Hell has no fury like a god scorned part 1

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At 8:45 Monday morning August 21, 1979 Amber Carpenter shyly walked into the office of Waters and Pratt. She still didn't know if the man at the strip club the other night was serious about giving her the job or if it was the alcohol. She had spent some of the prize money she won in the wet T-shirt contest on some new clothes. She couldn't very well start a job with just 1 sundress and a pair of jeans. So she and Stephie hit the mall to get her a new wardrobe. Nothing fancy or expensive, just a few skirts and blouses. And of course a few bras, it wouldn't be proper for her to be greeting her bosses guests braless.

Dressed in a knee length pleated skirt and a white short sleeved button down blouse she looked around to see who was there. She had her dark hair up in a bun and wore her open toe black high heels as she called out "Hello? Is anybody here?"

"I'll be right out." a woman's voice called from the inner office.

Amber waited and fidgeted as she stood waiting for a few minutes until a very pregnant 5'4" blonde walked out in what Amber could only consider mu-mu. "Hi I'm Amber." she said sticking out her hand to shake with the woman.

The woman had a shocked expression then calmed herself. Amber thought the woman looked like she saw a ghost or something. The woman shook hands and said "I'm Carol. I'm sorry, but I don't think Mr. Waters has any appointments this morning." She then groaned as she sat in her chair behind her desk.

"Actually I think I'm supposed to see you." Amber replied. "If your Mr. Waters' secretary then he said you would train me to fill in for you."

"Oh?" the woman said with an attitude. Amber figured her to be in her early 30s and was quite pretty. "And just where did he find you?"

"We met on Friday night and he seemed to like me. He asked if I could type and take short hand and I said yes." Amber replied. She didn't want to say they met at the strip club. And she definitely didn't want to say she let him feel her up.

The woman squinted and frowned as she regarded the youngster. "So that's it. That's where he found you." she stated.

"Pardon?" Amber asked, a bit confused by the woman's words and attitude towards her.

"The strip club. He was at the strip club Friday night." Carol stated. "Let me guess. He liked the way you danced for him and you figured you could get him to be your Sugar Daddy."

"I'm not a stripper." Amber stated firmly, but not sounding disgusted by the idea. "I was there with a friend, just visiting." Amber tried not to show anger at Carol. After all part of the deal was Carol had to agree she could work there.

"Just a guest I'm sure." the woman scowled. "And just how then did you meet Mr. Waters then?"

"I was with Stephanie and she introduced us." Amber said leaving out the part where he had her top and groped her boobs.

"Stephie?" Carol asked as her eyes lit up. "Your friends with Stephie?"

The sudden change in Carol's demeanor confused Amber a bit. "Yeah, I'm her roommate. I just got to town a few days ago and was looking for a job." she answered. Amber then cocked her head and asked "You know Stephie?"

"I never met her, but I know who she is." Carol stated.

"Huh?" Amber asked in confusion.

"That explains a lot." Carol said with a smirk.

"I don't follow." Amber said as she was getting even more confused.

Carol sighed and replied "Mrs. Waters died 4 years ago after a very long battle with cancer. Stephie helped ease Carl's pain as it were. Mrs. Waters wasn't able to do much of anything for years before she died and Stephie helped Carl relax as it were for a little while now and then."

Amber's jaw dropped as she was stunned for a few seconds. "You know about that?" she whined.

"And so did Mrs. Waters. She told him it was okay. She didn't want him wasting his life just running from work to the hospital and back. She wanted him to find some joy in life." Carol replied to the shocked teen.

"So now he goes to the strip club?" Amber asked.

Carol chuckled and replied "He hasn't been there in years. I asked his friends to get him out. After his wife died he still went for a few months, but then he got depressed and just stays in the house all the time he's not working." Carol replied.

"You asked his friends to take him to a strip club?" Amber asked in shock. She never heard of a woman wanting a guy to go to a place like that.

Carol frowned as she nodded. "It would have been his 40th anniversary on Friday and he really needed to not be home thinking of that."

"So you arranged for him to be at the strip club instead." Amber stated.

"Yeah." Carol chuckled "And as for the job I think there was another reason for that."

"Oh and what's that?" Amber asked.

"Go into the office and look at the picture on his desk." Carol said with a grin.

"Why?" Amber asked with a chuckle at how Carol said it.

"Just do it." Carol stated.

Amber shrugged and walked into Carl's office. She walked around the desk and glanced at the photo. Her eyes opened wide as she gasped. "She looks like me." Amber said of the bride in the wedding photo.

"Her name was Jane." Carol said from her desk. Carol paused for a moment and then said "They had a daughter."

"Had?" Amber asked as she walked back out of Carl's office.

"Yeah, had." Carol stated sadly. "She was killed while serving as a nurse in Vietnam." What she didn't say was the daughter's name was Amber.

"Poor guy." Amber said. "You mean he has no one left?" she asked in sympathy.

"He has nieces and nephews, but he doesn't see them much." Carol stated as she slowly stood up.

"Whew! That gets harder every day now." She chuckled at getting to her feet. "Please sit here." she said stepping to the side.

Amber shrugged and sat in Carol's chair. She pulled herself up to the desk and grinned. "Don't get too comfortable just yet." Carol commented as she opened the side draw to pull out a piece of paper. She handed the sheet of paper to Amber and said "Type something."

"Okay?" Amber replied taking the paper and turning to the other side of the desk where the typewriter was and put it in. "Now what?" she asked.

"Type something for me." Carol stated.

Amber arched her eyebrows. She couldn't just type something off the top of her head. She spotted a paper back book on the desk and grabbed it. She opened the book to somewhere in the middle and asked "Can you hold this up over the keyboard where I can see it?"

"I guess I can do that." Carol replied with a smile as she walked around the desk. She would give Amber every opportunity before she said no and sent her on her way.

Carol took the book and held it open in front of Amber. "A little higher please." Amber requested and said "Thank-you." when it was in a place she liked.

Amber's fingers went to work as Carol watched the clock on the wall. After a couple of minutes Carol said "Stop." just like Amber's teacher in school would have.

Amber sat and waited as Carol pulled the paper from the typewriter and looked it over. "Very good. 71 words a minute." Carol commented. Actually it wasn't very good, but it would do.

"Does that mean I can stay?" Amber asked.

"I haven't decided yet." Carol replied. "Now get a pen and pick up the pad." Carol then told Amber.

Frank Jacobs and Tim Thompson walked into the terminal of Metropolis International after flying in. An inquiry had come over the wire Friday night of a girl named Gigi matching Spanish Fly's description and they were on their way to check it out. They gabbed their bags and headed to the door where an old friend was waiting for them. "Welcome to Metropolis." Mark Bellows said to his two old friends. The three of them had gone through training together 10 years earlier and had remained friends since.

"Nice to see you again." Frank said shaking his friends hand.

"Yeah, long time no see." Tim added as he shook hands with Mark.

Mark stepped to the side to introduce the man with him. "Frank and Tim, this is Zack Whitman." He said pointing to the younger man. Zack in his mid 20s and about 6 foot tall had just started working for the agency. "He's a rookie and he's been assigned to me."

"Nice to meet you." Frank and Tim stated and shook the young agents hand.

"So are you gonna tell me what brings you to Metropolis?" Mark asked.

"Sorry we can't give you all the details. All we can tell you is it has to do with the Corps and we're looking for someone." Frank stated. He and Tim didn't want to tell Mark what they were really up to. And they definitely weren't going to tell a rookie they just met.

"We'll tell you what we can when we get in the car." Tim added.

"Yeah, the car's over here." Mark said and led the way.

Once the bags were in the trunk and the guys were on there way out of town did Tim and Frank give the rundown on what they were up to. Zack drove with Mark riding shotgun and Frank and Tim in the back seat of the Lincoln Town car. "We're looking for a fugitive that goes by the name Guenevere Gonzales." Frank stated.

Tim nodded and said "A girl only given the name of Gigi and matching the description was taken into custody of the Midvale police the other night."

"So what's this girl wanted for?" Mark asked.

Frank and Tim looked at each other in a planned move and Frank stated "It's a matter of national security and is on a need to know basis."

Tim added "All we can say is she was seen in the area when all those Spanish heroines were blown up."

Tim and Frank had worked the office over the weekend and when the inquiry came in they were making plans to investigate. "Having worked 2 weeks without a day off they now had 7 days off using their days off and a few vacation days. But Mark and Zack had no idea. Frank and Tim were playing this like it was an assignment.

Diana finished cleaning up the breakfast dishes. Mae and Gigi were in the bedroom trying to figure out what Mae would wear when she meets Steven Tyler and Lunesta was off with the fairies near the Kent farm for a few days working on her studies. Since she was kicked out of her village she hadn't kept up on learning about spells and potions. Not that she was magically gifted. She still needed to know about them and how to defend herself. While the girls were busy she had taken the opportunity to call an old acquaintance and ask for a small favor.

When the phone rang as she was heading for the sofa to check the news Diana picked it up. "Hello?"

"Hello Miss Prince." came the voice of Chief Danvers. Diana couldn't help but think he didn't sound too happy.

"Is there anything wrong?" Diana asked.

Fred gave a heavy sigh and said "I though you and the girls would like to know we had to let Eddy go this morning."

"Had to let him go?" Diana questioned.

"Yeah. Had to. Seems someone got the address wrong on the search warrant and all the charges had to be dropped." Fred stated. He knew Gigi was Spanish Fly and was guessing about Diana. He thought maybe they could help in someway.

"Thanks for the update chief."Diana stated before saying good-bye and hanging up. Diana was heading to the bedroom to get dressed and get the girls to plan their move when the phone rang again.

Diana grabbed it again saying "Hello?"

"High Diana it's Clark." Kal stated using his Earth name incase the phones were bugged.

Diana thought he didn't sound too happy either. "What's wrong Clark?"

"We just got some information from the JLA that a restraining order has been issued against Wonder Woman and anyone from the JLA. Everyone is to stay away from some guy named Edward Talbert." Kal stated.

"Thanks for the update Clark." Diana replied as her shoulders slumped.

Kara came down the stairs from her room to make some breakfast. She had come home after dark the night before. She had managed to distract Diana when she came to get Mae and Gigi to let Cassie lasso her sister. Everything was going as planned.

Kara walked to the kitchen slightly out of breath. Her powers were almost fully recovered, but she was still sweaty and a little exhausted. With her father at work and her mother doing the grocery shopping, she took the opportunity to test her new toy. "Wow I'm hungry." she giggled to herself after using the gadget for nearly an hour.

She grabbed the milk from the fridge and a bowl out of the cupboard. She took a spoon from the draw and then the Coco Puffs out of the pantry. "Nothing like a little chocolate after a few orgasms." she mused. Kara sat at the table and poured herself a bowl. As she sat eating she scanned the morning paper.

On the second page there was a story about a 12 year old girl being arrested for prostitution in Cleveland. Ordinarily not a very news worthy story, but according to the papers the girl passed out when confronted and when she came to she claimed to have no idea where she was or why she was there. Kara was intrigued by the fact the girl was at a hotel and heading for the elevator. What really got her attention was the John also passed out and awoke with no idea what was happening. "Very strange." she mumbled to herself.

After breakfast she headed back up stairs to get some clean clothes so she could shower. As she did so she wondered what she should do for the day. She didn't have any plans. "Maybe I should go visit Barbara." she said to herself. After all she hadn't seen her in a while.

"Will you hold still. I need to mark where the electrodes get connected." Rika snapped at Ashley.

Gene was hard at work going over his calculations and the programs needed to run the suit. Terry was watching and giggling at Ashley. "I can't help it. The suit itches like crazy." Ashley whined.

The cloth part of the suit was coming together nicely. Ashley was a bit self conscious she would have to model it when it was ready. How could she prance around in front of a bunch of old guys in something that fit her like a second skin she wondered. The outlines of her nipples were clearly visible, she was showing a prominent camel toe and the suit conformed to the curves of her ass with a seem running up between her cheeks. It even formed around her ample breasts. "I can't go out dressed like this. I'd get arrested." The suit covered every square inch of skin from her neck down.

"We'll find a way to fix it." Terry chuckled.

"Easy for you to say. Your not the one who has to wear this thing." Ashley whined.

Gene grinned but didn't look up. "We have to make a place for the control modules. If we place them in strategic areas we can give you some modesty." He stated.

"Okay I'm done, you can take it off now." Rika grinned.

"Thank God!" Ashley commented and wasted no time in getting the thing off her. She didn't even go into the bathroom. Everyone had seen her naked already anyway so she stripped on the spot then ran for the bathroom where her clothes were. The suit was one piece that opened from the neck down to between the shoulder blades. It closed up with a zipper.

Terry chucked as Ashley's pearly white ass turned the corner into the bath. "Maybe we can find a way to make it less scratchy." she stated.

"I think I have a salve that'll help." Rika answered as she picked up the discarded suit. "It'll also help the connection between the skin and electrodes."

"So when do we work on the joints?" Ashley asked from the bathroom.

"As soon as Rika's done with the micro soldering and we can figure out where to put the contact points." Terry answered.

"Then we can make models of what we need and have someone mold the parts for us." Gene stated.

"We can make them ourselves." Ashley said stunning the small group.

"What do you mean by that?" Rika asked.

Ashley poked her head out of the bathroom and answered. "It's easy. Powdered raw Adamantium has a melting temperature of 482 degrees. If we make the molds, we can make the parts ourselves in the oven."

"I thought it was indestructible?" Rika asked in confusion.

"Well yeah, but that's after it's formed. Adamantium powder needs to get to 482 degrees to melt then if you want you can hold it in that state until ready . Actually it'll stay liquid down to about 205 degrees." Ashley stated. Having a stepfather that worked with rare metals had given her access to information that was highly classified. If she wasn't so bright she never would have understood it.

Even Gene was impressed by her knowledge in this area. The information she rattled off wasn't known to the general public. Hell, even he didn't know the facts she was stating. He looked up from his work and turned around to look in her direction. "Are you sure about this?" he asked.

"Yeah, I watched my stepfather do a few experiments. It can be done." Ashley replied as she ducked back into the bathroom to finish dressing.

"We can mold Adamantium in the kitchen?" Terry asked disbelievingly. That would make one hell of a science fair project she thought.

"Yeah, but we can never tell anyone we know. It's top secret stuff." Ashley replied.

"So why are you telling us?" Rika asked.

Ashley stepped out of the bathroom dressed in her cut off jeans and a tank top. "Because if we're going to sell this suit to the military it has to be kept secret. If we have someone make the parts for us we'll have to explain where we got the stuff and people will start asking questions." And she didn't want to be explaining how she got it.

"She's right." Gene said. "This project has to be top secret. No one outside of the 4 of us can know anything about this."

So much for a science project Terry thought.

Kara zipped into the Batcave faster than anyone could see. She grinned and said "What's up?" as she came to a stop a few feet behind Barbara, dressed as Batgirl, hunched over the bat computer.

The startled bat heroine snapped around and chuckled seeing Kara's grin. "Will you stop doin' that? Your gonna give somebody a coronary someday." Barbara chuckled.

After a welcoming hug the girls sat next to each other in front of the computer. "So what're you working on?" Kara asked.

Barbara frowned and replied "I'm still looking for the Joker. It's not like him to not be up to something. Especially with Batman laid up."

"So what does the computer say about it?" Kara asked.

"It doesn't have a clue. I wish the new set up was in place." Barb answered.

"The stuff isn't here yet?" Kara asked. She would have thought it would have arrived by now.

Barbara's head shot up and she turned to look at Kara strangely.

"What? Do I have a stain?" Kara asked looking down at her tunic quizzically.

"We have the stuff, we just need to get it down here." Barbara grinned wickedly at Kara.

"Your gonna put me to work, Aren't you?" Kara whined.

"Oh yeah. The stuff's in a couple of shipping containers down at the docks." Barbara replied.

"How many containers?" Kara asked.

"Just three. And you have to get them in here without anybody seeing you." Barbara grinned.

"Let me get this straight. You want me to get three shipping containers off the docks and into the cave without anyone seeing me." Kara stated.


"In broad daylight?" Kara asked as she arched her eyebrows.

Barbara chuckled and made a face at he faux pas and said "Maybe we should wait until after dark."

Kara rolled her eyes and chuckled. "Good Idea."

The 4 FBI agents walked into the Midvale police station. After flashing their badges and identifying themselves they asked to speak with the chief. "He's not here right now." Jessi Tilman stated. The dispatcher then informed them "The chief is out at the Fredrick's farm. Someone stole a couple of cows last night."

"Do you know when he'll be back?" Frank asked acting as the group leader.

"I don't know." Jessi replied.

Frank then asked. "Someone from this station ran a girls description and the name Gigi through our data base. Would you know about an Officer Johnson?"

"I'm the one who made the inquiry. She was in the car when we made a drug bust and wouldn't give her full name." the Officer Johnson stated. He was just coming on duty and checking the log book when the feds showed up.

