Dracula's Attack! 5

Author: Bunzilla
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Dracula's Attack! - Chapter 5

Wondergirl is stalked and attacked by Dracula

Sherrif Brundy had watched as Wonder Woman's jet landed near Wonder Girl's. Climbing out of the cockpit Wonder Woman was as stunning as her sister. Her outfit clung to her body and accentuated all her natural beauty.

Catching a glimps of something moving, Brundy saw a man peek his head our from the adjoining seat and climb down as well. Unremarkable to look at he thought this must be a M.D.

"Morning Sherrif, I'm Wonder Woman". Walking confidently over to the sherrif she stuck out her hand and shook his. Suddenly getting a dy throat Sherrif Brundy couphed as he tried to speak "Pleased to meet you ma'am."

"This is my friend Hank, he'll help me attend to Wonder Girl if I need anything. Can we go over to her now please?"

"Yes ma'am, I was planning on bringing her something to eat anyway...I've got it in my squad car. Take right to her."

Getting in the patrol car all three of them sped toward the mansion. "Have any nasty trouble here Sherrif?" asked Wonder Woman as they sped down the road. "A bit, but Wonder Girl killed most of the dogs that were attacking our citizens . Man she moved fast, killed seven in no time!"

"When was she showing signs of illness Sherrif?"

"After she had killed the first group we were standing next to a wooded area planning our next move when she got really weak and went pale. I took her the mansion we're pulling up to now. Put her to bed and made sure she was safe. After a bit I thought I'd put a call into her headquarters hoping someone would hear it and come on up."

"So glad you did Sheriff, it may be nothing but I love my sister and want her to be safe...as possible."

Walking up to the entrance the three made their way up to the stairs. Hank wispered something in Wonder Woman's ear Brundy could not hear.

"I smell something bad Diana...something's not right." said Hank. "She's in trouble!"

Tensing a bit Wonder Woman nodded as they approached the door. Pushing the door open they saw a macabre scene. The bed was in disarray with blood stains in the niddle of it. Several pieces of furniture were over turned.

Sweat formed on Wonder Woman's brow. "Where is she Sherrif?"

"I don't know!" answered Brundy, looking quite shaken.

"Something attacked her here. I can smell t. Something very old and powerfull." injected Hank.

Walking up behind them Willy spoke to the group. Spinning around all three of them saw an old black gentleman who looked frightened. Studdering and knees wobbling Willy said "That monster got that pretty girl. He done bad things to her. She dead fo' sure. He was eaten her like a panther eats a dear...poor little missy...he was suckin' da blood out of her...then he, he...oh lordy...I don't want to remember that...!"

Falling down Willy was guided by Brundy to a chair. "Willy where is Wonder Girl now?"

"Everything is a blur now, sir..." Rubbing his head in confusion. "Nothing makes any sense now."

Walking over to Willy Wonder Woman said "This won't hurt Willy. My name is Wonder Woman. All I want is to help you remember everything possible." Slipping her golden lasso around him Willy suddenly sat up straight. With no trouble at all he recited in excrusiating detail then events of the previous night. Sherrif Brundy almost retched a few times as Willy described all the attacks Dracula inflicted on her. "We've got to move fast. Dusk just came on. My bet is this sounds like a vampire!" Gasped a frightened Wonder Woman.

Hank started sniffing around the room and then, as if an animal overtook him, he made his way down the stairs and outside. "Got him!" said Hank. Although Sherrif Brundy could not see it Wonder Woman could see the physical changes happening in Hank. Soon he would turn into a werewolf and have all the capabilities of one.

Turning to Sherrif Brundy Wonder Woman said "You will see something strange in a few minute Sherrif...just relax and don't get too close to Hank. Just stay near me and I'll keep you safe."

Not understanding what Wonder Woman meant Brundy mumbled a "Sure...that's fine..."


Wonder Girl hung limply from the round rack Dracula had strapped her to. During the night he had tortured her mercilessly. Her mind played back the entire events:

Dracula unscrewed the top of the large vase directly under her. Moving off to watch Dracula started lauphing lowly. Tilting her head down she looked into the vase and horror filled her mind. Climbing out of the vase were several crab-like creatures. Hairy and menacing they looked like a cross between crabs and tarantulas. Turning to look up at her they emitted a clicking, squeeling sound. Jutting out of their 'mouth?' was a long, sharp needle.

