The Steel Destroyer 02  

By DM Shadow

The Destroyer - Episode II

Wonder Woman is the property of DC Comics- The Villain is mine

Written by Dm_Shadow

This had been the best month of his life! That was the thought going through Jacen Draimen's head as he looked at the briefcase full of money that had come his way as a result of the bag of jewels he snagged a week ago. He had sold them on the black market to someone overseas for an incredible about of money. And that had followed an incredible back and forth little dance with Supergirl that had resulted in his leaving her naked and slumped against a wall with his cum and synthetic Kryptonite smeared all over her. That was still a visual to treasure as was the memory of his fucking her and making her cum several times over.

Yes this had indeed been the best month of his life. It had all started when he grabbed the old armor suit that his Grandfather had left him after he died. He always that it was a bit strange to have a suit of armor; as it was strange to hear his grandfather say that he had above average strength. He had decided to see if the thing fit and the result was not only that it fit but that it improved his strength as well. If it was already above average and this armor made it even better, his strength would have to rival almost anyone's. And considering his success with Supergirl, it seemed that that was exactly what had happened.

He had gone from a slightly troubled man with no real future except petty crime, to calling himself a Villain and even giving himself a name: The Destroyer. His confidence was through the roof now. Having moved on from the town where he had fucked up Supergirl, he was thriving on theft everywhere. All that led to tonight when he was going to try and break into the vault of and the biggest bank in this town. He was right here at the window now and was about to open the door.

He pulled his fists back and smashed the glass of the door and the doors themselves. There was no alarm so it must be silent. Authorities would come but they would do no good. Quickly before they could get here, he went to the vault and used his super strength, that he had really started testing now to force open the vault door. He noticed that his strength seemed to be improving. The more he pushed his strength to its limits, the stronger he became. He was sure there was a limit and he surely wouldn't try it without the armor. But it was a good feeling nonetheless as he walked into the vault and started pocketing money left and right from drawers and bags and wherever he could.

"Freeze!" called a female voice from behind him. He turned and saw an attractive female police officer and two men behind her on each side.

"Oh, damn! Okay I'll come easily. Don't shoot!" he said with false defeat as he walked forward toward the three.

"Agghh!" came the sound of the female as she was punched in the throat. She dropped her weapon and soon so did the other two after he knocked them out cold with one punch each. The woman was still holding her throat and was still alert. He walked over to her and, grabbing her collar with one hand, jerked her top off with his great strength.

"Aghh… stop…" she said in a weak voice. This didn't feel as good as what he did to Supergirl. He figured he probably would stop. Just as soon as he ripped her pants off to see how good her legs were. Just for the hell of it of course. He reached down but before he could finish stripping the officer, was interrupted by another female voice.

"Unhand her this instant you misguided fool! Come quietly with me and I won't hurt you!"

He turned and saw the most beautiful brown haired woman he had ever seen. It was Wonder Woman! Unreal! Surely he must be dreaming. But no there she was with hands on hips and her sexy curvy tanned body. She was probably even taller than he was. What a magnificent woman.

"Walk away from the officer! Now!" Wonder Woman said interrupting his admiration of her. He looked down at the officer who was still coughing and spitting from his throat punch… WAM!... Thud… he punched her hard across her side turned face and her pretty head hit the floor. She was out.

"There," he said as he stepped towards the sexy Amazon, "Is that what you wanted?"

"You bastard!" she cried with anger as she stepped to him and grabbed him by the collar. She lifted him up in the air, "Tell me you're coming easily or I'll send you down the hard way right now, myself."

"Okay, okay I'll come easy," he said, "Please just put me down."

She did so and turned her back on him briefly. "Wha…" she cried as he grabbed her around the neck and squeezed with both arms. She started wiggling more with some panic when her simple attempts to free herself didn't work.

"You obviously haven't heard of me Bitch, I will not be coming easily after all," he said menacingly, "You will!" Boom! Not willing to give her enough time to try with full force to free herself, he slammed her head onto the hard floor with a loud thud, stunning her.

"Unnn….," moaned Wonder Woman as she rolled to her side and stood on unsteady feet. She couldn't find him at first, and when she turned to see him, a vicious fist met her jaw on the way around snapping her head back the other way. She had no idea how strong he was. This would be easy and fun. She swung a weak fist his way which he caught and used to pull her to him.


That allowed for a strong knee to her gut, doubling her over at the waste. He then took a step back and brought his boot up in a vicious kick to her face.

"Oooh…wh…?" she said in confusion as she laid on the floor on her side.

