The Steel Destroyer 06  

By DM Shadow

The Destroyer - Episode VI

Help Unwanted

By DM_Shadow

All are mine…

(Wonder Woman and Supergirl… mentioned only… are the property of DC Comics)

The kiss lasted for at least thirty seconds and she loved every minute of it. The same could be said of the other party of course, or as she liked to call them, the victim. Standing and looking downward revealed a middle aged Asian man who thought he owned her. He was lying there with eyes closed in pleasured bliss. Not knowing what was about to happen to him.

She stood back for a second and then stepped through a vicious kick to the side of his head. With her natural strength plus what she gained while wearing the Ring of Detriment, it was likely the last kick he would ever feel. Suffice it to say, she thought to herself as a thin smirk came across her face, he wouldn't be thinking he owned her anymore.

He wouldn't be thinking at all… anymore.

She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror as she walked out. The red light armor she wore revealed more than just a hint of cleavage as it dipped down to her midsection. Were her chest section not covered with a red see through mesh that also had some light armored properties, her chest would be the only part open to attack other than her arms. She forced herself to look on as her glance reached her face. The mask that covered one half of her head and one eye before stopping at her cheekbone still got the best of her. The torture and pain she had endured were other. For weeks she thought it would surely kill her.

But it hadn't killed her. It had remade her. She was now stronger and better. And with the knowledge she had just gained from the man who had owned her shortly before his recent timely death, she would be one step closer to tracing the steps back to the man who had started all of this. And then… then she didn't know what would happen. But one thing was certain. It would be much different than before.


The Destroyer sat in boxers and a t-shirt seething in anger at himself. How could he let this happen? He'd had Wonder Woman defeated and at his complete mercy inside of his own hideout and yet had lost her.

He had underestimated Supergirl. After such a brutal defeat he figured when she didn't retaliate immediately that she wouldn't at all. He had been wrong. He'd been dead wrong and it had cost him Wonder Woman. He'd had her that time. He could see the change in her eyes and hear the change in her moans of pleasure. He had finally completely broken her will. Now she'd been taken who knew where by Supergirl and would have time to recover.

He slammed his fist down brutally on the table. Somehow he had to figure out how to get Supergirl back for this. The only question now was how he would be able to do that.

Well that wasn't the only question. Another good question was; would he ever get that close to completely destroying Wonder Woman again?


Everything came flooding back as she entered the brothel where she had been whored out to the highest bidder. That had devastated most of what remained of her former self even before she was sold to Feng Chi Wong. Feng Chi Wong and quickly destroyed the rest and remade her without knowing what exactly he was making. He tortured her. He raped her repeatedly. One torture and rape session had gone way wrong and severely burned the area around her left eye. The eye had to be taken out and was replaced by a cybernetic eye that at least allowed her to see.

Wong had said something about the eye having the ability to fire lasers or something. She didn't believe him then and had seen no proof that he had been telling the truth yet. Of course before anyone trained her in the supposed laser technology of her cyber eye, she had snapped. Whether it was the injury, the surgery or just so much torture in such a short time she couldn't say. But something pushed her over the edge and her "masters" started getting beaten badly.

One such "master" enjoyed toying with her in mock battle. He had possession of an ancient ring that doubled the physical strength of the one who wore it. He'd had fun with it but when the time came, it hadn't boosted his power enough to handle an enraged super-powered being like her. She had defeated him, likely killing him and then taken the ring which he called the Ring of Detriment.

"Can I help…" the mindless blonde at the hostess table started.

"What's wrong my dear?" she asked, "Never seen a whore with one eye before?"

Before the girl could scream she kissed her fully on the lips. The girl struggled for the briefest of seconds before going limp and beginning to moan with pleasure.

"Mmmmm…..mmmmm… ooh… ohhh…" the hostess moaned loudly as she released the kiss and ripped open her bikini top like shirt. The girl's hands went straight to her tits and she started rubbing them.

"Oh… mmm….."

