The Steel Destroyer 07  

By DM Shadow

The Destroyer - Episode VII


By DM_Shadow

(Not long after Supergirl's rescue of Wonder Woman from the Destroyer's hideout)

"Oh gods it just felt so good Kara! I mean I can't believe you didn't think so too. Didn't you see his face? Great Hera! He's so hot! If you could just see him without that dumb suit on you'd see trust me," Wonder Woman said.

"My goodness just listen to yourself Diana! How many times do we have to go over this? The Destroyer is not someone you can afford to fall for or even want in that way. Sweetheart he is one of the bad guys, to use an old phrase. We don't like them. We fight them. Get it?" Supergirl asked.

"I know Kara! I know you're exactly right! I know I shouldn't think of him in that way but I close my eyes and I just," Wonder Woman stopped and visibly shivered, "I can still feel him inside me. Oh with those piercing eyes too, it's just too much!"

Supergirl shook her head, "Diana you have to resist those thoughts and urges! They just defeat your will all over again! You said yourself that was why he defeated you so easily this last time. You were half defeated already by your own dreams and desires. You have to get over that Diana, you have to!"

"Kara I," Wonder Woman's face grew serious, "I don't know if I can."

Supergirl bowed and shook her head slowly. Her friend Diana was really in bad shape still. If she went back into combat now she would likely still be in danger of defeating herself all over again. That was bad news to some degree because Supergirl had really hoped that they could double team against The Destroyer and help keep each other strong. It didn't look like that was going to happen now though. Finally she looked to Diana again, "You just concentrate on getting better my friend." She stroked Wonder Woman's hair as she spoke, "Don't worry about anything. If The Destroyer does come after me for revenge I'll take care of the bastard once and for all."

She kissed Wonder Woman on the cheek and left the room. She had some planning and preparing to do. She had to be ready if and when The Destroyer came after her. Supergirl felt like it was now only a matter of time.


(The present)

Supergirl closed her eyes and let the hot water of the shower run over her face and body. She smoothed her hair back by running her hands through it then. As she reached for the body wash her thoughts returned once more to her situation. Her motto for the past couple of months had been constant: Prepare for The Destroyer to attack. But thus far no attack had come. She'd heard rumors and seen things that seemed to possibly have his mark on them. That was hard though because he really didn't leave a mark. There was that new chick Vixen that definitely left a mark; a big black one. Every time a big heist went down and a guard had black lipstick smeared on his face; it was Vixen. The news had at first taken to calling her the Black Lipstick Bandit. Vixen had ended that by leaving a lipstick note on one guard's chest that read "I am Vixen." Though some still called her BLB most had taken to the new name quite well. No hero or heroine had been able to get a fix on her yet. No one even knew what she looked like since anyone she came into contact with either didn't remember anything or was dead. Supergirl hadn't focused on her at all with all of her attention on preparing for The Destroyer. While Vixen took up at least one article per week in the paper the Destroyer was quiet. He might as well have been a ghost.

Supergirl turned around to rinse the soap off of her body. She ran the washcloth down her chest and over her perfectly sized breasts; her nipples standing out from the washing. Her stomach was flat with a delicate six pack just outlined. She ran her hands over past and around to her firm round but. Finally she rinsed the suds from her powerfully toned arms and legs, the soap running between her thighs and down to the shower floor. She knew she had to do something about this. Just sitting around and waiting wasn't doing anyone any good.

After drying off, Supergirl donned her costume and headed out to see what she could find. She had gotten one tip about Vixen supposedly hitting every major jewelry store in the city. It was said that she would be going after large gems everywhere she could get her hands on them. What better way to get some action than to put a stop to this Vixen's young villainess career now? Supergirl could think of nothing better except ending that of the Destroyer himself.

Knowing which places had been hit and which ones hadn't made the search much narrower. From there Supergirl just flew quickly from one to the next hoping to find something. Finally while checking out the sixth place on her list she hit pay-dirt. There inside was a woman about her own size clad head to toe in a thin red armor from the way it looked. She had long auburn hair and moved gracefully from counter to counter in the new store apparently looking for something specific. Now was as good of a time as any, Supergirl thought and stepped through the hole that had been put in the entrance way. Being as quiet as she could she snuck up to within several meters of the bandit, "Looking for something?"

"Holy shit!" the auburn girl turned around with a start, "Supergirl? You scared the shit out of me! Don't sneak up on people that way you could give someone a heart attack!"

