The Steel Destroyer

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Supergirl is the property of DC Comics the villain is the property of me…

Well, this should prove easy enough, Supergirl thought as she looked down at the scene of an attempted robbery. There seemed to be only one perpetrator acting alone. She’d seen too many traps to count on it but considering the minutes she’d taken to watch and make sure, it appeared he was acting alone. She made her way around the boxes and crates behind the old building she’d used as cover and watched as a man in what appeared to be a black suit or armor of some sort, carefully walked into the rear of ‘Old Time Jewels’ the city’s oldest jewelry store. Some wondered why it was never hit, being in a some what bad area of town. It’s time appeared to have come, she thought as she stalked her way up onto the back door and eased her way inside. There was no sign of the thief immediately but she knew he was here.

Gotcha! She thought as she heard a rustling of feet from the back stock room area.

He thought he was all alone, she thought as a grin came to her beautiful world famous face.

“I think you’ll be coming with me!” Supergirl said sort of playfully.

“Son of a bitch.” She heard him say lightly behind his mask. Funny she’d thought he would make some sort of brazen claim of her doom or something like many of his kind did. All he was doing though was looking all around; his eyes stopping on her everytime his glance passed her.

“There is no way out. Just put that little back down and…”


“Ahhhagh…” Supergirl cried in shock as her world turned white with some powdery substance. She was temporarily blinded by the substance but still heard the man start to move. He was trying to get past her, she realized.

Okay, fine, she thought. We can play that game. And she reached out to where her super senses told her he was and found an arm. She spun and flung him towards the back wall. She was glad to see her vision was clearing quickly and she was glad to see his form slam into the shelves back there and come to rest on the floor.

That should do it.

She wiped her eyes one time with her hand and then heard…


It took a second for Supergirl to notice that she was on her knees.

Before she could bring herself to think of what had happened, two fists hammered down hard on the top of her head…

“Unnn… Ohhhmmffffff..”

Supergirl opened her eyes and realized she was lying crumpled on the floor. She heard foot steps behind her and with her upper body raised up on her elbows, turned her head to look. The man in the black armor was standing in the main area of the store some twelve feet from her once again holding the bag of what she guessed was the loot he’d come for. He turned briefly to look in her direction and then seemed to fade into the shadows of the darkened store.

She was shocked! What had just happened!?

She had been wiping her eyes to get rid of the rest of the powder when she’d heard something move. Figuring it to be her thief, she had lowered her hand. He must have punched her across the face then. That wasn’t too strange for the Girl of Steel but being knocked to her knees certainly was. That thief was apparently much more than he appeared to be. As she sat back up onto her knees and wiped the dust off of her skirt, she went over the rest of what had happened.

She hadn’t had more than a few seconds to notice she had been knocked to her knees when he had double fisted her on top of her head. Then that was shortly followed by a left right combo that was all she remembered until she came too.

Supergirl was out the back of the store now and had seen no sign of the man who had left her on her face for a second or two. Of course she hadn’t been out for long, no more than a few moments. But that wasn’t something that happened. She didn’t usually feel pain. She usually wasn’t bested by someone with what seemed like ease.

She had severely underestimated her opponent, no doubt about that. Next time would be different. And there would be a next time, she promised herself.

She usually didn’t get this pissed off either.


Jacen Draimen sat in what had become his hideout and looked into the black bag that held the biggest jewelry heist he had ever pulled off. He never even suspected the small old store would have expensive things but his granddad, Pollus Draimen had tipped him off to that stash just before he died some months ago.

Supergirl was there!? Shit! That was unplanned.

He had beaten her… THAT was even more unplanned.

He reminded himself that he had used trickery and dust to distract her. But still he felt good about the way he punched her. Apparently his suit was supplying him with the doubled strength it was supposed to. That was another gift of his late grandfather, who had given him the suit of armor while telling him that he had some measure of what he called super strength. Jacen had long been into thievery and breaking the law along with getting in fights and such. He hadn’t really thought of his ability to win fights in one or two punches as much of a big deal. But now he realized that it was true.

He did have more strength and power behind his punches than most did.

Plus with the suit of black armor that enhances the power he has, he was able to surprise Supergirl with a defeat. Wow! He was by no means a newbie criminal, but this had been one great day. He thought back to her dazed expression after that first punch. She’d been on her knees with unfocused eyes staring blankly ahead. From his angle above her he had a great view of her cleavage as she swayed for those few seconds. She was sure one sexy woman.

