Of gods and women

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Wonderwoman held the meeting at the Kent farm. She brought Lotus Blossom and Spanish Fly with her. Her sister, Cassie, picked up Stargirl and they were all at the farm with Kara and Lunesta, who had been staying there for a couple of days. They gathered around the kitchen table to divide up their assignments. The heroines assembled would have three target groups between them.

"I thought we were going to get our hands on that bitch, Sandy." Lotus said with a hint of irritation to Gigi.

Gigi and Diana had attended the meeting where the plans were drawn up and the targets were assigned. "That's what we were going to get until I saw this." Gigi replied and slid a picture from the folder of information across the table to her friend.

"Who's this?" Mae asked looking at the photo of a young Japanese girl. She had her half mask on hiding her identity. She still didn't want others to know who she was. The others being Cassie and Courtney. Other than Martha Kent the others in the house were now in on her secret.

"That's Greg Bradshaw's personal servant." answered Diana.

"And by servant?"

"His sex slave." Diana replied with disgust. To Diana, and the others, it was bad enough he had a sex slave. Never mind the fact she was a child. "She's in her mid teens and since she was discovered he had her enrolled in school as his niece. She's to start school as a sophomore."

Other than Gigi, only Diana had seen any of the information in the file and so there was a lot of groaning and angry stares with the news. "And this guy is sick in more ways than one." Gigi stated. "He's been diagnosed with Leukemia and at his last doctors visit to the VA he was given the news the drugs aren't working as well as they should."

"He's dying." responded Mae with a heavy sigh.

"That makes him extremely dangerous." Stated Diana. "He has nothing to lose by going down fighting."

Gigi looked at her friends masked face and said "I chose this target for us because no one knows what he might try and do to her. We have to save her."

Mae nodded her agreement. She may want to get her hands on the bitch that set her up to be fucked by the perverts in the apartment across the hall, but she saw this target was just as important. "So me , Spanish Fly and Lunesta go to Metropolis."

"Right." Diana replied glad to see Mae didn't argue. "You'll meet up with an FBI task force keeping the house under surveillance, you'll go in first to secure the girl and they'll rush the house afterwards."

Mae nodded and said to Gigi "Good choice."

Diana looked at her sister and said "You and Courtney will be heading to Nevada. A training center has been found by a the state police and that was put on the list at the last minute. You'll meet up with the state police task force and assist as needed."

"Assist as needed?" Cassie asked with annoyance. "They want us as back-up?"

Courtney also was upset with the term, assist as needed. "What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

Diana stared down her sister who should know better than question her like that. "The state police think they can go it alone. The FBI insisted a group from the JLA be present since they couldn't with so many targets to hit. This came up just this afternoon and the state police were already closing in on this group. The FBI wants someone with them if they come across a powerful mutant working with the Corps. They have been known to have powerful friends." Diana stated harshly to her sister. Hell, Diana thought. They have that ninja guy that nobody knows where he is and Axel as well.

"Fine, we'll sit the bench." Cassie replied with annoyance.

"What about me?" Kara asked with a serious tone. Diana had promised her a vital role and was going to hold her to it.

"You and I will be going to Paris after Sandra and Axel." Diana said firmly hoping Kara wouldn't argue about being teamed up as so was everyone else.

Diana was pleased when Kara said "Okay." and nodded with a serious look on her face.

"Now remember, all the raids will take place at the same time. If you have a watch set it. We strike at midnight eastern time which means we better get moving." Diana stated as she stood up.

"Are you sure this is the place?" The annoying woman whined. They had flown around in all directions until the found something that looked like a pile of long ice blocks piled up in the middle of nowhere. They had to land the plane a mile or so away where there was some smooth ice and hike to the structure.

"Oh yes, this is the place." Lex said with glee as they made their way inside. Considering it was made of ice and had no door, it was surprisingly warm inside. "Now everyone be quiet. I don't want to waste time in case we set off an alarm or something."

"I thought you said he was out of town or something?" She whined.

Lex sighed and wondered if he should have just invented himself and electric sleeping bag instead of bringing a bimbo. "His cousin might still respond ." he replied as he climbed the stairs to what seemed like a consol of some sort with a bunch of large multi colored crystals.

Lex moved some of the crystals around until a man's voice said "Welcome Kal-El. Do you have a question?"

Lex grinned as the bimbo and his men got frightened. Lex seemed to be happy with the fact the computer couldn't tell the difference between Kal and anyone else. "Yes, I have many questions." Lex replied.

"Which field would you like to study?" the voice asked the gleeful bald madman.

"Kryptonian Biology." Lex stated. Lex had a whole list of questions. "Besides super human powers does the yellow sun have other effects on the Kryptonian body?"

"Yes." the voice answered. "Depending on the age of the individual when they begin exposure to yellow sun radiation, as they mature the yellow sun could have dramatic effects on the individuals appearance.

"Please illustrate?" Lex asked with raised eyebrows.

"Please set parameters?"

"Side by side comparison of both male and female child, say age 3, to adulthood." Lex said in deep thought.

Four images appeared of toddlers on the air in front of Lex, two boys and two girls. Dressed in simple white Kryptonian robes the each stood about 3 foot tall. Lex watched as the images aged and grew. The voice stated "The images on your right are under the effects of the yellow sun."

Lex smiled as the images on the right were much taller. He also noticed the female image was much taller than Supergirl, nearly 6 feet tall, and had at least a DDD chest. Lex grinned at the knowledge that Supergirl must have been older when she arrived on earth.

"Can we see the images without the robes?" he asked and wondered if the superior aliens had had porn.

"With the same parameters?" the machine asked.

Lex chuckled and replied "This time use the images of Kal-El and Kara Zor-El."

This time the children were a small dark haired boy and a blonde girl. Lex grinned and chuckled as his bimbo's eyes and mouth opened wide at the vision of Kal-El reaching maturity. "Seems our Super Jack ass has another secret." Lex noticed how some attributes were enhanced more than others. Even limp the cock on the right male image was over 7 inches. "How would that look erect?" he asked.

Every human eye was opened wide in shock at the mass of what they saw. "That would have to hurt." the bimbo commented with a lustful grin.

A little jealous, Lex said "Just the female image now."

There was a sad moan from his female companion as the image faded away. Lex studied the image and thought he was glad Kara shaved her bush rather than let it grow wild like on the image. Still he was curious to know how old she was when she arrived. Supergirl's jugs were nowhere near the size the could have been. The left image wasn't a B-cup where the one on the right had DDDs. "Reduce the breast size on the mature yellow sun image by half." He said and the computer complied. He guided the machine to get just what he wanted then said "Speculate starting point to reach this result."

They watched as the image on the left got younger and stopped in her early to mid teens. "She had to be about 15, give or take a year." Lex chuckled. "She was at least 18 in those movies."

"If we stay too long the plane's engines might get too cold and not start Mr. Luthor." one of his men stated. He was a mechanic by trade and was there for the equipment.

Lex sighed knowing he only had a short time to get as much information as he could. "Can a human and a Kryptonian have children together?"

"Humans and Kryptonians are compatible." the computer stated.

Excellent." Lex commented. "How often does a female Kryptonian ovulate?"

"Females ovulate twice an Earth year. Ovulation can also occur through forced ovulation."

Lex's eyes opened wide. "Explain forced ovulation and how to detect if female is in a fertile state."

Retired General Jacob Marshel sat in sat in his home office with a visitor. The highest ranking member of the Corps known to investigators looked over a shiny yellow bullet. "So this is what all the fuss was about?"

The thin man wearing thick glasses on the other side of the desk replied. "Yes sir. The metal is an alloy of 10% metal from those bracelets and 90% Adamantium. The shell is formed over a small piece of Kryptonite. The outer shell is stronger than both metals and can penetrate all known forms of body armor."

"Excellent." the general commented. "This is what we've been waiting for. How soon can we start mass producing these?" He asked.

The thin man grinned and slid a box across the desk. "This box and two other boxes in different calibers have been made so far. We need more of the bracelet metal to go much further. We used a lot of it up on experiments to get it right and we'll need more. A lot more to make as much as you asked for in the desired calibers."

The general opened the box to find 11 more bullets. He opened his desk drawer to pull out his Smith and Wesson 357 and began loading it. "Thank-you for the update. When you get back to Nevada give my regards to Colonel Mitchell.

"I will sir." the thin man replied, he then got up and left.

General Marshel finished loading his gun and put back in the drawer. He had received an update on what happened in Nebraska through channels and expected the authorities were closing in on Greg Bradshaw. The general sat back in his chair deep in thought. If they got Greg alive then he might be forced to name names. It was a waiting game to see what would happen before he decided on his next move. But no mater what happened he was sure his superiors were going to be upset.

Mae, Gigi and Lunesta were dropped off by Diana on the roof of Superman Mall just outside Metropolis. They were to wait there and an unmarked white van would pull around back about 11 and flash their lights 4 times. That would be the FBI there to bring them to the house and give them the latest intelligence. The contacts name was Agent Duffy.

Gigi smiled and asked "17 million. What're gonna do with all that?"

Mae sighed and replied "I have no idea. Most of it's in stocks and bonds. Only about a million is in cash." She had thought about it, but still had no plans on what to do.

"Only a million?" Gigi kidded about the way Mae put it.

Mae grinned and said "I still have to get a financial planner or something to help me. I have no idea how to handle that kind of money."

Gigi could tell by Mae's voice she was worried about it. Not just for her, but also for the next few years she would be responsible for her sisters' money as well. "Why don't you just keep letting your grandmother and Malina watch over it?"

Mae didn't like that idea. "I'd rather someone else help me out." She replied a bit curtly.

"What about Mr. Queen?" Lunesta asked. "He has more money than god. He must have people that know what they're doing."

Courtney was fuming as she and Cassie flew west in the invisible plane. "I can't believe she did it to me again. She made me babysit when you guys went to rescue Kara and now she wants us to sit and watch this time." she ranted.

Cassie sat and listened. Her friend was to pissed to try and explain why they were the ones heading to Nevada. Lotus and friends were needed to talk with the Japanese girl and Diana was testing Kara. Neither point would do any good in cooling off Courtney at the time.

Courtney's face was beet red as she continued to rant. "And we're the ones who should be going after that Bradshaw guy. We got his name and phone number. That little ninja girl wasn't even there."

Cassie focused on the flying trying to get there as fast as possible before Courtney's head exploded, or she tossed her out of the plane. She knew it would be more of a statement than anything given the fact that Courtney and her staff could fly, but it would be quieter.

"And where does she get off deciding who goes where anyway. I don't remember us electing her our boss. Sure she's your older sister, but not mine." Courtney yelled while rolling her eyes. "One of these days I'm gonna tell her to kiss my ass."

Kara sat next to Diana in her plane as they flew east. "Thank-you for letting me do this." she said.

"You've earned it. You did well with your doctor and have heeled a lot. You've come a long way since we brought you home." Diana replied proudly.

"I have a question." Kara said softly.

"What is it sweetie?" Diana asked the girl she though of as a niece.

"If Kal is off world meeting with the Lanterns, why is Hal still here?" She had heard a rumor the Hal was in trouble with the Lantern Corps for some reason and since he helped save her life she was very concerned.

Diana sighed. The rumors are true, but there's nothing to worry about. It's just some political games being held within the Lantern Corps over their leadership. Kal was asked to go and vouch for his character, that's all."

"So they won't take his ring away?" Kara asked still concerned.

"I don't see it happening. He may not be liked by all the Lanterns, but the leaders like him."

Kara gave a half smile and replied "Thank-you."

Amber sat discouraged on her bed at the motel. She filled out over a dozen applications in the business park and no one wanted to even talk to her. "I can't go home." she softly said to herself. She looked up and asked "But what can I do if no one wants me?"

She may not have found a job, but she was going to meet a girl who was looking for a roommate in the morning. If she got in her share would be $225 a month, plus food. She figured if she couldn't find a job in a few months she was screwed. At least, she thought, she could always go to Ashley.

Amber sighed as she stood up to head to the bathroom. It was time to shower and settle in for the night. She had picked up a few things at the market and after showering would make herself a ham and cheese sandwich for supper.

"Hello ladies I'm Agent Paul Duffy." The tall good looking man said as the heroines approached the van. He had pulled up a few moments before and flashed his lights as planned. Mae took a minute to scan the man and the van before approaching, looking for someone hiding.

"Is everything ready?" Mae asked as they stood in front of the 6 foot well built man in his early 30s. He was wearing a suit and tie with highly polished black shoes.

"Everything is set. You'll be sent in to secure the girl 10 minutes before midnight. At 5 past we charge in ready or not." He said wondering how lucky he was to have lost the coin toss to come get the somewhat unknown heroines. He was also glad his pants were a bit baggy as he eyed Mae's and Gigi's asses as the stepped in the side door. His ogling didn't go totally unnoticed as Lunesta glared at him as she flew in. But how could he not look with Mae just wearing her bra and panties. Or with Gigi wearing her skimpy leather outfit that hid very little of her body.

He slid the door shut and ran around to the drivers seat and got in. He put the van in drive and headed towards the upcoming raid. "We'll be there in about 10 minutes and we'll give you the layout then." He couldn't help but think of what else he'd like to give them.

Mae grinned as Lunesta tattled on the man and whispered in Mae's ear. "He was checking out your butts as you got in."

"Ladies." the state Police Captain William Johnson said condescendingly to the heroines. He didn't want them there to get in the way, but his superiors wanted them there. He wasn't given any orders on how to use them. The 6'6" muscular man didn't think fighting crime was a job for chicks. Girls were for fucking and cooking and not much more.

"Glad to be here sir." Cassie said to the man's back as he studied plans and maps on a large table in a large tent.

"Humph." a grunt was all the girls got as he studied the materials.

Courtney nudged a miffed Cassie and got her attention. "What?" Cassie asked.

Courtney said "Look around. There going to raid a place with dozens of naked teen girls, many of which have been raped and they don't have any female officers."

"I'm sure there's some on the way and they'll be here before they go in." Cassie replied looking around and not seeing a female cop in sight. "Am I right captain?"

The man gave a loud sigh and said "You're here because the FBI and my superiors wanted you here. Now just sit over there and let the professionals do their jobs." as if to dismiss them as he pointed to some folding lawn chairs just outside his tent.

Courtney was about to scream some very colorful adjectives at him, but Cassie quickly covered her mouth and dragged her out of the tent. "Take it easy." she whispered in Courtney's ear. "We'll sit and wait to see what happens. If we're needed we'll help whether the pompous jack ass wants us to or not."

Cassie let Courtney go. Courtney turned to face Cassie even madder than she was on the plane. "Fine." she said through gritted teeth. "We'll sit here and do nothing."

"Hello, I'm Leslie Dupree." the petite young dark haired woman said holding her hand out to shake with the heroines.

Wonderwoman shook her hand as Kara studied the house. "Looks like they're still all sleeping." Kara stated. "There's a young girl in one bedroom on the second floor and our targets are just down the hall." Kara felt herself getting damp as she noticed Axel's morning boner. Wow, that's big she thought.

Leslie grinned and said "There are some guards walking the grounds and a monitoring center for the cameras in the barn."

Kara looked around and said "4 guards outside and 2 in the barn."

"That's good." Diana said. "We should be able to clean this up quickly." She was fully aware of the male officers around them undressing her and Kara with their eyes.

Leslie saw the look Diana was giving one of her men and stared angrily at him and then the others. That was enough to make them go about their work. "I'm sorry for my men, they can be such pigs sometimes." she told Diana and Kara with disgust evident in her voice.

"So what's the plan?" Supergirl asked still staring at Axel's monstrous boner. It was longer than Kal's by at least 6 inches and nearly twice as thick. If she hadn't seen it she wouldn't believe such a thing existed.

Diana had been told by Mae and Gigi about Axel's supposed power and had an idea what had Kara's attention as her tunic was tented and she was holding her legs tightly together and flexing her muscles subconsciously. Diana nudged her hard and sternly whispered "Get a hold of yourself. No one's noticed yet but if you keep it up they will."

Kara blushed beet red and whimpered "I I I didn't mean."

"It's okay." Diana said, cutting her off. "Just relax and everything will be fine."

"Kara nodded several times quickly and whispered "Sorry."

Yuki crawled out of bed and walked to the window and stared out at the night sky. She had an aching feeling something was very wrong. Greg didn't seem to have his usual energy when they were together. She stared out the window wondering if her master was getting tired of her. She hung her head and walked back to the bed. She grabbed her teddy and headed to the bathroom down the hall for a shower. She hated sleeping while covered in dry sweat.