Knowing from his Supergirl encounter not to give them time to recharge, he straddled Wonder Woman's stomach and punched her two quick times in the face.

"nnnnno…" she said still awake somehow.

Figuring to take care of that, he belted her jaw with a left - right combo as hard as he could. Wonder Woman went limp.

Shit! He heard more sirens coming soon. He had another Superheroine at his mercy and couldn't take advantage of it. He had to humiliate her somehow. Thinking quickly, he loosened her boots and removed them quickly. Knowing he had to make his get away before the others got here, he went out the door. Turning back for a quick glance, it was a good feeling to know that when the cops' reinforcements got here, they would find Wonder Woman, unconscious on the bank floor barefooted. It brought him great pride knowing he left her that way with only a handful of punches. Of course the lick of her head on the floor did most of the damage but he still felt his confidence growing.

And he quickly left the scene just getting around the corner as they arrived.


Wonder Woman felt like a fool! She had underestimated the man in the armor and it had cost her a horrible embarrassing moment with the cops seeing her sprawled out on the floor with no boots on. UGH! She'd be ready for him next time. And she had a tip already from the police that she was going to follow to where she would ambush him. That would work nicely, she thought. No one embarrassed her that way and got away with it!


There he was; a tall man in black armor that had just embarrassed her in front of the police. She still was seething over getting woken up by that officer who found her sprawled on the bank floor with no boots. That fool still had them somewhere as a trophy no doubt. As she watched him take a few boxes into the warehouse, she knew that he was unaware of her presence. It was time to make her move. Keeping hidden until he was inside and out of sight, Wonder Woman slowly made her way up to the back entrance and eased her way inside. He hadn't even thought to latch the door closed, the fool.

"Hey!"she yelled and enjoyed the sight of him dropping the boxes as he turned around shocked to see her in what was apparently his hideout from the looks of things.

"Wonder Woman?! What the hell?" the surprise on his face went unseen thanks to his mask but his voice betrayed how shocked he was that she ran him down.

"The one and only. You seem surprised to see me?" she taunted a bit.

" it's just, I expected you to be barefooted," he said with a chuckle to hide his obvious nervousness.

"Very funny jerk! I underestimated you at the bank," she said as she circled carefully to the left. "This time you'll have to fight me one on one, fair and square."

"Shit," he said with a strange tone to his voice, "Man's gotta do what a man's gotta do I guess." He took a cautious step backward towards an old office of some sort and added, "Just let me put my stuff down and we'll…"

Wonder Woman didn't trust him to take any time to do anything and was on him before he could finish the sentence. First he ducked a kick attempt but caught a hard fist to the gut.

"Oooff… dance," he finished weakly but was still able to bring an attack towards her. She deflected his big armored fist off to the side and used the momentum to pull him past her. Once he was behind her and off balance, she followed with a brilliantly quick straight kick to his lower back. That sent him to the floor face down. He wasn't down for long though. Before she could try and jump on him, he was up and spinning a fist towards the top of her head since she was slightly bent down and off balance from trying to pounce. Her reflexes paid off for that one as it missed by a hair.

"Affff…" she yelled as a kick found it's way to her ribs. Still in some disbelief at the power of this man she rolled with the force of the kick to put some distance between them.

"Oooof… anggg…. Oh….." apparently he was fast too as by the time she rolled to her feet, he was right on her and connected with a kick to the stomach followed by a left and a right to her face. Never one to just give in to pain, she spun with the last punch, vicious though it was and landed an elbow to his armored ribs.

"Aggg Shit!" he yelled as he held his side. And there was the separation she had wanted.

"You fight well, but you are no match for me," Wonder Woman said in confidence. "The smart thing to do is to just give up. I'm sure the judge will be more lenient on you if you do. She noticed that as he was holding his ribs on the side, she was also rubbing her jaw from the strong combo that had landed.

"East Shit Wonder Whore! Shit my side hurts! You're going to pay for that Bitch! Come on! Come show me how I'm not a match for you! COME ON!!" he yelled no longer holding his ribs. He was angry and pumped up now. That should make him sloppy to though Wonder Woman knew and ran in to meet him.

She bluffed a running jab and when he went for it, brought her knee up into his mid-section. He doubled over and she grabbed him in a headlock. No matter how strong, a few minutes of this should have him out and done for, she thought.

Suddenly though he grabbed her left foot. That messed up her leverage but she continued to hold the headlock as she hopped around on her right foot. It was going well until the right foot's support was swept away by a quick leg move.

