top on over her head. She looked in the mirror and shook her head. She was back in front of the mirror a minute later with her long black hair in a ponytail. She gave a sigh and mumbled "Too innocent looking."

She then went to the closet and grabbed a pair of open toe high heels and a matching clutch. Slipping on the shoes she walked out into the living room holding the bag. She spun a few times in front of Mae and Diana and asked. "How's this?"

"Very respectable." Diana replied trying to instill confidence and not mention the girl's perky braless breasts would surely get the boy's attention.

"And if I were a guy I'd wanna fuck you." Mae commented and giggled.

"Great, I look sweet and fuckable at the same time." Gigi commented.

"Just make sure you have a condom in your bag." Lunesta joked.

Bill Masters followed his cousin into the guest room, each of them carrying a bag. School would be starting in a couple of weeks and it was time to get settled in. He would be attending Metropolis State and would be staying with his aunt and uncle in Smallville during the school year. The university was only a 20 minute drive and staying with relatives would save a lot of money. "So what's there to do around here?" he asked his cousin

Tom laughed and replied "The same as anywhere else. Chase girls and get high."

"Any hot chicks around here?" Bill asked as they tossed the bags on the bed.

"I'll show you one if you promise not to tell mom and dad I have the picture." Tom said. He had gotten the photo as payment for a debt.

"Why would I tell?" Bill asked. He and his cousin were like brothers, they were raised as neighbors until Tom and his parents moved to Smallville 2 years earlier. They were both even born in the same week.

Tom led Bill to his room across the hall, looking down the stairs to make sure mom and dad weren't checking on them, and reached under his mattress to pull out the photo and handed it to Bill. "You should have seen some of the others. She was actually getting fucked in them." Tom whispered.

Bill laughed as he recognized the naked brunette in the hayloft. "Oh god I think I know this chick."

"She's the niece of Martha Kent. She stays out on the farm with the old lady sometimes. She lived here for a couple of years before the old lady had a stroke or something and she went into foster care." Tom stated.

"And then she was adopted. I knew it was her. God her body is better than I thought." Bill commented, drooling at the possibilities and remembering what happened not too long before. He would love to get revenge on the little slut.

"You know her?"

"I know who she is. How would you like to have some real fun tonight?" Bill asked with an evil glint in his eyes.

"The Hellion Brothers ride again?" Tom asked referencing the nick name their mothers gave them growing up.

"Oh yeah. And it's time to get our posse together."

Ares paced back and forth in the huge meeting hall. Zeus was enjoying the stipulation the Shadow Warrior had chosen and was going to hold Ares to it and uphold Odin's decision. Ares on the other hand was pissed with the thought of having to spend eternity on the mountain. "I may not be able to leave, but I still have power." Ares mumbled to himself. With his helmet and sword on the floor he fumed as he waited for Hermes to bring his next guest.

A flash of light behind him brought Ares out of his funk and he turned to greet the man Hermes brought to him. "Welcome to Olympus general." The god of war said with a grin.

Retired General Robert James dropped to one knee and bowed. "It's an honor my lord." he said paying homage to the one that guided his career and got him where he was. He was the head of the Corps research and intelligence division and as such reported only to General Marshel and Ares himself. His division was the only section not hit by the law meaning he was now the highest ranking human in the organization.

"I have a job for you general." Ares said with a sneer. It was time to rebuild and he needed people he could trust to handle business.

"What is it you wish Lord Ares?" the general asked. At 5'10" and 185 pounds he wasn't the most imposing man, but Ares had guided his career and gave him the breaks that made him move up the ranks to the highest levels. And being dressed in blue jeans and a white jersey he looked more like he was ready for a trip to the local fishing hole than a meeting with a god, but when Ares calls you go ASAP.

As a lieutenant Robert carried a wounded colonel into a bunker and single handedly repelled an attack of north Korean soldiers for over an hour until help arrived. He was commended and promoted. From there more acts of valor and promotions followed.

"I want several things. I want that Admiral Jackson and General Trevor found. I WANT THERE HEADS." Ares snarled. His voice booming in the stone structure. "Second is I want a list of names to rebuild the organization. They may have set back my plans, but they haven't stopped me yet. As long as I breath I'll keep trying to get the power that is rightfully mine back."

"You shall have both my lord." Robert James stated.

"And what about the drugs?" Ares asked. With the slave business shut down and weapons shipments seized, the drugs were the only source of money coming in.

"As ordered we are now selling the latest formulas. It still doesn't work in alcohol but we're getting around that by targeting teens. There are so many horny boys out there that'll do anything and pay a small fortune to bang the girl they want. And the fact she'll never remember anything seems to be a major selling point." the retired general explained. The drugs sold in small packets could easily be mixed into a soft drink and was almost undetectable by the victim. One formula was weaker and the girl would be satisfied by just a couple of minutes of stimulation. Although she would want to keep going, she would not go crazy looking to get laid even more. That was the drug that would be pushed. Boys could dope their dates and no one else would ever know. The second formula would make a girl want a lot of sex and she wouldn't be happy until she had several orgasms. The third was the most powerful and the target would do and endure anything the man or men wanted and enjoy it if she thought that's what would please her partner. She would also fuck until she passed out from exhaustion. There were other formulas that were less marketable such as topical solutions and those given as shots, but the date rape drugs were where the money was going to come from. And there was a big difference between the street drugs and the others. The street versions wouldn't have the compounded effect turning the victims into total sluts with repeated use. The topical solution had limited uses, but the shots were for training sluts.

"Keep looking for the one that'll work in alcohol and run some test on mutants. The doctor's theory that mutants with strong healing abilities might be immune. We need to know for sure." Ares ordered.

"We're already working on that my lord." the general said with a grin. "In fact two of them have already been dosed and by now should be ready for testing."

The general smiled and turned to Hermes to give a nod. The messenger god vanished and returned seconds later with two barely dressed teen girls. Both girls were well built with large firm breasts and tight little asses. The were wearing just bras and panties giving Ares a good look at them. The young blonde looked distressed as she feverously tried to satisfy her needs .The brunette stood her ground and took a fighting stance ready to defend herself if need be.

Bob could see the smile form on Ares' face. "They were both dosed about 2 hours ago. The mutant gene that helps them heal fast reacts with the drugs in one of two ways." Bob pointed to the blonde an said "In some cases the drug works faster and is stronger as their bodies try and metabolize it faster." He then grinned and gave a chuckle and continued as he gestured to the brunette. "In the other case, the body fights the drug. But that causes the drug in their system to work harder and harder until it is metabolized as well. The end result being that when it hits her it'll hit her much harder."

Ares chuckled and said "So she'll be even hornier the longer she fights it. HA HA HA HA."

"Let us go. You have no right to hold us." the brunette stated defiantly.

Bob shook his head and chuckled. "They still think they have rights." he stated. "With the training centers gone we have no place to send them. So since we can't sell them I thought you would like to break them as it were."

Ares regarded the way Bob grinned as he said the word, break. Ares grinned and leered at the girls as he asked "You mean?"

Bob laughed and replied "Yes my lord. They're both still virgins. They're both 18 and since they can't be sold right now they'll either learn how to serve or they'll have to be put down." Bob said that loud enough and looked at the brunette as he did. The message was clear. Be a sex toy or die. "And being a virgin she knows she wants something, she just doesn't know what." he chuckled as he looked at the blonde with her hand in her panties.

"You won't get away with this." the brunette whimpered.

"We already have." Ares' voice thundered. "You may go now." he then said to the general. Hermes took the general and flashed away leaving Ares with one girl desperate for attention and another in denial as to what would soon happen.

Diana was just about to start making supper when the phone rang. "Hello?" she said as she put the receiver to her ear.

"Hi Diana it's Clark." Kal said using his human name incase anyone was listening.

"Welcome home." Diana replied with a big smile to her old friend. "How was the trip?"

"Great, just great. Hal's ring is safe." Kal replied.

"Well that's good news." Diana stated pulling the hamburger out of the fridge. Meat loaf was on the menu that night.

"The reason I called was a message came in for you a little while ago."

"Oh?" Diana asked, her curiosity peaked.

"Yep, says meet at Orion at 10." Kal stated.

"Thanks Kal. Tell Lois hi for me."

"Will do." Kal said with a chuckle.

Diana hung up and went about making dinner for her and Mae. Gigi had a date and wouldn't be dining with them. After supper she would by taking a trip to Colorado to see a couple of old friends. The coded message telling her where to find them. Orion was a code name for a cabin used during an operation during WWII.

Kara got into Jakes car and smiled as she unbuttoned the jersey as they drove off. Kara was to preoccupied with the start of her date to realize she was under surveillance.

Tom spoke into his walkie-talkie. "Looks like they're headed to the ball game."

"Good, that gives us a few hours to get ready. And the old broad will probably be sleeping when she gets home." Bill said back.

"Meaning no one will notice if she's delayed getting into the house." Tom said.

"We just have to make sure that guy is gone before we do anything. He's one tough mother fucker." Bill said back. He started walking towards his cousin and said "We'll spread out once everyone gets here and play it by ear as to how and when to grab her."

Tom grinned as he saw Bill approaching and said "Jimmy's getting the kegs and the party will be going before we show up with the entertainment."

By now Bill was close enough not to need the walkie-talkie and asked "What time you figure they'll be back?"

Tom thought it over and said "The game will be over around 10 or 11. Figure an hour to get back to the car and get out of town and home."

"Bill chuckled and said "And the way the little slut was dressed and was unbuttoning her top as they drive away suggests they'll stop to make out on the way home."

"They'll most likely wait until they get back here to fool around. In the corn fields or the hayloft again." Tom said as they stood looking around the farm.

Bill smiled and said "If they do it here we should be able to move into position when they're here instead of having to wait for them."

"That should make things a lot easier. They have to come up this road for her to get home. All we have to do is take turns as look out." Tom said as they patted each other on the back with their plan moving forward.

Mae and Diane watched from the window as Gigi waited outside for her date to drive up. Both were a bit surprised when the boy showed up in a shiny Mustang convertible.

"You think he has money?" Mae asked.

Diana chuckled and replied "I think giving it's a only few years old, it's his father's car. And hearing the boy actually got a date was so happy he let him borrow it."

Both women broke out with laughter with the scenario. "No really?" Mae asked

Diana was still laughing. "I'm serious. You don't think he could get a car like that working at a burger joint."

Lunesta was pouting having to stay away from the window so no one were see her. "No far, I wanna see." she whined.

"Not much to see. They're gone now." Mae replied to her pouting little friend.

They both knew Diana would be going out later so Mae said "How about I rent us a movie and make some pop corn later?"

"What kinda movie? I hate mushy love stories." Lunesta said.

Diana grinned and patted Mae on the shoulder as she stood up to head back to the kitchen and finish cleaning up after supper. Mae laughed and said "I see if I can find something with some action for you."

"And nudity. I don't like kiddie shows either."

"Okay, I'll make sure it's rated R." Mae said with a chuckle.

Kara and Jake were finished with supper and were walking around outside the ball park waiting for the gates to open. "So, you never said if you liked my outfit." Kara said in a flirty voice as she stood and posed for him with the front of the shirt held wide open showing off her breasts barely covered by a red string bikini top. And then turned around to stick out her butt as she grinned at him over her shoulder.

Kara bit her lower lip as he coughed and cleared his throat. "You look great." he said hoarsely.

"Thank-you." Kara replied with a flirty grin as she then hugged him.

"But something's missing." he said.

"Oh?" Kara asked. "What's that?" she asked concerned he was serious. She laughed as he pulled some cash out of his pocket and gave it to a passing vender for a pair of hats. Kara stood still, grinning from ear to ear as she let him put hers on her head. All the time thinking she was going to give him something much better later.

"Come on the gate's opening." Jake said with a grin as he put his own hat on. He then took Kara by the hand and led her towards the crowd of people waiting to get in.

Later on Mae sat down with Lunesta to watch the movie she had rented. Diana had already gone to her meeting and the two of them were home alone. "There wasn't much left so I got this." Mae stated. It was Friday night and the racks were pretty empty when she got there.

"What's it called?" the fairy asked as she sat with a buttered piece of popcorn and nibbled on it.

"Trip to Amazon Island." Mae replied. It was a B movie with nudity and some action the clerk had said. He also chuckled as Mae decided to rent it.

Mae grinned at Lunesta getting her nudity at the start as the film opened with two well endowed bare-chested young girls running on a beach.

Diana put her plane down in a clearing not far from the secluded cabin. The place was used by her and Steve while investigating a group of Nazis hiding out in the wilderness during the war. The Amazon Princess made her way cautiously through the trees, as always on the alert for trouble.

Not seeing any sign of danger Wonder Woman approached the cabin and knocked on the door. She smiled brightly at the face of Steve Trevor when he opened the door. "Come in Princess." he said smiling and he stepped to the side to let her in.

"Thank-you." she replied with a grin and stepped in and Steve closed the door behind her. Diana spied James sitting at the table with three hot steaming cups of coffee on it.

"I remember you like yours black." the admiral stated.

"So why are you two out here in the middle of nowhere?" she asked as she took her seat at the table.

Ever the gentleman, Steve held the chair for her. And her knowing he meant no disrespect, allowed him to do that for her. "We just wanted to let you know where we are. The president thinks it would be wise if we hide out for a while until the heat is off us." Steve said. With their roles in the hit on the corps, their lives were now in danger.

"So the two of you are going to be staying here?"

"Yep." James Jackson replied. Both men were dressed for the mountains with blue jeans and flannel shirts for the cool nights. "We're gonna catch up on our fishing and hunting for the next couple of months."

Diana chuckled and took a sip of her coffee. "You couldn't have just sent a message saying that?" she grinned.

James looked at Steve for a moment and then said "I felt I needed to apologize to you and I couldn't do it right in a message."

"Why would you need to say your sorry? You did what your superiors wanted to get the Corps."

"I need to say I'm sorry because I couldn't think of a better way of helping you escape from Sandra." he said sadly as he looked away.

Diana gasped as she figured out what her old friend was saying. "You were the one who? Who?"

"Yeah, sorry. But I couldn't come up with another way of helping you get free. That's why the lights were also out." he said. He was showing remorse at what he did, but on the inside he was happy he finally got to tag her. But being a spy for many years he was able to hide that very well.

Diana's face showed rage at first then she calmed herself. She was a trained warrior and knew sometimes situations call for something drastic. Including raping a friend's ass. Diana nodded and took another sip of coffee as she bit back on her pride and anger. "Apology accepted." she said faking a smile at the friend that savagely fucked her. "You know if you explained what you were doing I would have done it anyway." she commented.

"Couldn't take that chance, my aide is one of them and there ware microphones taping everything in the room. Including one at the head of the examination table." Jim said then sighed.

"Oh." she replied as she realized every word she said was recorded. As well as every grunt and scream as she was raped. Even her pleas were recorded.

"The other reason we need to talk to you is to tell you the Corps is very interested in your friend." Steve said calmly.

"Lotus?" Diana asked.

Jim took a sip and sighed. "Yes, just before the raids I got information that the researchers would like to get their hands on her."

"If they can duplicate that technology, they can make an army of super soldiers." Steve finished.

"She already knows like the rest of us that see's in danger, but I'll let her know about this twist." Diana said. She was also all to aware that both of her old friends weren't too old to be constantly looking at her bustier clad breasts. They may be old but they're not dead, she thought to herself.

Gigi stared out the side of the car as Eddy talked to the cop that pulled them over. They had finished dinner at Mama Rosita's and were heading to take in the 10:15 showing of 1941. "And who are you miss?" The officer asked as he shined his flashlight at her and another cruiser pulled up behind them.

The nervous girl turned to face him and answered "Gigi, my name is Gigi."

"Full name miss. What's your full name?" the officer asked as two cops got out of the second car and

Gigi not wanting to say her full name and sensing something was going on as another cruiser approached. Sensing danger she played her ace. After all the cop pulled them over for no good reason. Eddy wasn't even speeding. "My name is Gigi and if that isn't good enough maybe we can go talk with the chief. I'm friends with his daughter, Linda." Gigi said with a hint of annoyance. Linda's father being the only one she would trust to give her name.

"Young lady, if you really are friends with the chief's daughter you should know better than to hang out with Eddy Talbert." The officer stated as the new arrivals took positions around the car.

"Leave her out of this. I just met her and this is our first date." Eddy said as he sat up straight with both hands on the wheel.

"Shut up Eddy." the officer snapped as another car arrived, this one with a dog. "We'll know real quick if your up to anything. Now both of you get out of the car nice and easy."

The new arrival and his dog neared the car as the other officers stepped back with a hand on their weapons. "I said get out of the car." the officer repeated as Gigi read his name tag, D. Johnson it said.

Gigi and Eddy moved slow like they were told and climbed out of the car. Officer Johnson got a better look at Gigi as she got out and said "What the hell's the matter with you Eddy? What's she, 12 or 13?" as he saw how small she was and how young she looked.

"I turned 18 in July." Gigi stated as she looked around at the cops.

"Right, and I'm the Pope." the cop said sarcastically.

"Never mind her. It's me you've been trying to lock up for years." Eddy said. And Office Johnson had. Ever since Eddy sold Officer Johnson's kid brother some bad shit back in junior high. The young Johnson had died, but no one could ever prove Eddy was involved. Since then Eddy had a target on his back and the local cops were out to get him for something.

"Shut up Eddy." Officer Johnson said harshly as he gave the boy a shove. "Both of you move slowly to the cars back there while Fido checks out the car." Officer Johnson was making it his life long mission to make sure Eddy did time for something. But the chief was insistent that it be a solid bust. No set ups. That's why he was on this now. He had gotten a tip that Eddy had just gotten a delivery.

Gigi and Eddy were split up as they were brought to the other cruisers. Two cops watched each of them as Fido sniffed around the car. "Assume the position." one of the cops said to Gigi as she spied Eddy not to far away putting his hands on the hood of another cruiser.