Mae stood down the street with Gigi, as Lunesta flew near and around the house to get a better perspective of where everyone was. The fairy flew back to Mae to give her report. "The asshole exhausted himself with the girl and is sound asleep. She's just starting to take a shower. There are 2 armed guards walking the grounds and cameras around the perimeter."

"Thanks." said Mae with a grin. Let's go."

Courtney fumed as she and Cassie sat and watched the officers head out to surround the facility. It was an old warehouse just outside of Reno and at that time of night very quiet. "So we're just gonna sit here?" Courtney asked angrily.

Cassie replied "Yep, unless something happens we think they can't handle."

"Like what?"

Trained as a warrior Cassie had learned patience. She was able to calmly wait, yet be ready for combat at a moments notice. "We'll know it when it happens. Just relax and be ready to move when it does."

"RRRRRR." Courtney grunted in frustration and sat back in her chair with her arms folded just under her boobs. A sight that many of the men noticed.

Kara watched and said "Axel and Sandy are awake now."

"What are they doing?" Diana asked.

Kara chuckled and replied "Let's just say they're not getting out of bed just yet." Kara had been told about Axel's ability to control his erection size and watched as Sandra started sucking off the now 10" monster.

Kara's nipples were hard and she was getting wet. A condition Diana was nervous about. "Just focus on where they are, not what they're doing." she whispered in Kara's ear.

"I can do this."Kara replied in a whisper of her own. "I'll be okay."

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE COMPASS IS FROZEN." Lex yelled at his tech. That meant all the readings he had taken were wrong. "The whole Idea of taking all those readings was to be able to find the fortress easier the next time."

"I'm sorry Mr. Luthor. The plane got too cold while we were there." the tech said hoping Lex didn't tell him to jump out of the plane. Luthor was known to be cold blooded and when he was angry he was very unpredictable.

The annoying woman asked "If you found it twice now, can't you just find it again?"

Lex's face showed how angry he was "I'M SURROUNDED BY IDIOTS." he shouted. The only consolation he got was information that would help him produce a half Kryptonian child. "When we get back to civilization I want you guys to go find that place again and don't come back until you know where it is." he said through gritted teeth and the woman and men knew he was serious.

Gigi landed on the small balcony outside the master bedroom with Lunesta by her side. "You think you can sneak in through the window and unlock the door?" The window was too close to the bed to try and crawl in that way for Gigi.

"If you can get the screen up, I can." the fairy replied. While they were going after Greg, Mae was sneaking in through another bedroom while invisible and headed for the bathroom where the young girl was showering.

Gigi hovered over to the window and quietly raised the screen up just enough for Lunesta to sneak in.

Hikaru awoke to the feeling something was wrong in the house. Sleeping on the sofa in Greg's office he was there for one thing and one thing only. As he felt the presence of people approaching the house and that Lotus Blossom and someone else was there. He prepared himself to obey his orders. Get the girl and take her away. He stood up and went to the wall safe and pulled out a manila envelope. It had cash and a letter for one of Greg's oldest friends. Just one thing to do first, he thought.

Yuki stepped out of the shower and began drying herself off. She was startled when the door suddenly opened and a girl all in black with a helmet and mask was standing there. "AAAAAAAAAAA." she screamed in fear.

Mae was about to tell her to calm down when she was suddenly stunned by a puff of smoke in the bathroom behind Yuki. Mae quickly drew her sword but the girl and the ninja were gone in another puff if smoke. "Oh god Gigi." Mae mumbled in fear for her friend with the dangerous ninja on the loose.

Mae ran down the hall and burst through the door into the master bedroom. "Welcome." Greg said with a grin. He stood there in just his jockey shorts as he held a gun on his prisoner. He waved his gun, but kept it pointed at Gigi who was hand cuffed and shackled on the bed. "Have a seat." he said gesturing to the bed. He just needed to give Hikaru a few moments to get far enough away that Lotus wouldn't have a chance of following him.

"Where's Lunesta?" Mae asked angrily.

"As long as you behave she'll be fine." he replied and gestured to the bed again.

Mae sheathed her sword and walked over to the bed and sat down. "How?" she asked Gigi.

"He was awake and heard us. He had the gun under his pillow." Gigi said with a scowl as she looked at him.

"But your faster and stronger?" Mae whined.

"Lunesta got too close as he pretended to be asleep and he grabbed her. If I did anything he would have crushed her."

"Enough of that. Your friend is fine. This is how it's going to work. I'm going to let you walk out the front door and tell your friends to stay away." Greg said, pointing his pistol at them. He had seen enough death and didn't want to be responsible for more on his way out.

"And why should we just leave you alone after everything you've done?" Mae asked with venom.

Greg held up his left hand to show a devise. "Dead man switch." he said. "When I let go of the button the whole house is going up with me and everything I know." he was wondering when they were going to move. His men and Hikaru had seen the agents watching the house. Hikaru could have killed them, but more would have come and he couldn't run anyway.

Mae and Gigi both swallowed. He had a stone cold look as he said it. But they knew he had nothing to lose coming in. "Fine, we'll leave. But only with Lunesta and if she isn't hurt."

Greg nodded and pointed to a small cash box on the night stand. "She's in there."

"So what's the deal with you and little girl's?" Gigi asked with disgust evident in her voice as Mae grabbed the box to let Lunesta out.

"I don't answer to you." He replied as Mae opened the box and pulled out Lunesta, who was wrapped with thread to keep her from escaping. "Keep her tied up until your out of the house" he ordered.

"Asshole. You hurt me." Lunesta yelled angrily at the man.

Ignoring the fairy he said to Lotus "You supposed to be strong. Carry them down stairs."

Sandra bounced up and down on Axel's monster cock. "OH GOD YES, YES,,,,,YES." she yelled. With the sun just over the horizon she and Axel were getting the day off with a bang. The blonde beauty rode her beast unaware of what was heading her way.

Diana hovered through the air and was waiting just above the old manor house. She gave a signal and Supergirl sped through the closed window , sending glass flying and grabbing Sandra. Diana quickly followed her in and was pounced on by Axel.

"AARRGG." Diana yelled as she was caught by surprise by how fast and strong he was. As the police charged the grounds to round up the guards, Axel's sharp claws slashed at the Amazon Princess, slicing her bustier down the middle releasing her wondrous orbs and leaving 4 deep gashes on them. "AAAAAA" She screamed with pain, but quickly threw him off and crashing into the wall.

Supergirl held Sandra easily in one hand and grabbed Axel by the throat as he hit the wall. "Are you okay?" she asked Diana as she slowly got up glancing down at her wounded chest.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Diana grunted as she tried to use one of her hands to hold the front of her Bustier closed.

Kara turned her attention back to Axel and grinned as he grabbed hold of her right tit with one of his clawed hands and tried to rip it off. "Oh look, the big bad beasty guy is trying to hurt me." She mocked. She then elevated into the air with Sandra wrapped in her left arm and holding Axel by the throat. With Axel off the floor she angrily told him "I'm not a little girl. Keep it up and I will hurt you worse than you did my friend."

"Knock it off Axel. We can't hurt her." Sandra calmly stated. They had no Kryptonite anywhere on the property. They were captured and trying to fight would do no good. Sandra's analytical mind understanding that fact.

Axel released the boob and hung in the air staring angrily at the alien. Kara turned her head and said "Why don't you change?"

"Good idea." Diana said wincing in pain from her wounds. She raised her arms out to the side to spin and in a flash of light Wonderwoman's bustier and briefs were replaced by her Spandex tights and another bustier. "Her wounds were still there and would heal quickly thanks to her tiara, but they would hurt for a day or so.

Kara dropped back to the floor as Diana approached. "Now maybe we can get some answers." Diana stated looking Sandra in the eye.

Two quick shots were heard. Diana reacted and turned to see a pair of policemen wrestling a man with a rifle in the hay loft of the barn. She quickly turned around to see Kara laying both captives on the floor. Axel shot in the head and Sandra in the chest. "By the gods." she commented as Sandra lay dying on the floor.

"Please." she whined softly fighting for breath. "Please." she whined.

Diana knelt down next to her with Kara on the other side. "Save your strength. Help will be here soon." she lied.

Kara looked on in shock as Sandra lay dying after being shot by one of her own guards. "I'm dying." Sandra said struggling to get the words out. "Please save Donna Please take her rrrr take her some place safffffe." she begged as she died.

"Mommy?" came a child's cry from down the hall. Kara and Diana looked at each other as if asking what to do. "Mommy?" came the call again, this time closer.

"We can't let her come in here." Kara said.

"Your right. Axel and her mother dead on the floor is too much for a young girl to see." Diana replied. She stood up groaning because of her wounds and headed for the door.

"Axel's not dead." said Kara to the stunned Amazon. "He's hurt, but the bullet didn't get through the bone."

"I don't think this is any ordinary training center." Courtney said as they and the cops all were taking cover. As the cops started to move in a hail of bullets from the warehouse set everyone ducking for cover. Moans of wounded officers we being heard over the gunfire. Some of the officers shot through their body armor.

"Your right. There's something else going on in there." Cassie responded as a bullet passed through the back of the chair she had been sitting in just seconds before.

"Can we do something now or do we lay here in the dirt some more?" Courtney asked, still pissed off at the cops.

"I say we get closer and make our plans." Cassie replied.

"It's about time." Courtney said. She and Cassie then scurried up to where the captain was ducked behind his car.

The captain glared at them, but said nothing. He knew he screwed up and was going to have to answer for this. "Can you hit that guy on the roof?" Cassie asked Courtney.

Courtney grinned and aimed her staff and fired a blast sending the man flying back through the air. The result was a hail of bullets in their direction. "They must have a small army in there." Captain Johnson stated. He reached into his car to grab the mike and call for help. But before he could a bullet took half his head off, covering the heroines with his blood and grey matter.

"These guys think this is a war." Courtney stated as she looked at the blood covering her and the dead cop's body laying on the ground.

Mae held Gigi in her arms and Lunesta tucked in her bra. She just needed to let him get a little too close and she would strike. He must not know Spanish Fly can fly she thought as she put almost no effort into carrying Gigi. Gigi was ready for Mae to make her move by making herself hover just above Mae's hands. "Can you open the door please?" the disgusted heroine asked while standing near the front door. The cops would be rushing the house any second and the nut job was going to blow it up.

He waved her back a little and reached for the knob. Mae leapt into action by letting Gigi go and jumping on Mr. Bradshaw. She grabbed his gun with her left hand and held his dead man switch with her right. Using her superior strength she ripped the gun from his grip and tossed it to the side. She then wrestled the dead man switch from his grasp as well.

Mae stood up and put the switch into her left hand and told the man to "Stand up slowly." She then drew her sword and sliced through the chains binding Gigi. "Here, take this." she said , carefully handing Gigi the devise. She then gingerly pulled Lunesta from her bra and handed her to Gigi as well.

"Now let's open the door and hand you over." she said pointing her blade at the man.

Greg hung his head in defeat and turned the knob to open the door. He walked out into the flashing lights and the sight of his guards in cuffs. As he walked out with Mae and Gigi behind him, a flash of light appeared between the feds and them. Seconds later two men were standing in that spot. Mae's sensors indicated both men were different species and were both unknown. One guy wore ancient Greek armor and carried a big sword. His crested helmet partially covering his face. Standing well over 6 feet tall and well muscled he looked the part of a true warrior. The other was dressed all in black leather and his helmet had two long horns sticking up. He wasn't as big as the first, but still scary looking.

"He belongs to us." the big one stated as he walked forward.

"Gigi, you and Lunesta get outta here. NOW." Mae ordered sensing the raid was going sour in a big way.

"I'm not going anywhere." Gigi stated. Lunesta was freeing herself from the thread and Gigi was ready for a fight.

"FREEZE WHERE YOU ARE." the voice stated from a bull horn in the flashing lights.

The guy in Greek armor smiled and nodded to the other guy.

"You can't go in there." Diana told the young girl.

The youngster was upset, but not hysterical. She stood facing the two heroines dressed in just a thin summer night gown. "Mom's dead, isn't she?" Donna asked. The 12 year old blonde girl could tell something was very wrong. "I know mom does some bad things, but she never told me what."

"We're sorry. We wanted to take you mother in alive for questioning." Kara said in a sad tone. The two heroines were squatting down to talk face to face with the child.

Sounds of policemen who had entered the house could be heard as a flash of white light appeared behind the little girl, Kara's and Diana's eyes opened wide as a beautiful blonde woman dressed in white robes that were nearly transparent appeared. "Long time no see Diana." she said with a nervous smile.

"Aphrodite, what are you doing here?" Diana asked as she and Kara stood up. Donna and Kara stood with their mouths wide open at the sight of a living goddess.

Aphrodite's face took on a grave expression that told Diana something was very wrong. "Your raids have triggered a series of events on our plane."

Aphrodite fidgeted as Diana asked "What going on?"

"Ares, Poseidon and Hades have led a coup on Olympus and imprisoned Zeus and Hera." the goddess explained.

"What's that have to do with our raids?" a confused Kara asked.

Diana wasn't so slow. "By the gods. Ares is behind the Corps."

"What!?" Kara asked.

"She's right." Aphrodite replied to Kara. "When your raids started, Ares hit the roof and Zeus figured out his involvement. Zeus had given orders centuries ago for us not to overtly interfere in the affairs of man. Ares and some of the others long for the old days when we were worshipped."

So why is Ares even bothering with a group like the Corps that deals in drugs and slaves?" Kara asked.

"Money." Diana replied. "Lots of money."

Aphrodite grinned "That's right. After the failure of the Nazis, Vietnam, the missiles in Cuba and the Korean conflict he started on a different approach. Build a small army and take over a small country and slowly expand making the people worship us and him as our leader."

"That could take a long time." Diana replied.

"Why does he even care if we worship him or not?" Kara asked.

"Part of a god's power comes from being worshipped. To that end he started on this path years ago by selecting the leadership he wanted and secretly building his army."

Donna listened to the conversation in awe. It wasn't everyday one stands in the presence of a goddess. Diana understood the principal. When you live forever how hard is it to wait a few decades for your plan to take shape? "He really thought the world would dropped to their knees for him?" she asked in disbelief.

"There wouldn't be much of a world left if his plans are completed, if you know what I mean?" Aphrodite nervously replied.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Kara asked about the vague comment.

"Armageddon. By the gods, he intends to end the world and start over." Diana surmised with a crack in her voice.

Aphrodite hung her head and answered. "He plans to start a nuclear war figuring enough people will survive to build another civilization."

"With him as the king of the gods." Diana finished.

"Right." An ashamed goddess answered. "And he's not alone. Half of Olympus is with him as well as some of the Norse and Egyptian gods as well. The other plane has erupted into all out war between the gods. I have to find someplace to hide and wait things out." the worried blonde goddess stated.

"Why aren't you helping?" Kara asked with a stare.

"I'm a lover, not a fighter." she replied.

"She is helping. She told us what's happening." Diana told Kara. "Aphrodite, can you take this girl to Paradise Island where she and you will be safe for now?"

The goddess' eyes lit up at the mention of a safe haven and in a flash, she and the young girl were gone.

"What do we do now?" Kara asked.

"We contact Watch Tower to report. The others need to know they could be running up against some very powerful foes." Diana turned the stone on her tiara to activate the built in communicator and asked "Barbara are you there?"

"Thank god your alright." came the reply in the familiar voice.

"What's wrong?" Diana asked.

"All hell's breaking loose. Hal's been shot and Bart is running around fighting with some guy just as fast as him. We lost communication with the groups in Nevada and Metropolis. We have reports of fierce fighting in the Middle East, South East Asia and in Australia. A naval fleet reports they are under attack by something they can best describe as a Kraken." Barbara blurted out trying, but failing, to stay calm.

Diana took a deep breath and let it out. "The ancient gods are at war and we're in the middle. Alert everyone they may be running into someone more powerful than they thought."

"I'll do that right now." Barbara replied.

"Is Hal okay?" Diana asked in a worried tone.

Kara could tell Diana and Hal liked each other more than just a little, but for some reason Diana wouldn't move forward with her feelings. "He was shot in the right shoulder. He'll be fine, but the bullet went through the shield he made with his ring." Barbara answered. "We transported him up here and he's in surgery right now. He and Bart were trying to arrest General Marshel when he drew a gun and opened fire. I guess Hal was lucky only one of the bullets hit him before Bart got the gun from him."

