The Steel Destroyer 03  

By DM Shadow

The Destroyer - Episode III


Both characters are mine (Wonder Woman - mentioned only is the property of DC comics)

Written by Dm_Shadow

Jacen Draimen sat at a large desk and looked at his computer, on which he saw a rare underground warehouse facility for sale. He had been searching for a while for some type of warehouse or old building or something to purchase and convert into a new hideout. As he read the simple description of the facility which was outside of town and 25 feet underground with a small office section above ground, he knew his search was at its end. The place not only was out of the way a few miles but also was protected by lead and armored walls all around the underground part. Not much was said about the underground layout but he knew this was it. Now there was only one problem since he knew this was the right type of place. It would cost him nearly 25 million dollars and after upgrading his facial mask and parts of his armor that could be changed, as well as buying a few other things to further his new villainous adventures, he didn't have nearly that much money. And he couldn't just go to a bank and ask for 10 to 15 million dollars. He'd have to get it all before making an offer.

Not knowing where else he could turn, he decided to check out some of his contacts in the black market to see if they might have any leads. As he searched he came across a couple of bounties out on small time heroines that were causing a little too much trouble. Those things came and went like the wind but it did make him think about his video of Wonder Woman. He had watched some of the footage and it was alright. He could probably get a pretty penny for that. But after he sold it, he wouldn't have anything to hold over Wonder Woman's head. Not that it would stop her from trying to stop him in the future but it was still nice to have. And plus it was all on different angled recordings and he wasn't any good at editing videos. He'd just have to keep looking. He saw another bounty as he scrolled through the offers on the extremely secure website that posted many things it shouldn't including bounty offers when a name caught his eye; Red Dawn.

"Red Dawn, Red Dawn," he said the name aloud to himself trying to shake his memory. He couldn't come up with anything off the top of his head but that was a name he knew he had heard. A search of the name revealed a stunning photo of a tanned auburn haired beauty wearing a single red and white leotard with a modest V-neck showing just a hint of cleavage. Down south she wore white tights that disappeared into red and white boots. All in all complete with bracelets around her wrists, she was very striking if not gorgeous. Then he remembered where he knew her from. She had busted up a robbery that he had been moving in on for months back when he was just a simple thief. That job could have set him up as a big timer but after Red Dawn was through with him, he was lucky to have gotten away without jail time.

He had worn regular clothes as he hadn't inherited his armored suit yet at that time and he was very green. If he remembered correctly, she was very powerful, and his natural strength though significantly above normal wasn't a match for her that night. Finally he had gotten away when she was distracted by the screaming sirens of the police department.

Bringing his attention back to the bounty, he saw that it had been placed on her by someone calling themselves AntiDawn for the sum of 5 million dead and 20 million alive. Man oh man, what a huge bounty! His search had turned up information that she had been making huge impacts in the area she protected and had broadened her area of effectiveness. She was moving up quickly in the ranks of heroes that villains looked out for. But still she must have done something really bad to piss that guy or girl off. He could certainly use that kind of money. Further reading revealed that no one had been able to best her at all in the few years she had been fighting and also had revealed suggestions that five attempts had been made to put down the heroine and claim the bounty and all five had failed. She had that huge sum on her head and still was standing undefeated, Draimen had to admire that and take it in as proof that he would have his work cut out for him if he was to claim such a bounty. And live ones were more difficult each time of course, but he wasn't one to kill anyway. Capture was much more his style he had learned. His decision made to go after Red Dawn; he got to work on trying to figure out where she might be. He rose to get a fill a cup; this could take a while since as of now no one knows where she is or could be.

It was amazing what you could find out if you wanted to bad enough, thought the Destroyer, now fully in armor and form, and there she was. Red Dawn was stalking into a small complex of office buildings with a courtyard in the middle. It was 2:00 a.m. so no one was about except for Red Dawn, whoever she was stalking after and him. He watched her until she was out of site and continued stealthily moving after her. Getting into a quiet dark spot he sat and watched. Who knew? Maybe this loser would do some work for him. Shortly after the bum was dumb enough to come straight after her, Red Dawn had lifted the guy and thrown him across the yard. She didn't give him any chance to recover as she ran over and started punishing him with punch after punch until he was out cold. So much for the help, he thought as he waited for her to get near to his position.

