The Dog Days of Summer Part 2

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Ashley sat alone in the dining room sore and tired. She had only slept only a few hours before getting up and leaving her room. She didn't want to play with Mr. Carpenter this morning so she left before he woke. As far as she was concerned her duties for the weekend were over and until they left for the air port in the afternoon her time was now her own.

She sat back in her chair and sipped her coffee, having already finished her eggs and toast. She grinned as she saw Rika walk in and up to the buffet table. Rika waved and smiled, but Ashley sensed something was wrong. When the tiny Asian woman carried her tray over and sat with her, Ashley said "Thank-you again for bailing me out earlier."

"Not a problem." the young woman replied.

Ashley could see something was going through Rika's mind as she said "I'll get you back the robe before we leave."

Rika looked nervous as she ate. Something was weighing heavily on her mind. "You can keep it. I have dozens of them." she said and then grinned. "I bet it looked great on you."

Ashley thought that robe had to cost hundreds. Thank-you." she said graciously. She then looked at her new friend and asked "Is everything okay? You look a bit distracted."

Rika looked up with a very worried look. "My brothers made a deal with the Bowman group and my father is extremely happy with them."

Ashley had a quizzical look as she asked "So why are you worried?"

She leaned over the table and whispered "They didn't tell him that as part of the deal I had to have sex with them this morning." Rika looked at Ashley's questioning face and said "There's 8 of them."

The blonde's eyes and mouth opened wide. "They couldn't have. You're their sister and your too small to take on that many big guys. I've seen some of them."

"We've been brought up to understand that in business you do what you have must to get the deal done. I just hope I can still walk afterwards." the worried looking woman said.

"How long did your brother give them with you." Ashley asked. Now she was worried for her small friend.

"Two hours. I have to go to one of their rooms at 8:30."

Ashley could see tears forming in her eyes as she thought about what she had to do. Ashley reached one hand across the table and took Rika's. Your not going alone. I'm going with you." Part of her couldn't believe she said it. She was volunteering to get gang banged right before going home.

"I I couldn't ask you to do that." Rika said wide eyed at Ashley.

Ashley sighed and said "You don't have to. I'm going with you. You've been a big help to me this weekend and there's no way I can let you do this alone."

Kara hid in the trees a few hundred yards from the tee. The guys had gone over their bet again and Kara sort of understood the rules. 10Gs per hole and it was skins. Which Kara understood to mean a tied hole would carry over. That was even better. She didn't actually have to make sure Lex lost every hole. He just had to not win. The additional bet of 20Gs on the final score could bring the total up to 200 grand. Kara use her X-ray vision to scan the brief cases the caddies were carrying along with the clubs to see that they had the cash with them. "Seems they don't trust each other enough to let someone pay later." she mumbled to herself and smiled.

Sam Lowman teed off first, Kara watched as his ball started slicing in her direction. She puckered up and blew a gust of wind just strong enough to keep the ball from going into the trees and giving him a clear shot to the green on the 387 yard par 4.

Working this hole was easier than some of the others would be. A large area of the fairway couldn't be seen from the tee. Including where the balls were landing off the tee. As Lex addressed the ball Kara said to herself "Let the fun and games begin." Lex's tee shot went down the left side of the fairway and was going to miss the fairway bunker by 10 feet until Kara zipped across the fairway and put the ball in the trap. She giggled as she watched from the trees behind the green as the men walked up the fairway looking for their balls.

Lowman was happy that his ball stayed far enough away from the trees that he had a clear second shot. Lex groaned saying "I could have sworn I was to the right of the trap."

Kara watched the second shots and figured she didn't need to do more on this hole. Sam was on the green and Lex was still 85 yards away. Kara knew she couldn't do anything once they were on or near the green. They would be too close and would notice the interference.

Kara moved to the second hole to find a good spot and grinned as the men walked to the tee with Lex grumbling how he lost the hole by 2 strokes. The second hole was another par 4, this one over water. Their tee shots would have to clear about 190 yards in the air. Kara had to suck some air in to make sure Sam's ball made it. She the happily made sure Lex's landed with a splash. "Bad luck." Sam commented. Kara giggled as she could see Lex already fuming as he walked down the fairway.

Diana and the girls were already up and dressed. It was going to be a long day and they were going to go have breakfast before driving to Metropolis to take possession of the body and have the funeral director bring it back to town. As they were just about to leave there was a knock at the door. Diana looked through the peep hole to see a somewhat short boy. She opened the door and asked "Can I help you?"

The boy grinned and said "I'm Bill. Is Mae Carver here?" looking nervous hoping he had the right place.

"Bill?" came the happy response of Mae as she was soon standing next to Diana. Mae quickly jumped into his arms and started crying. "I thought you weren't coming until tomorrow."

"I took an earlier flight. I'm so sorry." he said hugging her in the hallway.

Diana left the pair and walked into the girls bedroom saying "Bill came early so she won't be coming with us." she then undid the top couple buttons on her blouse and held it open. "Let's give them some time alone." she said looking straight at Lunesta.

When Gigi and Diana left, Mae and Bill were on the couch hugging as Mae cried. Diana knew that wouldn't last long, but at the time maybe it would help her feel better. Diana also knew Mae well enough to know the youngster would take the opportunity to get laid, which for a little while would also make her feel better.

Ashley had snuck back into the room while Mr. Carpenter slept and grabbed a bikini while Rika waited in the hall. As they headed towards Rika's room to get changed Rika asked "Have you joined the mile high club yet?"

Ashley hadn't yet heard that term and asked "What's that?" with a confused expression.

"That's when you have sex in an air plane high in the air." Rika replied. "I joined 2 year ago."

"How do you do it without anyone seeing?" Ashley asked having no clue.

"In the bathroom silly." Rika stated as they arrived at her room.

The girls slipped into Rika's room and both changed into bikinis. They then headed up to room 1012 as directed and Rika knocked on the door. When a football lineman type guy opened the door Rika smiled up at him and said "I hope you don't mind that I brought a friend."

The man opened his eyes wide as he took in the image of Ashley and said "The more the merrier."

The man stepped aside and the girls looked at each other as if to ask are we crazy before they put false smiles on their faces and walked into the room. "Oh god." Ashley mumbled when she realized the guy who answered the door wasn't the biggest of them.

The guys wasted no time in surrounding the girls. Before a word was said Ashley felt the strings of her bikini top being tugged and saw that Rika's was already off. I hope I live through this she thought as she felt big hands on her shoulders and dropped to her knees. The men were just wearing bath robes, not wanting to waste any time they had with Rika. Ashley was one hell of a bonus. Ashley looked around and swallowed hard as they dropped their robes and Ashley saw they were all well hung. "Oh god." she heard Rika say.

Rika squeaked as one of the guys grabbed her waist and easily lifted her into the air. One of the other brothers pulled the strings on her bottoms and pulled them away. Rika wrapped her legs around his waist as he lowered her over his shaft and winced as she felt him start to slide in. The tiny girl's legs trembled as she took nearly his entire 10 inches. "Oh god." she whined as she felt another take up position behind her. "AAAAAAAAAAAAA OH MY GOD." she screamed as he forced his way in. Rika rested her head on the big mans shoulder in front of her and forced herself to breath through gritted teeth as she tried to deal with the pain of the monster cock being stuffed in her ass. Tears ran down her face as she started to bounce, doing her best to satisfy the men.

Ashley was on her knees and heard Rika scream in pain, but with her mouth stuffed with cock and one in each hand she knew she too would soon be screaming. She gave a shudder at the thought and feeling the strings of her bottoms being tugged.

Lex had manage to tie Sam on the 2nd 3rd and 4th holes even with Kara helping Sam. Sam was having trouble around the green where Kara couldn't do much. She needed to make sure he won the 5th as the 6th was a par 3 and it would be harder for her to help. Sam went first and his shot went straight down the middle of the long par 5. Kara grinned as she saw they couldn't see the balls land and there were some big rocks in the fairway. As Lex hit his ball Kara rushed in and hit the ball making it look from the tee like he hit a rock and the ball bounced to the side and into the trees. "Bad luck Lex." Sam said offering false sympathy.

Lex groaned as he realized he could soon be down 50 grand. "Well you still have to get over that pond in front of the green." he said.

Lex chipped out of the trees and then hit a fairly good third shot. Sam hit his second towards the trees on the left, but Kara made it look like it hit a tree and bounced back into the middle of the fairway. "Now that's a lucky break." Lex commented.

"Sometimes it's better to be lucky that good." Sam replied with a grin. Kara rolled her eye as even with her help Sam only managed to win the hole by 1 stroke.

Mae and Bill had moved to the bed room after Mae had commented she was a pretty good seamstress and Bill wanted to see some of her work. After showing him the dress for Gigi he wanted to see more. She got an evil grin and said "Sit on the bed and cover your eyes for a few minutes."

Bill said "Okay." and put his hands over his face. Mae giggled and went to her closet and pulled out a trunk. She opened it and said "Keep them covered a little longer as she pulled out a few things and ran out of the room saying "I'll be back."

Mae closed herself in the bathroom and changed into the naughty schoolgirl outfit she made for Billy. As she was ready she shouted "Cover you eyes again until I say look."

Bill gave a little chuckle and said "Okay, ready."

Mae bounced into the room and smiled as he sat there waiting with his hands in front of his face. She smiled and stood in front of him and said "You can look now." She smiled brightly as his jaw dropped "I've been a very bad girl and need to be punished." she purred. She could swear he just about came in his pants causing her to giggle.

"Wow." the stunned boy was finally able to say. Mae giggled and untied the shirt and opened it wide for the shocked boy to see her tits then she jumped him. She laid on top of him with her lips finding his and her tongue finding it's way into his mouth. Mae grinned as she heard him moan.

Tears flowed down Ashley's face. She wondered why she volunteered for this. She was straddling one of the guys and was taking another from behind. She would be screaming, but her mouth was also stuffed. She also had a cock in each hand as 5 guys were on her. Not that it stayed that way. The men were switching back and forth between the girls. Ashley's sweaty hair clung to her shoulders as she started to shake with another orgasm.

Rika's eyes opened wide. She was straddling one guy with his cock in her pussy as another, behind her, tried to get in as well. "OH GOD NOOOOO. AAAAAA" she screamed and her legs trembled. "I'M TOO SMALL FOR THAT." she yelled.

The man in back laughed at her protest. He raised his right hand and brought it down with a loud slap on her tiny ass leaving a large red hand print. "AAAA." she yelled as he smiled then groped her butt. She rocked against them and soon felt his thumb push into her anus. Rika panted through her gritted teeth as her sweat soaked hair stuck to her face and shoulders. "OH GOD I'M CUMMING AGAIN." she screamed. She had lost count of the orgasms. Her mind was lost after so many. As she tried to catch her breath she turned her head to see Ashley shaking with another orgasm of her own. The blonde beauty's cries muffled by the huge piece of man meat in her mouth.

Lex was getting angry and it showed. After 14 holes he hadn't won any and was down 7 strokes on top of that. He had no chance of breaking even, his only hope was to stop the bleeding. As he teed up on the par 4 15th he couldn't help but wonder the last time he played this badly.

Sam had already played his shot over the trees on the dog leg left hole to shorten the 380 yard hole.

Lex swung his club and hit his ball over the trees. Both balls appeared to be heading to the same place, but Kara took care of that. When the men rounded the corner they would find Sam's ball on nice dry green grass and Lex's in the drainage ditch. "God damn it." Lex cussed finding his ball. Kara sat 100 yards away on the trees giggling at his plight. She actually belly laughed as with his second shot the mud flew covering his slacks and even his face. On top of that the ball only went 50 yards. "Son of a bitch." he cussed again.

Sam smiled as his shot headed straight for the green. It would have gone over the elevated green, but Kara stopped it 3 feet from the cup. "Lex is going to have a stroke." she mused to herself hearing him cuss from the fairway.

Mae grinned down at Bill as she rode his shaft. The only piece of clothing she had on still was the very short skirt. Bill had on hand groping her ass and the other her chest as she rocked back and forth on him, hoping he lasted long enough this time for her to get off.

"Oh god your so sexy." he commented.

Mae grinned and softly said "Close your eyes and think about baseball or something."

"NNNNNNRRGGGG." he groaned fighting the urge to cum to early. "How about math?" he asked.

Mae giggled "What ever gets you mind somewhere else." she replied. Mae still didn't think he would last, to help him out she used her right hand to pinch her nipples and her left to massage her clit. "MMMMMMM" she moaned as she felt the heat rising. She would like to beg him to fuck her harder, but the inexperienced boy would cum too quickly if she did. Instead she rubbed her clit faster and faster hoping to get off before him.

Mae's breathing became raspy as she neared her climax. Soon she knew even if he came he would still be hard long enough for her. She picked up her pace, bouncing harder and faster. Soon she screamed "OH GOD YES, YES, YES I'M CUMMING."

As she shimmied and shook on top if him, she grinned and giggled as she felt him cum inside her again. She gasped for air looking down at his gleeful expression, happy they both got off. As she laid down on top of him to rest she asked "So are you okay with me not starting school this fall?"

"I'll miss you, but I understand." he replied as he hugged her sweaty body.

Mae smiled and said "I want you to take those panties I gave you before and this pair and tack them on your wall. I want the other girls to know your taken."

"Are you the jealous type?" he asked jokingly.

"Extremely." she giggled back. "I'll come and visit a few times."

"To check up on me? Or bring me more panties?"

Mae sat up and looked down at his grinning face and purred "Why both of course"

Ashley and Rika had cleaned up a little after being sexually decimated and retuned to Rika's room to finish the job. The girls hugged each other in the shower helping to hold each other up. "That had to be the hardest part of the whole weekend." Ashley commented. "How could your own brothers set you up for something like that?"

"Easy." Rika commented with a hint of pain. "They know I give dad favors, but not to them."

"So they did this to punish you?" Ashley asked, shocked they could be so cruel.

"Rika sobbed in Ashley's embrace and said "If I don't give into them now, they'll keep setting me up until I do."

"What a bunch of assholes." Ashley commented resulting in some giggles and followed soon after by some groans of pain.

Ashley felt Rika's hand slide down to squeeze her butt. She gave her new friend a soft moan and said "If I wasn't so sore right now I'd make love to you."

"I know." Rika replied, then looked up and received a long kiss. She moaned into Ashley's mouth knowing neither of them was in any shape to take it further.

"I know you gave me your number, and I'd like to give you mine, but I don't know where I'll be living in a couple of weeks." Ashley said looking into the tiny Japanese girl's deep brown eyes.

"Call me when you know. I want to keep in touch."

"I have to tell you, I'm not a lesbian." Ashley said softly.

Rika smiled and said "I know." before kissing the taller girl again.

Kara hovered high in the sky and giggled as Lex grudgingly handed over 200 Grand. "I hope you choke on it." he said angrily to Sam.

"It was a pleasure doing business with you Lex. If you ever want a rematch, just call. I'll be more than happy to take more of your money." Sam said, taking the cash and walking away.

Lex simmered as he watched the man get in his limo and be driven away. "Tough luck Lex." He heard from behind him.

He turned to see the smiling, giddy blonde standing in her power pose. "It didn't take him long to put 2 and 2 together. "You did this. Didn't you?" he asked angrily.

"What ever do you mean?" she asked with a fake innocent lilt.

"You just cost me $200,000."

"Considering what you did to me. I'd say I still have more to do to you." she said with an angry stare.

Lex squinted his eyes and gritted his teeth. "I paid for you and it was another country. You have no right doing anything to me." The righteous asshole said.

"The last time it was out of the country, what about the others. What about when you took my virginity?" she spat at him. "I was just a kid."

"Your still just a kid." the middle age bald man stated. Lex saw her eyes turning red, and without kryptonite he was defenseless if she were to loose control. Trying to apologize would just piss her off more. He knew she wouldn't believe him. He decided to go with "And Wonderwoman set it up so I'd spend months in a mental hospital."

"Just how did you break the spell of her lasso?"

"What? You girls didn't think I could find a witch powerful enough to get the job done?" Lex taunted after seeing her eyes turn back to blue. It was a game he enjoyed. Getting her almost pissed enough to fry his ass, then get her to calm down. If played right he could keep her off balance and sooner or later one of his employees would find them and spring one of many preset plans to capture a heroine.

Kara's eyes started to narrow again as she asked "And what do you think she would do to you if she found out what you did to her sister?"

Lex laughed and then had a big smile. "Oh, like she didn't enjoy it. From what I remember she was begging for more."

"You're a pig Lex." Kara spat at him in disgust. "You see a heroine and you think you can just rape them at will and nothing will ever happen to you."

Lex chuckled. "That's because I know the rules. None of you heroines will ever go to the police because if you did, you'll be asked your names on the stand. The courts ruled you can keep your identities secret only if your testifying as a witness, not as a victim. Some of you would have to take off your masks, because a defendant has a right to face his accuser." He smugly said.

Kara's face flushed with anger as she said "That's why you didn't bother to unmask Batgirl or Stargirl when you had them."

"See your not just another dumb bimbo after all. If their identities were known then they would have nothing to loose by filing charges. So their identity is of no consequence." Lex said. Lex grinned as he saw his driver, who was late, pulling in the parking lot. "So tell the truth. You like how I made you feel." he taunted.

"Are you kidding you piece of sewer scum?" Kara asked shocked and folding her arms across her chest.

"Don't lie to me, I can see you nipples are hard and your probably wet right now." he said confidently.

Kara's eyes turned red again as she was embarrassed by him being right about her damp panties.

She was about to respond when she heard a familiar voice coming down the path from the club house. "We'll finish this later." she growled at him then jumped onto the sky before Dr. Leo Smith came into view talking with his golf buddy.

"Count on it." Lex said to himself angrily. She had just cost him $200,000, and he was going to enjoy getting that out of her one way or another.

Gigi, Diana and Lunesta came home to the sounds of "FUCK ME HARDER,OH GOD FUCK MEEEEE." coming from the bedroom. All three bit their lips and then giggled.

"How long do you think they've been at it?" asked the grinning fairy.

"Probably since right after we left." replied Diana as they heard Mae screaming some more.

"He must have gotten better since New York." Gigi commented with a grin causing a round of giggles.

As Gigi settled on the couch and turned on the TV, the phone rang. Diana picked up and said "Hello?"

"Oh, Diana. It's Malina. Mrs. Carver would like to know what time you are going to leave to meet the plane."

Diana did her best to keep a straight face as she answered with Mae screaming with pleasure in the background. "We'll be leaving in half an hour or so." she replied. She was thinking that if they could get Mae off of Bill long enough to make the trip.

"Mrs. Carver would like to know if you would like to make the trip with her in the limo."

Diana knew Mae wasn't ready to spend 2 hours each way in a car with her grandmother just yet. Or if she'd ever be for that matter. "I don't think it would be the thing to do. Mae's boyfriend just got into town and I think she'd like to spend some time with him."

"I think she'll understand. See you in a couple of hours."

"Thank-you for asking." Diana said before hanging up. She looked at the red faces of Gigi and Lunesta as they heard Bill groan loudly. Diana tried hard not to laugh as she asked "Are you two making the trip.

"I'll come." Gigi replied. "And I think I'm riding shotgun so they can sit together."

"I'll go too. When your ready just open you blouse." Lunesta said with a grin.

"Maybe you should stay. I don't think I could take it for that long." she said smiling at the impish fairy.

"Fine." Lunesta said and pouted. "I'll just sit here by myself."

"Maybe I should stay and keep her company." Gigi said looking at the fairy's sad face.

"Great. I get to spend 4 hours alone in the car with a pair of teenagers making out in the back seat." She groaned as the kids giggled and then said to Lunesta "You better hide. I have to break up the orgy now." Gigi and Lunesta giggled as Diana walked over to the bedroom door and knocked.

"And where have you been young lady?" Edna asked as Kara came down the stairs from her room. It was just after noon time and her mother had checked on her earlier when she didn't answer after Edna had called her.

Maybe being gone for 5 hours wasn't such a good idea she thought. "I was getting some fresh air down at the golf course." She didn't say the one in Metropolis.

Her mother stared at her not sure if she was lying or not. "And just what were you doing down by the golf course?" she asked in a suspicious tone.

Kara fidgeted and answered "Getting a little revenge." in a whiny voice.

"Linda what did you do and to who?" her mother asked angrily.

Kara gazed down at the floor and whimpered "I heard Lex Luthor was playing for a lot of money. And I made sure he lost."

Edna grinned and said "Well getting revenge is sort of normal for a teen girl I guess. But did he see you?" she asked looking concerned.

Kara had a wicked grin as she replied "Not until after he paid off the bet. Then I let him know I screwed him for a change."

Edna chuckled and said "You do know this means your grounded for the week." as she walked back towards the kitchen.

Now grounded, Kara headed back upstairs to her room mumbling "But it was worth it." Besides, her mother would forget she's grounded anyway.

Ashley sat in the widow seat on the flight home. Mr. Carpenter had called his secretary to have her payment ready when they got back into town. She could see him eyeing a young redhead one row up and across the aisle. The 5'2" 105 pound teen had no idea she was in the letch's sights. Ashley leaned over and whispered "Let it go, she can't even be 17 yet."

He gave Ashley a sick grin and whispered back "If she's willing, why not?" he gave a hushed chuckle and said. "She's traveling alone and I overheard her tell a woman before she boarded she was broke and her father was refusing to pay for her to take her driving test."

"By god. She's years younger than me and Amber. How can you even think of it." Ashley said in disgust.

The pervert chuckled and said "I'm a good judge of girls and I bet she'd let me in for 200 bucks or so. If she's really cheap, maybe 100."

Ashley gasped, that stung when she though a 100 bucks was what she got the first time with him. She asked "What would your wife and Amber say if they found out something like this?"

He gave her a hard stare at the perceived threat. "And what would people say about you if they knew how you spent your weekend." Ashley's eyes opened wide and she sank back into her seat fearing what he said. They both watched as the young girl got up and headed back towards the bathrooms. Ashley watched in shock as he and the teen exchanged smiles when she walked by. He watched her walk up the aisle then turned to Ashley and harshly whispered "Unless I get a better offer I'm going to find out if her curtains match the drapes."

Ashley swallowed hard, she couldn't let him take the child. She whispered back "You can have me for free." She couldn't believe she said it. Her body ached from her weekend activities, her pussy was extremely sore and her ass was on fire.

Ashley winced at his look. "I'm going to go to the bathroom. Come knock on the door in 5 minutes." he whispered sternly. "Fail me now and I'll get her when we land." Ashley watched as he got up and walked up the aisle. Ashley shook in her seat as she kept checking her watch. When the 5 minutes were up she stood up and headed for the bathrooms. Even as the redhead walked back to her seat, Ashley was sure everyone was watching her. Like they knew what she was about to do. She felt even dirtier now than during the weekend.

Ashley saw only one bathroom was occupied and lightly tapped on the door. Seconds later she heard the latch and the door opened. "We have to be fast." he said as he yanked her in. He squeezed her in between himself and the wall with her facing away from him. As she felt him lifting the bottom of her sun dress he said "Get those tits out."

Ashley pulled her dress off her shoulders and pulled her bra up to release her firm round 34Ds. As she did she yelped as he ripped her lace panties, tearing them off her. "Oh god." she whimpered as she felt him press against her sore opening.

He pushed his way in and softly said "I'm gonna sit down. Your going to sit on me and fuck me as fast and hard as you can."

Ashley winced and nodded. "I understand." she answered. As he sat she stayed with him and when he was on the toilet seat she rested one hand on the door and the other on the wall and went to work. Ashley groaned in pain from his size and her overworked pussy. She bounced as fast as she could as he had told her and groaned as he grabbed her tits in a firm grip. "Please, not so hard." she whimpered.

"Shut up slut." he spat at her. "The idea is to make me cum fast, not that you enjoy it." he informed her.

Ashley couldn't believe he talked to her that way. Was it his true nature or was he using abuse to get off she wondered. Ashley stared to sweat and breath heavily as she bounced hard on his lap, taking him balls deep every time. "Oh god it hurts." she whined as Mr. Carpenter used her tits to try and force her to move faster.

"Maybe you wouldn't be so sore if you didn't help out that Asian whore this morning." he spat at her. "Stand up and lean against the wall and I'll show you how it's done." he ordered her.

Ashley sobbed "Yes sir." and obeyed. She stood with the side of her face and her tits pressed to the wall and her ass sticking out, offering him both holes. Ashley breathed a sigh of relief as he reentered her pussy. She felt his firm grip on her hips as he drove himself hard and deep into het pussy. Tears started to run down her face as he fucked her like a jackhammer.

Ashley clenched her jaw and willed herself not to cry out as the man punished her already sore sex. "Oh god." she sobbed as a few minutes passed and he kept the pace up. Her legs trembled, barely able to hold her up as he moved his hands to her chest and groped her tits and pulling her to his body.