Kara tapped Diana's shoulder. "You beam up and check on Hal and I'll head for Nevada and then Metropolis to check on our friends."

Diana nodded knowing she couldn't get anywhere as fast as Kara. Kara was gone in the blink of an eye and Diana headed towards the incoming police to give a report then have Barbara transport her up to the station.

Kara and Diana were too preoccupied to have noticed that Axel had come to and made his escape. He swore to himself to find a way of getting even with the heroines.

Courtney fired another blast at the building. It seemed no matter how many gunmen she knocked down there was another to take his place. Cassie groaned in pain as she had Courtney's top wrapped around her left wrist and pressed to her right shoulder. The bullet had gone through her bracelet and wrist and lodged in her shoulder. They used Courtney's top as it was the only piece of somewhat clean material they could get there hands on.

Cassie was bleeding badly and in a great deal of pain. To make matters worse, both of their JLA communicators had been damaged. "Hang in there, we'll get help soon I promise." Courtney offered.

"I don't know. If everyone is up against something like this we're in big trouble." Cassie replied with a groan. They were pinned down behind a police car by heavy gun fire and half of the 3 dozen cops lay dead or dying around them. The men too busy to realize Courtney was topless.

Kara flew into the picture in the blink of an eye. She landed to stand next to Cassie and Courtney. She unhooked her cape and handed it to Courtney saying "Here wrap this around you."

Stargirl grinned and took the cape replying "Thanks, but we need to get her out of here now."

Kara nodded and quickly picked up Wondergirl and was gone. Courtney looked around to see if any of the men were looking at her exposed chest as she wrapped the cape around herself.

Moments later Kara was back. "What happened?" she asked as she ducked behind the car with Courtney.

"The cops started to close in and bullets started flying everywhere. With several of the officers down we jumped into action and we came under heavy fire. Cassie blocked a bunch of shots then one went right through her bracelet." Courtney said showing she was a little frightened.

"Well, let's end this before more people get hurt." Kara replied and looked at the building. "This isn't a training center, it's some kind of lab." she said using her X-ray vision to look inside. "The girls trhe cops saw being brought here must have been for entertainment."

"What do you see?" Courtney asked.

"There's some weird dressed guy working in some kind of lab with a fire pit. There's dozens of guards armed with assault rifles. There's a small piece of Kryptonite in the lab and it looks like an Amazon bracelet too." Kara rattled off. "I'll knock out the guards first and head for that guy in the lab. Blast a hole in the wall about 40 feet in from the left corner. Back me up in case he has more Kryptonite than I saw."

"I'll be there." Courtney replied all business.

Kara was gone and the gunfire from the warehouse ended seconds later. Courtney stood and charged towards the building along with the remaining officers.

Kara burst through the lab door and took her power pose. "And who the hell are you supposed to be?" she asked as the strange looking man turned to face her as the dust settled from the wall being hit.

The man held his hand up and formed a fire ball which he threw at the blonde heroine. Kara stood her ground seeing no threat from fire. Her reward was to be sent flying backward several feet and a hole being burned in her tunic. Although her boobs were still covered she had a painful burn, similar to a bad sun burn, on her chest. "AAAAA" she yelled as she landed on her back with her legs spread.

The man grinned and before she could sit up he sent another fire ball her way burning the crotch of her panties away and burning her twat. "AAAAAAA. You son of a bitch." she screamed and quickly got to her feet wincing in pain. The wounds would heal in minutes, but he had also embarrassed her.

"Your not human." he said as a matter of fact. "You would be dead now if you were." he reached to the work bench near him for something and was shocked as he couldn't find it. He turned to look and horrified to see another girl standing off to the side with a red cloak wrapped around herself and holding a box holding the Kryptonite he was looking for.

"Is this what you want?" Courtney asked holding the small lead box in front of her. "Who ever you are your in big trouble." Courtney said aiming her staff at him. "I suggest you give up."

"You two have know idea what your dealing with." he replied. He grabbed a couple of things off the work bench and quickly vanished.

"What the hell?" asked a stunned Courtney.

"He must be one of the gods Aphrodite was talking about." Kara said as she walked forward.

"Aphrodite? Gods? What are you talking about?"

"There's been a coup on Olympus and some of the gods are running the Corps." Kara replied.

"Well if I remember my Greek mythology then that might have been Hephaestus, the god of fire and metal working."

"Well that explains the strange lab." Kara replied. Hearing cops coming down the hall to the lab Kara said "I need to go." looking down at her very exposed cleavage and with the fact her panties had no crotch she didn't want them to see her.

"How is he?" Barbara asked as Diana came back into the control room. Deep scratches were very visible on Diana's chest.

"Hal's a tough guy, but what bothers me the most is that the bullet went through the shield made by his ring." Diana said. She was worried about Hal and her sister, the hospital in Reno had called Watch Tower at the request of Supergirl to say they had Wondergirl and she was now stable. "Do you have the settings in?"

"Are you sure they're up on that mountain?"

Diana grinned and gave a little snicker. "That's a misnomer, they don't actually live on the mountain. It's just a gateway to their realm." Diana replied as she walked to the platform.

"I'm sorry I can't get you closer, the energy from the mountain distorts our signal."

Diana climbed up on the platform and replied "It's close enough."

"Are you sure you have to go there? Isn't dangerous for you to go alone right now?" Barbara asked, worried about her friend.

"Someone has to find out what they did with Zeus. If anyone can stop this, it's him." Diana said somberly. This may be the most dangerous thing she had ever done, but the price of letting Ares win was too high. He would enslave the entire world and have everyone worship him.

Barbara nodded and flipped the switch sending Diana on her way.

Mae jumped over the sword swung in her direction. Greg's body lay dead on the ground, killed by the powerful warrior. Lunesta hovered over the injured Spanish Fly, downed by an energy bolt thrown by the powerful enemy. The good news being the energy bolt destroyed the dead man's switch and the house didn't blow up. Mae landed on her feet and swung her blade at him which he easily blocked.

It had become a test between his strength and skill against her speed and mystical weapon. Although he hadn't outwardly done more than scratch her, he had shown he could hurt her. She had been slapped and slashed as well as hit by the energy bolt that took out Gigi. Besides a few scratches, her bra and panties were also victims of that same energy bolt. The young shadow warrior was also sure one of her ribs was broken. Her alien power suit protected her from most of the effects, but it did stun her pretty good.

Mae fought the big warrior as the other man kept the FBI and the police that were now showing up at bay by throwing energy balls at them. Mae saw Gigi move out of the corner of her eye as she parried to block another attack by the big man. At nearly 6'6" and a muscular 285 pounds he dwarfed the shadow warrior, but she wasn't backing down.

Mae had to keep him busy until Gigi recovered enough for them to get away. Discretion was the better part if valor and with one of their targets gone and the other dead, their mission was a bust. Gigi's mutant ability to heal fast wasn't as quick as some other mutants, but she should be back on her feet in a few minutes Mae thought.

Mae was so intent on the fight she never saw the sky, neither did her adversary. The other one did however and yelled "HE'S COMING, WE HAVE TO GO."

"Not until I kill this gnat." the warrior snarled back. His fight with Mae was frustrating him. How could such a small girl match up with him? He wondered.

The sky churned and clouds formed from nothing. A bolt of lightning hit between the FBI and cops and the man with the horns. "LOKI YOU'VE GONE TOO FAR THIS TIME." the new arrival yelled.

"Hello brother." he said back. He was acting brave, but shaking on the inside. He really didn't want to go toe to toe with Thor without an ace up his sleeve. He had been counting on Ares to help him, but he was busy with the strange black skinned girl with the glowing sword.

"HURRY UP WITH HER, HE'S HERE." Loki shouted. Loki threw an energy ball at Thor who blocked it with his hammer sending it back at Loki and knocking him on his ass.

Mea blocked another hard swing of Ares' sword and managed to roll past him in the process. With her speed she turned and slashed at his calf. "AAAA." the war god yelled out. His wound started healing as he turned to face her. "Foolish mortal. I will see you suffer greatly when I send you to Hades."

Thor jumped forward and swung his hammer striking his brother and sending him crashing into a police cruiser. The god of trickery quickly got to his feet to face his brother and swatting cops away that got too close. "When we win brother, I will see you and Odin get to spend eternity in the same dark hole." he said and threw another bolt as an exclamation point which was easily deflected.

Kara flew into the area just in time to block the stray energy bolt from hitting Gigi, who had just managed to struggle to her feet. Kara had made a quick pit stop at the farm to change into a spare costume and panties after what happened out side of Reno. She breathed a sigh of relief that she blocked this one with her arm instead of her chest as the sleeve of the tunic was burned away. Normally her clothes were almost as indestructible as she, but these gods were extremely powerful.

Kara grabbed the stunned Latina and Lunesta and ushered them away to a safe location. When she returned she flew hard into Loki who had managed to get his brother off balance and was ready to hit him with another energy bolt. Loki again was sent crashing into a police car hard. He again got to his feet quickly and yelled "WE HAVE TO GO, WE'RE OVER MATCHED NOW." the arrival of Supergirl had shifted the balance of power.

This time Mae capitalized on the distraction. As he turned his head to yell back, Mae leapt into the air and slashed at Ares' throat. She sliced his head off to the shock of everyone, including Loki. In a flash Loki and Ares' body were gone.

Thor walked up to the somewhat winded and naked shadow warrior and said. "Very good small warrior. You have done what only a few mortals have ever done." There was another lightning bolt and he was gone just as quickly as he had arrived.

Kara quickly rescued her friend by wrapping Gigi in her new cape. I'm going to need more capes at this rate Kara thought. "Who the hell were those guys and what did that guy mean by I did something few others had?" Gigi asked.

"Kara hugged Mae and then said. That was Thor and the guy you were fighting was Ares." she said.

Behind her mask Mae's eyes and mouth were open wide. "The god of war Ares." she said in disbelief.

Kara grinned and nodded "Yep, you just kicked the god of war's ass. But he'll be back. You can beat him, but you really can't kill him. He always comes back."

"I cut his head off." Mae stated.

"Talk with Diana. That's happened before." She hugged Mae again and said "Gigi's on a roof 3 blocks south with Lunesta. I have to go. The flash is up against some guy as fast as he is and if I'm right it has to be someone like Mercury or Hermes." Kara said "You guys get back to the farm." and leapt onto the air and headed north east in the direction of Boston where, according to a call that came over one of the FBI radios, the Flash and the other guy were last seen chasing each other around.

Diana looked up at the palace of the gods. She squinted angrily when she saw another person almost at the doorway. She knew who it was, dressed in lamb skin pants and vest, and charged at him. "YOU SON OF A BITCH." She yelled as she crashed into him and the both landed sprawled on the marble floor of the empty palace.

"What are you doing? Your both here to help." a woman's voice scolded Diana.

Diana looked up through angry eyes and said "He helped enslave my people." She then saw who she was talking to. The goddess of chastity stood before her in tattered robes, her left breast exposed and a blood stain just below her waist. "By the goods Ares raped the virgin goddess." She said in shock at Ares' nerve. "Your Hestia and Ares had the nerve to rape you?" And she saw the small blood stain on the floor not far away indicating where it happened.

"He had help." she said sadly. "Loki, Hades and Ra were with him. I was used to help him seal his deal with the other gods. A virgin goddess was too good for them to turn down." she said then started crying.

Diana stood up and took the sobbing goddess into her embrace. "We'll stop him."

"And for your information I did that over 2,000 years ago. It was a different time." Hercules said as he stood up. "Maybe we should help each other instead of giving into hatred."

"Fine." Diana replied curtly. She had heard of his good deeds over the centuries and it didn't go with the way the old timers on the island talked about him.

Hercules sighed and asked Hestia "What did Ares do to Zeus and Hera?" He had no love loss for Hera after she killed his wife and children, but her power was needed to help restore order and stop Ares.

"He trapped them in Cronus Balls."

"Crunus Balls?" Diana asked.

Hercules took a deep breath and let it out. "Cronus balls. As the story goes, not the myth you've been told over the years, but the true story goes like this. Cronus was afraid Zeus would take his throne away so he had Hephaestus produce orbs to contain Zeus, Hades and Poseidon. But Hephaestus betrayed Cronus and gave the orbs to Zeus. Zeus then trapped all the titans in the orbs."

"So Hephaestus made some more orbs for Ares and now betrayed Zeus." Diana finished.

"We have to find those orbs and break them to set Zeus and Hera free." Hercules stated. "Do you know where they hid them?" He asked the sobbing goddess.

Diana shot him daggers for being unsensitive, but also knew time was of the essence.

"Hades has them in the underworld." Hestia sobbed.

"Then that's where we're going." Diana said to Hercules.

"I'm coming too." Hestia stated. They were going to need all the help they could get to stop Ares.

Kara streaked across the sky, flying faster than the human eye could see. Below her Flash was being chased by some guy in a toga with wings on his sandals. "How did I guess it had to be Mercury or Hermes." she mumbled to herself as she watched Flash zig zagging to avoid being hit by energy balls being flung by the speedster god.

Kara noticed they kept changing directions and flew off to the side of them and waited for an opening. When Flash turned to run in her direction Kara dove for the deck and blew by him faster than even a god could see. Her wake knocked flash to the ground where he skidded along the ground for nearly a mile. But she hit his pursuer square in the chest and just about snapped him in two.

Kara stood up grinning down at the god gasping for a breath with most of his ribs broken. She blew the hair out of her face and stared down at him angrily. "You and your friends messed with the wrong mortal when they did those things to me."

Kara's eyes turned bright red, but before she could fry his ass he vanished in a flash. "Damn it." she cursed. She knew she couldn't kill him, but she would have liked to have given him a whole body hot foot.

Kara then rushed to check on Flash. "You okay?" she asked with a bright smile as he groaned and sat up.

"A lot better than if he had hit me with one of those things. Thanks." Flash said with a smile of his own. He looked up at her as she stood close to him getting a good view of her red panties with a very nice camel toe.

"Do you have your communicator?"

"Yeah, why?" he asked never looking at her face, just her mesmerizing crotch.

"Will you stop acting like a perv and call Watch Tower to see if anyone else is fighting one of these gods." she shrieked.

As Hercules paid Charon for ferrying them across the River Styx, Diana took a moment to help Hestia fix her gown and cover her breast. The goddess was still in a bit if shock after being raped and was holding the front of her gown up to cover her breasts. Taking two ends of cloth Diana tied it up over her shoulder. "It might not look good, but we'll be seen by a lot of men that haven't seen a woman in centuries and your powers will be weak down here." Diana said as she did.

"Thank-you." the goddess said for Diana's kindness. Hestia then waved her hand at Diana and repaid the kindness by healing the deep scratches on the Amazon's chest.

Diana grinned and said "Thank-you." back to the beautiful goddess.

"Have either of you been down here before?" Hercules asked.

"No." whimpered Hestia.

"A few times." Stated Diana. "Hades will keep the orbs the safest place he knows of."

"His quarters." finished Hercules. "It's not far from here, but we have to be careful. And what ever happens don't eat anything or you'll never be able to leave."

"Thanks officer." Courtney said getting out of the cruiser. She then turned and walked in through the emergency entrance to the hospital totally embarrassed the cape she had wrapped around her fell off twice on the ride into town. She could have flown, but didn't know which hospital Kara had brought Cassie or how to get there. One of the officers was nice enough to give her a ride and apparently she was nice enough to give him a show.

The red faced teen walked up to the desk holding her staff in one hand and the cape in place with the other. "Can you tell me where Wondergirl is please?" she asked the nurse who never bothered to even look up.

"Miss we've got a dozen wounded police offices, 6 ODs, 7 injured by a pile up on the highway and the usual assortment of sick and injured. Not to mention several guys injured by some kind of energy blast weapon. Take a seat and when I get caught up I'll find where they put your friend." the desk nurse replied rudely.

"But she's alone and our friends will be worried if I don't give them an update." Courtney whined.

"Miss the waiting room is full of worried people. Why don't you start yourselves a support group. Now go take a seat and let me get caught up on this paperwork so some of those other injured people can be seen as soon as possible." she replied still not bothering to look up at Stargirl.

Courtney fumed as she regarded the 50 something older woman. She thought about making a scene, but simmered as she walked to the crowded waiting room instead.

Hercules led the way followed by Hestia and Diana bringing up the rear. Diana had rolled her eyes when Hercules had offered her the choice of being in the front or in the back. She just couldn't stand the thought of him staring at her ass as they made their way through the underworld. The journey wouldn't be long as Hades' palace was just on the other side of the Elysian Fields.

