Dracula's Attack! 4  

By Bunzilla

Dracula's Attack! - Chapter 4

Wondergirl is stalked and attacked by Dracula

Wonder Woman begged Hank to turn her loose as the direct number to Wonder Girl's headquarters flashed. The signal told her the message left there was of some urgency.

Problem was the werewolf banging her against her main console of her computer station was experiencing his own urgency. Caught up in the throws of passion yet again, Hank was more excited to hear Diana beg him to stop his assault on her.

Pinning her down over the console Hank thrusted hard and regularly in Wonder Woman. 'Just the time I need him to curb his passion and I choose to have him rip my belt off...again. Maybe if I play dead he will buy it and go ahead and finsh with me..."Uuuggghhh...carefull you monster...if you kill me now there's no more fun with Wonder Woman...you don't want that do you darling?...Oh! Ouch! You're so big...Oooohhhhh.h...hh..."

Diana went completely limp as the werewolf howled and thrusted hard up her. Arms over her head, eyes closed Diana waited for Hank to explode in her and then colapse on her...at least that's what he typically did in these play sessions. 'Yep...seems like I wore ol' Hank out these last couple of hours...maybe I can slip out of this and check on my sister's messages.' The werewolf slobbered on Diana's shoulder and then went asleep after it snarled and licked her face. "There now my vicious little werewolf, after your nap you can rape me again...we can play little bo peep if you want or little red riding hood." Leaning close to Hank's ear Diana wispered "I know a little cottage in the woods were we can play the whole thing out...can't waite for you to get me again. You must promise to give it to me good this time...don't hold anything back!" With that the werewolf growled low and closed his eyes.

Pushing Hank off her Wonder Woman stood up and adjusted her outfit in the mirror. "Nothing like being raped by a werewolf to get a superheroine's outfit askew." Taking a towle she dabbed the slobber off her right shoulder.

Sitting down at her desk she dialed in to Wonder Girl's messages. On the recording was a man named Sherrif Brundy. Listening to the message Wonder Woman thought 'maybe I should go down to Georgia and check on my kid sister...she's a bit new to this kind of thing. Don't want her facing bud guys alone if she's not feeling well.'

Checking all the other messages as well as some of her own Wonder Woman saw a shadow fall over her from behind. Standing behind her and fully rested and aroused was Hank. Still a werewolf he drooled heavily from his open,snarling mouth down at Wonder Woman.

"Oh my! What big teeth you have!"

Grabbing her arm Hank pulled Wonder Woman from her chair and got her in a strong embrace. Tilting her, Hank ran a claw down her thigh as his other arm wrapped around her back.

In mock terror Wonder Woman said "I think Georgia has lots of woods where we can play." Raising a hand to her cheek she widened her eyes and said "That is...if you let me live!"

Grunting and snarling the werewolf clamped his teeth around Wonder Woman's exposed throat. Winking at Hank just before he fastened his teeth on her Wonder Woman said "Oh! No! Anything but that! I'll do anything you demand, just don't eat me! Pleeeeeeease!"

Diana knew if she screamed just right Hank would get very aroused and peak quickly. The coup de grase was to let her arms and legs flop wildly as he twirled, twisted and flopped her around the room. 'I think I'll push him to his limits this time...interesting to see who'll break first. Him or me.

Landing across the room from a huge throw Hank performed, Wonder Woman landed on her couch. Twisting over on her stomach she looked over her shoulder ,behind her, at the approaching, slobbering werewolf. Raising her tail off the bed she said to Hank "Remeber this position? Come get me you animal!"


Willy just stood in the corner as Dracula arose from Wonder Girl's abused body. He could see that she was still breathing. This surprized him considering the horrors this man inflicted on her.

Turning to look at Willy Dracula pointed at him and then to Wonder Girl. Inside Wily's head something told him to go over to the girl and untie her wrists from the bed posts.

Stepping off to the side Dracula watched as Willy obediantly performed the task. Looking at the poor girl's face Willy could see she was traumitized. Her mouth was slightly swollen, he refused to look at her thighs and groin...that's where that monster spent most of his time. 'Lordy, lordy, missy...hope you got some friends to help you quick...something' bout this man keepin' me from hittin' him or somefun. If'n you don't, I think he gonna kill you forsures.'

Feeling another message coming from him Willy turned and looked at Dracula. 'Pick her up' it said. Looking down at the pretty girl Willy put an arm under her knees and under her neck. 'Follow me' said the next direction. Down the stairs Willy and the monster went. Exiting the front door Willy saw three Rottweillers staring at he and the 'bad man'.

Dracula faced Willy and grabbed Wonder Girl from him. Moaning and couphing Wonder Girl tried to push off Dracula with a weak arm. Dracula moved a clawed hand high up on her hip and dug his claw in to her flesh. Weakly squirming in his grasp Wonder Girl offered a faint plea to "stop...please..."