"So she's in jail?" asked Frank. That would make things easier he thought.

"No, turns out it was her first date with the boy and she's friends with the chief's daughter." Johnson stated.

"Do you know where we can find her now?" Frank asked.

"Why is a little girl of interest to the FBI?" asked Officer Johnson. It was very unusual for the FBI to even be there never mind asking about a teen girl.

"All we can say is it's a matter of national security. Any information you can give us will be of help." Frank stated.

Officer Johnson was a bit concerned, but this was the FBI. "Jessi give him them the address. It's in the log from the other night."

"Yes sir." the dispatcher replied. It took a few moments for Jessi to find it and write it down for the feds. "Here you go." she said handing Frank the paper. "She lives with a couple of friends of the chief and his daughter."

"Oh?" asked Frank as he arched his eyebrows.

"Yes sir. A Mae Carver. Her father was killed by the terrorists on that plane a short time ago. And a Miss Diana Prince." Jessi informed them.

The feds hid their reaction to Diana's name. Frank then asked "Can you tell me how to find this address?"

"Oh it's easy." Jessi said with a grin. "Take a left outta the parking lot and go straight about a mile. The street will be on the left."

"Thank-you. You've been a big help." Frank said and he and the others left.

Once they got in the car Mark asked "Do you think that's the same Diana Prince that was one of us?"

"We'll find out in a few minutes." Frank stated. He and Tim then exchanged looks that said this could be a problem.

Fred was pulling back into the station when he saw 4 men dressed in suits and wearing sunglasses getting into the Lincoln. He had a feeling they were feds. Walking into the station he asked "What did those guys want?"

Johnson saw the angry look on his bosses face and replied "They were asking questions about that girl Gigi. We told them where they could find her. Did we do something wrong?"

The chief put on his best poker face and replied "No. You did what you were supposed to do." As Johnson slowly walked away a bit confused Fred wondered what he could do. He had a feeling Gigi and the others were in trouble, but he couldn't take the chance on calling to warn them. If the feds had his phone bugged he couldn't call them or even Linda to tell them what was happening. "I'm going home early Johnson. If you need me call there."

"Yes sir." Officer Johnson replied.

Fred quickly got in his car and headed home. Hopefully he could get Linda in the air over Diana's apartment to keep an eye on things.

"How about this?" Mae asked as she posed in front of Diana wearing an Aerosmith T-shirt that was way too tight and hugged her body like a second skin. That and a pair of hot pants with her butt hanging out said rocker chic.

"Very funny. You know I won't let you go anywhere dressed like that." Diana smirked. Mae had been fooling around putting on things that were too small or too revealing. This time she was wearing one of her old T-shirts.

As the girls giggled there was a knock at the door. "I'll get it." Gigi stated from the bedroom doorway. Running to the door as Diana and Mae laughed, no one thought much of it as Gigi opened the door without looking or asking who it was.

As the door swung open Gigi was horrified by the gun in her face and men shouting "FBI, DON"T MOVE."

Diana and Mae froze in place as Gigi was knocked to the ground and a man holding a gun at her head.

"Agent Jacobs? Agent Thompson?" What are you doing?" Diana asked in a demanding tone.

"You know them?" Mae asked.

"Shut up both of you." Frank ordered.

The men all made their way into the apartment and closed the door. Mark held a gun on Gigi as Zack cuffed her. Frank covered Diana and Mae as he nodded to Tim who then checked the rest of the apartment. A minute later he declared "Looks like it's just the three of them."

"What's the meaning of this?" Diana growled. "You can bet the director will hear of this."

"I told you to be quiet." Frank snarled. Now both of you get on the floor and put your hands behind your heads."

With Gigi cuffed face down on the floor and Zack covering her, Mark turned his gun on Mae and Diana. "You know each other?" he asked Frank about him and Diana.

"Yeah." Frank replied. "Meet former agent Diana Prince."

Mae stared angrily at the feds as she and Diana got on their knees and then laid face down on the carpet. "What's this about Frank?" Diana asked angrily as she put her hands behind her head.

Mae glanced at Diana with a gaze that asked if she should change into Lotus Blossom. Diana gave a look that said no. "I told you to shut up." he snarled. "Cuff'em Mark." he told his friend.

"Sure." Mark said as he cautiously knelt down over Mae to cuff her. "But I also would like some more information if I'm gonna cuff one of our own."

Tim knelt down to cuff Diana and replied "We told you. It's a matter of national security and a need to know basis."

"We're gonna need something when we write this up." Mark stated as he stood up.

"Fine." Frank growled. Tim read the women their rights and watch them. Mark and Zack follow me into the kitchen." Frank ordered and headed that way.

"Yeah Frank." Mark snarled back. What kind of crap was this. His old friend keeping him in the dark and ordering him around like a rookie.

Mae had a bad feeling and would have changed regardless of Diana's look if she could do so without endangering Diana and Gigi. Mae turned her head when she heard two whooshes of air and saw the two other agents fall to the floor.

Frank walked back into the living room and pulled an object out of his suit jacket pocket. The girls looked at each other questioningly as he pushed a button on the devise.

"I don't like this." Mae said to Diana as there was a flash of light.

The girls were horrified to see Hermes appear. Frank grinned and ordered the god "Dump them and the car back in Metropolis. They'll wake up and remember nothing of what they did today."

Hermes grinned at the three lovelies cuffed on the floor and was quickly gone.

"What the hell are you guys doing?" Diana growled.

Frank shook his head and walked into the girl's messy bedroom. He returned moments later with some dirty socks. "I told you to shut up." He growled as he knelt down next to Diana and stuffed one of the socks in her mouth. He then looked threateningly at Mae and Gigi and asked "Do I need to stuff your mouths too?" as Diana gave a muffled protest.

Fred Danvers ran in the front door, slamming it behind him. "LINDA!" he shouted up the stairs.

"What the hell is all the noise?" Edna asked walking out of the kitchen with her apron on over her house dress.

"Diana and the girls are in trouble." Fred stated, then yelled up the stairs again. "LINDA!"

"She's not here. She left a note saying she was going to see Barbara." Edna said sounding worried. "What kind of trouble are they in?"

Kara and Barbara walked into Radio Shack and headed towards the parts section in the back. Bruce had given them a list of things needed to put everything together as well as some spare parts. To avoid notice they couldn't get everything at once or even from the same store. This was the second store of the five they planned on hitting. "What are we looking for?" Kara asked as they looked through a rack of transistors.

"2N2217." Barbara replied.

"Right here." Kara grinned as her ability to do things super fast was paying off.

Barbara frowned "Bruce wants 5 and they only have 3."

"We can get some at the next stop." Kara stated.

"Yeah. Now look for 2N7117." Barbara said just as a beeping could be heard in her purse.

"What's that?" Kara asked.

Barbra chuckled. "It's the latest thing. It's called a pager." she said pulling it out of her bag to check it. She whispered "Can't always use the JLA communicator."

Kara shrugged and nodded then asked "What's it say?"

"It just gives a phone number." Barbara grinned as she turned it to Kara to see. "Looks like your mother wants to talk with you."

Kara pouted at having her outing interrupted and asked "How'd she know you had that?"

Barbara chuckled and speculated "She must have called the mansion and Alfred must have passed the message."

"Remind me to thank him?" Kara said in her annoyed voice.

Barbara chuckled and nudged Kara. "Just use the payphone over there to see what she wants." she said pointing to the payphone hanging on the wall.

Five minutes later the girls were in Barbara's car racing back to the mansion. Kara had changed into a skimpy outfit borrowed from Babs' closet for the shopping expedition and couldn't wear her costume under the frilly mini skirt and tube top. "What exactly did your father say?" Barbara asked almost in panic.

"The FBI were at the station looking for Gigi and one of his men sent them to Diana's." Kara said with panic in her voice. Actually her motherr talked to her and her father whispered in the background incase his phone was bugged. "Can't you go any faster?" Kara asked looking as worried as she sounded.

"Not if we don't want to be wasting time by getting pulled over." Barbara stated. They were already pushing it by going 15 MPH over the limit.

"I'll keep watch, just hit it." Kara stated as she focused on what was up ahead.

Mae looked to her right to see Diana and in between them was Gigi. All three of them had a sock in their mouths and were chained to the ceiling. Their wrists were cuffed together and a chain from the ceiling was attached to the cuffs so that each of then could just reach the floor with their toes. Having been just hanging around the house all three of them were bare foot.

Mae groaned as her arms were already getting tired. She stared daggers across the chamber at Ares on his stone throne talking with the FBI agents and Hermes. Two young women, one blonde and one brunette, stood at attention on either side of Ares. The fact they both wore just a small loin cloth and looked terrified to do anything wasn't lost on her. "The one in the middle is the one you wanted to get your answers." Frank stated.

Ares snarled as he looked at his prisoners. "You have done well." he stated. He waved his right hand saying "Amanda, take our guests somewhere and entertain them while I question the prisoners."

"Yes my lord." the terrified blonde stated as she walked towards one of the doorways followed by the agents. It wasn't hard for anyone to figure out what Ares meant by entertain.

"Thank-You Lord Ares." The agents said as they followed the blonde beauty.

Ares gazed at the prisoners and wondered how to start. Should he rape one of them to send a message or start by threats. Dressed in just leather pants, his armor in the floor beside his chair, he stood up and walked across the room. He walked up to Gigi first to look into her terror filled eyes.

Dressed, as usual, in hot pants and a halter top she looked up at his hate filled face. Her arms were sore just like Mae because unlike the others they had chained her ankles to the floor with her feet spread. Knowing she could fly they stretched her out to make her suffer.

Ares then turned his attention to Diana. Much bigger than the others and dressed more. Wearing tight jeans and a T-shirt with no bra, Ares thought it strange he wasn't seeing fear in her eyes. Ares smiled and said "You're a brave one I see. But not for long." as he grabbed the front of her T-shirt by the neck and pulled fast and hard. Diana grunted into her gag as her breasts were laid bare. "Not bad." Ares stated as he checked out the wondrous orbs. First he used his right hand to lift and weigh each of them, then gave each a firm squeeze. Finally he raised his right hand and smiled at seeing the fear get through Diana's stoic gaze. He then brought the hand down with a thunderous slap the echoed through the chamber, even over Diana's muffled scream and whimpers. The slap leaving a bright red hand print on Diana's left tit.

Ares chuckled as he walked over to where Mae was trembling. Mae tried to kick him but he laughed and slapped her foot away. Even if she had hit him she knew without the suit he wouldn't have felt it. Mae's cries were muffled as he hooked the front of her tube top with 2 fingers and pulled it down. "Well, maybe when you grow up you'll have tits." He commented as he turned to walk back to his seat.

"Thank-you Hermes, you may go now. "Ares said to the other god and then looked at the barely dressed brunette and snarled "They're over dressed. Fix it."

"Yes master." the girl whimpered and trotted across the room. Starting with Mae, she went around back and hooked the waistband of Mae's panties and hot pants. She quickly pulled them down and off the struggling whimpering teen. Mae looked over her shoulder as the brunette grabbed a sharp knife off a table behind them. "I'm sorry." the brunette whispered as she cut the back of Mae's tube top leaving her completely naked.

Ares sat and watched as the girl moved over to Gigi. She untied Gigi's halter top at the neck and in the back to remove it. She then used the knife to cut the hot pants off the whimpering heroine. Gigi's panties were then also cut off.

Diana held herself still, refusing to react out of fear or even modesty as the girl cut her T-shirt the rest of the way off. Diana stared straight ahead at Ares as the girl unsnapped her jeans and pulled down the zipper. Not even a muffled cry was made as the girl slid the jeans and panties down the princess' long legs. Diana even lifted one leg at a time to step out of her pants.

Ares was amused by the show of bravery. "You don't want to show fear, but you will." He stated with a hateful stare. Ares walked back across the room and pulled the soggy sock from Gigi's mouth. "Time for us to have a talk." he said threateningly.

"Go to hell." Gigi replied angrily.

"So testy. There's no need to be angry. All I want for now is information." Ares stated with a sickening grin.

"Let us go. We did nothing to you." Gigi spat back at him.

"Nothing? You call ruining my plans and embarrassing me nothing?" Ares snarled. The anger showing in his eyes. Ares reached out and gripped Gigi's left breast in a firm grip and began to squeeze. He grinned as Gigi refused to groan as he squeezed harder and harder until the girl had tears running down her cheeks and she finally screamed in agony.

"AAAAAAAAAAGGG. STOP?" she begged.

"That's better." Ares said with a lilt as he released the sobbing teens tit. "Now that we got you in the right state of mind let's have us a chat." Mae stared angrily at Ares as Diana tried to kick him as she tried to yell as well. "Well, seems like your friends don't like my heroine games." Ares laughed.

"I don't know what your talking about." Gigi sobbed.

"Ah, but you do Guenevere. Or should I call you Spanish Fly?" Ares stated. "It's amazing how much information you can get when you use the United States government to get it for you." he commented.

"I I I'm not the Spanish Fly." she tried to lie.

"Really? HMMMM Maybe I should just kill you now then." Ares said with an evil smile that made Gigi's skin crawl. Diana was trying as hard as she could to kick the god of war as she yelled into her gag at him. Ares tired quickly of her behavior and stepped over and delivered a savage slap across Diana's face that dazed her and left her hanging in her bonds.

"Rachel bring me the toys behind my chair." Ares said to the brunette.

"Yes master." the girl stated and grabbed the items and brought them to him, dropping to her knees and bowing as she handed them over.

The girl stayed on her knees as Ares took two 4" C-clamps from her. Ares opened up the clamps as Gigi stared wondering what they were for. "It's interesting what fun you can have with the simplest of things." Ares stated as Gigi's eyes opened wide in horror.

"Please no?" she begged as Ares pressed one to her chest and started to tighten it down on her left tit. Gigi groaned as he clamped it down until it held a firm grip on her boob. "Please no." She sobbed as he clamped her right tit as well.

Ares stepped back with a sick grin and pure evil in his eyes. "Now I'm going to ask you some questions. And if you lie or I don't like the answer Rachel here is going to turn the screws one turn."

Gigi swallowed hard with tears streaking down her cheeks. "Oh god, please don't." Gigi sobbed.

Ares chuckled at her and asked "Are you the Spanish Fly?"

"I told you I don't know what your talking about." Gigi whined.

"Rachel." was all Ares said.

"Yes master." the terrified brunette said as she stood up and one clamp at a time tightened the clamps one turn each.

"AAAAAAgghh. Please stop. I don't know." Gigi begged.

Ares nodded to Rachel who cringed as she tightened the clamps again.

"Oh god, please stop." Gigi begged.

Mae and Diana, who was awake and aware again, screamed in their gags as they both tried to kick Ares. Ares laughed and asked again "Are you the Spanish Fly?"

"Yes." Gigi sobbed. "Now please take them off." she begged.

Ares smiled and then stared angrily. "Not just yet. I have more questions for you." Ares said as Gigi cried in pain.

"But I told you what you wanted." Gigi sobbed.

"I already knew who you were. I just was sending a message." Ares said. Can't think my ass, he thought. "But with all you naked lovely beauties around I feel distracted." He stated. He walked up to Rachel and said "I feel over dressed."

Yes Master." Rachel replied as she dropped to her knees thinking to god was going to fuck her again. Although she didn't remember loosing her virginity to him, she had painful memories of the other times he had used her over the last couple of days. In fact she didn't think she could take it again, but dared not refuse. Rachel swallowed as she pulled Ares' pants down to release the monster that had cost her so much pain. Then as he stepped out of his pants and stood in front of her she followed her teaching, she kissed his cock to pay homage. Given how much pain he could cause, she learned her lessons quickly.

Ares stepped back grinning. "You pick Rachel. Should I fuck the tall one or the child?" he asked of Diana and Mae.

Rachel had already been instructed how to answer "Why can't you fuck both , Master?" she asked then hung her head in shame. She and Amanda were mutants with some power, but not enough to stop Ares. Besides healing fast Rachel could change into animal and Amanda could spit acid as well as heel others to some extent. Nothing that would help them get away. They would need to fly to get away and neither of them could do that.

Diana was shocked by the answer and Mae was terrified. She was way to small to handle the monster cock Ares had. "Please don't." Gigi sobbed as Mae and Diane struggled to free themselves.

"That's a good idea." Ares chuckled.

"Please no." Gigi sobbed as Ares walked around to get behind the struggling Diana. Without her belt Diana had no where near the strength needed to resist as Ares grabbed her hips and lined himself up.

"DON"T." Gigi screamed.

"MMMMMMMMGGGGGHHH." Diana screamed as Ares stuffed himself into her tight pussy.

"Rachel, stuff her mouth again." Ares chuckled.

"Yes Master." the girl stated and quickly followed her orders.

"Please stop. Please don't mmmmpphhh." Gigi begged until the dirty sock was stuffed back in her mouth.

"Good. Now I can play in peace." Ares chuckled.