As they made their way through a heroes paradise Hercules grinned as they ran into an old friend "Jason, nice to see you again."

"Hercules, some of us were beginning to think you would never join us." the long dead hero said as the two men embraced.

"Sorry, but I'm still not dead. Seems the gods are causing trouble again." Hercules said. "Let me introduce you to my friends." he said and moved to the side for Jason to see the women.

"Hestia?" Jason asked in surprise. "What's going on that Hestia would come down here?"

"Well seeing you already know Hestia I'll just introduce you to Diana, princess of the Amazons." Hercules said with a grin.

"AMAZON?!" Jason yelled and stood back taking a fighting stance.

Hercules laughed as Diana also stood ready. "Relax, the Amazons are good guys now." he said chuckling.

"Not funny." Diana said with an angry stare.

Jason just about busted a nut laughing. "After all these years you still have that sense of humor."

"This isn't the time to be joking. People are dying." Diana scolded angrily.

"Well built. No sense of humor. Yep, she's an Amazon." Jason said trying to stop laughing. As Diana growled he asked "So what in Hades is going on?"

"Ares has led a coup and locked Zeus and Hera up in Cronus balls." Hercules stated. "We need to free them or the world will be destroyed."

"And they hid them down here. That explains why no one can get anywhere near Hades' palace today." Jason stated. I wish you the best of luck." Jason said as he backed away to return to his eternal reward.

Kara flew high over the Philippines. Flash had run off to aid the Teen Titans in their fight near Gotham and Kara sped to the Philippines to aid the Asian heroes in a fight against some unknown entity.

"He has to be Egyptian." she mumbled seeing the man with a bird's head.

The 5 Asian heroes dove for cover as the god leveled his staff and fired several energy blasts at them. Kara furrowed her brow and dove down at a 45 degree angle and driving the god into the ground. Kara stood up grinning down at the groaning deity as he vanished in defeat.

Kara leapt into the air followed by cheers and headed for Africa. Sheena and some heroine called Lady Lion were in trouble somewhere in Kenya. It shouldn't be to hard to find them, she thought. All she had to do is look for total chaos and listen for energy blasts.

Courtney's disposition wasn't getting any better as she waited. It had been nearly half an hour and the bitch at the desk had only looked up to call 4 names to be attended to. Courtney was about to explode when she saw a doctor walk through the swinging doors to the emergency area holding Cassie's damaged bracelet. A very young and cute doctor, Courtney thought. Handsome at 5'10" and a trim 170 pounds. The 30ish dark haired man headed towards the front desk.

Courtney jumped up and headed him off. "Excuse me. I'm Wondergirl's friend. Can you tell me how she is?" the worried blonde teen asked.

The young doctor was suddenly glad he was wearing his baggy scrubs. He swallowed as his mouth watered at the sight of the blonde heroine struggling to keep the cape from falling off again. Seeing numerous scratches on her he seized his opportunity. "Holding up the bracelet he said "She'll be fine. She was conscious when she came in and told us about her healing abilities and her tiara. We had to remove her bracelet to keep the pieces of metal that were folded in by the bullet from impeding the healing process. We got the bullet out and she's being given blood and pain meds. She lost a lot of blood and now she needs to rest."

"Thanks doctor." Courtney replied. "Can I take the bracelet and the bullet?" a bullet that can go through an Amazon bracelet needed to be checked out.

"The bullet has already been turned over to the police. But here's the bracelet he said holding it out to her.

Courtney had to stop holding the cape up for a couple of seconds to take it and managed to get her hand back just before it fell off again. "Sorry." she said with a nervous giggle.

"Don't be sorry. Now let's see about your wounds. The young doctor said hoping to get the teen heroine alone.

"I'm okay." she said. After all she had advanced healing abilities as well.

"Nonsense. Some of those look like they were made by bullets and your covered in dirt. We need to clean you wounds to keep them from getting infected. I can even see a couple pieces of glass as we stand here." the doctor stated.

"Really I'm okay." she whined.

"Don't make me call for help. Come with me." he said in a commanding tone.

Courtney groaned in defeat and followed the man through the double doors, turning right instead of left to go into the emergency room, and down the hall through another set of double doors and to an empty room. "Sit on the table please." he said gesturing for Courtney to enter. When she did he closed the door behind them and quietly turned the lock.

"Why didn't we go into the emergency room?" the confused heroine asked.

"All the tables in there are being used at the moment. We would have had to wait for a table and fill out paper work. We're just going to clean you up and check those wounds." the doctor explained.

Courtney climbed up on the table and sat on the edge. "What do I call you? Stargirl sounds so impersonal." he asked as he stepped in front of her.

"Star would be fine." She didn't like giving her real name to strangers.

"I'm doctor Jones. You can call me Doc, doctor, Doc. Jones, Doctor Jones or Herbie if you like."

Courtney giggled at the doctor's joke. "I'll just call you doctor if you don't mind?"

"Fine. Now can you put that staff and bracelet down for a little while?" he asked with a grin.

Courtney nodded and put her staff and the bracelet on the examination table behind her being careful not to let the cape fall off again. While she was doing that the doctor turned around to a little counter area with supplies and some drug bottles and prepared a shot for the naïve teen beauty. "What's that for?" she asked showing hesitation.

"When's the last time you had a tetanus shot?" the doctor asked calmly.

"I don't remember?" Courtney squeaked honestly.

"Well in that case we better give you one." the doctor replied. He wiped a spot on her right arm with a alcohol wipe and then administered the drug. With her powers, Courtney barely felt a thing. The doctor disposed of the wipe and the needle and grabbed some gauze and a basin of water and began cleaning the wounds on the teen heroine's arms and shoulders. He had to grab a pair if tweezers to remove a few pieces of glass from her cuts. "Looks like you and your friend were in quite a fight." he said making conversation.

"Yeah, we weren't expecting there to be that much resistance." she replied to the awfully cute doctor.

Doc. Jones grinned noticing some of her scratches were where rips in her spandex bottoms were and probably where she had the cape covering he thought. He grabbed a bottle of iodine and said "This may sting a little." as he dabbed her wounds.

Again she felt no pain. With her powers she was hard to hurt. It took several minutes for the doctor to clean all the cuts on her shoulders and arms. He worked from the back grinning as he saw scratches disappearing down where the cape was hiding them. "Can you drop the wrap off your back so I can clean these ones thoroughly?" he asked in a business like tone.

Courtney bit her lower lip as she carefully turned the cape so it was overlapped in the back and held the front, letting the rest fall away exposing her back and sides. "Have you been a doctor long?" she asked trying to make conversation.

"I finished my residency about 2 years ago." he replied as he cleaned the cut on her sides and back.

Courtney bit her lip again as he asked her "Please raise your right arm?"

Courtney held the cape with just her left arm and hand and raised her right over her head to allow the doctor access to her right side.

Mae , Gigi and Lunesta were making their way back to the Kent farm. Mae had used up a lot of her suits power and she didn't have enough to stay invisible for long so they had to come up with another plan of getting to the farm unseen. Mae and Gigi would walk some of the way and then Gigi would fly them until she got tired and they would walk some more. Lunesta of course would just fly on her own.

"How much further?" Gigi asked. They didn't want to be seen when the sun came up. Mae had pulled a spare bra and panties set out of her pockets and was carrying Kara's cape, but two nearly naked teen girls would stand out in rural Kansas. They needed to get to the farm without being seen.

"That's it up ahead." Mae said pointing to a porch light in the distance. Gigi had them a hundred feet in the air and the could see for miles.

Lunesta flittered around dipping down to check out the houses. As she passed one house she noticed something quite odd she thought. And open window with 2 telescopes sticking out. What was even more odd was they were facing in the same direction, horizontally.

By moon light the fairy decided to take a closer look. She flew cautiously near the window and peaked in. Seeing the only person in the room was a sleeping teen boy she snuck in to look around. On a desk she spotted a pile of photos and landed on the desk to check them out. Her eyes and mouth opened wide as she saw the one on top was of her in the hay loft getting fucked doggie style.

Part of her thought, gee I look hot. While most of her was pissed. She pushed the top one off to see the next and then the next until she scanned them all. She then flew over to the telescope to see them focused on the upstairs window of the Kent house. "I gotta tell them." she mumbled angrily and zipped out the window to chase after Mae and Gigi who were just about to the farm house by that point.

Courtney held the cape over her breasts with one hand and used the other to take her trunks off her ankle as she raised her leg. She tossed them on top of her boots and bent over the examination table for the doctor to tend to the wounds on her back side. She blushed as she was wearing a thong, not wanting panty lines to show through her trunks.

Doc. Jones admired her pearly white ass as she was bent over in front of him with just a thin piece of cloth bisecting her ass. He could tell she was very aroused by the way she was moaning with his every touch and especially the lines of pussy juice running down the insides of her thighs. Doc. Jones adjusted himself with his left hand as he dabbed the wounds with his right.

"Is this really necessary?" she asked trying to fight the feelings growing within her.

"We don't want you to get an infection in you pretty little ass now would we?" he asked back as he took the hand he adjusted himself with and placed it on her butt cheek and gave a soft squeeze.

"mmmmmmmmm" she moaned and then caught herself. "I'm sorry." she blurted out in embarrassment.

"Don't worry about it." he said with a big grin. She didn't ask me to stop, he thought. He stopped dabbing her ass with his right hand but kept groping her with the left. As she faced away, embarrassed by her reactions, he slowly stood up and dropped his pants to reveal a 8 inch raging hard on.

Standing behind her he rubbed her butt with both hands and as she moaned he hooked the string going up between her cheeks with his left thumb and pulled it to the side. He wasted no time in pressing his cock to her opening and thrusting in. "OH GOD YEAH." she yelled and her eyes opened wide in shock as to what just happened and her own reaction.

"Just relax honey and Doctor Jones will make you feel much better." he cooed in her ear as he started rocking his hips.

"We can't do this. You're a doctor." she protested, but made no physical effort to stop him.

"Doctors have sex all the time." he whispered as he slid his hands up her back and around to grope her D-cup breasts. He gave a little chuckle as she lifted her upper body off the table and dropped the cape to give him access to her awesome chest.

"But I'm a patient." she whined in confusion as she held her upper body up with her hands resting on Supergirl's cape. "mmmmmmmmm." Courtney moaned as the doctor thrust in hard up to his balls.

"Yes you are and I'm going to make you feel soooooo much better." he replied as he picked up his pace.

"Oh god doctor, make meeee feel better." she said back finally starting to fully surrender to the feelings.

"That's it my little Star." he said as her tweaked her nipples and giving them a little twist. He smiled broadly as she started to thrust back to meet him.

"We know your out there. Make it easy on yourselves." Hades said from the front of his army. The god of the underworld stood smugly in front of his palace with a small army of other gods, harpies and dead warriors.

"So much for a surprise attack." Hercules said as they hid behind some rocks.

"Some of those gods look Egyptian." Diana said. "It's bad enough Loki and Ares are there, but the odds are totally against us on this one." She looked over the rock she was behind and asked "So what's our plan?"

"We have no choice. The fate of the world rest in our hands." the son of Zeus replied.

"So we walk down like we're giving up and kick ass." She said with a sigh.

"But no matter what, one of us has to break the orb holing Zeus." said Hestia.

"Well here goes nothing." Hercules stated as they stood up.

"Well brother it's so nice to see you again." Ares said in a hoarse voice. There was a hundred feet or so between the groups and Ares was going to taunt them for the whole slow walk. He also didn't want to have to kill the two women. Hestia was a good fuck for a virgin and the princess of the Amazons would look nice impaled on his manhood.

"What happened to you?" Cut yourself shaving?" Diana taunted back as they walked forward. She could see his barely healed throat and grinned as it looked like a sword sliced him.

"And when I find that razor I'll cut her into pieces." he growled back.

"Let me guess. A little black skinned girl with a glowing sword." she said grinning at his unease over the fact of being beaten. But if she was right, it was much worse. The god of war could never live down the fact he lost to a little girl.

"A girl, you lost to a little girl?" Hades asked laughingly.

"Shut up." Ares snarled at his uncle. "She wasn't that little." he said trying to save face.

"If it's who I think it is, she's all of 5 foot nothing and 90 pounds soaking wet." Diana said smugly as they were about 20 feet away. That's where they stopped.

Half of Ares' army was laughing hysterically. "SILENCE." he yelled angrily.

"So how do we settle this?" Hercules asked with a stern look for his half brother.

"Simple. We make slaves out of you three and we allow you to serve me as you new king of the gods." Ares said making a grand hand gesture.

Hercules smiled as he spoke."I think I speak for the three of us when I say we'd rather die." And with that the fight was on. From the start it was one sided as our heroes found themselves in dire straits.

Hercules was set upon by both Loki and Hades as well as several harpies. Hestia was on the ground as dead warriors ripped what was left of her gown off and readied themselves to show the goddess her knew station in life. Ares and some harpies had Diana struggling to stay on her feet. Her bustier was already torn apart, but she had managed to keep her power belt.

Everyone was shocked to here battle cries coming from all directions. Jason and the Argonauts attacked form one direction as 300 Spartans came from another. Perseus, Achilles, Hector and Diomedes were there. As were Hercules' nephew, Iolaus and his old friend Abderus.

The ancient Greek heroes charged into the foray. Harpies and other dead warriors rushed forward to meet the threat, but the distraction cost Diana her belt. The Amazon princess was quickly forced to her hands and knees by a trio of harpies in a position to offer her ass to the new king of the gods. "Might as well show you what you and your Amazon sisters will be doing for eternity." Ares snarled as he gripped Diana's blue tights and ripped them open.

"AAAAAARRRR. You'll pay for this Ares." Diana defiantly snarled back as she struggled against the vile creatures holding her for the war gods pleasure.

"First you, then your mother. Hell, I might even make your little sister my own private pet." he growled as he dropped his armor to release his 14" monster cock. "This may hurt a little." he taunted as he knelt down behind her.

Kara flew home after a quick trip to Rio. Some kind of god wearing shiny armor and feathers was fighting Diana's other sister, Drusilla, and some guy calling himself El Cid. Kara thought the god looked Incan or maybe Mayan. It really didn't matter to Kara as she used her heat vision to set his feathers on fire and then hit him hard enough with a shoulder block to send him a couple of miles out to seas.

With the sun about ready to rise over the horizon she was looking forward to a hot shower and a long nap. She needed to make one more stop before taking the final leg of her trip home first. As she flew north she veered to the left.

Mae walked out of Kara's bedroom into the hall. She had disabled her power suit and put on Kara's bathrobe first. Her suit had healed her ribs on the way home, but she was still sporting a big bruise on her right side. "We have to tell Kara about that guy." she said to Gigi as the young Latina sat on Kara's bed and Lunesta was standing on the dresser. Mae then pulled the shade down, blocking the view through the window.

"I say we kick the pervert's ass." An irate fairy stated.

"We have to make sure there's no more pictures out there and if anybody else was involved with spying." Mae said calmly as she walked back in the bedroom.

"But he's got pictures of me and Kara doing er."

"Doing what?" Mae asked in an innocent tone and wicked grin making her tiny friend blush bright crimson. She had an idea it was more than just pictures of them naked that had Lunesta ready to attack.

"You know, by the look on her face I'd say they were doing the nasty in some of those pictures." Gigi stated to Mae and to the shock of Lunesta.

"Please? We have to do something." Lunesta begged.

"We'll do something." Mae stated. "But I think we should wait and see what Kara wants to do first."

Doctor Jones was on his back on the examination table, with Supergirl's cape under him, as Courtney knelt over his crotch. "OH GOD RRRRRRR." she cried as she came again.

"That's it Star Baby. Whose your daddy?" The doctor asked as the blonde beauty rocked on his cock. He held her breasts in a vice like grip that with her powers didn't hurt Courtney.

Courtney's long blonde tresses were stuck to her shoulders and neck and her mask was turned slightly around so she could see through the right eye hole only. Her thong panties had been ripped off and were on the floor with her boots and trunks. Her cuts were almost totally healed by now as she ground her pussy into the man below her. "Oh god this feels good!" she exclaimed.

Doctor Jones felt himself getting close and said "Kneel on the floor baby. Kneel on the floor."

Courtney jumped off the man gasping for air as she rushed to obey his request. The doctor jumped up quickly and position her so her back was to the table as he presented his probe to her lips. "That's my girl." he said grinning as Courtney opened her mouth without hesitation to take him in.