"Can't we just call the chief to clear this up?" Gigi whined.

"Miss, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. I suggest you go with the easy way." Gigi read his tag as saying J. Lockhart. Officer Johnson was patting down Eddy personally.

Gigi groaned as she put her hands on top of the car and spread her legs slightly. She could probably kick all their asses, but that would bring down a world of trouble. And attention she didn't want or need. "Aren't you supposed to have a female cop to search a girl?" She asked with an annoyed voice.

"Under normal circumstances yes, but when one isn't available male officers are allowed to conduct the search." Officer Lockhart stated.

Gigi's eyes opened wide as the other officer chimed in. "Aren't we lucky neither of them is around."

Great. Gigi thought. First I get raped by two yahoos. And now I'm gonna be felt up by the cops. This town is fucked. "You can't be serious. You know I will tell you did this."

"Don't threaten me miss. I told you we can and we will. Tell the chief later if you wish, but your hanging out with trouble and you'll be treated as such. Now spread your legs wider." Officer Lockhart snarled.

Gigi spread her legs more and noticed how Eddy didn't seem upset in any way as to what the cops were doing. In fact he looked almost bored. She then stiffened as she felt the cop use his night stick to pick up the back of her skirt to expose her lace panty clad ass to him and his partner, they weren't a thong but they were extremely skimpy. "You know maybe she is 18 with underwear like that." the other cop commented at seeing one of the few sexy pieces of lingerie that the teen girl owned.

"Shut up Frank." Officer Lockhart snapped. If he was going to be tattled on, he wanted to be able to claim it was done in a professional manner. "Okay miss." he said dropping the back of the skirt. "You can either show us you have nothing or I can pat you down."

As cars continued to drive by Gigi fumed, but kept her anger in check. "What is that supposed to mean?" she asked angrily.

"Turn around and lift the front of your skirt to show us there's nothing hidden in there." the cop stated.

Gigi gasped at the suggestion and he responded. "Or I can check myself."

Gigi's cheeks were beret red as she turned around slowly. Red from a combination of rage and embarrassment. She thought to herself that they wouldn't dare do this on the side of the road to a white girl. She wasn't dark skinned, but she wasn't white either. Her skin was more of a light mocha color. Gigi faced the two men and closed her eyes as if trying to hide as she lifted the front of her skirt for the men to have a look. Her hairless mound quite evident through the lace undergarment.

"That's good miss." Officer Lockhart stated after a few long seconds. "Only one thing left to check." he stated as Gigi dropped her skirt.

Gigi looked down in shock at her braless breasts covered only by her tight tank top. "But I'm not wearing a bra?" she whined.

"You can either cooperate with the investigation, or we can bring you down to the station for questioning. Of course we'll finger print you and see if we can find out who you really are. And you'll be there most of the night." Lockhart stated smugly.

"Fine!" Gigi snapped back in anger. The dog hadn't found anything as the officer was putting him back in the car with a disappointed look on his face. And Officer Johnson didn't look much happier. Seeing that they may be let go soon Gigi didn't want to push it now and end up at the station getting printed. She looked from side to side and saw she had an opening with no one driving by and raised her top to show the cops her tits. "Satisfied?"

Gigi fumed for nearly a minute before the cop said "You can put your top back down now." Gigi put her top back in place and used her hands to brush out any wrinkles. She tried to act like they didn't get to her as another car drove up. Gigi breathed a sigh of relief as Chief Danvers climbed out of the car.

Ashley walked down the basement stairs and had a strange look on her face. Something was different. She was now living upstairs while her aunt was still in the old apartment as they finished moving. As Gene worked on whatever he was working on Ashley looked around the basement picking up subtle changes. The first thing she noticed was there were curtains on the windows. Looking some more she saw that there was a new stool at the work bench. The new one having a cushioned seat and a padded back. She smiled as she walked over to try her new seat. "Hi." she said sweetly as she took her place across from Gene. It had been a couple of days since she had seen him, she was busy moving her things in upstairs.

"Hi." he said back and actually smiled back. He noticed she was wearing just a long T-shirt and probably panties along with ankle socks.

Something was very different now and Ashley was feeling some tension in the air. She then spotted the floral center piece on the coffee table. "What did your sister say to you?" she whined in embarrassment. Terry had to have said something for Gene to have done this. Someone had even vacuumed the carpet in the den area and also dusted. Hell, he must have had to get some help to do this she thought.

"Not much Gene replied actually looking up from his work. "She just pointed out I'm an ass and should let you know that I like you and that your welcome down here."

Ashley bit her lower lip and blushed. What he said wasn't perfect, but from Gene it was astounding. "So, you like me?" she asked with a flirtatious voice.

"A lot." Gene replied putting his tools down for the moment and giving the gorgeous blonde his full attention.

Ashley was giving him a lot of points for trying. She knew he didn't have a lot of practice with his emotions, but he was making strong effort. "I like you a lot too." she responded and realized how lame that came out. Without any more needing to be said she got up and walked around the bench. She helped Gene to his feet and to walk over to the sofa. A tear formed in her eye as she noticed it now had a nice clean slip cover over it.

As he stood with his arms around Ashley's neck for balance Ashley unsnapped his jeans, then pushed them and his underwear partially down his thighs. It was a maneuver that worked for them. As his tool popped free, Ashley helped him sit down gently on the sofa. "You are beautiful." he said as he sat down.

Ashley grinned and put her hand tenderly over his mouth. "Shhhhh. Don't say another thing." she whispered to him as she bent over to kiss him. She didn't want to give him a chance to screw up the moment. Ashley kissed him tenderly then stood up and crossed her arms in front of her to hook the bottom of her T-shirt. She pulled it up over her head and tossed it to the side. Ashley shook out her long blonde hair and knelt down to finish depantsing her man.

Kara played with the foul ball Jake caught and gave to her. She had hit the ladies room before they left and used the opportunity to take her Kryptonite pendant out of it's box and hang it around her neck.

As they drove up the road to the Kent farm Kara grinned and said "Slow down." she sat forward on her seat as if looking for something.

Jake pretended not to know she was looking for a parking spot she had already picked out earlier. She had kidded with him about how Aunt Martha had questioned why they were in the barn so long the last time. "Turn down there." Kara said pointing to a dirt path between the corn. Aunt Martha no longer farmed herself, but the fields were rented by other farmers in the area. This time of year the corn was high and once down the path a bit no one would see them. Not even a car going by on the street.

"All's going to plan." Tom said into his walkie-talkie. "They just turned into number 7." he finished. They had numbered the areas between the corn to be able to quickly let everyone know where the target was at a given time. Some of the guys were spread out to know exactly where Linda was and when she'd be getting home.

"Good." Bill called out to the others. "You stay there for now. Eli and Dennis, you guys come to the barn. Everyone else head to the clearing."

Tom chuckled over the air and said "This will be great. I get to use those night vision glasses Uncle Jim gave us for Christmas a few years ago."

"Just don't be seen" Bill replied. "We don't want to screw this up now."

Right." Tom answered. He turned off his walkie-talkie and put the night vision glasses on as he snuck up on the car through the corn. He grinned as he spotted Kara kneeling on the seat to face Jake. She dropped the button down jersey off her shoulders then untied the bikini top. The girl sat up straight then smiled before bending over towards the boy in the car with her. "Oh god she's even hotter in person." he mumbled to himself.

Kara sucked off Jake with the truck running and the radio on. The music and noise covering up any noise Tom was making as he watched from on the corn about 30 feet away. With the lights out and no street lights or moon, it was doubtful Kara or Jake would have been able to see him even if they knew he was out there.

A few minutes later two out of breath boys ran to an area behind the barn closest to the house. Bill grinned and knelt down and the huffing and puffing boys did as well. "Now listen up. We have to wait until he's gone. If they go into the house, which I doubt. If the old lady would allow it they wouldn't be out in the corn field right now. So my guess is they'll say their good-byes on the front porch under that light." Bill spoke as the others listened and caught their breath. The lights in the house went out over an hour ago so the old broad must be sound asleep by now. I knocked out the light out back so the only light still on is that one in front. Jerry will be hear in about 15 minutes, he had to work late."

"So how do we get her?" Eli asked. He like the other boys charged with the capture was well over 6 foot tall and well over 200 pounds.

"I was getting to that." Bill snapped at being interrupted. "You and Dennis will come at her from the left side of the house and me and Jerry will take the other side. We get a hand over her moth first and wrestle her to the ground. We have a roll of duct tape. We'll tape her hands behind her back and cover her mouth. We then just carry her to the truck over there." he said pointing to an area behind one of the other barns. "Then it's off to the party."

"So what do we do now?" Dennis asked. None of them had ever done anything like this before.

Bill had a look on his face that Dennis took as asking if he was an idiot. "We wait until Tom calls to tell us she's coming, then we get into position."

Helen again stood on the roof of the Daily Planet Building looking out over the city of Metropolis. The strange lustful sensations she had been feeling were there again. Her mother appeared behind her and asked "Why don't you just let it go?"

Helen was again her mature self, a young beauty in her early 20s. "I can't. Something inside me is telling me I need to follow this." she whined. This had been going on for years and she had yet to find the source.

"Try focusing harder. Try and pin point a direction at least." Aphrodite advised.

"I've tried that. It's like the signal is scrambled. The only way I'm going to find it is to be really close when it's happening." the young demigoddess replied. Helen then lifted her head and looked out over the horizon.

Aphrodite saw the grin on her daughter's face and said "You found it."

Helen chuckled "No, but there's a storm of lust brewing over there." she replied pointing toward Smallville. "What ever is brewing over there is going to be big."

"That's strange. I feel something from over there too." Aphrodite said with a giggle. "Maybe we should check it out."

"Sit down. We need to have a talk." Fred said sternly as he opened the door to his office and pointed to a chair in front of his desk.

"Yes sir." the sad faced and hand cuffed girl said as she walked through the door.

"I told you guys she has nothing to do with this. We just met." Eddy said from across the station. He was so screwed. While he and Gigi were having dinner, the police executed a search warrant on his apartment. Although they didn't find the drugs they were looking for, they did find 4 dime bags. What they didn't know was his partner was holding the new delivery. Eddy just hoped they believed their story and let the girl go before the drug he slipped her at the restaurant took affect. His supplier had given him a sample to try and Gigi was the guinea pig.

Gigi shook as she sat in the chair and the chief closed the door behind them. "It's the truth. We just met. This was our first date." she whined.

Fred sighed as he sat in his chair behind the desk. "I believe you. But the real issue right now is why you wouldn't give the officers your full name." he stated.

Gigi fidgeted in her seat thinking Linda's dad is kinda cute for an old guy. With the door closed Gigi leaned forward and whispered. "That's because I'm in danger if the wrong people find me."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean. What danger? From whom? Your gonna have to give a little more detail." Fred stated.

"Gigi shook the though of how the chief would look without his shirt as he sat there out of her head and whispered "The corps. I'm not just a friend of Linda's. I know Kara as well." She arched her eye brows as she finished to silently signal Fred that she meant she knew they were the same.

"What're you talking about?" Fred asked, trying to not believe what she was saying.

"This." Gigi replied as she floated into the air about 2 feet above the chair and hovered there for a few seconds before softly setting herself back in her seat. "I was one of those who helped rescue Kara. The corps had also taken my cousins. Because I took them back and helped rescue Kara I now have to hide from them. That's why I'm living with her friends Diana and Mae." she explained hoping she didn't blow her friends' covers. She was also wondering if Fred was still in good enough shape for sex.

Fred sat back in his chair to think it over for a minute then said "I'll have one of the guys drive you home. But don't go far, we may have to talk some more."

"Thank-you." Gigi replied as she wondered if she wasn't hot enough for him to take her home himself.

Aphrodite and Helen appeared in the corn field standing behind Tom. No one could see or hear them as they giggled at the sight. Tom had moved back a few feet when Linda and Jake had moved into the back seat of his father's '71 Impala. Given his height they had opened both doors. Both teens were naked with Linda on her back and Jake on top of her. Linda's head hung off the edge of the seat and Tom grinned as she couldn't see him even when she was staring right at him. "Well this is an interesting picture." the elder goddess said with a laugh.

"Sure is." Helen laughed back. "This guy's hornier than hell." she said pointing at Tom.

Jake rammed into the hot brunette as he held her breasts in a tight grip. "nngg, nnngg, nnnggg" he grunted in his animalistic fucking of the girl he really liked.


"You know if she were blonde she would kinda look like Supergirl." Aphrodite commented as they watched the rough love making. She had watched Supergirl perform in her captivity a few times.

"YES, YES, YES, FUCK MEEEEE." Kara screamed as she came.

Aphrodite giggled and said "She even shakes the same when she cums."

"UM Mom? What's that stone around her neck?" Helen asked her not so quick mother.

Aphrodite walked up and stood invisible just a few feet from the rutting teens to take a closer look. "It kinda looks like Kryptonite." she said.

"And who else do we know who wore Krypionite while having sex?" Helen asked trying to lead her mom to an epiphany.

"It is her." the blonde goddess said putting her hand over her mouth as she laughed.

Kara had her legs wrapped around Jake to urge him on. She wrapped her arms around his neck and looked him in the eyes. "Cum for me. Come on baby, cum for me." she begged breathlessly sensing he was getting close after giving her 3 orgasms. He would think it was more because when they started off he wasn't getting the job done so she faked a couple. Later on there was no need for that.

Kara gritted her teeth as she used her feet behind Jakes ass to spur him on. "Come on fuck me faster. Cum for me."

"AAARRRRGGGG." Jake screamed as he pulled out and covered Linda's stomach and breasts with his sticky goo.

"Not bad. I wouldn't have thought it would have been that much." Helen commented.

Aphrodite turned to give her daughter a stare and then saw Tom again. "I think we should stick around a while to see what he's up to." The night vision goggles and the walkie-talkie telling the older goddess the boy and at least one other friend were up to no good.

"I think so too. I feel he's part of what I'm sensing around here." Helen replied. "I feel lust growing in a large group not far over there." she said pointing off in the distance.

Gene lay on his back on the rug as Ashley sat astride of him, his cock buried deep in her moist confines. She had already cum twice and was getting close to a third. Gene gently caressed her breasts as she ground her pussy into his crotch. Gene smiled up at the panting girl. She would like to let him take a turn on top, but in their relationship she had to do all the work during sex. Ashley stared up at the ceiling wondering what their future would be like as she rocked back and forth.

"NNNNNGGGHHH. I'm cumming." Gene said, snapping Ashley out of her day dream.

The blonde bombshell jumped of her man and quickly took his shaft into her mouth. "Mmmmmmmm." she moaned as she swallowed every drop. She smiled up at him with his cock still in her mouth. She was getting so much better at swallowing cum she thought.

Ashley sucked on his softening tool for a few minutes then laid down next to him and rested her head on his heaving chest. "So you think I'm pretty?" she purred.

"Very pretty." he replied as he wrapped his arm around her sweaty body.

"Ashley bit her lip as she fondled his balls and asked "What's my best feature?"

She expected him to say her ass or tits or even her long slim legs. She was pleasantly surprised when he said "Your deep blue eyes." That called for a round two as she turned her head to smile at him before opening her mouth to start sucking him hard again.

"Oh god that feels good." he commented as Ashley's tongue swirled around his shaft. She'd have to thank Rika for telling her about that move.

Mae and Lunesta watched and giggled at the lousy movie. It was so bad it was funny. There were some good parts, some very nice looking and well built guys. Mae sitting there in just her panties and a white T-shirt felt herself getting a little damp watching the hot guys. She even got aroused when one of the young Amazons was cornered by a group of the bad guys and gang raped. They didn't really show anything, but as the girl was groped and fondled Mae found it exciting.

Lunesta was on the edge of her seat as the girl fought the men, but lost. What little she was wearing torn off her nubile young body and her forced to the ground by a group of half a dozen big guys. "She's trying to act like she's putting up a fight." the fairy commented about the poor acting job.

Mae giggled "Looks like she's having a hard time just trying not to laugh." The movie and acting were so bad Mae and Lunesta were enjoying it more as a comedy.

Lunesta giggled and asked "So you think the queen will just hand over the treasure and let them go after she finds out they raped her daughter?"

"I don't think so. Considering there's still 45 minutes of the movie left, I'd say something else is going to happen." Mae replied.

"And more people are gonna get naked." Lunesta chuckled.

"They're on their way." came the call over the walkie-talkie. Bill and the others had been sitting on the ground leaning against the back of the barn while they waited. It was now nearly one in the morning and they had nearly fallen asleep in the hour and a half they had been waiting for Linda and Jake to stop screwing around and get moving.

Bill quickly grabbed for his walkie-talkie and replied "It's about time. What the hell were they doing for so long?"

Bill meant that sarcastically but Tom replied anyway. "They fucked twice and then they had to sit and talk for a while."

"Cut the crap and get your ass out to the lake and tell them we'll be there in a few minutes."

"I don't like where this is going." Aphrodite commented.

Helen was still tingly from the energy the three horny teens were emanating. She enjoyed the feeling of sexual energy. "I think we should do something."

"We can't directly interfere. We'll have to watch and think of something. If we show ourselves Zeus will have a fit." Aphrodite said. Zeus was spitting mad after Ares locked him in a Cronus ball and the goddess didn't want to get him mad at her for a while.

Aphrodite and Helen followed the car up the road and up to the farm house. "This looks like a trap." Helen stated seeing two boys waiting around each side of the house hiding in the dark.

Jake walked Kara up to the front door where they shared a long good night kiss. Bill was peaking around the corner wondering why they needed to kiss so long after having sex for an hour. Linda smiled as Jake walked back to his car and drove away. As Jake turned onto the street and disappeared behind the corn Kara turned to go inside. She opened her bag to get out the key and was startled by movement to her left. As she turned a hand grabbed her mouth and before she knew it she was laying on her stomach on the porch and her arms were being held behind her back.