Supergirl made a confused face, "You don't seem too upset that I've busted you red handed. You aren't stealing anything tonight! You're coming with me!" She finished the standard hero talk and still couldn't make any sense of the attitude shown by the theif. She noticed the black lipstick and suddenly thought that she really had lucked out. This could be Vixen herself.

"Okay, Supergirl very funny! You got me," the girl made a confused face, "Wait you don't recognize me? Supergirl it's me, Red Dawn!"

"Red Dawn? But I thought…" Supergirl stopped thinking that she did look like Red Dawn now that she really looked at her face.

"I was shipped out and done for right? I know it was widely over reported. I'm looking around trying to find that hot Vixen chick! She is getting good don't you think? I guess we'll have to put to her little run."

"But," Supergirl relaxed a bit but still was confused, "But, the black lipstick? Why do you look so different?"

Supergirl remained tensed as the red clad girl walked over to her, "Let me tell you what happened," she said. She put her arm around Supergirl's shoulders and tried to lead her across the floor. Supergirl went along cautiously as she started her story. It was long and boring for the first few minutes and Supergirl found herself wishing she hadn't come in this place at all. She had accused a fellow heroine, though admittedly a strange one, of being a Villainess and now she had to listen to this boring story. Suddenly though it wasn't boring anymore.

"RAA! Got you Bitch!" came the call of a blur of motion as it swung down from the exposed beams of the ceiling and tackled Red Dawn. It happened so fast that it took Supergirl a minute to realize that it was the Destroyer! If he was attacking this girl than she really must be Red Dawn. And here she was just watching him punch her one after the other. Cursing herself she ran over and pulled the Destroyer off of Red Dawn and slung him across the floor. Red Dawn was still down so Supergirl positioned herself between her and Destroyer.

"You really need to stop pulling me off of heroines that I have mounted Supergirl! I'm starting to get pissed off about it!" the Destroyer said. His voice was strangely calmer than she had thought it would be. She had expected him to go into a full blown vengeful rage upon seeing her again. Instead he just stood up ready but relaxed.

"Your time has come Destroyer! I won't stand by and let you attack Red Dawn again! You worthless soaaaaaAAAAH!!!" Supergirl never finished her sentence as her crotch exploded in pain. She bent over at the waist and held her hand between her legs. That was a powerful punch from behind. But how unless…

Suddenly a hand snatched her hand from between her legs and jerked it through and behind her. Supergirl now was bent over looking through her legs at Red Dawn; who was the one holding her hand.

"Surprise, surprise Supergirl!" Red Dawn yelled as she brought her foot up and kicked Supergirl directly in the butt. The force of the kick coupled with Red Dawn still holding her arm flipped her over onto her back. She lay in a surprised heap as the red armored girl quickly moved to pound a fist into her face. Supergirl jerked to the side and slung her arm free of the girl's grasp, "What's going on?"

"What's going on Supergirl? Newsflash bitch, I am not Red Dawn anymore! I am Vixen! And I am about to prove my strength by beating the shit out of you!" Vixen launched a series of kicks and punches that drove her back. Supergirl backtracked as she blocked and looked for an opening. Finally she ducked punch and threw a hard one of her own. She had expected the girl who had always been weaker than Supergirl to just fall down. Instead Vixen surprised her by turning the momentum into a spin kick that struck her across the face and hard. She had gotten stronger it seemed; much stronger! Supergirl wasn't hurt though and drove at Vixen with several punches of her own. More landed than didn't but the villainess wouldn't go backwards. She stood her ground even through the barrage of blows. Supergirl thought she finally had the opening she needed and went with a punch delivered by Vixen. She spun with the force of the blow just as Vixen had earlier and began to extend a boot when her head snapped back the other way. She had forgotten all about the Destroyer! Vixen had driven her to him and at first chance he had stunned Supergirl. She was still on her feet but shaken when Vixen pulled her arms behind her.

"Forget about someone super bitch?" the Destroyer asked, "Try and remember this!"

AHgh! AHGHoooo! The two punches hit her hard and perfectly on her jaw. She was still being held in place by Vixen who was apparently plenty strong enough to hold a stunned Supergirl. A kick to the gut and several more punches to the face had her out on her feet. The only thing Supergirl could think was how well this had been planned. They had surprised her at ever point and taken advantage. The Destroyer brought both fists towards her; then everything went black.


"Well that went well," Vixen said.