"I'm not a whore to be honest with you my dear," she said as she watched the girl moan, "I am death."

She kissed her again for a few seconds and the girl's hand was down her own dress within a heartbeat.

The passers by obviously assumed this was some type of exhibition or play show for their enjoyment. Not wanting to prove them wrong just yet, she waved sultrily and walked the girl into a nearby room.

Once inside she dropped her onto a table top and watched as the girl fingered herself to orgasm. From defiant to orgasm in a few minutes; this stuff really worked. She leaned over and grabbed the girl's face in her hands. The girl just moaned in response.

"Oh…. mmm oh…"

"Where can I find Sonny P. my lovely?"

"Oh… top floor… back room…mmmm."

"Thank you my dear," she said to the blonde as she grabbed her head roughly. "It's true what they say you know? Death is a Bitch!"

A vicious twist ended the mindless blonde hostess' life and her body crumpled to the floor.

Stepping over the body and out into the main hall, she made her way slowly to the elevator. She knew Sonny P. was the main guy at this brothel and was the guy whom Feng Chi Wong said was responsible for the entire situation. Wong had pleaded that he was only a business man who paid for a prostitute. That was the last thing he pleaded.

The black lipstick had worked on him as well then as it just had on the hostess. She remembered well the effects when it had been used on her. She had been totally unable to control her desires or her responses. It was non-lethal by itself though someone under its suggestion was usually a helpless plaything to the one who delivered the kiss. She'd taken the man's stash of the stuff when she left him for dead.

She liked it more and more the more she used it.

She knew she wouldn't reach the top level and find zero resistance. Preparing herself for battle, she watched the numbers as the elevator climbed to the top floor.


The Destroyer stared in awe. He was standing in the doorway of a weapons locker that held the possessions of his grandfather. As he looked around he was nothing short of greatly impressed by the weapons the locker held. There were swords, shields and stakes of all kinds. Some torture devices inside appeared to be from an ancient era. But then he was certainly no expert on the subject. He'd only considered himself a serious villain for a number of months now after all.

He glanced around at everything still in awe at the cache of weapons his grandfather and gathered. Still, as impressive as it was, that didn't mean any of them would help against Supergirl. She was different. She had no belt to remove or a lasso to use against her. Her strength was greater than his. With Wonder Woman, he felt like he had her number. He could take her anytime at this point. But the same confidence didn't soothe him concerning Supergirl. He had only bested her a few times and only really defeated her once with the help of Synthetic Kryptonite.

He needed something else, something more to add to his arsenal of tricks. Finally his attention fell onto a strange little weapon. He stepped over a few items that he'd just thrown in here and bent down to pick it up. It was heavy. That was certain. But the handle was just right for a one handed grip and most of the weight was on the ends.

The end of about eight inches of handle held four tendrils with steel balls at the end. Each steel ball was about three inches in diameter and very heavy. As he picked it up he knew he'd have to have his armor on to use it properly. Still he swung it wildly at the wall and made dents in it. Smiling he considered this as a possible weapon. It was heavy but not too heavy for him to keep on his armor somewhere. It was possibly a good weight for his armored body to swing around in battle.

There was only one way to find out. Quickly he grabbed the weapon and went to put on his full armor. Only then would he know if this would work or not.


The red armored powerful woman stood to the side of the door as the elevator reached its destination. She'd decided this would be the best way to deal with the first wave of body guards just in case they were expecting someone. There was no way to know for sure if they had noticed the commotion on the first floor of the brothel. Considering the number of cameras around the building, she could only assume that they knew she was coming.

The door opened after the ding sounded. At first there was nothing but then she saw the tip of a gun as it was used to keep the doors opened. She waited for it to poke just a little farther into the elevator car before she sprang into action.

Reaching out with her left hand, she quickly grabbed the end of the weapon and jerked it farther into the elevator. The weapon came through bringing an off balanced man stumbling forward. As his head and body crossed the threshold, her right boot flew up and snapped his head backwards. He fell to his knees and she followed up by grabbing his head and slamming it into the light armor she wore around her right knee.