Carrying the defeated criminal over one shoulder, Red Dawn had barely broken a sweat as she stalked proudly out of the court yard undoubtedly to turn the fool in. He knew that wasn't going to happen though, not if his timing was right. She stalked past him not even thinking to wonder if anyone else was around and he made his move. Quickly jumping out from behind his cover, he simultaneously grabbed the criminal from Red Dawn's shoulder and shoved from behind.

"Ugh!" cried the surprised heroine as she stumbled forward but didn't fall.

He had dropped the guy and was slapping his face to wake him when she spun around and said, "Who are you? What do you think you're doing?!" The guy woke up and Destroyer pulled him up and shoved him towards what should be an escape if he was smart enough to run. Red Dawn started to cut off the man but he beat her to the path and cut her off. She stopped and fumed.

"Out of my way creep before I take you in instead!" she said with hands on hips.

When he didn't move immediately, she decided that she would force him to move and assuming that he was just a normal creep getting his nose into something it didn't need to be in, just tried to shove him to the side and speed past. He went with her shove but reached and grabbed her arm and twisted it. The surprising force and move put her on her face. He was ready for some fun so he let go and enjoyed the look of shock on Red Dawn's face.

She stood up and brushed herself off as she looked and asked again, "What the..?"

"Oh right, you were asking who I am, weren't you?" please excuse my rudeness Red Dawn, "I have come to collect the bounty that's on your head whore! So are you going to come quietly?"

"I will not come quietly you fiend! And you will not collect any bounty!" she declared with her brown eyes gleaming.

Smiling to himself and getting into a fighting stance he said, "Good, I like the ones that come noisily more anyway! Hahaha!"

"You JERK!" She yelled as she swung over his ducking head, "How dare you speak to me that way! You'll be sorry you ever thought about that bounty, just like the other five before you."

As she spoke she landed various blows and knees and kicks. She was tougher than he thought. But then again he had just taken punches from Supergirl and Wonder Woman so at the moment Red Dawn's were leaving a little to be desired. Still he let her go dodging the crucial attempts and taking the not so important ones. She almost landed a knee to his groin that would have been a bad shot for sure so he decided it was time. The next punch she landed was to his chest but he grabbed that arm and jerked the surprised heroine forward quickly slamming his head into hers.

"Ooh!" she cried.

His new mask was black of course but had reinforced armor all around and a blacked out cover over his eyes. His head was much better protected than it had been before and also more of a weapon. Red Dawn slumped slightly with a second head butt then he grabbed her around the waste spun and threw her against the nearby brick wall.

"Whaaa… Ung!"

She hit the wall a few feet off of the ground and barely caught her weight with her legs in a sitting position almost as if she was in a chair. Slowly he stalked over to the dazed red and white clad heroine as she used her hands to push herself off of the wall as she saw him coming. She was a fighter for certain as she came out fighting and clawing trying to fight him off, but his head butts had done enough damage to slow her to a point where his highly trained fighting skills were totally in control.

He dodged a punch and kneed her in the ribs then repeated from the other side. She threw a respectable spinning kick at him that took him completely by surprise however and landed him on his ass. Surprised that she had more left than he thought, he popped up quickly and was ready again as she came forward. Her hair was wet slightly and matted to her head in spots. She had worked up more than a good sweat already with him. Seeing her still slightly dazed look of desperation, he taunted her a bit by saying, "It's over my dear. It's all over."

She snarled, "Not yet it's not and went wild throwing punches that all landed. He was getting pushed backwards towards the fountain in the center of the yard when she landed a hard punch to his face. He used that momentum and spun around to behind her where he grabbed her in a full nelson.