With her Kryptonite pendant still on, there were just too many strong hands for her to defend herself. She struggled anyway as her hands were duct taped behind her back and then a piece put over her mouth. She tried to scream in the moment the hand was removed so the tape could be put on, but at that moment she needed air and took a wheezing gasp of air instead.

As the boys picked up the kicking girl Bill quietly said "No we get you out to the lake to find out if your really a good fuck."

Kara's eyes opened wide in horror as she could now see his face and recognized the voice. He was one of the guys that wanted to gang rape her. Kara's legs were being held as she was carried, not taped. She struggled with all the strength she had left as the boys carried her to a waiting pick-up truck behind the barn, but there were just too many and they were too strong.

"Can't we just take the necklace off of her?" Helen asked.

Aphrodite shook her head. She could feel Ares watching. He was on Olympus looking into a gazing bowl. "Damn it Ares can see us." she uttered knowing it was a good idea. "Best we can do is follow them and pick her up after. She already knows about us." If he saw them help, he would wonder why they bothered to help a mortal.

"He can't hear us. What if I distract him?" Helen suggested.

"And just how do you plan to do that?" her mother asked. As the guys tossed Kara in the back of the truck and drove off Aphrodite said "Maybe we should just see what they're up to first."

Diana was just about to leave her friends when the phone rang. "Are you sure about that?" Steve asked the person on the other end. As he hung up he turned to Diana. "Your other friend is in great danger."

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"That was Pete Jenkins. He works for the FBI now. Seems someone is using agency resources to look for a Guenevere Gonzales also known as The Spanish Fly. If you know where she is you might want to tell her not to use her real name anymore." Steve said.

"This isn't good." Diana commented with a look of shock. The FBI was using the girl's real name.

"Just get her somewhere safe and our friends will find out who's doing this." Jim said.

"Thank -you." Diana replied. She then kissed them both on the cheek before leaving to get home and tell Gigi about the feds looking for her.

"Thanks Pete." Stephanie said with a sweet smile for the man guarding the back door to the club for letting her and Amber in. She saw the lecherous look he gave her young companion and strongly told him. "She's not one of the girls." as a way of saying hands and eyes off.

"No problem." the big black man said putting his hands up. If he wanted some, there were plenty of girls in the club that would take care of his urges.

"So this is where you work?" Amber asked staying really close to her older friend.

"Yeah, and as soon as the skin on my leg clears up I'll be up on the stage again." Stephie said taking Amber by the hand and leading her into the dressing area.

"STEPHIE." one of the three girls yelled and the others soon gathered around her.

"When you coming back?" one of them asked.

"In a few days. As soon as the skin clears." she answered. "Everyone, this is Amber. She's my new roommate."

The girls said "Hi Amber." in a friendly tone.

"Hi" Amber replied a bit shyly. She looked at the girls. All three were in their teens or early 20s. One was dressed a little school girl with a white blouse and plaid skirt. The blouse tied in the front just below her perky B-cup tits that looked good on her 5'4" 105 pound frame. The skirt was barely long enough to hide her panties. Her long red hair was in pig tails making her look sweet and innocent.

The second girl was dressed in a sexy pin stripe suit. Her long black hair was pinned up and she wore glasses. The jacket was buttoned half way up and it was obvious she wasn't wearing a blouse or bra under it. Amber guessed her breasts were either a big C or a small D. The skirt was longer than the school girl's, but not by much. The 5'6" 115 pound girl had a beautiful smile.

The third girl was a 5'8" blonde dressed up as Supergirl. The costume was a very good copy but altered in a very sexy way. The young stripper's version had a deep V-neck in the tunic showing off her D-cup tits. And the skirt was a few inches shorter. And the red boot were also higher, going halfway up the girl's thighs saying fuck me and fuck me hard.

"Hi, I'm Sally." the perky schoolgirl said and stuck out her hand to shake.

"Hi Sally." Amber said taking the girl's hand.

Sally introduced the others saying "This is Monica." gesturing to the brunette. "And this is Meagan." she stated pointing to Supergirl.

Amber shook both girl's hands. "Nice to meet you." she said.

"So did you bring her for the wet T-shirt contest?" Sally asked Stephie.

Stephanie chuckled and replied "No we're just here to show her around. She isn't going to be a stripper."

"What's a wet T-shirt contest?" Amber asked innocently.

Meagan and Monica snickered at the naïve girl's query. Sally wasn't amused by their rudeness. "Knock it off you two." she scolded. It was clear to Amber that Sally was the leader in the group.

Stephanie smiled and gently explained "A wet T-shirt contest is when a bunch of girls get up on stage and their shirts are soaked down and guys in the audience vote on who has the best tits."

"Oh." Amber said trying to picture it.

"There's a little more to it than that. Like if you want to win you need to wear a white T-shirt and shake your maracas." Sally said giving a little shimmy to demonstrate.

"Yeah, you gotta give the guys a little show and make them think you like showing them your tits." Meagan added.

"Well she's not doing that either." Stephie stated.

"Too bad." Monica said. "She's got a good body and Jonny raised the payout to $500."

"Well, she's not doing it." Stephie said firmly. "Come on Amber I'll show you the bar area."

Amber nodded and followed Stephie. As she did she thought how strange it was that she wasn't old enough to walk in and buy a drink, yet if she wanted she could get up on the stage and take her clothes off in front of the crowd.

Gigi climbed into the passenger seat of the cruiser with Officer Lockhart driving. Gigi thought this is great. I get driven home by the guy that made me show him my tits. Then again she thought, he is kinda cute and his pants look tight in the crotch. Gigi shook the thoughts from her head as he put the car in gear to take her home.

Gigi had a bad feeling about one thing. She had given the chief her full name and he had a printout that someone with the FBI was looking for her by name. Her time in Midvale may be limited she thought. She looked out the side window as the car pulled onto the street wondering where she could go. She wondered if she should just go to Paradise Island with her cousins. She then thought that would suck. No one there has a cock like the cop next to her does.

The pick-up pulled up to the party and Kara was horrified at what she saw as she was dragged from the truck. Over 2 dozen drunken teen boys and about 10 girls all were grinning sickeningly at her as she was dragged near the camp fire in the middle of the group. Bill grinned at her and said "Now you can show us what a good slut you are." as she was forced to her knees in front of him.

One of the boys peeled the tape off her mouth and Kara began to beg."Please let me go. I did nothing to you." as she looked around in a panic at all the boys drooling at the sight of her.

"Before you get started I kinda like that skirt." one of the girls stated. Kara recognized her as one of the girls from the drive-in.

"Yeah, it would look good on you." Bill chuckled. "You heard her. Get her the skirt."

Kara screamed and kicked as several of the boys wrestled the skirt off her and felt her up in the process. As she lay panting in defeat on the ground the boys gave Bill the trophy and he in turn presented it to the girl.

"Thanks baby." she said sweetly. "Have fun with the little slut." she purred to him just before she turned away taking the leather mini skirt with her.

"We have to do something." Helen insisted. There's way too many for her."

"I know." replied Aphrodite. "But Ares is watching us for some reason and if we do anything to help it will give him cause to look closer at her."

"I know I can distract him. I'll ask him to show me some fighting moves or something." she said as innocent as she could.

"I don't know if taking the necklace will do much good right now. If she's able to fight off this many guys it'll raise a lot of eye brows."

"What if a heroine was to show up and help?" Helen asked.

Aphrodite's eyes opened wide. "That's a great idea. We can't be seen by people who don't know us, but Zeus didn't say we couldn't go visit old friends."

"So you want me to go distract Ares?" Helen asked, hiding her wicked grin.

"Yeah, keep him busy for at least 10 minutes." Aphrodite said nodding her head.

"Okay, give me a minute to get him away from the looking glass as it were." Helen said, then vanished.

Aphrodite counted off the minute in her head as she watched Kara being held with her face at Bill's crotch. "Come on open your mouth." Bill whined. He chuckled as he used his hand to pinch her nose. "Your gonna have to breath sooner or later." he said with a smile as he stood in front of her with his pants off and a raging 8" hard on in her face.

With the physical exertion Kara couldn't hold her breath long. She soon had to open her mouth for a gasping breath and Bill took the opportunity to force his manhood into her mouth. "That's a good slut." he commented as he grabbed her head and started skull fucking the helpless teen. Tears ran down Kara's face as she was forced to service the asshole. She was also horrified as she felt a strong hand grip the waist band of her lace panties and yank hard.

Helen appeared on Olympus behind Ares as he laughed at what Aphrodite was watching. "I always knew you were nothing but a kinky whore." he said of the goddess.

"And a strict mother." Helen stated.

Ares turned his head to see Helen and his eyes opened wide as a sick grin came to his face.

"And why are you here?" he ask suspiciously. After all she was just with her mother.

"Well." she purred as she slowly walked towards him. "With Zeus forbidding use from directly interfering with mortals I didn't have much choice in where to turn. What's going on down there was making me so hot I just have to do something about it." she purred as she reached out with her right hand to caress Ares' hairy chest.

Helen could tell Ares was just about ready to jump her bones. He just needed a little more of a push. Ares checked out her ass in her nearly see though gown as she turn to walk back across the room. "Does your mother know where you are?"

"Kinda, she was so distracted with what's going on that when I told her I was gonna have you teach me some fighting moves she and said okay." Helen cooed from across the room. "So, do you want to teach me some moves?' she grinned as she turned into her teen self.

Ares was still suspicious. He looked at her cross eyed wondering if she was up to something. He glanced at the water to see Aphrodite watching the farm girl getting face fucked as another boy knelt down behind her. He reached around to grab the front of her jersey and rip it open. As her buttons flew off everyone could see she didn't bother to put the bikini top back on underneath. Ares was getting hard between Helen's flirting and seeing the teen getting raped. "I know your up to something." he growled at Helen.

"Like that ever bothered you before." she purred. If you don't want me like this then how about this?" she asked as she turned into the spitting image of her mother. She grinned wickedly and changed again. "How about this?" she cooed looking like Wonder Woman. "Oh I know." she said with an evil chuckle. "How would you like to fuck this one?" she asked in a more serious tone as she changed into an image of Lotus Blossom.

Helen laughed as Ares sneered and charged at her. That's the one she thought to herself as Ares knocked her to the ground and ripped off the bra and panties. Helen held herself in position as Ares quickly undressed, he had rolled her over to be on knees and elbows. And being a demigoddess she was quite able to handle it when Ares violently entered her from behind. Burying himself to the balls inside the acting beauty. "Please no." she begged forcing herself not to giggle in delight.

Aphrodite finished counting off her minute as Kara was forced onto her back kicking and screaming. As Kara begged "Please no, please." Aphrodite reached out with her mind so see she was no longer being watched. And as two boys grabbed Kara's legs to hold her open and Bill grinned taking his position, ready to enter her, the goddess of love vanished to go get help.

Mae and Lunesta were stunned as they waited for the tape to finish rewinding by the sudden appearance of the worried looking goddess. Mae gasped and asked "Does Ares have Helen again?"

"After the ass chewing Zeus gave him the last time he wouldn't dare do that again." Aphrodite replied. Forcing a goddess or even a demigoddess to submit sexually to a human was beyond anything Zeus would ever allow. Ares had stepped way over the line. "Where's Diana?" she asked.

She's not here." Mae replied. "Why? What's wrong?"

"I can't say. We're not supposed to interfere in any way." Aphrodite said as a hint Mae would have to figure it out by some clues the goddess would drop.

Lunesta caught the hint first asking "Where did you come from?"

"Some place called Smallville." Aphrodite replied using her hands to get them to get to the answers they needed.

Mae looked at Lunesta and then Aphrodite. She then asked "Is one of our friends in trouble?"

"Yes." she replied gesturing with her hands to get them to speed up.

Mae sighed with frustration and asked "Why can't you just tell us."

"Because Zeus forbid us from getting overtly involved with human affairs unless the Fates say we should." And there was a case she and Helen needed to be on, not helping to keep an alien from getting raped.

"It must be Kara that's in trouble then." Mae said as Aphrodite nodded. Mae guessed that her coming from Smallville meant Linda was the one in danger. "Could you take me to Smallville? Or would that violate your orders too?"

Aphrodite sighed in relief. "YES." she said loudly. "You better get ready first though."

Mae nodded and ran into the bedroom to get ready.

Meanwhile the boys holding Kara's legs had let them go. As the crowd stood around cheering, Kara sobbed and begged for them to stop. "You have one tight little pussy, but by the time your done tonight you'll be like a used up crack whore." Bill taunted as her drove hard and fast into the helpless girl.

"Pleeeeaaase Stooop." she sobbed. But it was too late. Bill soon stiffened and groaned, filling her womb for the first time.

Kara continued to sob as Bill sneered down at her as he pulled out and stood up. He laughed at her as Tom took his turn second and said "After everyone's had your cunt we'll break in your ass."

"NNNOOOOOOOO." she screamed as Tom entered her with one hard thrust, burying himself to the balls. Kara knew instantly by the searing pain Tom was much bigger than Bill. Kara's back arched and her face scrunched up as she yelled "OOOWWWW."

Tom chuckled and asked "How do you like my foot long, slut?"

Lotus Blossom came out of the bedroom with her sword strapped to her back and with her full face shield in place. "Let's go." she said all business.

"I'm coming too." Lunesta said flying up to Aphrodite and diving into the goddesses ample cleavage.

"LUNESTA, get out of there." Mae scolded as Aphrodite looked shocked then giggled. "I'm sorry. She has a tendency to do that." Mae said to Aphrodite.

Aphrodite giggled again and said take my hand and remember when we get there only you two will be able to see me."

Mae nodded and took the goddesses hand. Seconds later Mae gasped she saw Linda on her back being raped as dozens of teens cheered. Mae drew her sword and yelled "GET AWAY FROM HER."

Tom stopped his thrusting, but stayed imbedded in the crying girl. Bill laughed at Mae and Lunesta and said "Go away unless you want to join in." Mae was shocked as 4 guys stepped forward to stand with Bill against her.

"I strongly suggest you leave now." Mae stated firmly.

Bill laughed and said "You asked for it." He nodded to his friends and said "They're all yours. Looks like we got a real party going now."

Mae and Lunesta looked on in shock as the 4 guys transformed. Two of them, identical twins, shrank into flying guys about 10 inches tall and zipped after Lunesta. The other two changed into a fast moving and agile fat blob of a guy and other into some kind half human, half cat with long sharp claws.

As Lunesta was chased around by the fast flying little guys Mae was attacked by the cat and blob. Tom went about punishing Kara again and the teens cheered as Lunesta was soon tackled and on the ground near Kara getting her gown ripped off.

The cat lunged in a fake towards Mae and as she slashed at him with her sword the blob tackled her from the back. Loosing her sword, she too was dragged into the crowd kicking and screaming by the two very strong mutants.

With all the commotion no one heard the horse approach or the two clicks. But everyone heard the loud echoing of the shot gun blast.

There was suddenly silence as everyone froze then turned to see the very angry face of the old woman. Martha pumped the shot gun again and leveled it at the crowd.

Tom having just shot his load slowly pulled out of the crying victim pulled up his pants and stood next to his cousin. "Your in big trouble old woman." he snarled. "You know who my dad is?"

"I know who a lot of your dads are." she spat back. "Misty, does your mother know your out at this hour and drinking. Or you Lumpy? Does your father know your drinking?" Behind Tom And Bill the Smallville teens started to sneak off.

Mae and Lunesta managed to wrestle free from their stunned captors and Mae trotted over to get her sword. They took up positions next to Martha as she had the gun pointed at Bill and Tom. Lunesta held her hands over her private parts and stared angrily at the boys that stripped her. Mae also stared angrily. She had lost her bra, but managed to keep her panties.

Kara rolled over on her side and curled up in a ball crying as Tom sneered at Martha and stated "My father's the law in this town. Your in big trouble."

"I know your father's the sheriff. That's why those lights coming down the road are the state police." Martha stated angrily hoping in her weak state she could keep them at bay a few more minutes.

"You'll pay for this." Bill spat as the teens high tailed it out of there. With 8 sets of light about a mile away the battle was now over. As the kids ran for their cars and bikes or just ran into the trees hoping to get away before the law got there, Mae and Lunesta rushed to Kara's side.

Mae cut Kara's hands free as Martha grabbed the blanket off the horse. She didn't waste anytime saddling the horse. She just threw a blanket on his back and rode off to the rescue. Martha placed the blanket over Linda and Mae asked "How did you know to come here?"

"Sweetie, kids have been partying out here since I was young." Martha replied, then collapsed as the troops arrived.

"FREEZE." one of the cops yelled as he jumped out of his car and drew his gun.

Mae was shocked they were pointing their guns at her. But by now the bad kids were gone and Lunesta flew off to hide her nudity. Kara moaned "Get away."

"See you at home." Mae whispered and turned invisible. She grabbed the Kryptonite pendant and ripped it off as she left. The fine gold chain that held it was ruined, but Kara would get her powers back soon.

As the cops rushed forward, Kara slowly sat up clutching the blanked around herself. "Are you alright miss?" one of the cops asked as another checked on Martha.

"I'm okay." Kara said softly and hoarsely from all her screaming. "How's Martha?"

Martha moaned and opened her eyes. "I think she just fainted." the officer tending to her stated. "We'll get you home and get someone to come check on you two."

Gigi had walked in the door just after Mae and Lunesta left with Aphrodite. "Hello?" she called wondering where everyone was. She knew Diana had some place to go, but thought she would have been back by now. And Mae and Lunesta were going to be staying home for the night. "Hello?" she called again. She looked around the apartment and found she was alone.

Gigi sat down on the sofa wondering why she couldn't stop thinking about sex. In the last half hour she had undressed the cop that drove her home with her eyes and done the same to Linda's father. Mae had left the TV on and the tape in the VCR. Gigi seeing the light on the machine indicating a movie was loaded and grabbed the remote and hit play.

