The Steel Destroyer 05  

By DM Shadow

The Destroyer - Episode V

Wonderful Torture

By DM_Shadow

Wonder Woman is the property of DC comics.

The villain is mine.

"ohhhh…..chch…..oh….oooooooooohohohoo," came the weak moans of The Destroyer's captive as she tensed her strong arms and pulled up as hard as she could. The restraining bar held her on the saddle with the dildo attachment. All her efforts to remove herself did was to actually increase her torture.

Finally he turned a switch to stop the gyrating of the phallus inside of her.

"Unh…" As the dildo withdrew to a more comfortable size, she allowed herself to collapse onto the saddle type seat. She sat there limp with her wrists locked in the cuffs that hung from the top bar and her legs securely held in front of her and spread-eagle. Her hair and body were drenched with sweat from the excursion of the hours of torture. Her tight toned muscles glistened in the light of the room. Suddenly she rocked her body back, flung her head back, slung hair back over her shoulder, revealing her beautiful face in the process.

"So you are the champion of all women huh?" The Destroyer taunted his captive, "You don't look so tough to me Wonder Woman." He got down to where he was face to face with her. Wonder Woman glared back as if her stare alone could bring down a man who had now defeated her multiple times. It was good to see that her spirit and will power were back in the fight. He liked a good battle of wills almost as much as a good fist fight.

"Release my hands and you'll see how tough I still am," the captive superheroine said through clinched teeth.

"That's mighty big talk for a woman who I just made cum for what must be the twelfth time."

"Bastard!" she screamed as she jerked at the chains, rocking the device forward several inches in the process.

"I'll tell you what," he said as he slowly walked to the door of the small room, "Not only will I release your hands, but I'll release your legs as well." He closed the door and closed the secure latch. He locked the door from the inside with his key and then placed the key on the floor next to the door. "If you can defeat me and unlock that door, you are free to go."

An intense grin came to Wonder Woman's face. "You will regret this!"

"That's the spirit my little plaything." He walked over to a console on the side of the machine and hit a few buttons which released Wonder Woman. She was now nude except for her tiara, boots and bracelets. She hesitated for a brief few seconds as The Destroyer circled around to cut her off from the door.


Wonder Woman couldn't believe he would just let her go free, which is why she hesitated. One thing she had learned in her battles with The Destroyer was not to underestimate him. He had no helmet but still had his armor on. That meant he was much more powerful than she was at this point.

She'd have to be smart about it, catch him by surprise. He stood in front of her at about the same height and in about the same crouch. They stood at a stalemate until she sprang.

She went straight towards him. That was the best way to convince him that she was actually going to do it. The Destroyer went for her fake and as he went up and towards her, Wonder Woman dashed low and to the left.

Ooof! Came the air out of his lungs, at least some of it, as she delivered a hard elbow to the ribs. She used that momentum to spin around past him. Once behind him, she started to sprint to the door. But a start was all she got before The Destroyer grabbed a fist full of hair and stopped her progress instantly. Her arms flailed out and her head was pulled back as she turned around to meet him. One hand reached for his now to try and break his grip but it was no use. He stood cockily holding her by the hair and she whimpered a bit but that was only for show.

"Didn't get toooofff!!!" he was interrupted as she had used her natural Amazon abilities and strength to spin her body up into an awkward spin kick to his face. It was right next to a desperation move but that was okay. She was desperate.

The Destroyer flailed to the left and released her hair. Wonder Woman had wound up landing on her hands and knees which is also the position that he was in. The difference was that she was up and he wasn't. She ran to where he was starting to get up and unleashed a vicious kick to the side of his face. She watched his head snap to the side and he went down briefly. It wasn't long before he started to get up.

But it was enough. Wonder Woman was nearly at the door. By the time she got the key from the floor and spared a glance over her shoulder, The Destroyer was just getting to his hands and knees again.

This was it. She had her chance. Remembering the way she saw him latch the door, she unlocked the bolt and pulled the knob.


Desperation ate at her as she jerked the handle and turned every way she could and still nothing. There must be another lock! But where?!

She heard movement from behind her a split second before she was slammed into the door by two big boots.

UGH! She moaned as her breath left her.