"Ack!! Let me go!" she screamed as she tried to break free. She was actually making some progress so he lifted a knee into her side repeatedly until she weakened a good bit more and her struggles lessened.

"Uh huh, I told you Red Dawn," he said as he slung her around pressing ever hard on her neck, "It's all over!"

"Nuh… can't be…" she said as she started to go limp in his arms. He let her go and she fell to the ground on her back with legs curled to the side awkwardly.

He bent straddled her stomach and grabbed one handful of hair pulling the strong heroine's head upwards, "Want to know who I am? I am your," he started as he pulled back his right fist, "Destroyer!"

"Unnnn…" came the cries weakly as she was knocked unconscious.


"Uhh…" a soft moan escaped the mouth of Red Dawn as she finally came to.

"Welcome back Red Dawn," the Destroyer said as he looked at his beautiful captive with her wrists tied together then tied to a beam overhead. He had her tied at a height where she had enough slack to walk a foot or two in any direction or if unconscious she would hang to where her knees were a few inches off of the floor. He kept her little costume on her and even left her mouth free to speak.

"Wh… where am I?" Red Dawn asked wearily.

He circled her taking in each side of his captive, "You are being held captive at my little hideout. This won't be my hideout much longer of course since I'll be upgrading substantially after I collect the bounty on your sexy ass."

Now fully alert he saw, Red Dawn still had plenty of fight left in her, "You'll have to kill me to collect," she said through clinched teeth, "Then the bounty will be much less." As she finished she started working at her bonds trying to work her arms free.

"Oh no my dear Red, I assure you that when the time comes you will go over to them willingly without a fight, that much I will make sure of." He noticed she was having some success with her bonds which since he wanted her to get free was a good thing actually.

"Agggghhh!!!" she in triumph as her wrists came free of the cable that had bound them. "Now lets see how tough you are Destroyer. Can you defeat me face to face when I know you're coming?" As she said this she stood mere feet from the Destroyer waiting for his move he guessed.

"Well now it seems to me that I have proven once I can beat you face to face, but just in case you think it was a fluke go on and make your move." He stood perfectly still and at the ready as she rocked from foot to foot deciding whether or not to strike.

"Haaaa!" yelled Red Dawn as she struck with a big quick right hand to the helmet and followed it with another then a left right combo. She was forcing him backwards step by step. He was pleased at her aggression though unfortunately for her, her punches and kicks weren't doing that much damage. His helmet was protecting his face and head and he was just getting stronger as she attacked. Finally he decided it was time and waited for an opening. She threw a big right that he ducked and came up with an uppercut that made Red Dawn stumble back two steps. She was determined though as she set her feet and threw a quick side kick. Again he ducked but this time drove forward and upward taking her leg up towards her torso and grabbing her around the back as he did so forcing her foot awkwardly up by her head. The grimace on her face said it all as he powered on up and lifted her off the ground slightly. Holding her in this position he released three rapid knees that landed viciously between her sexy legs drawing moans of pain each time.

"Oooff! Oof! Awwf!" came the sound of air rushing from her as he brought the knees higher into her abdomen. Her arms were at her sides and her eyes were closed as her head dropped a bit from the beating. Sensing the end was near, he lifted her higher into the air squeezing harder his hold around her torso still trapping her right leg. Pressing her to him as tightly as he could he leaned back and with all of the momentum he could muster slammed her strong body into the ground with the force of his landing on top of her.

"Oww… huuu… uh…" she struggled as her breath left her and she lay still under him.

Holding her right leg to his chest as he kneeled above her beaten form with, her head turning side to side as she struggled to regain her breath, he said, "I think I'll just keep this leg up here for the next part. Oh and by the way," he paused as he grabbed the thin fabric that covered her mound, "As far as who wins in a face to face battle," he ripped the leotard and the panties underneath to reveal her neatly shaven mound then released his ever growing member from his armor and lowered himself into position to enter her as he whispered in her right ear, "I guess we know now who won that one now don't we?"

