Dracula's Attack! 7  

By Bunzilla

Dracula's Attack! - Chapter 7

Wondergirl is stalked and attacked by Dracula

Sherrif Brundy reflected on the events of the last 24 hours. Wonder Girl had slept most of the time on a couch in his living room.

Wonder Woman had come in and checked on her with in an hour of arriving. Carrying her to the shower she washed her thoroughly, dried her hair and lay her down again. Several times Wonder Girl was emphatic about staying at Brundy's place for a few days.

With in minutes of placing the belt around her hips the teeth marks started to disappear on Wonder Girl. Wonder Woman said that Willy had walked up on she and Hank as they came out of the mansion and handed her the belt. Seems as if he also killed those three remaining rottweilers as well. Standing there with a shot gun he said "They just shook real bad when I popped them! They died just like any old wild dog...I enjoyed doing it."

Before leaving Wonder Woman said to Sherrif Brundy "Seems like Donna has taken a liking to you...saving her life like you did has made her dedicated to you."

"Anyone would have done what I did...if I'd thought two seconds more I might not have tried the shot. Glad it helped put that monster away."

All that occurred yesterday. Nick sat across the room and watched Wonder Girl as she slept. A light blanket was draped over her. From moving and turning a long leg poked out from the blanket and caught Nick's eye.

It was 6:30 PM and the sun was shining dimly through the lattice work on the window. Strips of light lay across Wonder Girl's outstretched form as she turned on her back.

Breathing deeply her chest heaved slowly up and down. Sitting across from her Nick sipped his Southern Comfort and shifted nervously on the chair.

Raising a slim arm to her forhead Wonder Girl moaned coming out of sleep. Walking over to her Nick asked "Get you something to drink?"

Noding with a slight smile on her lips Nick rushed to the kitchen for some cold water. Returning Wonder Girl drank it eagerly. Taking the glass from her he set it on the table adjactent to her. "I'm so hot...would you take the blanket off me please?"

Slowly peeling it off he saw Wonder Girl's stunning body. Her outfit was shining, her skin seemed to glow. It was hard to imaging she had been so abused from a vampire and so near death.

"How are you feeling?"

"Gratefull for you saving my life. That monster was about to finish me." A slight tear formed on the edge of her eye. "The things it did to me...never been so close to defeat from anything else."

"Stuff like this happen to you often?" asked a curious Brundy.

"Um Hm...had a robot try to kill me, some mad scientist wanted me out of the way...stuck me with dozens of needles." Running a hand down her thigh she said "He spent most of the time puncturing me here...I know there is a real Skunk Ape...he raped me good over in Alabama. Only luck saved me from being a meal for him. Some good old boys who turned bad strapped me to the hood of their Land Rover and called the monster over. Seemed he liked my smell and went to work on me."

Nick didn't stop her talk. If she wanted to say it he let her. He had to admit to himself he was turned on by her descriptions...she was not in any obvious mental anquish over it so he just listened in.

"The most strange violation was a group of alien beetles our hight who abducted me to their spaceship...they were quite inventive in their torture. You'd think they would not be turned on by a female humanoid...seems like they would like to play with their own kind...but no! They said they found my shape strangely attractive." Wonder Girl had a mischevious gleem in her eyes as she related these accounts to Nick.

"I find your shape strangley attractive too...am I a sick alien?"

"You could be...have any plans to torture me in my weakened state? I'm all helpless here in your 'domain'." Wonder Girl squirmed slightly on the couch.

"Hmmm...lets see what I have to offer. Since I'm a sherrif I've got plenty of hand cuffs. I could arrest you, interigate you and pull information out of you."

"Pull away! Are you going to torture me?" Eyes wide with mock terror Wonder Girl was enjoying this.

"Resistance is futile...I have meanss to make you talk!"

"Well, you certainly do have me in your place, I'm still weak. I couldn't resist if you cuffed me." Moving her hands behind her back Wonder Girl said "If your going to torture me, please be tenacious...I don't give out secrets easily."

Nick's jaw dropped. She wanted to do this...' guess she needs some diversion or something to forget all the recent past. Getting up and walking over to his gun belt he pulled the hand cuffs out.

Going back over to Wonder Girl he ordered "Cross your hands behind you back!" Shifting her slightly forward he grasped her shoulder and saw her wrists crossed at the small of her back. "Good your being obedient...this make not take long."

"Oh!, I hope it does!". Clicking them into place Wonder Girl shifted on her back. "Oh No! You've got me!" Bending a leg up Wonder Girl exposed her groin. "let me guess... your probably going right to my tender, soft spots. Right?"

Looking at Nick deep in his eyes Wonder Girl conveyed an absolute need to play hard and fully with him.

"I'll get to those 'spots', don't worry. Think I'll strangle you for a bit first." Lightly grabbing her around her throat Wonder Girl pretended to choak and writh under the mock strangle. Neeling over her Nick wrapped both hand around her lovely throat. "Please! NO! Don't kill me...anything but that!"

"Do you surrender?"

"Never!" yelled Wonder Girl.

"Then you've asked for it!"

Releasing her throat Nick moved his hands down to one of her thighs. Pulling it wide from her other leg he said "How flexable are you Wonder Girl. Lets see if I can dislocate one of you lovely legs from you fetching hip joint."

"Oh! No! Your wrenching me apart! Please! Have mercy on a helpless superheroine."

"This is part of the territory you walked into. Dress like you do and worse things happen from dasterly men like me." Nick was fully into his game with Wonder Girl now. Pulling, twisting and turning her leg Wonder Girl responded with mock pain and moans.

"Surrender now... or else!"

"What are you going to do to me now? Please...tell me before you do it!"

Watching her chest, shoulders and head move with his treatment of her leg Nick said "Surrender now Or I will eat you alive!"

"NOOOOOO! Please!" Groaning with pleasure Wonder Girl said "I can't stop your attacks! I'm exhausted, spent...please don't kill me."

"You are far too pretty to kill, plus I'm enjoying torturing you!" Grabbing Wonder Girl around her lower back Nick lifted her pelvis up to his waiting mouth. Her arms hung behind her cuffed and away from her body. She let her legs hang limply as Nick burrowed into her. Eyes closed and enjoying this immensly Wonder Girl said to herself 'I could let him torture me like this all day long. Oooo...that was soft and nice...his hands are so strong...he's got my hips just right. Oh I love it when they pull that little red strip away and ...Oh!...that's too good...I'm going to jump out of my skin!'

Pulling his mouth away from her tender flesh Nick said "I can see your will is strong. Shall I summon one of those nasty creatures to start on you again?"

Smiling at Nick Wonder Girl said "I'll bet you'd like to watch me being tortured as much as doing it. How 'bout you put that mouth back on me and eat me for all I'm worth. Deal?"

Smiling Nick voraciously accomidated Wonder Girl's desire. For the rest of the evening Nick and Wonder Girl explored each other's fantasies and finally collapsed on each other.

'Best vacation I've ever had' thought Nick.