The Destroyer looked down at the fallen Supergirl. He had hoped that she would forget he was back here after the shock of being attacked by Vixen. It had worked better than he could have hoped. Not only did she do that but she spun and gave him a golden opportunity to slam her hard in the face. He wasn't sure she was out of the fight at that point. When Vixen held her arms though he knew he had to move fast. He threw two of his best punches to stun her farther. After that it had just been a matter of keeping the punches going until she weakened far enough to knock her out. That of course had taken way longer than it should have. But then she was Supergirl after all. Finally he pounded his fists into each side of her head at the same time. That had done it. She had risen slightly with a grimace only to fall to her knees and then flat onto her face. But part of it worried him. It had been very quick, maybe too quick. "Yes it did. Don't get cocky though we need to secure her now and get her back to the hideout."

"Oh come on, as hard as you sandwiched her face even Supergirl will be out for hours," Vixen said confidently. "So are you carrying her or me? You're the strong one so I think it should be you."

The Destroyer couldn't help but almost dislike her confident aura. This kind of thing is what got her ass kicked as a Heroine. He bent down and hoisted Supergirl onto his shoulder. He easily carried her towards the rear entrance that he and Vixen had used. Once outside, Vixen came up to walk directly beside him as they headed to his van. She had to step quickly as contrary to her, Destroyer was in a hurry.

Then it happened.

Just as he thought about how he needed to hurry he felt Supergirl's body grow weightless on his shoulder and then she was gone. Almost quicker than the eye could see she flew directly into Vixen and drove her into and through the old brick wall of the building. The Destroyer heard a grunt from Vixen and just could see Supergirl's elbows draw back one after the other as she quickly pounded Vixen into sure unconsciousness. He barely had time to get over the shock of making sense of what had happened when she started out of the building with a sort of blank rage pasted across her face.

"Nice trick and nice try Destroyer. This time you will have to do better than that," Supergirl struck a stern fighting stance, "Much better."

The Destroyer took a half step back from the heroine that stood ten feet away, "I knew it! I knew that was too easy!" It didn't take long for him to regain his normal cocky composure, "At least tell me one thing; that shit hurt like hell didn't it?"

Her face didn't crack even the faintest of grins, "Not as bad as this!" And she was airborne and on him in seconds. He felt himself being driven back towards another wall, this one made of metal, and knew he had to act fast. The one problem with that was that he couldn't think of anything to do that he had the leverage to pull off. She held him too far away for a simple head-butt and her legs were arranged so that he couldn't land a low blow very easily. With all of this running through his mind in a matter of fractions of a second he still had nearly no time left. Finally it hit him. He snatched his new bolo type weapon from it's hiding place and swung it desperately to the right side. It struck her in the right side of the rib cage and hard. Her trajectory instantly changed as she released his shoulders and careened off to his left. The only thing he saw was her hands going to her ribs and her body hitting another part of the steel wall. Then he hit the wall himself.

The Destroyer coughed and threw a large section of the metal wall off of him. The wall hadn't given way completely but just enough to both make his impact slightly less and to allow some of the metal to come bending and crashing down upon him. All in all he had been dead right it seemed. She was playing possum and waiting for her chance. Boy did she ever take it. He didn't know if Vixen would ever wake up and he was still on the ground. He rolled to the side and slowly got up holding his neck. It wouldn't have done him too well if she had been able to finish driving him through the wall herself. He hurt even at the thought and he was hurting enough as it was. Finally he got to his feet and looked to his left to find Supergirl. He found her over there just rising to her feet as well still holding her right side ribs. Her face turned up to him in a snarl as her breasts heaved with each breath. Her head snapped back to get the hair out of her face. The Destroyer thought he likely had a few seconds of talking back and forth to prepare his next move.

He was wrong.

Supergirl didn't take one step forward. Her face kept the same angry snarl and her eyes grew red briefly before he realized that he was in more trouble than he thought. The heat vision was blocked somewhat by his armor but not for long. He tried to run into the warehouse to get away but it was no use. She stayed right with him. Each time her heat vision burned through a spot in his armor she would focus on another. He could feel just slightly that he was weakening as his armor was weakening. The Destroyer was near panicked and finally began throwing everything he could find at Supergirl. She deflected or ducked everything. If she had to stop the heat vision attack on his armor to dodge or deflect something she simply began again. The few times he tried to charge or something she would refocus her attack on a bare spot and severely burn his skin. At last he bumped against a wall and knew there was nothing else he could do. In desperation he grabbed his bolo and flung it at her head. Her heat vision did stop but only for her to grab the weapon easily out of the air. She spun it around in her grasp as if it were a stick and threw it back his way. His hands came up to try and block but he knew enough to know he couldn't block all of it. Just before it closed on his greatly weakened armor he thought he saw a shadow zooming down towards him. Then his own weapon struck him and his thoughts went to black.


