Dracula's Attack! 3  

By Bunzilla

Dracula's Attack! - Chapter 3

Wondergirl is stalked and attacked by Dracula

Sherrif Brundy decided he needed to make a call on Wonder Girl's behalf. Considering her health he decided that any attempt from her to help them further would necessitate her getting some expert help. Knowing she'd not want to get poked and prodded by some hospital nurse he thought he'd put in a call to Wonder Woman. She knew her better than he did. Perhaps she could come and check on her. 'Always heard that Wonder Woman is as much of a knockout as Wonder Girl... maybe I can get an up close look at her as well.' thought a nervous and slightly aroused Brundy.

Brundy's mind wandered to the scene he had left some hours ago- Wonder Girl unconcious on a bed, moaning softly and moveing those gorgeous slim arms. "I just about burst a nut when she spread her knees and started making those wimpering sounds...good gosh she is gorgeoous. Can't wait to see her tomorrow. Think I'll bring her something to eat and drink."


Willy stood in a corner of the room and watched as Dracula performed gross horrors on an unconcious Wonder Girl.

'Missy not gonna survive this, that's fo sure...he done sucked so much blood from her she must be near death...oh lordy, what he doing to her now? Poor girl...she just bein' plain eaten by this monster! I ain't movin' that thing kill me fo' sure...he fixin to kill missy here. Oh No! How she gonna live through that?

Dracula was venting his pent up aggression and rage from being confined in his coffin for so long. The last time he had ravaged a woman she was in a long flowing dress and was running from him. He had not finished her off before Van Helsing had pinned him and put him back in the coffin.

Now this delicious treat was blatantly showing her arms, legs, throat, and shoulders. He was certain she was daring him to come for her after she had killed so many of his dogs. Whle it took him little effort to summon the dogs to begin terrorizing the town it angered him to think that a woman could quickly kill so many of them and subvert his plan for the area. Rethinking this again he bit Wonder Girl hard on her inner thigh, again.

Her eyes were open now but because he held such a firm hold on her psyche she was not fully aware of her predicament. Shortly he would loose his hypnotic hold on her and let her feel the full weight of her situation.

Leering lustfully up at her face he maneuvered around and straddled her between her legs. Tossing his cape out for full effect he reached around her lower back and grabbed Wonder Girl with both hands. Pulling her pelvis up toward his waiting mouth her legs hung limply on either side of his face. Pulling her close to his bloody mouth her arms were stretched taught from their bonds. Quickly he buried his mouth on her and began sucking her. It was now that Dracula chose to release her from his spell.

Wonder Girl panted and twisted from side to side trying weakly to buck herself from his gross grip on her. Looking up the raised length of her body she saw the monster looking at her over her groin. Dracula uttered a sick growl and bit her hard.

Fully released from his hypnotic hold Wonder Girl felt the sharp teeth dig into her. "EEEIIIAAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!" Moving one hand to her belt Dracula ripped it off. Wonder Girl felt her remaining strength leave with the belt. Knowing that even with her belt this ...whatever it was...was much stronger than her , she would have a hard time physically beating him. Now she was nothing more than a flopping rag doll which had lots of blood for him to suck out of her

Jerking, pulling, heaving her in all directions the poor superheroine was mauled by the prince of monsters. Pulling his mouth away from her he inspected her groin. Blood trickled down her thigh and blended in to the color of her outfit.

Taking a sharp nail he started a run on her tights. The ripping sound filled the room as Dracula pulled off Wonder Girl's tights. Running his mouth over her raised thighs he periodically nipped her in tender areas.

'What is this thing? Why is it raping me? Who is it? The last thing I remember was...Yes! This has to be the presence I felt in the woods. Something was looking at me. I remember now..."Ow! Stop! Your killing me...please!"

Dracula had dropped Wonder Girl. Her pelvis hit the bed and 'thumped'. Now Dracula was raking a sharp 'talon' along the line between her bare thigh and her outfit. His other hand fumbled with the buttons on his pants. Saliva dripped down Dracula's chin as he glared into the weak eyes of Wonder Girl.

'Too weak...he's sucked too much blood from me...can't resist.'

Dracula was almost twice the size of this fetching heroine. Close to 8 ft tall he loomed over his prey on the bed. Wonder Girl was possibly 5 ft if she was stretched.

Realizing she could not stop any of this monster's assaults she let a tear trickle down a cheek. Spasmodic sobs escaped from Wonder Girl's throat as Dracula exposed himself. Fully aroused he fell on her.

Trying to catch a breath Wonder Girl smelled the sickly, fetid smell of dirt on this monster's clothes. Crushing his stomach and chest into her face Wonder Girl could barely breath.

With incredible strength Dracula forced Wonder Girl's legs apart. One hand fumbled with the thin strip of material covering Wonder Girl. He easily pulled it to the side and quickly stabbed her hard.

Crying out of desperation and pain Wonder Girl begged him to stop.

"No! No! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Your killing me! Please... don't...I'm almost dead!... Uuuggghhh Uuuuggghhhh Uuuuggghhh Mmmmmppphhhttthhh." Seeing Willy standing against the wall Wonder Girl pleaded "Sir...do something...help me...save me...if you don't he will kill me! Please! It hurts so bad...he's tearing me up in side."

Willy stood agaist the wall and started crying. The thrusting he saw Dracula giving 'this white girl was enouph to kill her...not to mention all that biting and sucking!'

"Please! Help me!....help...me...m...e...."

Wonder Girl had passed out from Dracula's attack. Her body still rocked with his ferosios thrusts. Her head fell to the side and her lips parted.

Cruely Dracula grabbed her face and pulled it toward his. He opened his mouth and kissed her deeply- sticking his tongue deep down her throat.

Wonder Girl's last sensation was that of choaking. Dracula thrusted and rammed Wonder Girl for several more hours. Finally he exploded in her. As he filled her with ancient passion he nuzzled her throat and opened his mouth yet again. "This lovely deer has blood yet left to find." Growling deeply he fastened his sharp teeth on Wonder Girl's soft, warm throat.

Dracula's Attack! part 3