But no, business was business, he reminded himself. That was the way he learned. Sure he’d been able to best Supergirl on this night. With powerful punches, the element of surprise and some luck, he’d done it. More importantly, he’d gotten away and Supergirl had no idea who he was. With any luck, he thought, he’d never need that kind of luck again.


Having pin-pointed a location where she thought a good thief might hit, Supergirl was hoping this was it. She had been stalking thieves for two weeks now hoping to come across the man who had put her on her face a short time ago. She’d had no luck so far catching that guy, but the thieves she had caught had all gotten a little more than their fair share of a beating from the Girl of Steel.

Standing in an area hidden by boxes and crates Supergirl waited for another sight of the bandit who she knew was in this old warehouse. She didn’t know what anyone would want to steel from here. Her super hearing and a quick flyover had led her here to where a something fishy was going on.

Just then something caught her eye.

There was a dark figure walking from one part of the warehouse to another. Stepping out slowly to get a closer look, she saw that it was him. It had to be. Waiting for him to enter fully into the building, she quickly sped up to where she could see for sure where he was.

Seeing a great opportunity, she flew straight at his back with her fists outstretched.

“Aaaaaaaaaa….. ugh..!!” the villain screamed as he flew across the warehouse. He came to rest in an open area of the big building. He was moving around some… but not quick enough, she thought. Then she was on him and punched him square in the mask.

To her surprise the big man wasn’t knocked out. This was definitely the right guy then, she thought. Anyone else would be more than woozy after that punch. She lifted him again and before he could react, couldn’t resist smashing her foot in between his legs. He crumpled in her strong grasp. Good thing for him he had such strong armor on or his chance at kids would have ended right there. Feeling confident and having things well in hand now, Supergirl picked the man up and flung him into a back corner. It was dark over there but she heard his body hit the steel door hard.

It was about time to end this for good and take the guy in, she thought, and started walking over to him slowly and confidently.

“Not so strong now are you, big guy?” Supergirl was a little surprised she felt such hate towards this man. It really got to her that he beat her so handily before.

That’s not a problem now though… she thought.

“Agngkkk… uhmf….aghh..” Supergirl screamed with pain… As soon as she had gotten over the darker area, something had hit her hard in the back and driven her into the wall.

The force was so great that she barely had time to turn around before another shot hit her across the face with crunching force…

“OHmfff!!” and then another…. “AAAwwww…”


Draimen couldn’t slow down now, he knew she was too strong.

So he took the old steel bar he had grabbed form the floor and swung it again at her head.

But she ducked that time… and swung at him, connecting with a much weaker punch than the others she had landed earlier. He spun with the blow and brought the bar back around with blistering speed.

“Uunghh!!” The sexy girl cried as the bar crunched across the side of her head. His strength did surprise him still, he thought as he watched the sexy blonde start to sway. Quickly he dropped the bar and grabbed Supergirl’s head in both hands and brought it smashing down on the hardened knee of his armor.


She struggled in his grasp so he repeated the blow and then again…

“ohhhmgfhhow…” the girl said weakly as she was limp in his grasp. He let her fall to her knees and then brought his knee foot up in a blisteringly quick front kick that knocked the Girl of Steel out cold.

This time she was out good. She had to be.

Still he had to act quickly… and get away because his balls were freaking killing him! This bitch would need a message that she need not mess with him again. Draimen had an idea…

He took out some strong rope from his pack and turned Supergirl over. He wrapped the line several times around one wrist and then wrapped it tightly to the other wrist. With her hands tied behind her back, the girl was still out cold.

Moving quickly he turned her back over and tied her feet together in the same manor. Damn it he didn’t have much rope or he could really tie her up good… probably no time anyway, he thought and reached for an old crane hook that was nearby. He used his strength to pull it to a certain height. That’ll have to do… He grabbed the girl of steel by her hair and dragged her over to where the hook was. Using the rest of the rope he had, he tied her wrist to the hook and then lifted Supergirl up to where her hands were at the right height and tightened the rope. Stepping back, he admired what was a magnificent sight.

Supergirl was bent at the waste slightly by her hands being tied behind her and lifted to the old hook. Her blonde hair was falling in front of her with some of it matted to her face. That still wasn’t enough of a statement though, he thought and reached for her skirt.


