Dracula's Attack! 2  

By Bunzilla

Dracula's Attack! - Chapter 2

Wondergirl is stalked and attacked by Dracula

Willy Brown finished his third drink of southern comfort on the back veranda. When he noticed the sherrif's car pulling away from the house he thought he'd better get up and look around...after all this was his job. 'Damn...somebody turned on a light up stairs...ain't nobody told me they'd be using the place for a few dayd yet.' Getting up from his now comfortable chair Willy walked in side and offered a tentative "Hello? I'm the caretaker of Thompson Manor...any one here?"

Climbing the stairs Willy saw a door ajar down the hall and started toward it. "Hello? Any one hear?" 'Better let some of these folks know I'm in the place so they's don't get too excited when they see a black man poking around and call the sherrif back here's.'

Knocking lightly on the parted door it swung into the room a few more inches. What greeted Willy's eyes was a pleasant shock. Laying on the bed was a young woman, dressed in a red one piece swim suit, knee high black boots and a golden belt that hung low around her hips.

"Ma'am? You awake? Are you all right?" Willy stared at the girations of the fetching beauty as she was in some obvious mixture of pleasure and torment. Not making any move to recognize him Wonder Girl was moaning, stretching and twisting on the bed. Loosing track of time Willy saw her run a hand along her stomach and thighs and pull her knees up and let her thighs flop open wide.

Two battles raged inside Willy: one was southern comfort, the other was an intense desire to jump on this white girl,'since she seems to be in a kind of trance anyway's', and take advantage of that minimal amount of clothing she had on. 'Ain't no beaches or swimming pool around here anyway...what she doin' dressed like that anyway?'

Willy flexed his hands and his mouth went dry. below his belt he came alive. Moving one hand to his zipper he started the movement when something caught his eye at the french doors by the porch leading to the outside.

Filling the space of the doorway was a very tall man. Dressed in black with a red trimmed cape he seemd to gesture to Willy to open the door. Willy's jaw went slack and he moved to the door. Opening it he clearly saw the man. Entering Dracula glared down at Willy.

Struck dumb and paralized with fear Willy estimated him to be well over 7 ft. tall. His face looked ancient. The skin looked palid, drawn and purpleish white. Two fangs hung over his bottom lip. His hair was streaked with gray and white but was predominately black. He emitted a strong presence of terror and strength.

Raising a hand he extended a finger and drew it toward Willy's neck. Making quick slash he looked Willy in the eye and said only one word "Servant".

Dutifully nodding toward this menacing, towering man Willy obeyed his motion to back off. Striding over to Wonder Girl, Dracula drew out two leather strips from underneath his cape. Turning now to face Wonder Girl Dracula growled deeply in his throat at her. Wonder Girl's eye's opened in fright and passion as she locked her sight on Dracula's eyes.

Slowly Wonder Girl lifted a slim, tanned arm toward Dracula. Grabbing the wrist rouphly he tied a leather strip knot around the wrist. Pulling it taught he loomed over her and secured it to the far bed post. As his cape draped over her, only Wonder Girl's legs were visible as Dracula secured the other end of the strip to the bed post.

Slowly running his face and mouth down the length of her extended arm Dracula ligthly licked her inner arm. Wonder Girl drew a quick breath and arched her back up toward Dracula.

Wipping out the other leather strip Dracula let it trail along her right thigh, up her crotch and trailed it along her torso up around her neck. Grabbing her other arm by the shoulder her ran his hand and his sharp nails down the length of her arm- stopping at her wrist. With a loud pop he tied her wrist to it and stretched her other arm to the opposite bed post. Now Wonder Girl was bound to a bed, had Dracula looming over her, and had a servant man watching her as Dracula leered and hissed hungrily at her.

Willy's heart beat too fast in his chest as he saw this huge, evil man move his mouth down to this poor girl's right knee and open his mouth, showing two long fangs. Lightly touching her knee with his teeth, then her lower thigh he worked up until he was at the red fabric which acsentuated the shape of this stunning girl's legs.

Cruely thrusting her knees apart with his strong arms Wonder Girl screamed for the first time as Dracula sank his teeth in her soft, tanned flesh.

Willy nearly passed out as the sound of quick viscious sucking filled the room.

Dracula's Attack! part 2