"Aghh!" she yelled as her head exploded with pain. Her grip on the headlock was gone now as she tried to work through the cob webs of the stunning head shot. He was apparently not to well off either though. She didn't know exactly here he was but he wasn't attacking her. That meant he was hurt too and she'd just have to shake the cob webs and find him before he found her.


"Uhhh…." the Destroyer moaned as he rubbed his helmet as if that would help the pain his head just had taken. Noticing that he could breathe again, he knew that his desperation move had at least shaken the headlock Wonder Woman had held on him. He had just wanted to break the hold and take her down at whatever cost. At the last minute he had seen a column standing nearby and hoped that the desperation fall would crash Wonder Woman into that and spare him. It had apparently gotten her head pretty well, but also his head had caught a nice pounding from the floor before her head shot had broken her grip. On his hands and knees now, he noticed that she was up but appeared dazed and was facing the other direction close to a steel wall that stretched from one column to the next. If he moved quickly enough, maybe he could gain the upper hand. He ran at Wonder Woman as fast as he could. Feeling the twinge of pain in his side still brought a snarl to his face and gave him more speed and momentum. She didn't hear him coming until he was there and only turned half way around so that the force of his tackle caught her in the side. Lifting her so she had no leverage and speeding towards the steel wall, he readied for the impact by shoving her outward so that this time his head wouldn't take a lick too.

"Unnnn!!" he enjoyed the sound of her grunt as she was slammed sideways into the wall. Not one to let the advantage slip away, he drove straight for her and buried his knee into her stomach twice quickly. The advantage was still his as he again brought his knee up, this time into her chin. She was thrown back against the wall and dazed with her arms at her sides.

"umnffff… ohhh…" she cried weakly as he drove two fists into her beautiful face. Thinking she was about ready to finish off, he grabbed her by her bustier and pulled her towards him. He was shocked as she ducked his finishing punch and his fist pounded the wall behind her with a ringing thud.

"Gh.." was all he could muster as she then elbowed him in the back, driving his head into the steel. Thankfully her strength wasn't what it was, he thought, or he would be seeing blackness instead of stars. Spinning around with his arms up to defend whatever was coming, he was surprised to find Wonder Woman standing some ten feet away. Her face was bruised a bit and her hair matted with sweat, but she was still a picture of beauty and strength as she stood ready for more.

Stepping slowly away from the wall and towards the black haired Amazon, he was ready for more as well. Noticing a grimace come to her face gave him some confidence, "Come on Bitch!" he said making a 'bring it' motion with his hand. "Let me show you once and for all why they call me, The Destroyer."

With that she started forward and he did too. They met in the middle and both landed glancing blows. Then Wonder Woman tried and missed a punch and he blocked the knee. He just missed a straight punch that she slipped to the side of but landed a glancing blow that did no harm at all and actually got him popped real good.

They went on that way for what seemed like thirty minutes until he saw an opening. He threw a quick and vicious hook that got blocked. To his surprise she had caught that arm and spun inside of it with an elbow to the stomach. As the wind rushed out of his lungs, he felt and saw her snatch the other arm and pull him to her back. Not knowing what she had in mind he was wary. She placed the less protected area of his neck on the top of her head and dropped. It happened so fast all he had time to do was react.

"Unnnnfffs…" she stammered as her arms reached for something that wasn't there. He had forced his head down to where he had head butted her with the force of her own move. The result was instant and Wonder Woman was severely dazed. Taking advantage of her mistake, he positioned himself behind her and jerked her down to the ground on her back. He then dropped one massive fist onto her head after another. On and on he went as her arms were still reaching for something that they would never find. He slammed on more fist onto her head and watched her arms fall. Standing and admiring her almost frame that was all but unconscious now, he walked around and grabbed her hair to lift her to her knees. Her hands weakly pawed at his hands but to no avail. Knowing he had her now and didn't want her to regain her senses, he lifted her up by her bustier and drove her back into the same steel wall. This time he was relentless. Several punches followed by a severe knee to her stomach followed by a few to her face and he found himself holding the mighty Wonder Woman up by one arm as she dangled helplessly from his grasp. He grabbed her beautiful face in both hands and lifted her up again slamming her into the wall. Her eyes rolled back and she went limp but then continued to wiggle. Wow she did come prepared for this fight, he thought. Dropping her onto her feet, he held her steady with on hand and grabbed her bustier again with the other. This time though, he ripped it from her torso revealing her huge breast that stood helpless before him as she was held helpless before him. Having enough, he let her drop from his grasp and backed up only to speed forward with a huge kick to her chin that sent the now topless heroine sprawling out against the wall and then bouncing onto the floor. He did it! This time she wasn't wiggling or moaning or anything. Wonder Woman was out cold and this time it was in his warehouse and she was at his mercy. Glancing at the gold belt at her waste and then at the structure just above, he smiled at the idea that struck him, then removed her rope and went to work securing his captive. He couldn't wait until she woke up. This might even be more fun than Supergirl! He hadn't had to work quite this hard on Supergirl since he had the Kryptonite. Come to think of how bad his ass got beaten tonight, he needed to find something like that to work on Wonder Woman too. As he worked with the rope and the structure, he couldn't help but smile at what was to come.


