The Steel Destroyer 04  

By DM Shadow

The Destroyer - Episode IV: Back for More

Wonder Woman and Supergirl are the property of DC Comics

The villain is mine (special thanks to D.Prince for helping me with the plot)

Written by Dm_Shadow

The Destroyer sat in his new large office that sat underground along with most of his new base and thought about his purchase. As he looked around it was still pretty empty looking but he had a few surprises all around the larger underground area. He had expected a warehouse of sorts in the below part of the complex but it was in reality an extremely large room with gray drywall and 12 foot ceilings. There were a few partitions but for the most part it was just one big room. He had set up a few areas around the room where he could tie up captives if the need arose and he knew for certain that it would. As he walked around he saw the few devices that he had purchased as well, the XD-3000 an X-shaped device that laid back at about a 15 degree angle and would tie captives at the writs and ankles, and something known only in the black market as The Saddle. The Saddle was a device that looked to be modified from an old workout station where instead of a pull down lat bar, there was a place where cuffs hung down so arms could be restrained loosely in them and instead of a bench there was a device that looked somewhat like a saddle but in the center had an area where several attachments could be placed, I.E. dildos and such as that. Also there was a place on the device where the captive's legs could be restrained both at the ankles and also with a bar that could go over the thighs to hold the captive in a sitting position. That part was optional as he had read that some preferred to just put a longer attachment on and make the captive have to hold themselves up off of it in order to lessen the pain / pleasure. Of course they would tire and then fully let their weight fall onto it.

He was excited about being able to test these out soon hopefully and he also purchased multiple boxes of Synthetic Kryptonite in grenade and other forms, as well as tons of Chloroform which he had read worked well on anyone including Wonder Woman. All in all it was a good setup as far as he was concerned. With that as a backdrop he went to his personal area of the underground place and put his armor and helmet on and went to leave and cause some trouble for a bank in town. That was always profitable and fun, he reflected.

Wonder Woman couldn't believe what she had recently heard from Supergirl, that The Destroyer had defeated her and screwed her good as well. Not only that but he had also taken out a young up and coming heroine by the name of Red Dawn and maybe a few others. She had told Supergirl, who said she was on missions elsewhere for the foreseeable future, that she had a score to settle with the vile man anyway so she would go after him for revenge for all of them. From what she had been told, she had had the most success against The Destroyer anyway, which said more than enough about his strength and abilities considering she had been forced to cum several times and been left naked and unconscious in a local park. If that was the best that had been done against him so far, someone needed to teach him a lesson and she figured that it might as well be her.

Acting again on rumors and tips, she went out patrolling a certain area of the city where she had heard the man could be focusing on small banks and got only witnesses and sightings here and there. Finally a week after chasing down the sightings and witness reports, she guessed correctly on his pattern and happened upon the 5th Street National Bank as he was inside. She knew he was inside because the vault door she could tell from here had been ripped open and there weren't many people who could do that who also wore black armor as she had seen briefly at the edge of the vault door. Not knowing what he was after or how long he would be there, Wonder Woman stealthily walked in careful not to make any noise. As she neared the vault she peeked inside and sure enough it was The Destroyer.

Acting instantly in order to maximize her surprise attack, Wonder Woman retrieved her magic lasso and tossed it and seeing that it went directly around his broad shoulders, yanked it tight. She relished the surprised look in the slightly opaque looking eyes that peeked out from the darkened helmet. He certainly hadn't been expecting her tonight.

"Wonder Woman! Damnit!"

"Surprised to see me, Villain?" Wonder Woman smiled wide as she held the lasso tightly against his twists and pulls. "I am about to teach you a lesson. First take off your helmet."

"Can't I don't have my arm free!" he replied evenly.

"Fine," she walked near to him and slid his arm out of the rope then quickly yanked it tight again. "Now remove your helmet."

He reached up and hit a couple of latches then slid the helmet off revealing a tanned, chiseled, square jawed face trimmed with short black hair. Despite herself Wonder Woman had to admit that he was an attractive man.

"Now come close to me."

The Destroyer obediently walked to her but only got to one step away before her lightning quick fist struck him in the jaw, spinning his head to the side as blood spurted from his mouth.

Wonder Woman repeated this a few times both ways until The Destroyer was dazed from taking such a beating.