Before she could fall away from the door, her head was pulled from behind. The Destroyer pulled her back and locked her into a reverse headlock. She was bent backward at a painful angle and was staring upward.

"OGH!! UGH!! UNG!!" She cried as he slammed his fist down onto her sternum repeatedly. The blows were vicious and the headlock painful. All she could do was scratch and pound at his back. Considering he was fully armored, that didn't do much good.

Suddenly The Destroyer spun quickly around while still holding on to the reverse headlock. The next thing Wonder Woman knew, she was seeing stars.

"Ung…" she tried to shake the cob webs. He had spun around and the result was her head pounding into the wall. She was free of his grip now but was flat on the floor. He must have let her drop to the ground she figured. He wasn't on her right now. That was good.

She knew he was nearby and must have just been waiting for the next big strike. She also knew that she had to take advantage of this freedom. Rolling over onto her stomach allowed her to get to her hands and knees. Still being against the wall wasn't good, but it allowed her the chance to prop on the wall to get up.

Just as she got almost fully in a standing position, she saw him. The Destroyer was four feet away and standing ready.

"You laid in some good shots there Wonder Woman. You didn't really think that was just going to be a standard lock now did you? I know you are a fully trained Amazon so I took some precautions to help make sure you didn't get out. The lock is a combination key lock. It has to be turned just right several times back and forth to unlock the mechanism. Of course only I know the combination."

Great Hera, thought Wonder Woman as she circled around a few steps! He was smarter than she had given him credit for.

He circled to match as they kept the distance between them the same.

"You know I could have finished it right there at the wall, don't you? But I don't want a cheap victory. I want to defeat you mind and body." He glanced down her toned body and back up again, "Of course I've gotten off to a great start in defeating your body now haven't I?"

"Bastard!" she yelled as she launched a lighting fast straight kick.


The kick landed and drove him back a half step and Wonder Woman knew that she had to press the advantage. She jumped and landed a spin kick.

A few kicks later and The Destroyer had been pushed back to the far wall. He came out fast with a right hook that just grazed her chin as she barely spun in time. Using that spin for momentum she continued around and kicked at his chest again.

This time he moved in time, just to the side and grabbed her leg under his arm.

"GRAAAAaaaa!!!" She never got the chance to counter as he lifted that leg up and delivered a hard knee directly between her legs. Instantly her one leg that held her up buckled and she crumbled to the floor.

The pain was so great she hardly noticed that he still held her left leg.

"Raaaah!!" was the sound she heard and it was the warning she needed. She just rolled to the side enough to miss his knockout blow to the face. She elbowed him off of her. He had released her leg now so she stood but he was standing too. Neither one waited an instant but started throwing punches left and right.

They went on and on with few blows landing. She dodged his left. He blocked her right. It continued back and forth until he lifted his knee towards her nether region again. She moved to block instantly moving both hands down, but it was a faint.

"Ugh!" A severe uppercut landed solidly on her chin and rocked her. Before she could think straight he pummeled her with two straight punches and the world went black.

She was shortly aware that she was being held up by one arm that was held firmly in The Destroyer's grasp. She figured The Destroyer had hit her several more times to make certain she was out of the fight. It had worked as her other arm and the rest of her body now hung limp. As she drifted in and out of consciousness she realized that she was being moved somewhere. Her view of the floor and the feel of a cold armored hand on her butt told her that she was being carried to somewhere new over his shoulder.

Then suddenly as the walls grew darker and darker she was dumped onto a hard floor. Her head hit the floor and consciousness was stolen from her again.

Wonder Woman's vision came back once more and she felt her hands being tied together. Still groggy from the fight, she started coming to very slowly as her tied hands were lifted above her head then her body was lifted off of the floor. From the sounds coming from the dark room, she figured this to be some type of automatic suspension device. Everything seemed louder which suggested a change in the type of room she was being held in. Suddenly from behind her, a blindfold was placed around her eyes. Now blind and naked with her captor in the same room, Wonder Woman's spirits sunk.

"Now Wonder Woman," came the deep voice of her nemesis, "You are about to have some fun."

With her eyes covered as they were, Wonder Woman didn't know whether to brace for a punch or squeeze her thighs together tighter.