He paused for a second at that but at second glance she was still out for a little bit longer. He jerked her skirt down and admired her blue panties for a second. Then he ripped them off.

She kept pretty clean shaven, he thought… Damn if his balls weren’t so hurt by the bitch, he could have fun now!! She’d probably wake and beat his ass though… he’d better finish, he thought and stuffed her blue panties into her mouth. For effect, he pulled her skirt back up to cover her sexy ass.

Maybe that would let the bitch know not to mess with him again. But if she came back again, he’d be the one ready for her, he thought with a grin. He had her number. Feeling stronger and more confident than ever before, except for his balls; he strutted out of the warehouse.


“Wha… ” Supergirl tried to say but something was in her mouth she realized.


Then she saw what she had spit out. It was her blue panties!

“What happened?” she asked herself. Being past tired of the restraints, she took care of them with one powerful jerk of her fists.

YANK!! BLam!!!

The force pulled down the entire mechanism that was holding her up. She remembered now that she had stalked over to a darkened corner after the bastard and he got behind her then somehow. The fool must be able to disappear or something, she thought! That was crazy though. Maybe he was just good at hiding in shadows. Either way she felt her jaw and remembered now that he had grabbed a steel pipe and had beaten her silly with it. The last thing she remembered was a big boot coming for her face that she was too stunned to block.

Feeling more anger and embarrassment than she could remember feeling, Supergirl knelt down and grabbed her panties. Having put them back on, she walked slowly out of the old warehouse with a look that could have pierced steel without using heat vision.

“Okay bastard,” she said aloud to herself, “If you want to play like that, that’s how we’ll play!” And she started the process of planning how she would destroy this fool when she got her hands on him again. There wouldn’t be any let-up next time. Both times she’d had him and then relaxed, only to get the hell knocked out of her. Next time, she would get him down and keep him down. Knowing she needed to find where he was hiding out, she thought about it and slept on it; then went out searching for him the next night.

She was unsuccessful. She was for two weeks, unsuccessful. Surely he hadn’t left town yet. He apparently had just started his spree of crime. At least she hadn’t heard of or seen him before. Having narrowed the older warehouse type areas of town down to a small number, she knew she’d find him soon.

And this time, she would be ready!


Draimen was nervous. He couldn’t believe he was actually doing what he was doing, or that he was nervous about it. Either way, he knew Supergirl was going to come looking for him and that she would find him eventually. He also knew that she would be very serious this time, doubting she had been left humiliated like he’d left her the last time.

There was something that he knew that she didn’t know though. This time, he would be ready too. And after she had taken it to the next level with the nut shot, and he had with the humiliation, there was only one place to go now; it was time to end it. Having prepared as best he could to defeat the Girl of Steel, he could now only wait.


CRASH!!!!! BLAM!!!

The sounds came as one entire part of the back wall was blown away.

“Shit! Here we go Draimen,” Jacen Draimen said to himself. He knew that sound meant that Supergirl had found him, and that she was still pissed off. That’s fine beautiful, he thought, I’m ready for you anyway. The thought ‘I hope’ swam around in the back of his mind as he saw her standing in the wreckage of the wall some 50 feet away.

Whoosh! And she was speeding towards him. Not having more than a second to react, Draimen just lifted a knee up and braced for impact.

“Agkkk! Hagh!!” Draimen spat dust and debris out as he came to. He didn’t know how long he was out but it must not have been long. He knew that because Supergirl was up and walking towards him.

Up. And walking. He had connected with something, he thought, or the carnage that he had left as he crashed through an office wall hit her.

He noticed she was rubbing her chest some and figured that his knee must have hit her there. No matter though. Even though it had slowed her down, she was on him…

“Ugh!!” now… “Agh” “Ugh!”

Supergirl wasn’t letting up! He could barely think straight as she stood over him and rained down blow after blow. The pain was growing and he finally remembered that he was almost as strong as she was with the armor he wore and thought maybe he should at least try to fight back.

Moving to the side of one of the vicious punches, he jumped up and was facing her when another blow caught his jaw.

Shit!! Damn she hit hard! He went with the blow and spun to deliver a kick to her mid-section. It landed and delivered some separation.

“Come on you bastard,” the blonde beauty said with a snarl, “Let’s fight it out. If you’re so strong and want to make it a fight, lets do it!”

“I have no problem leaving your sexy ass lying on the floor again bitch! You’ll learn soon not to mess with me, the easy way or the hard way.”