Diana's legs trembled as Ares stuffed his whole 14 inches painfully into her. The fact she was still sore from the ogre attack wasn't helping. Diana's tears flowed as she wondered if anyone would know where to look for them. Mae and Gigi screamed into their gags as Ares rape Diana. Ares grinned as Diana bent her legs back to hook his legs as he lifted her off the floor. "You've done this before." Ares taunted. "Maybe I'll keep you to serve me."

Diana arched her back and rested her head on his shoulder trying to save energy and ease the pain. Although her pussy felt like it was being shredded, the pressure was off her arms and shoulders for awhile. Ares rocked his hips, pumping in and out of the surrendering woman. "That's a good slave." Ares whispered as he moved his hands from her hips to her breasts.

Diana groaned in her gag as she started to rock her hips. She thought if she could entice Ares to cum for her she would protect Mae from a fucking she had no hope of handling. "Ah, your liking this." Ares whispered in her ear. "You will make a good slave."

Diana groaned in defeat as Ares pulled out of her and headed down the line. "Don't worry, I'll be back." he chuckled in reaction to her groan. On the way by Gigi, he paused to whisper in her ear. "Don't worry, we'll get some play time together later." Between the pain from the clamps and the fear, Gigi shook and cried uncontrollably. "Relax sweetie." Ares chuckled and gave Gigi a hard slap on the ass, then held his hand in place to fondle her butt. "My men tell me your 18, but I don't believe them. What are you? 16? 15? 14?" Ares guessed. "No matter, we'll get to that later."

Ares then gave his attention to the trembling oriental. "Well little girl, it's time for you to grow up." he commented as he stood behind her and grabbed her by the hips. Mae wrestled franticly as Ares lifted her off the floor and tried to line her up. Mae kicked and screamed into her gag as Ares tried to get his huge cock into her tiny body. Ares held her firm and whispered "Fight all you want. I'm using you to show your friend what will happen if she doesn't answer my questions." Fact was Ares enjoyed it when his women put up a fight.

"MMOOOOOO OOOOO OOOOODDDD MMOOOO" She screamed at she felt Ares' cockhead penetrate her tight pussy. "MMMMAAAAA" she screamed into her gag as Ares forced several inches into her. Tears flowed down her cheeks as she though about how she was about to die.

"Looks like the child wasn't so innocent." Ares commented seeing no blood.

Rachel also had tears in her eyes watching the tiny oriental girl grimacing in agony as Ares forced himself deeper and deeper with each thrust. Diana grimaced with Mae and wondered if this was the end of Mae. Could Mae survive if Ares fucked her to the balls? And if so, would she be alive if he decided to fuck her hard? Diana cried now for Mae. Gigi sobbed as well. How could someone be so vile, she wondered.

Supergirl zipped into Diana's apartment to find Lunesta crying on the sofa. "Thank god your here." she sobbed. "Ares has them." The fairy had gotten home just before her friends were taken away and had watched from just outside the sliding door.

Kara looked around and knelt down in front of the scared fairy. "Tell me what happened." Kara said with great concern. If Ares had them this could be as bad as it gets.

"I was just getting home and saw a couple of guys in suits. They had all three of them handcuffed and gagged. Then this other guy dressed in robes showed up and then they all were gone." Lunesta stated. It happened to fast. They were gone in seconds. Lunesta didn't even have time to try and help. Her tears were slowing now that Kara was there. Up to that point she had no idea what to do. She was beside herself with fear and grief.

"It'll be okay." Kara said comfortingly, even if she didn't believe it herself. "Was the other guy Ares?" she asked.

"No. He was some guy with wings on his feet." Lunesta sobbed. "They're gonna die I know it."

"There not gonna die. That guy had to be taking them to Ares." Kara speculated out loud.

"But who were those guys in suits?" Lunesta asked.

"FBI. No doubt working for the Corps." Kara said angrily. She had gotten the story from her parents when she called them back before racing back to the mansion and then straight to Diana's apartment.

"But how do we find them?" Lunesta whined.

"We don't, I do. And I start on Olympus." Kara stated firmly.

"I'm going too." the fairy insisted.

"No your not. I can't keep you safe if I have to move fast." Kara insisted.

Lunesta stared Kara in the eye and asked "Do you know where it is?"

Kara arched her eyebrows and replied "No, but I'll find it. Why do you?"

"No, but it's magical so I can probably sense it if I get close." Lunesta replied with a hint of attitude.

At least she stopped crying Kara thought. "Okay. But when we get there you stay back where it's safe." Kara stated.

Gigi and Diana looked at each other with sad eyes. Mae hang limp and unresponsive with cum and blood streaking her inner thighs leaving a small puddle on the floor. She was still breathing, but unconscious. Ares chuckled as he pulled up his pants. He turned to Gigi and asked angrily "Do you know what will happen to you if I don't get what I want?"

Gigi looked at him with tear fill eyes and nodded slowly. The terrified Latina figured she couldn't handle much more than he gave Mae. And she knew he was even holding back to make her suffer.

Ares grinned at her agreement. "Take her gag out." he commanded his slave.

"Yes Master." she replied.

Rachel sobbed as she pulled the sock out of Gigi's mouth. Gigi stared angrily at Ares and yelled "YOU SON OF A BITCH. I'LL FIND A WAY TO KILL YOU."

Ares laughed and sent a chill up Gigi's spine. "Rachel, another turn."

"Yes Master." the girl replied sadly. She even cringed as she turned the screws.

"AAAAAA FUCK YOU YOU BASTARD." Gigi shouted as Rachel turned the screws. Gigi looked down through tear filled eyes to see her bruised breasts being squeezed by the clamps. The opening in the clamps couldn't have been more than half an inch.

"Tell me where to find Wonder Woman and Lotus Blossom." Ares said with an evil grin. He knew she would resist a while longer and wondered how much he would have to injure her breasts before she would betray her friends.

Diana screamed in her gag as Ares told Rachel "Another turn." She wanted Gigi to tell Ares about her to stop the kid's torture. She was a trained warrior. She was ready for pain and death. Torture was something every Amazon was ready to endure if captured. Mae and Gigi, although heroines, were still children. And as such, it was her duty as an Amazon warrior to protect them.

Gigi gritted her teeth and snarled at Ares "Go to hell."

Diana frantically tried to get Gigi to say she was Wonder Woman. Or at least get Ares to wonder what she was so excited about as she pulled on her chains, tried to kick Gigi and yelled in her gag. "MMMMMMmMMMMgGGMMMGG."

Ares grinned sickeningly at Diana. "Seems someone has something they want to say." he stated.

Diana opened her eyes wide as she nodded. She stopped pulling on her chains and looked Ares in the eyes. Gigi groaned and whimpered "Leave her alone."

Ares waved his hand as if to dismiss Gigi and thought about it for a few seconds before saying remove her gag Rachel. Let's hear what she has to say."

"Yes Master." Rachel answered.

"YOU BASTARD." Gigi yelled as Rachel pulled the soggy sock from Diana's mouth.

"So what does sweet tits have she wants to get off her chest?" Ares chuckled as he walked up to Diana and fondled her breasts. Taking a firm grip that made her groan he threatened "It better be worth my time."

"Don't tell him anything." Gigi spat out.

Ares nodded to Rachel who grabbed the soggy sock and stuffed it in Gigi's mouth. "I hate being interrupted Now tell me what you wanted to say." he snarled as he squeezed Diana's breasts a little harder.

Diana grimaced and groaned. She looked at him with pain filled eyes and stated "I can tell you where Wonder Woman is."

"MMMOOO MMMOOOO MMMOOOO." Gigi screamed into her gag.

Ares grinned but his eyes threatened. "Tell me where she is." he commanded as he squeezed tighter.

Gigi continued to scream into her gag as Diana stated. "Let them go and I'll give you Wonder Woman."

"TELL ME BITCH." Ares screamed in her face as he squeezed even harder.

"AAAAAAAAGG." Diana screamed. Diana's eyes welled up as she tried to fought the pain and put on a stoic face. Even she knew she was failing.

"Tell me or I'll rip them off." He threatened. "Tell me or I'll rip hers off." he snarled gesturing towards Gigi. "Tell me of I'll fuck the other one's ass until she's dead." he finally added.

"AAAAGGNNNGGG." Diana groaned as he squeezed even harder. Through gritted teeth she insisted. "Not until you take those clamps off her."

Ares knew he could always put them back on so he nodded to Rachel. As Rachel hurriedly moved to comply Ares snarled at Diana " If this is a trick you must know I'll hurt her even more.

Gigi sobbed looking at her injured boobs. They hurt so much, yet she was powerless to do anything about it. But now that the clamps were off her healing powers would start helping her hurt less.

With the clamps off Ares insisted. "Now tell me where I can find her."

"I have to show you." Diana whimpered. If she could get him to release her then she could spin into Wonder Woman and give them a fighting chance.

"Rachel. Get my sword." he stated as his eyes glowed red.

"Yes Master." the girl replied.

The brunette teen ran to get the required item and knelt to offer it to him. Diana screamed "AAAAAAGGGHHH." as Ares released her tits to take his weapon and the blood rushed back into her injured breasts.

Ares stepped back and nodded to Rachel. "Release her chains." he ordered.

"Yes master." the girl said and ran to the throne to get the keys. She returned moments later and started to unlock the hand cuffs.

As the second hand was released Ares held his blade between Gigi's legs and held it up against her teen twat. Diana flexed her wrists and rubbed her sore shoulders. "Tell me now." Ares ordered through gritted teeth. He was tiring of the game.

Diana's eyes showed almost as much terror Gigi's as she saw what Ares was doing. Diana groaned and stepped forward a few steps. She held her arms out to the side and began to spin. Seconds later Wonder Woman stood facing Ares with her hands on her hips.

Ares smiled as he gazed on his enemy. They had fought a few times over the years and now he had her at his mercy. "Take off that belt." he commanded

Gigi gasped as Ares lifted up slightly on his sword and pressed it harder against her pussy. Diana showed the fear in her eyes. "Let her take our friend to a hospital and I'll surrender to you." Diana offered.

"Remove everything or I'll slice her in half. Now that you're here I don't need her anymore." Ares sneered.

Diana saw Mae start to stir. Ares had his back to her as he dealt with Diana. Rachel too was not in a position to see Mae. Mae grimaced as she lifted her head to look around. She noticed no one was watching her and made her move.

Diana knew she had to by some time. With her plan busted she could only hope Mae could get away as Diana watched the teen fold her hand and slip her left hand out of her handcuff. Diana sighed in defeat as she reached behind herself to remove her belt. She held it in front of her and tossed it to the side. As Mae slipped out her other hand Diana removed her bracelets and tossed them away as well. And as Mae staggered away Diana reached in back to remove her bustier. Diana bared her breasts as Mae snuck out of the room. With Mae gone Diana still needed to by her as much time as possible.

Mae staggered down a long hall towards a window. She hoped to get far enough away so she wouldn't be heard calling on her suit. Knowing she was in no condition to fight even with her suit, but it would help her heal and give her strength to help her get away. She didn't like the idea of running, but she knew she needed help.

Diana tossed her boots aside and used her thumbs to hook the waistband of her star spangled briefs. Ares no longer held his sword at Gigi's twat as he watched the princess of the Amazons disrobe for him. Without her belt she was no threat anymore.

Mae groaned as she looked out the window and seeing there was a 300 foot drop straight down. In her condition even with her suit it was too high. But she had waited long enough to suit up she thought. "Hands over your head and turn around slowly." a voice behind her stated.

Mae groaned as she turned around slowly and grimaced as she tried to lift her arms. She turned to see the two FBI agents pointing there guns at her and a trail of blood droplets she had left behind her.

Diana tossed her tiara aside and dropped to her knees as she was commanded to do. Ares walked up to stand directly in front of her. "I'm over dressed whore." He grinned.

Diana reached up to hook the waistband of his pants and started pulling them down. Before she even started Diana could see he was hard again. Diana pulled the pants down Ares' muscular legs and he stepped out of them. Diana then opened her mouth wide to take his cockhead into her mouth. Ares started to sense something was wrong. The Spanish girl wasn't screaming into her gag. In fact she hadn't made a noise in minutes. As Diana stroked and sucked him Ares scowled and looked over his shoulder to see Mae gone.

"YOU'LL ALL PAY FOR THIS." he shouted as he grabbed Diana by the hair and threw her towards Gigi. The anger was clear on his face as Diana looked up at him. Hopefully she had given Mae enough time. Rachel cowered on her knees as Ares threw a fit. He picked up Diana planning to reattach her handcuffs. But before he could he was hit hard and fast from the side.

Ares smashed into the stone wall and grunted. He was quickly to his feet surprising Kara. "You're a dumb bimbo. You thinking you can beat me here?" Ares said in anger. Their powers were stronger in this place and Kara was in for a fight.

As Kara faced off against the god of war, Lotus Blossom slowly walked into the room and drew her sword. Kara and Lunesta had arrived to save her and the FBI agents were sound asleep in the hallway, with Lunesta standing guard over them, If they woke up she'd put them back to sleep.

Gigi dropped to the floor as Mae cut the chains holding her friend with the glowing sword. Mae had luckily started keeping it in her pocket so she would always have it.

Ares fumed seeing what was happening and produced a fire ball to throw at the young teens. "Don't move." came the words from Diana as the lasso was tossed over Ares' head.

Rachel breathed a sigh of relief and Kara ran to help Mae and Gigi. Amanda ran into the room to hug her best friend and they started to cry together after their ordeal.

Barbara paced the floor in her apartment. She was worried sick about her friends. Alfred had relayed the message to her and Kara as she had suspected. Bruce wasn't informed and he wouldn't be. Barbara felt his full energy should be devoted to his recovery. Kara had left hours before and there was still no word. If she didn't hear from her soon she would call the whole force of the JLA to bare on Olympus. It wasn't a move she could take lightly as it could result in all out war between the JLA and the gods.

Barbara pounced on the phone when it rang. "Hello?" she asked anxiously.

"High, I'm Bill and I'm calling to inform you you've been chosen for an opportunity to buy one of our lovely time shares."

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" Barbara screamed into the phone and slammed down the receiver. "Why can't people like that find a real job?" she asked herself as she started pacing again.

A few minutes later the phone rang again. This time Barbara waited until the second ring before picking it up. "Hello?"

"Hi Babs, It's Diana. We're okay." was the reply.

"Thank god." Barbara gasped. "What happened?"

"I'll talk to you tomorrow and give you the whole story. Right now me and the girls just want to get home. A hot shower and a long nap sounds good right now." Diana said.

Barbara chuckled "Of course. You and the girls get some rest and I'll talk to you in the morning."

Lex had an evil grin as he checked out his secret lab just outside the city. The property was owned by a long list of dummy corporations that would take a lifetime to track to him. He checked to make sure everything was as his plans dictated. Most of the designs for which came from the computer in the Fortress of Solitude. Flanked by two beautiful female assistants he mused to himself how ironic it was the way to do this came from her own uncles thoughts. He understood the computer was programmed with the memories of Kal-El's father. Sort of a form of immortality for the man.

A man stuck his head in the doorway of the large room. The walls all painted a bright white and had no windows. "The others are here now Mr. Luthor." the man stated.

Lex smiled and asked "Ladies shall we go?" as he held is arms for each of them to hook an elbow. As Lex exited the room with his escorts he mused he wouldn't be banging his aides that night. He would be saving all his energies for the dumb blonde Kryptonian.

Stephanie had a smirk on her face as Amber walked in the apartment at supper time with a dazed look and plopped on the couch. "So how did it go?" she asked from the kitchen where she was making chicken parmesan. The chicken was staying warm in the oven while she cooked the pasta.

"Work is hard." Amber whined with wide eyes.

"I couldn't have been that hard." Stephie grinned. "And she must have liked you, you worked the whole day." She added as she took the pot over to the sink to pour it into the colander.

"First she made me type something and then I had to show her I cold take shorthand." Amber whined.

"But you must have passed her test if she let you stay all day." Stephie chuckled. "After all Carl said she didn't like anyone else he brought in.

"She said I was addiquit." Amber replied mocking Carol.

Stephanie chuckled and asked "And what did Carl say?"

"He seemed nice and said I was doing okay. But Carol runs the office." Amber groaned.

Stephie poured the spaghetti onto a serving platter and grabbed the chicken out of the oven. "Did they tell you to come back tomorrow?" she asked.

"Yeah, but Carl told me to wear jeans so I could get a tour of the factory. Did you know they make furniture for the movies?" Amber said.

Stephie poured the sauce over the Chicken and pasta then spread the cheese over the top. As she put the dish into the oven to melt the cheese she replied "Yes, that sofa came from him. It was in one of my movies."

"Really?" Amber asked taking a good look at what she was sitting on.

Yeah, really." Stephie chuckled. "Now sit at the table. It's time for supper."

"Can I ask a question?" Amber whined.

"I guess." Stephie replied with a grin.