"Uh hu uh uh uh" she grunted with each painful thrust. Ashley arched her back and laid her head on his shoulder, her hair getting sticky from her sweat. "Oh god please cum." she begged.

"That's it slut, beg for it. Beg me to fill your pussy."

"Oh god please. Please cum in me. Fill meeee." her body shook in his embrace as he firmly held her tits and jack hammered her sore snatch. "nnnnnnnnrrrgg." she grunted, fighting the urge to scream out.

Her cumming was the trigger he needed and he released her tits and wrapped his arms around her waist. He held himself deep inside her as he pumped her pussy full of cum. He held himself inside her as they both caught their breath. Ashley felt his hands groping her body as his tool shrank and until he pulled out. She leaned forward against the wall as he pulled his pants up and fastened his belt. He gave her a little slap on the ass and said "Ill go back first. Take a few minutes and clean up before you come back." he said with a grin of satisfaction.

Ashley nodded and asked "What about panties? I don't have any panties."

Ashley fumed as he responded "This time you have no choice but to wear that shear dress without panties." It wasn't see through, but in good lighting her form was visible. He slapped her butt again and said "Give the men a show as you walk back, give a little more wiggle in your ass as you do."

After he left, Ashley sobbed as she used paper towels to clean herself up as best she could. She then had to hold back the tears and wash her face. "Oh god I know he's going to hold this over me for years." she said to herself. Ashley realized she would never be able to spend the night at Amber's house again. He would find a way to get to her. "How could he be such as ass to me after all these years?" she asked herself.

Diana, Bill and Mae waited at the air port with Mae's grandmother and her aide. Grandma had to hit the head and her aide when with her. Bill was looking for a vending machine, having worked up an appetite earlier. The undertaker was checking the paper work, then Mae would sign a he'd take the body back to Midvale. Mae looked around and nudged Diana to ask "Isn't that Ashley coming in with Amber's dad?"

Diana turned to look at what Mae was talking about to see the 18 year old blonde coming into the terminal walking with the much older man. "What in Hades?"

"Oh my god, it looks like they took a trip together." Mae said shocked.

"Let's not jump to conclusions." Diana said refusing to believe Ashley would do something like that. She knew Ashley from school. She was a bitch and a tease, but definitely not a slut.

"You do know Kara flew over Amber's house a while ago and saw the two of them going at it. Oh my god, they're having an affair." Mae said with a gasp and a grin.

They watched as Ashley and Mr. Carpenter grabbed their bags and headed out together. "I still say we shouldn't jump to conclusions, even if it does look bad." Diana said trying not to believe what she was seeing.

Mae got an evil grin and asked in an innocent tone "Maybe I should just go and ask her what she's doing?"

"Don't you dare. There could be a good reason she's with him. Maybe they just happened to be on the same plane?" Diana theorized.

"With all the crap she gave me in school, I think this is the perfect thing to teach her a lesson." Mae said with a hint of disgust.

"Mae, you don't ever have to deal with her ever again. Let it go and move on." Diana advised. "Besides, this isn't the time or place for you two to get into it."

"Mae pouted and gave a grunt. "I guess your right, but If she ever gives me crap again I'm gonna bring this up for sure." she answered with a smile, finally having something on the bitch.

After supper the phone at the Danvers house rang. Edna answered and gave it to her husband. She stood back and listened with a hand over her mouth. By what she could hear and the look if Fred's face told her it was really bad news.

After he hung up she asked "What is it?"

Fred sighed and composed himself. "Ben Dracott's daughters are missing. They went swimming at the quarry with some friends, but never came home."

They both knew the rest. Girls from around the region and around the country had been going missing at an alarming rate for over a year. "They were taken, weren't they?" Edna asked fearfully. "The Corps has them just like they had Linda?" she gasped.

"I'm afraid so." Fred answered sadly. He kissed his wife and said "I have to go." as he walked out the door with a slouch, Edna knew how bad he felt.

Edna watched from the open front door as he got in his cruiser. The girls were long gone by now and he had no chance in finding them, but he had to start the investigation anyway. The Dracott girls were 14 & 16 and were all Ben had left after loosing his wife and Ben jr. 4 years before to a drunk driver.

Tears ran down Edna's face as she closed the door and looked into the sad eyes of Linda. Linda wrapped her arms around her mom and started to cry as well "When will someone put a stop to this?" Kara sobbed.

"I don't know ." Edna answered. "I think they may be like the Mafia, too big to stop now."

"Can I go and look around?" Kara asked knowing it would most likely do no good.

Edna released her hug and stepped back nodding. "Yes, but be careful. If I loose you again I don't think I could take it." she said crying.

"I will. I promise." Kara said before kissing her mom and running upstairs to change.

Kara flew over the country side looking and listening for anything that would help her find the girls. She used her X-ray vision to check old unused barns and some closed mines. She flew past the industrial park and still found nothing. They had to have gotten them far away by now Kara thought. "With the number of girls they've taken over the year you'd think someone would uncover the training facilities." she said thinking out loud. Then she got an idea.

Kara flew to Diana's apartment and faster than a speeding bullet snuck in through the open sliding door. Seeing Gigi and Lunesta sitting open mouthed with how fast she appeared, she said "Just who I'm looking for."

"What's going on?" Gigi asked, concerned something might have happened to Mae and Diana.

"The corps took another couple girls from town and they can't be found." she replied. "But that's not exactly why I'm here." she said looking at Lunesta.

Lunesta felt nervous under her stare and asked "Why are you looking at me?"

"When you get messages from your mother and sister how do you get them?" Kara asked nodding and smiling.

Lunesta thought about it and said "Magical creatures can communicate around the world by use of magic stones. Most villages have one of them and when my mother or sister want to reach me they send a message through a fairy village near here?" she replied a bit confused by why Kara would be asking.

"And then one of those fairies brings you the message." Kara finished.

Gigi was reading Kara's expression and stated "You have an idea, don't you?"

Kara nodded and said "The Corps takes the girls to training centers. They don't want to be discovered so they don't put them in populated areas. They also won't put them where there are too few people either."

"I don't get it." Gigi said. "What are you trying to say and what do the fairies have to do with anything?"

"Yeah, what?" Lunesta echoed.

"That's why they chose the industrial park. It was outside of town yet near enough people to not have activity stand out. Fairies live near small towns and villages because they fear ogres and ogres stay away from people." Kara explained.

Kara could see they were still not following and said "They're an army, so we need an army. We ask the fairies to send out a sort of emergency message and ask all the fairy villages around the world to search their areas for any sign of a Corps training center and send us the information."

Gigi's and Lunesta's eyes opened wide as they got what Kara was thinking. "A fairy army millions strong." Gigi said.

"Lunesta grinned and said "We can go a step further and ask the elves, gnomes and nymphs as well. We can ask all the good magical creatures to help."

"We may be able to get some of those girls back yet." Kara said with satisfaction.

"I'll leave as soon as it gets dark." the fairy stated.

Eric walked around the barn with some of the men, checking to make sure it would fill their needs. If all went well they would only be there for a day or so. The plan was to take all 8 girls they had identified at the same time. With a total of 20 men it wasn't going to be easy. Vic looked at the layout and commented. "It was built for horses. We can put a girl in each stall and they won't be able to see each other."

"It'll work." Eric said. "Have them set up the cameras and we'll monitor from the house."

"The house is already being fixed up. Black curtains are up to block any light from getting out and the electrical has been hooked up to a generator. It's in the chicken coop. It's supposed to rain hard tomorrow night and that should cover any noise." during the day the noise wouldn't be noticed, but at night as people tried to sleep that would be a different story.

Eric grinned and said "If all goes well we should have one hell of a payday come midweek."

"Have you got a plan to keep the cops away 'til we're gone?" Vic asked about the only hitch in their plans.

Eric smiled and chuckled. "From what we can figure, the 5 towns where the girl live have a total of 22 cops. We'll have a couple of guys hit some banks and stores, the cops will be to busy looking for bank robbers to go looking for a couple of missing girls."

Vic laughed "You're a genius." he commented.

"And that's why I'll be getting 3 shares of the payout on this job."

That night Gigi crawled into bed with Diana as Bill and Mae had basically locked themselves in the other bed room. Sure they came out to use the bathroom, but that was about it. "How many time can they do it?" Gigi asked innocently.

"Try to ignore them and get some sleep. We have a busy day tomorrow. We have to go back to Metropolis and pick up the twins, Hoshi and Aunt Yoshi in the morning and the first session of the wake starts at 3."

"How can anybody sleep with all the noise they're making." Gigi whined as the sounds of Mae's cries of pleasure filled the apartment.

"I think we're the only ones that can hear them. That bedroom doesn't have a common wall with another apartment and the one downstairs is empty." Diana said. "And Mr. Wilson upstairs is stone cold deaf."

Gigi was uncomfortable listening to Mae having a good time. She also was getting extremely wet. "What are they doing? It doesn't sound like they're fucking, so what are they doing?" Gigi innocently wondered.

Diana, who had been laying on her side facing away, turned over to face the naïve teen. Diana had to remind herself that although Gigi had had some sexual encounters, the teen was still innocent. She had her ass and pussy raped and had been face fucked, but she had never made love. "Your right, they're not fucking." she told the young girl. "It sounds like he's eating her out."

"Eating her out? OOHHH!" she said remembering the fun in New York.

Diana smiled and rolled back over. "Now go to sleep."

Monday morning Kara got up, had breakfast and got ready to leave for her doctor's appointment. "When you get back I want you to clean your room." her mother said as she kissed her good-bye.

"Awe mom, not again." she whined.

"Yes again. I'm not letting them take those girls to a motel. They're staying here and that's that." she said flatly. Aunt Yoshi can stay in the guest room and Hoshi can use the sleep sofa in the den. And your bed is a full size and the twins can sleep there." Edna explained.

Kara looked confused and asked "Where am I going to sleep?"

Edna grinned and replied "Martha has been wanting to see you since you came home. You'll spend a couple of days there."

"Really?" she asked excitedly. She loved spending time on the farm. She also loved Aunt Martha.

"Yes, really. I talked to her last night." Edna replied with a smile.

Yuki walked along with her head down behind Greg and the another man as he toured the regional training facility. As the men talked and laughed she looked side to side as girls younger than her to girls near 20 were being trained. Memories of her own training came back to her. Her training was nothing like this. Her skin crawled as one of the men pointed out that the area coming up was for certified virgins and a pair of beautiful sisters had just been brought in. "We seem to be having good luck by keeping them apart and threatening to rape the other if they don't cooperate." he said.

Although Yuki liked getting out of the house, she didn't like seeing the young girls being forced to perform the acts required of them. For her, it was different she thought. Her parents lived in a poor fishing village and she was one of 8 children. When Greg was traveling through the area he noticed her for some reason he never said and offered her father a small fortune for her. Even at 10 years old she was asked on her family's honor to obey him and she reluctantly agreed. Since then she had kept her word and been a good slave, happy knowing the money paid for her would help out her family for many years.

Yuki wore the nice pair of jeans and the flowered blouse that was part of her school wardrobe. Greg had documents made the stated she was adopted by his late brother and his wife , she was then orphaned and sent to live with him. School records were also provided and she would enter as a sophomore at South Metropolis High in a couple of weeks. To that end Greg was taking her almost everywhere he went to help get her in the habit of calling him uncle instead of master while out in public.

Kara had cleaned her room to mom's satisfaction and packed her bag. She would stay long enough to see Yuna and Yoshi before leaving. She had seen the doctor in the morning, he wasn't happy she didn't search for a boy. The fact that she had reasons for being busy only helped a little, but that she made it through another session with her clothes on seemed to make him think she was getting better faster than he though she would.

Kara came down the stairs as a pair of cars pulled up. Mae driving Diana's car and Diana driving a rental from the airport. Kara grinned as the twins got out of the car and headed for the front door. Kara met them on the front walk giving both a big hug before they ran in the house to see Edna. Kara then went to help with the bags. As Aunt Yoshi and Great Grandfather Hoshi walked ahead Kara asked Mae "How are they taking this?"

"As good as can be expected I guess. Yoshi seems to be a little more at ease, Yuna cried half the way home from the airport." Mae stated.

Diana bringing up the rear said "At least they don't seem to be as upset by the idea of meeting their grandmother as someone else was."

"That's because they have no memory of her. Me and dad almost never even talked about her." Mae explained.

As they walked into the house and carried the bags to the right rooms they hushed the talk of grandma for the time being. As the twins and Aunt Yoshi unpacked Kara asked Diana to give her a lift. Kara had to have an explanation where she was staying, so her cover was she was staying with friends for a few days. "Diana can you give me a lift?" she asked "I think Mae needs some time alone with her sisters before the wake." It was already afternoon and the wake would start in a couple of hours.

"That's a good idea." Diana replied as rehearsed knowing she was to take her to a secluded area where Kara could change and fly as Supergirl to the farm.

Yuki sat at a table and looked around at the other people who were already eating. Greg had told her to find them a table as he went and got the food. This was something completely new to the slave girl. She had never been in a restaurant before.

Greg looked at the nervous teen as he brought the food to the table. It was after lunch time so the place wasn't very busy. This was another training session to get her acclimated to life as a normal teen girl. He sat down across from her and handed her a small Coke and some fries. He then gave her the sandwich saying "This is a Big Mac."

Yuki's eyes opened wide. She had seen commercials on the TV, but had never had McDonalds food. "Thank-you Uncle Greg." she said with awe evident in her voice. Something else that would have to be worked on.

Greg grinned as her eyes lit up when she tasted her first fry. He had a lot of work to do and no idea how long he had to get it done. She may be his slave, but she was like family to him. He wanted her to be okay when he was gone. Greg gave a little chuckle as she had a similar response to tasting the Big Mac. He came up with this plan when the doctor told him he had Leukemia. He could have several years, but that wasn't a given. Right now he was just hoping for enough time to teach her how to get by on her own. "Try dipping the fries in ketchup." he suggested with a smile.

Yuki dipped a couple of fries and tried it. "Mmmmmmm." she said, enjoying the taste then giggling.

Yuki smiled brightly at her generous master. She leaned over the table and whispered "I'll thank you properly later."

Greg smiled as he sighed. Something else he was going to have to fix. It was okay with him, but he would have to teach her that with others that kind of thank-you wasn't required.

Mae walked up to the front door of the funeral home with her sisters. Grandma was standing on the stairs with her aide, Malina. Mae wasn't impressed by how the woman smiled as she watched her granddaughters arrive together. Mae then noticed her grandmother look in back of them and get an angry look. Mae turned to see two men coming down the sidewalk towards them, one of which looked like a heavier image of her father .

"Please, don't" Mae heard Malina beg as Mae saw Grandma storm by and head straight towards the men.

Mae turned to her sisters and said "You two go inside and wait for me. And behave." before turning and catching Malina who was chasing after older Mae. "Who are they?" she asked with a cross look.

Malina sighed, visibly upset. "The taller one is your uncle and the other is his ah ah boyfriend." Malina replied in a whiny voice.

"Oh!" Mae said a bit shocked. She quickly composed herself, as not that far away her uncle and grandmother tried to have a quiet argument. "Why is my grandmother upset?"

"She told him it was inappropriate to bring Ted." Malina whined.

Mae looked confused as she asked "But it was fine for her to bring you?"

"What? What are you thinking?." Malina asked looking shocked at the implication.

"I see the way you two look at each other, there's something going on between you two. So why doesn't she want Ted here?"

Malina sighed and whined "They have trouble controlling themselves in public."

"Oh for god's sake." Mae commented and headed for the argument with Malina right behind.

"And it's not what you think." Malina said just before the got to the fight.

"Stop it right now." Mae said angrily. "If you two can't behave I'll have Chief Danvers keep both of you away."

Malina fought hard not to grin or smile as she thought how grandmother and granddaughter had the same temperament. "Wha? Wha? What?" the shocked grandmother stammered.

Mae stared down her grandmother letting her know she was angry, then turning to her uncle and asking "Do you two promise to behave in a respectful manner?"

Taken aback Charles softly and calmly replied "Yes, neither Ted nor I will do anything to disrespect the memory of my brother." staring at his mother while saying it in a high pitcher feminine voice.

"Good." Mae said giving both her grandmother and uncle a stare before adding. "Now we'll hear no more about this. And if either of you misbehave I'll have you taken out. Got it?"

Vic walked in to the motel room saying "Everyone's in place and ready to go."

"Good, we'll hit them after midnight when everyone is asleep. That should give us a couple of hours before anyone knows they're gone." Eric said as he walked out of the bathroom with one towel around his waist and using another to dry his hair. "Have the guys take turns getting some sleep while the other keeps watch. It's gonna be a long night."

Vic turned to go and relay the message saying "Too bad we couldn't grab that redhead with the others. She had the best ass outta all of them."

Eric chuckled "Business before pleasure my friend. Business before pleasure." he replied.

Ashley hid the brief case holding the pound and a half of Adamantium in the back of her closet for the time being. She wasn't ready to answer questions as to how it came into her possession. Her pussy and ass were still tender from her weekend activities, but she had promised Terry she would stop by and help her pick out an outfit for her second date with Jason. The busses would stop running around 8 so she was planning to spend the night with her new friend. Hopefully the young girl's innocence would help her feel less dirty.

Ashley picked up her over night bag and headed out the door. As she walked down the stairs she thought about whether she should have sex with Gene. They hadn't seen each other in days and the way she behaved before her trip would lead one to think she should upon her return. Her body was still too sore, but then again Gene wasn't that big and he didn't last long she thought.

She walked out of the building's front door and walked to the corner to wait for the bus. This day she wore a sun dress not for fashion, but more because jeans would hurt too much. Ashley grimaced as she sat down in the bench to wait for the bus.

Tammy's parents dropped her off at the front door to the Carpenter house and then drove off to go to a seminar in Metropolis for a few days. Tammy would spend those days with Amber. She really was questioning if she should be friends with the girl after spending a few days with her at the religious retreat and the trick she played on the girl at the drug store. Her parents thought well of the Carpenter family and Tammy couldn't help but think if she should tell her parents the truth about Amber.

Tammy knocked on the door and turned to see her parents turn onto the street and drive away.

When she heard the door she turned around to be greeted by Mr. Carpenter. "Tammy, come in. Amber's in her room." he said as he reached to take her bag and carry if for her. "I'll carry this. Just go up the stairs and turn left."

"Thank-you." she replied with a smile. She walked by him and headed up the stairs thinking, he's cute. Her doctor had told her to come see him when she had funny feelings, but then he got killed. Terry found herself getting those funny feelings more often and wondered if she should ask her mother about it or have her find another doctor. Having no memory of her two drug induced sexual encounters she still thought she was a virgin.

Mr. Carpenter followed the pretty redhead up the stairs, lagging behind just enough to get a look up the naive teen's mini skirt. Her parents didn't like her wearing something so short, but she stated it was a gift from Amber and it would only be right to wear it to her house. Mr. Carpenter grinned at her granny panties and bra that he could tell she was wearing from the lines that showed through her T-shirt. He couldn't help but wonder what it would take to get those panties off the innocent girl. Not to mention the bra off those awesome boobs. He left the girl and her bag with Amber and headed back down stairs.

His brother in-law had called earlier and told him how he was fired, he would discus that with Amber when he got the chance. Also, he didn't believe her story that nothing happened to her when she was kidnapped by the Corps. He had hired a P.I. to see what he could find out. The man had just delivered a tape and he was heading to the den to check it out.

Ashley took some time before supper to go to the basement and visit with Gene. She decided against trying to fuck him, but did suck him off. She washed in the half bath getting the sweat and cum off her face and body, she had let him give her a facial this time and it got all over her boobs as well. She looked at herself in the mirror and mumbled to herself "Is this all I'm good for? Am I just a receptacle for men? Am I to spend the rest of my life being used as a cum dumpster?"

Ashley sighed as she studied herself in the mirror. She had graduated second in her class at a prestigious high school just months before and was heading for an Ivy League college. Now she was one step away from being a hooker she thought. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly in an effort to compose herself. "Come on girl. Your better than this. You'll be something someday." she said to the mirror trying to boost her own confidence.

The gorgeous blonde put a smile on and went back out to Gene's work area and picked up her dress and put it back on. She then went about searching through the shelves and cabinets to see if she could find anything interesting. It was something she had done a few other times. There was so much stuff she still had areas she hadn't fully gone through. Gene seemed to ignore her as she did so, she had learned to take this as Gene's acceptance of her. Great, she thought, not only am I a whore. I'm falling for a guy who tolerates me.

Her self pity was cut short when she opened a box and found something that looked like a ray gun. She was surprised he had made one. She had seen his drawings, but didn't know he actually put one together. "I thought you didn't have any Kryptonite?" she asked as she carried it over to him at his work bench.

Gene looked up from his work to see what she was talking about and grinned. "I built that for a science fair when I was 10. It would work if I had some Kryptonite, but since I didn't I only got 3rd for it." he said calmly before going back to his numbers.

Ashley's eyes opened wide and she looked at it asking "It'll work?" in a squeaky voice.

Gene never looked up as he answered "All it needs is a piece of Kryptonite cut to the right shape."

Ashley nodded and went and put the gun away.

Edna had served supper to Mae and her sisters as the girls sat giggling at the kitchen table. The grown-ups (Fred, Edna,Aunt Yoshi and Hoshi) sat in the dining room. Mae had missed her younger sisters. "So, did you get into a good school?" she asked them.

Yoshi looked sad and said "Yes, but we want to come back to America with you."

"I wish you could, but you and Yuna need to be with Hoshi for a while. I'll visit when ever I can and I'll call every week just to talk." Paying for the calls wouldn't be a problem as she was the sole beneficiary of her father's life insurance with her sister's being too young. Most of the money was to be put away for her sister's education and some was paying for the funeral expenses. There was some left for her, but not much.

"We want to stay with you." Yuna whined.

Mae sighed sadly "I want you to be with me too, but until we can afford it you two need to stay with Aunt Yoshi and our family in Japan." Mae really did want to keep her sisters, but then it would take money from her grandmother to do it and there was no way she was even going to talk about that. And it was doubtful the courts would allow her to keep them any way given her own age.

Mae couldn't help but think there was something going on between her grandmother and her aide even if Malina insisted they weren't in a relationship. Grandma took a spot near the end of the line with Malina with her. Mae didn't see why she was there, but decided not to push it with her grandmother and uncle behaving themselves. As long as they did she wouldn't start an argument.

Mae wondered just how many friends her father had. People from around the world were showing up. Managers from Queen Industries companies all over were coming and she had feared that if they all came to the reception after the funeral service there wouldn't be enough food for everyone. She had jokingly said something to Diana during a break and She had took the concern to Oliver Queen, who was also at the wake. Oliver gave a word to his aide and everything would be taken cared of. "Some times it's good to have friends with lots of money." Diana had said.

Diana walked towards the door of the funeral home to see if Mae and her sisters were back yet. It was 10 minutes before they were to begin again and they still hadn't gotten there. As she neared the door she over heard older Mae and Malina talking. "Are you sure you don't want to tell her?" Grandma asked.

Diana paused and eves dropped. "It's not the time or place." Malina replied.

Diana couldn't help but agree with Mae. There was something going on between these two. "We'll have to see her again down the road and tell her." Grandma said and put an arm around the younger woman giving her a little hug.

Malina sighed and said "Give her a month or 2 before we tell her."

Greg handed Yuki her pop corn and Coke and they walked down the hall to cinema 3 to see Rock 'N Roll High School. It was Yuki's first time going to the movies and although he had no idea what the movie was about, Greg felt if it had High School in the title it could be something Yuki might get something good out of as she readied to go to school herself. "Now remember, when the movie starts don't talk."

Yuki looked up at him with a big grin and replied "I won't say a word."

"And none of that here either." he stated as the girl pouted. It was something she would have done watching a movie at home, but not here he thought.

As they found the right theater she asked "I have to wait until we get home?"

Greg sighed and said while looking to make sure no one could hear them "And from now on, only at home and when we're alone."

Yuki pouted some more but replied "Yes sir."

Greg grinned. Sir was more acceptable than master and allowed Yuki to feel comfortable in addressing him. She was having trouble after so many years of calling him master to break the habit, but sir seemed to fill in nicely and wouldn't get attention.

As the wake went on, Diana took a moment to meet outside alone with Oliver. She had asked him to use his resources to check up on Mae's grandmother and her aide after they suddenly showed up. Being a heroine she was naturally suspicious and over hearing them earlier made her more so. "Did your people find anything out?"

Oliver smiled and chuckled. "They found plenty. The older woman is their grandmother and she had

looked for them years ago, when they were back in America and away from the family in Japan."