They were circling each other now… measuring each other. It was all Draimen could do not to be distracted by her looks and that sexy outfit.

“So I’ll know when I take you in, you creep, what is it you call yourself?” Supergirl asked.

“You can call me The Steel Destroyer,” he said making it up as he went, “Because I am about to fucking destroy you!” And with that he punched at her right jaw. That one landed but the favor was returned to his left jaw. They repeated that way and it was a draw of sorts with Draimen knowing he was taking the worst. She was feeling it though. They continued trading licks, some landed and some missed.

Draimen faked another blow and brought his foot straight up to Supergirl’s chin.

Wam! YES! It connected he thought, but was delivered to his ass by sweeping leg that surprised him. He had just a second to notice Supergirl coming down at his face with a punch straight on.

Crack! Was the sound of the concrete floor cracking as she barely missed her target thanks to his dodging. Acting quickly he brought his lower body up and rolled her over his head. He came up with her facing him. She didn’t see the bar in his hand. It had worked well last time to have added strength to the blow, maybe it would by him the time he needed this time.

She lunged with a hook which he ducked and came up under her with the bar and crunched her chin with it. She fell back stunned a bit.

That would have to do he thought as he ran to the back office to implement the last part of his plan. It was time to end this. He couldn’t fight toe to toe with Supergirl for long. And she wasn’t letting up this time. Before he went into the office, Draimen looked back to see Supergirl walking quickly towards him. Damn even that shot didn’t keep her down for long. He reached into a bag inside the office and grabbed three of his secret weapon. He put two in pockets and held on to number three. Now he was ready to…

“Shit!!... UMf!!” He had gotten too worried about grabbing the damn things and had forgotten how quickly she could come up on him. He couldn’t wait anymore, he knew. Pulling the pin on what looked like a large grenade, he tossed it in Supergirl’s direction. She grabbed it and looked strangely at it for a split second and then tossed it behind her quickly. With her superstrength, it went quickly away but it blew only a few feet behind her.

“Wha…” Supergirl looked around to see green splattered all over the wall and door frame behind her. He knew she’d know it was Synthetic Kryptonite, or at least it was supposed to be if the black market thugs were to be believed. It wasn’t weakening her too much though probably because it wasn’t all over her like he’d planned. Still she was wearing a shocked expression when she turned around.

He moved quickly. Jumping up and running to her. She was already a bit slower just being around the stuff. He ducked her punches of desperation and landed some of his own. Stunning her with his still 100% strength, he grabbed her and threw her against the wall… and through the wall. She lay on her back moving slightly outside the room. These little synthetic Kryptonite grenades might be worth the money after all, he thought.

Quickly walking over to where she was lying in wall debris, Draimen turned her over and punched her full in the face.

“Unhhh…” She was stunned by the punch even more considering her slightly weakened state. But it wasn’t enough, he worried. Reaching in his pocket to grab one and then the other two grenades, he grabbed the neck of Supergirl’s costume and lifted her into a sitting position. He took the pin out of both two remaining grenades and dropped them into her costume between her breasts.

“Nnn… unh…” Supergirl started to say but was stopped by a hard slap to her face.

“I guess you’ll have to learn the hard way then.” He dropped her to the ground again and took a step back.


There was a bit of smoke with the blast but it was mostly green goop. As the smoke cleared, he saw the damage. Supergirl was motionless. The blow had destroyed the fabric of her top so her breasts were exposed to him and covered in the green goop. The top did keep most of the stuff around her upper body and onto her face and into her hair. Admiring the sight, he walked up straddled Supergirl’s still frame. He lifted her body slightly and removed the rest of the tattered top of her costume. Having done so, he had to feel her, so he took off his gloves and his mask.

“unnn…” she was starting to moan as she came around which served to excite Draimen even more.

He took her breasts in hand and rubbed the goop all over them. As he did so, she continued to moan. The two grenades had certainly done the trick. This fight was over. Standing up again, he looked down on her skirt and reached down to rip it off. Next he knelt down to her again roughly grabbed a fist full of her green goop covered blonde hair.


“I told you not to mess with me bitch,” he said as he jerked her head closer to him, “But I’ll teach you. I’ll teach you the hard way for sure. This night for us, is just getting started.”

“NO….. nooo…d’nt…uh…”

He continued rubbing in the green goop, making sure it was all over her chest and her stomach. Next he went lower, guiding his hand down into her panties and rubbing her pussy with the goop.