"Oh…m…" his captive moaned as she awoke.

"Well well," said Destroyer, "Looks like you finally woke up. I imagine you'll be noticing any time now that you're hanging from the structure here. Don't try to escape."

"W…won't escape.." Wonder Woman said weakly.

"Now that that is done, I guess you'll be realizing that you are tied to the beams by your own little gold lasso there. From what I've read, you have to do what I say as long as I hold the other end of it as I am." He held up his hand which showed the lasso tied around his hand so it was in his hand and wouldn't come off.

He took a second again to look at her. Never would he had thought that he would have a mostly nude Wonder Woman hanging at his mercy. After he had knocked her out finally, he had grabbed her lasso and tied her hands with it. Once that was done, he threw one end over a beam that was some twelve feet up. Not knowing how out she was, he had hurried to grab a ladder from nearby to enable himself to reach the beam. Once there he looped the rope around it and used his immense strength to pull Wonder Woman's limp form up so that her feet were about one foot off of the ground then tied the lasso very securely around the beam. That left an amazing amount of lasso left so he tied it around his hand so that she would be forced to do what he said.

Once she was securely up there and still out, he went up and ripped her bottoms off so that she was now hanging with only her bracelets, tiara, power belt and boots on. Her head was hanging down in front of her with her black hair was wet with sweat from the fight as was her body but he had plans to make her all better.

"Looks like you're a bit sweaty there Wonder Woman," he paused to make sure the hose that he had connected earlier was turned on then pointed it at her, "Why don't we clean you off nice and good huh?"

"Ahhhh…. Splttttt…" screamed his captive as the cold water drenched her from head to toe. He kept spraying her for a minute or two until he was satisfied then dropped the hose.

"Agh…" Wonder Woman shook her hair from her face and was left with most behind her and some stuck to her beautiful face. "Wh… why are you d.. doing this?" she asked as she shivered a bit. He noticed with delight that her nipples were hard from the water spraying. Why she asked? Why? He took steps up to where he was directly in front of her. She was hanging so that her large breasts were just at head height for him.

"Why? You stupid bitch! You dare ask me why? How about why did you come after me?" He started his hands rubbing her tits softly.

"Don't… please," she said but she was already starting to wiggle around. To him that meant it felt better than she wanted it to.

As he started rubbing her tits more quickly and harder he said, "I beat your sexy ass fair and square at the bank! You got lucky then that I only took your boots Whore!"

"Ahhhhh…n…no," she moaned as he pinched her nipples hard.

"I bested you one on one!"

"Ohhh… stop…st…"

"If you would have just accepted that I was stronger!"




"You would have been fine!" he continued accenting each word with hard pinches or tough rubbing of her tits and nipples.

"Oh.. ah don't…" Wonder Woman pleaded even as her breathing was getting quicker. She wanted him to stop, of that he had no doubt. But also as he continued to work her breast over and her breathing continued to increase, he knew her body wanted anything but that.

"But you just couldn't keep your little ass to yourself could you?"


"Well now that you stuck your nose in my business one too many times, I…"

"Ohh…no!" she moaned as he pinched both nipples. "ahh…"

"…will be your…" he watched her eyes grow wide as he positioned his hand between her legs. "No… no…Stop this instaaaahhhhh….Ohh….fmb. UGH!!"

"DESTROYER!" He yelled as her hips bucked and humped his hand.

"Looks like you're all wet down there already huh? Do you like being defeated?"

"Ye… yes… AH… ohhhh….huh….huh." she answered surprisingly. At least it surprised him until he remembered that her lasso of 'truth' was binding her and he was holding the other end. Oh wow… he'd been so wrapped up in making her moan that he had forgotten about that part. This could be fun!

"You admit I defeated you in a fair fight, yes?"

"Yeaaass… oh… huh…."

"Does it feel good to be finger fucked Wonder Woman?"

"Y…Ah… huhhhh…yes…uhhh mmm."

"Are you my bitch?"


"Do you want me to eat you out Wonder Woman?"

"No! Ah… no please!"

