Dracula's Attack!  

By Bunzilla

Dracula's Attack! - Chapter 1

Wondergirl is stalked and attacked by Dracula

The tall old mansion stood on the outskirts of Thomasville GA. The mild fall air was in stark contrast to the eeire, forboding look of the mansion. Fog seemed to rush toward the building and wrap around it. Inside the dwelling lurked the most dangerous monster of all.

'Too long!' thought Dracula as he stood looking at his coffin. 'How much time has passed since I've been in my coffin...'. Setting his place in order Dracula set up traps and inspected all the locks in his new abode.

Grinding his teeth furiously he ground them together and grabbed his stomach. Involuntary contractions raged through his body as the need for blood surged through his body.

Blind with hunger Dracula raced up to the second story balcony and surveyed the city some five miles off. Smiling evily he leaped off the balcony and flew toward the small town to feast on some poor, helpless woman.


"I don't know what to tell you Wonder Girl... these dogs must be strays. They started terrorizing this county week before last. They can't be a wild pack of deserted pets however... who ever heard of 12 Rottweilers deciding to group together and indescriminately attack people of all ages during all times of the day?! I just appreciate your willingness to help us...we're a small town and don't have the resources to devote someone full time to this."

Across from Sherrif Brundy sat a thouroughly gorgeous woman of ... what. 26..27? Jet black hair down to her bare shoulders. Clad in a red one piece swim suit like outfit, with a deep sharp dip in her bustline, bare legs with black boots. White stars criss crossed her torso from the left to the right. Arms crossed and hugging herself Wonder Girl smiled slightly at the sherrif. 'I wish she would not cross her legs like that... it's all I can do to not look at those legs. '

"My pleasure sherrif...this is indeed odd. All dogs can act dangerous periodically. But these attack seem so calculated and horrific. How many people have died?"

"As of today, 10. No children thank god. Can I ask how you are going to approach this?" The picture flashed in Brundy's mind of Wonder Girl caught in the grip of the pack of Rottwielers. Looking at her he wanted to ask what kind of weopons she was carrying... nothing was obvious now... she looked ready for the beach in that outfit...not ready to subdue vicious dogs with a history of death by fangs.

"I'm not sure... I hope to see them before they attack again. If I can get a read on them and assess their strength then my intuition will probably take over and I'll start snapping each of their necks...one by one. I've got some long knives in my jet. I don't like guns...never was very good on the aim. But a spear or a knife? I can move pretty fast and when it's a bad guy I don't mind spilling lots of blood fast."

"I didn't hear that! But as long as we're dealing with dogs then you can be as viscious as you like. Dogs have no due process- human's do."

Bursting in the office door a deputy almost yelled ,out of breath, "We've spotted them!"

The office erupted as the three of them exited the office quickly. Cursing under her breath Wonder Girl's rear grabbed the wooden chair she had been sitting in and made a loud sound similar to something else.

Handing Sherrif Brundy a small round black object Wonder Girl said "Please put this in your pocket! I can track you with it. I'll stop by my jet and meet you where you stop!"


Flying over the small town Dracula saw the blinking red and blue lights moving down a street. Unsure what it was he dropped for a closer look. Below him was a gathering of men and one delicious female. 'What does she wear? She shows all of her delicious meat!'

Wonder Girl was kicking, moving pulling her legs just far enouph from the snapping drooling mouths of the Rottweilers. She had killed 4 very quickly. Slitting their throats as they lunged up to her neck she drew them in and quickly slashed wide gaping holes in their necks.

Now the remaining ones were uncertain and began circling her. Wonder Girl could sense their intent- they intended to rush her and grab each of her legs at the same time so that she was immobilized. The others would leap to her throat and kill her quickly.

Shots rang out as the deputies unloaded their shotguns on the stalking dogs. Three were killed quickly. Blowing them dead center in their rib cages they skidded off in circles and stopped moving. Immediately the three remaining ones ran off in the cover of darkness.

Panting hard Wonder Girl said "Thanks!... they probably would have grabbed me in a few seconds. Don't like having to get stiches as big as they'd demand. They were smart! Did you see the look in their eyes?"

"Spooked me!" Said Sherrif Brundy. "This looked like something out of a horror movie. It seemed as if something was acting through them. They didn't act like dogs at all!"

Rubbing her upper arm Wonder Girl said "No...they didn't..." A cold chill ran up Wonder Girl's spine as she stood there. Certain something was watching her she instinctively looked around at the dark bushes and trees.