Diana nodded as she listened. At least she was Mae's grandmother. "What about Malina and the relationship between them?"

"Her full name is Malina Grace Provost. Her mother is Anne Provost, father listed as unknown." Oliver stated.

Diana's eyes opened wide. That was scandalous for that day and age. A baby born out of wed lock in the 50s was a big deal. "She was born out of wed lock?"

"Yes. She went to Yale and has her MBA. She got a job with Carver Drug while still in college and was soon Mrs. Carver's aide." Oliver explained.

Diana made a face and chuckled "Sleeping her way to the top." see commented.

"I don't think so." Oliver said to the slightly stunned brunette. "The real story comes out when you look into her mother's past."

Diana looked really interested now. "Her mother?"

"Yes. Seems Anne had a long term boyfriend in high school and through college."

Diana's eyes opened wide as she asked "John Carver?"

Oliver grinned and said "Their high school and college yearbooks have a photos of the two of them together. We think Malina may be John's daughter and he never knew it."

"By the gods." Diana said as she smiled. "That explains a lot."

"There's more." Oliver said somberly.

Diana's smile faded as she caught the tone. "What is it?"

"Granma's seeing an oncologist."

Yuki and Greg walked back in the house after seeing the movie. They had also stopped off and grabbed a pizza for supper on the way home. "I have to make a call. You take a shower and get ready for bed." he said as he kicked off his shoes at the door.

Yuki smiled brightly as the perky little teen happily replied "Yes Master." she then walked up the stairs pausing half way to ask "Will you be coming to wash my back?"

Greg sighed and grinned "Not tonight. I'll be busy most of the night. Come down after your shower and we'll play some before you go to bed, but you'll be sleeping alone tonight." he told the pouting girl.

She smiled as she got a thought. "Can I sleep in the princess bed tonight then?"

Greg chuckled and replied "If you wish." he then headed to his office as Yuki went to take her shower.

Greg picked up his office phone checking the device attached to see if it had been bugged and then dialed. He sat in his desk chair and waited for Eric to pick up. "Hello?" came the voice of Eric as he picked up.

Greg got deadly serious as dealing with any super heroine could be extremely dangerous. And after the Supergirl situation his superiors weren't sure if they wanted to deal with that kind of situation again. It was extremely expensive to hold onto one of those super bitches and do it so such that they were in good enough shape to make money off of. The cost in bribes and security was a small fortune alone. And men wanted to fuck them when they were hot looking, not when they looked half dead. That required creative situations to keep them under control, and more money. To his bosses it seemed it was better just to trick them into making a porno then letting them go before their friends know they're missing. They could then use the tape to make money or hold on to it and use it as leverage later on.

Greg had weighed it all before now. "Is everyone in place?"

Eric's voice replied. "We have a pair of guys watching each house and the site is prepared. Tim and Bob have a car ready to go and the Davis brothers are set to offer support as needed. All we need is your final go ahead to put the plan in motion."

Greg would have liked him to report using sir, but he would handle that later. "Final approval given. Good luck hunting." He said then hung up to wait for Yuki to finish her shower and come back down and play.

Amber and Tammy were getting ready for an evening swim after supper as it was a hot day. Amber had a smirk as she handed the innocent girl one of her string bikinis as all the girl had was an ugly one piece. "Here, try this on." Amber said holding out the small suit. Her dad wouldn't allow her to wear the small suits anywhere but to the pool in the back yard.

Tammy shrugged taking the suit and going into the bathroom to try it on. Tammy put on the skimpy suit and looked at herself in the mirror. "It's too small." she called through the door.

Amber looked slightly confused by that remark. "It can't be too small. I'm bigger than you are and it fits me." Amber was 4 inches taller and 20 pounds heavier.

Tammy cracked the door and poked her head out and quietly said "I have too much hair down there."

Amber snickered and replied "So shave it off. The stuff is in the medicine cabinet."

An exhausted Mae walked into the apartment with Bill, Diana and Gigi. Diana had gotten a message through Oliver to call the watch tower as soon as she could. Diana went straight to her room and to the phone to make her call as the teens settled on the sofa for a rest. She dialed the special number and asked when Flash answered. "What's the message?"

"Oh, hi Diana." he replied. "Someone called Blackbeard called and said there would be an important meeting tonight at midnight concerning a move, and said you might want to attend."

"Really!?" she replied surprised and happy. It was finally going to go down. "Thank-you and have a number where everyone can be reached in a hurry. This may be the day of reckoning for the Corps."

Amber and Tammy walked through the kitchen on the way out to the pool, passing Amber's dad on the way. Mr. Carpenter was heading that way himself and was wearing just his trunks and carrying a towel. "You ladies are going for a swim I see." he said smiling at the young girls and letting his eyes linger on the young redhead.

"You coming out?" Amber asked her dad. She was dressed in a pink string bikini that left little to the imagination and carrying a towel.

Tammy noticed how Mr. Carpenter looked at her. Like a wolf eyeing a deer. But instead of making her shy away like she normally would she found herself enjoying his stares. That and his well toned body and masculine hairy chest had her feeling a little damp and thinking she would need to find a doctor soon to tell her what to do about her funny feelings. Tammy bit her lower lip and asked "Are you joining us?" while subconsciously flirting with her eyes while Amber had her back turned to open the door.

The experienced man noticed the young girl's interest and knew he had a shot if he could get her alone. "A swim on a hot day sound good to me." he said smiling. The cold water would also help after seeing Tammy in that white string bikini that covered even less than the one Amber was wearing. "After you ladies." he said gesturing to the door. He couldn't pass up the opportunity to check out Tammy's ass

As the girls walked in front of him. The back of the suit barely covered half of her tight little ass.

Mr. Carpenter walked straight to the diving board as the girls watched him and did a one and a half flip with a full twist perfectly making almost no splash. When he came up he smiled and said "Your turn Tammy."

Tammy laughed and shook her head, he long red hair was hanging loose and waved from side to side as she did. "I can't do that." she said laughingly.

Amber giggled and said "I've seem you dive. Your pretty good yourself. Show us your one and a half back flip."

Tammy made a face and whimpered "Okay." and walked over to the board. As Amber and her father watched, Tammy stood on the end of the board with just her toes and bounced a few times. She leaped into the air doing her dive perfectly as well, but not noticing she popped out of her top on entry. She came up facing Mr. Carpenter and asked "How was that." with a big smile.

"That was great." he replied smiling as he got a good look at her exposed left boob with her small pink nipple. He turned around and swam towards the ladder as Amber quickly dove in to inform the cute redhead of her wardrobe malfunction.

Ashley had changed into her thin night gown and was settled in the living room with Terry to watch some TV before bed time. Grandma was in her room and Gene was hard at work on something in the basement. "Are you gonna come jogging with me in the morning?" she asked the younger teen.

"Are you kidding?" she whined. "Jogging in this neighborhood?"

"We'll take the bus to the park and jog there." Ashley replied with a grin.

"I can't run very far." she whined, but she did want to make her new friend happy. "But I'll try."

"That's fine. It's just a third of a mile around the small path. If you can't keep up you can just sit on a bench and watch me finish. Remember, you got a great body. Your gonna need to exercise to keep it."

"I don't have a great body." the young girl whined.

Ashley giggled and answered "Yes you do. You should see the way boys check you out." Terry looked like she wasn't buying it so Ashley added "That day at the lake Jason wasn't the only boy watching you."

Diana made an excuse to leave and took Gigi with her. Lunesta headed to the farm to hang out with Kara so she didn't have to stay hidden. With the place to themselves Mae and Bill wasted no time in locking themselves in the bedroom for a little fun time. There wasn't much room on the twin bed, but they could make do. Mae had moved in with a full size bed, but with Gigi moving in it was either twin beds or share the big bed.

Diana and Gigi stopped off for a snack then would jump on the invisible plane to head for the meeting. Gigi sat eating her burger eyeing a boy wiping down tables. Diana smirked and offered. "Why don't you give him your name and number?"

Gigi had a fearful look and leaned over the table to whisper. "I can't let anyone know where I am."

Diana smirked and whispered back "He doesn't look like he's going to run a security check on you."

Gigi sat back and grinned "I don't have a piece of paper or a pen." she said as an excuse while she kept looking at the cute 5'6" skinny blonde boy.

Diana kept a serious face as best she could as she opened her purse to take out the required items. She put them on the table in front of the shy teen and arched her eye brows saying "What's the excuse now?" Diana watched her squirm a little then leaned over and said "It can't be any worse than facing Axel."

Gigi took the pen and paper and wrote her information down and gave Diana back the pen. On the way out she gave the boy the paper and a smile while noticing his name tag said Eddy.

As they got in the car they could see the excited boy showing off the paper to his work pals and pointing to them out in the parking lot. "Give him a little wave." Diana said with a grin as she got in the car.

Gigi shrugged but did as her older friend suggested. She offered a flirty grin and waved as she climbed in the car herself. "You think he'll actually call?" she asked.

Diana laughed and replied "The way he was acting I wouldn't be surprised if there's a message on the machine when we get home."

Amber and Tammy were toweled off and hanging out in Amber's room before bed. Tammy got over her embarrassment quickly after falling out of her top and Mr. Carpenter had spent some time putting his hands together and using them to help the girls jump high into the air and over his head. An act that caused both girl to pop out of their tops more than once, but it was fun and they both giggled about it. Don't worry about it. My dad's seen me and Ashley fall out lots of times over the years." Amber said.

"I don't know. Except for the doctor, no guy has seen my boobs 'til today." Tammy whined.

"My dad's an old guy and probably didn't even notice." Amber said with a giggle. "Too bad, we both have nice racks."

The girls shared a laugh at the old man's expense, then Tammy asked "Do you think my brother's cute?" with her funny feelings she noticed herself staring at her older brother a few times when he had his shirt off. The 6 foot tall 185 pound 21 year old had his share of girl friends but up until this summer she had no idea why. Until recently she only thought of him as an ass.

"He's kinda cute I guess. Why, is he available?" Amber asked with a wicked grin that said she had thought about it.

Tammy laughed and said "No, he has a girl friend. I just wondered why girls like him."

Amber giggled and replied "He does have a cute butt."

The girls shared another giggle and Tammy thought so does your dad.

Mae rolled over giggling and they were both out of breath. "Did you like that?" She asked. She had dressed as The Spanish Fly and let Bill defeat her and have his way with her. Even her ass was allowed this night.

"That was awesome." the breathless boy proclaimed.

Mae moved to rest her head on Bill's chest as they rested. She used one hand to fondle his limp dick and his balls as they talked and rested for the next round. Mae wondered something and asked "What sexual fantasies do you have?" Maybe she could make a costume he would like her to wear.

Bill may not have been the sharpest knife in the draw, but he wasn't an idiot either. "Anything that involves you." he replied grinning.

"No, really. What do you want to do? Is there anything special you would like?" Mae asked seriously.

Bill thought a moment and replied "I guess the same things as most guys."

"What do most guys want?" she asked as his manhood started to stir again.

He grinned and said "A girl that likes sex. A girl who likes to play dress up. All guys dream of having more than one girl at a time. Stuff like that I guess."

"Guys want more than one girl?" Mae asked never even thinking about that. She had been used by more than one guy at a time, but she hadn't really shared a guy before. She didn't count Lenny as he just got a blow job and Bill was there.

"Oh course. Guys dream of things they'll never get, just like girls. Girls all grow up looking for prince charming or a guy with lots of money because that's what their mothers and fathers taught them. Everyone has dreams of things they'll never get." Bill replied calmly.

Bill's tool was getting hard again and Mae opened her mouth and moved into position thinking maybe she could make his dreams come true.

James Jackson heard the boot clicks on his patio and turned to see Wonderwoman and her friend. His eyes opened wide when he saw the tiny, barely dressed, heroine with the princess. The house was barely lit, even his office. "Pardon the lack of lights, but were trying not to be seen in these meetings."

"Are we early Jim?" Diana asked not sure why no one was there yet.

"No, the others are a little late. But they'll be here in a few minutes. But I can tell you what's happening now. We're getting ready to move. We have all the major players we could identify being closely monitored and we plan to move by the end of the week."

"That's great. What can we do to help?" she asked as she and Gigi walked into the office.

"That's what the meeting is all about. We're going to divide up the responsibilities as to who grabs who." He said grinning.

"Me and Lotus want to get our hands on that bitch Sandy." Gigi stated with anger in her voice. She didn't know the name of the guy that ass raped her, but she knew Sandy knew and what she had done to Mae and herself. And that beast, Axel, was her pet.

Jim nodded his understanding and said "I'll keep that in mind."

Courtney went to bed wearing just a lacy pair of panties. It was a warm night and a thunder storm had knocked out the power. She had both windows wide open in her second floor bedroom hoping to get some sleep. She laid down on top of the sheets trying to get some sleep in the hot house.

She was totally unaware of the white van parked just down the street and waiting for the clock to strike 2. There were three men in the van, they had grabbed a guy from one of the other groups. The plan was to take the girls in 2 groups. Four girls would be grabbed then those guys would go grab another girl. There would be 4 vans with 2 girls in each.

As the time approached the men got ready. They put on night vision goggles and put silencers on their guns. Dave Roberts was the group leader for this raid and was ready to prove himself. "Okay, it's 5 of. Let's get into position. Remember, her room is upstairs in the back."

The men exited out the back of the van and used the cloudy sky to give them cover as they crept up on the house. The men were grinning as with the power failure the back door was wide open in hopes of getting some air flow in the house.

Using hand signals only, the men snuck into the house and over to the stairway. One at a time they snuck up the stairs, noting the 4th one creaked and avoiding it after the first guy stepped on it. Dave leading the way looked in the first bedroom door and seeing Courtney's step dad snoring, having nothing else to do with the power out. Courtney's mom was at work. Dave held his hand up to his men, telling them to hold position. He snuck up on the unsuspecting man and pulled out a can of knock out spray. Better safe than sorry he thought as he sprayed it in his face.

The men then snuck up on the drowsy Courtney. Dave stopped at her doorway and looked in. Her back was to them and she had no sheets or blankets over her. The moon light coming through the window glistened on her naked back and off her lacy white panties. He motioned to one of the guys to get on the other side of the doorway as the third readied a rag with Chloroform. They could knock out spray, but if she held her breath at the last second it wouldn't do any good. If she was Stargirl they could end up with a big fight on their hands. With the chloroform all they had to do was surprise her and get her to take a breath.

Dave took the rag and started sneaking into the room. As the others stood ready to help, he lunged forward startling the nearly naked and half awake girl. She rolled over to see him at the last second. Her eyes opened wide and she tried to scream as the rag was thrust into her face. Moments later one of the guys was backing the van up the driveway as Dave and the other guy waited with a tied and gagged Courtney at the back door.

Tammy woke up and needed to pee. Not wanting to wake up Amber she decided to use the half bath down stairs. She tip toed out of the room and headed down the stairs. Mr. Carpenter grinned as he heard the creaking of someone on the stairs. He had slipped his wife a sleeping pill and he knew Amber wouldn't use the down stairs toilet as he heard someone go into the half bath. He knew all the sounds as he sat in the basement den watching the tape of his daughter and Ashley at the modeling session.

He heard the toilet flush and someone turn the water to the sink on. He had left the basement door opened and hoped curiosity would lure the innocent redhead down. If she didn't bite he would have to go and lure her down another way just like he would have if she didn't wake up before long on her own. Or he would have to plan on the next night with her being there for 2 nights. That would require him to slip his wife another sleeping pill and probably be late getting to work the next day.

Mr. Carpenter hearing the foot steps near the basement door stood up and walked over and took out the tape and put another in and hit play. Soft sounds of moaning filled the basement as he heard soft foot steps descending the stairs. He snuck out of the den through another door and would watch from behind until it was time to move.

Tammy followed the sounds and the lights. She stopped at the den's doorway and peeked in. The innocent redhead's emerald green eyes opened wide as she saw what was on the TV. A young blonde white girl was sitting on an older black man's lap with his massive cock buried in her pussy. The cute little teen looked around and saw no one, but her attention was soon back on the TV screen. Dressed in just a white T-shirt with teddy bears on it and granny panties she watched, entranced by the happenings on the screen.

Mr. Carpenter stood 10 feet behind her, grinning as she was too entranced to notice him. He smiled as one of her hands subconsciously moved up to massage her own tits as the man on the screen played with the breasts of the young girl bouncing on his lap. Tammy remembered what it felt like when her doctor touched her there and wanted to feel it again. The letch let her warm herself up as her other hand soon found her damp crotch. He was close enough that with the light from the den and her red hair in a pony tail that he could tell the young beauty was biting her lower lip as she slipped her hand down into her panties. She was ready. "UH HEM." he cleared his throat, startling the girl who quickly stopped touching herself and turned to face him wide eyed and blushing crimson.

"Mr. Carpenter?!" she said in a shaky voice. "I I I can explain." Tammy stood on quaking legs as she stared into the eyes of the man that just caught her playing with herself.

He smiled at her and stepped closer. Standing in the middle of the short hallway, he effectively blocked her from running back up stairs. "Were you just touching yourself?" he asked with an innocent lilt in his voice.

Tammy stopped looking at his face and looked straight ahead at his masculine hairy chest. Trying to hide her shame she lied "I wasn't doing that." she said innocently.

"Well that's what it looked like to me." Tammy swallowed hard when he added "Do you do that at home? Do your mother and father know you masterbate?"

Tammy had a look of total horror as she looked back up into his face with her mouth wide opened. "Oh god, please don't tell them." the terrified young lady begged.

Mr. Carpenter knew he had her now. All he had to do was play the hand out. "Well before I decide what to do, I think you and I need to have a little talk. Take a seat on the sofa young lady." He said with a stern look in a parental tone as he gestured for her to enter the den. Tammy was brought up in a strict household and taught to respect her elders and do as she was told. All that and her fear of her parents finding out about her masterbating would be used to manipulate her now.

Tammy turned and walked to the sofa, head hung down in shame, and plopped herself in the middle. She noticed the girl on the TV had gotten off the black man and was shocked to see her on her knees sucking the huge cock. She had heard girls at school talk about this stuff, but to her knowledge had never seen or done anything. Tammy trembled in fear that her parents would think she was a pervert if they found out what she just got caught doing. Mr. Carpenter sat down next to her on her left, wearing just his pajama bottoms with a big bulge, and put his arm in a comforting manor around the teen girl. "Tell me Tammy. Have you done any of these things you saw on the TV tonight?" he asked calmly.

"No, never." she replied quickly with a fearful look, her head shaking from side to side for emphasis.

"Tammy, look up at me when I'm talking to you." he said taking her by the chin and tilting he face to look up at him. He studied her face liking her freckles that redheads are known for. She had some, but not too many. "Have you ever kissed a boy before?" he asked calmly.

With shame in her voice she replied in a whiny voice "Yes, but please don't tell my mom and dad."

Mr. Carpenter rubbed his hand up and down her arm in a comforting manner as he questioned the young girl. "Did you open your mouth and use your tongue?"

"Oh, no Mr. Carpenter. Closed mouth only." she answered with her green eyes opened wide.

"And I take it you've never even gave a blow job or a hand job either?"

She swallowed hard and the letch could see her nipples were hard and her panties wet as she shook her head and denied having knowledge. "I've never even seen one of those before." she then innocently asked "Are Are they all that big?" Tammy could see in the corner of her eye that the girl on the TV had climbed back on the cock, this time facing the black man as he groped her ass.

"No, some are bigger." he replied and used his free hand to reach into his fly and pull his monster out.

Tammy gasped and her eyes opened wide in total shock. "Oh my god." she squeaked. But she didn't get up and run. "Yours is bigger than that guy's." the astonished girl said pointing to the TV. Tammy never noticed Mr. Carpenter's hand slide off her arm and move to her waist.

"See what that girl is doing with her hand?" the girl on the screen was on her knees again using one hand to stroke the black cock as she sucked it off. "Take my cock in your right hand and rub it like she's doing to him." he said softly.

Tammy's eyes opened wide again and she gasped "I can't do that. My mom would kill me!" she exclaimed.

"Won't your mom be mad if she found out what you were doing a few minutes ago?" he asked in a firm voice staring with a strong gaze into her eyes.

"Please don't tell." she whined.

"It's up to you. It's obvious your curious about certain things and you need to learn this stuff. So you either find out what a cock feels like or I'll have to tell your mom and dad and let them try and explain it to you." He stated firmly, but calmly.

"But?" she whined.

"No buts." he said firmly in his parental tone. "Wrap your hand around it or I tell your parents you were masterbating."

Tears stared rolling down her blushing cheeks as she tentatively reached with her right hand and loosely wrapped her hand around his cock, her fingers and thumb not quite able to meet. She slowly started to pump him as she looked at it then up into his face asking softly "Like this?" Tammy noted how it felt warm in her grip and hard yet soft to the touch at the same time. A shiver ran up her spine as for the first time she knew of she was in a sexual situation.

"Very good." he said and Tammy grinned with a compliment. "Try holding it tighter and moving your hand a little faster."

"Okay." she whined and turned her focus to what she was doing. By now the black guy on the TV had shot a massive load all over the giggling blondes face and tits. Another scene with a small red head girl and 2 big black men was starting. Tammy subconsciously licked her lips as she watched her hand slide up and down Mr. Carpenter's hard shaft. She hadn't yet noticed how his hand had slid up and was now just below her right tit.

He grinned as she stared intently at the cock and said "Kiss it." as a suggestion.

Tammy gasped and then looked at him. "I couldn't." she replied. She glanced at the TV to see a girl smaller than she sucking 2 cocks as big as Mr. Carpenter.

Grinning at the naïve girl he said "If she can suck on 2, you can give just a little kiss I'm sure."

Tammy had a frightened look on her face as she swallowed hard. She puckered up and leaned over giving the tip a soft kiss. "Like that?" she asked in a whiny voice sitting back up.

"It's not really a kiss unless you open your mouth and use your tongue." he said with disappointment in his voice. "Maybe we should ask your mother to explain some of these things to you."

"No, oh god no. I'll kiss it better." she whined. She leaned over and opened her mouth and not quite like the girl on the TV she took the whole tip into her mouth and wrapped her lips around it before sliding it out. "Was that better?" she asked wide eyed and nodding hoping she did it right this time.

Teaching a young girl from scratch is hard work he thought, but the reward could make it worth it. For a guy his age to get a young virgin was a novelty. "Much better. This time suck it as you have it in your mouth."

Tammy softly replied "I'll try." she took the cock into her mouth again this time sucking as she slid it out."

"Oh, that was much better." he told the girl who was now busting with pride. "Now see how the girl on the TV is doing it. How see keeps it in her mouth? Try doing that now."

Tammy glanced at the TV to see the girl with a cock in each hand and taking turns sucking them. She would get a good 5 or 6 inches in each time as she bobbed her head on the cocks. "I don't think I can fit that much in my mouth." she whined as she watched wide eyed.

"Just get as much as you can. You can work on getting more another day." he said in a calm fatherly tone.

Sad eyed Tammy nodded and took the cock back into her mouth. She was so intent on what she was doing she didn't realize his hand had shifted up to gently caress her right breast through het T-shirt.

Once going Tammy started pumping and sucking harder and faster, keeping pace with the girl on the screen. She was soon even giving off soft moans and Mr. Carpenter moved his left hand to rest on her bobbing head. "That's very good." he groaned as the subconscious part of her brain that had memories of sucking cock before took over. Her body giving in to the desires that the drugs had taught her to seek. Even though she had only been drugged twice, the desire she felt to learn made up the difference.

Mr. Carpenter slid his hand down her back, then up under her T-shirt to fondle her bare breast. He grinned as the girl moaned as her rolled her bud between his thumb and forefinger. "Oh god that's good Tammy. Keep it going." he moaned.

Mr. Carpenter grinned as he looked at the TV seeing the girl tit fucking one of the black cocks. He took Tammy and lifted her face to meet his and kissed her hard on the lips. As she gasped and opened her eyes wide he slipped his tongue into her mouth. Tammy closed her eyes and kissed back. After a few seconds he pulled back and asked the breathless girl "Let's try that now. You want to try?" pointing to the screen.

Tammy stopped sucking, but kept stroking with her hand, as she sat up and looked to the TV. She hadn't even heard of what they were doing. She watched for a few seconds the she realized something. "I'd have to take my shirt off." she whined. "You want me to show you my boobs?" she asked not sure if that was what he was implying.

"It's not like you haven't showed them to me. You had them out a half dozen time in the pool earlier." he said calmly. She looked confused and torn. He could see she was ready to let herself go, but years of parental pressure was in the back of her mind screaming for her to stop. She needed a little nudge. He turned to face her and gripped the bottom of her T-shirt, lifting it up just below her boobs. "Raise your arms over your head sweetie." he gently said.