Granted it had only just happened but Vixen didn't think she'd ever been in such bad shape as she was a few minutes ago. The Destroyer had warned her not to be too confident but she hadn't listened. And boy did it cost her. All she had seen was Supergirl shift on the Destroyer's shoulders and then she started flying backwards. The blow of being driven through the wall was bad enough but the severe blows by an enraged Supergirl were the knockout blows. When she awoke she didn't know how much time had passed. She had been able to hear rumblings in the building across the alley. Finally once she was able to stand she saw red glowing through a hole in the building. She wasn't sure exactly what was going on but since she knew the Destroyer didn't have any power that was glowing red; it couldn't be good.

She quietly made her way into the building and then saw the trouble the Destroyer was in. There were several holes burned all the way through his armor and he was constantly backtracking. Vixen could tell by his uncharacteristic movements that he was in serious trouble. A quick glance around showed scaffolding and several pieces of bar steel which apparently were never able to be used for their intended purpose. She grabbed one of those and as quietly as she could began to scale the scaffolding. Once she was several feet above the floor she heard her partner yell in exertion. She saw that he had flung his bolo type weapon at Supergirl. It was clearly done in desperation and Vixen knew it wasn't going to work. Just as Supergirl threw the weapon back towards Destroyer, Vixen launched herself with the bar steel in hand.

Through her summersaults she lost track of what exactly happened to the Destroyer but she could figure it wasn't good. The flips were designed to maximize her momentum as she drove to surprise the distracted Supergirl. As if in slow motion the blond superheroine began to turn her attention to the threat that she had apparently just heard. But she knew it was going to be too late. Vixen was already executing her final spin as she used all of her ring-enhanced might to swing the steel.


Supergirl was in as good of a zone as she could be in. All of her planning and preparation had paid off better than she could have expected. From the moment she had realized she fell into their trap she had looked for an opportunity to execute her plan. She had wanted to fake getting knocked out and lull the Destroyer, and in this case Vixen, into a false confidence. Of course she couldn't very well just fall down with one punch; she was Supergirl. So she had to fight just enough to be able to get beaten and then wait for the big blow. As usual the Destroyer had a huge blow waiting. It was perfect because it had hurt like crazy and while it didn't actually knock her out; it did ring her bell. She had just fallen out and waited. Finally the right opportunity was upon her and she struck. Now as she was slowly finishing off the Destroyer one heat vision blast at a time, her rage began to subside. All of her anger and hurt over what had happened to Diana and what had happened to herself was finally getting out of her at long last. The Destroyer made one final desperate attempt to stop her with his new bolo type weapon but it was no use. She had enough power and momentum built up that snagging it and slinging it back at him was almost little effort. It struck him hard through his attempt at a block and he was out. The good feelings of finally destroying the Destroyer didn't last long however as a shadow caught her eye just out of the edge of her vision. She turned as quickly as she could. Through the shock and fear of what was coming at her, she tried to bring her arm up and duck as quickly as she could. At her dismay it looked as if she would be too late to dodge it.


Wonder Woman laid back onto her couch as her favorite day time show went to commercial. The process of healing from her mental wounds had been much more of a problem than she could ever have imagined. She never expected to be here long enough to have a favorite day time show. Though this facility was nice and the people had in large part left her to work through her problems in privacy. Only now and then did she get a visit from Supergirl or maybe another of her friends. Mostly she was able to deal with her demons on her own terms in blessed privacy. It had gotten results. She was now more confident than ever that she was completely healed. So confident was she in fact that she had told them this morning she would be leaving in a day or two. She had wanted to let them know so that they could use this room, which really was like a suite separated from the main building, for another person in need of help.

Suddenly a sound from the main room startled her. It sounded like the door slamming open and it more than got her attention. She wrapped a robe around her skimpy pajamas and snuck to the door. She didn't see anyone immediately, "Who's there?" There was no answer so she shrugged and walked on into the dining area.

"Great Hera!" Wonder Woman exclaimed. There in front of her stood the Destroyer himself. He was in plain clothes showing off his handsome features. In front of him wearing tattered remnants of her costume with her arms held behind her back was Supergirl. Her expression was one of complete defeat as the Destroyer shoved her forward and she fell to her knees. Wonder Woman was in too much shock to worry about herself. She didn't have her power belt or uniform on after all and this was the Destroyer. Her mouth was agape as he roughly gripped Supergirl's hair and jerked her head back. He bested that by reaching down and grabbing a handful of the remaining tatters of her top.