"Now you will regret ever raping me that night you bastard!" Wonder Woman yelled and rained down blows on the defenseless man's head and body. Seeing finally that he was obviously out cold, she released him from the lasso and heaved him over her shoulder to carry out of the bank vault and to jail.

She got almost to the bank lobby's main door before she felt a slight wiggle on her shoulder. Worried that he was coming to, she went to grab at his legs which were hanging down the front of her body. She grabbed his legs and pulled slightly…

"Raaahhh!!!" a war cry came from the Destroyer as he slid down in front of Wonder Woman and using his position sliding down was able to grab her head in a vice like head lock and was choking her.

"Aaakkkkk…. Kkk.." was all she could say as her vision threatened to dim. Knowing she had to do something she punched at his midsection hard enough to break free of his grasp… but the freedom lasted but a moment before he raged towards her, grabbing her in his strong grasp and putting her into lifted bearhug. Her ribs were feeling pressure like never before as The Destroyer finally said, "Bitch you will regret that you ever came after me again!"

And he threw her as hard as he could to the floor. She lay there for a brief second before rolling to her knees just in time to see a big boot coming her way.


The Destroyer was in a blind rage when his boot struck Wonder Woman in the face. Unfortunately it only grazed her face instead of breaking it. He didn't think he'd ever been this pissed off at anyone. She really had gotten the drop on him and beaten the shit out of him, beaten him unconscious while he was helpless to do anything about it. He turned to see Wonder Woman on her feet some six feet away and twirling that mother fucking lasso. He launched himself into a dead run.

"Oh no you… DON'T!" he charged into her as the lasso twirled over his head and to the floor. Having driven into her midsection, he charged her straight down to the floor and her lasso weakly dropped out of her hand. He slung it over to the side and picked the bitch up by her hair. She punched his gut on the way up but not enough to do damage, as now he held her above his head. Before she could struggle out of his grasp he flung her into the open vault door that was some ten feet away. Running up to her form that was on her hands and knees in front of the vault door, he snatched her up by her neck and in a split second ripped her panties off.

"No!!" So shocked was she by his bold move that Wonder Woman kneed him in the groin and ran away from the vault. His armor protected him somewhat but he was immobile long enough for the bottomless superheroine to get the lasso around him again.


"Stand up bastard!" she screamed.

Standing up at her command, he glared at her as if he had heat vision and was burning holes through her face.

She walked them back toward the main door.

"Where is your hideout?"

He gave the address reluctantly, "The underground portion is where my hideout is."

"Do you always where your armor?"

"No, I sleep and walk around without it most days at differing times."

"Are you less powerful without it?"


"You will forget now that we had that conversation."

He gave only a blank stare which told her that it was done. She quickly walked up and tied his hands in some phone wire from a nearby desk. She knew it wouldn't hold him for long but it would hold him long enough for her to get out of here. Wonder Woman, still in disbelief at how quickly this had turned around from her carrying him over her shoulder to justice to him holding her by her neck up against the vault door and having her bottoms ripped off, put on a fast burst of speed to get out and away before anyone could see her naked bottom half.

She knew as she stood in her hot shower and let the water roll off of her naked body that she had to do something about this Destroyer. He was too dangerous to the heroines around here. At least now she knew where his hideout was and that he did spend some time there without that armor which apparently made him stronger. Wonder Woman knew she had no choice but to attack the man by surprise at normal strength. It was the only way she knew without a doubt that she could beat him. As she rubbed the soap around her body, she couldn't shake the image of his face, handsome and tanned. She had seen his mouth some before as he ravished her pussy at the warehouse but never the whole face. The memory of the encounter at the warehouse came rushing back to her and weakened her knees. She remembered him eating her pussy and making her cum a few times. Despite herself, her hand reached down between her legs and she began rubbing her pussy slightly, again the sensation weakened her and she backed against the shower wall. Next he had forcefully put his nice sized dick into her from behind. As she lowered herself to the shower floor, she could almost feel his member fully erect inside her as he said she was meeting her destruction. Torn between the search for bringing the man to justice and her body's obvious desire for him, she let the water run over her as she fingered herself to orgasm.

Later as she lay in bed, feeling somewhat ashamed of her behavior in the shower, she laid out her plan for defeating The Destroyer. She would surprise him soon during the early morning hours when he surely would be without armor and unprotected. It was the best way to take care of him once and for all.