Tammy, though torn could take that little step and when she did he raised her T-shirt up and over her head. As he tossed the shirt in back of the sofa Tammy bit her lower lip as for the first time she was offering her breasts to a man. Tammy let out a soft moan as he leaned in and started sucking on her right nipple. His right hand soon had a gentle hold on her left. "I don't know about this." she whined. "What if mom and dad find out?"

Mr. Carpenter sat up and softly kissed her lips getting her to moan again. He then said "The only two people who know about this are you and me. And if you're a good girl no one will ever know."

Before it could register what he said he stood up and took her by the hand. He guided her to a kneeling position in front of him and presented his cock to her lips saying "Get it good and wet."

Amber rolled over in bed and opened her eyes. It took a few seconds for it to register in her sleepy mind, but the other bed was empty. She propped herself up on her elbows and softly called "Tammy? Tammy are you in the bathroom?" She waited a few seconds and called again slightly louder. "Tammy, are you in the bathroom?"

Even though the lights were out, Amber figured that's where she had to be. "Tammy are you okay?" she called as she slowly stood up and walked to the attached bath. She blinked in pain as she turned the light on then noticed the room was empty. "Where'd she go?" Amber mumbled. She turned the light back off and walked to the door and headed down stairs thinking her friend may have gone looking for a snack. She headed off to find her friend wearing just a tank top and a pair of skimpy lacy panties.

Walking through the living room she heard the toilet running in the half bath and looked into the mud room area. The lights were off here as well. She must have come here she though. Anybody else would know to jiggle the handle. "Where is she?" Amber mumbled. She then noticed the basement door open and quietly walked through the kitchen and looked down the stairs. She saw the light coming from her father's den and the sounds of moaning from down stairs. Amber grinned thinking her friend found her father's porn stash. Although she had never watched any of the tapes, she knew her dad had them.

Amber snickered thinking she'd sneak up on the girl and startle her. Amber quietly made her way down the stairs noting the light she saw was from the TV, not any of the lights. She tip toed down the short hall way and stopped just before the door. She reached her hand around finding the light switch and grinned thinking she caught her friend watching porn. Amber readied herself then flipped the switch and jumping through the doorway saying "Gotcha."

"DAD?! TAMMY?!" She yelled seeing Tammy on her knees with her father's cock between her breasts. "WHAT THE HELL?!"

Tammy quickly sat back in shock and using her hands to cover her tits. Mr. Carpenter made no move. He looked down at the stunned redhead and asked sternly "Did I tell you to stop?"

Wide eyed Tammy looked up with her emerald green eyes and whimpered "No."

"Then don't." he said sternly.

Tammy not knowing what else to do tentatively wrapped her tits around his cock again and started to pump him some more. Amber opened her eyes wide in shock and asked "What's mom gonna say when she finds out?"

As Tammy watched the two argue she kept working his cock, now afraid to stop. Mr. Carpenter regarded his daughter and said "Your mother wouldn't dare say or do anything. She signed a prenuptial agreement before we got married and if she leaves, she leaves with shit. Which means she and you will have to find jobs and work for a change."

He smugly rested a hand on Tammy's head and said "Maybe you should get it wet again." Before turning his attention back to Amber. "And you lying to us all this time telling us your still a virgin."

As Tammy took the cock back into her mouth Amber whined "I am still a virgin."

"Really? Then go take out that tape and put the other one in." he said as he gripped Tammy's red hair and rocked his hips.

Amber not really thinking walked angrily to the VCR and switched tape. She hit play and her eyes opened wide as she gasped seeing herself with a cock in both her pussy and ass begging for the guys to fuck her harder. She quickly hit stop and sobbed "We were drugged Daddy." in a whiney voice.

"Right, and why didn't you tell us before? What's your mother going to say when she sees this?" he asked.

"Oh god no daddy. Mom would freak out." Her mother had managed to get her father to let her go places without an escort again and with this she may be 30 before she was allowed out of the house again.

"Well in that case get your ass over here." he said angrily.

Amber slowly walked to her father with her head down. She gaped and jumped back when he reached out to grope her chest. "What're you doing?" she asked wide eyed and scared.

"Things are gonna change around here. I'm sick of you hanging around and spending the money I work hard to make. If you don't start acting nicer I'll cut off your allowance and make you get a job. If your not going to school you might as well work." He said harshly.

"A JOB?" the spoiled girl yelled. "Mom won't let that happen." she said putting on a brave face. She knew deep down her mother would never expect her little girl to work. She was going to meet a rich doctor or lawyer and stay at home and go to the salon every week.

"That's what you think. Your mother isn't happy with me and she doesn't want you dependant on a man. She'll want you to work after she sees the tape." He said smugly.

Tammy looked up at the two of them as they argued with the huge cock sliding in and out of her mouth. "But you can't show mom that tape. She still thinks I'm a virgin." Amber whined.

"And if you want it to stay that way and not have to get a job you'll be a good girl for Daddy." Amber started to cry as she nodded her head. Mr. Carpenter grinned as he said "Don't move and keep your hands at your side until I tell you to move. You got that?" Amber sniff and sobbed as she nodded again. Mr. Carpenter reached out again to grope his trembling daughter. "Good girl." he said as she didn't stop him. He then hooked one of the thin straps to her tank top and pulled it off her shoulder. Amber shook as he moved the other off as well. With her boobs being the only thing holding her top up he smiled and hooked the top with two fingers between her breasts and slowly pulled down until her 34Ds popped free.

"Oh god." she sobbed as her father groped her bare chest. This was a nightmare, but she knew she was awake. "Please daddy, no." she begged as he tweaked her little pink nipples.

"Kneel down." he commanded. "And get that top all the way off."

Amber sobbed as she knelt down then forced herself to stop sobbing. She grabbed her top and pulled it up over her head and tossed it aside. She looked up at her father with an angry stare and angrily asked "What now Dad?" She wasn't going to cry she told herself. She was going to do as he told her and find some way to get him back some day.

He stared back at her and said "First of all, loose the attitude. Second let's see if you can suck my cock as well as you did those guys." gesturing to the TV. He took Tammy by the chin and guided the frightened teen to her feet. She was too scared to think straight and ready to do whatever he told her to do.

He took Tammy around the waist and brought her to his side So they could both watch Amber degrade herself. He slid his hand up to hold Tammy by her tit as he told Amber "Get started." As Amber took his rod in both hands he turned to Tammy and said "Kiss me, and use your tongue."

The obedient red head turned slightly and stood on her toes tilting her dead. She pressed her lips to his and slid her tongue into his waiting mouth. She moaned as his hand moved down to squeeze her tight little ass.

Eric had called Mr. Bradshaw and relayed the message that phase one was completed. Phase two would be to determine if they actually had Stargirl and to get her to make her first porno. He would call again later with the results.

Courtney awoke chained by her wrists in a standing position with her arms and body making a Y. She was gagged, but not blind folded. She could tell she was in a big barn and in a stall alone. She could hear others groaning and knew there were others in the barn as well. She listened and figured including herself there had to be at least a half dozen of them. What could they want, she thought. She also thought they were in big trouble when she got a chance to change into Stargirl. It would be time to kick some ass.

She looked up hearing a crackle of an intercom and seeing a camera pointing at her. She also noted several other cameras. She groaned knowing they were watching her and all she had on was a skimpy pair of panties. Out of frustration and thinking of no other recourse she pulled strongly on the chains.

After a few hard tugs she grunted and waited to find out what was happening.

She didn't have to wait long as a voice soon came over the intercom saying. "Good evening ladies. As you might have guessed is there are several of you young girls in the barn. What you might not know is your all blonde between 5'6" and 5'10" tall. You all have a nice rack and great butts. That means you all pretty much meet the same description. What you also might not know is that we know one of you is Stargirl."

Courtney took a deep breath. How could they know. What she didn't know is they were just guessing. If they did have the actual heroine they would need her to be convinced they knew they had her. "This is what's going to happen. We're going to release the gags by remote control and which ever one of you is Stargirl is going to tell us. If you don't we'll rape each and everyone of you until you do."

Courtney had no doubts they were all going to be raped any way. But she couldn't just let that happen. She figured if she changed she could kick ass then get a hold of Cassie or Diana to get there quick and make them forget.

"Oh, and Stargirl. If you'll look at the wires hooked up to the chains you'll know we're serious when we say if you don't do exactly as we say we'll electrocute the lot of you. You being a tough heroine might survive, but the others won't." The voice then said.

Courntey swallowed and looked around. Her eyes opened wide as she looked up into the rafters. She saw something moving around up there. Something with wings. It wasn't a bird, and it wasn't a bat. Her eyes lit up when she realized it was a pair of fairies. She hoped they would go for help. Lotus Blossom had a fairy as a side kick and the sword wielding ninja girl would sure come in handy right now she thought.

Mae and Bill were sleeping, spooning in Mae's bed, when Diana and Gigi came home. Diana grinned and pointed to the flashing light on the answering machine. Gigi laughed it off saying "It's too soon. He'd at least have waited a day or two."

Diana grinned and replied "They way he was so excited I bet he called within an hour after we left."

Gigi hit the play button and the tape rewound for a few moments then began to play. "Hi this message is for ah Gigi. You gave me your number so I'm ah calling. I'll call again tomorrow." then it hung up.

"Smooth." Diana said with a smirk.

"I think it was kinda sweet the way he said that that fast." Gigi said with a giggle.

"Okay enough of that. Get ready for bed we have to get up in a couple of hours for the funeral."

Amber had tried not to cry, but tears were running down her cheeks as she was on her hands and knees in front of her father. He had a fistful of her dark hair as he fucked her from behind. Her cries were muffled by Tammy's pussy as her face was buried in her twat. Dad had insisted the redhead sit on the couch with her legs spread wide so Amber could eat her. Tammy shuttered and screamed "OH GOD THAT FEELS GOOD" as she had her 3rd tongue induced orgasm. Amber to her shame had given her father two as he fucked her.

Mr. Carpenter smiled at Tammy as he pulled out if his daughter. "It's your turn now honey. Time for you to become a woman."

Tammy and Amber's eyes both opened wide at what he was saying. "Dad, she's a virgin. You can't." Amber whined.

He ignored her as he took the frightened teen by her red hair and turned her around over the back of the sofa, kneeling on the cushions. He stood up as the scared teens looked at each other as if to ask what to do. Amber ran around to the back of the couch and comfortingly held Tammy's hands saying "I'm so sorry." as her father pressed his tip into the terrified teen's nearly virgin twat.

"AAAAAAAAAA." she screamed and gritted her teeth as the huge monster was pushed into her tiny hole. "she looked at Amber in agony and cried "Oh god it hurts."

Amber begged her father "Please dad. Your hurting her. Your too big for her first time."

He scoffed at her. "First time my ass. There's no blood." He raised his hand up and brought it down with a loud slap on her pearly white ass. "She's just another lying slut like you."

"I'm not a slut." she sobbed. "I fell on my brother's bike and popped it. It's my first time I swear." she sobbed. "Please stop." she begged and pleaded.

Mr. Carpenter held her by the hips and rocked his. Driving into her one painful inch at a time. Her legs trembled from the strain. "Please oh god pleeeeease." she begged.

Amber leaned over the back of the couch and hugged Tammy, trying to comfort her. "Oh god I'm so sorry." She looked at her dad with pleading eyes and begged "Please dad. Your too big for her." It was to no avail. Her father was enjoying this too much. He reached forward to grab both the young girls breasts and picked up his pace. Amber shed tears as she thought of the only thing that might save Tammy from more pain . "Take my ass Daddy. Please take my ass instead of hurting Tammy." she begged. She remembered how it felt when she was raped and how at one excruciating time they had two cocks in her ass. If she could handle that, she could handle dad. It would hurt like hell, but she knew she could do it.

Mr. Carpenter leered at his daughter. He pulled out or Tammy who immediately curled up in a ball holding her stomach. "Get over her slut." he snarled at her. Amber walked around the sofa and kneeled on it next to Tammy. She looked over her shoulder as she offered her back side to her Dad to use as he wanted. She turned to look away as he took position behind her.

Amber gritted her teeth as she felt him press against her anus. "OH GOD." she yelled as her father forced several inches into her clenched rectum.

Tammy looked up at Amber through tear filled eyes at the face of a girl who was offering to walk through hell for her. As Mr. Carpenter rocked his hips driving himself deeper and deeper into Amber's butt, Tammy reached out to take Amber by the hand.

Stargirl stood in her stall, still chained up with her staff in her right hand. "You got me. Now what?" she asked angrily.

"Drop the staff." the voice stated.

Courtney released the staff, letting it fall to the ground. She heard the barn door open and heard foot steps approach. She turned her head to see the stall door open and six men pile in. One grabbed the staff and walked out. The voice came back on and stated "Your chains are going to be unlocked. You will lay face down on the ground and allow yourself to be shackled by the men. Do you understand? Any trouble and the other girls die."

Courtney heard a chorus of "Oh god please no." and other similar statements as she answered "I understand." She couldn't help but wonder if this is how helpless Kara felt with her captors. How she knew she could kick their butts and get away, but it would cost the lives of innocent girls if she did.

One of the men approached with a key and unlocked her chains. Courtney then laid face down on the ground and put her hands behind her back. Without a word one of the men nodded to another who stepped outside the stall and retuned seconds later with chains. Courtney laid still as her wrists and ankles were shackled and a chain was attached from her wrists down to the chain between her feet.

One of the men finally spoke when he grabbed her by her left elbow saying "On your feet bitch." in a surly fashion.

Courtney stood up with the man helping to provide balance. She checked out the men of various sizes, but other than that she could tell nothing. They were all dressed in black from head to toe and were masked. This had all the markings of a military operation telling the teen heroine she was in the clutches of the Corps. Once on her feet she was pushed from behind, hard, and told "Walk."

Courtney shuffled along as one of the men led the way. There was one on either side and two behind her. The going was slow with only two feet of chain between her booted feet. At least she was fully dressed now she thought as they left the barn and headed towards the farm house. Courtney recognized the location as the old Henderson place. The old man had died a year earlier and the lawyers for the estate were still looking for a buyer.

Courtney was led through the front door and into the living room. She sighed deeply seeing sets of lights and some cameras. She had seen some of the tapes Kara was forced to make and feared it was her turn to be publicly humiliated. She also knew that unlike Kara she had an actual birth certificate and her age could be proven if her identity were exposed. She knew they had to know her name already and would probably expose her in more ways than one. Her only hope at the time was if some how those fairies told her friends the trouble she was in. Sure, she thought, her mother would call Cassie and Linda when she discovered her missing. But they would still have to find her. As all kinds of thoughts ran through her head, she had one plan for all of them. Stall for time until help arrived.

As she stood looking around the room she heard the sounds of a girl screaming for help and begging "Please stop."

"Who are you torturing?" she demanded to know.

The voice over the intercom answered. "First of all you don't ask questions. You answer them. But this time I'll tell you. Seems one of the girls shared a room with her little sister. The dumb kid woke up and the guys brought her for a little entertainment."

Courtney's mouth opened wide when she caught that they he said little sister. "Little sister!?" she exclaimed.

The five men that escorted her were in the room with her and chuckling as the voice replied "Yes. little sister. She's maybe 13 or 14, but don't worry. She wasn't a virgin when we started with her."

Courtney was pissed "You bastards are gang banging a 13 or 14 year old? What the hell is wrong with you?" she spat out in disgust.

Eric looked at her face in the monitor and grinned. He turned to Vic, who was sitting next to him in the control room, and chuckled "God see looks pissed." without pushing the button on the microphone.

Vic laughed and said "I bet you could have gotten her even madder if you lied and told her the kid was like 10 or something.

Courtney stared at one of the cameras and said "You'll rot in prison for this."

"Well I tell you what, Courtney, your going to help us make some money. We have you exact age and your gonna sign a release. Your then gonna make some movies. And if you're a good girl we may sell you off as a sex slave over seas later." Eric said. He sat laughing in his chair as Courtney cringed with the mention of her real name.

"My friends will find me and you will get punished." she threatened. Stalling for all the time she could. She figured it could take hours before anyone even started to look for her.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, you heroines need some new rhetoric. Enough with the talk. It's time for you to start on your new career. The five men in the room with you will be you costars for this one. You'll be unchained and put up a little struggle as your gang raped. But if you actually hurt any of the guys, the girls in the barn will pay." It was a tactic that worked well with Supergirl and it should work just as well with Stargirl he thought. You'll keep your mask on until they start cumming. It'll add a little suspense to the scene." he said grinning.

"You guys are sick." she spat at the camera. She stared angrily at the camera and then the man who stepped forward with the key. She took turns staring at the men as she was unchained in preparation for the movie.

With the chains off Eric said "Struggle a little, but not too hard. Let them man handle you. To begin the scene you'll take a power pose and tell them they're under arrest. Then they'll charge you and over power you. It's that simple. Even a blonde bimbo should be able to get that right." Eric chuckled at the look on her face as he referred to her as a bimbo. "Okay, let's get this show on the road. Action."

Tammy hugged Amber, breast to breast, as they were both on their knees looking up with fearful expressions waiting for Mr. Carpenter to cum on them. As ordered they begged "Please cum for us. We want you to cum on us." they sobbed as he stroked himself to a finish.

"AAARRGG that's a good couple of sluts. NNNNNRRRGGGG." he groaned and covered both terrified faces and their trembling breasts. The girl's whimpered but didn't move as he white washed the pair of them. When he finished he grinned sickly and said "Maybe Tammy can stay over more often. He went and grabbed his pajama bottoms as the scared teens held their hug as they watched him put them on and leave.

Tammy put her head down on Amber's shoulder and started to cry hysterically. Amber rubbed her back as the girl asked "How am I gonna tell my mom? Oh god, what do I do?"

Tears ran down Amber's face, but she was more pissed than anything after being blackmailed and coerced like that by her own father. "We can't say anything. We can never tell anybody what happened." Amber replied sadly.

"But you heard him. He wants me to come over so we can do this again." she sobbed.

Tammy trembled in Amber's embrace. "We'll think of a way out. We'll come up with something." Amber said seething as her friend sobbed.

Tammy was to upset to stand on her own so Amber grabbed their clothes and then helped her up to the second floor and to her bedroom. Amber held her as they showered together to get the cum and sweat off their bodies.

Amber then helped her put on a clean T-shirt and a pair of panties. Amber then dressed herself and helped Tammy into bed. Amber climbed in with her and held her until she cried herself to sleep. Amber dozed off herself with the thought of thank god Tuesday was her mother's salon day and she would be gone most of the day. At least they wouldn't have to face her for a while.

With the sun coming up, Courtney found herself with a man under her and another behind. "OH GOD AAARRRGG." she screamed as both 8 inch cocks were stuffed in her pussy at the same time.

Eric chuckled then pushed the button for the mike and said. "Suck it up. Your friend Supergirl did it with two much bigger cocks."

Courtney had tried to stall them a long as she could, but they did something to one of the girls in the barn and she could hear the blood curdling scream in the house. She stared daggers at the camera hearing the man on the mike taunting her. To her shame she had given them 4 screaming orgasms and she could feel another on the way. "I'll see you all in jail for this." she spat out.

"And we'll see you on the shelves of video stores across the country." Eric taunted.

Courtney's sweat soaked hair clung to her mask and shoulders as she shook violently with another orgasm. Three men stood by grinning behind their masks as she screamed "OH GOD OH GOD I'M CUMMING."

Kara rolled out of bed with the sun. Being on the farm she would go out and help feed the horses. She didn't have to, but she found it relaxing to work with the animals. Lunesta was asleep on a pillow Kara placed on her dresser. The fairy rolled over and yawned hearing Kara get up. "What're you doin'?" she asked, still half asleep.

"Go back to sleep. I'm just going out to feed the horses." she said quietly as she slipped a pair of jeans up over the panties she wore to bed. She then grabbed a T-shirt and pulled it over her head and down over her perky tits. She then quietly left the sleeping fairy to continue her beauty sleep.

Mae groaned as Diana knocked on the door. She grinned and turned to kiss Bill as the naked teens had spooned through the night. "I was hoping to have time for a quicky." she whispered.

"Well you don't. Now get up." came the answer through the door.

Mae giggled as she kissed Bill again and the pair climbed out of bed to grab their clothes. They needed to be at the funeral home by 8:30 and they all needed to use the one bathroom. Bill grabbed her as she gathered up her clothes and took her into a tight embrace then kissing her passionately. He then whispered "I love you."

Mae smiled and whispered back "I love you too."

"Well that's just wonderful. Now do you think we can get moving?"

Mae chuckled and replied "Yes mistress Diana.

Courtney's mother came home from work early. She was supposed to have only worked half the night to fill in as it was her night off, but things got busy in the emergency room and she stayed a little longer. She walked in the back door and saw the kitchen floor covered in muddy foot prints. The power was back on by now and she could see them cross the living room headed towards the stairs. She cautiously followed them knowing neither her daughter of drunken husband would dare make such a mess.

She made her way up the stairs and to her daughter's room seeing her missing. Putting her hands over her mouth she gasped "Oh my god." She ran back down stairs to the kitchen phone and called the police.

When some one answered she gave her name and address and then said "My daughter's missing. There's strange muddy foot prints all through the house and she's gone."

She heard the dispatched say "Chief, we have another one." Her eyes opened wide in horror as she heard the chief in the background say "That makes 5 from the area now."

"What's going on?" the concerned mother asked.

The dispatcher sighed and said "I can't tell you, but if you have a scanner you might want to turn it on. "

Courtney's mom hung up the phone and ran into the living room to turn on her husband's scanner. She hated it when he insisted they buy it, but now she felt it was needed. Voices soon were heard and sirens in the back ground. "We're in pursuit of the black Trams Am heading down Bakers road coming up on Millers crossing."

"We have cars from Bakersfield about 2 minutes behind you. Stay on them."

"We coming up on Peter's rise and we should have them at the crossing.

"Just stay on them. We have them trapped now."

"We're right be OH GOD!!" and that was followed by the sound of machine gun fire and a crash. Then nothing from the chasing car.

Seconds later She heard "This is deputy Jones. We're coming up on the scene now. We see smoke and WHAT THE FUCK!!!" their was more machine gun fire and they too were silent afterwards.

"Deputy Jones? Deputy Jones? Deputy Jones please respond." there was a few moments of dead air and then she heard "To all units and to the state police. We have officers down. Shots fired officers down. All units please be advised we have cop killers on the loose."

Courtney's mother was scared to death and it wasn't a far stretch for her to figure out who was behind this. She didn't know all about her daughter's activities, but she knew enough to know who to call "How many girls have best friends from other states?" she mumbled as she pulled an old phone bill from the desk. One number stood out. There should be two, but for the period of this bill Linda had run away.

She ran to the kitchen and dialed the number. She shook as she waited for an answer When someone finally said "Hello?" she blurted out "Oh my god I need to speak with Cassie. Please it's urgent."

"Who is this?" a woman's sleepy voice asked.

"I'm Courtney's mom and she's in trouble and I need to speak to Cassie. Please hurry."

Yeah, just a minute." the sleepy voice said. There was the sound of bed springs and a creaking door then the voice yelled "CASSIE PICK UP THE PHONE YOU FRIEND IS IN TROUBLE AND HER MOM WANTS TO TALK WITH YOU." she the heard the woman grumble "Damn kids keep getting pregnant these days."

There was a click on the line the Cassie's voice yelling "I GOT IT." There was another click as the sleepy woman hung up. "Hello?" Cassie's voice said.

"Cassie, this is Courtney's mother. She's in trouble. Someone took her in the night and cops are being killed." she blurted out.

Cassie caught Courtney, trouble, cops and killed. That was enough. "I'm on my way." was all she said and hung up.

"Lunesta wake up." a small fairy said shaking the sleeping princess. Lunesta groaned and the visitor tried again. "Lunesta wake up." she shook the sleeping fairy again.

Lunesta rolled over and opened her eyes. The sleepy fairy asked "Venus, what are you doing here?"

Lunesta sat up as Venus relayed the story of how some fairies in Nebraska stumbled on something of interest. Although it didn't fit the description of a Corps training center, the fact they had Stargirl captive made them send out the distress signal.

"What clan are they near?" Lunesta asked trying to pin down a location.

Venus frowned and replied "They're from the Jupiter clan."

"Oh." Lunesta replied to the news. The Jupiter clan had a reputation of not always being friendly to strangers, but they were still considered to be among the good guys. "Please have a message sent that I and a friend are on the way."

"Yes your majesty. It will be done." the visitor said and then rushed off.

Lunesta zipped out the window and to the barn. Checking to see Kara was alone for the moment she swooped in the relay the message. "Are they sure it's Stargirl?" Kara asked.

"Does it really matter if who ever they are is holding a bunch of girls?" Lunesta asked back.