"UURRRCCCHH." Courtney gagged as he gripped her head and drove into her mouth and throat.

"That's a good little heroine." He chuckled as she allowed herself to be face fucked. He was almost there as he pulled out saying "Beg for it baby. Beg for my load."

Courtney gripped his rod with both hands and stroked him hard and fast as she begged "Cum for me. Please cum for me."

Doctor Jones took his tool onto his own hand and groaned "Open your mouth."

Stargirl opened wide as the man groaned and filled her mouth with his load. He also covered her masked face, her hair and her breasts. As Courtney swallowed her mouthful and rubbed the rest into her skin the doctor grabbed Supergirl's cape to clean off his rod.

Doctor Jones then bent over to kiss her tenderly on the lips and said "Take your time getting cleaned up. Use the sink over here and all the paper towels you need." He then quickly dressed as she panted, trying to catch her breath after her thorough fucking. Doctor Jones then left, leaving Courtney dazed and naked on her knees.

Courtney groaned as she slowly stood up and went to the sink to start the process of getting cleaned up.

Doctor Jones walked through the double doors and out the emergency exit. He spotted his friend and headed for the car. As he got in his buddy asked "Did you get it?"

"Oh yeah Tom. I got it." Doctor Jones stated with a big grin as he held up the damaged bracelet.

As he put the car in gear and drove off Tom asked "What the hell took so long Derek?"

Derek chuckled and said "Let's just say formula 317 works great." as he held up a small medicine bottle and Courtney's ripped panties.


"Not Wondergirl, Stargirl." Derek stated.

Courtney turned her mask back into position and looked at herself in the mirror. She dampened some paper towels and continued her sponge bath. Suddenly her mind cleared and she looked in the mirror with a face of shock and horror. "What the hell? What just happened?" she asked herself.

Courtney turned around and searched the room noticing the bracelet missing. The teen heroine quickly dressed herself, noticing her panties were also gone, and grabbed her staff. She wrapped Kara's now cum stained Cape around her, trying her best to hide the stains, and ran back to the emergency desk.

Kara showed up just as Courtney did. "Can you tell me how Wondergirl is doing?" Kara asked the same woman who gave Courtney such a hard time.

"Oh there you are." the nurse said to Courtney. "Your friend was discharged a half hour ago. She's been waiting in the waiting room for you to come back."

"Thank-you." an obviously rattled Stargirl said. "Can you tell me how to find Doctor Jones?"

"I'm sorry we don't have a Doctor Jones here." the nurse stated with a confused expression.

Hestia vanished, fleeing, rather than get raped again. Hercules was a bloody mess being held by Loki and Hades and being forced to watch the battle and the Amazon princess getting her ass raped by Ares. "AAAAAARRRRGGGG." Diana cried out in pain, but refusing to surrender to the god.

"Come on now princess. It'd be much better for you in the long run if you just start calling me master now." Ares taunted as he rocked his hips and drove his god size cock deep into Diana's ass over and over.

"NEVER!" she grunted in defiance. As a true Amazon warrior, she would never surrender to Ares.

"Say never all you want, but we both know you will in time. And you and your sisters will bare my children." He taunted some more. This time raising his right hand and bringing it down with a hard slap on Diana's ass.

"AAAAAA, YOU BASTARD." she screamed.

Unseen two female figures appeared on a hill not far away. "Are you sure we should get involved?" one asked. She was dressed in armor and carried a sword.

"You know he'll treat us just like Hestia if we let him win?" asked the one dressed as a hunter, carrying a bow and a quiver of arrows.

"Well if we're going to do this you'll never get a better shot than this." The armor clad one said as they both watched Ares from the back as he flexed his ass, driving into the furious Amazon.

"Which cheek?" asked the bow woman as they both giggled at what they were about to do.

"You think you can get one in each before he reacts?"

"You do have an evil streak Athena. You know that?"

"I just want to see the great Artemis in action." Athena said with a grin.

"Okay then. Right cheek first." Artemis said as she took aim trying not to laugh. She drew back he bow and took aim. She fired her shot and had the second on the way before the first one was half way.

Ares bent forward to grope Diana's breast. Just as he squeezed he yelled "AAAAAAAAAA" followed quickly with another yell. "AAAA, WHAT THE FUCK?" He twisted his body to see the two arrows sticking out of his ass then up on the hill to see Artemis and Athena laughing hysterically.

Ares pulled out of the relieved princess and stood up. He reached in back of himself and pulled out the two arrows. "AAAARRRGGG, ARRRRRGG." he loudly grunted as he realize Artemis had use broad heads. "You two bitches will pay for this." he told them angrily.

"Let's get started then." Athena said with a stare and started walking towards Ares with her sword at the ready.

Artemis started firing on the Ares' army as the warrior goddess faced off with the god of war. I will not be one of your sex toys." Athena snarled as she stood ready to attack.

"YOOHOO." a loud yell was heard and Athena smiled at her fake.

"Goddess of warfare, remember. That means I think." she taunted as Ares turned to see the demur

Demeter holding three orbs.

"NNNOOOOOOOO!" Ares yelled as she smashed the first one on the ground, releasing Odin. Loki and his terrified face vanished in a flash. "NO DON"T." he yelled as Demeter smashed the other two, releasing Hera and Zeus.

The Egyptian gods fled as well, as Zeus stared at Ares. The fighting ceased as the harpies fled and Ares' dead army skulked off.

Jason went to help Hercules and Hercules asked "Why did you risk being kicked out of the Elysian fields to help me?"

"We may be long dead, but we still have a heroes heart." was the reply.

Diana staggered to her feet and over to grab her belt sure every man was watching her as she did. She put her belt on and stood proud as she could with one arm covering her breasts and the other her exposed twat.

"Good morning Metropolis." Samantha Cousins said speaking to the camera in front of her. She was wearing a suit jacket and a black bra, but no blouse. She had the jacket buttoned up to a respectable height, but was showing enough cleavage to get the attention of any guy from puberty to the grave. "Pull up a chair and listen up because a lot has happened while you were sleeping." The perky blonde stated with a big grin.

Todd Denison stared straight into the camera to read his lines and wondering if the hot blonde was going to come to his dressing room after the broad cast and play like the day before. He still wasn't sure about sharing the desk job, but if he was going to see the perks his mind could be swayed. She had sucked him off better than he had been sucked in years and her breasts were still round and firm, unlike his wife. Still she didn't let him fuck her, that might need to change he thought. "That's right Sam. Over night the military, law enforcement organizations around the world, the JLA and other heroic groups struck hard at the Corps."

Sam smiled for the camera and sat up straight showing off her chest as she read. "Over 350 arrests have been made and 4 Corps training centers have been raided rescuing 142 young girls."

Todd tried not to look at Sam's chest as he read and was doing a good job while on camera. "We have a report that two heroes were shot during the raids, Wondergirl and Green Lantern. Both are expected to make full recoveries."

"And it looks like Supergirl is back. She helped out with appearances on 5 continents over night. That girl knows how to get around." Sam read as the off color joke. That won't go over well she thought after reading it.

Kara scanned the room where Courtney got fucked and couldn't find any cameras or other recording devises. They had looked around and used a syringe to take some of Courtney's blood for testing. "It's clean." she commented after looking around for the third time.

Cassie was sporting a bandaged wrist and shoulder, but she would be fully healed by the end of the day. "You say you remember everything and that you wanted him to have sex with you?" Cassie asked.

"Yeah, and no. I wanted him to, but I wasn't in control. It happened so fast, then the feeling went away just as fast." Courtney tried to explain.

"You think it could be a new version of their drugs?" Cassie asked.

"I hope not." Kara replied. "This one was fast acting and you remember wanting to have sex. It'd be hard to prove rape with a drug like that."

"Well we got a blood sample, maybe Barbara can find something." Courtney said hoping she could tell them something.

"It would have been nice to have Barbara check out that bullet too." Cassie stated. With it going through her bracelet it could have killed her. And if her bracelets were useless then she and her sisters were in a heap of trouble.

"They have the one that Hal got hit with. I have a feeling they were the same." Kara stated with a worried look.

Diana materialized on the transported pad and grinned seeing Batgirl. "Working a double?" she asked. With two of her outfits sacrificed over night she was dressed in her street clothes. She wore her woman's business suit and her hair up in a bun. Her big rimmed glasses a final touch.

Barbara scowled at Diana and replied "Hal had the watch this morning."

"OH. How is he doing?" Diana asked with a little too much concern in her voice. Barbara grinned as everyone knew she and Hal both had feelings for each other even if both were afraid to express them.

"They got the bullet out and it's in the lab being analyzed. It's yellow." she stated.

"That explains how it went through his shield." Diana stated. "So what exactly happened?"

"According to Bart, Hal was in the General's office as he knocked out the guards. He heard some shots and raced in to see Hal dive behind a big leather chair still holding his shield up." Diana stated.

"The bullet went through a chair first?" Diana asked a bit in shock.

"That seemed to be a good thing. His wound could have been a lot worse if it hadn't. At least this way it was just a flesh wound." Barbara said with a grin. "So what do you think?" Barbara asked knowing Diana would know she was asking about the Corps raids.

Diana sat at the second station and replied "Except for the general all the known leaders are dead. Killed by their own men or by Ares' allies. We hurt them deeply and set them back decades, but they're still out there." Diana said sadly.

Batgirl hung her head and replied "So we failed."

Diana gave a half smile and answered "It was just the first battle. We will win the war." Diana yawned and stretched. "So how's Bruce doing?"

Barbara grinned and said "Kara's idea seems to be working, keeping his mind busy. The doctors say he should make a full recovery in time and with a lot of work."

"That's good news." Diana said. "But what about you?" Diana had noticed that Barbara had been getting depressed over the last couple of weeks.

"I'm fine." batgirl responded, not too convincingly.

Diana was good at reading between the lines. She sighed and asked "How long has it been?"

Barbara gave a laughing grunt. "He can't do anything. I can blow him, but that's all we can do. He's too hurt for me to even try to be on top." she whined. Barbara had caught herself looking too long at some of the other heroes thinking how nice it would be to just pull one of them into a storage room and fuck their brains out.

"He'll be fine in a few months. Your strong enough to wait." Diana stated in support of her young friend.

"Oh god I hope so." Barbara whined. "I've caught myself checking out Bart's ass in his tights a few times."

"EWWWW. Not Bart!?" Diana said causing both women to giggle like little girls.

Amber woke up and sat eating her bowl of cereal while she watched the news. She was glad something was finally done about the Corps. She would have liked to have watched more, but she was meeting her potential roommate in a couple of hours. She needed to get dressed then catch a bus across town.

Amber put her bowl and spoon in the sink and headed for the bathroom to get dressed. She paused at the bathroom door and sighed. She headed back to wash the bowl as she no longer had a maid to do the dishes.

Amber then dressed in her jeans and a tank top. She needed to hit the bank and grab some cash, just incase, and head for the bus stop. She figured to grab some extra cash as there was only so much she could do with a sundress and one pair of jeans.

Kara's face was red with anger as she walked out of her room at the farm in her wig and put the shade back up. "Why are you doing that?" Gigi asked.

"Because Mae's right. We have to make sure we know everyone involved in spying on us and how much they know. The have pictures of me with and without my wig." Kara replied.

"So we just let him keep watching us?" Lunesta asked, shocked by the response.

"Just make sure we have clothes on in the hall for now and you stay outta sight. I'll have to get Cassie out here and lasso the pervert and find out what he knows." Kara stated as she walked back into her bedroom. She was dressed in just a T-shirt and panties, as were the other girls. After a long night they were about to get some much deserved sleep.

"Please have a seat." The good looking middle aged black man said gesturing to the chairs across his desk.

Hikaru was dressed in a business suit and Yuki was dressed in her skinny jeans and a nice blouse. The scar running down the side of Hikaru's face gave him a lot of character and the man could tell Hikaru wasn't a man to mess with. "Greg asked me to give this letter to you." Hikaru said handing the man the letter.

"Well let's see what Greg had to say about you. The word of Greg Bradshaw's death was all over the news along with other prominent names. He sat back in his chair grinning as he read the note. After he was done he looked at Hikaru and Yuki who were waiting patiently. Sadness was evident in Yuki's eyes after loosing her master. "I take it you both know what he said in this letter?" the man asked.

Hikaru replied "Yes Mr. Olsen."

Ben Olsen was the owner of Olsen enterprises and had served under Greg for several years. They also owed their lives to each other a couple of times over. "Good." he stated. "An apartment will be rented for the two of you. You'll be our new head of security and you'll pose as father and daughter. Yuki will be enrolled in school to start in a couple of weeks."

"Yes sir." they both replied, knowing Greg's final orders. Yuki also now knew why something seemed wrong with her master. And why now she had a new one.

"Good. Then why don't you take the elevator down to the basement to check out your office while Yuki gets acquainted with her Uncle Ben." The 45 year old father of 4 stated with a big smile. He was a little over weight, but not fat. At 5'10" and 200 pounds he had an imposing demeanor. On his desk was a picture of his family. He, his wife and their 4 daughters.

Hikaru nodded and got up, shook Ben's hand and left.

Yuki hung her head as Ben walked to the door and told his secretary he didn't want to be interrupted for a couple of hours. As he locked the door she took a deep breath and stood up. She turned to face him unbuttoning her blouse as he walked over to her.

Terry grabbed the phone on the third ring. "Hello?"

"Hi Terry, it's Ashley. We'll be taking the apartment if it's still open." came the happy response.

Terry smiled brightly standing in the kitchen in just a T-shirt and panties she had worn to bed. "I'll have a lease agreement ready for your aunt to sign this afternoon." she happily stated.

Ashley stood in her kitchen as well holding back her giddiness at moving into the same house as the boy she had a major crush on. She was starting to come to grips with having feelings for the nerd boy. He was nothing like the boys she used to date. They were big and strong and he was scrawny and actually smarter than she was. "That's good. Just call when it's ready. I don't want to give her a chance to change her mind."

Terry giggled and replied. "It'll be ready by one." she didn't want the woman to change her mind either.

Ashley chuckled and said "We'll be there at one then. See you later." The girls hung up and Ashley set about to do something she should have done days before. With Amber running away causing her father to get angry, she needed to put her Adamantium out of his reach. He may try and get it back and use as leverage to get her to tell him where Amber was.

Ashley went to her room and dressed in a nice sun dress and high heel. She grabbed the brief case out of the closet and some of the money she had left. She had just enough to get a safety deposit box at the Metropolis Five Cents Savings Bank. She had called several banks the afternoon before after Amber had call to say she was running away and why. She finally fund an opening, and to make things even better it was near her new apartment.

As she headed towards the door there was a knock. Ashley's heart jumped at the thought it could be Amber's father and the cops again. With Adamantium being regulated they might be coming to take it from her. She stood as her knees got weak and there was another knock. This time Ashley got the feeling it wasn't a guy's forceful knock.

Ashley hid the briefcase behind the sofa and went to look through the peep hole. She breathed a sigh of relief and smiled as she saw Rika's smiling face looking back. "RIKA!" She happily exclaimed as she threw the door open to give her new friend a big hug.

"Nice to see you again "Rika giggled and hugged back.

"Come in." Ashley happily said as the girls broke off their hug. "What're you doin' here?"

Rika giggled as Ashley ushered her into the apartment and closed the door. "Well after what happened with our trip." she said being vague incase anyone heard them she replied "We needed to open another production facility over here. I talked my father into buying the old Farmington complex in Midvale and putting me in charge."

Ashley arched her eyebrows as they stood looking at each other and asked. "Talked?"

As the two girls smirked at each other knowingly Rika confessed in a whisper "Okay, this time I did more than let him play with my tits as I sucked him off."

Ashley arched her eyebrows again and asked "You let him fuck you?"

The cute little Japanese girl shrugged and gave her best innocent look and whined "But now I'm away from my brothers and they can't screw with me anymore." Or try and screw me, she thought.

Ashley was trying not to be judgmental. After all she was raped by her step father and screwed her best friend's father, more than once. "Well, I'm happy for you." she stated and hugged Rika again. This time the little oriental girl got a chuckle out of her as she took the opportunity to grope Ashley's butt. "I'm still not a lesbian." Ashley laughed.

"I know, but you have the nicest ass I've ever gotten my hands on." Rika giggled back.

"And this is the bathroom." Stephie told Amber as she showed the teen around the apartment. The nearly 30 year old blonde thought she could be looking at a past version of herself. She had run away from home when she was 16 and found her was to L.A. a few months later.