Minutes later the young Spanish girl was watching naked Amazons running on the beach. She had one hand under her skirt rubbing her crotch and the other massaging her own breasts. So lost in her lust, she didn't hear the key turn in the lock.

Diana walked into the apartment and gasped. She quickly closed and locked the door before anyone else, meaning but not limited to the perverts across the hall, would happen to wander by. "Gigi, what're you doing?" Diana said as she tossed her purse to the side and approached the teen franticly trying to get herself off.

"Oh god I need to I need oh god." she cried. She bit her lip and moaned as she kept fondling herself.

I didn't take much for Diana to figure out the young girl had been drugged. But how and by whom she wondered. And it was quite clear by the fact Gigi couldn't stop and by the glassy eyed look Diana caught as Gigi opened her eyes for a few seconds that she wasn't going to get any answers for awhile. And if the drug was like the ones the heroines had been exposed to then she wouldn't stop until she was sated.

"Oh god it's not working." Gigi cried. "Please help. I can't take it."

Diana sighed then leaned over to take Gigi's face in her hands and kiss the young Spanish girl tenderly on the lips. Diana knew she couldn't leave the girl on her own or let her go find just anybody to fulfill her carnal desires. Diana was going to have to satisfy the young teen herself. She thought that maybe she could spin into Wonder Woman, but had no idea if there would be any complications if she used her lasso to make the girl go to sleep and hope the drug wore off.

Diana gently guided Gigi to her feet while kissing her. Their tongues darting in and out of each others mouth as Gigi kept her eyes closed and moaned and Diana slowly led her into the master bedroom.

Gigi groaned as Diana broke off their kiss long enough to lock the bedroom door and take the pins out of her hair. Diana shook out her long black tresses and kissed Gigi again. Diana's hands caressed the younger and much smaller girl's back then took hold of the teens tank top and pulled it up and over her head.

As Diana broke the kiss to get the top off, Gigi stepped back and quickly kicked off her high heels and slipped out of her skirt and panties. The teen then jumped at Diana and started to franticly undressing the tall brunette. Without her belt Diana was nowhere near as strong as the mutant teen. Gigi threw Diana onto the bed and flipped off her shoes then started pulling off Diana's skirt as Diana hurriedly unbuttoned her blouse.

Diana heard Gigi groan in despair as if the fact she didn't have a cock was causing her pain. Diana pushed the attacking teen off her and quickly discarded her blouse and bra. Diana tackled the small girl onto the bed and shoved two fingers on her right hand roughly into the girls pussy and began vigorously pumping.

"FUCK ME OH GOD WON'T SOMEONE FUCK ME." Gigi screamed out.

Diana dropped her face into Gigi's crotch and sucked on the young girl's clit as she pumped fast and hard with her fingers. But after several minutes it was clear to Diana, Gigi needed more. The young girl kept yelling to be fucked.

Diana, try as she may, just couldn't get the job done with her mouth and hands. She quickly went to her dresser, and as Gigi writhed in desperation on the bed, opened her bottom draw and dug something out of the back she couldn't believe she had kept. Years before she was captured by a dominatrix and the woman had raped Diana repeatedly with a strap-on. When Diana escaped and defeated the woman she had hid the devise to keep from explaining fully what had happened. For some reason she had never thrown it away. Now she needed it. No, Gigi needed it.

Gigi's eyes opened wide as Diana pulled it out of the draw and slipped it on. Diana groaned as Gigi rolled over and put herself on knees and elbows, offering herself to Diana and the beautiful 10" black plastic boner. "FUCK ME, COME ON FUCK ME." Gigi yelled in an almost panicked voice.

Diana grabbed the girl's boney hips and pressed the tip into her. Gigi gave a moan of relief as Diana started pumping 7 inches in and out of her. "Faster, oh god faster." Gigi begged.

"Just relax sweetie. Diana knows what you need." Diana said trying to calm the still panicked girl down. She really didn't know what the girl needed or wanted, but Gigi was so on edge Diana had to say something.

Diana sighed in relief as Gigi seemed to calm down a bit and start rocking back to meet her thrusts. Diana started to let the drugged girl set the pace and how hard of a fucking she was going to get. Diana kept the pace Gigi was setting and remembered about her ultra sensitive skin.

Gigi moaned in delight as Diana stopped holding on her hips and started gently caressing the young girl's butt. "Oh god that feels good." Gigi commented.

Diana then slid her hands up the girl's back and around to cup her breasts. "Harder, squeeze them harder." Gigi begged as she started fucking faster and harder. She was getting close Diana sensed. She gripped Gigi's breasts in a firm grip and held on as the strong teen screamed with a powerful orgasm. "OH GOD YEAH, FUCK MEEEEEE."

Helen rocked on her knees. She had changed back to her blonde self and Ares had hold of both her arms just above the elbows as he fucked her hard and fast from behind. Helens sweaty hair was sticking to her face and shoulders as she enjoyed another orgasm. "OH YEAH, JUST LIKE THAT. FUCK MEEEE NNNNNNNGGGGG." she screamed.

Ares grinned being able to fuck the young demigoddess. Not to many women, definitely not human women, could handle a rough fucking from him. She was truly a slut, even if her mother couldn't see it.

Ares let go of her right arm and brought his hand down with a thunderous slap on her ass. "How do you like that?" he asked.

"Oh yeah, spank me. Spank me hard." Helen begged as she drove herself back hard over and over to take all of Ares' 14 massive inches.

Ares froze in shock and let go of Helen's other arm as Aphrodite appeared in a flash and her eyes suddenly were red with rage. Helen reacted instantly jumping forward to get off his cock and get to her feet crying. She ran naked to her mother, changing into her teen self as she did. "Thank goodness you're here. He was hurting me bad." she sobbed with tears streaking down her cheeks as Ares knelt stunned on the floor.

"You aren't buy " He was trying to say, you aren't buying this, when he was cut off.

"SHUT UP." Aphrodite yelled in a rage as she wrapped an arm around her sobbing daughter.

"I, I, I, I asked him to show me some fighting moves and, and, and he raped me." Helen whined.

"That's not what"

"I SAID SHUT UP. IF YOU EVER TOUCH HER OR SPY ON EITHER OF US AGAIN I'LL MAKE YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH A GOAT. A BILLY GOAT." The irate goddess of love yelled. She and Helen then disappeared. But not before Ares saw the smile on Helen's face that was hidden from her mother.

"Are you sure you don't want to file charges?" trooper Thompson asked.

Kara would like nothing better than to lock the bastards up, but that would create more problems for her. First was she would have to go to the hospital and be examined. Second was her life would be scrutinized. Her fake birth certificate and school records would be found out. Third was she would then be living under a microscope putting her and her friends in danger. "Nothing happened." she lied. "They tried, but Aunt Martha and you guys got there before they could do what they wanted." Linda explained.

"Well you two take care." the officer stated before leaving. Kara closed the door and breathed a sigh of relief. They had gotten home in the back of the trooper's car and Kara got Martha back to bed to rest after all the exertion she put out. She had explained to Kara how she was laying awake in bed waiting for her to come home and heard the commotion. She found Kara's purse and the baseball on the porch and thought she heard something about the lake. She called the state police and grabbed the shot gun. Kara had to chuckle as Martha only had one shell. She stared down the group of horny drunk teens with an empty gun. She may be old, but she still had balls Kara thought.

As the police cars drove away out front the back door opened and Mae and Lunesta came in. Kara had grabbed a sweat shirt and pants when she got home and Mae had pulled another bra out of her pocket, yet Lunesta was still naked. "The cops put Midnight back in the barn." Mae said.

"Thank-you for coming." Kara replied and rushed over to hug her would be savior. Mae had turned off her suit but was wearing just the bra and panties.

"Nice to see you too, but do you think we can find me something to wear?" Mae said with a giggle.

"You!? What about me?" Lunesta shrieked.

Kara giggled and released her hug. "Fine, ruin the moment. Let's see what we can find."

"I have to make a phone call first. We should let Diana and Gigi know where we are."

Diana turned her head at the sound of the ringing phone. She had a feeling that it was Mae calling to say where she was. Diana only hoped she wasn't in any kind of trouble. There was no way she was going to answer the phone and let anyone hear Gigi moaning and yelling in sexual bliss. She tried her best to hear the message being recorded in the other room and caught won't be home and at Linda's from the message.

Diana lay on her back with Gigi furiously riding the strap-on. Diana got the notion that she would be exhausted sooner if she had to do the work. So after Gigi's first two orgasms she had pulled out of the disappointed teen and delighted her by rolling her onto her back before reentering her. Diana then easily rolled over with the tiny girl, putting her on top cowgirl style.

The effect of using the strap-on to satisfy Gigi wasn't totally wasted on Diana, she was getting pleasurable sensations of her own as Gigi's weight repeatedly pressed the toy into Diana's mound and clit. As Gigi massaged Diana's much larger breasts, Diana could feel herself getting close to release. Part of Diana's mind thought it was only fair, after all Gigi had already gone off 6 times. "Faster, oh by Hera that's it!" Diana exclaimed as her body stiffened then with a gasp her eyes opened wide and her whole body began to convulse. "HARDER, BY THE GODS HARDER GIGI." Diana cried.

Diana then fought her own body and mind to regain control. This was supposed to be about helping Gigi, not herself. She felt a little guilty about finding some enjoyment of her own.

Amber sat on a bar stool next to Stephanie. After being there for a few hours she had seen several girls on stage dancing and taking off their clothes for the cheering men, including the three girls she met in back. Sally was on stage at the moment. The men seemed to enjoy her little school girl look and cheered wildly as she removed her top and skirt then danced for them. "So men really like little school girls?" Amber asked.

Stephanie giggled and replied "It's like wired into their brains to want to corrupt an innocent girl. When I first started I did the school girl routine too."

Both girls were a little giggly. Men had seen the two beauties at the bar and had been buying them drinks. At first Stephanie wouldn't let under aged Amber have hers, but after getting a few down herself she loosened up and let Amber try some at first then let her drink a few. Amber was a little buzzed after drinking something called a Sloe Gin Fizz and a Sea Breeze. She really liked the Sea Breeze but was sipping on her first Martini at the moment.

Stephanie had downed nearly 10 drinks and even the bartender was surprised she was still on her stool. Although she was drunk Stephanie had nothing to fear. She was family in the club and no one would try anything with her there. "OHHH there goes Monique." Stephie said with an accusing lilt in her voice.

Amber turned to see a black woman leading a man out the side door. "Where are they going?" she asked.

"To make some extra cash of course." Stephie replied and then giggled. She looked at the strange face Amber was making and said "She's going to suck him off. She gets fifty bucks for a blow job."

"You mean she's a .."

"Don't say it." Stephanie said. She was drunk but could still function and talk clearly. But her tongue was loose. "What every girl needs to learn is we're all whores. It's just the price that's different. Some girls are just more honest about it."

Amber was a bit shocked by that comment. "No way. I'm not a whore." she stated.

"Some girls do it for cash and some for a diamond ring. Others do it to pay off depts. We all do it sooner or later. It's just the reason we do it that differs." Stephie said.

"I think you've had enough." the cute bartender said reaching to take the drink from Stephie.

"No, don't. "I'll be good." Stephanie begged trying to keep her drink.

The bartender leaned over the bar and whispered "Then stop with the bullshit whore talk. You know how the boss doesn't like that kind of thing in front of the customers."

"Okay, okay. I won't. I'll be a good girl." Stephanie said sitting up straight and arching her back to make her breasts stretch out her button down blouse. She put on a big smile and then began giggling.

"Okay." the bartender said with a grin. "But don't leave. Neither of you is fit to drive. I'll take you home later."

"Thanks Henry." Stephie said with a smile. "One of these days some girl will be smart enough to snatch you up.

Henry leaned over the bar and whispered again. "She better have a deep voice and something special between the legs."

Amber's eyes opened wide and she snickered when she figured it out. As Henry left Amber quietly asked "Do all the girls make extra cash?"

"Not all. But most." Stephie softly stated while looking to see it Henry was listening.

"Do you?" Amber asked hesitantly.

Stephie sighed and took a sip of her drink. "I used to, but not anymore."

"Is that because your going to school to be a nurse?" Amber asked.

"No, she's going to school for a different reason." Sally said taking the stool next to Amber on the other side. She was finished with her dance and was wearing a robe to cover herself.

"Shut up Sally." Stephie said with a hint of anger.

"She's your roommate. She's going to find out sooner or later." Sally replied.

"Find out what?" Amber asked confused by what was going on.

"That I have a daughter." Stephie replied.

"That's why she's goin' to school. She doesn't want her daughter to grow up with a stripper for a mom." Sally stated.

"A daughter. Where? Where is she and how old?" Amber asked.

"Three years old and she's with my sister in San Francisco." Stephanie answered while giving Sally a stare.

Sally grinned at Amber and said "She gets angry when we bring it up, but she needs to learn some of us are proud of her for goin' to school and trying to get a normal life."

Amber grinned at Sally and asked Stephanie "Why is she with your sister?"

"Because I work most of the night and have no one to watch her."

"No one that's not a stripper or works in the bar." Sally stated. "We all told you we would be happy to keep an eye on her." Sally then told Amber "The real reason is she doesn't want Mary anywhere near the bar. And I don't blame her. This is no place for a kid."

Stephanie grunted and said "I have to pee." and got up to walk to the ladies room.

Amber laughed at seeing Stephanie couldn't walk straight. "Is she gonna be fine on her own?"

"She'll be fine. There's bouncers at every door so she can't go anywhere. None of them would let her leave in that state. So, how'd you like my dance?" Sally grinned as she changed the subject.

Amber was in the drama club at school and had taken dancing lessons from the time she was 3 until she was 15. A lot of those moves she watched Sally and the other girls do she figured she could do. Swinging around the pole might take some practice, but she figured she could do that too. "It was good. I really enjoyed it." she said smiling and nodding. Amber realized soon that from the quick nodding she was getting slightly dizzy and that Stephie wasn't the only one that was a little drunk. She was no where near as drunk as Stephanie, but she was feeling no pain.

"Ladies and Gentlemen." the disc jockey called out. There were whoops and cheers as he said "The time you've all been waiting for is here. Any girl interested in the 500 bucks should come up on stage now."

"I still say you could win easily." Sally said leaning back and checking Amber over. Amber was wearing a white cotton tank top and tight blue jeans with black toeless high heels.

"You really think so?" Amber asked taking it as Sally saying she was beautiful. And the $500 would help out a lot.

"Sure, your hot. But you need something better than those jeans.

"What's wrong with my jeans?" Amber asked innocently.

"They cover too much skin." Sally stated and gestured with her chin to the stage.

Amber looked up at the somewhat good looking girls gathering on the stage and noticed none of then was wearing long pants. A couple were wearing hot pants while others had bikini bottoms. A few had taken their skirts off and were just wearing panties. "You really think I can win?" Amber whined.

"Honey if you get up their and sell it, none of those girls can touch you." Sally stated.

"Is she going to do it?" Helen asked as she and her mother stood nearby and listened.

"Their is nothing we can do about it one way or the other. The choice has to be hers." Aphrodite stated. There were rules even gods and goddesses had to live by.

"But if she does we can help her win, right?" Helen asked.

"We can, but I don't think we'll have to." Aphrodite said looking at the women on the stage.

As Amber stood up and kicked off her heels the mother and daughter team watched hoping she would. "So you think this plan will set everything straight?" Helen asked. Zeus had found out what she did and was furious. Some people are destined to do certain things and effect the lives of others who will do the same.

"She's supposed to open a home for runaway girls. We need to guide her and help her get there." Aphrodite stated. It took a lot lf begging to get the Fates to say what Amber's destiny was. She and Helen had worked out a plan. It was a little complicated, but it should work they figured.

Amber slowly walked up the stairs to the stage. She had taken off her jeans and put the high heels back on. She was slightly taller than most of the dozen or so girls and was also better built. Amber blushed as s men howled when the saw her and some of the women's faces on stage showed they knew they were out matched. "And what's your name young lady?" the DJ asked as he was now on stage holding a microphone out for Amber to speak into.

"My name is Amber." she shyly stated then took a place in line. She never saw the man at the front table sitting with some other gentlemen look up at her having heard her say her name.

"Are we ready." the DJ called out and the crowd cheered. "Then let's get them tits wet." he said and 5 guys came out holding seltzer bottles. Amber and the other girl shrieked and giggled as the men soaked down their shirts and in the case of girls like Amber, their panties.

After about a minute of spraying Amber stood in the line looking down at her nearly completely visible tits through her top. She didn't notice that her panties were nearly see through as well. The naive girl fought the urge to cover herself as she looked at the crowd of drunk men ogling her and the others.

The DJ smiled at the sight. He loved his job. He made his way back to his booth and said "Okay ladies, shake um." He flipped a switch and the song Barracuda by Heart started playing.

Amber was slow to start but was soon flipping her hair and swiveling her hips. She happened to glance out in the crowd and saw Sally shaking her body as if to show her what to do. Amber bit her lip and stepped to the front and began to shimmy. She shook her firm D-cup breast to the cheers of the crowd.

When one of the less endowed women pulled off her top the crowd went wild. Amber not wanting to loose after showing off her breasts also pulled off her top. She twirled it over her head and tossed it to the crowd. Amber shook her breasts again to the wild cheers of the crowd. By the time the song was over she owned the stage and the voting was just a formality. Most of the girls just stopped and stepped back to watch Amber not just shake her tits, but dance for the crowd. As the song finished Amber dropped into a full splits and the men in the crowd were on their feet cheering.

Helen and Aphrodite were both as shocked as Stephie was when she came out of the ladies room. "I don't believe it." Helen said in total denial of what she just saw. "I guess that means we're done for the night."