"I guess not. Let's go see what's happening out there."

The phone rang in Diana'a apartment. The amazon answered thinking it would probably be Mae's grandmother asking when they were leaving. "Hello?"

"Diana, it's Kara. Me and Lunesta will have to miss the funeral. Please let Mae know we're sorry."

Diana knew Kara would cross through a black hole to support her friend. Something had to be very wrong. "What's wrong?" Diana asked almost with an angry tone for even having to ask.

Kara hesitated then replied "A fairy came to visit and told us Stargirl is in trouble. We're going to look into it."

"By the gods." Diana replied and then quickly looked around to make sure Bill didn't hear her slip. "Be careful. If you find anything don't go it alone. Keep watch and call for back up. You understand?" Diana was worried about Kara jumping into a dangerous situation before she was ready.

"We'll be careful. Tell Mae I'm sorry." Kara then hung up. As soon as Diana hung up her phone rang again.

This time it was Cassie. "Hey sis just calling to tell you Courtney's mom called."

"And Courtney's in trouble." Diana finished.

"How'd you know?" Cassie asked with surprise.

"Kara just called. Seems the fairies know where Courtney is. She's on her way. You guys be careful. It looks like this is serious."

"Aren't you coming?"

"I have something very important to do first. If I don't hear from you by mid afternoon I'll send in the troops." meaning a full out invasion by the JLA.

"Just to let you know. It could be the Corps. Seems someone is killing cops as a diversion." Cassie added.

"All the more reason to be careful. Now get going." Diana said and hung up. She turned around to see Mae and Gigi standing there. With the sound of running water that meant Bill was in the shower.

"What's going on?" Mae asked having heard the phone ring and most of the conversation.

Diana looked at the two young girls and said "The Corps may have Courtney."

The pair of teens gasped. Mae got a deadly serious look on her face and said "We have to go and help her."

Diana put her hands on the young girl's shoulders and replied "We have something else to do first. Kara , Lunesta and Cassie are on the way now. If they run into trouble, then we'll go."

The phone rang again and Diana just shook her head as she knew it had to be Mae's grandmother this time.

Diana answered and explained they would be there on time politely to the old woman. After she hung up Mae made a snide remark about Grandma and her dyke girlfriend. "I think we need to have a talk." Diana said looking Mae in the eye.

"I'm sorry. I know you don't like that word, but she ticked me off when she didn't want Uncle Chuck to bring his boyfriend when she brought Malina." Mae whined.

"And that's what we need to clear up."

Gigi watched a bit confused as she tried to follow what they were talking about. First thing is she would have to ask one of them was what a dyke was.

"What's to clear up? Grandma and Malina are involved." Mae said emphasizing involved.

"Grandma may be Malina's grandma as well." Diana replied.

"You mean she's uncle Chuck's daughter? But he's gay." Mae squeaked.

Diana grinned and sighed. Sometimes even the brightest student can't see the answer when it's right in front of them. "Not Uncle Chuck." Diana stated.

Mae's mouth and eyes opened wide as she got it. "She can't be my sister, Dad would have said something." she insisted.

"Not if he didn't know. Her mother and your father dated in high school and through college. They broke up just after graduation and your dad took off after that." Diana explained.

"But why wouldn't they tell me? And how come you know?" Mae asked looking like she was ready to cry.

"I asked Oliver to have his people look into them when they showed up out of the blue like that. According to the yearbooks your father and her mother were an item for years. Malina was born about nine months after graduation." Diana finished. Hearing the bathroom door open the conversation stopped. "You better go take your shower now." Diana softly suggested.

"Yeah, you smell a little ripe." Gigi said with a smirk.

Courtney knelt on the floor with her back arched. Her head was tilted back and her eyes were closed but her mouth was open. She held her breasts together with her hands as five men stood around her jerking themselves. "Cum for me. Come on cum for me." she begged as required. Actually she really did want them to cum. After a couple of hours of getting fucked and countless orgasms the teen heroine was completely wiped out.

"Please feed this slut your cum." she begged. She thought it couldn't get any worse than this, her step father would surely rent this video. Even though Cassie had fixed it so he couldn't get an erection for her anymore, he had no idea she was a heroine and didn't know if he could still jerk off over her. She also didn't know if he would hold it over her to do other things. Before Cassie had effectively neutered him he had suggested he bring some friends over for her to entertain.

"Please feed me. I'm hungry for your jizz." she said just before the first guy grunted and covered her face, getting only a little in her mouth. Like a good little slut, Courtney then opened her eyes to lick him clean as she waited the next load.

Kara flew to an area high above Courtney's house. She pulled the top of her tunic out to let Lunesta fly out. At least she behaved this time Kara thought. Lunesta hovered in front of Kara as Kara asked "How do we find the local fairies and ask them where to look?"

Lunesta smiled and said "You can't come with me. If they see a big person they won't let themselves be found. I'll bring one of them back if I can." and she zipped off leaving Kara hovering in the sky.

Kara chuckled and said to herself "Super vision. I can see you anywhere you go." Kara followed Lunesta as she flew in several directions and then stopping as if to look around.

Kara was slightly startled when Cassie flew up in her invisible plane. "Cassie, what are you doing here?" Kara asked about her surprise visit.

"Courtney's mom called and said she was missing. So I rushed here to look for her. Diana said you and Lunesta were on the way and the fairies might know where to find her?" Cassie asked as she looked around. "Where is the little trouble maker?"

"She thinks we might scare the fairies so she went on alone to find them."

Cassie looked a bit confused. "If she doesn't know where they are, how does she find them?"

"It's kind of like how birds find the same nesting spot after flying south for the winter I guess. They seem to be able to sense where to go some how. She tried to explain it once, but she didn't know how to put it into words." Kara explained, sort of.

"So we just stay here and wait?"

Kara grinned and said "I'm looking around while we wait. We'll find her one way or another."

Mae finished her reading and took her seat between Diana and Gigi on one side and her sisters on the other. Mae still wasn't onboard with excepting her grandmother, but her sisters seemed to be more forgiving. They had talked with her during and after the wake. And had talked with her before the mass.

Mae missed not having Kara nearby, but understood why she wasn't. She would have done the same to rescue a friend. As the casket was carried out of the church Mae looked over at Malina wondering if it could be true. She did kind of look like she could be from her father's family, but they still had no real proof.

Eric tried to call Mr. Bradshaw several tome since the taping began, but the thunderstorms that passed through the area earlier seemed to have done some damage in the rural area. One of his men was trying every 10 minutes to get through, but so far they were still cut off.

Courtney was exhausted and covered in drying cum and sweat. She was told to go upstairs to get cleaned up. Of course they didn't give her back her clothes. They gave her back her mask, but not her costume. The naked teen climbed the stairs and walked towards the bathroom. She stopped at an open door to see a young teen curled up naked in a corner sobbing. She had long blonde hair in a pony tail and was extremely thin.

Courtney walked in and knelt down next to the girl saying "It'll be okay."

The girl shied away as Courtney tried to touch her. "No." she whimpered.

"I won't hurt you. They raped me too." Courtney said softly. "Come with me and we'll get cleaned up." she said reaching out again.

The girl didn't pull away this time, but she sobbed "I don't want to get cleaned up. I want to die."

Courtney pulled the girl gently into an embrace and softly asked "Why would you want to die? We'll get out of this and they'll go to jail for what they did to us."

The girl Courtney now recognized as Jane Tilbert's younger sister Samantha hugged Courtney back sobbing. "Then Mom and Dad would find out I wasn't a virgin. I can't let them find out." she cried.

Courtney sighed heavily and said "I'm sure they'll be so happy to have you home they won't even wonder about that. I'm sure they'll think these bastards did it."

"You mean lie to them?" she asked.

Courtney took the girl by the chin and looked her in the eye. "Haven't you been lying to them about that already?"

Samantha gave a painful half smile and whimpered "Yeah." Courtney help the younger girl stand up and led her to the shower.

Kara grinned seeing Lunesta racing back to where she was hovering. Lunesta had a wide smile as she got near to them. "None of the others came with you?" Cassie asked.

Lunesta shrugged and said "They're afraid of people, but they showed me where to go."

Kara looked and Cassie and they nodded. "Let's get going. Show us the way." Kara said grinning.

Minutes later they were hiding behind one of the barns as Kara scanned the area. "They only have a couple of look outs that we can take out easily. Courtney and another girl are showering in the upstairs bathroom on the house. They have a half dozen cars and vans in this barn. And that barn has 7 girls chained up and one looks hurt. There are also a couple guards in the barn. The rest of the guys are in the house."

Cassie pondered the options and said "The main thing is to keep any of them from getting away. They know who she is now and we have to make sure they forget that."

"Well we're a half mile from the nearest house so I say we disable the cars first." Kara said. "We also have to make sure none of the prisoners know who Courtney is as well."

"So the plan is Kara knocks the bastards out and Cassie makes them all forget who Courtney is." Lunesta said.

"Yes, but we also have to find out who sent them." Kara said with a grin.

"And if they know who Courtney is." Cassie finished.

"No posing or talking this time. We rush them and get the job done fast and clean." Kara said with a serious look.

Cassie's face took on a hard look and she replied "Let's kick some Corps ass."

Kara grinned and then was gone in a flash. She knocked out the lookouts and then the guards in the barn. She then disconnected the wires attached to the girls, but left them chained up for the moment. Except for the injured girl who, she gently lowered to the ground. "Just stay here for now." she whispered to the girl with 2 broken legs. The girl nodded and groaned. Kara grabbed a couple of horse blankets to put over her as she looked like she was in shock.

While Kara was doing that, Cassie snuck into the other barn and ripped the wires off the distributor caps of all the vehicles. With the get away cars out of commission she peeked out the front door at the house and waited for Kara's signal. She didn't have to wait long before she saw a blur and then the front door explode in. With Lunesta right behind her Cassie rushed towards the house.

Courtney smiled and laughed a little when she heard a whoosh and turned to see Kara holding her costume. "It took you long enough." she said.

"Get dressed. We have some ass kicking to do." Kara said grinning.

Courtney made a gesture to the girl with teary eyes in her embrace and Kara nodded back knowing Courtney couldn't leave just yet. "Cassie, Lunesta and I have this. Take your time." Kara said, then raced off.

Lunesta zipped around the house putting every guy she could find asleep. Kara and Cassie put every guy they came across to sleep as well, but in a different way. Less than a minute after busting into the house. All the men were out. Kara rounded them all up in the house and watched them with Lunesta as Cassie went to the barn and made sure none of them knew about Courtney before setting them free.

The girls were asked to wait in the barn and they would be given rides home shortly. Cassie then joined Kara and Lunesta in the house. Courtney came down the stairs with and arm around the younger scared teen. They had managed to find a bathrobe for the child to wear.

Cassie went one by one with the guys getting what information she could with her lasso. She then made them forget who Stargirl was. To make things easier they all would also plead guilty to kidnapping the girls and, if charged, raping Samantha.

Cassie sighed "They're all just hired guns."

Kara grinned "But we did get a name and a phone number."

"And the movie." Courtney said in relief.

Kara held up the tapes and asked "What should I do with these?" grinning.

Courtney calmly stated "I don't want anyone to ever see them."

Kara made a wry grin and walked over to the fire place. She put the tapes in and melted them with her heat vision. "I wish mine were that easy." she commented.

Cassie looked at Courtney and made a head gesture toward her new friend. Courtney had an arm around her as the scared teen clung to her. Courtney looked down at her and asked "Do you want her to make you forget what happened?"

Samantha looked back at Courtney's comforting face and whimpered "No, I need to remember this so I can testify in court."

"Are you sure honey?" Kara asked.

The girl nodded and asked "Can I go find my sister now?"

Courtney walked her to the barn and on the way she gently asked "Who was your first? if you don't mind me asking."

Samantha looked a bit scared and asked "Will you tell anybody?"

"Not unless you want me to. If you want it can stay a secret between us." Courtney told the young girl.

She hung her head and almost in a whisper said "It was Father David."

Courtney's eyes opened wide in shock. Father David had been transferred under allegations he messed around with some teen girls, but none of the girls rumored to have been molested were as young as Samantha. "My god, he was sent away 3 years ago!" Courtney exclaimed.

Samantha hung her head in shame and Stargirl took her chin and lifted her head up. "You did nothing wrong. You have nothing to be ashamed of. He's a bad man and no matter what he did to you, your still as good girl."

Courtney nodded and Samantha gave her a half smile. "And how old were you?" Samantha asked, stunning Courtney. "You asked me, It's only fair." she stated and looked at Courtney with puppy dog eyes.

Courtney looked around to make sure no one was near and leaned in to whisper. She told the young girl something she hadn't even told Kara and Cassie.

The girls hugged after sharing their moment and Courtney took her to the barn to join the other girls. Courtney then went back to the house. Cassie use her invisible plane to ferry the girls home a few at a time. Courtney and Lunesta watched over the men and Kara raced to capture the guys in the black Trans Am and The Davis brothers. They were on motor bikes with machine guns strapped to their backs.

Some of the cops took them into custody and others raced to the farm to get the others. It would take weeks just to get the paperwork on this one done some of the cops stated.

Ashley walked out of the basement and joked to Terry. "I don't get it. I throw myself at him and it's like he could take it or leave it."

"Terry grinned and asked "Did you try dressing up as an android?"

"Very funny. I'm serious. He's impossible. How can he see me and not even notice if I'm dressed or not." She ranted.

"Maybe you should glue a floppy disc to each boob." the giggling young teen replied.

"Still not helping." Ashley whined.

"You must more than just like him for him to get you this upset." Terry stated.

Ashley gave a fake sneer and looked at the clock. "I have to go get the bus now. Call me when he brings you home tonight." They had picked out the outfit she would wear when Jason took her to the roller disco that evening.

"I'll do that." the giggling teen said. She kissed Ashley as she came over to the kitchen table where she was seated. "See you later." she said.

Ashley grinned and said "See you later." and picked up her over night bag and walked out the back door.

Terry waited a moment then got up and walked to the basement door. She descended the stairs and walked up behind her brother who was to into his work he never noticed her coming. Terry slapped him across the back of the head.

"AAAA. What the heck?" he shrieked.

"Yeah, what the heck? You got a hot girl that for some reason is totally into you and you act like she's just a piece of furniture. What the heck?" she scolded.

"She's not in love with me." he whined.

"Neither one of you wants to admit it, but she is. And I have no idea what she sees in you. And I have no idea why you don't see sees right for you. She's smart enough to understand a lot of what your doing. Do you think she just comes down here because she likes the décor?"

"No, I pay her to help with the tests." he said matter of factly.

"Then tell me this Mr. Genius. How many times has she helped and how many times did you pay her?" Terry asked while arching her eye brows. "Has she even asked for money lately?"

"I I I "

"And I know it isn't all work when you two are down here alone. Grandma may be almost deaf, but I'm not." Terry stated. "Now tell the truth. Do you like her?"

"Yea?" he whimpered.

"But you don't know what to do or say. Just look at her. Talk to her. Ask her about herself. Show your interested." Terry said somewhat frustrated. Her brother may be super smart, but sometimes he was a dumb ass. "Make her feel like she's welcomed down here. Tell her she looks pretty."

As her brother was pondering her words she spied the drawings on the bench. She quickly scanned them and snickered. "Still wanting to build that suit huh? Did it ever occur to you how much time and effort it would take to get in and out of that thing. It'd be like a suit of armor."

"I need to provide structural support some how." he stated. His sister was smart, but she wasn't a genius like him he thought.

"A girl at the science fair last year had tubes of carbon that when exposed to a small electric current were as rigid and strong as steel. And a lot lighter" Terry offered. "The suit like that could be put on like regular clothes and still do the job." she said putting the drawings back. She headed towards the stairs and added "Think about what I said. If you like her, let her know somehow."

"I don't suppose you told her how smart you really are?"

"Of course not. People, especially guys, don't like brainy girls. Except for geeks like you that is." she said with a smirk before running up the stairs.

It was almost noon time when Tammy woke up. She felt Amber's arm over he as they had spooned while they slept. She carefully crawled out from under Amber's arm and got out of bed. She tip toed into the bathroom to pee trying not to wake Amber up. When she returned Amber was awake. "Sorry about my dad." she said again.

Tammy crawled back into the bed and asked "Where did that tape come from?" innocently. She saw Amber's face get a painful look and said "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you."

Amber sighed and sadly told her story. "Ashley and I went to a modeling agency to see if we could be models. We didn't know it was a front for The Corps. They drugged us and made us have sex with a lot of guys and filmed it. They also had us sign a release and I guess they released it." Amber thought a moment and sobbed "Oh god. I bet every dad in town has seen it. Everyone will be laughing at me."

Tammy hugged Amber and said "Maybe not that many. Not that many people have those tape machines. But what can we do about it?"

"I don't know. My dad watched it and now I can't show my face in public." Amber sobbed. "What about you? Are you gonna tell your mom and dad what happened?"

"I can't tell them." she said with a fearful expression. "If I tell them they'll never let me out of the house again. They may not even let me leave for college in a couple of weeks."

"So your gonna act like nothing happened?" Amber asked a bit shocked at her reaction.

"I guess. And I'm still gonna be your friend, but I don't think I can come over hear again." Tammy said and sighed. She had finally gotten to hang around with one of the cool kids and this happens. "What are you gonna do?"

"I don't know." Amber whined. "If I leave I'll have to get a job and work and stuff. And if I stay my dad may want me to do stuff again."

"Then what?"

Amber sighed as she thought. "I guess I should stay and see if it's okay first. If it isn't then I'll have to think of something." Amber had to think of what if anything she was qualified to do. In the last few months the only thing that she seemed to be good at was getting fucked.

At the reception after the funeral, Mae managed to get Malina alone while her grandmother was in the ladies room. "Are you gonna tell me what's going on between you and my grandmother or do I have to keep guessing?" Mae asked straight forward.

Malina looked nervous and replied "I don't think this is the time or place to talk about it." She said it nicely as could be, but it was obvious she didn't want to discuss it.

Mae wasn't going to take no for an answer. She wanted to know if she had another sister or not. "Seems some of my friends looked into your back ground." Mae informed her hoping it would loosen her lips.

"It's not the time." Malina insisted in a strong whisper. The blonde woman seemed a little tense about the direction of the conversation.

"I know your mother and my dad were dating for a long time and the timing suggests you're my sister. Are you my sister?" Mae asked boldly.

Malina sighed and looked at the stare from Mae. She wasn't going to be deterred. "No, I'm your aunt." Malina whispered. "But this isn't the place. But before we leave tomorrow I'll tell you everything. I promise." She placed a hand on Mae's shoulder and repeated "I'll tell you tomorrow. I'll come get you around 8 and we'll go to breakfast. Just the two of us and I'll answer all your questions then."

Kara returned to the farm feeling good about herself. Cassie would give what information they came up with to Diana to pass on and Kara was wondering what to do with the rest of her day. She grinned when she realized the carnival was making it's yearly visit to town that week and that cute boy Jake was just 15 minutes away in Metropolis.

She zipped into her upstairs bedroom unseen and let the surprisingly well behaved fairy out of her cleavage. "What do we do next?" asked the grinning Lunesta.

"I was thinking of calling a guy and having him take me to the carnival." she replied as she undressed.

"What about me?" the fairy whined with a pout.

"Why don't you go visit a fairy village nearby?" Kara suggested as she grabbed a pair of panties out of her dresser drawer.

"I want to go to the carnival too?" she whined.

"I'm not walking around all day with a cute guy and having you crawling around between my tits." Kara informed her.

"I have that potion to make me big. I was gonna use it to go to the funeral, but I guess I could use it for this now instead." Linesta suggested.

Kara sighed and offered "I'll ask if he has a friend for you, but no promises."

"Yippie." the fairy squeaked as Kara giggled and walked into the hallway to use the phone.

"Hey Carl Come quick." the teen boy called to his friend. "I told you one of the girls was back. She's picking up the phone in the hallway and she's naked from head to toe." he said while looking in the telescope. The view from his room had a perfect angle to see into the Kent house upstairs hallway.

Carl came running from another room, into his buddy's bedroom to see him smiling as he glanced through his telescope. After what happened in the spring Carl had brought his old telescope, he had gotten a new one for Christmas, over just in case the girls showed up again. That way they wouldn't have to share as they spied on the girls. The old telescope wasn't as strong as his new one, but it was more than good enough for this. It was also equipped with a camera for taking pictures of heavenly bodies. Carl raced to his telescope and focused in. "WOW!" he exclaimed seeing the naked blonde as she moved around yakking on the phone. With the window shade up and the window wide open they had an awesome view of the hallway.

His friend grinned and said "You should have seen it when she turned this way. She's completely shaved and you can see everything."

Carl clicked off several shots as Kara talked on the phone and cluelessly moved around giving the boys a view from almost every angle. "You know what? I think she's got better boobs than the girls in your father's Playboys."

"WHAO!" the other boy exclaimed as Kara knocked a note pad off the table holding the hallway phone and bent over to pick it up. "Please tell me you got a shot of that." he said seeing Kara bend over at the waist with her backside to them.

"I hope I got it. That was a nice pussy shot." Carl said grinning. "Hey, Scott. Do you think John's home. We'll have to have him develop these. This stuff is way too hot to bring to the drug store."

Scott smiled and replied "I sure hope so." He frowned when she hung up the phone and went back into the bedroom. A minute later they managed to get a few shots of a shorter , but equally naked, blonde girl running from the bedroom to the bathroom with the first one chasing and throwing her hands up in obvious frustration. Her chuckled and said "Looks like she lost the race for the bathroom. Just keep watching. See if we can get some shots of the other one from the front."

"I know." Carl grinned. "She has a nice ass, but I want to see her boobs."

"And her pussy." Scott added.

Amber and Tammy came down stair finally after getting hungry. Amber knew her dad had taken a couple of days off after his weekend trip and, after the night before, didn't want to run into him. They tried staying in her room, but rumbling stomachs forced them to venture to the kitchen.

They dressed in jeans and blouses, both even wearing bras. They didn't want to dress even the least bit naughty in front of him again. "Where is he?" Tammy whispered as they made it to the kitchen.

The basement door was closed meaning he wasn't down there. Amber shrugged and whispered "I don't know. Let's just make a couple of sandwiches and get back up stairs."

The girls quickly and quietly each made a bologna and cheese sandwich and poured themselves a glass of milk. They left the mess for the maid and quickly scurried back to the presumed safety of Amber's room. They got as far as the stairs and there eyes opened wide as Mr. Carpenter was sitting and waiting. "I see my two favorite teen beauties are finished with their beauty rest." He said sitting on the stairs in his swim trunks.

Amber put on a brave face and replied "Yes dad. We were just going back to my room now." calmly as if nothing had happened during the night.

"Oh I don't think so." he said firmly. "It's such a nice day out I think you girls should eat down by the pool.

Amber and Tammy looked at each other as if to ask the other what to do. Mr. Carpenter stood up and gently took both girls by the back of the neck and ushered them through the mud room and out to the pool, picking up towels in the mud room along the way.

When they got there he chuckled and said "Aren't you gonna eat those." pointing to the sandwiches. The girls wolfed them down and drank the milk quickly hoping they could go after that. No such luck as he grinned and said "Now that your finished eating get in the pool." in a commanding tone.

Amber looked around and at Tammy and tried to think of a way out of this. "We'll be right back." she said. "We'll just go put our suits on and be right back." A simple plan she thought. Go in the house, grab her purse and jump in the car and find some place to hide until her mom came home at supper time.

"Nice try sweatie." her father answered her. "You don't need you suits. Just take off your clothes and get in."

The two shocked and frightened teens looked at each other for an answer. "I said get undressed." he said a little angrily. The two terrified young girls took off their blouses slowly and dropped them to the ground. The then slipped out of the jeans as well. They stood on trembling legs in just their bras and panties not knowing what to do.

The letch sighed and said in an annoyed fashion "Lose the bras. It's not like you haven't showed them off before." The girls unhooked their bras and tossed them onto the pile of clothing. "And the panties." he then added.

The girls swallowed had and slid their last item of clothing off. "Good now get in." he commanded.

The two naked girls walked down the steps into the shallow end as he slipped off his trunks and joined them. "Don't be so tense." he chuckled. "I'm sure you've gone skinny dipping before."

Not with guys, Amber thought. Never, Tammy thought. He put a hand on each of their backs and ushered them further in. The pool area was secluded. It could be seen from the house, but high hedges and fences kept it out of sight from the neighbors. The large piece of land meant almost total privacy.

Amber looked back at the house. She knew the maid was working and if she looked out she would see them. She also knew her father was banging her and she would do nothing to keep from getting fired. Even letting the letch fuck to young teens.