Standing outside the address The Destroyer had given her, Wonder Woman almost thought that the man had found a way to lie while under the lasso's power. But he had said that it was all underground, so that must be where literally everything was. She walked into the door at the front to find nothing but empty space with cob webs all around. It took her a few minutes to find the pad door to the stairs below. It was apparently locked from below but it was nothing that she couldn't get through. Once down fully a few stories down below she walked into the main room which was a large grey area with concrete floors. There were shackles hanging here and there as well as a couple of very strange and twisted looking contraptions over in another area. Seeing a long hallway to an office area, she went calmly and quietly down the hall. She couldn't hear anything until she approached the last little partition. She heard water running and it sounded like a shower.

She had him!

What better way to catch him unguarded! And what luck because she knew he didn't shower with his armor on. As she eased into the room, she saw that this office area had been also made to have a standard bathroom off to the back and that's where the shower was running. Making her way to the back area, she saw that there was no door but only a standup shower with a door. The large figure inside was him and she could tell by the short brown hair that was visible over the top of the shower door.

She couldn't hide the smile that crept onto her face as she walked into the bathroom and over near the door. She opened it with one quick motion and there stood the most shocked man she had ever seen.

The face was that of The Destroyer no doubt, but for the split second it took for her to notice that this man had an incredible physique, he grabbed the removable showerhead and sprayed her fully with the water. She backed a few steps in surprise and he tried to run past her but wasn't quite successful. He spun around as she grabbed his arm and slung him into the counter.

"Surprised to see me," she paused and placed her hands on her hips, "Destroyer?"

"Wonder Woman, how did you find this place!" he asked with obvious concern and stress growing as the water dripped off of his rippling tanned muscles. She took some notice of his strong upper body and that even with her being in boots and he being barefooted, he was only slightly shorter that she was. Wonder Woman slung the wet hair out of her face and trying as best she could not to notice his nicely sized manhood or strong legs she answered, "Well, you told me of course."

"The damn lasso again!"

"Well yes actually, now you aren't all powered up and I of course am Wonder Woman, so I would guess you would accompany me to the Justice Center after you dress and we will turn you in to the proper authorities."

The Destroyer stood tall and proud as if he was fully clothed, "Well depending on what question you asked Bitch, I'm sure you know that just because I am without my suit of armor doesn't mean I'm not super powered, just not quite as much." As he finished he struck a strong fighting stance and said, "Come on, I'm not scared to fight you without my armor."

Wonder Woman couldn't help but admire his courage and his strong rippling wet muscles as she walked a slow step forward. While she neared him, she was reminded that she had been penetrated by this man a short time ago, defeated two out of three times and nearly defeated again a few days ago. Cursing herself for having a hard time focusing, she carefully lashed out with a right hook. He went to dodge it but it was a faint and she quickly spun back around and elbowed him in the right side ribs.

"Oooofff!" He doubled over and she pushed the advantage shoving him back into the wall and following with a straight kick. He was faster than she thought though and caught her foot and swept the other out from under her. Having fallen hard on the floor, she spun to the side in time to avoid his foot coming for her face. She rocked up onto her knees and delivered a severe punch to his stomach which carried enough force to double him over. Quickly up on her feet, she walked to him and delivered a knee to his face. Though, as he looked to be falling backwards, he back fisted her across the cheek. There wasn't any damage done but she was surprised by the strength. He really was naturally super powered though not near the level he was while wearing the armor.

As he grabbed at her wet hair she would have none of it and shoved him back into the shower where the water was still running. He appeared to hit his head and just sank down onto the floor. Ever cautious of his cunning moves and plans, Wonder Woman walked up slowly. When she nudged him with her foot and he didn't snap some strange move, she leaned down and paused another second as she admired his wonderfully toned body, and it cost her.

Faster than she would have thought he could move after the beating she gave him, he lifted his knees and shoved her into the shower wall. As she turned around she was mortified to feel a familiar and most unwelcome sensation. Wonder Woman turned all the way around to see The Destroyer with as wide of a smile as she could have thought the man could present, holding in his right hand her Gold Power Belt.