"Not quite yet." Aphrodite said pointing to the guy at the front table. "There's still something we can do."

"You can't be serious." Lunesta whined as Linda and Mae giggled hysterically. Mae had already explained how Aphrodite came and got them. And Kara chuckled when told how Lunesta rode in comfort.

"It's either that or you have to fly out to the fairy village and get a gown." Mae snickered at Lunesta wearing a make shift gown made out of an old hankerchief and some thread as a belt.

"Sorry, but I don't have any doll clothes hanging around." Linda said with a smirk.

"It's not funny." Lunesta groaned. "Why can't we just call Diana and have her bring me something?"

"One, they didn't answer the phone when we called before . And two, is because it's way too late now. We'll call her when we wake up in the morning." Mae said with a wicked grin.

"Stop snickering. This isn't funny. I want real clothes." the fairy whined. "It's not fair. You got something to wear." she complained to Mae.

Mae was wearing one of Linda's T-shirts as a short nightie. "Would it make you feel better if we all slept naked?" Mae asked with an evil grin.

"Sorta." the fairy whined.

"Too bad, not happening." Linda said with a chuckle.

Lunesta pouted and whined back. "But I don't even have panties."

"It's just us girls here. Just go to sleep." Mae said. "We'll get you clothes tomorrow."

Lunesta groaned in defeat as Kara turned off the light. "I can't believe your doing this to me."

"Thanks Henry." Amber said in a flirty voice as the bartender handed her a clean bar towel to help cover her chest. Sally had headed for the hills when Stephanie came out of the ladies room and saw Amber on the stage. After getting her 500 bucks Amber jumped off the stage and quickly put her jeans back on, but a 50 something guy at the front table had her top. "Your not mad are you?" Amber whined to the angry stare of Stephanie.

Stephie sighed and calmed herself. "No, I'm not mad. I'm disappointed. I don't want you to end up working in a place like this."

"I don't want to, but I really needed the money." Amber whined and cast her glance down.

"I said I'm not mad. Now lets get your top back." Stephie took Amber by the hand and led her over to the table with 5 gentlemen dressed in suits sitting around it. "Can we have her top back please?" Stephanie asked the older guest.

"Hi Stephie." the man said as he grinned. "How about you buy it back just like old times?"

"You know I don't do that anymore Carl. Please just give her top back." Stephanie begged.

"You two know each other?" Amber asked.

Stephie sighed and said "Yeah, he was one of my regulars. He's Carl Waters of Waters and Pratt Furniture." She then grinned and said "Carl, this is Amber. Now please give her top back."

The other men chuckled as Carl said "I think I like it." Amber stood fidgeting on her high heels while holding the bar towel to cover her tits. "I'll tell you what sweetie. Let me touch them and I'll give it back." he told Amber.

Both women stood gape mouthed at the request. "She doesn't work here and she's not going to. She's not gonna let you grope her for a shirt." Stephie scolded. "We're gonna find her a real job. She's not gonna do this."

"You need a job?" Carl asked perking up. His secretary was going out on maternity leave in a few weeks and the other 4 girls he had brought in to learn the job and fill in, she didn't like. "Can you type and do short hand?" he asked in a hopeful voice.

Stephie arched her eyebrows and Amber nodded and gushed "Yes. I type about 65 words a minute and I know shorthand." And she did. She took typing and short hand in school. The easy classes were what helped her graduate.

Carl grinned and pulled his wallet out of his back pocket. Then took a card out and held it out to Amber. Both girls couldn't quite believe it when he said "My secretary's going out on maternity leave soon. I need someone to fill in for 3 months." Amber didn't take the card so he put it on the table.

"Are you saying I can have a job?" Amber asked with a big smile.

"Hold it. Don't get too excited. He said 3 months." Stephie said to calm Amber down a bit. She then looked at Carl. "What happens after 3 months?"

"She has the job if my secretary likes her. And after 3 months, if she does well we'll find a permanent slot for her." Carl stated.

"So your saying I can have a job?" Amber asked with a big grin as Stephie just didn't know to believe him. He had never lied to her, but this was just too good."

"Yes, you can have the job and your top back if you let me touch your tits." Carl said. What the hell he figured. His secretary had gotten rid of every other girl and was running out of time to be able to train someone.

Stephie's eyes opened wide and said to Amber as she stood looking at her as if wondering what to do. "It's up to you. If you want to try the job then." and she tilted her head at Carl.

Amber nodded and walked around the table were Carl was sitting and removed the towel. Carl grinned as he reached out with both hands and gently squeezed Ambers breasts and used his thumbs to rub her nipples. Amber couldn't help but give a soft moan and hoped no one heard in the loud club.

After about 10 seconds Stephie said "That's enough. Now give her top back."

Carl removed his hands from the girl's tits and Amber covered them back up with the towel. "Thank-you." he said and handed Amber back her top. He then picked up the card and handed that out to her too. "Be at that address at 9 Monday morning."

As Amber and Stephanie walked away Helen looked at her mother. "He's not feeling a lot of lust. I would have thought he would." she stated in surprise.

Aphrodite smiled and said "That's because she reminds him of his late wife when she was young. His emotions are mixed."

Helen chuckled and said "You gonna make him fall in love with her."

"No." Aphrodite stated. "He'll love her, but he won't be in love with her."

Diana awoke mid morning. It wasn't like her to sleep that late, but then again it was very late by the time she was able to go to sleep. After Gigi had finally exhausted herself and passed out Diana had gotten up for a few moments to discard the strap-on and her spunk soaked panties. She rolled the limp body of the teen girl to one side of the bed and then the other as she changed out the sweat and pussy juice soaked sheets. She then climbed back into bed exhausted herself and spent the night spooning the still quivering girl. What ever that drug was had to be stronger than anything the girls had run across so far, or the drugs worked much better on mutants.

Diana had started the night curled around the teen, but in her tossing and turning Gigi ended up behind. Diana awoke to Gigi's right arm draped over her and the young girl's hand gripping her right breast. Diana gently removed the hand and climbed out of bed. She sat on the edge for a moment and looked at the angelic face of the girl sleeping. She grabbed her robe off the bed post as she stood up and put it on as she walked to the door.

After a quick stop in the bathroom she went to the kitchen to make breakfast. She had a feeling the tiny girl would be very hungry when she woke up. She started the coffee and took some bacon out of the fridge. As she turned the flame on under the frying pan she hoped Gigi would be able to tell her what happened. They needed to find out where the drug came from.

Kara awoke first and headed for the bathroom. When she returned Mae was sitting up and Lunesta was beginning to stir. "How're you doing?" Mae asked with concern. This time Kara was raped as Linda. Not her heroine self.

"I'll be fine. I just wish we could put those guys in jail where they belong." Kara replied as she sat on the edge of her bed.

Lunesta yawned and said "I have a feeling those guys are gonna end up in jail sooner or later anyway."

"Your probably right." Mae said shaking her head. She didn't understand what would make those boys act that way. But the way they stood their ground when confronted seemed to suggest they would do something like that again.

"If they do, we'll have to make sure the cops know it was them." Kara said.

"It may be awhile. They stood their ground, but they did have a shotgun pointed at them." Mae stated.

"An unloaded shotgun." Kara replied with a laugh.

"No way." Mae said with shock and awe showing on her face.

"Yes way." Kara chucked. "She only had one shell left. She stared those guys down with an empty gun."

"She's got a lot of guts." Lunesta stated.

"She's got a lot of love." Mae replied as she looked at Kara and grinned.

Kara sighed and said "Since the day I arrived on Earth she was the one who always looked out for me. She gave me a home and made me feel like I belong."

"She may not be blood, but she is your family." Lunesta said with a big grin.

"And so aren't you and Mae now." Kara commented. As her friends smiled she added "We don't have to tell Diana about last night do we?"

"I think we can hold back on the details." Mae agreed. "But we should call now before she and Gigi leave." Diana would drive Gigi out for the sleep over. Gigi could wait until after dark, but that wouldn't be until well after supper and the girls wanted to start the fun during the afternoon.

The bacon was on a plate in the oven to stay warm as Diana pushed the eggs around the pan with a spatula. She had just finished buttering the toast and the eggs were almost finished. Diana quickly grabbed the phone when it rang.

Gigi started when the phone rang once. She groaned and rolled onto her back as she slowly woke up with a groan. It took a few moments but her eyes shot open when she realized she was in Diana's bed and completely naked.

Gigi sat up on the edge of the bed to see her clothes on the floor and a set of sheets in a pile in the corner. She also saw Diana's clothes on the floor. Her clothes are never on the floor Gigi thought. She then saw the plastic cock attached to a belt and straps. She was really wondering what went on during the night.

Gigi stood up and put her skirt back on and her tank top. She wasn't going to walk around naked. She picked up her panties, but for some reason they were damp. Gigi could smell the coffee and bacon and slowly made her way to the kitchen, making a quick pit stop on the way.

"Mornin' Diana." Gigi said and yawned as she walked into the kitchen as Diana was putting the food on the table.

"Good Morning." Diana said thinking it would be better to start slow in getting information as to what happened. Diana was right about the girl having worked up an appetite, Gigi wasted no time in attacking her plate. As Gigi continued to shovel food into her mouth Diana asked "So where did you go on your date?"

Gigi was still wondering how she ended up naked in Diana's bed. "We went to Mama Rosita's for supper and then headed to the movies." Gigi replied and got a slightly confused look on her face. Something definitely happened she just didn't know what.

"What movie did you see?" Diana asked as she noticed her robe had opened a bit and pulled it closed. She also noticed Gigi seemed to be thinking hard as to what she did.

"We didn't see the movie." Gigi replied slowly as she thought hard. "The cops pulled us over."

"The Cops?" That was unexpected thought Diana. "Why did the cops stop you?"

Gigi tried to focus on her activities. "I think Eddy did something so they arrested him."

Diana could tell Gigi was having trouble thinking what happened. She even stopped eating to focus all her energy on trying to remember. "They didn't say why?"

Gigi gasped as she remembered more. "Drugs. Eddy's a drug dealer." Gigi's eyes opened wide as she started catching on. "Did he drug me?"

"Someone did. And right now he's the prime suspect." Diana replied. "Try and tell me everything you remember."

"I'll cut his nuts off." the pissed off Latina stated. "The cops pulled us over and searched the car and us."

"The cops searched you?" Diana asked. "Why?"

"Yeah and no." Gigi whined. "I think I showed them my tits."

"Your idea or theirs?" Diana asked a little concerned. Maybe she should jump ahead. She may be able to get some answers from Chief Danvers later.

"I think it was to keep them from touching me?" she guessed.

"But why were they going to search you in the first place?" Diana wondered.

"I wouldn't tell them my name." Gigi replied slowly.

"Then what happened?" Diana asked almost leaning over the table.

"We got arrested and then I woke up in er ."

"Yeah, about that." Diana said as they both looked at each other uncomfortably. "I think you were drugged with something to make your hornier than hell."

"And it had to be Eddy right?" Gigi asked. "He seemed so nice. He opened the car door for me and held my chair at dinner. He was a perfect gentleman the whole time." she stated. Gigi actually liked him.

Diana reached across the table to hold Gigi's hand and said "He didn't just fool you. We'll get to the bottom of this." She didn't want to bring up the fact that given how much effort it took to sate her Eddy must have planned to have help.

"How? Er How did I er " Gigi was stammering and looking over her shoulder towards the bedroom.

"You were out of control with lust. You were screaming to be fucked. I had to do something." Diana said trying to hold a stoic face.

"We had sex?" Gigi asked in surprise.

Diana could see the discomfort in her eyes. "You just about ripped my clothes off. Your quite strong." Diana replied with a smirk.

Gigi tried to regain her composure at that bit of news and asked "What's that thing on the floor?"

Diana had to remember that she was still quite innocent when it came to sex. "It's called a strap-on.

It's used when women want to have sex together without a guy." And by a dominating woman to fuck her guys ass, she didn't feel the need to add for the youngster.

Gigi arched her eyebrows and asked "So you used that thing on me?"

"After things got rolling you pretty much used it on yourself. I basically just laid there." Diana stated.

"Oh." Gigi replied in shock.

Wanting to save the girl more embarrassment Diana said "We should call the chief and get the rest of the story." She reached for the phone knowing he worked most Saturday mornings. When someone answered she asked to speak with the chief. It didn't take long after she gave her name.

"Good morning Miss Prince. How may I help you?" Kara's farther said when he picked up.

"Good morning sir. I was wondering if you could answer a few questions for me?" Diana asked as Gigi moved to the chair next to Diana so she could listen in.

"Is this about last night? You should know I can't answer any questions about a pending case." he stated.

Diana knew that meant she couldn't ask about Eddy. But what about Gigi. "Is Gigi in trouble?" she asked.

Fred chuckled a bit and replied "No, I told her last night she wasn't going to be prosecuted. Why is something wrong?" he asked.

"I was just trying to get the story straight. Some things she told me didn't make sense. Like why one of your officers made her show him her breasts on the side of the road." she hoped she could pump him for more information by shocking him.

"WHAT THE HELL? Which one? Never mind I'll find out."

The father of a teen age girl was very disturbed by that pronouncement. "So I take it your charging Eddy then since you said there was a case."

"Is there something your not telling me I should know about this case Miss Prince?" he asked with his stern voice.

"No, but I have some friends from when I worked for the FBI and one of them called to say Wonder Woman might be stopping by to interview Eddy." If Diana couldn't get answers she knew Wonder Woman could.

"Wonder Woman?" Fred asked.

Gigi sat back and nudged Diana to get her attention. She whispered "And she'll be bringing a friend."

Diana nodded and replied to the chief. "Yes, Wonder Woman and she may have one of her friends with her."

"We'll be waiting for her then."

"Are you sure about that?" Lex asked with an evil grin. Being a man of wealth and power he had people on his payroll in places where information flowed freely. He was sitting in his recliner reading the Saturday morning paper when the phone rang.

"Yes sir, seems Supergirl consented to do an interview live Tuesday morning." the man on the other end stated.

Lex chuckled at the news. "Do you know where?" he asked.

"Yeah, they plan on holding it on the sidewalk out side the studio." the man replied.

"You did great Todd. Look for a package to arrive soon." Lex said. If it was true the guy would get paid. If not he would get something else Lex thought.

Lex hung up the phone and headed to his home office. "She wants to play games with me. Now I'll play with her." Lex mumbled to himself. He walked up to his desk and opened the top draw to pull out his phone book. Looking through the list of friends and accomplices he jotted down a list of names on a piece of paper and picked up the phone.

Kara walked down the stairs finding Aunt Martha gone. She found a note on the kitchen table saying she went to the market to get a few things and would be back in a couple of hours. Mae and Lunesta were in the shower so Kara figured to make breakfast. She pulled out the frying pan and put it on the stove. She was interrupted as she headed for the fridge by a knock on the front door.

Kara looked out with her X-ray vision to see two fidgeting teen girls with sad looks standing on the porch. Kara recognized them as Becky and Taylor Thomas, they were twins. She had met them when she first arrived on Earth, they lived on the next farm over. They were both also at the party the night before.

Kara forced her eyes back to their normal deep blue as she walked to the door. She had already showered and dressed and had her wig on. She opened the door with a fake smile then scowled and asked "What do you want?"

Becky looked at Taylor then looked at Linda and said "We came to apologize for last night."

"Yeah, we're so sorry. We didn't know what was going to happen when the guys called to say there was gonna be a party." Taylor added.

Kara stood silent and glared. After all they were still cheering as she was raped. Becky and Taylor frowned at the stare and the silent treatment and slowly turned to leave. As they walked away both girls turned back to add "We truly are sorry."

Kara stepped back into the house as the girls walked away. She listened in as the girls talked going down the long drive. "You think she'll be made at us long?" Becky asked.

"She'll probably never talk to us again." Taylor stated.

"So we said we're sorry for nothing?" Becky whined.

"It wasn't for nothing. We were wrong and needed to say sorry." Taylor said.

"I know. What do you think would have happened if they hadn't grabbed her?" There was a short pause then Taylor asked "You think they would have raped us?"

Becky sighed and replied "They had a party with little Daisy last summer."


"I heard her sister tell Mary Jordon a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't believe it until last night." Becky stated. "And your not going out with Tommy tonight."

"But I told him the other day I would." Taylor whined.

"Do you want what Daisy and Linda got?"

"No." Taylor sad sadly. "But he's so cute."

"And your gonna be sick tonight."

"Whacha doin' ?" Mae asked coming down the stairs seeing Linda at the door.

"Nothing." Kara stated and turned to walk back into the kitchen. "Is Lunesta coming down?"

"Her majesty has decided to stay in the boudoir until she has proper attire." Mae said mockingly as she looked out the window to see the two teen girls having a discussion halfway down the drive. "Those two were there last night, weren't they?" She asked getting serious.

Kara groaned and said "They came to apologize and I don't want to talk about it." She opened up the fridge to get out the bacon and headed towards the stove.

"Fine." Mae said. She knew Kara as well as anyone on Earth. "But the fact they actually walked over here to apologize has to say something."

Kara sighed and replied "It does, but I don't want to talk with them yet."

All heads turned as the two scantily clad women walked into the station. Wonder Woman with her red bustier, star spangled briefs and knee high fuck me boots would turn any guy's head. But Gigi walking in in her tiny leather get up that barely covered enough skin to keep her from getting arrested had every cop there almost drooling. The men turned their heads to check out their asses as the heroines headed towards the chiefs office.

"Have a seat Ladies." Chief Danvers said standing behind his desk and pointing to a couple of chairs on the other side of his desk.

"Nice to meet you sir." Diana said sticking out her hand to shake before sitting down.

"Thanks for seeing us." Gigi offered as she too shook hands with the chief.

"Please be seated ladies." Fred said again and sat down himself. He wanted to hide the fact his pants were getting tight. He didn't want to show he was aroused especially since he knew the tiny Latina was his daughter's friend Gigi. And if his detective instincts were right then Wonder Woman was Diana Prince. Not that he would ever tell. He would guard their secrets to the grave, just like his daughter.