Mr. Carpenter started with a little play time. He again launched the girls over his head and into to deep water behind him. The girls were very tentative at first, but a short time later were more relaxed. They were still wary and scared, but not as tense. He then walked over to the side of the pool in the shallow end and sat himself on the edge. With his huge rod sticking up into the air he stated "I think you girls should give me a ride now after all the rides I gave you."

The scared girls looked at each other and replied "Yes sir." before slowly walking over to him. He gestured to the girls and put his daughter on his right and Tammy on his left. He had a hand on each of their heads and guided their faces to his cock. "That's my good girls." he moaned as he felt their tongues on his shaft.

After the funeral Aunt Yoshi drove the girls and her grandfather back to the airport in the rental car. Mae would have liked to have had more time with her sisters but knew school for them would be starting earlier than in America.

When the group got back to Diana's apartment their was a message from Cassie asking her sister to call. With Bill in the bathroom Diana looked at Mae and Gigi and said "It looks like they must have gotten the job done as planned."

"Aren't you going to call and make sure?" Gigi asked.

"If something went wrong she would have left a number instead of just asking me to call." Hearing the toilet flush she added "But I'll call her from my room anyway."

Mae and Gigi went into the bedroom to change as Bill came out of the bathroom. Soon all three teens were sitting on the sofa watching TV while Diana chatted with her sister. "So everything is fine?" Diana asked.

"Everything went perfect. We made sure no one would remember Courtney's identity and they hadn't told anyone else yet." Cassie relayed gleefully.

Diana in a serious tone asked "How did Kara do?"

"You know sis. Sometimes you can act just like mom. She was fine." Cassie stated. "She was perfect."

"That's good. And what do you mean I act like mom?" She whined as she caught the dig.

Cassie laughed and said "Just relay that information, and I'll be waiting to hear from you as to my part in the festivities later in the week."

Diana hung up and walked back out into the living room "I have to go out for a while." she stated. She had the Watch Tower duty starting in a couple of hours and would be gone all night. She was still dressed in the woman's business suit she wore for the funeral. Skirt, jacket and a button down white blouse. She went braless with it being a hot day and she had the jacket on anyway. She would change into Wonderwoman away from the apartment. "I have to go see someone and won't be back until morning." She said vaguely with Bill sitting there. Mae and Gigi already knew where she would be, but not Bill. So she had to have a reason for not being there for the night.

As Diana was ready to leave, still in the suit she wore for the funeral Bill asked "What's that mean?"

Mae helping, but not helping caused Diana to blush when she joked . "Booty call." Diana gave Mae a little stare before she raced out the door.

After a few minutes Mae turned to Bill and asked "Can you run down to the store and get us a big bottle of diet Coke?"

The good boyfriend knowing his girlfriend had been through a lot replied "Sure. I'll be right back." He leaned over and kissed her and ran off to perform his task as desired by his lady.

After he was gone Gigi furrowed her eye brows and asked "Don't we have another bottle in the back of the fridge?"

Mae smiled and said "Yes, but I wanted to talk with you alone for a few minutes."

Gigi innocently asked "About what?"

Mae bit her lip and replied "I want to ask you a big favor."

Gigi saw the look in Mae's eyes and could tell it meant trouble. "What kind of favor?" the cautious teen asked.

"Bill's been such a great guy helping me get through this, I want to do something special for him." Mae answered.

"What's that got to do with me?" the clueless girl asked.

Mae bit her lip again and explained "All guys have the same fantasy. They all want two girls at the same time."

Gigi's mouth and eyes opened wide in shock. She gasped and then squeaked "You want me to have sex with you and your boyfriend?"

"Please?" Mae whined.

Yuki scrubbed the kitchen floor on her hands and knees. She could her the ninja and her master in his study, but couldn't make out what was being said. All she knew was her master was very upset.

"Do you want me to go find out what happened?" Hikaru asked his employer.

"I already have that. One of my former men is a state trooper out there. I managed to get that Supergirl ,Wondergirl and Stargirl rescued a group of kidnapped girls and got the men that did it." Greg explained.

"They'll be coming for you." the ninja stated.

"I'm surprised they're not here yet. They most likely have me being watched right now." Greg said. He knew it was over for him with all those men captured. Only Eric and Vic knew who he was, but that made him sure the authorities would be coming soon. He would spend his time destroying documents

"What do you want me to do?" the ninja asked. He would fight to the death if required. He could take out the cops or FBI, but super heroes were a wild card. Some were too fast for him or couldn't be hurt by him.

"I have a standing final order for you. When they come for me, I want you to get Yuki away from here. Find her a good home where she can go to school and make sure she's safe." Greg said. He was a sick man and wouldn't be able to go on the run. He would kill himself instead, but he still wanted Yuki to live a long happy life.

"She means a lot to you." Hikaru stated. "It will be as you ask."

Amber watched with concern as Tammy straddled her father as he lay on his back. The asshole wanted her to try and fuck him again. This time she would be on top and have control over how deep and hard a fucking she got. Amber bit her lip and cringed as her tiny friend stuffed 5 inches of the thick rod into her hole. Her legs trembled and she groaned as she began slowly bouncing on the pole.

Tammy leaned forward and rested her hands on Mr. Carpenter's hairy chest as she rocked on her knees. "Oh god it's big." she groaned.

"Take it easy." Amber advised as Tammy slid down the shaft as she pumped him in and out of her wet teen twat. She soon had 7 inches and was struggling with the pain.

"Quiet you." her father snapped at her. "Let's see what she can handle. Now get on my face." he ordered.

Amber knelt over her dad's face and felt his tongue slide into her pussy. She gave an involuntary moan as her dads hands groped her ass. Amber and Tammy looked into each other's faces and wondered how to put an end to this. Amber watched as Tammy's whole body quivered and her eyes rolled back in her head. "OH GOD NNNNRRRRGGGGG." Amber reached out to hug her friend and to keep her from sliding further down the shaft as she lost control.

A wheezing Tammy whispered in Amber's ear. "Oh god I'm a slut. That felt so good."

Amber rubbed the wheezing girl's back and replied "Your not a slut. You just starting to like sex."

"Looks like they're going somewhere." Scott said. Patience had paid off and when Lunesta walked out of the bathroom, naked, the got the frontal shots they wanted.

"Yeah, we should get this film over to John's and get it developed." Carl said. "Too bad the short one doesn't shave like the other, but she does have some nice hooters."

"Yeah, and too bad the corn's too high to see what's going on the ground."

Kara and Lunesta waited on the front porch for the boys to arrive. Kara hated wearing her wig and would skip wearing it on the farm as much as possible, but since they were going somewhere, and with a guy who knew her as a brunette, she'd have to wear it for the date.

Lunesta was wearing a pair of cut off jeans made from and old pair of pants Kara had in the closet. The waist was just a hair loose and that was fixed with a pink ribbon worn as a belt. She was also wearing an old halter top from Kara's younger days. It still looked good and it seemed to fit well enough. Beside it wasn't like one of the guys was going to complain if was loose and they could see down it. Her sandals and panties had gotten magically larger with her so she wore them.

Besides her wig, Kara wore a floral print sundress, sandals and lace panties. She was also braless. She hated bras. She was proud of her boobs. On Krypton women didn't have tits anywhere near as big as hers. The high gravity and higher atmospheric pressure made their tits smaller, but under earth like conditions her chest had blossomed. She looked down wondering if she was now a full D. She had noticed her tunic seemed to be stretched out a little more than it was months before. She was also wearing her Kryptonite pendant, after all what good is going on the rides if you can't feel the rush.

The girls waved as the boys drove up the drive in an old Cutlass. "Remember to call me Linda." Kara whispered to the fairy.

The car pulled up and two boys got out. Jake introduced his 5'7" chubby, but not too fat friend. "This is Mark Brown." He said gesturing to the brown eyed boy with black hair down to his shoulders.

Kara grinned and said "This is Lunesta." making a gesture to the enlarged fairy. "But we sometimes call her Loonie." Kara said jokingly. As Kara and the boys laughed Kara looked at the glaring fairy and said "Sorry, I couldn't resist."

When they stopped laughing Eric said to Lunesta "That's a beautiful name."

Lunesta gave him a half smile and replied "Thank-you." and glared at Kara again.

Amber and Tammy laid on their backs with their heads together and their feet at opposite ends. Mr. Carpenter looked down at the two winded teens as he sat straddled over his daughter. Amber held her breasts together as her father thrust his massive rod between them. Soon he groaned and the girls closed their eyes as he covered both their faces with his special sauce. "God that felt good." he said as he got up grabbed his trunks and walked back towards the house.

"What am I gonna do?" Amber sobbed when he was gone.

"I don't know." Tammy replied. "But for right now I'm getting outta here. I don't care if my mom and dad won't be back to tomorrow, I'm going home. You can come if you want, but I won't stay here." the redhead stated angrily.

"Let me grab some things and I'll drive you home. Oh god I'm so sorry."

Bill returned a short time later with a 2-liter bottle of Diet Coke. "I'm back." he called out not seeing the girls.

"We'll be out in a couple of minutes." Mae called from the bedroom.

Bill put the soda on the kitchen table then went and sat on the couch. He sat in the middle as he had learned the girls both seemed to like the ends. He watched a news alert, the story being about what happened in Nebraska. He watched in interest and didn't see the girls walk out of the bedroom. Mae was making faces and gestures for Gigi to relax.

Gigi stared at Mae and almost angrily whispered "I can't believe I let you talk me into this. Not that she was going to have sex with Mae and Bill, but the way they were dressed. Or more like undressed. Mae had gone with what she had used on Billy Anderson before. Both girls were wearing nothing but a few bows one stuck on each nipple and another bigger one on their mound just above their clits.

Bill's eyes and mouth opened wide and the poor boy was speechless as the girls walked up grinning and knelt facing him on either end of the sofa. The poor boy looked back and forth at them in total disbelief.

Mae ran her fingers through his hair and purred "You've been such a good boy these last few days I wanted to give you a special gift." she overly emphasized the word special.

Gigi also fingered his hair and flirtatiously asked him in a squeaky little girl's voice "Would you like to unwrap me?" She arched her back slightly to thrust her B-cup boobs out for him.

Mae giggled as Bill looked at her shocked and not knowing how to respond. Mae took his right hand and guided it to the bow on Gigi's left tit. Mae helped him pull the bow off then put his hand back on the tit and cooed "Squeeze gently."

Gigi bit her lip and moaned as Bill groped her. Mae whispered "Use your other hand to rub her butt." Mae smiled as Gigi's eyes popped open when his hand found her tiny ass. "Feels good, doesn't it?" Mae asked before leaning over Bill to kiss Gigi. Both girls moaned as Mae slid her tongue into Gigi's mouth.

Bill sat in awe with both hands still fondling his girlfriend's friend's body. His friends were never going to believe this one. With Mae leaning over him, Bill opened his mouth and wrapped his lips around Mae's left nipple and began sucking. Mae gave a loud approving moan as he did.

Mae sat back and purred "I think we should take this to the bedroom now." She and Gigi stood up, each helping Bill stand up by taking him by a hand. Bill had an arm wrapped around each girl and groping a tit as they went sideways into the bedroom, the girls giggling, with Gigi leading the way and Mae closing the door behind them.

Kara and Lunesta got on the merry mixer. Kara with Jake and Lunesta with Mark. Lunesta was having a great time. She had never been to a carnival before. Her and her friends had hovered above them a few times over the years, but this was the first time she got to go on the rides and eat the food. She had eaten cotton candy and hot dogs and pop corn. Finally Kara had to tell her to stop before she got sick. They had gone on the Ferris Wheel and the bumper cars already and were now strapped in for a more adventurous ride.

Lunesta grinned as she felt Marks hand on her bare knee before the ride started. She turned to him to tell him "I'm having a great time.", but as soon as she finished talking her lips were against his as he ventured in for a kiss. Her eyes opened wide in surprise, but soon closed to enjoy the moment.

Kara and Jake were sitting in the car behind them and Kara asked "Kinda moves fast doesn't he?"

Jake smiled and chuckled. "Yeah, he likes to push it, but if she tells him to stop he will."

Lunesta and Mark were still kissing as the ride started to move. They both grinned as they broke off the smooch and Lunesta gasped as his hand slid from her knee up to her crotch. Lunesta screamed, enjoying the ride as Mark vigorously massaged her pussy through her jeans.

The next ride was the fun house ride and as the cars went through and no one could see them Lunesta and Mark were kissing again. This time Mark had a hand in the halter massaging her breast. Lunesta moaned into his mouth as they kissed and not seeing any of the ride, but enjoying it a lot.

Tammy and Amber grabbed their bags and Amber peeked out her bedroom door. Seeing the coast was clear they hurried their way down the stairs and were heading out the front door when they bumped into Amber's mom. "Where do you two think your going just before supper?" she asked.

Neither girl wanted to explain what had been going on over the last 15 hours or so. Amber got her wits about her and replied "Tammy needs some other clothes. She brought stuff for hot days and It's going to cool off tonight. We'll be right back."

The girls quickly got in Amber's car and drove off before her slow mother caught on and asked Amber why she had her bag. "That was quick thinking." Tammy breathlessly stated.

"Well we're not outta the woods yet. The bank closes in 20 minutes. If I'm gonna get away from here I need to get my money." Amber said. She had packed just a few outfits and several changes of underwear. No bras or jackets. Just the basic necessities and some make-up. A girl's got to have her make-up. She had her passport and bank book with nearly $4000 and some cash she had on hand. She had other accounts but her dad was he trustee on those. She also had most of her jewelry. The stuff that was worth money. She was never going back.

"Are you sure running away is the best thing?" Tammy asked with concern. "Can't you just stay with me?"

"We would have to answer questions. Besides with that tape out everyone on town's gonna know what happened and they'll all think I'm a slut and a whore." Amber said miffed. "The best thing for me to do right now is get far away from here.

Amber pulled the car into the bank parking lot and went in, she emerged a few minutes later with her cash sure they were going to call her father. "We have to move fast now." she said. "Are you sure you don't want to come with me?"

Tammy hung her head feeling like she was letting her friend down as they turned back onto the street. "I'll be fine at home. If anything happens I'll run next door to Jane Johnson's." She was the town's female cop.

"I'll miss you." Amber said as she pulled the car into Tammy's driveway. The girls got Tammy's bag out and Amber got back in.

"Be careful." Tammy said with sadness in her voice. "There's a lot of freaks out there."

"And one of them's my dad." Amber said putting the car in reverse and backing out of the driveway. Tammy and Amber waved teary goodbyes as the car sped off.

Mae grinned as Gigi's tongue ran up and down her pussy. Gigi was moaning on knees and elbows as Bill plowed her from behind. "Oh god that feels good." Mae said as the three teens played on Mae's bed. Mae watched Gigi's face and could see she was about to go off again. He super sensitive skin made giving her an orgasm extremely easy. Even Bill had given her three already. Mae was close as well with her first one and as Gigi started to scream Mae held her face firmly in place and enjoyed how it felt when Gigi's screams vibrated her pussy. "OH GOD YES." she screamed as her whole body shook.

Bill rocked his hips driving himself to the balls in his gift. He alternated between rubbing her ass and reaching forward to grope Gigi's tits. He had started by fucking Mae and them moved on quickly to Gigi. He tried to hold out, but with two beautiful girls cumming he couldn't hold out. He pulled out and covered Gigi's ass and back with a warm glazing.

Bill collapsed on the side of Mae and Gigi on top of her. "That was awesome." He said and kissed Mae and then Gigi. After he caught his breath he got up saying "I'll be right back." and headed for the bathroom.

When he was gone a smiling Mae asked Gigi. "So was it that bad?"

Gigi looked up at Mae with a grin and said "I wasn't bad at all. It was kinda fun."

"You wanna play some more?"

Gigi answered without words. She crawled up and started making out with Mae. As their tongues dueled they massaged each others breasts. When Bill came back from his pee they both purred "We missed you."

Kara, Lunesta and the guys sat down to have a few hot dogs and soda for supper. Kara couldn't help but grin as the fairy allowed the boy to touch her any way he wanted, but this wasn't the place for that. Even as they eat he had a hand in her crotch under the picnic table. Finally Kara felt she had to say something. She stood up saying "I need to use the little girls room. Are you coming?" to Lunesta.

"No I'm fine." the sweating fairy stated.

Kara sighed and walked around the table and grabbed her by the arm. "Let's go to the ladies room." Kara said helping Lunesta to her feet and ushering the protesting girl away.

"What gives?" Lunesta whined when they got far enough away.

"Yeah, what gives?" Kara asked back. Looking around to make sure no one would hear them she asked "Are you that crazy? You were gonna let him give you an orgasm in public with lots of kids around."

"I guess I got carried away." she whined. "But he's kinda cute and the way he moves his hands makes my "

"Stop. Don't need to hear any more. You think you can control yourself until we get home before you two take your clothes off?" Kara asked with arched eye brows.

Lunesta pouted a little and said "I guess so, but does that mean we can screw them when we get back home?"

"Yes, we'll screw them when we get home. But you have to stop making a scene in public." Kara explained.

"Okay." Lunesta said and frowned. "But we can't take them in the house can we?"

"No. Aunt Martha wouldn't let us take them upstairs. We'll get them up to the hay loft." Kara stated. "Now behave yourself."

"How're you gonna handle your little problem?" the fairy asked quietly while giving just a little point to Kara's crotch.

Kara rolled her eyes and whispered. "L took care of it. That's all you need to know." While Lunesta was in the shower Kara had popped her regrown hymen with the help of her Kryptonite pendant sand a titanium dildo Barbara had given her as a gift. As Linda she always had to plan out her sexual adventures. It wouldn't do to have guys that didn't know her secret happening to meet and discussing her and more than one saying they were the one that popped her cherry.

Amber kept checking the mirror as she avoided the highway until she was way out of town. She made her way down the dirt back roads and small highways, avoiding the interstate, until she was on the outskirts of Metropolis. She knew she couldn't take he car with her. It was under her father's name and he would report it stolen to have the cops find her. She may not have gotten great grades in school she thought, but she had some street smarts. Seeing a sign for a bus stop and that her gas gauge was reading empty she hid the car off the side of the road and behind some bushes. She grabbed her overnight bag and walked to the bus stop.

Amber waited alone constantly looking down the road and fearing her dad would find her before the bus got there. Amber breathed a big sigh of relief seeing the bus coming down the road. With just one stuffed overnight bag and about $4000 in cash she changed busses once and made her way to the airport.

She looked at the list of flights to see which ones would be best for her and how soon they would be leaving. But before she took off there was something she needed to do first. She walked into the nearest phone booth and called Ashley collect.

"What's wrong?" Ashley asked concerned at hearing how upset her friend was.

"I don't want to go into it too much cause I'm in a hurry. I just called to let you know a tape of what we did at the modeling place is in the video stores and my dad has it." Amber said quickly.

"Oh my god!" Ashley exclaimed. "You must be grounded for life now."

"I also wanted to let you know I'm running away and will never be coming home again." Amber said looking around to make sure her dad hadn't caught up with her somehow.

"What do you mean, running away? What happened?"

Amber fought back tears as she said "He made me have sex with him."

"Oh my god!" Ashley exclaimed. "Can't you just come here?" Ashley felt Amber was upset enough so she could never tell Amber that her father had also fucked her.

"He'll find me. I have to get as far from here as I can. I just wanted to let you know he might be calling to look for me."

Ashley was worried about her friend. She wasn't stupid but she wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer either. "Please come here."

"I can't. I'll call you when I get somewhere. I love you."

"I love you too. Be careful. If you need me, call." Ashley stated. "You're the best friend I ever had. I'll miss having you around."

"I'll miss you too. I have to go now. I got to get outta here before he finds out." Amber hung up and carried her bag to the counter to get a ticket.

"Where to miss?" the woman behind the counter asked.

Amber was still undecided so she asked "Where can I go to get far from here as soon as possible?"

The older woman looked at the panicked face of the teen girl and said "Guy troubles huh?" She looked through some papers and said I can get you on flight 321 to New York in 20 minutes or flight 215 to L.A. in 25."

Amber took a quarter out of her pocket and tossed it in the air. "Heads New York, tails L.A." she said.

"Looks like L.A." The woman behind the counter said when the coin landed on the counter.

"How much?" Amber asked looking around fearing her dad would show up any second.

"$99 plus tax and fees brings that to $127.86 if you fly coach. If you want business or first class it'll be more." The woman said. Amber pulled a wad of bills out of her pocket and the woman opened her eyes wide. "Put that away before someone sees you." the woman gave some motherly advice. "There are a lot of bad people out there that'll hurt you for less money than that. Put it away somewhere and only pull out a little at a time."

Amber looked around to see if anyone was watching and stuffed the money back into her pocket and pulled out three 50s. She had asked the girl at the bank for 50s and 100s to make the wad easier to put in her pocket . She was wearing just Jeans and a T-shirt. "Here." she said handing over the money.

The woman took the bills and handed Amber the change and her ticket. "Sweetie, be careful. You seem like a nice girl."

"Thank-you." Amber said sincerely.

"You can head right for gate 2. They'll be calling your flight any minute." The woman said.

"Thank-you." Amber repeated and grabbed her bag before running for the gate.

Mae and Gigi sat facing each other astride of Bill. Mae rode his cock while Gigi was being pleasured by his tongue. The girls leaned into each other to french kiss while fondling each others tits. Gigi whispered between kisses "He has gotten better since New York hasn't he?"

Mae nodded and moved to kiss Gigi again. She then whispered in Gigi's ear "Someday he might be a really good fuck."

Gigi giggled "Since he came you've seemed to be enjoying it just fine."

Mae grinned and whispered back "I guess your right." she then giggled as Gigi's eyes opened wide in shock. Bill had been groping her butt and slipped a finger in her ass.

As the sun was getting low in the sky, Kara and Lunesta were brought home. They snuck the boys into the barn and up to the hay loft. Over the years Kara had noticed that lots of teens enjoyed the hay lofts on their farms.

"Hey Carl they're back." Scott said to his friend on the bed looking through the pictures they took for the 4th time.

Carl got up and quickly went to his telescope. "I don't see anyone." He said in disappointment.

"In the hay loft of the barn near the house." Scott said. "Oh god I hope you have more film for that camera."

"Whoa!" Carl exclaimed focusing in. "That's it get those tits out." He commented as he watched the boys start to disrobe the girls.

Scott grinned as he heard the click of the camera. "Don't waste it yet. Wait until they get to the good stuff."

"Well they better get there soon. The sun's setting." Carl stated. The view was limited enough seeing through the open doorway to the loft, but without light they wouldn't be able to see anything.

"Boobies, I see boobies." Scott said with a grin as Lunesta's top came off. "Oh god yeah." he said as she soon bent over to take Mark's 8 inch cock into her mouth.

"We really should see if there's a way to hook up a video camera to one of these. Think of how much money we could get from the guys at school to watch it." Carl said thinking out loud.

"Are you kidding. The football players would just take it from us. If we get a video it would just be for us." he replied with a laugh.

"Hey, the taller one is sucking cock now too. "Carl suddenly looked confused. "Hey, isn't the bigger one supposed to be blonde?"

Scott laughed and said "This is great. We got a different one. Now we'll have three of them naked." He spied some more and happily announced "The small ones standing and taking her pants off."

"For a tiny chick she sure has a nice ass." Carl said. "God get this show going. The suns getting too low to give us enough light.

"Looks like we're gonna get our wish. The big one just stripped naked and got on her hands and knees and the tall guy's fucking her doggy style." Scott said and grinned as he heard the camera click a few times.

"Wow. The better shot is the little one. She's gone to the rodeo and riding reverse cowgirl and looking straight at us." Carl chuckled. "Look at those titties bounce."

"The bigger one is the niece of the old lady, but I don't know who the tiny girl is." Scott said. "But I hope she's in school with us this year. Hell, we already know she puts out."

"Oh yeah. And we have the pictures to prove it. We might even be able to convince her to do us." Carl laughed.

"And if she don't then we show everyone the pictures." Scott finished. "Looks like we could have our own little slut this year."

Bill grinned laying alone on Mae's bed. He watched as Mae and Gigi were on the other bed in the 69 position with Gigi on top. They had moved over after Bill shot his load all over Gigi's face and tits. Bill watched and waited until he was hard again.

Gigi glanced over seeing his pole rising and cooed with a dirty grin "You haven't had my ass yet."

Bill chuckled and stood up. He climbed on the bed behind the tiny Spanish girl. Mae stopped licking Gigi's twat and tilted her head back while opening her mouth wide. Bill lowered his cock into her mouth and Mea wrapped her lips around it. Bill drove his member in until Mae started to gag and pulled back. He repeated the maneuver several times to get his cock good and wet.

Gigi looked over her shoulder at the first guy she was offering her butt to. How she let Mae talk her into this she had no clue. When Bill took his dripping wet cock and pressed it against her butt hole. Gigi looked away and pressed her face into Mae's vagina to muffle her scream.