“Uh…. Stop… No!” With that Supergirl had had enough and grabbed his hand.

He would have none of that though. His strength was still 100% unlike hers. He jerked his hand away and grabbed her throat.


Lifting her by her throat, he turned and shoved her up against a nearby wall with a thud. Her breasts bounced nicely as her sexy nearly naked body hit the wall and went limp again.

“Uh…no… please…”

“Oh back to begging huh? Well sweetie, you don’t have to beg for more, I want to give it.”


With that he ripped her panties off and inserted his fingers into her pussy. He worked his fingers around inside of Supergirl’s pussy like a master, rubbing the green goop inside of her as well the whole time.

“Un…n no… ple… oooh….ooh… no please…”

Draimen wasn’t listening to the pleads of his captive Supergirl. He was enjoying her body’s reaction too much for that. In spite of her pleads for him to stop, her hips were grinding to the rhythm of his hand. Finally he let go of her neck and she dropped to the concrete floor with her back resting against the wall. With one hand still working on her pussy, he used the other to pinch her nipples hard… and then play with them… and then pinch them hard again.

“Oh….oh… no st… ca…can’t..”

He could feel her getting into it more and more and increased the rhythm with both hands.

“Oh…Oh y… No… stop.. bast..”

Draimen decided to take it up another notch and picked up the girls legs and put his head in-between them; and got his face as deep into her pussy as he could. That got her attention.

“OOOHHHH… oh… NO STOP…. Ooooooooooh… unnnnh”

Supergirl was now on her back with her head propped up on the wall and her legs stretched over Draimen’s shoulders. She was wiggling all over the place and he knew he was doing just fine… It struck him how awesome it was that the only part of her costume that was left, her boots, were drapped down his back and kicking slightly with her wriggles.

“Oh… OooooOOHH YES!! Unnn… oh…yeah…” Supergirl was cuming and he was tasting it. Draimen couldn’t believe it but his strength, mind and his money had served him well beyond his wildest dreams.

“Ohhh… oh … please no more… please… so weak…”

“Oh no babe,” he said ominously as he turned her over onto her stomach, “Can’t stop now, you might be too disappointed that I didn’t,” he positioned his cock right at her pussy lips while she was on her knees, “FUCK you!” he said as he rammed his cock inside of her.

“Ooooooooohh... god, feels so….please…”

He grabbed a tangled handful of her blonde hair, matted together with sweat and kryptonite, and pulled her body back as he went on fucking her.

“How’s it feel to get completely destroyed by a ‘no one’ by a simple man Supergirl?”

“Uh… oh… oh yes….please..”

“I am a no one no longer super Bitch! Fucking hear me.” He grabbed her face in both hands as he rammed his cock into her all the way. Now he was getting really worked up.

“I am your destroyer! You are my Bitch! I made you my bitch!”


“Yes… say yes Supercunt!”

“Y…no…un….oooh oh uh…ff..f”

Before long she was lost to her own desires and he was about to blow.

“Oh! YES!! OH YES!!! Fu… YES!!! OHOHOHOH!!!!GUNnnnggggg…oh…”

“AHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” Draimen yelled into the empty warehouse as he finally blew his load and came. He wasn’t done though. He shoved Supergirl down and turned her to her back again. She was slumped again against the wall. He quickly walked up and shoved his cock into her mouth.


“Suck it dry Whore! DO IT!!”

“mmm…mmm…mmm…gkg..gkl…” Supergirl’s sounds came as she had his cock rammed down her throat. When it was time again, he pulled out and came all over her face and chest.

She sat slumped against the wall still. Still with some green goop on her and now that was mixed with his own cum. He again grabbed her hair and face, turning her to look at him.

“Listen bitch! Call me Destroyer! I destroyed you Supergirl! I owned you one time. I left you hanging with your panties shoved in your mouth the second time. This time I fucked the shit out of you and made you my bitch! I’m not going anywhere. I’ll do what I please in this town because the strongest heroine of them all, I made my bitch! If you ever fuck with me again, I’ll finish you off bitch!”

With that he left her to slum against the wall. The Girl of Steel crumpled against the wall with only her boots on and with green goop and cum all over her face and chest.

This marked the first of the Steel Destroyer’s real life, Draimen thought to himself. If he could do this to Supergirl, he could do anything!




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