Dracula's Attack! 6  

By Bunzilla

Dracula's Attack! - Chapter 6

Wondergirl is stalked and attacked by Dracula

Hank sniffed and ran in tight circles as Wonder Woman & Brundy looked on. "What's he doing?" asked a shocked Sherrif. "you'll have to see it to beleive it...no sense trying to explaine it." said a relaxed, chagrined Wonder Woman.

Right before Brundy's eyes he saw Hank fall on his knees and writh on the ground. Enlarging and twisting violently he changed into a werewolf.

"Holy Komoly! What is that?" asked Brundy as he backed off a few steps and reached for his gun.

"Keep you pistol in its holster sherrif. He won't hurt you." 'At least I hope not...'

With a howl the werewolf bounded off through the woods. "Can we take your patrol car? I've never been able to out run..er... catch up with him when he's like this." said Wonder Woman.

Looking agast at what had just rumbled through the bushes Brundy offered a shaky "Sure...I guess...".

With in minutes they arrived at the mansion right behind the hulking werewolf. Sniffing up in the air Hank turned and looked at Wonder Woman & the sherrif and garbled out some words..."Down...below...deep."

Crashing through the door Wonder Woman said "Pick up the scent Hank...find her!"

Rampaging through the house Hank found an obscure door and howled loudly.


Dracula had picked up a long, sharp knife as well as a sharp meat hook. Walking over the Wonder Girl he said "perhaps I should feed you to my dogs...they expressed an interest in you." Running the hook along her inner thigh Wonder Girl gasped at the cool feel of metal.

Moving the hook up he ran it along the edge of her breast line, catching the edge of the fabric along her shouler strap Dracula said "Never have I tasted a woman so sweet and delicious as you. Killing you would be rapteous. May you die slowly so that I may drink all the blood that drip from you."

Bursting through the door Dracula looked up and hissed at three figures moveing down the short stairs to the torture chamger.

Beundy saw the hook next to Wonder Girl's throat and instinctively pull his .357. With a one in a million shot he blew the hook out of Dracula's hand as well as most of his hand.

Hank bounded down the stairs and loaped toward Dracula. Jumping over Wonder Girl he grabbed Dracula around the neck. Clearing Wonder Girl, he fell over the table and landed on top of Dracula. Fierce hissing, growling and howls erupted as the two began to fight each other. Wonder Woman scanned the room and saw a disturbingly familiar vase against the wall. 'No! It can't be...the same vase as Zardor ...."No!"

Climbing out of the vase were the fattened creatures she knew too well. Grabbing a tourch from nearby Wonder Woman ran over to them and proceeded to torch all of them. Screaming, clicking and writhing under the fire torture they began to die.

Brundy had moved next to Wonder Girl and released each limb, one by one, from the bonds. "There, there now...I've got you...your safe now."

Hugging his neck Wonder Girl clung to Brundy and made small yelps and frightened sounds. Brundy dissapeared up the stairs with Wonder Girl leaving Wonder Woman and 'my gosh...an actual werewolf!' to finish the business down here.

Behind him he heard the loud sounds of chaos. Hank was roaring and Wonder Woman was obviously angry. Sounded like she was wrecking havoc on Dracula as well.

Walking Wonder Girl over to his patrol car Brundy gently placed her in the back seat. Barely concious Wonder Girl looked up and said "You saved my life? With your shot?"

"Just rest ma'am...your safe now. I'll do whatever it takes to keep you safe."

Getting in the driver seat Brundy drove the can down the driveway. From the back seat her heard. "Where are you taking me?"

"My place...Wonder Girl."

Dracula's Attack! part 6