Mae's eyes opened wide and a big smile came to her face as Gigi screamed into her pussy. "OH GOD THAT FELT GOOD!" she exclaimed and gasped for air. When she caught her breath she took the opportunity to lick Bill's balls as he reamed Gigi's ass.

"Oh god that feels good baby." he said with a big grin. Bill rubbed Gigi's ass causing shivers to go up the young girls spine.

Gigi wouldn't have thought it possible, but she soon had an orgasm from Bill's dick in her anus. She again screamed into Mae's pussy, this time in pleasure as her whole body shook.

This time Mae went off as Gigi voice in her twat felt just too good. "OH MY GOD!" she yelled. She would have to have that done to her again she thought.

Amber carried her bag out of the terminal having no clue what to do next. She had thought about it on the plane, but still had no plan in mind. She knew she would have to get a job and a place to live, but for right now she just needed a place to spend the night. As she stood on the sidewalk she eyed the line of cabs. She started walking to the one in front when a woman cabbie from further down the line rushed up and rudely ushered Amber towards her cab causing the guy in front to shout some colorful adjectives at her. "Aren't I supposed to go in the first cab?" Amber asked naively.

"Just get in honey." The woman, obviously a dyke in Amber's eyes. She was about 40 with short hair and had a 5'7" muscular frame. She put Amber's bag in the trunk and closed the lid. "Get in the car." she said firmly.

Amber shrugged and got in the back seat as the cabbie got in. They drove off quickly as the other cabbie continued to yell slurs. "He's pissed." said a wide eyed Amber. She had never seen a tirade like that before.

"That's because you were right. You should have been his fare, but I couldn't let you get in his cab." the woman said looking in the rear view mirror to see if the pissed off cabbie was following. He would get her later she thought seeing no one in back.

"Then why'd you do that?" Amber asked.

"Honey I've been doing this for 15 years. Just like most of those hacks I can tell your story just by the lost look you had when you walked out the door." The middle aged white woman stated.

Amber looked skeptical so the woman grinned and said "Your from the mid west, between 17 and 20 and a runaway. Your from a family with some money and this is the first time your off on your own."

Amber's eyes opened wide "But why didn't you want me to get in that other cab?"

"That was Hector. He would have brought you to the Motel 66 on the south side. He gets paid off to drop girls like you there. It's a pick up area for pimps and porn guys. I'll bring you to the Ma and Pa Motel on South Street. It'll cost a few bucks more a night, but it's a lot cleaner." The woman stated.

Amber sat back wondering if what she said was true. She had no way of telling at this point whether the cabbie was lying or not. But she would be cautious no matter who she was with for now. Amber watched out the side window as the buildings went by. "Is it far?" she asked, worried about the cost.

"About the same as the 66. MY name's Ann by the way." She said. When Amber didn't reply she said "That's okay, you don't have to tell me your name." A few minutes later she said "That area on the right is a business park. If your looking for work it might be a good place to start."

Amber turned her head to look. The buildings had to have a thousand workers in there she thought. "Thank-you." she replied to Ann for pointing it out. Amber thought, how could she get a job without using her real name. Or references.

Ann pulled the cab into the parking lot and up to the front door. "This is it." she said getting out.

Amber looked out the window at the small building. It couldn't have more than 20 rooms. "Kinda small." she commented getting out of the car.

Ann opened the trunk and pulled out Amber's overnight bag and carried it to the door. "Good luck sweetie. That'll be twelve seventy five."

Amber reached into the other pocket than the one her wad was in and pulled out a twenty. "Here, keep the change." she said. She knew cabbies expected a top and didn't want to insult Ann if she did rescue her.

"Thank-you." Ann said graciously. "The woman at the desk is Carla. She'll read you as well and will keep an eye on things if you want her to."

Ashley picked up her bag and said "Thank-you for everything." and walked through the front door. Her new life started here.

It was a boring night as Diana sat at the control consol. Not one call had come in during the hours she had been there. So when the phone rang she just about jumped out of her skin. She quickly grabbed it on the second ring. "Watch Tower Control, How may I help you?"

"Diana? It's Barbara. We found Scarlet Blade and her daughter, but we have to move fast." Barbara said in a hurry.

"Any reason We have to be fast?" Diana asked with interest.

"She's in a Tijuana brothel and the little girl is in Mexico city. Blue Flame has the daughter under surveillance now, but it looks like they're going to move her in the morning." Barbara relayed.

"The kid will most likely be too scared to come with us without traumatizing her even more. We'll have to get her mother first and bring her to her child." Diana stated.

"I agree."

"Give me what you got and I'll send Cassie and Shayera down to handle it." Diana said.

"What about Kara?" Barbara said almost hurt Diana was leaving her out.

"If I can get a hold of her I'll send her to Mexico City in case they try and hurt the little girl when her mother is rescued."

"What about you?" Barbara asked.

"I have a few hours more on my watch and you can't get there fast enough. In this case speed dictates who get the call." Diana explained. Diana was a by the book heroine. She had plans worked out in her head for almost anything that came up.

"Well, let me know what happens." Barbara said before hanging up.

Three smiling naked and sweaty teens snuggled together gasping for air. "That was fun." Gigi commented with a giggle. When Mae had talked her into this she had no idea she would enjoy it so much. She didn't just like the part with Bill, she found herself enjoying making out with Mae during the times Bill was recovering.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it." Mae said gleefully. "I'm glad you both enjoyed it." Mae said. "You did enjoy it, didn't you Bill?" she asked with a lilt in her voice.

"Both girls giggled like crazy when the only response was a loud snore from the exhausted boy. "I think he enjoyed it too." chuckled Gigi. "He better have after I let him have my butt."

"And tit fucked you. " Mae said. Mae leaned over Bill who was sleeping in the middle and kissed Gigi and said "Thank you for giving him something I couldn't."

"I don't think he cares if your not able to do that. The way he looks at you is like he's seeing a goddess." Gigi replied.

"He does not think I'm a goddess." Mae said laughingly.

"Please, he came faster fucking you than me. He's totally into you." Gigi said in response.

"Your both goddesses." Bill mumbled half asleep.

Mae and Gigi looked at him a giggled then laid their heads on his shoulders and fell asleep in his arms.

Kara and Lunesta waved goodbye to the boys as they drove off and walked into the house. Aunt Martha had a stern look as she asked "And what pray tell were you 4 doing in the barn so long?"

Kara and Lunesta fidgeted a few seconds, but were saved when the phone rang. "I'll get lt. " Kara said quickly and walked quickly to the kitchen phone breathing a sigh of relief.

"Don't think I'm gonna forget again this time." the elder Kent sternly stated as Kara reached for the receiver.

"Hello. Kent residence." Kara said with a lilt in her voice.

As Kara talked on the phone Martha turned to Lunesta and said "You can still answer the question. What were you girls doing out there so long?"

Lunesta bit her lower lip and fidgeted. Then she lied through her teeth. "I have to take the reversal potion quick or I'll be like this forever and ran up the stairs.

Martha looked at Kara who was talking on the phone. "But why do I have to go watch over the kid? I should be able to get her out of that place faster than Shayera and Cassie."

Diana sighed. "They may try and hurt the girl when the rescue takes place. We need someone who can get to her in the blink of an eye. And that's you." she stated.

"So all I do is sit and watch?" Kara asked not believing she was being asked to basically do nothing.

"Your not doing nothing. The girl might be frightened if a stranger barges in. That's why we want to rescue her mother first and have her there when you all go in." Diana stated firmly. "If you don't think you can handle it I'll find someone else." Diana said with a hint of annoyance.

"I'll do it." Kara said testily. "But I'm getting tired of people treating me like I'm sick or something."

Diana sighed and felt a little bad. "I'm sorry if we hurt you. We're just worried the time you were being held would have long term implications."

"I know you care Diana, but you have to let me try or you'll never know if I'm ready." Kara said a bit less testy.

"I'll tell you what. Do this one my way and I promise you by the end of the week I'll have something big for you." Diana replied. With the Corps matter coming to a head Diana would need everyone on board. And she would keep her word and give Kara a tough assignment. She won't be alone as no one will be going alone, but she would play a vital role.


"On my word as an Amazon." Diana replied.

"Okay. And I'll be bringing Lunesta with me seeing she's here anyway." Kara said with a little smile.

It was nearly midnight when Ashley's phone rang. She grabbed it quickly wondering if it was Amber or Terry who should have been home from her date hours earlier. "Hello?" she said putting the receiver to her ear.

"Hi Ashley it's me." Terry's voice said in a very happy lilt.

"Are you just getting home?" Ashley asked a bit concerned.

"Kinda?" Terry whined sensing Ashley didn't approve.

"What were you doing? The roller rink closed at 9:30." Ashley asked having an idea what they were up to. Grandma was old and went to bed early so Terry was taking advantage of the situation.

"We weren't doing anything wrong. We were just kissing that's all. Honest, just kissing." she whined.

Ashley checked her anger with her student and asked "And did you let him touch you again?" When Terry hesitated Ashley said "You did, didn't you?"

Terry whimper "Yea, but just a little."

"What else?" Ashley asked with frustration in her voice. Terry was moving too fast with the older boy and didn't want her to get into trouble.

"Nothing else, honest. He wanted me to, but I said no." Terry said hoping it was good enough.

Ashley gave a loud sigh and muttered "I'm going to have to have a talk with him."

"Please don't?" she whined. "I really like him and he did say okay when I said no."

"But if he gets pushy you let me know. I'll straighten his ass out." Ashley said firmly.

Terry wanting to change the subject before Ashley asked too many questions asked "Did your aunt find you guys a new apartment yet?"

Ashley sighed and replied "Yes, but they were way to expensive. I may have to get a job to help her out." It would be hard working and going to school, but she knew they needed the money.

"Why don't you guys move in here? The third floor has been empty for months now. And the rent is cheap." Terry suggested.

Ashley smiled at the subtle suggestion. "My aunt thinks that's a bad neighborhood."

"It is." Terry giggled. "But we have off street parking and the place is clean."

"Well it is bigger than any of the places my aunt checked. Maybe I can get her to at least look at it." Ashley said. She wouldn't mind moving there, but her aunt really thought it was a bad place to live. Ashley would have to show her the benefits of the apartment. Like it was closer to the school and was a three bedroom instead of two meaning they could use the other for storage. The rooms were also bigger. And it had laundry hook ups. The apartment where they were didn't have that.

"Why don't you bring her by in the morning?" Terry wanted Ashley to move in. Ashley was definitely one of the cool girls in school, Terry thought, and she hoped some of that would rub off on her. Sure dating Jason was a step up socially, but she was hoping to not be a total loser in school this year.

"I'll see what I can do, but no promises." Ashley said with a big grin. She would have to start on her aunt first thing in the morning.

Amber walked out to the sidewalk and into the phone booth. She closed the door so the light would come on and getting a whiff of piss quickly opened it. She stood in the doorway gasping for a breath of somewhat clean air as she dialed Ashley's number. She then stood as far as the cord would reach and waited for the message to ask for her name. She was calling collect again and hoped Ashley's aunt wouldn't be too mad.

"Amber are you okay?" Ashley asked after accepting the charges.

"I'm fine. Did my dad call looking for me yet?" She asked worried.

"Actually he and a cop stopped by. They found your car and this was the first place they checked."

Ashley said a bit proud she didn't cave.

"Oh god I didn't mean to get you in trouble." Amber said. "You didn't tell him I skipped town did you?"

"No, but I couldn't help but glare at him so he must know I talked with you. Where are you?" Even though they had drifted apart over the last few months they were still sisters at heart.

"I'm in a motel in LA. For now. I'll start looking for a job and a better place to live in the morning." She had no idea what she was going to do. She had very few job skills. She took typing class with Ashley, but she had trouble spelling. That I before e thing really screwed her up.

"Remember to keep your head up. And if you can't find anything spend your last money to come here. We'll think of something together."

That brought a tear to Amber's eyes. It was nice to know she always had a fall back plan. "Thank you. It's getting late and I need to get an early start in the morning. I love you."

"I love you too honey. Take care."

Amber hung up and walked back into her room. Carla had talked her into renting a small studio. It was a few bucks more a night, but it was bigger than a standard room. She had her own bathroom and a small kitchen with a small fridge and a couple of burners. Plates, silverware and a few pans were also included. Not that she could cook, but if she needed them they were there.

Kara used her super vision to scan the area Diana had told her to look. She hovered high in the sky and focused in on the hill side north of a house on the outskirts of town. It was a big house with a high brick wall around it. Kara had scanned the house and yard seeing several armed guards and finding the young girl asleep on the second floor. The girl looked safe for the moment and Kara couldn't see a slave collar or anything else that might be used to harm her.

Finding Blue Flame hiding a quarter mile away and using binoculars to watch the house. Kara floated down and landed gently next to her. Blue Flame said something In Japanese and looked back at the house. "I don't suppose she speaks English." Kara mumbled.

The little voice from between her tits said "She said welcome." causing the Japanese heroine to look strangely at Kara's chest.

Kara grinned and pulled open the top of her tunic sand set the fairy free. Blue Flame was amazed. Kara watched as Lunesta and Blue Flame said some things and then the Japanese heroine turned her attention back to the house.

Kara looked at Lunesta and asked "You speak Japanese?"

"Some, but I'm learning."

With everyone in position Blue Flame used her communicator to signal the Bat Cave and Batgirl. Batgirl gave the go signal to Shayera and Cassie and everyone crossed their fingers. If all went well the little girl's mother would be there within the hour.

Cassie and Shayera scanned the brothel with binoculars from a roof top a few blocks away. "Second window from the right on the second floor." Shayera stated.

Cassie looked at the window to see an Oriental woman bouncing up and down while looking up at the ceiling. Her long black hair matted and clinging to her face and shoulders. Her C-cup breasts bouncing woldly as she fucked the man below her hard and fast. The sweat glistening on her nude body in the moon light. "That's our target." she said through gritted teeth. Her Amazon blood boiling seeing another heroine being forced to pleasure any man who wanted to pay for her.

"Remember. This is a fast extraction. We go in and get her and get out. That's it." The older heroine stated.

"You sure you don't want to kick some ass too?" Cassie asked. She knew there were at least 10 guards armed with machine guns and it would be ill advised to try and take them all out. Still she wanted to try.

"If we get caught up in a fight they could kill her before we get her free. No, the best course is to get to her and get that collar off before anyone can react. Then get out without a fight. Besides, the law around here is on their payroll." Shayera replied. "When those clouds go in front of the moon we move." she added pointing to the sky. The darkness would help them get in unseen.

While they waited for the sky the second man in the room climbed on the bed and presented his cock to the heroine. She stopped looking up and opened her mouth to take him in without hesitation. "Do we at least get to kick his ass?" Cassie asked as he grabbed 2 fists full of her hair and began face fucking the woman.

"After you rip that collar off I think we can spare a few seconds to teach those 2 a lesson on how to respect women." Shayera replied. She looked up in the sky as the clouds began to hide the moon. "Let's go." She said and launched into the sky with Cassie right behind her.

Shayera led the way diving head first through the large open window and slamming the face fucker across the room with her mace. Cassie was right behind her and before the man slid down the wall she already had her hands on the shocker collar, snapping it off the sex slave before anyone could react.

Cassie grabbed the woman and pulled her off the shocked John. Speaking in Spanish she told the woman they were there to rescue her and reunite her with her daughter. Cassie didn't speak Japanese and she didn't know if she spoke English, but with her in a Mexican brothel she most likely understood some Spanish.

With one man down holding his stomach and struggling for air after getting smashed with the mace, Shayera turned her attention to the man laying on the bed. Shayera's eyes opened as she saw the guy was hung like a horse. She looked at the tiny 5 foot nothing heroine and back at him in disbelief and then at the guy gasping for air to see he was bigger than she had thought as well. "Tell her to get dressed." she told Cassie, while fuming inside at the abuse the tiny heroine had to endure.

Cassie relayed the message as Shayera held the men at bay with the threat of her mace and an angry scowl evident even with her mask.

With the men to scared to move or yell the Japaese heroine threw on one of the men's shirts. It smelled bad, but she had nothing else to wear. When she was dressed Sheyera said "Get her to the plane and in the air. I'll be right behind you." That was the plan. Once Cassie and the Scarlet blade were in the air, she'd jump out the window and be long gone before anyone could be alerted to their presence. The fact that the brothel was a noisy place was covering them so far.

Cassie escorted the small woman to the window and looked to see if the coast was clear. Seeing the two guards on that side of the building looking the other way, she climbed out on to the small window ledge and helped the woman join her. She then grabbed her in a hug and jumped into the night sky. Just like they had planned, she thought. Shayera would give her 5 minutes for them to get to the plane and into the air.

The winged heroine kept a count in her head as she stared down the two johns in the room. She had no idea Cassie and Scarlet Blade had been seen flying away. Or that they figured something was wrong and one of the inside guards looked through the keyhole wondering why the Johns hadn't alerted them. Shayera had no idea they had moved some men into position to surprise her.

With the five minutes up Shayera moved towards the window. Getting in she was able to do fast, but getting out would take her longer. Her wings wouldn't be able to spread fully until she was outside. She would have to climb out quickly and jump into the air to fly away.

She looked out to see the guards looking away again and then stared threateningly at the men to freeze them in place. She then turned and fast as she could stepped through the window. Before she could jump the men inside were yelling and the guards below turned to see her. She leaped into the air before the could point their weapons. She didn't get far as a rope was thrown around her leg by a man on the ground and as she struggled to get into the air with the extra weight another man jumped from the roof and landing on her back.

"AAAAAA" she screamed as the sudden impact forced her to drop almost to the ground. The man with the rope reeled in the slack as Shayera tried to knock the man off her back When two more men ran out of the building to grab onto her, it was to much for her. She fond herself pinned to the ground with 4 men holding machine guns on her.

One of the men gave orders. "Drop the mace." he told her first as she still held it while pinned face down in the dirt.

"Let me go." she growled in protest as she continued to struggle.

The leader nodded to one of the gunmen who flipped his weapon around and slammed the butt end into Shayera's wrist causing her to scream in pain and drop her mace. "AAAAAA bastards . Let me go."

The leader grabbed the mace quickly and yelled "Get some chains over here." A few more men came running with a set of shackles. "Chain he wings together." he ordered as the men started chaining the winged alien beauty.

"AAAAAGGGHHH." she screamed as she continued to struggle. But soon her legs were chained together as were her wrists. They fought and won, getting her wings chained together and then chained her wings, hands and ankles together with another short chain.

The leader, satisfied she was secured, waved his men back. The stood and laughed as she still struggled with no hope of getting free. "Senorita, we're gonna have a big party tonight. What fun your gonna have being the only woman invited." the leader said as she looked up at him with an angry stare.

"Fuck you asshole." she spat at him.

He responded by laughing and then said. "Oh no senorita. It's we who will be fucking you."

Kara and Blue flame watched the house while Lunesta watched their backs. Blue flame kept an eye on the outside guards and Kara scanned the inside. She watched as the phone rang and tried to listen in, but it was too far and the house was noisy with a loud stereo blaring. She soon realized she didn't need to know what was being said as the man on the phone went to his desk and pulled out a revolver.

"I think it's show time." Kara muttered and zipped into the house just as he ran into the child's bedroom. She knocked him senseless without even waking the girl. Kara looked around the house with her X-ray vision, watching the other men and women there. After a few minutes it looked like they were missing the unconscious man or the sound of shots being fired.

"We should get outta here." She mumbled more to herself than the sleeping girl. As she saw men coming up the stairs with guns drawn she gently lifted the sleeping girl and was gone before they got their.

Blue Flame took the little girl from Kara's arms as all hell broke loose at the house. Kara watched as gunmen ran from room to room searching the house. The stereo was turned off and she heard one of the men yell for someone to check the security footage from the cameras. "What's going on?" Lunesta asked as Kara stared at the house.

Blue Flame sat on a large rock cradling the little girl as Kara stood guard. Given what happened, her mother must be on the way. "They're trying to figure out what happened. As long as they don't come looking for us we'll just sit here and wait." she answered.

"What happens if they come after us?" Lunesta asked.

"I guess I'll have to kick their asses if they do." Kara stated as she continued to watch the events unfold in the house.

"And what if they have Kryptonite?" the fairy asked.

Kara grinned and replied "That's why I brought you."

"Well I don't think I'll have to save you ass tonight. I hear Wondergirl's plane coming." Lunesta pointed to the sky and Kara turned to see.

"It's cold Lex." the woman with the annoyingly whiny voice said.

"It's always cold in the arctic, but you're the one who wanted to come on this adventure." the annoyed crime boss stated. He knew it was a mistake bringing her from the start, but then again she would keep him warm when they slept.

"But if the sun's up all the time shouldn't it be hot?" the girl who obviously flunked science asked.

Lex, the annoying woman and two of his men all dressed up for the arctic expedition climbed aboard the loaded two engine ski plane. "Why are we doing this again Mr. Luthor?" one of the hired men asked.

"Because his fortress is out here somewhere and with him off world for a week to go to a conference with the Green Lanterns this is the perfect time to go find it." Lex replied with a hint of annoyance.

"But I thought you said you knew where it was cause you was there before." the woman said.

Lex started the engines and let them start to warm up a little. "I was there before. It's just with no land marks, just ice as far as the eye can see, it's hard to find."

"But if no one's home why go visit?" she asked as the plane lurched forward.

"Knowledge my dear, knowledge. If you want to know how to kill a Kryptonian, ask a Kryptoinan. Or one of their computers. We might even be able to find a way to screw with little miss goody two shoes." Lex grinned as he said it. Hopefully he could kill Superman and if it was possible get his young cousin pregnant.

Gigi woke up with Bill's hand on her left breast. Just it being there on her sensitive flesh had her nipples hard and her pussy damp. She glanced at Mae's angelic face as she slept and grinned. She gently removed the hand from her tit and gently got up trying not to wake her sleeping friends. How she and Mae were sleeping with their butts hanging off the bed was beyond her, but somehow they were.

Gigi yawned and stretched when she stood up then the naked teen shuffled to the door and across the hall to the bathroom to pee. When she returned she glanced at her own empty bed, then squeezed back on to the twin bed with Mae and Bill. Laying back down she hooked Bill's arm around her shoulders again and returned his hand to her breast. She grinned at Mae's angel face and closed her eyes and went back to sleep.

Mother and daughter were kissing and hugging as Kara said "She should have been here by now."

Cassie looked to the sky and said "Your right. I better go look for her."

"No." Kara said sternly. "You have to get everyone out of here. I'll go." Cassie was about to protest but Kara cut her off. "Look, there's one plane and everyone but me has to be on it. You take them home and I'll go find Shayera." she said with a hard stare at her friend.

"But you don't know where the brothel is." Cassie protested.

"Yes I do." Kara replied. "I flew over you guys before I came here." She stated and launched into the air.

Seconds later Kara hovered over the brothel. She scanned the building and saw and heard Shayera in an office in the first floor. Kara eyes turned red as she saw the red haired alien beauty tied down in a big desk. Her arms were tied out to the sides over her wing to keep her from using the powerful appendages to defend herself. Her clothes were piled on the floor and her mace was in a different room.

Kara calmed herself and planned out her moves. With Shayera's head hanging off one end of the desk a man was face fucking her while one of his friends was on top of her ramming her pussy. From the number of men in the room and the fact that a couple of them were getting dressed Kara had the feeling she had already been impregnated.

Kara scanned the building and saw no kryptonite and flew into action. First she crashed through the wall and grabbed the mace and then trough the door into the hall and through the office door. Before any of the men knew what was happening the men assaulting Hawkgirl were thrown against a wall and the ropes and chains holding her were snapped.

Kara handed her the mace as she jumped to her feet. Kara then grabbed the pile of clothes and crashed through the outside wall making a huge hole. The naked bird woman wasted no time in following and leaping into the sky. The guards outside seeing the fleeing heroine opened fire with machine guns narrowly missing her as she flew away. A few miles away Kara and Shayera landed in the dessert and Kara gave her friend back her clothes.

"Thanks for coming so quickly." Shayera said as she put her gold colored bustier on.

"You would have done the same." Kara said with a grin and acting like it was nothing.

"Still. Thank-you." she said as she grabbed her tights and put her left foot in first. "It's nice to see you getting back into the game."

"Well it wasn't my idea to take a vacation." Kara replied with a hint of annoyance.

Shayera finished putting up her tights and held off on putting on the boots for a moment. She walked up and hugged Kara saying. "We're all concerned about you. We just wanted to make sure you were okay before you went back into action."

"But I am ready." Kara whined.

"Now, maybe. But a month ago I don't think you were. You would have seen some guys raping one of us and fried their asses." Shayera said with a smirk.