The bad news was that she was out in the open now and there were two more guards staring at her with weapons. Hoping to present a bad target she launched forward low and turned it into a roll. Weapons fired but missed as she moved very quickly. She finished by rolling forward into the knee of one guard, using her elbow to ruin his ability to walk or concentrate. As he screamed she sprang up and slammed her fist up under the chin of the other guard. He fell backwards and she grabbed his weapon. Turning it around, she used the butt to turn out the lights of both guards.

Now in relative silence, she looked up to see nothing in front of her. Sure that it wouldn't stay that way, she dropped the weapon and pasted herself against the wall and waited.

She didn't really want to just walk into the room at the end of the hall. That would be surely where Sonny P. was with surely some more guards. She made her way along the side wall in relative silence, slowly moving towards the room. About half way down the hallway she was about to make a dart towards the door when suddenly the wall opened up behind her. Still in shock at the apparent trap door in the side wall, she fell backwards onto the floor. Before she could even think to get up, one large body was straddling her and raining punches down everywhere. It was fairly dark but her cyber eye showed enough for her to know that there was a rather large man on top of her with at least two more nearby. This was unexpected.

The big man was certainly not ashamed of pounding on a woman; not in this place. He landed a few good shots before she'd had enough. She lifted her knees up and he went flying over her head and into the wall. She rolled backwards with her momentum and came up just beside the big man. A swift kick to his face took him out of the fight. The lights came on just in time for her to see that there were actually four more. And they were all coming in her direction.

She took a firm stance as they came at he staggered. The first to reach her dove wildly with the apparent aim of tackling her. A quick jab to his face used his own momentum to help knock him out. The second one had already landed a punch which she absorbed pretty easily. She ducked the second shot and slammed a fist into his mid-section. The third and fourth were both on her now. With the second one doubled over for a second she tried to focus on the other two. Lashing out with a fake left drew the attention of the closer one which allowed her to raise a vicious kick to his groin. That took care of him but not before the fourth and final landed a hard gloved fist across her face.

"UGH!" She screamed out as the force of the blow spun her head to the side. It was clear right away that this one was different than the other ones. He was either extra strong or had something in those gloves. She took a step back as he grinned. It was clear that he recognized she had felt the blow. As he made his way closer she could tell his confidence had grown even more. The good part of that was that she had only been surprised by his strength, not really hurt by it. He didn't seem willing to make the first move for some reason so she did it for him; thrusting a roundhouse kick towards his head. He ducked and threw a kick of his own which she dodged barely to the side. Spinning with her dodge, she used that force to strike a serious blow to his stomach. He doubled over which put his head in perfect position. She went to end this fight with a hard knee to his face.

"AGgggggggaa…" pain erupted in her neck and jolts of electricity shot through her. Instantly she was on her knees. Gladly she had been able to land the knee shot before she'd been hit with what she assumed was a taser. At least now she just had whoever had hit her with this thing to deal with. She was powerful enough now that her body recovered quickly from such an attack.


Just as quick as the thought of recovering quickly ran through her mind, a hard kick to the head clouded her world. With the force of the kick she had rolled over and was now laid out on her back with her arms and legs slightly spread.

"Mmmmm such a delightful surprise you are my dear," came a heavily accented voice that she knew to be Sonny P. She couldn't bring herself to respond but did turn her head to see him holding a taser and standing just beside her.

"Have we met? I don't believe we have. My name is Sonny P. and I am about to end your superheroine days," he said and squatted down quickly with a fist drawn back. She knew she had to dodge the punch. In such a weakened state it would be devastating.

WAM! Was the sound she heard just beside her ear as she barely turned in time. Desperate to gain the upper hand she reached up with her hands and pulled Sonny down to her face. Once face to face, she did something he didn't expect at all. She kissed him.