Amber looked on through the doorway seeing the place was clean and there was a stacked washer and dryer. She had already seen the bedroom she would have as well as the kitchen and living room. The entire place seemed to be very clean. Which seemed to be a marvel with the woman having a cast on her leg. "It looks nice." she replied. As they returned to the living room Amber asked "What do you do for work?"

Stephie looked a little nervous as she answered "I'm a dancer and actress." She didn't want to say she stripped and did B movies. She drew the line at doing porn though. She looked at the innocent face of the teen girl. She could see fear and uncertainty. It was clear something made her run, but it couldn't be as bad as what happened to her she thought. Her own father sexually abusing her for years and her mother letting it happen. "Look, you seem like a nice kid. Why don't you go home? This city eats young girls and spits them out."

The look Amber gave as she hung her head to reply "I can't ever go home." told Stephie she might have been wrong with her earlier assumption.

"Do you even have a job yet?" Stephanie asked trying to get Amber to see that she should think things over and come up with a different plan.

Before Amber could reply there was a knock at the door. "Who could that be?" Stephie asked herself as she walked to the door. She had already sucked off the landlord the last 3 weeks to get extensions on paying the rent. With her leg broken she hadn't been able to work in 2 months and her rent for this month was 3 weeks over due. She would have fucked him in exchange for the rent, but the man was sure his wife would notice the missing money at the end of the month. So the blow jobs were for the extension.

Stephie opened the door and cringed at the angry face of the landlord's wife. The 52 year old battle axe glared at Stephie and asked "When the hell are you going to pay your rent? And how did you get Ed to cover the fact you hadn't paid yet?" She wasn't an idiot, she had an idea how. Women had been using their charms on Edward for years.

"I'll pay I promise." Stephie whined. "I just haven't been able to work with the cast on. But it comes off tomorrow and I can go back to work next week." she whined. Stephie knew she was in trouble. The battle axe was an extremely jealous woman and hated young attractive girls in the building.

"Boohoo." the mean woman mocked. "You have until tonight to come up with this month's rent and because your so late next months too." The woman almost cracked a smile as she said the words.

"WHAT!? That's 900 bucks." Stephanie whined. She had used almost all her savings to get her this far and would be back on stage in a few days. "Please, just give me a week and I'll have it."

The wind was taken out of Stephanie's sails as the older woman gave an evil laugh and sternly stated "You have until 8 tonight or your out."

"Excuse me." Amber squeaked.

"Who are you?" the evil woman asked the very attractive teen she was sure her husband would be spying on.

"I'm Amber and I'm going to be Stephie's roommate." Amber stated a little shaky.

Stephie shot Amber a look that asked what are you doing? The woman scowled and said "You know the rules. A roommate is 50 bucks more a month." to the scared looking Stephanie.

"So if my math is right that's 1000 bucks." Amber replied while staring down the older woman. If she wanted to play mean girl, that was a game Amber knew well. She opened her purse as she stepped forward and pulled out a wad of bills. As she pealed off 10 hundred dollar bills, she had extra to go by some clothes afterwards but that would have to wait. She needed more things too wear, but a place to live first. She knew she couldn't get far on 1 sun dress and 1 pair of jeans so she needed some things, but she would have to wait on that for now. She sternly told the woman "I want a receipt for this."

The woman stared at the new mean girl on the block and reached into the pocket of her apron to pull out her receipt book and a pen. As she started writing she warned " I run a nice place here. I don't want to see guys coming and going at all hours. And no loud music."

Amber squinted at the woman and replied with an attitude "At least guys look at me."

The woman fumed at the insult as she exchanged the receipt for the cash and then stormed off. Stephie closed the door and started laughing while she shook her head and stared at Amber. "I don't know you, but I love you. I've never seen anybody leave her speechless."

Early in the afternoon Diana transported down onto the National Guard base just outside of Gotham. She had changed into a spare costume she had in her quarters on the space station. It was a good thing she had it, she thought, as it was the only one she had at the time that wasn't ripped. "Welcome, Wonderwoman. I'm Captain Jonathan Jameson." A young looking 30sh year old slim 6 footer said sticking out his hand to shake the heroines. He was standing with 3 MPs as he greeted her.

Diana stuck out her hand fully aware of every man in sight checking out her form. "Thank-you for letting me question the general." she replied.

The captain shook her hand and said "My superiors want answers just as much as the JLA does." He released her hand and said "If you'll follow me I'll take you into the brig." As she did she couldn't help but think there was no way they wanted answers as bad as she and the other heroines did after what they had been put through. She, Mae, Gigi, Kara, Courtney and her sister had all been sexually assaulted because of the Corps.

Diana nodded and followed the young man into a nearby stone building. "I'll leave you with the guards." the captain said gesturing to 3 MP sergeants in the office area outside the cell block.

"Thank-you" Diana said with a smile as he and the other MPs left leaving her with the sergeants. She then turned her attention to the three men in the room with her and said "Can I see him now?"

"Not just yet ma'am. No one gets through that door without being searched first." One of the sergeants stated. The 5 foot 8 inch 180 pound well built black man managed to keep a straight face as he told her.

Diana's eye brows arched as she looked down at herself and how little she was wearing. She didn't even have pockets. She had a confused expression as she asked "What do you mean searched?"

A second man also kept a straight face as he informed her "It's just a standard pat down ma'am."

Diana stared at the 6 foot nothing red head and squeaked "You can't be serious?"

The third sergeant, a 5'8" 175 pound blonde, stated "General Gleason's orders ma'am. With the importance of the prisoner, no one gets in there without being fully searched first."

Diana's face was beet red with a combination of embarrassment and anger. She stared at the three men and through gritted teeth asked "And which one of you gets to search me?"

She was fit to be tied, but checked her anger as the second man stated "The standing orders state that due the importance of the prisoner, three guards must each conduct a search."

Great, Diana thought, I have to let three guys feel me up. Diana sighed, but kept her angry look as she asked "Which one of you goes first?"

The black guy asked "Can you please put your hands on the desk and spread your legs wide?"

Diana took deep breaths through her nose as she stared at the men and stepped up to the desk. She placed her palms on the desk and spread her feet slightly.

Behind her back the guy grinned brightly at his friends at getting to go first. And why shouldn't he, it was his idea to pull this scam. As his buddies kept stern looks on their faces he stepped up behind her and started by checking her boots then moved up to pat down her star spangled briefs, getting a gasp from her as he patted her crotch. Diana seethed as his hand lingered on her twat. He then moved up to her bustier and patted her back then moved his hands around and man handled her breasts.

Diana's eyes opened wide at the implication when the red head commented "She has a lot of space in there, you better make sure she doesn't have anything down there."

Diana could see the game the men were playing and wasn't going to play by there rules. "Look." she said angrily. "If I show you there's nothing hidden in there can we stop this game and get to questioning the prisoner?"

The blonde sergeant asked "Just how do you intend to prove to us your not hiding anything in your cleavage?"

"I'll show you. Or I can just go ask the captain if those orders really exist and have him check the tapes of that security camera up there." She said with an angry stare up at the camera.

The black sergeant stepped back and looked at his friends as to whether to call her bluff or not. The blonde keeping his cool smoothly offered "I guess if you show us you have nothing in there it would be as good as patting you down."

"Fine." Diana grunted angrily at the idiots that didn't know about the camera in the first place or the fact the little red light wasn't on meaning it wasn't in use. She stood up and turned to face the three men. She grabbed the top of her bustier and pulled it down to show the men her DD chest. "Satisfied?"

she asked with a very angry tone after a few long seconds.

"Er uh yeah, that's good." stammered the blonde sergeant.

"Good." Diana stated as she pulled her top back up and put her girls away. Men can be so easy sometimes she thought. In over 30 years in the man's world she had learned sometimes the simplest things can stun a man. Or a small group of men. The men were still standing gape mouthed as Diana stood in her power pose and asked "Well, is one of you guys going to let me in now?"

The blonde sergeant answered "Er yeah." He then went around the desk and opened the top drawer to pull out a set of keys. He walked to the steel door and unlocked it. He pushed it open and gasped as his eyes opened wide. "OH SHIT!!" he shouted and ran in followed quickly by his comrades alarmed by his out burst. Diana looked through the doorway and sighed as she watched the three of them hurry into the cell and lower the body to the floor.

Diana shook her head knowing it was no use as the men untied the blanket around his neck and started CPR. Diana hung her head and walked out of the building to call Watch Tower and have herself beamed back up.

Kara woke up early in the afternoon. As the others slept she grabbed a clean pair of panties and walked to the bathroom for a quick shower. Conscious to the fact that the pervert boy might be watching she glanced in his direction to see him watching as she was about to head back to her room.

"Let the games begin." she said to herself with a wicked grin. She was going to drive him crazy if she had her way. She wrapped the towel around her head to hide the fact she wasn't wearing her wig and another around her body. She then slowly walked out of the bathroom and to her room. She started peeling off the towel around her body just as she was walking into her room. She glanced in his direction again and giggled at his frustration.

"What's so funny?" a groggy Mae asked as she rolled over and giggled at seeing Kara standing in just a pair of panties. "Teasing him are you?" Mae asked with an evil grin of her own.

"You should see him. He's actually miffed he didn't get to see anything." Kara giggled.

"Well in that case maybe we should have some more fun." Mae grinned as she stood up, she and Gigi were sleeping on sheets they had placed on the floor. She also grabbed a clean pair of panties and said "Watch this." She smiled at Kara and walked out of the room and peeling her T-shirt off just before walking into the bathroom, making sure her back was to the window.

From inside the bathroom Mae turned around to see Kara grinning while watching the boy. "You were right. He's about ready to scream." Kara replied with a chuckle.

Gigi and Lunesta awoke to the noise. "What're you two giggling about?" Gigi asked, then yawned.

"We're teasing that pervert boy." Kara replied with a giggle as she smiled at Gigi on the floor.

"How're you doin' that?" the naïve Spanish girl asked.

Mae shook her head at the question and closed the bathroom door to giggle and leave Kara the job of explaining what they were doing. Kara sighed and grinned. "it's simple. We let him see us barely dressed or even topless, but only with our backs to him. I'll drive him nuts if he knows we're topless but we don't turn around for him to see."

"I don't get it." Gigi whined as Lunesta giggled at the naïve girl and wishing she could play too. She would have to take a potion to make herself look human and she only had one at the time and was saving it for Diana's surprise birthday party.

Kara had to remember Gigi wasn't around for all the games she and Mae had played over the two years they were friends. "It's easy, watch." Kara said as she approached the doorway. "I'm only wearing a pair of panties and he's spying on the hallway." Kara explained. "I'm going to use the phone in the hall to call Cassie and ask her to come by tonight to take care of our peeping Tom. Now watch as I walk out into the hall while talking to you and keeping my back to him as I do."

Gigi giggled as Kara picked up the phone and dialed Cassie's number. "Hi Cassie. How's the wrist?"

Kara asked when Cassie picked up.

"Almost heeled on the outside, but the bones will take a few more hours." Cassie replied. "How about you? The TV news is going crazy with all the places you were last night."

Kara smirked at that and said. "The reason I'm calling is to see if you can stop by tonight and help out with a little problem?"

Cassie thought it strange a super powered girl would need help with any kind of problem. "What kind of problem?" Cassie inquired.

"A peeping Tom. Seems a boy down the road has a perfect view into the upstairs hallway and has been using a telescope to watch us. And Cassie, he has pictures." Kara explained.

"And you need me to make sure he doesn't do it again?"

"And to find out if anyone else knows." Kara squeaked.

Cassie chuckled and replied "I'll be there just after dark."

"Thanks Cassie." Kara said and hung up with a big grin.

Gigi grinned wickedly at the doorway and asked "Now how do you get back into your room without him seeing your tits. If you walk backwards it might look weird."

Kara blushed as Gigi pointed out the flaw in her plan. "Er Ah You think you can maybe go look out the window?"

Gigi chuckled as she walked into the hallway and over to the window acting like she was looking out at something and blocking the boy's view of Kara as she turned and retreated into her bedroom. "Thanks Gigi." Kara said as Lunesta laughed at her.

Diana had transported up to the station and walked into the lab where Doctor Steve Milner was studying the bullet taken out of Hal. "Have you learned anything yet doc?" she asked with concern. After all it was most likely the same type of ammo the hurt her sister.

"Plenty." the 66 year old scientist replied. "The military was nice enough to confirm the other bullets pulled out of the walls and some unfired ones in the general's desk seem to be the same. Spectral analysis shows the shell itself is an alloy made of 10% metal from your bracelets and 90% Adamantium. The alloy being harder than both of those metals. The shells the army is testing also has some new kind of charge giving them greater velocity when fired And to top it off the each have a small piece of Kryptonite in them."

Diana's eyes and mouth opened "Hero killers!" she exclaimed.

"For lack of a better name, yes." the elderly gentleman replied. "The yellow metal is immune to the effects of a green lantern's ring and is hard enough and powerful enough to go through one of your bracelets."

Diana was stunned. Someone had actually come up with ammunition that could kill the worlds most powerful heroes. Ares was going to make sure no one interfered with his plans. "And the Kryptonite was to kill Superman and Supergirl." Diana speculated.

"They would need a lot more bullets for that." the doctor stated. "The small piece of Kryptonite wouldn't be much of a threat to either of them." he scoffed at her idea.

What if they had a machine gun full of them?" Diana asked thinking out load.

"They would need a lot of both metals to arm themselves like that." Doctor Milner stated

Diana now knew they intended to conquer her people. It was the only source of the bracelet metal and now seemed to be a key component of Ares' plan. Men had plotted before to invade her home, but somehow this threat seemed a lot worse. Fortunately the Corps plans had been handed a huge set back. "Thanks doc. I'll go and see how Hal's doing now." she said with a smile, but still worried on the inside for her home.

Doctor Milner gave a short chuckle and said. "Hal's been sent home. His wound was just a flesh wound and after the bleeding was stopped and he was feeling better he was sent home to rest and heal."

Diana smirked and chuckled herself. "He was hitting on the nurses again, wasn't he?" Hal and Bart both had the same character flaw. They both chased after anything with a skirt. The difference was Hal was much better looking. Besides she thought, what woman wants a guy who does things super fast.

The doctor laughed and replied "He does have a reputation to uphold you know."

"Diana grinned and turned to leave and answered "Yes he does."

Kara watched the boy as Gigi was being convinced by Mae to take her turn at teasing him. "You'll be fine. Beside, you don't wear much more than that when you out patrolling." Mae stated.

"Yeah and your ass is way more covered in your panties." Lunesta added with a chuckle.

"I still don't know." the shy Latina whined.

Mae gave up and said in frustration "Well just go take you shower then. Diana will be here soon to take us home."

"Which wouldn't be necessary if you would just let Cassie and Courtney in on your secret. Your all going to be here Saturday night and it would be so much better if the did." Kara whined.

"I don't know." Mae protested. "I just don't want too many people to know, you know?"

"Yeah, I know." replied Kara with some frustration of her own. She didn't want to bring up that she overheard Cassie and Courtney speculating on the idea Mae could be Lotus Blossom and how it irked them she wouldn't trust them with them all being in Kara's inner circle.

"Okay, I think about it." Mae replied with a bit of a pout.

"I wish you would. It'd make things easier on Diana too." Kara added.

Mae whined "I said I'd think about it." getting a bit defensive.

Lunesta hoping to break the tension reminded everyone that Gigi still hadn't teased the boy. "So are you gonna walk out there in just your panties or what?" she asked while hovering a foot in front of her face.

Gigi sighed and stood up. She grinned as she grabbed her clean panties and headed for the door. "Here goes nothing." she said as she walked out into the hall and pulled her T-shirt up over her head as she walked to the bathroom.

Stephie watched Amber unpack her bag. A tear formed in her eye as to just how little Amber had. She had left in such a hurry she barely had more than the clothes on her back. But it was obvious by the quality of the sun dress and the fact her jeans had to have ran 100 bucks, not to mention how easily she came out with a grand, that her family had money.

"I'm done." Amber stated as she put her panties in the top drawer of her dresser and closed the drawer. Carla at the motel had been nice enough to refund her money for the rest of the week, minus a small fee of course. Figuring money for food and some other things, like her share of the phone bill and electric bill, she had enough for 3 maybe 4 months.

Stephie gave Amber a half smile and asked "What do you want for supper tonight. We have chicken legs or spaghetti?" Something inside her said to take care of the lost girl.