Kara thought of how many times she had gotten mad enough to almost do just that. "I wouldn't do that. Maybe a hot foot. But not their ass." she joked.

"A joke? Awe sweetie, that's awesome." Shayera said breaking their hug and looking Kara in the eyes. "You got my vote."

Kara hugged Shayera saying "Thank-you." for the vote of confidence.

Samantha Cousins smiled brightly as she shook hands with her new boss "Thank-you for this opportunity ma'am."

"Call me Jane. And you earned this. I saw you doing that broadcast from the Whitehouse and had my people check into your work. You were just what we were looking for when we made the decision to go co-anchors in the morning." Jane Mansfield (No relation.) said as she talked with Samantha off camera during a commercial break. The choice wasn't taken well by everyone. The other co-anchor, Todd Denison, for one. He had worked alone at the desk for 30 years and saw no reason to change. But after being told he could look for another job if he was unhappy her grudgingly accepted the situation.

Sam knew part of the reason they picked her and was still happy to get the chance. Surveys had showed that housewives liked a mixed pair of anchors for the morning news and men getting ready for work before their wives got up liked looking at hot women reading the news.

Sam walked back to the news desk and readied herself to go over the headlines. Her knee length skirt was all business, but her open jacket and blouse with several buttons undone to show a hint of cleavage was to improve the stations ratings among the male demographic. Her hair was back in a youthful ponytail showing off her neck and gave her a fun playful look to appeal to young women getting their kids ready for school in the morning. And with school starting in a few weeks that would be a lot of women in a city of millions like Metropolis.

Sam sat up straight as the camera man held his up and started to fold over fingers. "Welcome back, this is Samantha Cousins for Good Morning Metropolis. The big story this morning is the rescue of the Japanese heroine called Scarlet Blade."

"That's right." the ever professional Todd added. His silver hair of a man in his sixties giving contrast to Sam's youthful hotness. Scarlet blade was captured by the Corps and was being held in an undisclosed location for her assistance in Supergirl's rescue."

"And to return the favor Supergirl was instrumental in the rescue of the Scarlet Blade." Sam stated as she sat up straight causing her breasts to stretch her blouse a little. Sam knew Todd wasn't happy with sharing what he felt was his job, but by the way his eyes were drawn to her cleavage when the camera was off him she had the feeling he would soon learn the benefits of her being there. Sam knew he was still planning on going over Jane's head, but Sam figured she could find a way to change his mind about that after the show.

"That's right. The JLA reports they are giving her a knew identity and finding a place for the woman to live, hopefully where no one will know her past." Todd said.

In a smooth transition Sam stated "In baseball Metropolis trounced the Yankees 10 to 1 last night."

Diana returned home just after dawn and walked into her apartment looking forward to some sleep after her long night. Everyone was home safe and The JLA was helping find Scarlet Blade a new home and identity where she can raise her daughter. She wound have to give up being a heroine, but her daughter now came first.

Diana took off her suit jacket and headed for the bathroom and glanced in the other bedroom through the door Gigi had left open. "And what's been going on around here while I've been gone?" she asked loudly, but not in a yell.

The three naked teens all opened their eyes and grinned as Mae, the smart ass that she is, asked "You want to join us?"

"I don't think that would be a good idea. Besides you have to get ready for Malina to come and get you." She replied as she couldn't help but notice Bill's hard member standing at attention as he lay on his back with a girl in each arm and one of their tits in each hand.

Bill stared wide eyed at Diana's braless chest. Without the jacket on and with the morning sun shining brightly through the living room slider her nipples were almost clearly visible. Mae grinned and climbed out of bed. She walked over to Diana and sweetly in a little girl voice asked "Are you sure you don't want to play?"

"I'm sure." Diana replied.

"Fine." Mae said in disappointment. "I'll take a shower and get ready."

"Good, I'll get some sleep before we drive Bill to the airport." Diana said and headed to pee first.

Mae went to her dresser and grabbed a pair of panties, a pair of hot pants and a tank top. She then walked over to kiss Bill and Gigi good morning. She grinned afterward and said "You guys have my permission to take care of that while I'm busy." pointing to Bill's morning erection.

Bill gave a little groan as Gigi replied "I'll think I'll sleep a little more." Hearing the groan she giggled and added "But maybe in a little while."

Mae walked into the hallway and closed the bedroom door behind her leaving Gigi and Bill alone in her bed. "Should we really?" Bill asked softly.

Gigi giggled and replied "It's not cheating if she said we could. But if you don't want to that's okay too." She laid her head on his shoulder and added "But we'll worry about that later."

Ashley jogged down the street in her spandex shorts and crop top. Her bouncing breasts and tight ass distracting drivers on the way to work. With the headphones to her new walkman, that Rika had sent her, on her head she never heard the screeching tires of the half dozen near accidents. Rika had said the Walkman would be the big gift many young people would want for Christmas this year. It was the next big thing.

Ashley stopped running about 100 yards from the apartment building to cool off a little before she went in for her shower. Her aunt would be up soon and would need a lot of persuading to go look at the apartment. Her body tingled at the thought she would be living under the same roof as Gene. Besides, she thought, at least there were not a lot of older guys always staring at her ass like in this place. She felt she might as well be naked with the way they looked at her sometimes. It gave her the creeps.

Ashley walked into the building's lobby and to the elevator. She groaned and took off the headphones as Mr. Jordan got on with her. Her lived across the hall and was one of the creepy guys. He lived alone and was a fat middle aged beer guzzler. Ashley pushed the button and stayed near the door ready to get out as soon as the doors opened again to get away from the man that wasn't just a fat drunk, he smelled like one as well.

Ashley held her breath as the elevator climbed up, but gave a gasp and her eyes opened wide in shock as she felt his hand grope her ass. Ashley spun around fast slapping him across the face. "Don't you ever do that again." She said angrily and stared him down.

"I couldsn't help myshelf. you gots a vewy nice asss. ." he replied.

Ashley waved the stinky breath away from her face of the man who was probably just getting home from a night of drinking. The also gave a long groan as he was probably too drunk to have even felt the slap.

Definitely too drunk she thought when he said "Yous gots nice hootersh ash well." and grabbed her tits with both hands.

Ashley brought her knee up into his balls and dropped him to the floor as the elevator doors opened. Not to drunk to feel that she thought as she walked down the hall to her apartment. "What an ass." she mumbled.

Gigi woke up when she heard the apartment door close. She looked at the alarm clock seeing it was just after eight and figured it was Mae leaving. She laid there snuggled up to Bill with his hand still holding her left tit. She sat up slightly and saw he was still asleep. She grinned seeing his morning erection was ready and waiting. "Well I kinda said I would." she mumbled to herself.

She scooted down the bed and took the boys rock hard member into her mouth. She smiled as Bill groaned and started to wake up. "mmmmmm that feels good." he groaned.

Gigi wrapped both her small hands around his shaft and bobbed her head faster trying to get him off quickly. Glug, glug. Glug. She took as much as she could into her mouth and stopping just short of gagging herself. She was learning just how deep she could go. She hadn't learned to deep throat yet, but neither had Mae she thought.

Gigi felt his hands on her head and bobbed faster. She took one hand off his cock and rubbed her clit, having made herself extremely horny by sucking him off.

"Oh god that feels good." Bill stated as Gigi took her other hand off his shaft and massaged his balls.

"Climb on top, come on get on." The boy begged.

Gigi grinned and moved into position squatting over his cock. She used her right hand to line him up with her slit then one leg at a time changed to a kneeling position as she took him in. "mmmmmmmmmmm." she moaned as she slid down his shaft. When she was sitting on his lap with all of his cock in her, she rested her hands on his chest and started to swivel her hips grinding her pussy into him.

"Oh god yeah." she groaned as his hands seized her breasts.

The bed springs squeaked as Gigi started to bounce and he used his thumbs to rub her nipples that were small, but erect. Gigi tingled all over as her sensitive skin responded to his touch. Gigi's breath became raspy as she got close. She leaned down over Bill and begged "Suck my tits. Oh god suck my tits."

Bill wrapped him mouth around as much of her right tit as he could. Gigi responded by groaning and then rocking her hips faster as she groaned "NNNNNNRRRRGggg." trying not to scream and awaken Diana as she came.

As Gigi shook and gasped for air , Bill thrust his hips up. Ramming his cock into her quivering body over and over.

Gigi soon recovered and rocked her hips from side to side. Bill continued to suck on her breasts, switching back and forth between them. Gigi moaned with pleasure as she felt his hands move to her ass and start kneading her tiny butt cheeks. "Oh yeah, that feels good." she said as her tiny 85 pound body trembled with pleasure.

Gigi could sense Bill was getting close. He was groaning and thrusting his hips up into her hard and fast. But she was getting close as well and wanted another of her own. To that end she said nothing as she felt his finger press into her anus. "Oh god faster baby." he begged as he stopped sucking her tit. He used his free hand to grab a fist full of her sweat soaked hair and pulled her face to his.

Gigi pressed her lips to his and thrust her tongue into his mouth and moaned as his finger thrust in and out of her ass as he rocked his hips up hard into her moist vagina. She soon used his mouth to muffle her scream as she came. "mmgggmmmm." she screamed into his mouth as her body quivered on top of the boy.

Bill, true to fashion, came with her. He my be able to go a lot if times, but he still couldn't last very long. Gigi collapsed on his chest and with a grin breathlessly said "Good morning." with his cock still in her warm damp hole.

At a diner down the street Mae sat across from Malina in a corner booth with their breakfasts in front of them. Malina with just an English muffin and coffee. And Mae with a 3 egg ham and cheeses omelet with toast and a glass of orange juice. "So your dad is my grandfather?" Mae asked as they talked and ate.

Malina had promised the whole story so she explained. "Your dad and my mom dated for several years. From high school through college. They had a fight and broke up a few months before graduation but got back together during finals." Malina had gotten the whole story from her mother when she was in college and was curious as to where her mother was getting the money and she pressed until her mother told her the story and who her father was.

"So how did my grandfather become your dad?" Mae blushed a little and rephrased. "I know how, but how?"

"Your grandparents threw a big graduation party for your father and of course my mother attended. There was a lot of drinking as they celebrated into the night. My mother spent the night in the guest room as it would have been improper her for my mom and your dad to share a room." Malina continued.

"So what happened?" Mae asked thinking that maybe Malina was related to Edith Bunker somehow.

Malina sighed. "Sometime during the night your grandfather, my dad, snuck into the guest room and into the bed with my mother. My mother was too drunk to remember what exactly happened, but she woke up with him in her bed and the sheets had a blood stain." she said calmly.

"Oh my god!" Mae gasped. "He raped her?" Mae's eyes opened in surprise as she covered her open mouth.

"We don't really know. Everyone was drunk."

"But how can you be so calm about it?' Mae asked as Malina seemed to be okay with everything.

"How can I be angry? What he did was wrong, but if he hadn't then I wouldn't be here and neither would you." Malina stated.

"Huh?" was Mae's response to the heavy statement.

"I wouldn't be here because that's the night my mother got pregnant with me. As for you, my mother found out she was having me about a month later. She had heard through a friend that your father had bought a ring and was ready to propose, but she had also just been to the doctor's office." Malina said.

"They were gonna be married!?" Mae gasped, wide eyed.

"Yes. But my mother couldn't let that happen. She loved him too much to live with that lie. She couldn't tell him what his father had done and she couldn't marry him either. So before he could ask she started a big fight and ended their relationship." Malina said with a sad tone at the sad love story.

"And that's why my dad took off. He had a broken heart and wanted to get away?"

Malina grinned at her enlightened niece and said "And that's how he ended up going to Japan and meeting your mother. So because of what my father did you and I are here now."

"Wow." Mae replied wide eyed. "So my father never knew what really happened?"

Malina shook her head. "No. Mom told your grandfather she was pregnant and he arranged for her to have a place to live and sent a check every month."

"So he took care of your mom." Mae stated.

"Yes, but by the time he died I was already working for the company. I never knew why my mother didn't like the idea or why I seemed to get promoted fast until a few years later when he passed."

"My grandfather was watching over you?"

"Yes." Malina replied with a smile. "When your grandmother cleaned out his desk at the office she found a photo album of me growing up."

"Oh my god she must have been pissed when she found out!" Mae said.

"I hear she was, but I didn't see it. She calmed down quickly and then seemed to embrace me." Malina said with a hint of confusion.

"You were a piece of him." Mae said with a grin.

"Yes and no. She needed me. When my father died he had the company broken up into pieces. He left 30% to your grandmother. 20% to your uncle and 20% to me." Malina explained.

"That's only 70%." Mae said confused.

Malina grinned "That's right." She gave a little snicker as Mae hadn't yet caught on. "He left the other 30% to your father with instructions that if he wasn't found before.. The stocks would be divided between you and your sisters."

"Oh my god. Me and my sisters are..."

"Millionaires." Malina finished for her. "The instructions also stated that until such time as certain requirements were met the trust would vote those shares."


"Your grandmother, Chuck and me." Malina stated. "So your grandmother had to be nice to me for fear I would side with Chuck and take control of the company away from her."

"She used you?" Mae asked shocked.

"At first. But we soon started to like each other. She taught me a lot. And she saw I had a good head on my shoulders and has been grooming me to take over some day." Malina explained.

Mae's eyes narrowed as she started working the math. "So that's why she's trying to be nice to me. She's afraid me and my sisters will side with chuck and split the company."

Malina chuckled. "No. First thing you need to know is your uncle is a nice guy, but when it comes to business he's not that good." Malina stated. "No, your grandmother really did want to find your father and you girls. You're the only grandchildren she has. And the why Chuck is, will probably ever have."

"So she really was looking for us?"

"Yes, but you moved a lot of times over the years it was hard to track you down. When the reports came over the news it gave the investigators a place to look. Besides, your grandmother knew your father knew Chuck isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. He might not have wanted to work with his mother, but he wouldn't have put the company in Chuck's hands either. We guess he would have sold off the stock instead." Malina grinned as the wheels turned in Mae's head about everything the were talking about.

"So you think we should let Grandma keep running things?" Mae asked.

Malina hesitated and replied honestly. "I've been running the company for the past year and a half. Your grandmother still controls the company, but I've been overseeing the day to day operations. Your grandmother has only been to the office 5 times over the past year."

"Your running the company?" Mae asked surprised.

"Not in title, but in action. Your grandmother isn't as young as she used to be. She can't take the day to day grind anymore." Malina stated calmly.

"Because she's sick." Mae said. She had gotten more of the story from Diana earlier.

Malina cast her gaze down. "Yes." She said with a heavy sigh. "We didn't want you to know yet. You've been through too much this week. But yes, she's sick. Very sick."

Mae swallowed hard and asked "Is she dying?"

Malina shifted in her seat. Mae could sense she liked her grandmother a lot. "They caught it early, but given her age the chances of a full recovery are slim. Even if we get a miracle she'll never be able to take the company reins again."

"So your in charge now." Mae said with a hint of suspicion.

"It's what Mae planned. She spent years grooming me for the job, but didn't know how short of time she had to get the job done." Malina looked worried. "I run the day to day stuff and some of the major issues, but Mae still makes the really big decisions and points us in the direction she wants us to go. I don't know if I can do it without her. It's a big responsibility."

"I'm sure you'll be okay." Mae said offering encouragement.

"Thank-you. And there's more. Besides the company shares you and your sisters each have a trust fund your grandfather set up for you years ago. Between the company and the fund you girls are each worth about 17 million."

Mae's eyes opened wide at the number and Malina grinned as she did. "17 million?"

"And in a few weeks from now the lawyers will contact you and have the papers that will need to be signed. After that you will control the funds and stocks of you and your sisters until they turn 18."

"Oh my god."

Gigi had crawled off of Bill and headed to the bathroom for a shower. Bill walked out of the bedroom in just his tidy whities and sat in the sofa to watch TV. Not finding anything to peak his interest he walked over to the bathroom door to spy a little on Gigi. He had seen her naked, but still gazed for a moment at her silhouette on the frosted glass doors.

Bill closed the door with a big grin and heard Diana's bed springs as she rolled over. Bill noticed the bedroom doors had keyholes and thought about it. He knelt down in front of Diana's door and peaked in. He could see her from the side as she lay on her back with the sheet down to her waist. Her naked breasts rising and falling with each slow breath.

Within moments he was hard as a rock. He could only dream of a piece of ass like her. Her breasts seemed to defy gravity even as she lay on her back. Bill stood up and snuck into the bathroom and dropped his shorts on the floor. Gigi gasped as the shower door swung open quickly. "Bill?" she squeaked as she covered her breasts and pussy with her hands and he climbed in with her with a lustful gaze.

"What're you doin'?" whined the soaped up girl as he spun her around and grabbed her by the hips. "EERRRGGG." She grunted as her rammed himself into her tight hole, to the balls in one hard thrust. "Easy , That hurt." she whined as he held her hip with one had and pushed between her shoulder blades with the other, bending her over to lean against the shower wall under the shower spray.

With the side of her face pressed to the tile, Gigi groaned and moaned as Bill grabbed her breasts in a strong grip and fucked her as fast and hard as he could. "Oh my god oh my god." she cried out a word with each thrust as the soap on her body was rinsed away. "Oh god not so hard." she pleaded, but soon her body responded with the most powerful orgasm she had had yet. "OH GOD YES OH GOD YES." she screamed unable to muffle her cries.

"That's it baby." Bill said as he raised his right hand to bring it down with a hard slap on her ass. Gigi rocked her ass back to meat his thrusts as Bill held an arm around her waist and spanked the side of her tiny ass. "Your really liking this aren't you?" he asked with a big smile.

"No." she whined , but her actions told the truth. Bill stood back, pulling his dick out. Gigi , who was getting close to another orgasm looked back at him with pleading eyes. "Please, I meant to say yes. Please fuck me. Oh god fuck me." she begged.

Bill grabbed her hips and thrust into her again. "That's better." he commented.

"Harder Oh god harder." she grunted as Bill rammed her hard and fast. Minutes later Gigi exploded with another strong orgasm. Bill hung on as the powerful girl shook violently in his grasp. "NNNNNNRRRRGGGG YES YES YES." she yelled.

Bill lost it on that one causing him to fill her womb with more of his seed. "NNNNNRRGGG." He grunted as he held on tight holding himself deep inside of her. "Oh god that was good!" he exclaimed when he finished.

Amber woke up and waited to 9. there was a bank across the street and she figured she better put her money there instead of hanging on to all of it. Having deposited nearly $3200, she paid for a week at the motel and had some money to shop for food. There was a super market just down the street. She hadn't sold her jewelry yet, she was waiting on that hoping it wouldn't be necessary.

She walked to a nearby McDonalds to get a quick breakfast and then back to the motel. She had two more things to do. Find a job and a permanent place to live. She bought a news paper from the box on the sidewalk and checked the back pages. She didn't think a landlord would give her a lease without a job, but a girl looking for a roommate might.

Amber walked the six blocks to the business park and went door to door hoping she could find someone who needed a secretary. She had no idea what else if anything she could do. She could type and answer a phone, how hard could being a secretary be she thought.

Gigi and Bill came out of the bathroom together into the angry gaze of Diana. "You two think you made enough noise?" she asked.

They had stood under the water for several minutes hugging and touching each other. They then soaped each other up and afterward toweled each other off. "Sorry?" Gigi whined.

Diana sat on the sofa in just a bathrobe and stared down the teens. Bill stood fidgeting with just a towel wrapped around his waist, while Gigi had brought her clothes into the bathroom with her and was fully dressed in Hot pants and a tube top. "I've been looking the other way while you kids played because I didn't want to upset Mae at this time." she scolded. "But with you two there's no reason not to expect better behavior. Do you understand me?" she asked with an angry scowl.

"Yes ma'am." the two chastised teens said.

"I'm sorry I acted so rudely." Bill said with his gaze down.

"Me too." Gigi said sadly.

"Apology accepted. Now you two get ready to leave. Mae should be back soon and then we'll have to leave for the airport." Diana smirked as Bill scurried into the bedroom to get dressed.

Gigi sat down next to Diana and said "I really am sorry. You were so nice to take me in and I act like an asshole."

Diana put an arm around her shoulders and gave her a hug. "You've been on your own for too long. There's still some rules you live by as an adult." she said.

"Like knowing how to behave as a guest in someone's home." Gigi said.

Diana sighed and said "Exactly." She kissed Gigi, who gigged, on the head and stood up. "I better get my shower now." she stated and headed to her room to get her clothes.

Ashley walked in through the kitchen door and sat at the table with Terry. "She didn't like it huh." Terry said reading Ashley's face.

"She didn't say no." She replied with a grin. "But she still wants to check a few more places she had scheduled to look at today. Then she'll make up her mind." Ashley said.

"She thinks she's gonna find a place as big as this for the money?" Terry asked.

Ashley realized grandma owned the building, but Terry was in charge of renting the apartments out. "She has to decide soon. We need to be out by the end of the month."

"If it helps her make up her mind I have a washer and dryer hidden in the basement you guys could use so you wouldn't have to buy them?" Terry said.

"I'll work on her tonight." Ashley said smiling. Her aunt really liked how roomy the place was and that she could park her car in back of the building away from the street. She still had reservations about the neighborhood, but none of the places she looked at fit into the budget.

Kara woke up a little late on Wednesday morning. She left Lunesta sleeping on her pillow and went down stairs for a late breakfast and then took the pick-up truck to go into town and hit the supermarket. Her end of summer party was going to be that weekend and she needed to pick up food for that along with Aunt Martha's regular groceries. Aunt Martha had given her some cash and a list a mile long of things to get.

Kara walked though the market having no cue Scott and Carl were watching her from the office and pointing her out to their friends. Scott pulled a few of the pictures out of his pocket to show around. The manager asked what was going on when he saw 6 boys yakking and laughing in the office as they watched the security monitors.

Scott grinned and showed him the photos. "That's her." he said pointing to the screen.

Bob, the manager, put the pictures in his shirt pocket and told the boys "Get back to work while you still have jobs."

As the boys scurried out of the office Bob grabbed Scott by the arm and asked him to stay. "Do you guys have anymore of these?" the balding middle aged divorced white father of three boys, two of them already out of the house, asked.

Scott hung his head and replied "Yes dad." thinking he was in trouble.

"Well when we get home I want to see the rest." he said with a grin.

Scott sensing his father was actually happy with him asked "You think we could try hooking up you camcorder and try that?" He crossed his fingers. A camcorder ran a few grand and if it got ruined his father would hit the roof.

"Sounds like we have ourselves a father and son project later."

Kara hit the registers with two full shopping carts unaware every male employee in the store had seen pictures of her naked. She paid for the groceries and pushed one cart and pulled the other out to the truck.

As they were ready to leave the phone rang in Diana's apartment. Mae grabbed it and called out "Gigi it's for you."

Gigi walked out of the bathroom and asked "Who is it?"

"It's some boy named Eddy." Mae replied.

Diana grinned and said "The boy you thought was cute at Burger King the other night."

There was a round of wooos as she walked to the kitchen from the front door shooting daggers at Diana and Mae.

"Hello?" she asked as she put the phone to her ear and everyone stood in the living room watching her.

Mae and Diana stood grinning at her as she asked "Friday night?" She fidgeted on her feet and played with the cord nervously as she listened and giggled. "Right, the address on the paper I gave you." She turned to look away from her audience and said "It's just down the street from the Carver Drug store." She listened some more and added a few ah has and then said "7 o'clock? I'll be out front." She played with the cord some more and giggled some more before saying "I have to go now. We're bringing a friend to the airport." she listened then added "See you then Bye." with bye being said very flirtatiously. She then hung up and turned red faced to see the trio waiting by the door smiling.

"Someone's got a date." Mae said giggling.

"Yes." Diana said in a very serious tone. "seems our little girl is growing up."

"Ha ha ha, very funny." Gigi said with a grin. She started toward the door when the phone rang again. Gigi answered and said "Diana it's for you."

Diana walked to the phone and put the receiver to her ear and said "Hello."

"Hi Diana." Hal Jordan's voice said. "I know you have company so I'll just give you the message. The party starts at midnight tonight eastern time."

Diana acted like it was a casual phone call in front of Bill and said "So the party is on then?' signaling the girls as to the subject of the phone call."

Mae nudged Bill and softly said "Let's get your bags on the car." as Diana smiled and tossed her the keys.

"With Mae and Bill gone Diana said "We'll meet tonight at the farm. Do me a favor and call my sister and have her get a hold of Kara and Courtney. Cassie will pick up the file as soon as she can and head to the farm. I'll call Lotus and Spanish Fly and we'll all meet there at 8."

"Will do." Hal said. "And be careful. Nothing like this has ever been done before."

"Thanks Hal. You guys be careful as well."