"The other night you said that black girl was taking a guy out back to make extra money. That she gets 50 bucks for a blow job." Amber said.

"Your not gonna do that." Stephie stated vehemently.

"It's not that." Amber sounded shocked, but chuckled. "It's that she must have taken a dozen guys out back that night."

Stephie groaned. She didn't want to have to explain the hard facts of life to the naïve teen. Stephie then gave a sigh and replied "She has expensive tastes."

"Her clothes didn't look expensive." Amber asked with furrowed eyebrows.

"Not those kind of tastes. How old you figure Monique is?" If the kid wanted to know maybe it was time to start her education in the hard facts of life.

"33, maybe 35?"

"Try 22." Stephie groaned.

"But she looks way older." Amber whined.

"Her expensive tastes include coke. Almost every cent she makes she needs to buy drugs." Stephie replied sadly. "It's too bad, she was such a nice kid 3 years ago. Now enough of that. Let's eat."

The tired teen brunette pouted as she stood up and walked to the table. Stephie had it set already with a glass of red wine for both of them. "Your letting me drink?" she asked and smirked.

"Can't have a celebration without a drink." Stephie said as she pulled the plate from the oven. As she carried it to the table she said "I'm sure it'll get easier." It had to Stephanie thought. This was probably the girl's first job and was a shock to her. But it had to be better than dancing almost naked in front of a bunch of drunk strangers every night.

"What are we celebrating?" Amber asked as she took her seat.

Stephie sat across from the teen and replied "Your job. A job means your growing up and you can be independent. It also means you can stay longer." Stephie said with a smile. She liked the kid.

Tammy Summers lay on her bed gazing out the window. On this Monday evening as the sun was getting low, her brother and his best friend were working in the garden. Her father and mother weren't home. Her father was visiting a dying parishioner as her mom was off getting supplies for the church's Sunday school program. The petite redhead gazed out at the two shirtless college guys and her mind started to wander. The preachers daughter had had an on again and off again crush on her brother's friend since she was 12. But Zane never even looked at her. Sure he would say hi to her, but not much more. To him she was just a child she thought.

Tammy was wearing her daisy Dukes over her bikini. She had spent the afternoon at Lesley Warner's house sun bathing and didn't bother to change when she came home. Tammy bit her lower lip as she watched the two sweaty guys hard at work outside in the summer heat. In her room she was nice and comfortable with the windows closed and the AC on.

Tammy started to fantasize about Zane, just like she had many times over the last several years. This time was different though, she was now a young woman. Even if her parents didn't know. She now knew what her body was craving as she got damp and her breasts ached for attention.

Tammy unsnapped her shorts and pulled the zipper down. She slipped her right hand inside her bikini bottoms and her eyes fluttered when she touched her clit. Tammy started to gently rub her tender bud as she stared out the window. Her left hand pulled the cups of her top down to bare her breasts as she dreamed of Zane's hands touching her. She moaned as she massaged her breasts and pinched her nipples.

Tammy closed her eyes and dreamed of Zane kissing her and caressing her. She bit her lip as she pushed her right hand further down and inserted 2 fingers into her warm wet pussy. "Oh Zane fuck me." she moaned as her fingers pumped into her tight teen twat.

Zane stopped working to wipe the sweat off his brow with his right arm. "I gotta go home now. I gotta go into work early tomorrow." he said.

"Well thanks for the help. I still have an hour of light left, I should be able to finish." he got as a reply.

Helen giggled at her scheme, Her mother had told her she did wrong by the redhead and she was going to make amends her own way. Helen followed Zane into the house and up the stairs. He had left his T-shirt upstairs and had to get it before he went home.

Zane started to hear moaning as he reached the top of the stairs. He grinned as he snuck up on the ajar door to peak in. The sight of Tammy masturbating and her bare firm round breasts made him hard instantly. Zane smiled as she moaned and begged "Oh Zane fuck me harder."

Helen giggled then whispered a suggestion into Zane's ear. He couldn't hear her, but he got the message. "Get the instamatic."

Zane quietly went into the room across the hall and grabbed his friends Polaroid off his dresser. A minute later he was pointing it at the unaware teen.

"What the hell!?" Tammy asked in shock as she opened her eyes to see Zane standing in her doorway with her brother's instamatic camera. Tammy quickly zipped and snapped her shorts and covered her breasts again. "It's not what it looks like." she whined in embarrassment.

Zane stood in the doorway grinning and shaking the picture, waiting for it to develop. "Oh yes it was. And in a few seconds I'll have the proof." Not that he would ever show anyone, but she didn't know that. Fact was he had noticed recently how much the kid had grown up, and out. And after hearing her fantasize about him he knew she liked him too. There just needed to be an ice breaker.

Helen whispered in Tammy's ear "This is your chance. Don't let him get away."

"Tammy acted shocked. But inside she thought this situation was hot. Please blackmail me she thought. "What? You can't do that. Give me that picture." she demanded as she jumped of her twin bed and walked to the doorway holding her hand out for the picture.

At 6'3" Zane towered over the 5'4" beauty. He held the picture over his head as it started to come into focus. "Your very photogenic, did you know that?" he teased.

"Give me that." she whined.

"Maybe I should frame this to give your parents for Christmas." he teased. He would never do anything like that and deep down he knew she knew that.

"Please give me the picture." she whined again and pouted.

"Give it to her, then kiss her." Helen whispered.

Zane chuckled as the picture fully developed. He gazed at it for a few seconds and said "You look beautiful in this picture." then handed it to her.

"Thank-you." Tammy said with relief.

"Look up at him and relax." Helen whispered into Tammy's ear.

Tammy gazed up into Zane's eyes. The boy leaned over and she tilted her head. Tammy moaned loudly as their lips met. Tammy dropped the picture and wrapped her arms up around his neck.

Zane wrapped his arms around her tiny waist and carried her to her bed. Putting her back on the floor he slid his hands down to cup her tight little ass eliciting a soft moan of approval.

Helen giggled with glee as her plan moved forward. She bit her lower lip as Tammy's bikini top was tossed across the room and Zane's hands were between the two kissing youths unzipping Tammy's shorts. Helen reached out with her mind to make sure her mother wasn't on to her yet as Tammy stepped out of her shorts and she hurriedly undid Zane's jeans.

Tammy licked her lips as she dropped to her knees to pull the jeans down Zane's muscular legs. Zane at 225 pounds was well built and his blonde hair shined in the sun coming through the bedroom window almost as much as the sweat glistened on his body.

Zane stepped out of his jeans as Tammy stared at the bulge in his jockey shorts. He was nowhere big as Mr. Carpenter, and to Tammy that was a good thing. Mr. Carpenter had given her more pain than pleasure. But Zane was still a good size she thought. Zane grinned down at Tammy as she tentatively gripped the waistband of his shorts and started pulling down.

Helen knelt down beside Tammy as Zane's 8" cock sprang free. Tammy looked hesitant and the young Demigoddess whispered "Play innocent. Look up and ask him what to do."

Tammy sat stunned at what she was about to do. Sure she had sucked Mr. Carpenter, but he basically blackmailed her. She had never willingly given a blowjob before. At least not that she knew of. She looked up with confusion on her face and asked "What do I do?" as innocently as she could.

With his shorts stretched between his knees Zane said "Use on of your hands to stroke it and put it in your mouth to suck on it." He then hung the camera by it's strap on the bed post.

Helen rolled her eyes thinking do I have to do everything. He couldn't figure how to say that better on his own. Helen sighed thinking hopefully all need for words would soon be over. She whispered in Tammy's ear "Do what he said."

Tammy wrapped her right hand around his shaft and opened her mouth wide. Using what she learned at the Carpenter house she went to work on Zane's cock. She pumped him and took as much cock into her mouth as she could handle.

Zane tilted his head back in pleasure. He never would have thought the kid could suck cock this well. He rested his hands in her head and rocked his hips as she moaned giving him head. The minister's daughter and his best friend's kid sister not just giving him head, but she was doing it pretty good. He was sure this wasn't her first time on her knees. But that didn't matter, it just meant he wouldn't have to work as hard. She was moaning for him to fuck her when he caught her masturbating so that's what he was going to try and give her.

Helen smiled as she watched Zane bend over the top of the tiny redhead to reach down and untie the strings on her bikini bottoms.

"What in Zeus' name are you doing?" Aphrodite asked standing with her arms folded across her chest and with a stern look on her face.

Helen's eyes opened wide as she heard her mother. Her body was just starting to tingle from the energy the couple was emitting with their lust. She looked up at her mother knowing she was in trouble and whined "I was just trying to help her get what she wants. I'm just trying to help her."

"By setting her up for a heart break? She wasn't lusting after him over the years. It was puppy love." Aphrodite stated.

"Even better." Helen whined.

"No it's not." Aphrodite stated with angry eyes. "He's engaged to his true love. She's going to end up crushed and if his fiancee finds out it'll screw that up too. Not to mention his friendship with her brother if he ever finds out." the goddess of love scolded.

Tammy let Zane move her onto her back on the bed and let him spread her legs. She gave a soft gasp as he entered her. She closed her eyes and moaned as Zane built up a steady rhythm.

"I didn't think of that." Helen whined.

"And if Zeus finds out you did it again he'll blow a gasket." Aphrodite stated.

Helen cringed and whined "Sorry. I was just trying to help."

Gigi walked out of the bedroom wearing just a bathrobe and a towel around her wet hair to sit between Linda and Diana on the sofa. "How is she?" Linda asked her.

"Her suit will heal her fast. By morning she should be just fine." Gigi stated with a sigh. They had gotten home after Kara had raced home to get them some clothes to replace the ones that were ruined and Diana summoned her invisible jet. Gigi and Diana had both showered already, but the injured oriental was put straight to bed. The suit had already stopped her bleeding and she was feeling better, but she had lost a lot of blood and needed to rest.

Lunesta is watching her. If anything happens she'll call us." Diana added.

"And how about you two?" Linda asked.

Diana pulled her robe closed a little tighter, as if that could keep Linda from seeing the bruises. She too was wearing just a robe and a towel around her wet hair. "I'll be fine in the morning as well." she said. She would spin into her Wonder Woman clothes and wear her tiara to bed.

Gigi grinned and said "Almost better." as she opened her robe to show the bruising was almost gone. Her healing powers helping repair the damage done to her perky tits.

"So you think it's over now?" Linda asked about the whole Corps situation. Diana had made Ares forget their identities and about his role with the Corps, but with a god the effects of her lasso were limited. The FBI guys and the two young sex slaves were also lassoed. The feds would turn themselves in and tell the authorities everything they knew, minus anything to do with Diana and her teen friends. Amanda and Rachel would remember what happened to them so they could testify in court as to what happened to them, but they wouldn't remember about the heroines either. They had also used the devise the FBI agents had to summon Hermes and made him forget as well. And to help matters more they had gotten the name of another general involved. In the morning that bit of information would be turned over the authorities.

Diana shook her head and answered "They still have the drugs and some people out there."

"We have a lead on the drugs." Gigi stated.

"A lead?" Linda asked perking up at getting the chance to shut down the drug lab and put the nails in the coffin of the Corps.

Gigi cringed slightly at her slip. She didn't want to have to explain what happened. "There's a drug dealer in town who we think had some of the drugs." she said.

Diana groaned and said "But we can't go near him. His Lawyer took out a restraining order. The JLA and especially me can't go near him."

Gigi chuckled and replied "Me and Mae aren't in the JLA."

Kara chuckled as well. "She's right. And neither am I technically."

"I don't suppose I could borrow your lasso tomorrow night?" Gigi asked while flashing a big smile.

Tammy was on her knees and elbows looking at her brother work in the garden. She clutched her pillow to her face as Zane pumped into her with long hard strokes. The pillow muffled her screams as she shook with another orgasm. Zane had given her 4 so far.

Zane was bent over her clutching her D-cup breasts as he too looked out the window to make sure his friend didn't come in the house and catch them. The bed springs squeaked and the whole bed shook as he fucked the petite redhead.

Zane felt himself getting closer and released her tits as he brought himself to an upright position. He gripped her red mane in his right hand and started pumping faster. Something told Tammy he was almost there. She didn't want it to be over, but she knew he had to be gone before her brother came in or her mother came home. "Cum for me. Come on cum for me." she begged as she rocked herself back to meet his thrusts.

Helen and her mother were gone as Zane pulled out and covered the wheezing and quivering girl's butt and back with his jizz. She held herself still and looked over her shoulder as he groaned and sprayed squirt after squirt of his warm cum all over her.

As he finished the grinning girl turned away and she gasped. Her brother was picking up the tools and bringing them to the shed. She jumped off the bed saying "You have to get outta here. He'll be in in a couple of minutes."

Zane quickly dressed, as did Tammy. Tammy stood at the top of the stairs, having put her brother's camera back on his dresser, and watched Zane race for the front door. Zane threw open the door and froze. "Oh Hi Mrs. Summers." He said. He sweaty and still a bit out of breath.

Tammy's legs were shaking as her mother looked at Zane and said "I see you worked up quite a sweat Zane. Thanks so much for helping."

Tammy rolled her eyes and snickered as her mother didn't know she was thanking the boy for fucking her teen daughter. As Zane left, Tammy headed back to her room. She stopped at the linen closet on the way for a clean set of sheets. She would hide the dirty ones in her closet until she could sneak them into the washer in the morning. She helped with the laundry anyway so it shouldn't be that hard she thought. As she walked into her room she kept quietly repeating "Mrs. Zane Winslow, Tammy Winslow, Ms. Tammy Winslow" trying to decide which she liked better. As she heard her brother coming up the stairs she closed her door and grinned as she bent down to pick up the picture. She looked at it a few seconds thinking I look cute and I can't let mom or dad see this. She couldn't see throwing it away, after all Zane took it of her. So she stashed it in the back of her sock draw where she kept her babysitting money.

Early Tuesday morning Ret. Gen. Robert James looked through the files on his desk. The list of names Ares had requested was nearly complete, but something was wrong. He should have been contacted hours before, that meant trouble. To make matters worse he was sure the authorities would track down the drug lab soon. "Aaron come in here." he called.

"Yes sir." the tall black man replied as he rushed in to see what the general wanted. He had been the general's aide for years and served as his aide and bodyguard.

"It's time to implement plan Corps Alpha One." the general said with a frown. He picked up some folders on his desk and put them in his brief case.

"Are you sure sir?" Aaron asked. This was a plan only to be implemented as a last resort.

"It has to be. The morning contact wasn't made." Hermes was to contact him every morning, if he didn't that was to mean Zeus had put an end to the involvement of the gods. The general moved to his wall safe to get a few more files.

"What about this one?" Aaron asked picking up the file marked Spanish Fly. He glanced through it to see pictures of the teen taken without her knowledge. Including some with Axel's cock stuffed in her mouth and the grimace on her face as her anal virginity was taken.

Rob put the other files in his brief case and took the heroine file from his aide. "We'll hold on to this for now." he stated as he put it in the briefcase and closed it. "But until we rebuild no one is to knowingly engage a heroine." The files he had besides the one on Gigi were the names of individuals he wanted to rebuild the organization and the files on several of the drugs. He had the formulas on how to make the 3 date rape drugs, the training shots and the topical formula. Real improvement was made in the topical form reducing the amount needed to just a few ounces. With a few weeks left to summer they were planning to test it in sun tan lotion.

"What about Sherrie?" Aaron asked as the general headed for the door.

Rob chuckled and said "We can't leave her behind, now can we?" After all he had invested a lot of time training the girl She had been with him long before they had the drugs. "Wake her up and have her pack some of our things. We won't be coming back."

"Yes sir." the aide replied.

Tuesday morning Samantha Cousins stood waiting on the stage outside the Good Morning Metropolis studio. The perky blonde was wearing a floral sundress that when the sun was behind her showed off the outlines of her body. "Here she comes ladies and gentlemen." she said with a big smile as she pointed to the sky and the crowd in the street cheered.

Kara slowly descended to land just to the right of Samantha where an S had been painted as a mark for her. "Good Morning Supergirl, so glad you can be with us this morning."

Kara smiled and waved to the cheering crowd. There were children with their mothers and a lot of men. There were many signs wishing her well, some asking her to marry them and others just asking her to have their babies. Turning her attention to Samantha she replied. "Good morning. It's nice to be here."

"I see you have a new look." Sam stated as she leaned back and gestured at the new costume. Kara was wearing the blouse with long sleeves and the V-neck that showed off her awesome cleavage. She had on the red hot pants and a pair of the thong panties underneath.

"Yeah." Kara replied with a grin. "A very good friend made this for me." Kara smiled for the crowd and asked "Do you like it?" she giggled as the crowd cheered when she struck her power pose and her breasts stretched the top some. She would have taken a breath to stretch it even more, but it was a family show and children were present.

"Seems to me it's a hit." Sam stated. "Now it's been a while since you were rescued. How are you adjusting to being free again?"