Almost instantly he was no longer trying to put her lights out. "Oh… mmm yeah baby," he said as he became aroused. Her black lips were doing their job well. Shortly she was able to get up freely and continued to kiss him. She laid him down on his back and kneeled over him as she finally stopped the kiss. She looked down with sultry eyes, "Sonny P, maybe you remember a red head that you put a bounty out on some time ago?"

"Yes…my love… kiss me again," he said lost in arousal.

"Who collected on that bounty? I need an address and a name." She cut off his attempt at claiming not to know anything by kissing him more and longer. "Now Sonny don't tell me that you don't know who collected the bounty or where they are. I know your business workings better than that. Who is it? Tell me and I'll finish what we've started," she said and knew she had him.

As she stroked his hair and kissed him lightly, he told her everything she needed to know. "Thanks Sonny baby, now to finish this," she said and drew her fist back, "For good!"

Crunch! His nose blew out blood and his eyes went blank before closing. The punch had done its job. He wouldn't be getting up anytime soon. And she knew from what he said that he didn't know her. Now all she had to do was leave here and trace down the last information that she had received.

She marveled at how glad she was that she had that black lipstick for that one. She probably could have escaped eventually anyway. This way however had brought her the information she had come for.

The final step back to where everything started, and ended, was to find the Villain who had defeated her and ruined her in the first place. The large man in the dark armor and mask who had talked to her as he destroyed her, was about to get a visit that he never expected. Red Dawn was about to revisit the man who she had begged to fuck her. Except she wasn't Red Dawn anymore, she was Vixen.


The Destroyer was in full armor and pounding the hell out of a steel wall. His new weapon was slightly bulky on the hip of his suit or armor but not too bad. He would get used to it soon. After hours of practicing and training with his new toy, he really liked how it handled. A full speed swing from his super powered strength would surely be something Supergirl would have to take notice of. The steel wall he had been practicing on was in dents and shambles now. It had craters and even holes from his swings. This could be a good thing. Now he just needed to look around and think of a way to draw out Supergirl. She was probably staying busy with Wonder Woman still recovering from her destruction at his hands.

Before he could enjoy the memory he was surprised to hear noise from the main hatch where his hideout's above ground section led to the main area. This could be interesting. Maybe Supergirl decided to come see him again. He would have liked more practice with the new weapon but that didn't seem to be an option now.

It didn't take long for her to shatter the fasteners on the hatch. The Destroyer scowled. He had just replaced those from Supergirl's previous unwelcome visit. He'd take it out on her ass this time he thought with an evil grin. First her red boots stepped down and he knew he was right about who it was. Instantly he started towards the hatch area so he could get the first shot in. After all this was Supergirl so he needed to bring it and bring it fast. He watched as she dropped to the floor and… froze.

She wasn't Supergirl. This girl had long auburn hair. The hair was blocking part of her face while the other side was masked from the cheek upward. Though couldn't get a great look at her face he saw enough to know she was a hot one. The armor was all red and bright with a plunging v-neck in the front that showed plenty of cleavage. She was just standing there, almost posing it seemed.

With a grin she finally broke the silence, "Weren't you going to attack me or something big boy?"

He composed himself and regained his swagger. This was his turf after all. "I have three questions for you. If you answer them well enough, I'll think about letting you walk out of here. First, who the hell are you? Second, how did you find me? Third, what do you want?" He stood ready and waited for a minute as she simply smiled.

Finally she spoke, "I am Vixen. A local brothel owner told me, much to his painful dismay," she smiled and seemed to ready herself. "As far as what I want," she flung her hair out of her face, "You!"

Suddenly she sprang into vicious action. The Destroyer backtracked and blocked as well as he could as she drove at him. Thunderous punches and elbows were flying at him. Some were landing and some were blocked. And the ones that landed hurt. They hurt pretty badly too. No doubt this Vixen was a super powered girl. Her attacks weren't focused or she would be having even more success. She had fighting skills that much was obvious. But her attacks were all rage. Her face was fixed in a teeth baring feline like grin.