"And what should I call you young lady?" he asked Gigi pretending not to know as his door was left open and others could hear.

"I'm the Spanish Fly, but you can just call me Fly if you wish." Gigi replied.

"Okay Miss Fly. How may I help you ladies today?"

"We don't have a lot of time." Diana stated. She needed to drive Gigi out to the Kent farm along with some clothes for Mae and Lunesta. If you don't mind we would like to question Eddy Talbert now."

"That's not going to happen" a stern voice said from the doorway.

"And who the hell are you?" an angry chief asked at being interrupted.

"Allow me to introduce myself." the 5'8" bald middle aged white man in a business suit said. "I'm Attorney Zachary Hughes, Eddy's lawyer."

Diana scowled and replied "We need to talk with Eddy. He may be the key to stopping the Corps."

"With all due respect Miss Wonder Woman." he said almost mockingly. "My client will talk with no one unless I'm there. And he won't talk with you at all."

"But we need to talk with him." Gigi whined. They really needed to know where that drug came from.

"I'm sorry but I won't allow it." Actually he would, but he would make them embarrass themselves first by asking for something outrageous.

"There must be a compromise we can come to." offered Chief Danvers.

Zack pretended to think about it first and replied. "I'll allow it if she leaves all her accessories out here." he said gesturing towards Diana. "And they both have to be stripped searched under my supervision first."

"WHAT!? That's outrageous." the chief replied in a somewhat squeaky voice.

Diana and Gigi were both left speechless by the request.

"You heard me. She has a habit of using her rope to force people to talk. My client has rights and she's not going to use that thing or anything else on him. And unless she's wiling to prove she's bringing nothing in there, she's not going to get to talk with him." the lawyer stated flatly.

Chief Danvers stood up and approached the man using all is efforts to keep from ripping him in two. "So you want us to strip search these two young ladies in front of you?"

"Come on we're leaving." Diana said to Gigi. "Thanks for your time chief, but it looks like we'll have to wait for some other time to talk with Eddy." she then stated. With a lawyer Eddy would soon be out on bail anyway.

"And don't you plan on lassoing him when he gets out either. I plan to get a restraining order against you and your friends." the lawyer stated.

"But?" Gigi whined.

"No buts." Diana said calmly. "We'll go now."

"Fine." Gigi groaned and followed Diana out of the police station as every man checked out their asses. Once outside Gigi asked "Now what?"

"I don't know, but we'll think of something." Diana said as they walked down the street, Diana becoming aware of the stares they were getting.

As her invisible plane neared them flying overhead she and Gigi leapt into the air. Once inside Diana chucked and said "We need to find you something else to wear when you not on patrol."

"Like what?" Gigi whined.

"I don't know but you going to cause car accidents if you keep going out in the daytime dressed like that." Diana answered.

Gigi smirked and replied "Your just jealous because you couldn't pull off wearing this."

Diana smirked back as the plane carried then to the edge of town where Diana's car was hidden. "Are you forgetting the bikini?"

Gigi and Diana laughed. Gigi laughingly said. "Nope. And you'll never be able to forget, we have the pictures."

When the plane landed Diana looked around and seeing no one around began to spin. Gigi grabbed her clothes from the car and ducked behind some bushes to change. When they were ready they got in the car and started the long drive to the farm.

Rika got out of the car and grabbed the package off the front seat. She walked up to the front door and rang the bell. Mere seconds later the perky teen girl answered the door. "Rika, nice to see you again. Come on in."

"Hi Terry." Rika said as she entered apartment. "I tried calling Ashley but didn't get an answer at the old place or here."

"That's weird." Terry stated as she closed the door. "I know no one was at the old place because Ashley's aunt was here putting some boxes in the apartment upstairs and just left."

Terry led Rika to the living room and said "Please sit down. Would you like anything to drink ?" Her grandmother was off doing the grocery shopping and Terry knew Grandma would expect her to be polite.

Rika sat on the sofa and held the bundle on her lap. "So you have no idea where Ashley is?" Rika asked.

"If she's not upstairs, no. I know she's not down stairs because I heard Gene come up around 5 this morning and go into his room." She looked up at the clock and said "He should be awake by now I'll ask him if he knows where she is." Terry said and ran down the hall.

"Don't wake him." Rika called, but Terry was already opening the door.

Ashley was startled by the door quickly opening and grabbed the sheet to pull it up and cover herself and Gene. Terry gasped and said "I'm so sorry. I didn't Er ar " as she closed the door.

Ashley sighed and then grinned as Gene asked "You think she'll tell Grandma?"

Ashley giggled and said "Your grandmother already knows. I had to use the bathroom around 7 and bumped into her." What she didn't say as Gene had a shocked expression was that grandma didn't think Gene was going to live a long life so he should be able to enjoy life while he could. That meant he could have sex in his room if he wanted.

"Grandma knows your in here?" the clueless genius asked.

Ashley kissed Gene tenderly and whispered "Go back to sleep. I'll go see what Terry wanted." She climbed out of the bed and looked around the messy room luckily finding her panties. She grabbed a dress shirt off the floor and put that on as she left.

"I'm so sorry." Terry gushed as Ashley walked down the hall.

Ashley chuckled it off saying "Don't worry about it. What did.. Rika?"

Rika put the package down and stood up to hug Ashley. This time managing to do so without groping the taller girls butt with the child present. Ashley of course couldn't let that get by and whispered "What, bored with me already?"

Rika giggled and stepped back. "I brought you two something." she said.

"You brought us something?" Terry asked excitedly.

Rika stood next to Ashley and replied "Yeah, go ahead and open it." Pointing to the bundle. As Terry started opening the gift, Rika reached to the side and goosed her friend.

"What's this?" Terry asked holding the bolt of black fabric.

"Look close at it. Look very close at it." Rika said grinning.

"What is it?" Ashley asked.

"Carbon tube Fabric." Rika stated. "It isn't exactly what they were looking for and they were going to throw it away so I had them send it to me."

"What's wrong with it?" Terry asked holding up some of the fabric and looking at it with the light coming in through the window.

"Some of the micro wires are broken inside., but when your using it you can just cut those sections out." Rika replied.

"So you think we can make that suit out of this stuff." Ashley stated as she sat next to Terry on the sofa to get a better look at the cloth.

"That's the idea, but if you do my family gets the rights to meet any offer for the technology." Rika stated. If this worked her father would be very proud of her and she would probably be named as his successor. She had better be she thought. This could make the family a fortune.

"This stuff looks like regular cloth." Terry stayed.

"Yeah, it could pass for spandex." Ashley added.

"That's the idea." Rika giggled.

"It's about time." Lunesta stated with her arms folded across her tiny chest as Mae laughed and put the suitcase on the bed and unzipped it.

"Oh knock it off." Mae said opening up the bag and pulling out a box holding the fairy's things. "Now get dressed and come down and say hi to Gigi and Diana."

"Oh I have a message for Diana." she said. She had gotten a visit just before dawn and was asked to relay the message.

"What is it?" Mae asked.

Lunesta pulled a tiny pair of panties out of the box and pulled them on and then a mini mini dress.

She put that on curtly saying "The message is for Diana."

"Will you get over the not having any clothes thing already." Mae whined.

"No." Lunesta said with a pout. "If it were one of you without clothes you would have taken it more serious."

Mae groaned and followed the fairy as she flew out the door and headed down stairs.

Lunesta flew down the stairs to find Diana talking with Kara and Gigi. "Well look who finally made it down stairs today." Kara commented with a grin.

"She's still mad at us." Mae said with a pout of her own.

Kara sighed and said "Okay. I'm sorry I didn't bring you to Midvale last night."

Everyone laughed as Lunesta replied "It's about time UMPH."

"Ignore her. I think she's on the rag or something." Mae said with a stare to her rude friend.

Lunesta got in Mae's face and scowled "That's not nice."

"Well your not being nice. We're guests in her home and your being a little bitch." Mae stated.

"Hey, Hey ,Hey. Knock it off both of you." Diana interrupted. "Your best friends, so knock it off before one of you says something you'll both regret."

Mae and Lunesta looked at each other with sad faces. "I'm sorry." Mae said.

"Me too." Lunesta stated. "I'd hug you, but my arms are too short."

Mae and Lunesta shared a giggle and then Mae said "Don't you have a message for Diana?"

"A message for me?" Diana asked.

"Yeah, my mother wants to see you for something." Lunesta stated.

"Do you know what it is?"Diana asked.

"No, but the message I got said it was urgent." Lunesta replied. "Do you remember how to find the village?"

"I think so." Diana replied without confidence.

Lunesta sighed and said "I better go with you then." She made it sound like she was doing a favor, but the nosy fairy wanted to know what was going on.

A gracious Amazon replied "I would enjoy the company." Besides Diana thought. It would give her some time to calm down after her little spat with Mae.

"Good." Lunesta said and got a round of laughs from everyone but Diana as she zipped into Diana's cleavage through the space in Diana's blouse created by having the top 3 buttons undone.

Diana chuckled as she looked down and said "I don't think that's necessary. No one's going to see you get into the car."

"I know." Lunesta replied. "But it's nice and cozy in here."

"Well I guess I'll be off then." Diana chuckled.

The girls hugged Diana good-bye, being careful not to hurt Lunesta. "Now you girls behave." Diana commented as she headed out the door.

"Yes Mom." Mae replied with a smirk.

"What did I ever do to deserve this." Diana mumbled as she walked to the car.

"Where's your aunt?" Gigi asked. It was mid afternoon and she was no where in sight. Gigi thought she would be there with guests arriving.

Kara smiled and said "She's taking a nap. She wore herself out going to the market." Which was obviously too much for her after her midnight ride the night before, Kara thought.

"So what do we do first?" Gigi asked. She had never been to a slumber party or anything like this.

Kara looked at the clock and said "Cassie and Courtney will be here in about an hour. Why don't we give you a tour of the farm."

"I'd like that." Gigi replied with a smile.

Luthor sat in his office high atop Luthor towers. Being the boss didn't mean weekends off. His lab was almost ready for his experiments he planned to conduct on the teen Kryptonian. As he gazed out over the city of Metropolis he wondered lf the merchandise he was trying to by was worth it. The buzzer for the inter com on his desk brought his mind back to the here and now. He pushed the button and said "Yes Bonnie."

"There's a Mr. Greene here to see you sir." came the reply.

"Send him in." Lex said as he moved to stand behind his desk in his opulent office.

The door opened and a large man in his mid 40s walked in closing the door behind him. Lex didn't think it was much of a stretch to think he was an ex marine by the hair cut and the mans demeanor. "Nice to meet you sir." the man said sticking out his hand to shake with Lex.

Lex shook hands and said "Please have a seat." then sat himself. "Do you have the merchandise?" Lex asked.

"Do you have the money?" Mr. Greene replied as he pulled a small box out of the pocket of his suit jacket.

Lex reached down beside him and pulled up a brief case. He opened it and showed the man the cash. "One million, just as agreed." Lex stated before he closed the case and placed it on the desk.

Mr. Greene nodded and opened the box to show Luthor six bright yellow bullets. ".38 caliber just like you requested." the man said before closing the box and handing it to Luthor. Mr. Greene stood and picked up the brief case. As he walked to the door he paused and turned around. "I hope you know what will happen to you if it's not all here." he uttered.

Lex wasn't a man to be threatened, but he knew better than to mess with the Corps. Their business

might have been dealt a blow, but they were still out there and unlike the law didn't play by the rules. "It's all there." Lex growled . "And these better work." he said threateningly back.

"They've already gone through Wonder Girl's bracelet and Green Lantern's shield. They work." the man stated and left.

"Linda pick up the phone. Your mother wants to talk with you." Martha yelled up the stairs.

"Excuse me please." Kara said to her friends sitting around her room. Cassie and Courtney had showed up and hour earlier and the five of them had been hanging around and giggling. Kara stepped into the hall and picked up the phone. "I GOT IT." she yelled down the stairs. "Hi mom, what's up."

Kara looked in on her friends as her mother said "Some guy called Mr. Gordon called and asked if you could come in and discus the last minute arrangements tonight."

"My party's tonight." Kara whined.

"He said it would only take a few minutes and there's some papers that need to be signed." Edna relayed.

"Okay, I guess I can get away for a little while after dark." Kara replied.

"I'll call him back and tell him to expect you around 9." Edna stated. "Have fun with your friends." Edna said .

"Thanks mom." Kara said as she hung up. Kara walked back into her bedroom and plopped on her bed.

"What was that?" asked Cassie.

"Some papers need to be signed for Diana's party next week. I'll fly in after dark and come right back." Kara replied.

"Why don't we all go." Mae offered.

"And how are we all supposed to get there?" Cassie asked. She was hoping Mae would slip up. She and Courtney had a feeling about her and they were waiting for her to slip up.

Kara grinned with Mae as she replied "Kara can carry me or I could just run the 15 miles or so."

Cassia and Courtney looked at each other questioningly wondering if that was a slip of the lip. Gigi giggled and asked "Do you have any idea how long that would take?"

"Maybe 15 minutes or so." Mae replied calmly. "She then looked at the confused expressions on Cassie and Courtney and asked "Come on you gotta know by now, don't ya?"

"You are Lotus Blossom, aren't you?" Cassie asked.

"It's about time you told us." Courtney added with a big smile.

Diana walked through the forest with Lunesta flying around her. As they neared the village Diana asked "So you have no Idea what you mother wants?"

"No. but we'll know soon. That's the log over there." the fluttering fairy said pointing about 50 feet ahead in the moon lit forest.

After a few more steps several fairies flew out to great them.

"Hi mom." Lunesta said seeing them getting near.

"Why did you need to see me your majesty." Diana asked bowing to the fairy royal.

"I have asked you here to pay off your debt. Are you willing to fulfill your word princess of the Amazons?" The queen asked.

Diana nodded and asked "What is it you wish me to do?"

Lunesta gasped when her mother said "A group of ogres moved into a cave not far from here."

"Is there something wrong with that?" Diana asked.

Lunesta swallowed hard and answered. "Ogres think fairies make tasty snacks."

Diana saw the fear in all the fairies' eyes. "What is it you need me to do your majesty?" Diana asked.

"I know your principles won't allow you to kill them so I will ask that you make them move away from here." the queen stated.

Diana nodded and replied "And I take it you don't want them to know it's because your village is near."

"Yes, princess. We wish our village to remain secret." the queen answered.

"I will do as you ask." Diana replied. She then grinned at Lunesta and asked "Are you coming?"

"Er Ah I think er I'll just stay here, if you don't mind." the very nervous fairy replied.

Diana chuckled and said "Fine. Now how do I find them?"

The queen answered "Walk to the stream about 100 yards to the west. Follow it up stream about a quarter mile where there's a bend in the stream. There's a high cliff with a cave at the bottom behind some bushes. Be careful princess. Ogres have the ability to stay hidden from humans. Stay aware of every movement."

"I don't suppose you know how many?" Diana asked as she turned to walk towards the stream.

"One of our warriors counted 3, but there could be more." the queen answered. "Be careful princess."

After supper Ashley gathered with Rika, Terry and Gene around the work bench in the basement. Terry had redrawn some of Gene's sketches of how the suit should look. "We can use the micro wires in the fabric itself to wire the connecting electrodes. With the tubes being so small the remaining tubes should more than provide enough support." Terry stated.

"I agree." Gene said with a grin for his now proud little sister. "But we need to attach the electrodes in just the right spots. The suit will have to fit skin tight."

"That shouldn't be a problem." stated Rika. "The fabric has some stretch to it."

"But what about the knees and ankles? We still need a way of bridging the gap between the lower and upper leg section such that the joints don't make a week spot." Ashley put in.

"We can use some of the components of the armored suit design, but we're still stuck on getting materials that are light but still strong enough." Gene said looking deep in thought. And if the suit was going to be sold to the military they would have to make a fully armored one for them to test.

Rika grinned at Ashley and arched her eyebrows. Ashley sighed and asked "What if we could get some Adamantium?"

Gene chuckled and replied "We'd have a better chance of taking a trip to the moon. That stuff is regulated."

Rika smiled as Gene and Terry were both stunned when Ashley replied "I have some."

Gene looked at Ashley through squinted eyes, not sure if she was joking or not. He would have no idea how she got it or have enough sense to ask how. "We would need nearly a quarter pound to make the joints. We could get by with less if we just use it on the lower joints. But that's still thousands of dollars worth."

Ashley looked Gene in the eyes and softly said "You can never ask how I got it or tell anyone we have it." She then looked around the bench and added "That includes everyone. Understand?"

Rika was the first to respond "Yeah, I understand." pretending like she was surprised as well and not having a clue how she got it.

Terry was second saying "I understand."

Everyone looked at Gene who was a bit hesitant. Ashley was praying he would never ask. She didn't know if she could lie to him if he asked her outright. After a moment Ashley breathed a sigh of relief as Gene replied "I understand."

"Good then we can start getting the suit made. All we need is to get some measurements and get the exact placement of the electrodes." Rika stated. Rika then giggled and asked of Gene "How about we have Ashley get your measurements and I'll write them down?"

Gene grinned and shook his head. "All the data is on Ashley. It would take months to get a set for me and I don't think I could do it anyway. If we're going to make a working model to show to the military we'll have to make it for Ashley."

"But this was supposed to be so you could walk again." Ashley protested.

"And I will. If this works, the government will finance more research and I'll get one then." Gene replied.

Rika grinned and looked at Ashley with a lustful gaze and said "We need to get some measurements."

Ashley chuckled and started pulling her T-shirt over her head as she stood up.

Diana approached the cave with caution. She could see why humans didn't run into too many ogres. The stench was horrible and would drive most people away. Diana squinted to see into the cave as the moon light didn't penetrate far into the darkness. The cave seemed to be large and very deep as up ahead she could see the tell tale flicker of torch light.