Kara grinned as she remembered the pain and the helpless feeling she had in captivity. "I will carry scars from that ordeal for the rest of my life. But for the most part I'm getting my life back to normal. I'll be starting school again soon."

"That's right kids. Even Supergirl goes to school." Got to get that public service line in there somewhere Sam thought. There were some things that couldn't be asked like where do you go to school? Or what are you studying? "There had been stories about your captivity including some that say you had your powers but didn't leave. Is that true and if so can you tell us why?"

Supergirl swallowed hard. Some of these questions were not on the list she had been given before hand. She wasn't supposed to be asked about her ordeal. Kara hung her head and said "They were holding a group of young school girls, If I did anything wrong they would be punished. And if I left they were to be killed."

Lex chuckled as he watched on the TV in his office. He had Todd slip in some questions to knock Supergirl off balance so her mind would be elsewhere after the interview when she was leaving. With his men in position he waited for the interview to be over.

As Kara leaped into the air Lex walked out on to the balcony to watch. He had groups on roof tops in multiple locations and others in vans on the ground. He grinned as he watched Kara slowly fly east waving at the cheering crowd below.

Lex watched as she turned away from the crowd as they lost sight of her and beams of green energy shot out from a nearby roof top. He laughed as she screamed in agony and hovered in place for a few moments before dropping onto the roof top of the Lancaster Building. The Lancaster Building was shorter than his and he could see the beams still focused on the blonde alien causing her to cry and writher in pain. All the time weakening her even more.

Masked men dressed all in black soon appeared on the roof and the beams were turned off as Kara was handcuffed with Kryptonite. Duct tape was placed over her mouth and Lex checked his watch as Kara was carried off to be thrown into a waiting van at the back of the building. "Not bad. Less than a minute" Lex said to himself as he walked to his office door.

Mae rolled over in bed to see the angelic face of her friend, Gigi, sound asleep. The young shadow warrior climbed out of bed quietly and left the bedroom grinning as she saw Lunesta sleeping on a pillow placed on the dresser. Once outside see walked to the living room and said "Suit off." shutting off her power suit and leaving her standing in just a black bra and panties.

Diana grinned from the kitchen where she was dressed in her bathrobe cooking some scrambled eggs. "How're you feeling?" Diana asked as she grabbed the toast out of the toaster to spread some butter on it.

Mae sighed and replied "A lot better. And you?" as she headed for the sofa to watch Kara's stop at Good Morning Metropolis.

"Fully healed." Diana stated. She put a couple more pieces of bread in the toaster and asked "Are you hungry?" as she pushed the button down.

"Are you kidding?" Mae giggled. Mae furrowed her eyebrows as she watched Kara looking uncomfortable with some of the questions. "I thought they weren't supposed to ask her stuff like that?" she asked with a quizzical look.

"I thought so too." Diana replied. "Seems someone rewrote the script. But I'm sure we'll hear all about it when she gets here." Diana stated as she grabbed the toast out of the toaster and put a couple more pieces of bread in. She then scrambled the eggs some more.

"Kara's coming over?"

"Yeah. She's stopping by for breakfast and to check up on us." Diana replied with a smirk. "Now go get Gigi and Lunesta up. It's almost time to eat."

"She's not going out with you again!" Ashley stated with a hard stare at Jason. The boy had stopped by first thing in the morning to try and convince Terry not to break their date for that evening.

Jason was red faced with anger, but controlling himself as he argued with Ashley. He had almost sweet talked Terry into going out with him when Ashley appeared in the doorway and told Terry to go inside. "Who the hell are you to tell us what to do?" he angrily asked.

"I'm the one whose going to make you wish you were never born if you don't leave her alone." Ashley stated still keeping her stare. "Now I suggest you continue on you way to football practice." she stated as two cars pulled up on the street.

Jason was too preoccupied with arguing that he didn't see 6 really big guys getting out and start walking up the front walkway. "I suggest you get out of the way or I'll."

"Or you'll what?" one of the guys asked with and angry tone.

Jason's eyes opened wide as he turned around to see 6 guys well 0ver 250 pounds standing there. "Who the hell are you?" he squeaked.

"Jason I'd like you to meet my cousin Luke. He goes to Central. And that guy over there is my cousin Jim. He goes to North High." Ashley stated pointing out the two big guys.

"Oh so you're gonna have them beat me up or something?" Jason asked angrily.

"No." Ashley stated. "That would make me no better than you." She said smugly and with her bitch attitude developed over years of being the alpha in school.

"So why are they here then?" Jason asked with a hard stare for Ashley.

"You guys play them a total of 4 times during the season. If you give Terry so much as a hard time your gonna be taken off the field on a stretcher." Ashley stated angrily. "Understand?"

"Yeah, I understand." Jason snarled. He didn't like it, but he understood. That's okay he thought. He had enough friends to make the young girl sorry she broke up with him and to get even with Ashley as well.

"Good, now get the hell outta here." Ashley growled.

"Yeah. You heard her. Scat." Luke stated with an angry look of his own.

"This isn't over." Jason stated before rushing off.

"Thanks for coming so quickly." Ashley said with a smile as she jumped into Luke's arms to give the big lug a hug.

"No problem." He stated as she then went to hug Jim.

Luke chuckled and said "If he gives you girls any more trouble you give us a call."

Jim released his hug on the hot blonde and added "Yeah, but we better be going too or we'll be late for practice."

Ashley walked back up on the porch and said "Thanks again for coming." as the boys headed back to the cars.

As they cars drove off Ashley waved then walked back in the house to find the sobbing girl waiting for her. "Those are your cousins?" she asked wide eyed.

Ashley chuckled and replied as she took Terry in an embrace "Not really. Their mothers and mine grew up together so we were raised as cousins."

Terry sniffed and asked "Does Luke have a girlfriend?"

Ashley chuckled and rolled her eyes as she replied "Just for you I'll ask."

Kara struggled as much as she could, which wasn't much, while battling the weakness, pain and discomfort caused by the Kryptonite handcuffs. "Let me go." she whined as two men dragged her down a long dimly lit hallway. The men laughing as they groped her ass and tits as they followed two other men. "You can't do this." she whined as she was dragged into a dimly lit room and tossed onto a padded table. The cuffs were unlocked and she was stretched out by a man on each leg and arm. She was then strapped down on the table and the cuffs placed on the table next to her. "Let me go." she groaned as the men left the room. None of them saying so much as a single word the whole time they had her.

Kara groaned as the doors were shut and she looked around. She was very weak, but the cuffs must be of low grade Kryptonite she thought as with them off she wasn't in as much pain. Kara's eyes opened wide and she gasped as the familiar sadistic grin of Lex Luthor entered. "Hello Sunshine." He said with a sick grin.

"Luthor. What the hell? You know you won't get away with this." Kara managed to whimper. Kara weakly pulled on her bonds as Luthor laughed at her.

"I already have." he chuckled. "And you should be deeply honored . I had this place specially constructed just for you." he said as he walked over to a control consol and grabbed a lab coat of the back of the chair.

As he put it on Kara asked "What the hell are you up to now you sick pervert?"

"Now is that anyway to talk to the would be father of your children?" Lex replied as he walked up to the weakly struggling blonde.

"What!?" Kara asked, stunned into stopping her struggle for a few moments.

Luthor laughed at her awe struck face. "That's right Sweet Cheeks. I'm going to get you pregnant."

Kara wanted children, but not now. And most definitely not with Lex Luthor. "You won't get away with this." She whined as she renewed her efforts, pulling on her bonds.

"Ah, but I will. This place is specially built with you and you cousin in mind. The walls are lead lined and coated with a substance that will keep virtually all the Sun's radiation out." Lex grinned as he reached out with his right hand to grope her left tit.

"Stop that!" she spat.

"Stop? I'm just getting started." He grinned as he slipped his had in through the V-neck and started groping her bare right breast.

The big bald man laughed as Kara struggled. "Leave me alone." she whined.

"That's pretty much the plan." he laughed. "Once I get you pregnant you'll be put in a comfortable cell and left there until the baby arrives."

"Are you crazy?" She whined. "The Kryptonite will either kill me or the baby."

Lex laughed and said "You're still a dumb blonde. You weren't listening. None of the Sun's energy that your body thrives on can get to you down here. Once we use up the power you have stored there will be no need for Kryptonite. You'll be very strong due to you coming from a high gravity planet, but you won't be super powered."

Kara looked at Lex with a hard stare. The effects of the cuffs weren't very strong and she was feeling stronger, but not strong enough to break the thick straps holding her down. "So let's say you do get me pregnant. And I have the baby. Then what? You kill me?"

"HA HA HA." Lex laughed loudly. "You really are a bimbo. You think I went through all this expense to stop with one? If this works you'll be pregnant for the rest of your life." Lex said with an evil grin that sent shivers up Kara's spine.

Mae looked at the empty chair around Diana's table and asked "I thought she was supposed to come for breakfast?"

Everyone looked worried. After all they had seen her fly away on the TV and figured she would be right there. Diana sighed and said "When I call in our findings and the general's name I'll ask if they know anything." She didn't want to call Kara's parents and worry them needlessly. And with the delicate subject of what happened the day before she would be more comfortable talking it over with Barbara who had the watch.

"I think we should go look for her ." Gigi stated.

"I'll go look around. You two stick together today." Diana stated pointing to Mae and Gigi.

"We should all go." stated Mae. She was still in just her bra and panties as they picked at their food, too worried to eat.

"You have a meeting with the lawyer at 11 and your having Gigi with you. That's final." Diana stated. "I'll take Lunesta with me to Metropolis if need be. If something's going on I have a few ideas whose behind it." Diana got up and brought her dish to the sink. It wasn't much of a stretch to think Lex Luthor was involved somehow with Kara's last known location being in Metropolis, but proving it was a different matter. Luthor was slipperier than a bar of soap in the shower.

"I can meet the lawyer another time." Mae stated. She hated the idea of waiting when it came to Linda.

"And how come I can't go?" whined Gigi.

"There might be more people looking for you so I want the two of you together to watch each other's back." Diana explained.

Lunesta sat quietly with the knowledge she was going on the trip. That and the fact she would probably get to spend some time between the princess' breasts to stay out of sight.

Gigi whined "And who's gonna watch your back?" Wearing just the T-shirt and panties she wore to bed and her hair in pigtails it was hard for Diana to remember she was 18 and not a child.

"I'll have Lunestsa. And if anything happens she can come get you or we'll call." Diana stated. "Now go shower and get dressed." she said shooing them away.

"Yes Mistress Diana." Mae and Gigi replied before grumbling as they walked to their bedroom.

Diana sighed and shook her head. "What did I do." she mumbled to herself as she walked over to the phone to call JLA headquarters.

Rika giggled as Ashley still fidgeted in the suit. Terry and Rika attached the modules and wires as Gene hooked some wires into a box that was connected to his computer. The pieces placed between Ashley's breasts would be covered by a breast plate and another placed on her lower abdomen would be covered by a piece designed to hide the camel toe the suit showed off. Others would be covered by the pieces made for the knees. Hiding the electronics behind the plates they would make would also protect them. Later on they would find a way to hide the wires.

"I think that's it." Rika proclaimed as she connected the last wire.

"I think it's time for some tests." Gene said looking over and smiling at Ashley who faked a grin back.

Ashley walked over to a treadmill that Rika had delivered for them to use in testing the suit. Without having to drag the connecting wires around with her Ashley found the suit a bit less cumbersome. The suit's electronics were connected to the computer with radio waves. The processing power needed to operate the suit would take up to much space and power for the suit to hold them. Maybe someday that wouldn't be as much of an issue Gene hoped.

Gene pressed a couple of keys on the computer and said "Ready when you are."

Everyone giggled as Ashley replied "Good. Let's get this over with so I can get this damn thing off." Ashley climbed on the treadmill and started to jog when she turned it on. The treadmill was specially built to be able to go much faster than normal. They would start slow and work their way up to see if Ashley could run faster with the suit's help.

Ashley slowly increased the speed until she was running nearly 3 times her normal speed then she found herself hanging on to the bar for balance. After that she started dropping the speed back down. Gene and the two other girls watched the screen to see how it went. "That was awesome!" Terry stated at how fast Ashley ran.

"Yeah, that was excellent." Gene added. "It'll take me a day or two to go through the data and then we can try something else."

Ashley was barely out of breath as she climbed of the machine and asked "Can I take this thing off now?"

Terry smiled and said "Not yet. While you got it on we should start making the molds for the armor plates."

Ashley groaned and sighed. "How long's this gonna take?"

"It's your design." Rika stated. We have to make the molds so we can make the armor."

"I'll start mixing the plaster." Terry stated with a big smile.

"Great. Not only do I have to wear this itchy thing. You guys are gonna make a cast over it." Ashley groaned.

Amber followed Mr. Waters and a few other gentlemen around the factory floor. She had been given a hard hat and some safety goggles as she was given her tour. The teen all to aware her ass and tits were being checked out by the guys working in the factory. Not that she really minded. She enjoyed teasing men with her body.

"This sofa is going to Paramount in the morning." one of the men said of the frame and cut out pieces of fabric.

When Amber looked quizzically at the jumble of pieces Carl asked "Is anything wrong?"

Amber furrowed her eyebrows as she thought about it and asked "Shouldn't the pattern for the armrests be facing the same way?"

Carl picked up the pieces and held them up and frowned at one of the men giving them the tour. No words were needed as he they in turn gave a look to the guy putting the sofa together. "I would have noticed." he whined.

"When?" Carl asked as they walked away. As they got a few feet away he brought a smile to Amber's face as he leaned over towards her and said "Good eye."

Kara moaned into the soft plastic ball gag Lex had placed in her mouth and strapped behind her head when he tired of her yapping. She had also struggled when he pulled the hot pants and thong down and unstrapped her left leg to free them. At least he didn't cut them off her she thought. After strapping her leg back down the lunatic had placed electrodes on her breasts and stomach and a one inch thick and 7 inch long probe of some kind in her twat.

Kara writhed on the table fighting the feelings the probe was sending as it vibrated away inside her.

Please not again went though her mind as she felt another orgasm coming on. She had already had 3 and her hair was matted to her face and neck. Sweat glistened on her breasts and thighs as Lex watched his equipment. Small electric currents were sent through her breasts and Kara soon arched her back and screamed into her gag as another orgasm rocked her body.

"It's just a matter of time Sweet Tits." Lex commented. Kara couldn't believe he wasn't even looking at her. She was just a lab rat for the nut case at the moment. He had let on he learned that she could be forced to ovulate from the computer in the fortress. If she got out of this she was going to have to tell Kal to put an alarm on the place.

Mae ran to the door dressed in a nice sun dress with thin straps tied on her shoulders and her hair in a ponytail. Gigi was right beside her wearing a denim skirt and a blouse tied just below her perky breast showing lots of cleavage and her hair in pigtails. "Hello." she said as she opened the door to greet the man in a nice suit and holding a brief case.

"Is Mae Carver here?" the gentleman asked.

"I'm Mae." Mae replied. "Won't you come in?" she finished and stepped aside.

The man not believing her asked "Is there an adult I can talk to?"

"I'm Mae." the teen growled. "Obviously no one told you I look a lot younger than I am."

"I'm sorry miss." the man said as he stepped in. "I didn't mean to say you look like a kid. Er. I didn't mean to."

"It's okay." Mae said raising her hand to stop the man from rambling before he fainted or something.

"Let me introduce myself. I'm Attorney Thomas Worthington and I represent your grandfather's estate." The man said as Mae shut the door behind him.

Mae shook his hand and replied "I'm Mae and this is my friend Gigi."

"Nice to meet you." Gigi said shaking the man's hand. She noticed the man's hands were sweaty and he noticed her breasts. Mission accomplished she thought about her choice in tops. Diana made her stay behind but never said she couldn't tease the lawyer.

Gigi sat on the sofa to watch TV as Mae led the man into the kitchen. "Would you like a cup of coffee or a soda?" she asked.

"No thanks." The gentleman replied. "This won't take very long." he said pulling out a chair for Mae to sit down.

Mae said "Thank-you." as she took her seat and the lawyer walked around the table.

The man sat on the other side of the table and put his briefcase on the table off to the side. He flipped it open and pulled out three folders. "There's a folder for you and each of your sisters. Because the investments made over the years couldn't be divided evenly you each don't have exactly the same inheritance. "

"Oh?" Mae asked. She thought they each got the same.

Thomas chuckled and explained. "Your grandfather set this up with the contingency that if your father died before he got control of the inheritance then it would be divided in this way. "You and your sisters would split the stock in the company evenly. The other stocks would also each divided 3 ways with odd stocks going to you if you were 18 or to who ever was taking care of you and your sisters if you were younger. The cash was to be split up with your sisters each getting 33% and you getting 34% on your 18th birthday. Up to that time your care giver would have been given an allowance out of the fund for your care until your 18th birthday when you would have become responsible for your sisters care."

Mae was following so far and asked "What would have happened if my sisters were 18?"