'Oh No! What are those things? What are they going to do to me?' Wonder Girl stiffened and twisted against the bonds. Stretched out as she was she could not protect herself from anything that happened.

"ow! Ouch! Oh No!" Two of the little creatures jumped on to Wonder Girl's ankle and began climbing up her leg. The vase was like a cauldron of swirling evil as the other creatures swarmed and moved to the brim of it. Upon getting to the top, all of them immediately looked straight at Wonder Girl and started clicking their long pointer.

The first two creatures stopped just above her knee and probed her thigh with their pointer. Feeling just like a wasp sting Wonder Girl jerked and yelled. Another creature jumped up and started its treck up her leg. Sniffing her skin past her knee it walked up higher and stopped mid-thigh. Clicking frantically it stuck her directly in the thigh and grabbed her hard with its eight legs. "OOOOOWWWW!" screamed Wonder Girl. 'These things are sucking on me!'

By now another creatures had jumped higher up Wonder Girl and landed at the point where her outfit stopped at her thigh. Moveing slightly it nestled high up on her inner thigh next to her groin. Sniffing and clicking ferosiously it stuck her and began sucking greedily. "Ouch! Stop...your killing me!...please...stop!...Don't- oh...no...ugh...your sucking the life out of me!

Several more little monsters jumped on Wonder Girl. One attached its pointer to an open arm pit. Another climbed around her neck and started feasting, another crawled up to her ear and stuck its long needle in her ear and clicked and screached loudly.

What happened next terrified Wonder Girl. She felt at least two of the creatures pulling at her out fit near her crotch. Lifting it up they began to burrow underneath her red outfit mounted a horrible attack on her tender belly. One moved down lower, and dug its claws in for a full easy feast.

Retching, bucking and twisting Wonder Girl tried to dislodge these disgusting leeches. This only forced the creatures to firm their grip on her and click wildly.

Passing out from the pain and the horror Wonder Girl awoke sometime later to see Dracula pulling them off one by one. Placing them back in the vase they looked fat and lethargic. 'Why are they so much fatter now' Wonder Girl thought aimlessly.

Dracula reached under her outfit and pulled the last two remaining ones.

Leering close to her face he said "Most enjoyable, you entertain me well."

Wonder Girl knew she had no strength left to fight. Dracula could do anything to her and she would have to endure it or die.

Tilting the table flat Dracula leaned over Wonder Girl. She turned her head toward him "What now? You slit me throat?"

"No my delicious treat. You are far too delicious."

Walking a short distance away Dracula pulled a chain, suspended from the cieling over to where Wonder Girl was spread out. Unhooking all the straps from her ankles and wrists he fastened the chain to one ankle and grabbed the other end of the chain and started pulling Wonder Girl up off the table.

Clearing the table she began to swing slightly back and forth across the dungeon. Catching her around her hips Dracula pulled her close to his face.

Arms dangling toward the floor Wonder Girl began to wimper. "There's nothing left of me...please...stop this...your killing me..."

Dracula grabbed her unfettered leg and wrentched it to one side. Pinning her ankle back against her buttocks he buried his mouth on her and sucked greedily. Grabbing her outfit between his sharp teeth he pulled and tore it slightly. Jamming his tounge deep in her pulled her thighs wide. Growling and jerking her, Dracula was wild and uncontrollable. Wonder Girl felt like she was caught by a lion who was feasting greedily.

Dracula sucked and chewed her for hours. Passing in and out of conciousness Wonder Girl hoped this was just a nightmare she was having...'certainly this could not be real!' she thought.

Wonder Girl awoke on the table again. Dracula was no where in sight. 'He must have placed me back on here after he finished with me...at least I'm still alive.'

Instictivly Wonder Girl looked at the vase agaist the far wall. She could hear the creatures making noises in side it. The cap looked secure...'By Hera I hope so...I couldn't last another time with htose beasties.'

Hearing a door close Wonder Girl craned her head toward the sound. "I see my meal has had some rest...now I will begin to torture you horribly!" Dracula lauphed loudly and pulled a long knife fron the wall and moved toward the bound superheroine.