Destroyer couldn't believe it. He had taken such a beating in a quick time and was simply outmatched without his armor against Wonder Woman. After he had been thrown into the shower he had one more chance to even the stakes here and he knew it. He had to get her power belt off of her or he was a goner for sure. As she paused for whatever reason, he saw his chance and shoved her into the shower wall. It hadn't hurt her and wasn't meant to. But it did accomplish what it was supposed to if he did it right. To give him the few seconds to spring to his feet and try to unlatch that belt. The fact that he was standing outside the shower and she was standing in it with the shocked expression now on her face said it all.

"Now, Wonder Whore why don't you come out of that stall and let's get it on for real. No super powers for you or me, just naturally strong beings fighting it out."

He backed up just a step to draw her to the front of the shower but he never planned on allowing her to leave it. She paused at the back long enough to say, "You don't stand a chance still you bastard!"

The Destroyer didn't buy it for a second. She knew she was less powerful than he was naturally and she knew she was cornered. "Come on sweet pussy, show me!" When she didn't move, he moved back another half step to draw her forward enough, "SHOW ME!!"

"Ughh… oh!"

It happened as quickly as he could manage to do it with the water all around. She jumped towards the front of the shower and he launched towards her, grabbing her and driving her back into the back of the shower again and following it up with a punch to her gut.

She elbowed at his head but he ducked and delivered another punch to her gut.


Wonder Woman couldn't move much and had no leverage because of the tight space of the shower stall but still let go with a left right combo. The left landed hard but didn't sting too much and he was ready for the right as he ducked and used the momentum to spin her around to face the wall and held that arm wrenched up behind her.


He used the leverage to hold her there and used his other hand to unzip her bustier.

"What are you doing? Stop at once!"

He continued holding the right arm behind her back and reached around her neck with the other to pull her away from the wall and let the falling water and gravity do the rest as she was now half naked.

"Ugh… stop…"

Not listening at all at this point, The Destroyer released the choke and reached around to fondle her tits while still using the right arm and leverage to keep her in place. She wiggled and tried to get free but he had her right where he wanted her.

To his surprise Wonder Woman was already acting as if she was hot and bothered and he had only been working on her a minute or so.

"Uhhhh….. no…n… not again…please…"

He worked continuously kneading her nipples and rubbing her breasts and before long she wasn't struggling much anymore.

"Oh….. um… noplease... Oh gods please not… oh again…"

Suddenly The Destroyer thought back to the brief encounter here and remembered on several occasions she had stopped and looked at him. Then there was the pause in the shower that had allowed him the belt and the upper hand, and he realized that she was attracted to him. Oh she certainly didn't care for his way of living and she hated his guts but on a primal body to body level, her body reacted to his.

As she continued to moan lightly and struggle to fight off her desires as he knew she was now, he felt more confident than before he realized that she was fighting herself more than she was him. He got right to her ear as he continued to rotate between hard pinches and soft kneading of her breasts, "I know…"

"Uh... w… wha?"

"I know you like it." He whispered again.

Instantly she tried to jerk away from him but to no avail as he just slammed her again into the wall. "It's okay Wonder Woman, I know you want me to fuck you."

"Nooooaaaa…." She moaned as he released her arm and worked double out her breasts before sliding his hand down into her star spangled panties.

"Oh yes," he whispered and gnawed on her ear lobe, "And you are going to love this."

"Ahhhhhhhh…. Ooooh.." her hips bucked twice quickly as his fingers entered her, "Ahhh… oh ohgods stop… pl… ohhh…"

"UNNAooooh." She moaned again as her hips bucked three and then four more times in rapid succession. "oh…."

"You want me to fuck you bad don't you Bitch?"

"Oh…. oh nnoo…"

He pulled his fingers out of her pussy and grabbed her blue panties…

"UGHHH…." Wonder Woman moaned as he roughly jerked her bottoms up into her pussy and kept pulling.

"Don't you!!"

"Ah… nnno…" And he pulled even harder drawing her panties deeply into her pussy. He let them relax a bit and then jerked them up harder again into her.

"Ah… ow…"

He worked that way for a few minutes, working up to a fevered pitch. Wonder Woman was moaning in what he was sure was a mix of pain and pleasure.

"Ow… oh ah… stp… No… OH!!" she moaned as she grew even moister.

"Now I'm going to ask again," he said into her ear as he roughly again jerked the panties into her pussy, "You want me to fuck you don't you?"

"Ah…. Ah…. YES!"

He released her bottoms and then yanked them down to her knees.