Diana tip toed forward still not knowing how many ogres she was facing. She had meet one years earlier and knew they were strong, but she was much more powerful. Still if there were enough, the odds could be shifted. As she crept forward she was hoping to get them to leave without a fight. After all they hadn't done anything other than shake up a fairy village just by being there.

Diana reached the corner and peeked around into a large torch lit cavern. No one was home at the moment but she arched her eyebrows as she counted 5 bed mats. There was a big wooden table and six large chairs as the only furniture. Diana didn't need to go by the size of the chairs to know they were big. She knew from experience that full groan ogres were about 7 foot tall. And butt ugly, she thought.

Diana cautiously walked up to the table to see the plates with half eaten vegetables and frogs legs. Diana took a fighting stance and looked around knowing they were home and most likely watching her. "I know you're here. Come out and talk." she stated.

"You don't look like you want to talk." Came the reply in a deep voice.

"I would prefer to talk." Diana said and took a more relaxed posture, yet she was still ready to defend herself.

"Talk." one of them said as he stepped out of the shadows. Diana was right, he was butt ugly. Easily over 7 foot tall and maybe 500 pound. He was also green, carrying a club and wearing nothing more than a loin cloth.

"I came to ask you to move away from here." she said as she glanced from side to side sensing motion in the darkness.

"Why should we move?" Another asked. As tall as the first and a little heavier, he too was carrying a club and dressed in just a loin cloth.

"It's those damn fairies, isn't it?" another said stepping from the darkness. Smaller and with boobs. At only 6 feet tall and maybe 300 pounds, she was maybe a juvenile Diana thought. Or a small adult. Wearing a loin cloth and a leather bra, she wasn't any prettier.


"One ogre eats a fairy 2000 years ago and we all get branded." Another said stepping forward. This one was big, even for and ogre. 8 feet tall and over 700 pounds. He even had a bigger club, but his loin cloth wasn't and Diana could see his pride hanging below it. His testicles were bigger than walnuts.

"You know about the fairies?" Diana asked in surprise.

"We won't go." the female stated. "If they don't want to live near us then let them move."

That wasn't the plan. To pay off her debt Diana had to get them to leave. "I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to insist you leave." She contended.

"You think you can force us to move?" the 700 pounder asked sarcastically.

"If I have to I will." Diana stated again taking a fighting stance as the ogres spread out around her. She didn't have a choice. She gave her word and the ogres had to leave to pay off her debt. That's all there was to it.

"What's it to you if we stay?" the big one asked.

The female sounded mad as she said "I won't move. Of all the caves we've lived in, this one is the nicest."

"I gave my word to the fairies I'd get you to move and I will. One way or the other." Diana stated as she looked from side to side as the ogres got nearer.

The pissed off female growled "Maybe we should teach her some manners. How dare she come in here and order us around. Just because she gave her word to a bunch of bigoted fairies."

Diana grabbed the arm of the first one who charged and tossed him across the cave. Landing with a thud he was soon on his feet and headed back as the others attacked. Diana dodged the clubs and delivered kicks and punches as she fought off the much bigger opponents.

Diana held her own for a few minutes but when she dodged a club from one of the ogres she was hit in the back by another and sent into the crushing arms of the 8 foot giant ogre. The 700 pound behemoth locked the stunned Amazon in a bear hug and started to squeeze the breath from her body. Unable to breath Diana's consciousness began to fade. As darkness began to over come her she heard one of them say they should have fun with her before they killed her. She then felt a powerful hand grab the back of her starred briefs.

Diana came to, she didn't know how long later, on her back with the 700 pound monster gripping her now bared breasts as he painfully pumped into her with a huge cock. Diana felt as if she were being torn in half as she was raped. She tried to move, but she glanced up behind her to see one of the others holding her hands.

Diana pulled hard on her hands and managed to pull the ogre holding her hands off balance, but the one fucking her reacted quickly and drove himself into her hard and deep as he savagely squeezed her breasts. "AAAAAAAAA." she screamed in agony and her arms were pulled out straight again.

"Behave yourself and we may let you live. Try anything like that again and I'll rip your breasts off next time." the behemoth growled.

Diana grimaced and groaned as tears ran down her cheeks. "Do you understand what he said?" the female asked standing over Diana.

Diana still had her belt. The remnants of her briefs were on the ground to the side and the female was holding her bustier up in front of herself imagining what it would look like on her. "Stop, your hurting me." Diana sobbed.

"He didn't ask if he was hurting you. He asked if you understood that we'll rip you to pieces if you try to escape again." the ogre holding her arms in place stated.

Diana's legs trembled with the strain of trying to accommodate such a large cock. "I understand." she groaned. Still she had to find a way out. She could see the others standing around with their loin cloths off awaiting a turn. Diana tried to focus through her tear filled eyes and seeing their monstrous erections. She grimaced and groaned as she looked down at the piece of meat sawing in and out of her. It had to be well over a foot long and as thick as a 2-liter coke bottle.

She then looked up in horror as the female stepped over her and began to squat down. "You will learn to service me as well." she stated.

By the gods, Diana thought, they plan to keep me as a sex slave. "MmmmPPHHMMPHH." Diana's cries were muffled by the females twat.

The female lifted herself off Diana's face and grabbed her hair. "Service me or they'll rip your ass open." she stated angrily. As she sat down again, she smiled and moaned as Diana's tongue went to work. "That's a good little human slut." she commented.

Diana's heart sank as she felt the ogre in her stiffen and hold himself deep in her womb. Please Hera no, she silently prayed as she felt him fill her love tunnel with his fowl seed. Diana moaned in relief as she felt him pull the painful phallus out of her now not so tight hole. Her relief was short lived as she felt another taking his place.

Diana screamed into the females twat causing her to go over the edge and cum in her face. The female ground her twat into Diana's face as she came and Diana struggled to breath. Diana couldn't help but think if they had taken her belt she would probably be dead by now.

Diana grimaced as she felt the huge set of hands seize her breasts and squeeze hard. The hands big enough to nearly engulf even her huge tits. She also felt her own heat rising and couldn't believe she was about to cum herself. But a minute later the female on her face and the male in her twat happily enjoyed the sensation as Diana's screams were muffled and her whole body shook uncontrollably.

"I think she's going to like it with us." the female stated.

"Yeah, but too bad her pussy won't stay this tight." the male fucking her commented.

Lunesta sat in a tree alone in the forest. The other fairies, including her own mother, were too afraid to stay out for long with ogres on the loose. Her mother had told her to fly away, but Lunesta couldn't just up and leave with Diana off after the ogres.

Diana had been gone for almost 2 hours and the fairy was getting worried. Lunesta groaned at what she was about to do. "God I'm stupid sometimes." she commented to herself and flew towards the stream.

Lunesta followed the stream and found the cave. The little fairy fought the urge to fly away for fear of being eaten as she snuck into the cave. Sounds filled the cave. Moans and animalistic grunts filled the air as well as a fowl stench.

Lunesta peered around the corner into the cavern lit by torches. Diana was on her hands and knees with a 7 foot ogre holding her hips and fucking her with a cock as big as a coke bottle. Lunesta couldn't help but notice how his big hands could just about wrap around Diana's trim waist. Another ogre was kneeling in front of the Amazon as she struggled to get even a small amount of his cock into her mouth. "SUCK ME SLUT." he yelled in anger as Diana couldn't get him in her mouth.

Lunesta could smell the cum and sweat that covered Diana's body and matted her hair. Diana's body was trembling as she fought to stay awake having been savagely raped by the huge creatures for over an hour. Totally exhausted, she was barely hanging on.

The already satisfied ogres were sitting at the table, laughing and enjoying the show. Lunesta counted 4 at the table, including a female, all naked. "That make six." she mumbled. Lunesta knew she had to make the most of the element of surprise. She waited until they enjoyed Diana's groan of defeat as the ogre fucking her grunted and filled her with more ogre seed.

While they were distracted Lunesta zipped into the cavern and blew sleeping dust into the one holding Diana by the hair trying to force his huge cock into her mouth. By the time the other ogres reacted Lunesta already blew dust into the ogre behind Diana. As the ones at the table jumped up to chase the pesky fairy, Diana slowly got to her feet with rage filled eyes.

The 8 foot giant jumped at Diana as the others swatted at the fairy as they chased her around. Diana grunted as she was knocked back to the ground, but even exhausted her warrior instincts took over and she rolled over backwards getting her feet into the ogres stomach and sending him flying as hard as she could into the cave's stone wall. The impact knocking him out.

Lunesta flew around the cave, zigging and zagging as the ogres tried to catch her. Diana staggered to her lasso laying on the ground and twirled it over her head before tossing it and looping the female and one of the males. As the remaining ogre turned his attention to Diana, Lunesta dusted him.

"Don't move." Diana commanded the ogres she now held captive.

"Are you okay?" Lunesta asked as she hovered next to the smiling Amazon.

"I'm a lot better now." Diana commented.

Kara and the girls landed in the alley across from the hotel. Kara and Gigi kept watch near the street as the others changed into their street clothes. They had to change into their uniforms to fly or be carried on the trip. Cassie grinned as Mae pulled a tank top and cut offs out of her pockets. "That is so cool. How much stuff can you fit in there?" she asked.

"I don't think there is a limit. What ever I can get in there is stored until I want it." Mae replied as she slipped the cut offs on and pulled them up over her cute little bottom.

"Courtney had a confuse expression and said "But there's no bulge. It doesn't look like there's anything in there."

Mae sighed and grinned. She dropped her shorts back down her legs and said "Stick your hand in and find out what it's like."

Courtney and Cassie looked at each other and shrugged. Cassie smiled and said "Try it. Why not?"

Courtney kneeled down next to Mae and looked up to make sure it was really okay. Getting a nod from Mae she slipped her right hand into Mae's right pocket. The pockets located on the upper thighs instead of the hips made it easier to get at with her panties on.

"This is so weird." Courtney commented as Mae and Cassie giggled.

"Go ahead. Reach in deeper." Mae chuckled as Courtney had half her forearm in.

Courtney chuckled and replied "Okay." and pushed her arm in deeper and deeper until she was in almost up to her shoulder.

"What's if feel like?" Cassie asked as Courtney removed her arm and hand.

"Like it was just hanging in air. You feel the opening of the pocket on your arm, but once inside nothing." Courtney replied.

"Nothing?" Mae said with a grin as she reached in the same pocket to pull out a bra and panties set. Holding them in the air she said "Ta da." like a magician doing a magic trick.

"Will you guys stop clowning around?" Kara asked from the street as she and Gigi giggled at the antics.

Minutes later the girls dressed in street clothes crossed the street and entered the hotel lobby. "Wow! This is nice." commented Cassie.

"Yes it is. But Diana's never had a birthday party before." replied Kara with a grin. Kara turned to Gigi when the little Spanish girl nudged her. "What?"

"Isn't that one of the same girls from last week?" she asked looking but not pointing to the young girl with the long blonde pony tail happily walking towards the elevators.

"What's up?" Mae asked as they all were now watching the young looking girl.

The elevator door opened and the girl called out "Daddy." and jumped in to give the middle aged man inside a big hug.

"That's the same thing that happened last week." Kara commented.

"What's the big deal? Her parents are divorced." Said Courtney. "My friend Stacy has divorced parents and her father lived in a hotel for almost a year."

"That's what we guessed last week." replied Gigi.

"They must have a lot of money to be getting divorced and to have a room here." Mae stated.

"Oh there you are Miss Danvers." Came the voice of James Gordon approaching.

"Hi Mr. Gordon. My mother called me to say you had some papers that need to be sighed." Kara replied sticking out her hand to shake.

"Yes, nothing too important. Just the final menu and the play list for the DJ we discussed." They had made a play list, but had to check if the DJ had those records or could get them.

As they shook hands Kara asked "Did he have some big band stuff?"

"Yes, that and some jazz as well." He answered. "Would you like to step into my office and sign the papers now?"

Rika peeled the sensors off Ashley's body taking every opportunity to feel up her friend. "Will you cut that out." Ashley whispered as Rika removed the sensor from Ashley's groin and brushed the blonde's clit.

Terry was busy measuring fabric and Gene was going over his data so neither of them was noticing Rika's antics. Rika giggled quietly and looked up whispering. "You know I can't help it."

Ashley gave a fake scowl as she tried hard not to laugh. "Cut it out."She whispered just before bending over to pick up her clothes to get dressed. Ashley quickly shoot back up as Rika grabbed her ass.

Terry saw that one and forced herself not to laugh as her clueless brother had no idea his naked girlfriend was being molested behind his back. "Uhem." she said clearing her throat.

"What is it Terry." Ashley asked as she pulled her panties on.

"Can either of you micro solder? These wires are the size of a human hair." Terry knew she couldn't do it. And her brother's hands weren't steady enough to even try.

"I can do it." Rika claimed. "I have the tools in my car." Rika left Ashley to get dressed and joined Rika at the work bench.

"Do you want to do it now or wait until after the suit is sewn together?" Terry asked as she had most of the pieces cut.

"I think I'll wait until it's together to make sure the electrode placement is correct." Rika said standing beside the perky teen.

Terry nodded and started picking up the scraps of cloth. "My sewing machine's in my room." She said as she bundled everything in her arms and headed for the stairs.

Rika looked over Gene's shoulder and could see why he looked a little frustrated. "Which system are you using?" she asked.

Gene sighed and sat up straight. "I'm using the college's Digital Deck 20 system. There must be a lot of people on tonight. It's really slow." Gene said with a groan

Rika calmly and simply said "Try this one." As she wrote a phone number down.

"What computer is this?" Gene asked.

"Our corporate research facility in Metropolis." She stated. "It should be fairly quiet now and your work should go faster."

With nothing to lose but a little time Gene disconnected from the college computer and hung up the phone. He picked up the receiver again and dialed the new number. When he got a tone he placed the receiver in the modem and waited for the computer to prompt him for a password.

Ashley walked up on the other side of Gene and asked "What's going on?"

"We're gonna set him up with a faster computer." Rika replied. When the prompt came up she typed it in for Gene. "I'm giving you visitor access. You can set up your own files but you won't be able to access anyone else's work." She said as she stepped back. If her family was going to buy this work they should have all the files too. It was just good business. She wouldn't think of cheating Ashley and her friends, but this suit could be worth a fortune.

Rika wrote down the code numbers and stood up to smile at Ashley. "Looks like Gene's gonna be busy for the rest of the night. We should find something else to do."

Ashley knew Rika was right. Gene my have come a long way, but tonight he was going to be too into his work to play. "Bye sweetie." she said kissing him on the cheek and turning to leave.

Rika followed Ashley to the stairs and took the opportunity to grab her ass again through her jeans on the stairway. "Cut that out." Ashley squealed as she giggled and ran up the stairs with Rika chasing.

Diana walked out of the cave with Lunesta flying beside her. Diana had lassoed all the ogres and programmed their minds to leave and find a new home somewhere else. She had also made them forget she was there and that they raped her. She had spun around and changed into a new costume which also magically cleaned her up.

"So your just gonna let them get away with it?" Lunesta asked about the rape.

"It's not like we can put them in jail." Diana stated as they started back to the fairy village.

"Why not?" the fairy asked jokingly. "The cells might be a little small for them, but they'd get used to it.

"They would have to let all the other prisoners go. That smell could be cruel and unusual punishment." Diana said with a smirk.

Lunesta broke out laughing. "Did you ever see that show Scared Straight?"

"Yeah, why?"

"All they would have to do is tell those kids one of those guys would be their cell mate." Lunesta jokingly answered.

Diana chuckled and then asked "Your not going to tell what happened are you?"

"You mean that you were gang raped by a group of ogres and had to be rescued by me?" Lunesta squeaked.

"Yeah that. I would appreciate it if you didn't tell anybody." Diana said as she walked along. She would run, but even though she was clean and neatly dressed she was still exhausted and very sore.

"Who the hell would believe it?" She asked. Lunesta got an evil grin for a moment then asked "But just in case, what's it worth to ya?"

"What!?" Diana was shocked her little friend was going to try and blackmail her.

"The seat in your plane in very uncomfortable for someone my size. I would like a nicer place to relax on the way home." Lunesta replied smugly.

It wasn't hard for Diana to figure out what the little imp was suggesting. But Diana knew she did rescue her. "Fine, you can ride in my cleavage on the way home." Diana quickly saw the glint in Lunesta's eyes and put her hands over her chest as the fairy made her move. "Once we get on the plane." Diana stated firmly.

"Awe man." Lunesta whined. "My wings are getting tired.

Diana chuckled and replied "You can sit on my shoulder if you wish. But that's it until we get on the plane."

Back at the farm the girls had their sleeping bags rolled out in the living room. Martha had gone to bed leaving the girls free to talk about what ever they wanted. They had been playing a game of truth or dare, but that was going slow as they kept changing the subjects of their talks. "So how are you gonna get Diana to the party without her figuring out something's up?" Courtney asked Kara.

"I figured Cassie can handle that." Kara smiled back as Cassie sat stunned with a handful of potato chips ready to stuff in her mouth.

"Huh?" Cassie asked.

"Your in charge of making sure she's there on time and has no clue what's happening." Kara said with an evil grin.

"How am I supposed to do that?" Cassie asked looking confused.

"Your gonna lasso her." Gigi stated giggling.

"What!?" Cassie asked, shocked by the answer. "She'd kill me if I did that."

"Not if she doesn't remember you did it." Mae replied.

"What, are you all in on this?" Cassie asked getting defensive. Her sister would be pissed if she did as they asked and she knew it.

"Pretty much." Courtney giggled at her set up.

"You too?"

"It's simple." Mae stated. One of us will distract her and you toss the rope around her and make her forget you did it. That's all."

"She'll send me home for sure if she finds out." Cassie groaned in defeat.