"What's the mean…" her thoughts were interrupted by the contraption she felt wedge itself between her legs. It felt cold to her tender skin and was wedged in a way to where she couldn't keep it from slightly spreading her legs. Once between her legs the vile thing rose up and cupped her pussy and butt. It felt almost as if she was wearing tight metal panties.

"Ohg!" That is until the dildo rose from the front and invaded her pussy.

"What's that Wonder Woman? It feels nice doesn't it?" The Destroyer taunted.

"No! Get this vile thing out of me at oo…!" Wonder Woman called to the darkness.

"Oh I'm sorry, did the vibration distract you my lovely captive? If it did, then you love this."

She stood there with this phallus penetrating her most tender area. She lowered her head and gritted her teeth. It would be difficult but she could beat this. She had to!

"Umm…" a moan escaped as a butt plug plunged into her ass and started wiggling around. After so much torture at this vile man's hands, Wonder Woman didn't know how much of this she could take.

"Come on Wonder Woman, I know you like it. You know you like it. We're the only ones here. Just let yourself go," her captor said.

Determined not to make any more sounds than she had to; Wonder Woman didn't answer at all but only gritted her teeth. As the dildo and plug quickened their pace inside her, she bit down on her tongue in hopes to distract herself from the pleasure that was building. By now she was sweating again. Her head shook, the muscles of her arms flexed and she felt as if her veins were about to burst.

The pace changed yet again and she felt her hips buck wildly. But she forced herself to stand still again and kept the moan from escaping. It was tough but she was beating it so far. Maybe if she could endure long enough, The Destroyer would get frustrated and do something different.

Suddenly an idea occurred to her and she began wrapping the binding chains around her hands. When she was sure she had a good grip she pulled upward with all of her might. The violating device followed her upwards. She was horror stricken briefly as she saw her last possible way to defeat this machine fading away. Then she realized that the penetrations weren't right if she swung to the side. Hoping for a break she pulled with her arms again and violently swayed from side to side. The machine was finally unable to pursue her and she was free of its dildo and butt plug.

She now held her full weight up by her hands and wrists. Without her power belt she knew she couldn't do that for long. Absently she heard some movement and whispers from the room. He was getting frustrated. This gave her more momentum and strength of will.

"Oh fuck it!" she heard The Destroyer say followed by a loud crash. He must have thrown whatever controlled this contraption across the room.

She was still blind folded and that wouldn't work. Pulling up a little harder with her hands brought her face to hand level. As she finally worked the blindfold up off of her eyes she heard another loud crash from behind. Upon being able to see she noticed The Destroyer right behind her shoving the metal contraption back violently.

"Alright bitch! You want to play that way?" he walked around and viciously grabbed her right leg. She jerked it free and kicked at what she noticed was a bare chest. He had taken off all of the armor and was not only wearing loose pants. She kicked and fought with him trying to keep him at legs length. It was working fine and she thought with him being armor free that she might have a chance now.



His primal scream was followed shortly by a daring dive for her body. She kicked him to the side with one leg but the other was caught. And he plowed into her. With both at normal strength it was quite a struggle of twists and turns and kicks and punches.

"Rahhh!!! Come here you bitch! I'll UGH! Bitch, you'll pay for that!"

"Never! Unhand me! Get off of me you vile man! Ugh!!" she replied as they struggled on. Wonder Woman still had her leg between the two. Suddenly in the struggle he ducked a kick attempt and came up with right arm wrapped around her left thigh. The struggle lessened as he held firm to the hold on her thigh. She twisted and did everything she could to try and drive him off. This struggle as any, was much better than what had been planned so the longer it went the better she felt her chances.

"AGH!" "O!"

Wonder Woman closed her eyes and clinched her teeth in response to The Destroyer's new tactic. He had forgotten about trying to force his way between her legs and reached out with his free hand and pinched her nipple hard. The change was most unwelcome.

"Uhhh…" she moaned against her will as he kept pinching.

"Yeah, not struggling so much now are you bitch!"

"Ow! Ugh!..."

"Yes, that's it clinch those teeth and concentrate on fighting the pleasure," he said as if reading her thoughts.

"It won't work for long Wonder Woman! This isn't some machine."

"Uh…" she moaned as she felt herself relaxing more and more. She had to fight it, she told herself!