Raising her chest to his waiting open mouth Dracula ran his teeth over her breasts. Dropping his hold under her knees Dracula pressed Wonder Girl firmly agaist him. Her feet dangled off the ground almost three feet as she was so much smaller than him.

Positioning Wonder Girl again for entry Dracula pulled aside the thin strip of her outfit. Willy gasped as he saw Dracula thrust himself in Wonder Girl again. Sobbing, Wonder Girl did nothing to resist. Holding her head back she inadvetantly exposed her smooth, tanned throat.

Willy saw huge wings form under Dracula's cape. They wrapped menicingly around Wonder Girl- covering her. Then they started to flap. Just before he saw Dracula start to rise he heard him speak sharply to the dogs. Willy never moved so fast in all his life. He managed to make it inside the front door before any of the dogs got a piece of him.

After he shut the door, the only thing on Willy's mind was the fate of that 'pretty white girl...she done fo'...she don't have nothin' to protect herself with...he gonna eat that girl and then go get another one. That's for sure...po' thing...she was too pretty...monster like that gonna have hisself a fine time chewin' on her...yes sir...poor little thing.'


Wonder Girl passed in and out of conciousness as she was flown through the air. She didn't bother to hold on to this monster. If she fell or was dropped by him 'so much the better...I don't want to live after tonight...the things he did to me...how much blood has he sucked out of me? Uuuuggghhh...he's still in side me...while he's flying in the air! Ugh!"

Dracula thrusted hard in Wonder Girl for some time then finished like he had before. To shock her he pulled out of her, making a slurping, wet sound, and released his hold on her. For a second she started to fall and screamed. Dracula quickly caught her by an ankle. Wonder Girl hung up side down by her ankle while Dracula flew through the air with her.

Twisting up to look at him Wonder Girl said "Please...kill me now...there's nothing left of me..."

Lauphing evily Dracula said "I have much planned for you. When you have been drained of your blood I will kill you- not before."

Decending , Dracula landed on a roof top of a very large mansion. Still holding Wonder Girl by her ankle Dracula inspected all the marks on her inner thighs. Pulling her groin up even with his mouth he licked her repeatedly. Blood rushed to Wonder Girl's head. She thought she would pass out. Just before she did Dracula flipped her upright and glared in her face. "I was in my casket too long. I have much pleasure to catch up on before I am sated." Running his claws over her bare shoulders and upper arms he leered at her throat and breast line."You are firm and full of the life-giving blood I require. I am Dracula."

The full realization of her predicament fell on Wonder Girl as she stared in the red, glaring eyes of Dracula. 'Oh no! I'm doomed! He's ripped off my belt and I know he plans on consuming me. Unless someone rescues me he's got me and can do whatever he wants.'

Lauphing lowly, and growling occasionally, Dracula descended to a dungeon far underneath the mansion. Knowing better than to fight him Wonder Girl let him carry her down.

The underground dungeon was large and vast. Arrayed around the room and up against some of the wall were numerous torture devices. Some were obvious in there design. Others gave Wonder Girl a curious effect. 'What does that thing do? How does it fit around you or what is the sharp part doing there?"

While she was thinking this she felt Dracula push her against a large upright table. Leather straps and buckles were at four points. Dracula quickly strapped her arms in the buckles. Leaning down he fastened each ankle to the seperate buckles. Wonder Girl was now spread eagled in a dungeon facing Dracula.

Standing in front of her Dracula looked at her from head to toe. Twisting uncomfortably and feeling her self blush Wonder Girl said "If you kill me right away then you have no more immediate blood supply...what do you plan to do? Stick me with knives? Whip me to death for you sick pleasure? Do whatever you want you sick monster. I hope you choke on my blood!"

Still not moving Dracula continued to stare at her. "Well? Go ahead ! Get at me you sick monster! I can't defend myself. What are you waiting for?"

Moving to with in two feet of Wonder Girl Dracula moved his head all around her body. "Your outfit...it is designed to attact men. More of your flesh is uncovered than is covered. It is red...the color of blood." Cupping a breast he drooled down his chin. "The swell of your breast could have been covered. You chose not to." Moving the same clawed hand down to her groin she winced in pain. "Most of your hips are visible...you try and destract the male of the species...I am male...you have succeeded in attracting me to you. Now I have you."

Moving off to a large vase across the room Dracula picked up the three foot tall vace and started carrying it over to Wonder Girl.

'It'd be no use to try and tell him I dress this way to distract the bad guys so I can catch them napping mentally. Nothing wrong with flirting while I'm protecting the Amercian way...Uh Oh! What's that?'

Dracula had set down in underneath and between Wonder Girl's spread legs a large vase about three feet tall. The top had an elaborate lock on it which Dracula was unsecuring."This is for my entertainment. Do not worry...I will not let them kill you...yet. I made these some centeries ago to punish my victims. They will leave here and attack the people of the town when they are finished with you ."

Dracula's Attack! part 4