"Your grand father wanted everything split evenly in that case. He assumed if you were going to take the responsibility for your sisters and there money you should get a little extra." the lawyer stated.

Mae sighed and said "My grandfather and great grandfather are caring for my sisters. The some money should go to them."

The lawyer grinned and said "Your grandfather had that figured in as well. Your grandmother and aunt informed my office as such. So you will find that you and your sisters will each get 32% of the cash. The rest will be put into an escrow account and a monthly check sent to your grandfather and great grandfather. The stocks will still be split the same, your grandfather saying it was because you would have shown good judgment in knowing you weren't old enough to take the responsibility yourself."

"So I get extra stock?" Mae asked.

"Yes. Two shares of Dow, two shares of General Motors and a share of IBM." the lawyer stated.

Mae nodded her head thinking she got it all straight. "So now what?" she asked.

"Now you sign some papers." the lawyer stated opening the first folder. This one gives you control of a bank account set up at the Midvale 5 Cent Savings Bank. " he said sliding it across the table and handing Mae a pen.

"How much is in here?" she asked as she signed the document.

"About 1.27 million." Thomas stated taking the paper back and putting it on the bottom of the stack of papers in the file.

Mae grinned at the look Gigi was making from the living room.

"This one gives you control of your stocks ." the lawyer stated sliding the next one across the table. Mae signed it and handed it back. He then slid another across saying "This one gives you control of 10% of the company.

A half hour later Mae was sick of signing her name. She had control of her assets and those belonging to her sisters. There were bank books in each of their names with Mae listed as trustee for her sisters. The lawyer had also advised her to get an adviser and gave her a few names to call. He also told her to make preparations to pay a lot in taxes come the end of the year. "Thanks for everything." she said shaking the lawyers hand as he walked out.

"Your very welcome miss. Now don't waste any time in getting someone to help you. The tax code is very complicated and you'll need someone to help keep the government from robbing you blind."

"Thank-you again Mr. Worthington." Mae said as she closed the door and leaned against it, giving a deep sigh.

Gigi chuckled from the sofa and asked "How does it feel?"

"How does what feel" Mae asked.

"Having control of millions of dollars." Gigi giggled.

"I think it's making me feel sick to my stomach." Mae stated as she ran to the bathroom with her hand over her mouth.

Lunesta climbed out from between Diana's breasts. As she sat on the Amazon's shoulder she asked "What're we doin' here?" Diana couldn't help but giggle earlier when Lunesta dressed for the trip in a miniature copy of Diana's outfit. A red bustier and star spangled briefs. She even had little red fuck me boots.

Diana furrowed her eyebrows and pointed to a tall building a quarter mile away. "That's Luther Tower. And if anything ever happens in Metropolis there's a very good chance he's involved or knows who is." They were standing on the roof of the Stuart Building, which like the Luthor Tower, one of the taller buildings in the city.

Lunesta gazed at the tall building and asked "So what do we do? Beat it outta him?"

Diana sighed and stated "No, if I go anywhere near that building alarms will go off warning him we're on his trail."

"So if he has Kara, how do we find her?" the fairy squeaked.

"That's where you come in." Diana said with a wicked grin.


Diana lifted her right leg and pulled a small box, about 1 inch wide and long and half an inch deep, out of her boot. She opened the box to reveal two tiny objects about the size of a pea and another about the size of a Lady Bug. "Your going to bug his office." Diana stated.


"Yeah, you." Diana grinned. "You're going to fly over there through the sliding door that's left open and put one of these under his desk." She said pointing to one of the two similar objects.

"What about the other one?" the concerned fairy asked.

Diana took a deep breath noticeably stretching her bustier and replied "That one's going to be tougher."

"How so?"

"You have to squeeze under the door and bug his secretary's desk as well." Diana said with concern in her voice.

"Are you crazy? Someone will see me." Lunesta whined.

"If your not back in 10 minutes I'll make a distraction so you can get away." Diana replied.

"I could be dead in 10 minutes." the fairy protested.

Lunesta gave a face to Diana as she asked "Who are you and what did you do with the Lunesta who took on the ogres?"

Diana smirked as Lunesta replied "Har Har very funny. But if I get killed I'll never talk to you again."

"The third one is a transmitter that will activate when your 50 feet away from the other 2. Once it goes off it'll send a signal to a devise I'll have in my ear." Diana said with a grin.

A few minutes later the pint sized heroine landed near the door to Luthor's office. She had already stuck one of the pea sized bugs to the underside of Luthor's desk. "Now for the hard part." she mumbled as she knelt down and looked under the door.

Seeing no feet nearby she started to squeeze herself under the door. With her wings held out to the side she slowly inched under the door until her head poked out the other side. She looked from side to side to see no one coming and in front of her the see the secretary at her desk with her back to the door. The thin young blonde looked gigantic from that angle, but then all humans looked huge to her.

With the coast clear she finish squeezing under the door. Then took a moment to pull her bustier back up to cover her breasts. She then pulled her briefs back up to cover her ass. Both had slipped down from crawling through the tight area. She then picked up the tiny transmitter and tucked it back between her tits. "How does Diana do what she does and not loose her clothes." Lunesta mumbled.

Lunest ran the few feet to stand under the secretary's chair. She looked around again and then climbed over the chair's legs to get under the desk being careful not to brush against the blonde woman's legs. Once under the desk she flew up to stick the bug in place and arched her eyebrows as she noticed the young blonde secretary, who was wearing a short skirt, had no panties.

With the bug in place Lunesta landed back on the floor and prepared to make her move to get out of there. She froze in place as she heard foot steps approach and a man's voice say "While the boss's way." with a musical lilt.

The blonde secretary just about jumped out of her chair and was around to the front of the desk in a second flat. Without knowing where either of them was looking the little fairy was stuck. She could hear smooching noises and could see the man's shined loafers and the secretary's red high heels.

With them obviously kissing, Lunesta hoped they had their eyes closed. She walked over to the edge of the desk and was ready to make her move when the woman suddenly spun around and the desk shook. Lunesta's jaw dropped as she heard the distinct sound of a zipper.

"I've been waiting all day for this Ed. Give it to me." the secretary begged.

"I've been thinking of you all day too." the man said as Lunesta saw his feet move up closer to the blondes and he spread his feet to about 3 feet apart.

"OH YEAH." the blonde yelled as the desk moved about 6 inches.

Lunesta was screwed as to what to do as they both moaned and groaned and the desk rocked. With the woman facing the office door, Lunesta was stuck. With nothing else to do she shrugged and walked over to the front of the desk. Sticking her head out she looked up to see the guy was pretty well hung. No wonder the woman is moaning so loud Lunesta thought. Well nothing to do now but wait until Diana does something to make a distraction Lunesta thought.

The fairy fought the urge to laugh loudly as the woman's blouse landed on the floor, followed shortly after by a bra. "Hmm, bra but no underwear." Lunesta mumbled to herself as the desk above her creaked and groaned under the strain of the intense fucking.

"Come on baby, I'm getting close. Fuck me harder. Come on fuck me like you fuck that bitch wife of yours. Fuck me like I'm a whore, just like her." the woman begged as Lunesta opened her eyes wide in shock at what she was hearing.

The man groaned and the desk creaked louder as he thrust into her hard and fast "Damn bitch wants a divorce and is going to take the kids to Miami. Fucking take this bitch."

The minutes seemed to tick by slowly to Lunesta as she worried the desk just might collapse from the two rutting humans. The buzzer on the secretary's desk went off, not long after she did. Lunesta listened as the secretary pushed the button to speak while the man slowed down, but didn't stop.

"What is it?" the woman asked, keeping it concise as she tried to sound in her normal voice even though she was breathless.

"If George is with you tell him to turn his walkie-talkie back on and get to the front desk like everyone else." the annoyed male voice on the other end replied.

Lunesta saw the man hastily pull out and start leaving as he put his dick away and zipped up his pants. The now frustrated secretary sounded annoyed as she asked "What's going on down there?"

As the man ran off the secretary bent over to grab her blouse and bra before pushing the button to ask again "What's going on down there?" Luthor Corp had 10 floors at the top of the building and everyone had to enter, except Lex who had a private elevator, through the lobby on the lower floor then grab a different elevator that serviced the Luthor Corp. floors from there.

"Wonder Woman's here and insists on talking with Mr. Luthor." The man stated.

The woman sat back in her chair to say "Tell her he's not here."

With the woman occupied Lunesta made her move to the office door. She quickly scrambled under the door as the man replied "We did, but she's insisting we're lying."

Once inside the office Lunesta took a moment to pull her top and briefs back up wondering how Diana manages to do anything and keep her clothes on. Tucking the transmitter back between her tits the tiny heroine made her way out of the building and back to the roof top a quarter mile away.

"Ten minutes later she was joined by the grinning Diana. "So what do we do now?" Lunesa asked.

Diana had her serious face as she replied "We wait for the secretary to call Lex and tell him I was there."

"So how does that help?" Lunesta asked.

"It's simple. Wherever he is his secretary will call him. He'll keep the call short figuring I was making a distraction so his office could be bugged. He'll order his office searched and they'll find the first bug. His secretary will call him again and he'll gloat how he out smarted me and spend more time on the phone and Barbara will track him down." Diana explained.


"Trust me, I've dealt with this prick before." Diana stated. And when she said prick she meant it in more ways than one. She too had been raped by Lex a few times.

Robert James sat in the office of his new home. He had a new name that his neighbors would know him by and left his pension and his old life behind. He found himself with sole control of what was left of the Corps. He expected his house had been raided by now, looking for him and any information that could be used to find him or use against the Corps.

The palm trees outside his window swayed in the breeze as he picked up the phone and began dialing. "High, is your dad home?" he asked when he heard a girl say hello.

He waited a few minutes then heard the man take the phone from his daughter. "Hello?" the man asked.

"Hi Chaplain. It's Bob James. How're you doing?" the general asked.

The other man chuckled and replied "So-so. I'm married and have a couple of nice kids."

"How would you like to make some money?" Bob asked with a knowing grin.

The former chaplain looked around to make sure no one was listening and asked "What are we taking about?"

"Well Summers I'll tell you."

Gigi held Mae's hair as Mae puked into the toilet again. The young girl was so nervous about having to take care of her sisters' money it was making her sick. Gigi scrunched her nose at the stink and reiterated what they had talked about before. "If it's gonna make you sick have someone else watch the money."

Having finished the latest round, Mae flushed the toilet and used the hand towel from the sink to wipe her face. "But who? Even that's making me sick."

"I still say that Queen guy. He has more money than God. He must know how to handle things. He can probably help with the tax stuff that lawyer guy was talking about." Gigi replied. With Mae sitting upright on her heels Gigi let go of Mae's hair and was comfortingly stroking the back of Mae's head hoping to calm her nerves.

Mae sighed and said "Maybe he'd know what to do about Grandma and Malina too."

"If anybody would know how to handle a company, he would. Now just relax. We'll see him over the weekend." Gigi stated hoping Mae calmed down soon. She didn't know how much more she could take before she puked herself.

"NNNNNRRRRGGGGG." Kara bit down on her ball gag and her back arched. Sweat flying off her hair as she shook with another orgasm.

Lex talked on the phone while watching the gauges as the blonde shook and shimmied behind him with yet another orgasm. "No not yet." he said sounding annoyed. "Did they find anything?"

"Just like you suspected. We found a bug under your desk." the secretary's voice replied.

"Dumb bitch! You think she'd know better by now." Lex gloated. "Did the security cameras get anything?"

"Nothing sir. The motion sensors weren't tripped. Whoever put it under your desk must have been too fast." the secretary stated.

Kara's sweat soaked tunic clung to her body showing every curve of her body. Her nipples clearly visibly in the drenched fabric. Kara panted as she looked at Lex's back wondering when he was going to take her. It was the way the lunatic was. He couldn't capture a heroine and not take advantage of her.

"It could have been someone very small." Lex speculated. He wondered if the Atom was in town. He sat at the control console dressed in his suit pants and a dress shirt. He had a lab coat over that. He had removed his jacket and tie when he arrived.

Kara was very uncomfortable laying on the soaked table, wet from her sweat and her own love juice. What she wouldn't give for a drink of water she thought.

Lex furrowed his eyebrows at his thoughts. "Have them sweep the office again. It was too easy I'm thinking."

"Yes sir." she replied as Lex hung up.

Lex turned his head to look at Kara's painful expression. He could see she was about to go off again as he said "Looks like they're looking for you already."

The young blonde scampered into the room and bowed to Bob James. She was dressed in a white lace apron and white thong panties. She also wore black high heels with white ankle socks as she addressed her master. The girl smiled and stated "Your guest has arrived."

"Well show him in." Bob chuckled. He didn't force Sherrie to dress this way. This was her idea. With the move most of her things were left behind and this was a new outfit.

Bob chuckled as he watched the 5'6" 110 pound blonde's tight ass trot out of the room. He enjoyed the way she enjoyed serving him.

A minute later she was back followed by a huge beast of a man who was enjoying her ass as well. "Axel, so glad you came."

"Let's get to it." the big mutant stated as he watched Sherrie saunter out of the room. "You said you had a job for me." he finished, turning his attention back to the general.

"Yeah. Two FBI agents working for us were given the job of tracking down Lotus Blossom. They were planning to use the Spanish Fly to find her." Bob explained.

Axel chuckled "You guys are still trying to capture heroines. Maybe you should back off a while."

Bob sneered at Axel's joking and finished. "The other night they booked flights to Metropolis using Corps financing rather than agency money."

Axel got serious as he replied "You think they found her."

"More than her. By the way they turned themselves in and spilled their guts."

"They found Wonder Woman." Axel finished.

"I believe they found both of them." the general groaned.

"And you want me to go to Metropolis and kill them." Axel smiled as he said it. He wanted revenge against the heroines after the death of his lover. It was their intervention that caused the guard to shoot her so she couldn't be forced to spill her guts.

"No!" the general stated. "We've lost enough in this war. It's time to rebuild and prepare to finish it. It'll take time, but for now the geeks still want to study Lotus Blossom's power suit."

"So what do you want me to do?" Axel asked.

"They are all friends. I want you to find Guenevere Gonzales and observe her. I want her to lead you to Lotus Blossom. What ever happens do not engage. Just observe and report." the general ordered. The organization was too small now to continue the fight. But he would down the road. The sex trade would temporarily be suspended and the Corps would concentrate on it's weapons and drug business.

"You could get anybody to do this. Why me?" Axel asked a bit annoyed her wasn't allowed to touch the heroines.

"Your enhanced senses. You can see them from far away and if you get close you might even be able to find them by their scent." the general stated.

Axel thought it over for a moment, then agreed. "When do I leave?"

"In the morning. Until then enjoy what my estate has to offer." Bob said with a wry grin.

"Does that include everything your estate has to offer?" Axel chuckled as he looked towards the door.

"Shouldn't we get Mae and Gigi first." Lunesta asked as they hovered over the old warehouse in Diana's invisible plane. The warehouse was on a large lot with a huge parking lot affording privacy. There were 6 cars in the lot, but none of them were Lex's. Still, Diana was sure this was in the place.

"We are waiting. We're just going to watch from up here until they get here in case he tries to move her." Diana stated. Barbara had traced the phone calls to the old Grundman Building outside the city. Diana then called home to tell the girls where to go. If they left right away they should be there in another hour or so.

"And what if he already moved her? Then we won't know until they get here." Lunesta argued.

Diana was still forcing herself not to laugh at the fairy's Wonder Woman outfit. "Well why don't you go scout it out." Diana suggested.

"If I'm not back when the girls get here, rescue me too?" Lunesta joked.

"And how could we ever leave Wonder Fairy behind?" Diana joked back then cracked up laughing. It was the first time she verbally acknowledged the fairy's outfit.

"What's so funny?" Lunesta asked as she pouted.

"I'm sorry." Diana said trying to regain her composure, but she couldn't help it. Lunesta even had tiny copies of the bulletproof bracelets.

"Okay, I'm gone." Lunesta stated as Diana struggled to keep a straight face and not laugh.

Lunesta flew down to the large warehouse and started looking in windows. Other than a few guards walking around she didn't see anything that stood out saying Kara was there. Making her way to the back of the building she found some of the bay doors on the dock area open. Lunesta smiled as she approached seeing 4 men sitting in the breeze playing poker.

Lunesta waited until the guy facing the doors was dealing and too busy to see her before she zipped in and up to the rafters where she could hide behind the lights. From there she made her way around most of the warehouse before she decided to head back to the plane. She counted at least 20 men and saw no camera or noticed an alarm. She also didn't see any sign of Kara.

As she got near the dock she ducked for cover behind a light fixture as a door suddenly opened and a man walked out. At first she thought it might be a bathroom then she spotted stairs going down. "The building has a basement?" she mumbled to herself. If Kara was here that's where they had to have her Lunesta thought.