Finally he found the opening he had been looking for and thrust a hard jab out at her mid-section. The impact stopped her in her tracks but didn't double her over. So she not only was extremely strong but also could take a hard hit. Instantly he got his momentum going and started delivering his own blows. Lefts, rights, elbows and knees went flying with much the same success as Vixen had against him. Not much. He drove her backwards until she was near the wall. That's exactly where he wanted her. He started to lean in for a game changing blow with her against the wall. She sprang out towards him in a quick surprising move. Her extended leg and foot just missed his chin and he spun with her. His hands on her hips turned and shoved her a few feet away. The Destroyer rolled to the side with the momentum of the toss. He came up quickly and turned to take advantage of the fallen Vixen only to catch a hard boot across the helmet.

His head snapped to the side and he fell to one knee. The force and placement of that blow had dislodged one side of his helmet. Before he could think past that another boot slammed across the other side of his face. The helmet held but he went to all fours briefly. This Vixen wasn't going to let him take a breath. She followed that up by lunging with a forward kick.

This time he was ready. He ducked the kick and drove forward between her legs. Vixen caught what he was doing but only in time to move slightly. He struck the back leg that she was standing on which sent her spinning to the floor. Instantly he was up and speeding towards her again. Vixen was up too but held a hand up, "Wait! Wait!"

The Destroyer wondered for a second how she could really think that would work. But then something in her face caught him and he did stop. Keeping a good distance and still keeping ready for anything he stood upright, "What?!"

He watched curiously as Vixen seemed to be in thought over something. Finally she turned to him again with her long hair partially in her face, "Do you remember this face?" she flung her hair out of her face.

The Destroyer studied the smooth attractive features and thought. Something was familiar about the face. He couldn't quite place it though. "Maybe but I can't place it."

Vixen smiled and shook her head. He was tired of waiting around for whatever she was trying to say, "Look Vixey or Vixen or whatever your name is, I don't remember your face. I'm not going to apologize for fucking your brains out if that's why you're here. I do think I would remember your body and fighting ability though. So I probably don't know you and haven't fucked you." He removed his helmet the rest of the way and walked up close to her. He looked down into her fierce eyes, "However, if fucking is what you want baby, then I will fuck you so hard you'll be calling me master in no time flat."


Vixen exploded forward in a rush of fury. First she slammed her head into his nose driving him backwards. She didn't expect the bastard to remember her but suggesting what he did the way he did was the wrong thing to do. Plus he took his helmet off and allowed her an opening. Vixen knew what to do with an opening.

She had continued pushing him backwards but this time she made a point of focusing her attacks into patterns. At first she was out of control but this time each blow was measured. With The Destroyer being off balance she definitely had the advantage now. To his credit he was still attacking at her as well as he could. One solid blow landed on her face but she spun with it, feeding on the pain. Vixen figured he would be ready for a spinning kick of some kind so she mixed it up. She spun around to face him and squatted down low. He started out to block a kick that never came just as she dove at his mid-section with all her might. There bodies flew a short distance before she planted him hard on the floor.

He was stunned just long enough and she straddled his stomach and started swinging. One blow after the other rained down onto The Destroyer's exposed face. Some he managed to block but others landed. Finally he relaxed and she stopped. She could feel the fight drain out of him. Vixen leaned down towards him as she readied for her one last kiss.

"By the way handsome, you don't remember my face but I thought before your lights go out for good I would share my old name with you. You don't know Vixen but you helped make me." The look of exhausted confusion on his face was priceless. "You defeated me and turned me in to the people who made me into this. In my previous life you destroyed me, Mr. Destroyer." She was now right up close to his face and about to take away any resistance he might have with her kiss. "Before I was Vixen I was Red Dawn." Before her kiss could land her nose exploded in pain and she fell backwards off of him onto her back.