"You know how to cook?" a surprised Amber asked. Her mother didn't cook and neither did Ashley's mom. How was she to know lots of people had to make their own supper?

With a question like that Stephie had only one answer. "I think we have a couple of steaks in the back of the freezer."

Ashley and Rika giggled as they watched Terry at work. After signing the lease Ashley's aunt had left, but Ashley and Rika had stayed for awhile. Somehow they had gotten to the subject of getting the washer and dryer from the basement up to the third floor.

Terry was quickly on the phone and Jason and three of his muscular friends were there in minutes to take care of it. "She knows how to get things done. Doesn't she?" Rika asked with a grin of a woman who also knows how to get men to do things for her with a wink and a smile.

"Yes she does." Ashley replied with a giggle as they watched the boys wrestling the washer towards the bulkhead. Gene and his grandmother were at the doctors as the three young women sat on stools around the work bench and watched the boys sweat. Not that Rika was interested in boys, but she did notice both Terry and Ashley were a bit aroused watching the boys.

Rika notice the drawings on the bench and some of the technical data she could see. She then took a closer look at Terry. "I know who you are. You were at the national science fair last year."

Terry looked quizzically at Rika then gasp "You were one of the judges." Judges that only gave her 4th place.

"You two met before?" Ashley asked with a chuckle.

"Yes. If I remember right you were presenting a computer program that could do complex differential equations and Fourier analysis." Rika said wide eyed at the bright girl.

Ashley's eyes opened wide at the realization Terry had been holding back on telling her something. "Your a genius like your brother?"

Terry hung her head in shame and sadly replied "I take math and science classes at Metropolis Polytechnic and the rest of my classes at a high school level.

"That's so cool." Ashley said bringing a small smile to the girl's face.

"Kinda." she replied. "But boys don't seem to like it."

Rika cocked her head to the side and asked out of curiosity "What do you think of your brothers drawings here?"

Terry chuckled and replied "He's nuts. That suit would be a pain in the ass to put on and take off. I told him he'd be better off using those carbon tubes that girl at the science fair had last year." The girl that won that is.

Rika nodded and stated "He should listen to you. That carbon technology is going to make my family a lot of money down the road."

Ashley and Terry both looked puzzled and Rika explained. "After the science fair we bought the girls work and gave her a job."

Shortly after dark Kara heard Cassie's plane landing behind the barn nearest the house. She glanced out and told Lunesta, who had stayed. "She's here."

The miffed fairy replied. "Now do we get to kick his ass?"

Kara grinned and said "There will be no violence, but we will fix this."

"Screw the fix this crap. He spied on us and took dirty pictures of us. I say we cut his nuts off."

"Someone sounds really pissed." came the voice of Cassie as she walked in the back door.

"I don't think I've ever seen her this mad with anyone before." Kara replied with a smile. "Glad you could come and help. How's the wrist?"

Cassie held up her hand and opened and closed her fist a few times. "As good as new. But I still have to go home later and get a new bracelet."

"Enough chit chat. Let's get that pervert." the red faced fairy yelled.

"Relax a minute will ya? Now tell me exactly what's happened." Cassie said to the red faced fairy

Lunesta fumed as Kara gave the run down. "The boy lives just down the street and with a telescope he has the perfect angle to see into the upstairs hallway and the hayloft of the old barn. He has more than one telescope suggesting he has someone or more than one other involved. They have pictures of at least me and Lunesta naked and me with and without my wig."

"Does he know who you really are?" Cassie asked concerned Kara's secret could be exposed.

"We don't know. That's why we called you. We need to know exactly what he knows and who else is involved." Kara explained.

"So the plan is we wait until later and he gets a surprise visit from Supergirl and Wondergirl." Cassie stated.

"And an angry fairy." Lunesta chimed in.

Aphrodite materialized in the middle of know where and reached out with her mind sensing if anyone was following her. By anyone we mean Ares or one of his allies. Ares was punished by Zeus and ordered not to directly effect the lives of any mortal, but gods and goddesses weren't included. The goddess of love was fearful for her own safety since Ares had found out it was she who tipped off Wonderwoman and set off the chain of events that led to his coup failing.

The blonde beauty reached out with her mind one last time before making her last jump home. Sensing no one she transported herself to a cabin high in the Greek mountains. "I'M HOME." she yelled. As she looked around the small two bedroom cabin and was shocked and fearful to find herself alone. "Helen where are you?" she called out with fear in her voice. When again no one answered her hysterical voice yelled "HELEN WHERE ARE YOU?"

The three off duty sergeants sat around Sean's man cave at his house drinking a couple of beers. The house wasn't that big, but it sat on 12 acres giving him a lot of privacy. His wife and kids were off visiting grandma for a week before they had to get ready to start school. The redhead laughed and said "That was one of the best ideas you ever came up with to switch my two weeks of active duty to now. I really didn't want to spend a week with my in-laws." Sean said with a big smile. Sean O'Brian was an accountant normally, but served his country on weekends. At 6 foot tall and 175 pounds he was the tallest of the three.

"No problem." Michael Robinson replied. He was the 5'8" 180 pound black man. He was more muscular and not know for being overly bright, but this time his idea worked out great.

"Yeah, great idea man. If he hadn't switched his weeks he never would have gotten to see that dumb heroines boobs." Chuck Erikson stated with a laugh. He was also about 5'8" and was 175 pounds, but blonde. Like Sean he was a married man with children. The three of them had grown up together on the southern slums of Metropolis and were 29. They had graduated together and enlisted together.

A flash of light startled them, but they soon calmed seeing there new leader, Ares, standing before them. "Does anybody suspect?" he asked with a stern glare.

"No sir, they think he committed suicide." Sean stated with a grin. He was the leader of their small group and was the one who was first approached by the god of war.

"Good." he replied. He needed to hide his movements, but now that his secret was out he was finding it liberating. It would take him time to get his organization back to where it was, but he still had whole sections that weren't hit. Like a whole division that was just responsible for new identities and scientific research. They also didn't find the drug labs. Although his high leadership was cut, his base was still intact. It would just take time to get his people back into positions of power. "You three did a good job and I have a reward for you."

The half drunk men perked up at the mention of a reward and were eager to find out what Ares was going to give them. "Thank-you sir. You are most generous." Sean stated before he even knew what Ares had for them.

Ares considered the men as scum and really didn't want to keep them, but they would come in handy for one more job. A job he wouldn't dare do for himself. He waved his right hand and with another flash of light a small girl appeared with long blonde hair. "Don't worry she's older than she looks. And don't let her looks fool you. I stripped some of her powers, but she's still quite strong." he told the men.

"What do you want us to do with her?" Sean asked looking at the young beauty and almost drooling.

"She's all yours to do as you like with for the next couple of hours. And considering who her mother is, once you get her warmed up, she'll do anything you desire." Ares stated with a sick grin. If he did what he figured these men were going to do to her Zeus would put him in a Cronus ball. But since he didn't actually tell the men what to do he had a loophole. "Remember, she's a lot stronger than she looks. And you won't actually be able to hurt her too bad. In fact there's only one way you'll be able to make her bleed." he said and gave a sick laugh as he vanished.

"What's your name?" Sean asked the tiny young girl as his friends and he surrounded her.

"Helen." the young girl squeaked. She then tried to put on a brave face and scowled. "You better let me go or you'll be in big trouble when my mother gets here." she stated defiantly.

"We're just shaking in our boots." Sean stated as he regarded the 4'7" blonde girl. How strong could she be at what he figured was maybe 75 pounds.

The girl was dressed in white robes like her mother, but hers weren't as see through. She took a fighting stance, taught to her by her Uncle Hercules, and prepared to defend herself. Sean moved first reaching in to grab the front of her gown and gave it a yank. But before he could rip it much, she grabbed his wrist and threw him across the room. "I said let me go." she growled at them. Normally she could just transport herself out of there, but Ares had stripped her of that power for the time being.

Sean's men laughed as he groaned and stood up. "Your going to show us a good time sweetie, whether you want to or not." he stated angrily to the spritely girl. He walked back over to the group and he and his friends circled her looking for an opening.

Helen stood at the ready and looked back and forth trying to stare down the much bigger men. "Your in big trouble if you do this." she stated angrily.

Sean grabbed for her chest again, but this time it was a fake. As she grabbed for his wrist he pulled it back and Michael dropped down to the floor behind her. Sean and Chuck then charged from the front and pushed her backwards over Michael. "AAAAAA" she yelled as she tripped over backwards and the men were quickly on her, holding her down and ripping off her gown. "Get off me." she grunted. She could manage to throw the men off her one at a time, but without much power behind it. Being flat on her back gave her little leverage and when she threw one off he was back before she could toss off one of the others. It got worse for her when the wrestled her on to her stomach.

Tears ran down her cheeks as she struggled. Several minutes later she was exhausted and her gown was reduced to a pile of rags. "Get off me." she growled as the men reached under her to fondle her chest and molest crotch. "Don't do that." she whined as Michael grabbed hold oh her panties and yanked hard. "Please no." she begged as Sean stood up and started undressing while Mike and Chuck held the naked girl down.

"Relax cutie. Your going to enjoy this." the redhead taunted as he looked down at the blonde girl's terrified face. Her hair already sweaty and matted to her face and shoulders.

"Please, no. Don't do it." She pleaded as Sean knelt down and forced her legs open. It was all Mike and Chuck could do to hold the struggling girl down as Sean managed to get between her legs. "No, please NNNOOOOOOOO AARRRRGGGG." she screamed as Sean lunged forward into prone girl.

Sean laughed as he looked at his blood covered shaft as he held himself up with his hands. His friends laughed with him as he said "Looks like we found the way to make her bleed."

"Aright, enough with the joking around." Diana said laughing as they walked into the apartment. They had stopped off for supper and Diana was looking forward to a quiet evening.

"Yes mistress Diana." Mae replied with a giggle as Diana closed and locked the door.

"Stop calling me that." Diana said with a laugh. And you two get changed up and cleaned. I want to take a long hot shower before I sit down for a nice relaxing evening in front of the boob tube."

"Yes mommy." Gigi replied as the girls ran into their bed room giggling.

"And don't call me that either." she said loudly at them.

Diana sighed in defeat as they both yelled back "Yes mistress Diana."

Diana groaned and walked over to the TV to turn it on. She turned the channel looking for anything that might be interesting. It was summer rerun season and she thought maybe she could find an old movie or something. Wrong she thought as she gave up and settled for a PBS documentary on super heroes. She though it might be good for a few laughs.

Having found what she was going to watch for now she headed for the couch to wait for the girls to finish with the bathroom. Diana pulled the pins from her hair and shook it out to let her black tresses fall down over her shoulders. She then took off het jacket and kicked of her high heels. In her skirt and white blouse she plopped down on the sofa with a sigh and was suddenly startled by a bright white flash and the horrified face of Aphrodite. "What in Hades!" Diana exclaimed as she jumped back to her feet. The goddess looked more worried than when she was informing on Ares.

"He has her. What am I going to do? I know he has her." the hysterical goddess rattled off.

Diana had a concerned look on her face as she put her hands on the shaking goddess' shoulders and said "Try and calm down a minute. Who does Ares have?"

By now Gigi and Mae having heard the commotion were standing outside their bedroom door watching with concerned expressions of their own. Aphrodite wasn't getting any less hysterical as she continued "He has Helen. He has my little girl. That bastard took my daughter."

Mae and Gigi looked at each other wide eyed as Diana tried to calm Aphrodite and get as much information as she could. "Your daughter?" Diana didn't know Aphrodite had a daughter named Helen. "You named her after Helen of Troy?" Diana asked.

Aphrodite nodded and rattled in her panicked state. "He took her and I can't find her. Ares is going to hurt her I know it. Please help me." she begged with tears running down her cheeks.

"How old is she?" Mae asked from the bedroom door and got a stare from Diana telling her to stay out for now.

"She's 35, but that's weird with gods. We're born as adults with a head full of knowledge." Aphrodite replied.

Diana saw the quizzical look on both teens faces and stated. "Gods and goddesses can appear to be any age they choose. They can also look like anyone they want to."

Aphrodite was calming down a bit, she sniffed loudly and said "Like this."

The teens were awed as she first made herself look like an old lady, which was quite gross as her clothes were still nearly see through, and them made herself look like a first grader. She took her normal appearance again and as she calmed down more she squinted as she took a closer look at the teens. Diana seeing the light bulb going on in Aphrodite's head turned to the girls and said "You two should be getting changed now." as a cue to leave. Aphrodite may be a blonde, but she wasn't as ditzy as some people thought. And Diana was one of the people who knew that.

Aphrodite sniffed and said "Those two could be the ones who fought with Ares. They're both about the right size from what I heard." She then saw the shocked look on all their faces and her eyes lit up. "You are, aren't you? You can help find Helen too."

Diana sighed, a little miffed at herself for not getting Mae and Gigi to leave sooner. Mae on the other hand stepped forward and said "I hope you won't tell anyone." Meaning Ares or his friends.

"Your secret's safe with me." The sobbing goddess stated.

"Thank-you. Can I ask a question?"

Diana threw up her hands in defeat and let Mae get involved. Diana knew Mae was most likely very lucky in her first meeting with the god of war and shouldn't be in too much of a hurry to cross his path again. Mae stepped forward as Aphrodite asked "You have an idea?"

"I think so. How did you find Diana?"

"We are friends from way back so I just thought of her and I came here." Aphrodite stated as though it were nothing. Like it was as easy as walking through a doorway.

"Can't you just do the same for Helen?" Mae asked.

"I tried, but Ares must be blocking me somehow." Aphrodite whined.

"Try harder." Diana insisted.

"I can't." She whined and started crying harder again. "I'm too upset to."

"Calm yourself down and concentrate." Diana said.

"I CAAAAAN'T." she replied and was full out bawling again.

Mae and Diana looked at each other wondering what to do when Gigi asked "Will your lasso work on her?"

Mae and Diana arched their eyebrows as they thought about it. "I don't know. I never tried it on a goddess before." Diana replied.

Helen found herself astride of Mike with all 8" stuffed in her tiny pussy. All three men had so far enjoyed her mouth and twat, Like Ares had predicted, after her first orgasm there was no stopping her. The sweaty panting blonde collapsed on top of Mike. Chuck was grinning, having won the right to be the first to take her virgin ass.

Sean had popped her cherry and the Mike had been the first to sample her lips. Chuck smiled at Mike as a cue. Mike wrapped his arms around the girl to hold her tightly in place as Chuck grabbed her hips and pressed his cock against her last virgin hole. At least as far as they knew.

Helen's head shot up as she gasped. She looked back at Chuck and begged "Please no. I've never done this before."

Chuck grinned at the girl and replied "You seem to enjoy everything we've done so far so I'm sure you like this."

"AAAAAAAAA" she screamed and buried her face in Mike's shoulder as Chuck pushed in. "Please stop it hurts." she begged as tears started to flow on her face once more. Her crying before had stopped as she started to enjoy the men's attention.

"Oh come on now. I know your enjoying this." Chuck taunted as he pulled he up by her hair with his full 7" buried most of the way in her tight rectum so he could take hold of her perky B-cups.

Helen's angelic face was a red mask of pain as she pleaded. "Please stop your hurting me." But even as she begged and pleaded she was rocking her hips trying to get more cock in her ass.

"Your nothing but a lying little slut." Sean said with a laugh. "The way you fuck I'm having doubts you were really a virgin."

"I was." she protested. She was about to protest more when Sean stepped in front of her to shut her up by stuffing her mouth with his 6" shaft. "MMMPPHHh." Her cries were muffled. She only hoped her mother never found out she wasn't pure. Her perpetual hymen was a gift of being a demigoddess.

Besides she thought, how could her mother expect her to stay chaste when her powers were able to make people lust for each other.

She wasn't a full goddess, her father was mortal. That she knew. Her mother had made love with a cute Greek American boy in a fox hole on some Pacific Island during WWII and his unit was dead all around him. The fates had ruled he would die in the morning. Aphrodite had pleaded with the fates to spare him. She thought he looked like Adonis and her knees got week when ever she saw him. But he was also a virgin and she refused to let him die as one. So as Japanese soldiers crawled up on him she paused time in his fox hole and made him a man first. A short time later she would have Helen using the boy's seed.

Helen soon returned to the moment and gave into her lust. She rocked her hips fast and hard as she deep throated Sean. "mmmmmmmmm" she moaned as Sean grabbed her hair and pulled her towards him hard. She gagged slightly but moaned louder as he repeated her facial abuse over and over.