He spun her around quickly and just to mix things up and let her know who was in charge, slapped her across the face just hard enough to sting but not too hard.

"oh… wh…."

"Oh no… no acting like you don't want it now sweets." With that said he kneeled down and started eating her out.

"Oh….. OH…" her hips bucked like crazy and her orgasm ripped through her like a fatal shot.

"AAAAAGGH… OOOAh… OAH OAH!!! Ogods… oh… oh yes…."

He continued as he fondled her tits and then took hold of her ass and shoved his thumb into the edge her sexy ass.

"Oh…. Oh shit…. OH… OAh… aaaaaaaa…. Oah… oah…OOOOOA!!"

She grabbed two hands worth of his short hair and pulled his head deeper into her pussy as she went further over the edge. "Oh…. OH YES!!! OH EAT MY PUSSY!! YES!!!"


Finally after several orgasms he stepped back and looked at her. Wonder Woman was standing in his shower soaking wet with only a Tiara, bracelets and boots on with her blue panties down around her knees. Her cum was all over her thighs. She looked at him with different eyes now as she was more his now than ever he had thought possible.

He walked to her again and her arms involuntarily jumped as if not knowing whether to block his attack or embrace a lover. He reached down and lifted her foot up enough to remove her boot and then the other. Finally he removed the panties completely and stood back up.

He stared Wonder Woman in her eyes face to face, "Wonder Woman, do you want me to fuck you?"

She didn't even blink this time as her hands massaged her own breasts and her knees gave slightly, "Yes."

"What whore? Did you say for me to fuck you?"

Something lit in her eyes and he knew she was going to try and get away. He moved in to embrace her as she starte resisting again, "No NO STOP!"

But the resisting didn't last long.

He let his fully erect penis linger near her pussy and then shoved it fully into her.


His hand came up to around her neck, "I said do you want me to FUCK you?!"

She just looked at him and he started ramming his cock into her over and over.

"Oooohhaaaaaaaaaa oh oh oh oh oh oh oh !!

Before long it was all he could to do please her.


He lifted her into a carry position and carried her out to the bathroom counter.


He was ramming her so hard now that he was sure he'd bruise her.

She laid back onto the counter as he pumped into her steadily and hard. She had a hand on her tit and one hand pulling at her hair as she continued to moan. Another orgasm shook her violently.


He stopped and pulled her into a sitting position on the counter and then off of the counter. Wonder Woman just let him put her where he wanted to as he turned her around and bent her over the counter top.

"OOAHAHH!" she moaned as he thrust himself fully into her from behind.

"Now Wonder Woman," he grabbed a fist full of her raven black hair and her eyes caught his in the mirror, "I am going to finish this!" With that he pulled her hair hard and continuously ravished her.

"OhOHOHOHOH!!! She went on as his pace increased again.

On and on he went fucking the great and powerful Wonder Woman bent over his bathroom counter. Her eyes carried less deviance now than they had so far as she was completely lost in her multiple orgasms that continued to destroy her will power yet bring her awesome pleasure.

"OAHOAHAOH… OH YES!! Oh…. oh harder….finish… yes!!

As he knew he was about to blow his load, he pulled her up to where he could talk in her ear again, "I knew you wanted it. You wanted me the whole time. Have you been thinking about me bitch? I bet you have." Wonder Woman didn't answer but just wiggled and danced her body to the rhythm of the thrusts into her pussy. She bit her bottom lip as she moaned weakly. He pumped hard and fast again letting her go down to the counter again.

"oh… oh fuck yes! Oh yes! OHOHOH OAHOHA!!!" She screamed as yet another orgasm took her just as he blew his load all inside of her. He turned her around and leaned her back down on the counter and spurted a few more times onto her tits and face.

Then he grabbed her head and she willingly this time licked his cock clean. When she was done she kneeled down to the floor and looked down.

"Now are you my bitch again?"

"Y…. ye…. yes…"

She eyed her power belt as he wrapped a towel around himself finally.

"Oh you won't need the power belt for a while Wonder Woman," he walked to her and roughly grabbed her weak face flushed from all of the orgasms, "I have many plans for you still whore. This time," he lifted her head roughly, "This time I am going to destroy you for good."

He released her and she slumped to the floor in exhaustion.

He thought of all of his toys and smiled at the plans he did indeed have for her still and more were forming. This one wasn't finished yet by a long shot.

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