When the coast was clear the little fairy flew down to get a closer look at the door. She examined the door seeing it was sealed too tight for her to get under. In fact the door looked new and made from metal. "Odd for a warehouse." she mumbled as she studied the door."If Kara's here she has to be down there." Lunesta said to herself before renewing her trip back to the plane.

Diana breathed a sigh of relief when Lunesta rejoined her in the plane. "What took you so long? You were gone for an hour." Diana sounded like she was genuinely worried.

"It's a big place and I didn't want to get seen." Lunesta whined.

"Did you find her?" Diana asked as she spied her car turning off the road and into a wooded area about a quarter mile away.

"No. If she's here, she's in the basement." Lunesta stated.

"The building has a basement?" Diana asked. It was strange, but not unheard of.

"Weird huh?" Lunesta replied.

"Not so much. Old man Grundman was supposed to have been a bootlegger during prohibition when this place was built." Diana stated using her historical knowledge.

"What's prohibition?'

"Years ago alcohol was banned in the United states and guys like Art Grundman made fortunes making it or sneaking it into the country." Diana stated. "Although nothing was ever proven Art Grundman was the guy who ran Metropolis."

"Kinda like Al Capone?" Lunesta asked.

"Exactly." Diana replied. "The basement must have been a secret in those days. That must have been where he hid the stuff."

"So now we wait for Mae and Gigi?"

"No, there in those trees over there." Diana replied pointing to the wooded area down the road.

A minute later Diana and Lunesta floated down through the trees as Mae and Gigi were finishing changing into their work clothes. "What took you guys so long?" Lunesta asked innocently enough.

Mae cringed in embarrassment behind her mask as Gigi replied "We had to stop a few times for someone to throw-up." tilting her head teasingly towards Mae.

"Are you sick?" Diana asked sounding like a worried mother.

"I'm fine." Mae replied weakly.

"More like worried sick." Gigi answered. "She's so worried she's gonna screw up handling her sisiers' money she's making herself sick."

"Why don't you just have someone else look after the money?" Lunesta asked.

"Like Oliver Queen?" questioned Gigi with a lilt in her voice.

"I couldn't just ask him something like that." Mae whined.

"I can." Diana stated. "And if it's gonna make you sick with worry I'll take care of it." Diana said in a very parental tone.

"I can't ask you to do that." Mae whined.

"You don't have to. Now let's rescue our friend." Diana stated as if saying the matter is settled.

As Kara shook and screamed with another orgasm Lex grinned with satisfaction. "I'll be damned it worked." he chuckled as he watched the needles on the indicators change. Lex got up out of his seat, after several hours of waiting, with a big smile on his face. He walked over to the table and pulled the probe out of the moaning blonde.

Kara slowly opened her eyes. She looked totally wiped out from her ordeal. Her body and the table she was on were soaked with sweat. She was so weak Lex had removed the Kryptonite and, if his lab was build correctly, he would not need it again to handle Kara. She would regain some of her strength, but she wouldn't be super powered as long as he kept her in the basement.

Kara was in a dazed state as she watched Lex remove the electrodes from her breasts and stomach. Lex grinned down at the alien angel as he removed the gag. "Congratulations sweet tits. Your fertile."

"Please no." Kara weakly moaned as a reply.

"Oh yes." Lex chuckled. He opened a small refrigerator next to the table and pulled out a long cylindrical object rounded at one end. It was about one inch thick with a button at the end. Kara's eyes opened wide looking at the 15 inch long tube as Lex moved it to her twat.

"Noooooooo." she whined as he slid it easily in to her well lubricated pussy. As he pushed it deeper Lex grinned as she reacted to him hitting her cervix. "Aaaaagg. Please no." she begged as Lex thrust the object into her womb.

Lex laughed and replied "And now you Kryptonian Kunt. When I push this button my sperm will be set free to hunt down your egg."

"NOOOOOOOO." Kara managed to scream as Lex to her horror pushed the button. "Oh please no." she sobbed.

As Kara cried in despair, Lex started to undress. No sense in letting this chance go by he thought, but just as he was dropping his shorts he heard gun fire in the hall outside. "SON OF A BITCH!" he yelled as he realized they had found his lab. With Kara already, hopefully, pregnant Lex prepared to make his escape if necessary. Taking her with him wasn't an option. Having to control her with Kryptonite would kill the baby.

Grabbing his clothes he retuned to his control console to check the cameras in the hall outside. Lex sneered at the screen seeing 3 heroines making their way towards the lab, taking a moment to look at the bedroom cell he had specially made to house his pregnant alien. Lunesta was unseen behind the others. Lex pushed a button up in the corner and watched as they reacted to the knockout gas.

Lex showed concern as Lotus Blossom, instead of choking like the others, charged at the lab door with her sword at the ready. Lex then pushed another button as she neared the door unleashing an electric arc across the hallway a few feet from the door and set in motion the self destruct option for the equipment. He chuckled as Lotus came to a screeching halt.

Lex had faith it would slow her down, but he doubted it would stop her. And with her super powers he knew the standard knockout gas was wasted on Wonder Woman as well. He looked on as she to slowly moved towards the door. Their friend on the other hand was sleeping peacefully on the floor. Lex's attention was drawn to a red and blue spot on the floor next to her and adjusted the controls to make the camera get a closer look.

Lex now had his answer as to how his office was bugged. He gave a chuckle as he turned to leave. "Take care of yourself Kara." he said as he made his way to the back door. "Your having our baby."

"Nooooooooo." Kara sobbed as Lex pushed a panel on the back wall to open the secret passage out into the wooded area in the back of the property. For being decades old it was still in good shape and Lex took off running down the tunnel before the heroines figured a way past the electric field.

Mae studied the electric arcs with the sensors in her helmet. Diana fighting the effects of the gas asked "Any way to turn if off?"

Mea shook her head and replied. "I can't see the wiring in the walls and the control must be on the inside. But I have an idea." Mae tentatively reached out her right hand into the arc to test her plan.

"What're you doin'?" Diana asked as she tried shaking the fog from her mind.

"This." Mae stated when she realized the current wasn't strong enough to hurt her in the suit. Mae stepped into the arc spreading her legs wide and holding her arms out to the side. The effect was to make the electricity take the lower resistance path along her skin and opening a hole in the field for Diana. Mae felt a strong tingling sensation and alarms in her helmet started going off as she told Diana "Crawl through my legs and open the door."

Diana struggled with the urge to sleep as she crawled through Mae's legs to get past the electric field. With barely enough room on the other side to stand up Diana got to her feet and gave the metal door a strong push.

Kara was crying hysterically as she saw the door fly across the room. Diana ran to her, seeing the open back door, and started to undo the straps holding the teen. "It's okay Kara, we're here." Diana offered trying to comfort her young friend.

Mae walked into the room with sparks flying from her helmet. The youngster made her way to the control console and flipped the switch marked shield to the off position. Shutting off the electric field. The signal on her heads up display kept flashing overload and suit failure . This can't be good she thought. Her suit would heal itself in time, but this was no time for a malfunction. Studying the console she managed to find switches that controlled the cameras throughout the basement area. She couldn't turn them off from that location, but she managed to change their angles so she wouldn't be filmed as her suit shut itself off, leaving her standing there in just her bra and panties.

"He said he made me pregnaaaant." Kara sobbed as Diana helped her sit up on the table.

Diana gave Kara a big hug not knowing any other way to handle the situation. She then realized what the bedroom was for. Diana also realized there was no Kryptonite near Kara. "Why don't you have your powers?" Diana asked as Mae went to check on Gigi and Lunesta.

Kara sniffed and sobbed as she replied "Something about the place keeps the Sun's radiation from getting in here."

"Then we better get you out." Diana stated helping Kara to her feet. Diana smirked as she had to catch Kara as she passed out from exhaustion. Diana carried her young, very smelly, friend out into the hallway where Gigi and Lunesta were just waking up.

"Can you two get out of here on your own?" Diana asked.

Mae chuckled as they were both too groggy to even answer. "I think we'll have to carry them." Mae stated.

"How about you help Gigi and we put Lunesta someplace comfortable." Diana suggested.

Mae laughed and picked up the little fairy and gently placed her in Diana's cleavage. Where she yawned and laid her head down to go back to sleep. Mae then helped Gigi to her feet and helped her to walk away. "What are we gonna do about the guards upstairs?" she asked. They had left them all sleeping when they snuck in.

"There's nothing we can do with them. The only thing we have on them is kidnapping and rape. And that can't be prosecuted without telling what happened to Kara." Diana explained as they slowly walked back to the stairs past the cells on either side of the hall that years ago hid bootleg booze hidden from the law.

"She said the sun's radiation couldn't get down here. Why?" Mae wondered.

"I don't know, but we need to find out." Diana replied. "You still have your sword, maybe you can cut a piece off when we leave for analysis."

"Good idea." Mae said as they made their way back up the stairs. "But do you think it's true?"

"Is what true?" Diana asked trying not to think of it.

"Did Luthor really make her pregnant?" Mae asked. "Could he really have done it?"

Diana sighed as she held the sleeping teen in her arms and replied "I don't know, but she'll be crying either way."


"If he did she'll be upset it was his seed that did it. And if he failed she may fall into despair thinking she can never have children." Diana explained.

Kara came out of the bathroom with a towel around her head and wearing one of Diana's bathrobes. Diana had her uniform in the washer Kara had called her folks to say she would be spending the night with her friends. It was just after dark and Kara had snuck in through the slide moving to fast for the neighbors to see. As she joined Diana on the sofa she asked "Where is everyone?" noticing Mae, Gigi and Lunesta were gone.

"They're following up on a lead right now. How're you doing?" Diana asked showing concern.

"I don't know." Kara replied sadly. "What if I'm really pregnant? How do I tell my parents? How do I hide it?" Kara hung her head in shame as she asked.

Diana wrapped her right arm around Kara's shoulders and held her close. "Those are bridges we'll cross when we get there. And we'll all cross them together. Just remember, your not alone. We're all here for you."

"But we have to know for sure." Kara replied sadly.

"There's no way of telling so soon. We'll have to wait until you can use a pregnancy test." Diana replied. She also wondered how many times over the years she had to sweat it out as well. She thought that maybe someday there would be a test they could take sooner, but that would probably be years away.

"What about the computer in the fortress?" Kara whimpered.

The advanced technology in the fortress just might be of help Diana thought, but she couldn't let the teen go alone. "When your clothes are ready we'll go."

"I can get there faster on my own." Kara stated weakly.

"But your not going alone." Diana stated. "I told you we're all in this together with you. And I meant it."

Mae's suit had repaired itself enough for her to activate it, but none of it's functions would work. She only had her half mask, which meant she didn't have her sensors and she also couldn't turn invisible. She sighed as she, Gigi and Lunesta sat in the trees near the middle school and watched Eddy start walking towards a small group of kids waiting by the basketball court. He had parked his car on the street and would have to walk up the lighted sidewalk past them to get to the children.

The girls spread out as Eddy approached constantly checking the street for any sign of the cops. Halfway to his targets he came to a dead stop as Lotus Blossom stepped out in front of him. "We need to have a talk Edward Talbert." she stated firmly with her arms folded across her chest.

Eddy uttered "Screw you." and turned to run away but was met by the smiling masked face of the scantily clad Spanish heroine.

"Like she said, we need to have a talk." Gigi stated as she took a power pose with her hands on her hips.

"You You You can'tttt do this. My lawyer took out a restraining order." Eddy tried to act brave.

The middle school boys on the courts watched from a distance as the barely dressed heroines confronted Eddy. Lunesta and Gigi, with higher senses of hearing, all to aware of the rising hormones in the youths as the boys commented on the bodies of the heroines.

Gigi grinned at Eddy and stated "Your restraining order was against the JLA."

"And unluckily for you we're not with the JLA." Mae added.

"I I I still have rights." Eddy stated nervously.

"What's the matter Eddy? You seem a little nervous." Gigi asked mockingly. "All we want is for you to answer a few questions for us." she added sweetly, but really wanting to rip his lungs out for what he did to her.

Lunesta hovered above watching for anyone who might interfere with the proceedings and keeping an eye on the awe struck middle school boys as they slowly crept forward to see what was happening. And to get a better look at the barely dressed heroines. Lunesta rolled her eyes at hearing the usual assortment of comments about butts and boobs.

"I won't tell you anything." Eddy stated as he turned sideways between the heroines so he could keep an eye on both of them.

"Yes you will." Gigi laughed and feigned a move causing Eddy to raise his hands as if to defend himself.

"AAAAAA." Eddy yelled as Gigi quickly grabbed his right hand and twisted it behind his back. A kick to the back of his left knee forced him to the ground on his knees. "You can't do this." he whined.

"But we are." Mae grinned as she pulled her ring out of her pocket. Diana wouldn't lend them her lasso concerned if it were used people would say the JLA was behind the operation. Mae put the ring on and turned it so the stone was to her palm like Aphrodite had said and pressed it to Eddy's forehead.

"You can't do this. Let me go." Eddy whined as he tried to wrestle away from Gigi.

Gigi was way too strong for him and held his wrist with one hand and grabbed his hair with the other. "Don't make me hurt you, you son of a bitch." she growled.

"The other night you slipped your date a special drug. Where did you get it?" Mae asked. Gigi had to tell Mae and Lunesta what had actually happened, much to the chagrin of Diana.

"Marcus Henderson." Eddy blurted out as he looked at Mae wide eyed wondering how and why he said it. "You can't do this. It'll never hold up in court." he complained.

"We're not arresting you dumbass." Gigi stated. "But if your friends find out you spilled your guts you might wish we had." Gigi stated and gave his arm a little lift for emphasis.

"AAAAAA. I told you where I got it, now let me go." Eddy snarled. He needed to act brave in front of his customers.

"And where can we find Marcus Henderson?" Mae asked.

"Metropolis." Eddy blurted.

"Address Eddy. What's his address?" Mae asked through gritted teeth. She would have to remember to be specific with her questions.

"127 Lave Ave. apartment 523." Eddy spat out.

"Thank-you Eddy." Gigi chuckled.

"Now let me go." he demanded. As soon as they did he would call and warn Marcus.

Mae and Gigi already figured that. "Do you have any drugs on you and what are they?" Mae asked with a smile.

"I got 4 dime bags and another packet of that special drug." Eddy stated then stared angrily at Mae.

"Where's the special drug?" Mae asked.

"In my front right pocket." Eddy was forced to tell them. Eddy was wearing blue jeans with a grey hoodie over a blue T-shirt.

"And who were you going to use it on?" Mae asked angrily.

"I wasn't." Eddy stated. The girls looked at each other with the realization he was going to sell it to one of the middle school boys.

"I think we should escort him to his car? Don't you Lotus?" asked Gigi.

"For his own safety I say we should." Mae replied mockingly.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Eddy whined.

The girls dragged him back to his car and forced him inside where Lunesta dusted him. "Get the rape drug." Mae stated before they closed the door and left.

"Why me? Why don't you get it?" Gigi asked not wanting to reach into the boy's front pocket.

"Oh for Pete's sake." Lunesta commented. Mae and Gigi giggled as the fairy landed next to the sleeping boy and crawled head first into his pocket to get the packet. They were soon laughing loudly as Lunesta started kicking her feet and yelling "Help I'm stuck."

Mae reached in to carefully pull her tiny friend by the feet. Mae and Gigi laughed as she emerged holding the packet.

The girls locked the doors and closed them with the sleeping asshole inside. By now the middle school boys were getting very close trying to see what was going on and better looks at the heroine's butts. Knowing Eddy was going to be selling to them, Mae turned to face them and sternly stated in their parental tone she used on her sisters "Any of you who are still here in 1 minute I will make confess to their parents that you were going to buy drugs from him. Just like we made him tell us where he got the stuff."

The girls chuckled as the boys were running away before she finished. "So which one of you calls the cops?" Lunesta asked.

"I think after what he did, Gigi should get that honor." Mae stated.

Diana left her plane hovering over the fortress as she and Kara softly landed just outside. Although Diana was dressed as Wonder Woman she was wearing ski pants and a parka over her uniform. Diana followed Kara into the fortress only talking if Kara wanted to. She was there for moral support and she would follow along until she felt she needed to step in.

Kara somberly walked up the stairs to the console with Diana behind her and stood in front of the crystals. "Welcome Kal-El." the machine responded upon sensing someone was there.

"I'm Kara Zor-El." the blonde heroine stated to correct the machine.

"Welcome Kara." the machine replied. "Do you wish to study?" The computer had been designed to be a teacher for her cousin with historical data from their now dead world. As well as scientific knowledge well beyond what humans knew.

"No. I have questions." she stated.

"State your query." the voice of her dead uncle responded.

Diana frowned as she watched Kara have to lead the machine where she wanted it to go. She thought an advanced civilization would produce a machine that was more user friendly.

"At what point can the sensors in this fortress determine if a female is pregnant?" Kara asked and cringed. The computer wasn't just programmed by her uncles brain patterns. It actually contained much of his memories, and may react as such with this type of questioning.