"Oh I'm not great hera but you will be screaming my name again soon Wonder Woman. Your friend here was almost successful in her attempt at revenge," he quickly jerked his hand upward and ripped the top the rest of the way off. "Almost that is," he said with a smile. With her cape already gone, Supergirl was now topless on her knees in the floor. She was completely helpless. Also Wonder Woman noticed from this angle that though her little skirt was still on her; her panties were not.

This was bad. The Destroyer shoved the nearly nude Supergirl over onto her side and she only squirmed slightly. He came straight for Wonder Woman and she took quick steps backward but not quick enough. "Ahhh!" she cried as he slapped her across the face. He threw a few quick punches that destroyed the little bit of resistance that was rising within her. He seemed content to let his actions do the talking as he reached for and roughly removed her robe. Then the talking began.

"You're still my bitch Wonder Woman! I can see it in your eyes."

Wonder Woman was shocked at his statement. How dare he say such a thing! She spun to kick but he effortlessly deflected her leg. She spun and brought a punch towards his face. His fist grabbed and stopped her fist. She couldn't believe the power he had even without his armor! Her hand was in throbbing pain.

"Please, please stop," she heard herself whimper and almost didn't believe she'd said it. Then she said it again, "Please." She dropped to her knees and looked up at him. He was just too powerful. She just wanted to give in and make the pain stop. He said nothing still but reached down and jerked her top off the same way he had Supergirl's. "No, not that please," she shook her head.

The Destroyer smiled at her with his handsome face. She was nearly lost immediately in his eyes. Still the feeling of him inside her filled her mind and defeated her will. All over again she was beaten almost before she began to resist. And worse it was even quicker this time. She obeyed as he pulled her hair and made her stand. He led her over to the bed in her room. He pulled rope from a pocket and secured her to the bed by her hands. After testing the bonds he jerked her shorts off quickly and left the room.

Not knowing what to expect brought a combination of fear and excitement to Wonder Woman. Then the Destroyer led Supergirl into the room with her arms now free. He shoved her onto the bed and said, "Do it now!" Supergirl gave a quick pleading glance at him and then a sorrowful one at Wonder Woman.

Then she lowered her face down between Wonder Woman's legs. Waves of pleasure flew over Wonder Woman so fast that all she could do was release a long moan. She couldn't figure out what had happened. Sure the Destroyer could have defeated her but this was like he had destroyed her mind and soul. That was the last thought she had however before all of her thoughts were consumed with pleasure.

"Oh… ah goddess!!!" Supergirl was working her over as if she had always known how to please her most. "Kara oh goddess stop!! Ah no… no don't stop please!! Oh yeah… yeah… oh yes Kara I've always wanted… Oh!!"

She forgot almost completely that the Destroyer was in the room until a loud moan from Supergirl rang out. She looked up to see him behind Supergirl pounding her from behind. Her friend screamed and moaned into her crotch as she drove her over the top.

"Ah!!! OHOHOHGG!!!! YES!! CUMING!!!! AHAHhhhhh Ah!"




"YES MORE!!! OH YES!! Oh.."


Suddenly Wonder Woman's eyes came open and she sat up with a gasp. There near here was Supergirl fully dressed in her full uniform with only a few minor scratches in the fabric. She looked around puzzled. The television was on the channel of her favorite show but the late news was on. She had been asleep! But for how long? Goddess worse than that was the content of the dream. She thought she was healed… wasn't she?

"Diana, are you okay? What was that? You aren't having those dreams again are you?" her friend asked.

"Uh.. no.. nope, I was um, dreaming of Clark," Wonder Woman lied.

"Ew! Gross," Supergirl held up a hand to stop her, "Woa I'm related you can stop there! Well listen I got them. I got him!"


"Diana are you sure you're okay? I went after Vixen and guess what? She was throwing in with the Destroyer himself. I pasted the Destroyer real bad. Vixen almost got me though. She nearly took my head off with a big beam or something. Thank god I was able to barely get out of the way. From there it was a tough fight but I got her in the end. They are both in federal custody as we speak."

Wonder Woman couldn't believe the feeling of disappointment that rang over her briefly. She was clearly not fully healed from her ordeal. But it didn't matter now anyway.

"Diana sweetie, I'm worried about you. Didn't you hear me? It's over! It's all over! He's up the river! He's gone."

Finally she put on the pleasing happy grin that Supergirl was expecting to begin with and hugged her.

"You had me worried there Diana, don't play around like that. I'm glad you are finally better and over everything. Finally we can get back to our normal crime fighting lives."

As they hugged Wonder Woman slid her hands down near the seam of Supergirl's skirt, "Right, right… back to normal."


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