"Oh yeah, you're a slut for sure." Sean said grinning at her as she looked up wide eyed at him. He pulled out of her mouth and said "Say it. Tell us what you are."

"I'm a slut." she said grinning up at him as she fucked the two men in her pussy and ass. "I'm a slut. Fuck me."

Mae and Gigi came out of the bedroom dressed for action. "Ooooh that's cute." Aphrodite said of Gigi's costume. "Kinda school girl meets dominatrix."

"Don't encourage them." Diana said. She was already in costume having changed to use her lasso on the goddess. Mae and Gigi wouldn't let her go into action on her own as they had no idea what they were up against. With Ares involved it could be anything.

"Everyone hold hands." Aphrodite said holding hers out to the sides. Diana took her right and Gigi her left. Mae took Gigi's other hand then everything went white. A second later they were in a basement den watching a cute blonde girl being banged in all holes by 3 men.

Helen pushed Sean back and shouted "MOM HELP."

The three heroines took fighting stances. Chuck and Mike quickly shoved Helen towards her angry looking mother and jumped to their feet.

Aphrodite embraced her sweaty naked daughter as the heroines easily grabbed the men as they tried to flee. "I think we have some things to discus." Diana stated as she recognized the men from earlier in the day.

As Aphrodite hugged her sobbing girl she asked Diana "Why would Ares give her to these scum bags?"

"I have an idea they must have done him a favor." Diana said giving the men an angry stare and grabbing her lasso. She looped her rope around Sean and asked "What did you do for Ares?" she asked with an angry tone.

"We killed the general and made it look like suicide." he replied and his friends groaned.

Aphrodite finally looked to the men and angrily stated "You guys messed with the wrong goddess' daughter." She waved her hand around, making a glittery ribbon of light surround the men. Then in a very angry tone, but with a wicked grin stated "From now on you three will find each other as the loves of your lives. You will only want each other." Then she and Helen vanished in a flash.

The three women smirked at each other with the implication of what Aphrodite had said. The men on the other hand were mortified. Diana took a deep breath to compose herself or she would have busted out laughing at what Aphrodite had done to them. "You will turn yourselves in tomorrow morning and confess to the killing." she told Sean who was still in her lasso. "You will also have no memories that involve anything sexual that happened today." she said with a grin. Not only would they not remember banging Helen, they also wouldn't remember Diana showing them her boobs.

Lunesta flew through the open window and past the sleeping boy. Kara had used her X-ray vision to scan the house and see him and his father asleep across the hall. She would blow sleeping dust in the fathers face if he started to wake up. Kara and Cassie slowly climbed in the bedroom window in full costume, minus one bracelet. Cassie got her lasso ready as Kara glanced through the stack of photos on the boy's desk.

Kara's eyes started to glow red as she looked at pictures of herself getting fucked in the hayloft. "Calm down. We'll fix this." Cassie whispered putting a comforting hand on Kara's shoulder.

Kara nodded and her eyes returned to their normal deep blue. "Let's get this started." she whispered.

The girls tip toed up to the bed. Kara put her left hand over the boys mouth and her right behind his head. The boy awoke frightened but unable to free himself as Kara pulled him from his bed and Cassie quickly wrapped her rope around his wait and said "Keep still and be quiet. You will only speak to answer our questions. And when you speak it will be in a whisper. When we leave you will remember nothing of us being here." She then nodded to Kara for her let him go.

Kara released him and asked "Who else was with you when you took the pictures of the girls on the farm with your telescope?"

"Carl, the telescope with the camera is his." Scott replied.

"Who else has helped you?" Kara then asked.

"Me and My dad tried to hook up a video camera, but we couldn't figure out how. And John developed the pictures." Scott replied.

Kara's eyes opened wide as she mouthed to Cassie "That's 4."

Cassie held up her hand to tell Kara to calm down. She then asked the boy "Who else knows about the pictures?"

"All the guys at work have seen them." he answered.

Kara gasped and asked "Where do you work?"

"Smallville Grocery." he replied as Cassie and Kara stared at each other in shock.

"Every guy at the market has seen me naked and having sex?" an alarmed Kara whispered to Cassie.

Cassie looked at Kara knowing there was no way they could completely fix this. There was just too many people involved now.

"Are you sure we should just leave them in the basement like that?" Gigi asked as they were about to walk out the back door of the house. Aphrodite had stranded them there when she took off with her daughter, so Diana had telepathically summoned her invisible plane.

Diana had lassoed all three of the men and in the morning they would walk into their commanding officer's office and confess to the murder. They also would have no memory of their sexual encounter with Helen or of Diana showing them her tits earlier in the day to avoid being groped by them. "In the morning they will turn themselves in and spend a long time in a military prison."

"After what they did to that little girl we should have beat the crap outta them." Mae stated angrily.

"She wasn't a little girl. She was a full grown woman." Diana stated. "She just took the form you saw because that's what she chose to look like."

"You mean she wanted to get fucked in a little girls body?" Gigi asked sounding surprised.

"No, I think Ares trapped her in that form when he stripped her of most of her powers. And by the look on her face and the way she was acting I don't think it's the first time she had sex either." Diana stated as they stood in the ranch house's kitchen and waited for the plane to arrive.

"But we saw the blood and her mother seemed so upset at what happened." Mae whined not fully understanding what just happened.

"Remember she's a goddess and if she can take any form she wants, why couldn't she just give herself a hymen again? And as for her mother, Helen probably has her fooled just like another girl I know had her father fooled as to her innocence." Diana said then grinned brightly at Mae.

"Very funny." Mae replied then smiled.

"Love is blind." Gigi joked.

"Something like that." Diana laughed. "Her mother may be so blinded by love for Helen that she doesn't see that she's not as innocent as she thinks."

Kara and Cassie walked in through the kitchen door of the Kent farm house with Lunesta fluttering in behind them. "I can't believe we didn't at least kick their asses." fumed the fairy.

"There were just too many boys involved to make them all forget." stated Cassie. They closed the door behind them and pulled down the shade. Cassie looked around to make sure the curtains were drawn then stepped back from Kara and began to spin, changing back into her tank top and jeans.

"But after what they did they need to be punished." Lunesta stated angrily.

Kara quickly zipped up the stairs to her room and changed into a clean pair of panties and a long white T-shirt she would wear to bed and then zipped back to the kitchen. "We got the negatives and most of the photos. And we made sure they wouldn't do it again." Kara stated. They had visited the other two boys involved and lassoed both of them as well. Scott and Carl wouldn't spy on them anymore and the boy who developed the pictures no longer had his on set of prints.

Lunesta was still hot. "We just can't let them get away with it.' she whined. They had gotten all but a few of the pictures, a few had been given to other boys in town as gifts and couldn't be tracked down in the short period of time they had. But the damage was now contained.

"Look, I know your upset and I am too. But there's nothing else we can do without making people suspicious as to what happened. The boys will simply think they lost the pictures and for some reason won't bother trying to get more." Kara said trying to calm Lunesta down. "Besides, I'm the one who has to go grocery shopping and pretend like I don't know every guy in the store has seen pictures of me without my clothes."

"I guess." Lunesta conceded with a pout.

"And from now on that shade upstairs needs to stay down. And you need to wear your wig." Cassie lectured to Kara. "He may not be the only guy with a view of your house."

"I know." Kara said sadly. The farm had for the past few years been a sort of refuge. A place where she could be herself and not have to worry about hiding her secret. All that had now changed. "You wanna spend the night?" She asked Cassie with a grin.

"I should take a quick trip home and get another bracelet. But I'll be here for the party, that's for sure." Cassie replied and hugged her friend good-bye.

Diana led the girls out the back door and headed for the plane and a ride home for some much needed and deserved sleep. As soon as they cleared the back stairs there was a flash of light between them and the plane. The girls quickly spread out and took defensive stances as Ares appeared along with Loki and the missing Axel. With a dozen harpies also along, the girls were severely out gunned.

Mae drew her sword as they prepared for a fight they had little chance of winning. Ares grinned at seeing the girl who cut his head off. And said to Diana "Now how did I know Aphrodite would go to you for help when her daughter was missing." He laughed and added "I had hoped to make you tell me how to find your little friend, but it seems you were nice enough to bring her to me." Ares couldn't be happier how his plan worked out.

"You bastard. You set up Helen to be raped just to find me." Mae snarled at him.

As the harpies flew overhead Loki and Axel spread out on the ground. Loki gave an evil grin as he saw the sky clouding up. "This time brother we're ready for you." he mumbled to himself. With all the fire power they had they could easily handle the three women and Thor he figured.

Ares laughed and answered Mae. "You really think she's so innocent? Half the gods on Olympus have sampled her charms."

"HERE HE COMES." yelled Loki.

A bolt of lightning hit the ground near the girl and Ares and his team were shocked to see Thor didn't come alone this time. Odin and a dozen Valkyrie were also standing with the heroines. Ares seeing he and his cohorts were now out matched did the only thing he could to get his revenge and save face. Before Odin could interfere Ares yelled "I DEMAND A WARRIORS CHALLENGE." Fleeing would have branded him a coward and they were now out matched for a fight. The challenge was his best way out at the time.

"I ACCEPT." Diana quickly replied.

"Not you. The one who cut my head off." Ares stated staring with blood red eyes at Lotus Blossom.

Thor and Odin looked at each other knowing they could do nothing now that a challenge was made but stand and watch.

Diana stood shocked by the challenge. Ares could be laughed at for such a challenge, but since Mae had already bested him Ares had the right to make the move. And if Mae refused she along with Gigi and Diana were now the property of Ares. Refusal was the same as surrender.

Odin sighed and taking the position of a judge now asked Mae "Do you accept?" He also added "Since you can't actually kill him I rule it would only be just if your life were also not in danger."

"WHAT?" Ares screamed in anger as Diana smiled at his frustration.

"I HAVE RULED." Odin yelled. As the Norse king of the gods his judgments were not questioned. "Do you accept the challenge?" he asked Mae again. "And you must know. By the rules if you refuse you and your friends surrender yourselves to Ares."

Mae looked at Diana for some advise. Even through the mask Diana could tell just by the way Mae was standing she wasn't sure what to do. Mae knew she was lucky the first time she and Ares fought. Diana smiled and whispered "Odin by making his rule gave you nothing to lose but the fight. You may get hurt, but Ares isn't allowed to kill you."

Mae nodded and stated "I accept." And with that Ares snarled at her and everyone else backed off. The Valkyrie kept and eye on the Harpies and Thor watched Loki as Diana and Gigi made sure Axel didn't get involved.

Ares drew his sword and stepped forward. "Now little gnat I prove your cut was nothing but luck." he snarled as he did.

"So, what do you think? I know it's not Shakespeare, but it pays the bills." Stephie said with a giggle. She and Amber had sat down with a bowl of pop corn and some diet soda to watch a tape of one of the movies she was in.

It was after midnight and they were both sitting on the sofa wearing just T-shirts and panties as they were both ready for bed. Amber giggled and asked "You get paid for doing stuff like that?"

"Yeah. But it's not that much. There just low budget movies." Stephie answered. She was happy to see Amber wasn't put off by the fact she makes money showing off her tits. "I got $2500 for a weekends work on that one."

Amber's eyes opened wide at that statement. "2500 bucks for a weekend?!" she exclaimed. "That's good isn't it?"

"Not when you only get to do 3 or 4 of them a year. But it helps bring in extra money." Stephanie explained as she stood up and walked to the tape deck to rewind the movie.

Amber was doing some quick calculations with those figures and the fact Stephanie had come clean and explained what she meant by dancer. "How come you needed to take a roommate? You should have had enough money after making that movie to carry you through these few months."

Stephanie grinned and said "I'm going to school. I paid my tuition for the fall semester with that movie." She was proud of the fact she had managed to get her GED and was now going to college.

Amber looked curious and asked "Whatcha gonna be when you finish?" She also found it interesting Stephie could get that kind of cash for just a weekend's work and about 15 minutes worth of tape in the movie. All she had to do was run around topless through the woods a few times. Hell, Amber thought, I got royally fucked and never got a dime.

"I'll be a nurse when I graduate in two years. I have an old friend who can get me my first job in San Francisco." Stephie yawned and said "I'm going to bed." She then walked towards her room.

"Good night." Amber said as she stayed on the couch for a while watching the TV and thinking. Part of her was interested in the idea of making movies. She was in the drama club at school and knew she was better than most of the girls in the movie, even Stephie. Still she remembered what happened to her before. Stephie had told her to try and find a real job first, but would help her find a movie gig if she ran into trouble. Stephanie drew the line at letting her strip, not that Amber wanted to either. The thought of dancing in front of a bunch of drunk stinky guys while wearing what Stephie called a G-string didn't appeal to her. Amber had never even heard of a G-string before, never mind seen one until Stephie pulled one out of her dresser to show the naïve girl.

Amber watched the end of the Tonight Show wondering about her future. Maybe she should do like Stephie and get an education. She knew she would have to try harder than she did in high school where she slid by on her father's money.

Mae rolled under Ares' slash and slashed at the back of his legs like she had done in their first fight. This time Ares blocked her. Mae didn't make the same mistakes in this fight that she had made in the first, then again neither did Ares. But Ares was again becoming frustrated with how the pip squeak could match him at every move. "AAAAARRRRRR" he yelled in frustration as he missed again with a slash at her mid section. "I will rip your arms off if I get my hands on you." he growled at her.

Mae was trying to ignore his rants and just concentrate on the fight. Given his strength she couldn't afford to make a mistake. The fact she was frustrating him was falling into her plan. Just match up with him and don't make a mistake, she thought. Then all she would have to do was wait for an opening.


"THAT'S IT LOTUS." Diana yelled as Mae twisted out of the way of another slash and when Ares had quickly came back with another Mae had back flipped over the blade and delivered a kick to Ares' face in the process.

Mae landed on her feet and was gauging Ares' ire. He was almost in a blind rage. Mae slashed at Ares herself and was blocked. When Ares slashed again she again rolled under, but this time delivered a kick to the god's nuts. "HUMPHHH." Ares grunted.

"That hurt, didn't it." Mae finally taunted him as she grinned behind her mask. She had an ace up her sleeve and wanted him blind with rage before she played it. Mae was a little concerned the kick didn't have the same effect it would have on a human male, but Ares was still pissed at the move.

"I'LL SHOW YOU PAIN LIKE YOU NEVER KNEW." Ares yelled at her. Mae knew it was time as he charged.

"Suit, cloak on." she said and jumped to the side.

Ares screeched to a halt with his eyes wide open in shock as he looked for where she went. "AAAAAA" he yelled as blood blasted from his gashed back. He arched his back in pain and then his head was sliced off again.

As his body fell to the ground Mae became visible again to the cheers of Diana and Gigi. "Congratulations little warrior. You have won your fight." Odin stated. The elder Norse god waved his hand and Ares was hole and standing before him. "You have lost. She has won the right to have you make a concession."

Ares stared angrily at the powerful god. He knew he should have made her give her condition first, but had not given any thought to loosing again. Loki vanished before Odin finished with Ares and turned his attention towards him. Odin then asked "Well little warrior. What do you want from him for your victory?"

Mae trotted over to Diana and in a confused tone asked "What's happening now?"

Diana gave a little laugh and hugged Mae. "You won the fight and since Ares didn't ask for you conditions first you get to name it now."

"You mean I can make him do whatever I want?" Mae whined in surprise.

"Almost. You can't tell him to die or something like that. But you can ask for something that will piss him off. So think and choose wisely." Diana advised.

Mae nodded her understanding and walked back over to Odin and Ares. "My condition is that Ares never leave Olympus again." She had though about making him not lead the corps, but he could just start another group under a different name. She thought about having him never attack her or her friends, but he could just have someone else do it. At least this way she made it hard for him to do any damage himself. She knew he would find some loophole no matter what she asked for.

Odin grinned "Wise choice." he said. He stared at Ares and chuckled "You heard her. Be gone."

Ares, Axel and the harpies vanished. "YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS." Ares yelled as he faded from sight.

Odin turned to face Mae and her friends who were now with her and smiled. "You young warrior merit watching in the future." he said and stepped back. A bolt of lightning from the sky and Odin, Thor and the Valkyrie were gone.

"Way to go Mae." Diana said hugging her young friend.

"Yeah, that was Awesome." Gigi added and joined in on the hug. "And you still have your clothes this time." she added causing all three of them to laugh.