"Two to four hours." the machine replied. Diana crossed her fingers Kara wouldn't be hysterical no matter which way this went.

Kara sighed and braced herself for a jolt one way or the other. "Scan me to determine pregnancy status." Kara ordered.

A blue light enveloped Kara for a few seconds then vanished. The voice of Jor-El reported "Pregnancy status negative."

Diana put her hand on Kara's shoulder as the young blonde hung her head and a few tears ran down her cheeks. Kara composed herself after a few moments and asked "Can I ever get pregnant by a human?"

"Kryptonian and human DNA are compatible." was the response.

Not exactly the answer she was looking for. That could mean Kal could get a human female pregnant, but could a human give her a child? "Can a human male make me pregnant?" she asked straight out to the machine.

"Human and Kryptonian DNA are compatible." the machine responded again.

Kara turned to look at Diana with a confused expression. "How did Lex get the idea he could get me pregnant?" she whispered.

Diana was a bit confused herself. "Maybe he misinterpreted what the computer said."

"Then I can't?" Kara whined with a pained expression.

Diana hugged Kara tightly and said "It just means we don't know and Lex failed."

"But I have to know." Kara whined.

Diana thought for a moment and whispered "Remember this computer was set up with Kal in mind. You weren't supposed to be here. Jor-El had to think of answers to questions Kal might ask."

"Huh?" Kara looked confused. "You have an idea?"

Diana grinned and spoke. "Let's study Kryptonian and human biology."

"Accessing files." the machine stated. Kara grinned as Diana dealt with the machine. "Please choose lectures or questions."

"I don't think we want to be here for days." Diana commented. "We'll ask questions."

Kara nodded and asked "Answer how it is possible for a human male to impregnate a Kryptonian female."

"Although it is possible for a Kryptonian male to impregnate a human female without help is not the same with a Kryptonian female and a human male." Kara and Diana listened as the computer lectured on the subject. The computer droned on for a few minutes before getting to what Kara and Diana were looking for. Kara couldn't help but think her uncle always was long winded. "The outer shell of the Kryptonian ova is too strong for human sperm to penetrate. Artificial means would need to be employed."

Kara sighed. She had her answer, but not exactly what she wanted to here. Diana hugged her tight and said "See you can have kids."

Kara whimpered back "But how romantic will it be if we have to make a baby in a lab?"

"THE CORPS. DAMN IT THE CORPS." Hades yelled. He had stopped by on Olympus to see why he hadn't heard anything from Ares in a few days.

"I have no idea what your talking about." Ares stated as he sat polishing his armor.

"The Corps and your plans to have us worshipped by the world again is what I'm talking about." Hades growled.

"I don't have any such plans." Ares stated calmly.

Hades started putting two and two together in his mind. Ares was looking for Lotus Blossom by trying to find Wonder Woman and the Spanish Fly. "He obviously had been brain washed by the golden lasso. "I'll be right back." he stated and vanished in a flash.

Moments later he was back with an old hag. The old woman was the spirit of a dead witch from the old days of Greece. A very powerful witch. The old woman squinted and studied Ares as he sat there looking annoyed by the hag's attention. "I see it." the hag stated in a high shrill voice. "He has been hit by some very strong magic."

"Can you fix him?" Hades asked with anger in his voice. How dare someone use a gift from the gods against them?

"I can make him like he was, but the most recent memories are lost forever." the hag stated as she studied the god of war.

"Then fix him." Hades commanded.

"What's in it for me?" the old woman asked with a wicked grin.

"I'll move you to the Elysian Fields." Hades offered.

"Not good enough." the hag said then cackled. "I want to live again." she demanded.

"Your time amongst the living has long past." Hades stated. Part of his duties was to make sure the dead stayed dead.

"Then he can stay like this for eternity." she replied smugly.

"It can't be done. You no longer have a body." Hades stated.

"Then I will have another." the hag stated. "A very young and beautiful one."

"You can't just get a body out of nothing." Hades growled.

The old woman walked around the large chamber and stopped at the alter with a bowl built in and full of water. She waved her hand over the water and said "Show me the body I desire."

Hades walked over to look in as an image came into view. The teen with a golden tan running around in a string bikini on the beach had a flawless body with large firm breasts and long blonde hair. "I'll have her body." the hag stated.

"And what of her soul?" Hades asked not wanting to hear the answer. There were rules even he had to follow. If Zeus found out it could cause him a lot of trouble. He only went along with Ares because he believed the Olympians should return to their former glory. And after thousands of years maybe it was time for some new leadership. But letting a dead witch's soul take the place of a young girl was a serious undertaking.

"She can take my place amongst the dead." the old hag stated. "If you want Ares back to himself, that's my price." she stated firmly.

Hades groaned in defeat as he looked at Ares who looked content to be shining his armor. Hades had an angry look as he replied "If you do one other thing I will agree."

"And what would that be?" the hag asked happy she was going to walk the Earth again.

"You will find that bitch Amazon and bring her to us." Hades snarled. He would teach her a lesson about using her lasso on a god.

"I get her first." the hag stated firmly.

Hades looked in the water to see the young girl grab her things and say good-bye to her friends. She picked up her things and headed for the parking lot to get in her car and go home. The palm trees swayed in the breeze as she neared her car. With no one else in sight the gorgeous girl fumbled in her bag to find the key.

The girl was startled by the sudden appearance of the man dressed totally in black and before she could scream she was on Olympus and her things were on the ground beside her car. "What the hell!?"

"Not hell, but your close." Hades stated.

The barely dressed blonde teen looked around the palace awestruck and scared at the same time by what was happening. "Who? How? What?" she asked.

"Don't worry sweetie. I'll explain everything." the hag said with a grin. "Your soul will take my place in the underworld so I can have your body."

"Are you crazy?" the blonde asked getting more scared.

The hag cackled and sent a shiver up the blondes spine. She then in the blink of an eye ran through the teen. The hag fell to the floor on the other side and had a look of shear horror as she slowly turned around to see the blonde grinning down at her. "That's right sweetie. It's that easy."

"NNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!" the teen that now looked like the hag screamed as Hades waved his hand and sent her to the underworld.

"Now Tulla you will fulfill our agreement." Hades stated.

The witch had an ear to ear smile as she looked down at her young firm body and rubbed her hands all over enjoying the feel of warm flesh once more. "Her name is Tanya and she's going to be a senior in high school when school starts. Sounds like fun"

"Feel yourself up later. Fix Ares." Hades snarled

"As you wish." the witch said with a grin. She walked over to Ares making sure she put a little extra wiggle in her backside as she did. She gripped Ares' face with both hands and kissed him long and hard.

"Whew, that was good!" she exclaimed as she broke it off.

"WHAT IN HADES IS GOING ON?" Ares yelled as he stood up, his eyes glowing red with rage.

"Well I gotta be going. I'll be grounded if I'm late for supper." the blonde stated. She then laughed and with a wave of her hand vanished.

"WELL!?" Ares snarled.

Hades chuckled and replied "Good to see you back to normal. Seems you had a run in with a golden lasso."

Stephie chuckled as Amber acted out a scene from an old I LOVE LUCY episode that was playing. The cable went out in the middle of the show leaving the girls to entertain themselves. They had sat down for a relaxing evening already changed for bed with Stephie wearing a thin summer night gown and Amber in a T-shirt and panties. Amber was jumping from side to side doing both Lucy and Ricky as Stephie laughed. When the scene was finished Stephie clapped saying "Bravo, bravo. That was really good. Where'd you learn to act like that?"

"It always seemed to come easy to me." Amber stated as she shrugged. "Growing up I was always acting out scenes from TV shows and old movies."

"She seems to be doing okay." Helen said with a satisfied grin.

"We still have a lot of work to do here." Aphrodite replied.

"I know, but for now she seems happy." Helen offered. As they watched the proceedings.

Stephie stood up to take a turn as Amber sat down. But just as she was about to start the phone rang. Stephie checked the clock. "Must be someone's bed time." she stated with as giggle as she trotted to the kitchen to pick up the phone.

Helen was suddenly taken over by the strange sensation she had been feeling, but not able to find for a coupe of years. As she looked around with a puzzled expression her mother asked "Here too?"

Helen nodded and replied. "It so strange. It's there, but it's not."

"That makes Metropolis, Cleveland, Boston, Denver, Dallas and now here. We have to find out who or what's behind this." Aphrodite stated with a concerned look on her face. "We need to know what's interfering with our powers."

"Is anyone home?" Mae asked. Kara and Diana had returned from their trip north to join up with Mae, Lunest and Gigi. After getting some answers Kara wasn't happy, but she wasn't sad either. Mae had filled Diana and Kara in on what happened at the school and how they left Eddy to be picked up by the cops. But they had to move fast to catch up with Marcus Henderson before Eddy got a chance to make his phone call.

"There's just some big guy talking on the phone." Kara replied. A big black man that looked like he could play tackle in the NFL.

"What's he talking about?" Wonder Woman asked as they all stood on a root top not far away. When she and Kara had returned the girls flew with Diana and Kara flew along side to find Marcus and work their way up the chain of supply.

"Sounds like he's setting up a meeting with a buyer. They want 2 pounds of Columbian, 6 ounces crack and a dozen of each of the special." Kara stated.

"Sounds like we have him." stated Gigi. "Now let's get'em."

"Yeah, it's only a matter of time before he gets tipped off." Lunesta added.

"Then I say we introduce the man to a golden rope." Diana answered.

Marcus hung up the phone and picked his revolver up off the coffee table in front of the sofa where he was seated. Making sure it was loaded he then put it in his shoulder holster. He stood up and grabbed his suit jacket off the arm of the sofa and put it on

The 6'8" 310 pound 32 year old bald black man then grabbed his briefcase off the floor and brought it to the kitchen. He placed it on the table and opened it. He then opened one of the cabinets to pull out 2 bags of weed from the stuffed cabinet the went to the next for the crack. Placing them in the briefcase he then opened a third cabinet to get some packets of his new hot seller. Once word stated spreading about the stuff orders started pouring in. Depending on the strength he was paying $20, $25 or $35 a hit. He then sold to the street dealers for $35, $45 and $60. And they sold it for $50, $75 and $100 on the street. The drug had only stared becoming available in the last couple of weeks, but it was already a hot seller and was hard to keep in stock.

Marcus closed the briefcase and headed for the door. His big smile was soon gone as he opened the door to find two tiny scantily clad heroines grinning up at him. And an angry looking fairy hovering behind them. "A little early for trick or treat kids." he stated as he quickly tried to close the door.

Mae easily held her arm out to hold the door open. "We need to have a talk." she stated as she and Gigi stared angrily at him.

Marcus jumped back making a grab for his gun, but both his arms were quickly grabbed. His left by Diana and his right by Kara. Both had come in from the open French doors to the balcony. "I say we do this the easy way." Kara said with a bright smile.

"You can't just come in and harass a man in his home." Marcus protested. "I have rights."

"And thousands of dollars in drugs." Kara stated looking around the apartment.

Mae and Gigi stepped into the apartment followed by Lunesta and closed the door. "What about the rights of parents to send their kids to school and be safe from drug dealers?" Mae asked. Her suit had fully healed itself and she was wearing her full mask again.

"I won't say anything without my lawyer." Marcus stated defiantly.

"Oh, I think you will." Diana stated tapping her lasso.

Tanya, or should I say Tulla in Tanya's body, brushed her teeth and got ready to go to bed. The ancient witch was getting herself settled in her new body. The teen girl was visiting family with her widowed mother on the Island of Maui and they would be flying home in the morning. The girl's father was an Air Force pilot shot down over Vietnam in 1969. Tulla planned to enjoy everything the world now had to offer. But she had to be careful to avoid suspicion as to who she truly was.

With her mother already asleep, the witch studied her new body in the mirror. She hadn't yet dressed after her shower and doing something called blow drying her hair as she gazed in the mirror of the slightly foggy mirror. Waving her hand cleaned the fog away to give her a better view. She turned to the side to check out her butt mumbling "I look better than Helen of Troy did."

The witch had enjoyed the evening introducing herself to new wonders like a stereo and TV. Her would be mother wasn't that bad either. Just 37 years old and she worked as an aerobics instructor, what ever that was Tulla thought. But what ever she did she still had a great figure and could wear a bikini herself making Tulla think she made a good choice in taking this body.

Tulla grabbed the clean panties and T-shirt off the shelf where she had placed them and started dressing. "Such wonderfully soft fabrics." she mumbled. This world was now filled with wonders for the woman who had been dead for thousands of years. Slain by the Amazon queen in revenge for the death of her sister.

The witch had access to most of Tanya's memories and knew from the girls own thoughts that Wonder Woman was the queen's daughter. She smiled at the thought she could get her revenge and fulfill her duty to Hades at the same time. "Get the queen and use her as bait." she mumbled as she pulled her long blonde hair free from the T-shirt and shook it out.

The witch giggled quietly at the dumb woman in the king size bed she would share for the night. The woman had no idea her own daughter was now facing the torments meant for the witch in the underworld. Tulla climbed into the bed and went to sleep. The first restful and peaceful sleep she had enjoyed in thousands of years.

Bob James sat in his office dressed in his PJ's with his elbows on his desk and his hands folded in front of his face. It was nearly 6 AM Wednesday morning and he was up early. He was now sure he made the right move when he fled before the feds could move on him. He had called the research facility through the special switchboard and was on the line with the head of operations when gun fire was heard in the background. There was a series of explosions, then the line went dead.

Reverend Summers was setting up the new drug production facility, but the research lab was now gone. All was good before the raid as the man on the phone relayed the message they had accidentally come up with a formula that would work on men. It was in it's early testing phase, but the longer the man fought the effects of the drug or just couldn't get laid the stronger the impulses would be until he would jump anything in a skirt. The lab didn't know how it could be marketed, but Bob did. There were a lot of people for the Corps to get even with, not just the heroines. What better way than to ruin a man's reputation. Give it to a congress man or an agent, maybe even some heroes and set them up so they can't get away from some young girls and film the results. What could be better he thought than getting someone like Green Arrow to commit rape on a teen girl.

Bob was worried because supposedly a currier had just left the lab to make contact with another carrier who would bring the data on the new drug to him. If that man is followed he could be the next to fall. To that end he changed Axel's assignment for the time being and the powerful mutant would meet the currier at the airport and watch over him.

Sherrie yawned and stretched as she walked into the office. When she woke up alone she had a felling where she'd find him. The teen beauty dressed in a red teddy and with disheveled hair walked up to the desk of her concentrating master. She moved around the desk to stand next to him before putting a hand on his shoulder and bending over to kiss his cheek. "Good morning."

Bob sat back in his high back leather chair with a groan "Morning Sweetie." he replied as he tapped her hand with his own.

"Have you been down here all night?" Sherrie asked more like a concerned mother than the sex slave she was.

"No, just couldn't sleep." Bob replied. He couldn't sleep because of all the screams of pleasure Sherrie was making all night. "How about you? Axel wasn't too rough on you was he?"

Sherrie had a smirk on her face behind her master's back as she replied. "No. He was good, but nowhere near as good as you." She then kissed Bob on the cheek again and said "I'll start breakfast." as she walked away.

Diana and the girls, dressed in street clothes and with Lunesta tucked inside Diana's blouse, walked into the apartment. After Metropolis they had traveled up to New York then down to Dallas where the lab was located. The guards put up a fight, but they didn't stand a chance against an onslaught of so many heroines and the Texas Rangers that they called in. Once they knew the fight was lost the workers set off bombs inside to destroy any evidence that could be used against them.

Although they hadn't gotten their hands on the research and several of the leaders were killed or killed themselves the heroines were elated the drug lab was finally gone. Diana closed the door and the girls started dancing around the apartment thinking they had finally finished off the Corps. With Ares tamed and the flow of the date rape drugs stopped it was time to celebrate.

Gigi and Mae locked elbows and skipped around each other then turned around to go in the other direction. Kara grinned as she took Diana by the wrists and managed to get her to dance a little as well. "It's over. It's finally over." Kara said excitedly.

Mae started joking by singing and Gigi and Kara joined her. "Ding dong the Corps is dead. The big ol' Corps. The wicked corps. Ding dong the wicked Corps is dead."

Diana chuckled and said "Okay that's enough for now. I say we get some sleep."

"Awe come on." Mae whined.

"I know. I'm a party pooper." Diana stated with a chuckle. "But you have a flight to catch at 4 this afternoon. Diana told Mae.

"I don't know why I have to take a plane when you could just fly me there instead." Mae whined. She already knew the answer. She had Bill meeting her and had to let him see her walking into the terminal.

Lunesta popped her head out of Diana's cleavage long enough to say "Can you guys keep it down? I'm trying to sleep." before ducking back down to continue her nap.

"You heard her. Bed time." Diana stated with a grin getting a chorus of "Awe mom." in response. Diana shook her head and rolled her eyes as the three teens headed for the bedroom. "What did I do to deserve this." she mumbled to herself.