Finally he'd gotten a good shot in, thought The Destroyer. It had taken almost getting knocked out to find an opening but he found one. Just as she was leaning in to kiss him he had head-butted her hard in the nose. Before she leaned down to kiss him; now that was a mystery. Why would she have done that? There was a degree of shock still running through him after hearing that Vixen was the former Red Dawn. It had been several months since he collected the bounty that was on her head. He had run her down and defeated her. Then he'd brought her back to his old hideout and destroyed her. After turning her totally defeated over to the ones who wanted her, he had thought nothing of her or their encounter. For him the battles with Wonder Woman were fun. Now the battle with Supergirl was personal. But that with Red Dawn had been simply the best way to make a lot of money fast. It was over then. Obviously for her at that point it had just started.

He stood and approached where she was lying now face down. From above and behind it looked like she was rubbing her face with her hands. He wondered briefly if her nose was broken but that didn't matter now. He had her right where he wanted her. Reaching down he grabbed her auburn hair and jerked her head around. The Destroyer didn't have the chance to react before Vixen lurched forward and tackled him back down to the ground. He didn't notice her nose bleeding or being broken but he noticed her black lipstick had been rubbed off. She straddled him and leaned down with a vicious head-but of her own that mixed his signals for a few seconds.

When he came fully back to his senses, not more than a few seconds, she was face to face with him. What she did next was a bigger shock than knowing who she used to be. She licked his lips and then across to his ear. She whispered, "I want you to fuck me."

"Whu… what?" he asked in befuddlement.

"Fuck me! Don't you know how to do that? You fucked my brains out before!" She grabbed his shoulders and roughly slammed his head off of the floor. "You bastard! Would it help you get it up if I resisted? Huh? Is that what gets you excited? You want a fight you asshole?" She pounded her fist into his head a few times, "I can give you one!"

By the time the next punches came, The Destroyer was finally ready to retaliate. He leaned to the side and her fist hit the floor. Quickly he grabbed that arm and spun to where he was on top of her. He held her shoulders down as she wrapped her legs around his waste and squeezed. "You whore; you want me to fuck you so? I guess no one knows how to do it like me right?"


He ripped the open the mesh armor front of her costume. "Oh you didn't think anyone could do that? Let me tell you something," his hand went to her throat, "You have no idea how strong I am!"

"Then show me!" She smiled and then punched him in the chin, "Come on!"

The Destroyer stumbled back on his heels from the surprising chin punch and then Vixen popped up into a fighting stance, "Come on fucker! You think you're strong enough to break me now?" She launched herself at him even as her armored costume gapped open where he had torn it. The Destroyer wasn't going to lower his defenses and give her a break again. He reached behind to where his new weapon was and grabbed the handle firmly in his right hand. By that time the charging Vixen was almost on him.

This seemed to go into slow motion as he brought his arm around extremely quick swinging it low. The steel balls swung down just missing his right calf as he sped the weapon back up through the shrinking space between Vixen and himself. In reality it was speeding through space too quick for Vixen to change her course.

"Aaaghhh!!" Vixen screamed briefly when the steel balls struck her. One steel ball had struck her in the chin while the other three missed. The one that got her snapped her head up and to the side and her arms flailed loosely. Her momentum carried her on forward but her legs had gone limp on contact resulting in a kind of lingering fall and slide. After her momentum finally was used up she tumbled a few times and came to a silent stop. The Destroyer sheathed his new weapon and smiled, that had gone very well for the first time.

He approached kind of slow, ever weary of a trap. Finally as he neared her he noticed her head lolling from side to side extremely slowly with her auburn hair wildly splayed around. Her arms were bent and limply resting on the ground up and to the side of her head. Her opened costume had been laid open enough to reveal one entire side of her chest and her stomach. Oh yeah she was out of it, but for how long? That he couldn't tell so he moved quickly.