"Then it's settled. Who's turn is it?" Kara asked as the girls all giggled, except for Cassie.

"Yours." Mae said.

"Okay. Gigi, truth or dare?" Kara asked.

Gigi had heard some of the embarrassing questions and decided to say "Dare."

Kara chuckled along with the others. "Okay. I never brought up the mail today. So your gonna go get it." The others chuckled because Kara had used this one before over the years.

"That doesn't seem so hard." Gigi said as she shrugged and stood up.

"Naked!" Kara finished as Gigi gasped and her jaw fell as the others busted out laughing.

"You gotta be kidding. It's over 100 yards down to the street." Gigi whined.

"There's nobody near us and it's dark. Besides, you can run pretty fast." Kara answered.

"Fine." Gigi groaned as she started for the front door. She didn't like it, but it was better than when Mae asked Courtney who was the first guy who had sex with her and she had to tell everyone it was a priest.

Gigi stopped at the door and pulled her T-shirt up over her head, freeing her perky B-cup tits. She wasn't as big as some of the others, but they were firm and round. She then hooked the waist band of her panties and slid them off to show off her tight little ass and her shaved mound. "Here goes nothing." she said and opened the door and ran quickly down to the street.

The others watched and giggled on the porch as she made it to the mailbox in 7 seconds. The girls busted out laughing as before she could get the mail, Gigi dove for cover in the corn as a car came over the rise with the high beams on.

Laughing and cheers greeted Gigi as she ran back up the drive moments later with the mail in hand and her perky breasts bouncing slightly. "Here you go." Gigi said handing Kara the mail. She had a big smile on as she walked into the house and picked up her clothes.

When Gigi was dressed they gathered in a circle again to continue playing. "Gigi, it's your turn." Mae said with a big smile.

"Mae, truth or What the fuck?" Gigi was interrupted by a flash of light and the appearance of Aphrodite.

"Hi girls." the smiling blonde goddess said. "Don't mind me, I'm just here to deliver a gift."

"A gift? To who?" Kara asked.

Aphrodite smiled brightly and replied "To the warrior that defeated Ares. Twice."

"Huh?" asked Mae. "A gift for me?"

Aphrodite nodded and held out her open hand. There was a small flash and a ring appeared. The ring was gold with a big ruby. "Take it, it's yours." she said. "It's a gift from Zeus and Odin for defeating Ares and your bravery."

Everyone watched in stunned silence as Mae carefully took the ring. She examined it seeing it was way too big for her to wear. "Thank-you." Mae said in appreciation.

"Put it on." Aphrodite said smiling.

"It's too big for me." Mae replied with a giggle.

Aphrodite chuckled and said "Just put it on."

"It's too big." Mae replied as she put it on the middle finger of her right hand easily to show it was too big. She gasped as it sized itself to fit her tiny hand. "What the?"

"You think we'd give you something that wouldn't fit?" Aphrodite chuckled. "Turn the ring around and touch the stone to someone's forehead and they will be forced to tell you the truth."

"A ring that makes people tell the truth?" asked Kara.

"What? You never heard of a ring of truth?" Aphrodite asked with a giggle. She then vanished as the teens groaned with the bad joke.

"Let's try it." Courtney suggested.

"Yeah, go ahead try it on someone." Kara agreed. After all they were playing truth or dare anyway.

"It's not my turn. It's Gigi's and she was asking me. " Mae stated. "I choose dare."

Gigi giggled and said "You have to call your boyfriend and have phone sex with him."


"You don't have to cum, but you have to get him to." Gigi stated and the other girls laughed.

Mae whined as she walked to the kitchen phone and dialed Bill's number. It was after midnight in Boston and she knew she was going to wake someone up. The girls sat and watched as Mae waited for someone to answer. "Hello. Can I talk with Bill please?" she asked and cringed. "It's Mae." she said. She put her hand over the mouth piece and whispered. "It's his mom."

The girls hushed their giggles as Mae waited. "Hi Bill. Oh nothing, I was just thinking of you." Mae said and the other girls listened. "I don't suppose you can get the phone into your room so we can talk in private? Oh, your brother huh? How about the bathroom or something? 'Cause I want you to be alone, that's why. Just do it. The basement den would be great. I'll wait."

Mae put her hand over the mouth piece and told the girl's "He's gonna pick up the phone in the basement."

"We got that." Kara stated as the girls quietly giggled and Mae was blushing beet red.

"Are you alone now?" she asked. "Good. Because I wanted to talk with you. You know I'm touching myself as I'm talking with you?"

Mae giggled as she manipulated her boyfriend. "Yes I want you to jerk off." she answered him with a chuckle.

Mae rolled her eyes and the girls fought hard not to be heard laughing in the background as Mae spoke. "I want you to stuff your big manly cock deep in my throat."

"Yes your majesty. The ogres will be gone tomorrow." Diana said to the fairy queen and bowed.

"Well done. We thank-you." the queen stated. "You two must go now. Morning is just about on us and my scouts tell me a hunting party is approaching from the south."

"Then we'll be on our way." Diana stated.

The queen hugged her daughter and wished them well. Diana and Lunesta quickly made there way back to the plane. Diana flew home with her little heroine sound asleep in her cleavage.

Ashley kissed Rika good night, she would be coming back in the afternoon to help put the suit together. "Are you sure you don't want me to keep you company tonight?" Rika asked flirtatiously.

Ashley giggled and replied "I'll be fine. Now get going."

Rika got serious for a moment and asked "You know your friend is hurt don't you?"

"What do you mean?" Ashley asked with concern.

"When we were standing next to her I could see down her top." Rika stated.

"Rika! She's just a kid." Ashley gasped.

"I know." Rika replied putting a hand up. "Her breasts are bruised and she was favoring her left side all night." Rika stated.

Ashley got a really concerned look on her face. "She also seemed to be uncomfortable when she laughed too."

"You're her big sister kinda. You need to have a serious talk with her." Rika stated.

Ashley nodded and hugged Rika good night. After closing the door Ashley went into the first floor apartment. She had to go out the back door and down through the bulkhead and then up the stairs, but she had to talk with Terry. And she wasn't surprised at all when Gene barely noticed her going through. And this time she was thankful for that.

Ashley softly knocked on the young girl's door when she heard the sewing machine stop. "Come in." came the response.

"Hi." Ashley said with a smile as she entered and closed the door behind her. As Terry sewed some pieces together Ashley sat on the bed. When Terry paused for a minute Ashley said "We need to talk." in a serious tone.

"I need to get this done." Terry replied not turning around to face Ashley.

"Why don't you take a break and come over here for a couple of minutes." Ashley said.

Ashley sighed as Terry held her head down like she was really trying to focus on something as she moved some fabric around. "I'm gonna be at this most of the night. I need to keep going." Terry replied. Again without looking at Ashley.

Ashley walked over behind Terry and gently took the girl by the shoulders and insisted. "Take a break and come talk with me."

Ashley led the hesitant teen over to the bed and sat her down. Ashley squatted in front of her to look in her eyes and said "Show me."

"Show you what?" Terry whined almost in tears.

Ashley softly but firmly said "Show me what Jason did to you."

"I can't." Terry sobbed and looked away as tears started running down her cheeks.

Ashley grabbed Terry's head and turned the girl back to face her. "Yes you can. Just show me."

"But?" The girl whined.

"No buts. Just show me. Trust me Terry. " Ashley pleaded.

Terry nodded sadly and hooked the bottom of her tank top. Ashley fought hard not to gasp or strongly react in any way as the bruises on the girls left ribs came into view. As the tank top got higher bruises on her breasts could be seen where the bra wasn't hiding them. Ashley gently held Terry's face as she said "You did nothing wrong. You understand?"

Terry nodded and said "Yes." as she started to cry.

Ashley stood up and sat next to Terry on the bed and wrapped her right arm around the girl to hug her. "Now tell me why he did this."

Terry sobbed and whined "He wanted me to do things and I wouldn't."

"So he hurt you to make you do things?" Ashley asked. "What did he make you do? He didn't rape you did he?"

"Oh, no. I'm still a virgin." Terry stated. "He made me suck him."

Ashley hugged Terry a little tighter and said "You should have told me." Although Ashley couldn't see all the damage the bruises on the girl's chest looked like hand prints while the ribs looked like they were punched.

"I couldn't. He said if I told he'd hurt me worse." Terry stated.

"He's not gonna touch you again." Ashley stated firmly.


"No buts. Your gonna cancel your date for Tuesday." Ashley insisted. Ashley then said "Let me check those ribs." Terry winced as Ashley used her lefty hand to press on the damaged area . "I don't think they're broken." She said.

Terry nodded sadly. "What am I gonna tell him."

"The truth." Ashley stated. "Your gonna tell him your not gonna date him anymore and I'm gonna see he stays away." Evidently the dumb ass didn't believe her when she said she'd hurt him if he hurt Terry Ashley thought. She would be making a few phone calls in the morning.

"But he didn't mean it. He was drunk." Terry whined.

Ashley hugged Terry tight and said "It'll only get worse. He'll hurt you even more. You have to stay away from him and that's final."

"Come on baby, cum for me." Mae begged over the phone. The girls could see the damp spot on Mae's panties as she talked Bill into cumming for her. "Come on Baby, my pussy's so hot and wet just for you." Mae gave a big smile and a hand pump as she heard Bill groan on the line. "That's it. That's my guy." Mae said giggling.

The girl's looked at each other in awe as Mae finished with Bill. "Me? Yes I came." she lied. She never even touched her own tit, but Bill didn't know that.

A few minutes later the girls were back in the living room. "Maybe we should do the presents now." Cassie stated.

"Yeah, it's getting really late now." Courtney whined.

"Okay." Kara replied happily.

Courtney reached behind her where the gifts were pilled up and handed one to Kara. "Here, this is from me." she said handing over the nicely wrapped shirt box.

"Thank-you." Kara said sweetly as she took the gift. The girls giggled as she held it up to her ear and shook it like she had seen humans do lots of times. See could just look through the box, but this was one of her little jokes. The giggling over she ripped the paper off and opened the box. Kara bit her lip and blushed as she pulled out the bright red teddy that now had her S embroidered on the front just above where her pussy would be when she wore it. "Thank-you, it's beautiful." Kara sobbed as she leaned over to hug Courtney.

"Put it on." Mae suggested.

"Yeah, let's see it." Said Cassie.

Kara smiled and said okay. As she walked to the bathroom to change she couldn't help but think about how the S on her world stood for hope. And how with it being place directly above her pussy gave it a new meaning. As she closed the bathroom door she knew she wanted to have children someday, but didn't know if she could. As she stripped off her T-shirt and panties she thought of how many times she was fucked in her captivity and all the cum left inside her and the fact that she didn't get pregnant.

Kara slipped on the sexy garment and looked at herself in the mirror. She had a sad face wondering if she could ever be a mother. She didn't want it now, but all the sex she had had left her wondering if it were even possible. Kara pasted a smile on her face and walked out to show off the gift.

Kara walked out to her giggling friends and posed in the lacy garment that left almost nothing to the imagination. "What do you think?" she asked as she stood with her hands on her hips and grinned. She then turned around to stick her butt out and wiggle.

As the girls giggled Kara sat back down, she reached into the pile of gifts to pull out an envelope and handed it to Courtney. "This is for you." Kara stated.

Courtney said "Thank-you." and then opened it. Kara's eyes lit up as Courtney's jaw dropped. "Oh my god! Front row seats to see Blondie next week." she almost screamed. "How? Who?"

Kara giggled at her friend being almost speechless. "Supergirl promised an interview with Good Morning Metropolis and those were what I asked for." she grinned.

Courtney just about jumped on the laughing Kryptonian as she hugged her saying "Thank-you so much." Kara couldn't blame her as Blondie was Courtney's favorite band.

Cassie then grabbed a package and handed it to Kara. The wrapped box was heavier than it looked, but Kara wouldn't have known. She shook it like the other gift and then set it on her lap. The box was a little over a foot long and 3 inches high and thick. Kara unwrapped the package to find a wooden box inside. Kara opened the box and closed it fast as she blushed crimson. "Cassie!" Kara giggled.

"What is it?" Mae asked.

"Yeah, what is it?" Courtney asked as well.

The girls put their hands over their mouths to keep from shrieking too loud as Kara opened the box again and turned it around. Cassie laughed as Kara showed the girls the 10" metal dildo. "It's Titanium and the bottom screws out." Cassie stated.

Kara picked it up blushing as the girls laughed. She screwed off the bottom and let a battery pack attached to wires fall out as well as a plastic tube with a screw on cap. "It's a vibrator?" Kara's eyes were wide open.

Cassie chuckled "And it's better." She reached in and opened the little side compartment at one end of the box. As Kara's eyes showed discomfort she closed it again and sat back chuckling.

"What is it?" Mae asked

Kara bit her lip and giggled. "Kryptonite beads to put inside." she answered.

Cassie laughed "Yep, You can control how much you need."

"You gave her Kryptonite?!" Mae gasped.

"Just a little. She'll need it so this vibrator doesn't end up like the other." Cassie replied.

"The other? What other?" Mae asked.

"The one I crushed." Kara laughed. Kara reached for a package and handed it to Cassie. "I hope you like it."

"Thanks." Cassie said taking the package and unwrapping it.

"What is it?" Courtney asked as Cassie searched through a box of tissue paper before finding an envelope.

"I don't know yet." Cassie replied as she opened the envelope to pull out a 3x5 card and read the writing on it. Her eyes welled up as Kara was gone and back in a flash to hand Cassie the cocker spaniel puppy.

"I know how much you've wanted a dog so I asked your sister for advise and got you her. Her name's Athena, but you can change it if you want." Kara said.

Tears flowed down her cheeks as Cassie said "Thank-you so much." holding the 10 week old pup.

Gigi reached into the dwindling pile and pulled out a package and handed it to Kara. "This is my first time here and I didn't know what to get you so I hope you like it." Gigi rattled. Mae had given her help in picking the gift out.

"Thank-you Gigi, I'm sure I'll like it." Kara stated taking the package. Kara bit her lip as she pulled out 4 pairs of red thong panties. "Thank-you Gigi, I love them." Kara said and hugged her new friend.

Kara then grabbed a box and handed it to Gigi. "I hope you like it." she said.

Gigi said "Thank-you." and slowly opened the box. It had been a long time since she got to unwrap a gift and she wanted to enjoy it.

"What is it?" asked Mae.

Gigi bit her lip and replied "It's a sexy nightie." she said pulling it out of the box.

"It's from Maggie's and if it don't fit she'll make it fit." Kara grinned.

"Thank-you." Gigi said with great sincerity.

Kara then handed Mae her gift. Mae hugged Kara and said "Thank-you." as she sat down to open it. Mae opened a small box and pulled out a piece of paper with numbers written on it. "What is it?" Mae asked.

"It's a phone number silly." Kara replied.

Kara had an evil grin as Mae asked "Whose phone number?"

"Steven Tyler's" Kara giggled as she had to put a hand over Mae's mouth quickly as she screamed.

You have to refer to me as Kara or Supergirl and we have to call through the JLA switch board. Kara said. She paused to let it sink in and asked "Can I let you go now?" with a chuckle.

Mae nodded yes and Kara went back to her chair. "How the hell did you get Steven Tyler's phone number?" Mae asked.

Kara bit her lip and replied "I gave him something he couldn't get anywhere else."

"Kara!" Cassie exclaimed.

"Not that." Kara said rolling her eyes. "I gave him a Polaroid of me wearing nothing but my boots, but covering myself by holding my cape with one hand over my chest."

"That's bad enough." Cassie stated.

"It's not like there's not worse out there." Kara replied.

Cassie sighed and replied "I guess not, but you still shouldn't do things like that."

Kara went to the phone and dialed the JLA switch board and dialed in Diana's pass code. Not being in the JLA yet she didn't have her own. She handed Mae the phone and said "Go head and dial it."

"It's like 3 in the morning there." Mae said as she walked over to Kara.

"He's a rock and roller and he's expecting you to call." Kara stated.

"If you say so." Mae said as she shrugged and took the receiver. She dialed the number and put the phone to her ear.

"Hello?" came the answer on the third ring.

"Hello Mr. Tyler. My name is Mae and Supergirl said you were expecting me to call." Mae rattled off.

"Ah yes. Lovely girl. And I hear you are too. I can't wait to meet you." he said.

"Meet me?" Mae asked as Kara's eyes lit up and she giggled.

"Yeah. Next week in Boston. I gave her 2 backstage passes for you." Steven said chuckling.

Kara had a hand over Mae's mouth before she could scream. "Calm down." she whispered.

"Are you still there?" Steven asked thinking maybe the girl passed out. Girls had a habit of doing that sometimes.

"Yeah, I'm still here." Mae replied as Kara took her hand away. "I look forward to meeting you."

"I look forward to meeting you too. Now you girls have fun. Supergirl told me you were having some kind of party tonight. It sounds kinda quiet."

"Supergirl's aunt is sleeping and we don't want to wake her up." Mae replied.

"That's very courteous of you. Well, I gotta go now. See you at the show. Bye." and he hung up leaving Mae gape mouthed.

Mae hung up the phone slowly and looked at Kara. "I can't believe you got me back stage passes."

"Yeah, they're up in my room. I'll give them to you later." Kara answered and gave Mae a hug.

Mae walked over to pick up the last package and handed it to Kara as they returned to the others. "I hope you like."

"If it's from you I'm sure I will." Kara replied. "Thank-you." Kara unwrapped the box and opened it. She pulled out a blue long sleeve top with a deep V-neck and an S over the left breast. She then pulled out a pair of red hot pants. "You made these?" Kara asked.

"Yeah, I figured you might like to change things up once and a while." Mae replied.

"It's beautiful Mae. Absolutely beautiful." Kara said a bit awe struck. "Thank-you."

"My pleasure." Mae said.