"UGhhh!! No!! S..stop!" she cried as he entered her pussy fully.

"You know you want it! I could feel the moistness between your legs already before I started! You're a whore! Admit it!"

"Ugh...Ugh… ugh… st… shi…um…" Red Dawn bit her lip as her body started responding even as she denied it. "Ple… please stop…. Ugh ugh…un…"

"No way slut! Not now… your hips are grinding heavier than ever now! Not only am I not stopping," he ripped her leotard open completely exposing her perfectly round tits, "I'm taking it up a notch slut!" And he started licking her nipples and biting them lightly.

"Ooohh!!!" Red Dawn flung her arms out to her side and flung her head around as the pleasure started to take over, "Uhh…. Oh… no…oh…ung ugh… oh fuck!"

"That's it Red slut! Just let go. You know you want it. You know it feels good!"

"Ugnooo…no no noaaaah… oh unvh.."

The Destroyer settled back and changed his position grabbing both thighs and letting her knees bend over his arms. He pulled her closer and started pumping harder and faster. Red Dawn grabbed her auburn hair in both hands, "UGGGGGHH…. Uhuhuhuhuh…. Ye….yennoon..uhuhugh....rggggg!!!" she finished in a growl and grabbed his armor in both hands pulling herself up with a snarl. He knew she couldn't do much damage so he just held her and increased the pace choosing instead to taunt her further as she drew her fist back showing her teeth as she did so.

"Raagghhh!!! FUCK!!"

"You can't do it Red Dawn and you know you can't. You are destroyed now, you're MINE! You're NOT a hero! You're my SLUT! Admit it!! It feels good! Admit that you're my slut!!"

Red Dawn's fist started shaking, "Ugggghh!!RAGGHHH!!!!! I'll… I won't Ugh ajh…" but slowly the fist faltered and started lowering, "Ugh… uh…. Oh goddd.. ugh…"

Destroyer took the chance and shoved her back down to the ground and pressed himself against her as his pace increased and he taunted her in her ear. "You can't win Red Dawn. It's over I win you lose. You're my slut! Admit it."

"Uh.. OHG.. uh!"

Tired of her denial he grabbed her head roughly and pounded his thick cock into her harder and faster than ever as he spoke to her eye to eye. "Ah… Admit it! Slut!"

"N…. No…. UGHHHGH... ye…. Ye… uhuhuhugh…. Oh…ugh YES! Oh!" Screamed Red Dawn as an orgasm ripped through and destroyed what little will power was left.

"Are you my slut?" he tauted as he paused….

"Oh…please d…" she paused slightly as if she was ashamed, "don't stop… unh…"

"Whats that slut?"

"Don't STOP!!!... oh I'm your slut! You win!" At that he started the pace up again and finished her off.

"AUGHHH! OH OH YES!! FUCK!! FUCK ME!! OH OH OH UGH UGH!!! RGGGgggg!!! OH fuck me!! Yes!!!"

"Whose bitch are you?"

"Oh… fuck yours!! Oh oh oh ugh!!"

He continued slamming his cock into her as orgasm after orgasm ripped through her. Finally he finished and came all over her chest and face. As he liked to do then he grabbed her head and ordered her to lick him clean. Will power long gone, she did as ordered. Then just laid down as he gloated.

He covered himself once more and finished removing all of her leotard costume. He tied the tatters of her costume around her neck and used it as a leash as he took her to his car and then drove her to the spot where he had previously agreed to meet the people who would claim their prize and fork over his money.

A short time later he watched a man in all black lead away Red Dawn by the leash he had turned her ripped and torn costume into. He checked and counted his money and then satisfied, headed back to his lair. His old lair that was; for in the morning he would make the call and buy out the underground complex that would be his new home. He had plenty of money now and a new hideout that was secure and safe. He was getting stronger and with the addition of his new helmet he felt nearly invincible. Only time would tell what his next adventure would be, but for now Jacen Draimen was no more. He was now all and completely the Destroyer.

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