"Oh…Ugh! No… st.." she pleaded as he grabbed the leg that had been keeping him at length and flung it down and to the side. The force of it sent her body swaying back and forth slightly. Dread built to a maximum level as she felt The Destroyer grabbed her body and held her against him. Her breasts were about at head level to him.

"Now we really are going to have some fun! It's time to make you scream again Wonder Whore!"

"No..pleeeeeaa!! Oh!! Oh!! ugh stop!!" she cried as she tried to pull away. But it was no use his mouth was firmly clamped around one nipple with the other being squeezed expertly between his fingers. The pleasure mounted quickly now as her head flung back and she moaned ever louder.

"Um.. like I said, this isn't some machine Wonder Woman. I have made you my bitch before and I will here again!"

"OH!! OH! N…." The moaning continued as the memory of being taken in the bathroom came flooding back. Then another memory of being defeated and fucked at the warehouse assaulted her will. She was losing the battle within herself now. Then the memory of fingering herself in her own shower came flooding back. Suddenly he lifted her hips up and without a word began eating out her pussy. Her body was now laid out with her hands suspended and her hips resting on The Destroyer's shoulders. Her moans of pleasure spoke the truth of what was going on inside. Fight as she might she knew he had her now. There was nothing she could do as she felt the orgasm building. All she knew was that she wanted the release more than anything right then. She didn't want to escape she didn't want free. Wonder Woman just wanted to cum.

"OH!! OH!! UGHHHHHH!H!!!!!! OH HERA!!!"


It was too much. The orgasm ripped through her and violently ripped through the miniscule of remaining will power. Her body went limp as he let her drop from his shoulders. He was saying something as he unclamped her hands but she never heard it.

He caught her body and roughly dropped her to the floor. Again he was saying something but it didn't matter. Her body had been transformed by her orgasm and the waves of pleasure and pain. She was now his to do with what he wanted. And all she knew for sure was that she was going to love every minute of it all along while hating herself.

"Oh! Oh ohughughgh!!!

"You like this don't you bitch?"




The Destroyer was lost in his own pleasure. Wonder Woman was again at his mercy. She was his bitch again and she was screaming as he fucked her! It never got old!

He pumped into her harder and faster! He increased speed knowing he couldn't last forever. He could no more pace himself than she could stop screaming for him to keep going. Absently he thought he heard something but it must have been the chains rattling.

"You're mine Wonder Woman!!!"

"YES!! OH YOURS!!! YES!!! OH Don't stop!! Oh!!"

He went on for another minute before knowing it was time and pulled out of her. Straddling her chest he shoved his cock in her face and watched her take it in.

"Lick it clean bitch! That's what my bitch does!"


"AHHHH UGH!!" The Destroyer had no idea what had happened but figured it obvious someone had come to rescue Wonder Woman. But how was that possible? A look through his bleary eyes told him the answer. She was blonde with red and blue and an 'S' across her chest. Somehow Supergirl had found his hideout and come to the rescue.

She towered over him with a clinched fist descending. I'll get her ass for this, was the last thought before his world went black.


As Supergirl quickly escaped the hideout with a Wonder Woman that defied logic slung over her shoulder, she remembered her own ordeal with this horrible man.

The image was still fresh in her mind. Stripped mostly naked with Synthetic Kryptonite smeared all over her revealed breasts, a man whose face she didn't know but would never forget grabbed her face roughly. He then told her to call him Destroyer because he had just destroyed her and made her his bitch. As she escaped into the night sky with Wonder Woman and her belongings, she shivered slightly as she remembered that she had agreed that night in her cries and moans of pleasure that he was indeed correct. That night the Destroyer had defeated her very soundly. He'd had help from the Kryptonite of course and without that she would have put him away for good she felt sure, but she knew she would be fooling herself if she didn't admit that he had incredible strength. His strength rivaled hers and their short battles had proven that point to her beyond any doubt.

Now holding a wasted Wonder Woman in flight back to a discreet location where her friend could rest and recuperate, she shivered again. She realized that The Destroyer was much more dangerous than she had previously thought. Supergirl knew that she would have to deal with him sooner or later. As she flew on she thought that a good thing. Because there was little doubt he would be gunning for her. She might as well be ready.

The end…

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The Steel Destroyer part 5