He reached her and quickly helped her out of the red armor she wore which was lighter and easier than he thought it would be from its appearance. By the time he removed her armor she was stirring slightly more. Her head swayed to the left and her legs spread slightly, one bent and one straight. Vixen's sizable breasts swayed to the right as her body swayed that way. She had fought just long enough for there to be a light sheen on her tanned skin. The Destroyer looked her up and down as she swayed her body and head around again. Finally she bent her legs and spread them as her consciousness fought to return. His gaze fell on her thighs and followed them down to where only a small black thong covered her nether region. Unable to take it anymore, he fell onto his knees and immediately began by ripping her thong off and using one hand to tightly squeeze her breast. With the other hand he started lightly fingering her pussy.

"Mmmm…" a subconscious moan escaped from Vixen's slightly parted lips.

The Destroyer, spurred on by her helpless moans, quickened his fingering efforts and roughly squeezed her nipple. "OH!...ah…" her breathing quickened and her hips bucked to the rhythm of his hand.

"Mmm… oh…" her eyes were still closed but her head was moving from side to side quicker. Seeing that she was almost fully conscious the Destroyer chose to claim her now. He removed the cover over his cock which was fully erect and positioned himself over her. He teased her pussy quickly with his cock and then rammed it fully inside her.

A sudden gasp escaped Vixen's lips and her eyes popped open. But the Destroyer was already pumping away.

"Wha…. Oh… mmmoh…oh… whay…"

"Yeah! This is what you wanted isn't you slut?" he taunted.

"Mmm… oh god… been so… mmm fuck…" her hands pulled at her hair and then tried to shove him away weakly. He pumped into her harder and faster and her resistance slowly began to fade. He grabbed her shoulders and roughly spun her over. He put his arm under her chin and pulled her back to his chest. She breathed heavily as he slightly entered her from the different angle.

"Answer me! Is this what you wanted? Huh?" he got no answer but spit in the face. He shoved her over to her hands and slammed his cock into her harder still. She grunted and flung her hair back as she looked back and scowled at him, "Oh…. mmm that all you… ahhh!!" Destroyer ended her taunt by jerking her hair hard and quickening his pace still more.

"oh… ahah… oh fuck… ye….y…"

"Now you like it don't you slut!!"

"OH….. oh…. fuck yes…. Oh you fucker! Yes…. Fuck me harder!! Yes….god yes!"

Several minutes brought more intensity and greater pleasure to Vixen if her screams were any sign. Destroyer was pleased with how well he had tamed her before and this time it was even more complete. Finally she came hard and he pulled out.

He grabbed her head and shoved his cock close to her mouth, "You know what to do!"

She cleaned his cock completely. He released her head and she sat up quickly and shoved him off of her. She shoved him four feet backwards. He was spent from his exertion and dazed from the shove when she stood, "Now that is more like it!"

She put on the tatters of her costume, "So what do you call yourself again? The Destroyer? Well you started this whole thing with how you ravished me before. Now I am more powerful. I am angrier and I take no prisoners. But I have a problem."

Destroyer stared in astonishment. She acted like she wasn't broken at all. Vixen apparently read his face, "Oh don't worry big boy you broke me alright. You just did it all those months ago. But back to my problem again. First I need somebody to fight. From cops down to heroes or heroines it doesn't mater to me. I'll help you if you help me. And here's how you help me; I need someone to fuck that I won't kill in the process. You think you can help me with that?"

Destroyer started to tell her to get the hell out just out of frustration. But then he considered again what she said. Heroines. He sure could use some help in his quest to make Supergirl pay once and for all. And apparently Vixen was more powerful and more vicious than he had ever thought possible. This could work out. Plus he might get the chance to slam her hot body now and then. He could handle that in return for getting Supergirl once and for all.

"Will you do what I say when I say it?"

"Hell no," she answered, "But I'll consider you in charge. Is that good enough? I'll at least think about doing what you tell me to as long as you give me something to do. Do we have a deal?"

Destroyer smiled. Oh he could give her something to do alright, "We have a deal for sure."

The End…

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