"We'll get the rest of them tomorrow I'm sure Wonder Girl. They are severly reduced in number and not as confident now that they only number three." a deputy said. Seeing a fearfull look on Wonder Girl's face Brundy ask "Are you O.K. Wonder Girl? You look like something just walked over your grave."

Something was indeed looking at Wonder Girl. Piercing, red hungry eyes looked at the woman standing in the night under a street light. Images flooded Draculas mind of this female helpless in his grip. Looking at her neck, shoulder, legs and crotch her longed to sink his teeth in her and suck all the blood from her warm body. 'She teases me dressed as she is...more flesh is exposed than is covered! I will punish her severely for doing this. Then I will suck her dry!"

'What is looking at me? Something malevolent is looking at me right now. What could be so bad in a small town like this?' Wonder Girl could feel the movement of those eyes on her so sharply she felt them move all over her skin. Lingering on her throat, moveing down to her breasts, quickly stabbing at her groin they stayed there. Her thighs burned as she clearly felt hungry eyes devouring her as she stood exposed under the street light.

"Sherrif Brundy...can you find a place to put me up for the night? I'm not feeling well. Not sure what the matter is...I feel weak suddenly" asked a shaky, dizzy Wonder Girl.

"Yes, we can. The Thompson house is vacant now... only the caretaker in there. He won't bother you. I'll drive you there."

"Thanks...I...Oooohhh...better make it pretty quick. Don't want to faint out here with mad dogs and who knows what else."

Catching Wonder Girl under her arms Brundy hugged her close to him as he walked her back to his patrol car. "Sure you don't want to go to the hospital?"

"No,No... just need to put my legs up and get some place secure. Just feel very dizzy."

A few miles down the road Wonder Girl swooned in the front seat and her head lolled back against the head rest. "You might have to carry me in to the place your taking me...that all right?"

Glancing at her as she lay slumped on the front seat Brundy said "Of course... no problem." Thinking dasterdly middle aged thoughts Brundy said to himself 'It will take all my self control to keep my hands to myself."

"Oh...and Sherrif?"


"Relax...I trust you. If you have to 'touch me' to get me settled in tonight then so be it. I'm in your hands."

His throat going dry Brundy said "Yes ma'am."

Pulling up to the Thompson Inn Brundy said "Here we are Wonder Girl. Wonder Girl? Are you awake?" Lightly slapping her cheek with his hand he saw she was out. 'Poor girl... saves the town and then gets sick. Hope we can repay her somehow.'

Getting out of the car and moving to the other side Brundy opened the door and saw her unconcious on the seat. Gently but firmly her grabbed her wrist and pulled her toward him. Falling to him Wonder Girl flopped forward agaist his chest. Standing ,he pulled Wonder Girl up and adjusted her for a better hold. Fumbling for the keys to the house he got them and held them ready. Heaving Wonder Girl up he crushed her to his chest and carried her to the front door. Legs, arms and head dangling and flopping she looked like a beautifull manichin.

Unlocking the door Brundy moved inside. Swinging Wonder Girls' legs up he held her under her knees and around her upper back. Moaning softly she nuzzled into Brundy's chest. Looking down at her Brundy was caught by her striking beauty. Asleep her closed eyes were gorgeous. The feel of her bare arms drove him to distraction. Her breast was pressed up against his chest. Gazing down the length of her , as he walked up the spiral stairs, he nearly tripped when he looked at her thighs and crotch. 'Oh why not...' Brundy moved his hand that was under her knees up half way up her legs. Then a bit Higher. He began to feel the ecsquisite rear she displayed when she kicked the dogs off her. 'So glad those dogs didn't sink their teeth in you, gorgeous... you are much too pretty to be abused like that.'

Coming to the room he's chosen Brundy gently lay Wonder Girl on her back on the bed. Her head fell to the side and her hand moved up to her face. As he lay her down Wonder Girl's knees parted and she drew them up. Catching his breath Brundy gaped down at her open exposed groin. Seeing the slim strip of fabric that covered her he began to sweat profusly. Wonder Girl's other hand trailed over to that area and she slowly ,albeit unconciously, lightly stroked her inner thigh.

'I've got to get out of here NOW!' Thought a completely aroused Sherrif . 'Men go to jail over what I'm thinking of doing.'

Glancing around the room Brundy left after he had written a note stating her would check on her at 8 a.m. the following morning.

Dracula's Attack! part 1