He reached down and grabbed her thighs, one in each hand, lifted them to his shoulders where she was sitting on his shoulders and slouched back with her weight still supported by her own lasso. The lasso also still compelled her to not even attempt to break free. That was all though, she was still super powerful and still helpless before him. That made it all the more better that he was staring at Wonder Woman's neatly shaven pussy. "In this case," he said looking up to her and smiling, "I think no means yes!"

And he went to work. She wiggled and twisted for a few seconds but it didn't take long and she was moaning louder than ever.

"Ahhhhh…. Ayy….uhhuhuh…uhuhh…" She moaned as her breaths were coming quickly and shuttering as if she was about to pass out or blow up one. He would take either one at this point.

"Ahh… ohhuh…ahahhuh….st…n.nnnggga… AGH!" She moaned as her hips bucked so hard that he almost lost his footing. Her thighs were drenched with her own precum as well as sweat an of course the water that he had sprayed. They were clinging so tightly to his face that he sometimes started to worry about her smothering him. But he didn't think that would happen since she was bound not to escape. And hell even if it did, what a way to go? "Does that feel good Wonder Woman?"

"Ggg…goddess yes!! Oh…huh…huhhhhh…"

"You are about to cum aren't you bitch?"

"Not a b…b….ahhh… OH Yes!! Cumming!!" Wonder Woman screamed as her thighs squeezed and her hips bucked so that he actually did lose his footing but regained it quickly. "AhHHhhhuhuhuhh…. Ugh…. Oh YES! Oh… oh goddess… oh… Oh AHHH!! YES YES!! AGgggghhhn…" she screamed as she came again. He went on for a few seconds but then let her go and swing back and forth limply.

"Ah…hh…oh…oh…Ugh…" she moaned a bit quieter as she swung back and forth. Her hips were still bucking. Her big wet tits were still bouncing as her swinging slowed. Her head was hanging back as she swayed lightly back and forth, exposing all of her nakedness to him. By now his pants were barely able to contain his big erection as he stared at her soaking wet tanned body limply hanging as she was no doubt exhausted from the orgasms. That in turn led to the cum dripping slowly down her inner thighs. It was all just about too much. He thought he was going to blow it before he even approached her but holding on fired his adrenaline up. Walking up to her, he realized that she would be too high up for him to fuck her. He stopped and looked around thinking quickly how he would do this. Then it hit him. Walking up to her, he grabbed her face and kissed her full on the lips. She resisted some but was in such a daze that she couldn't turn him away. Deciding that she was dazed and weak enough to control, he untied her hands from the lasso. There was enough slack on his end that he could wrap it around her again if he needed to. But the rush was worth the risk. Her arms went limply to her sides as soon as they were unbound from the rope and she fell to the floor on her hands and knees. Before she could completely recover from the blissful stupor she was in, he pulled out his bulging cock and knelt down behind her.

"Nnnhh…" cried Wonder Woman as he jerked her head back by a handful of hair and placed his cock right at the entrance to her pussy.

"You didn't think we were finished yet…"

"Guhhhh…" She yelled as he thrust himself into her fully.

As he held there fully into her he held her head of hair with one hand and squeezed a nipple with the other and said into her ear, "I am The Destroyer, Wonder Woman!"

"Annooo…. Huh…auhuhuhuhhhh ohhhhh…." She grunted and moaned as he thrust into her again and again rapidly. Still holding her the same way he finished, "Welcome to your Destruction!"

"Ahhh.. ooooh ohohoh… St…stop!!" she cried and tried to struggle away. But she was too weak still from her ordeal of multiple orgasms. He grabbed her by the hips and pulled her back onto his cock. Slamming into her harder and harder. He was using his strength to hold her now and continuously ram his cock into her.

"You can't get free Wonder Woman! You are at my mercy!"

"Ahh..ooohhhh… n"

"You liked getting finger fucked!"


"You liked getting your pussy eaten out!"

"Ohhhh… uhuhuhuhuhuh" she moaned in rhythm to the thrusts of his cock she was struggling less and moaning more and he knew she was giving in.

"You can't get away whore! You are at my mercy!"


He jerked her head back hard by the hair and held her there by squeezing both nipples very hard as he pumped into her even harder and faster. "Ahhhhgg… huhaaa.. oh…"

"I will stop," he said through his teeth into her ear, "When I am through fucking my bitch!" And he shoved her back to the floor as his monstrous pace kept up somehow.

"Oh… ahuhuuuuhhhh.." she moaned and ran her hands through her hair subconsciously.

"You don't fool me Wonder Woman. You like this!"

"oooh….ah.. huh..n…no…"

"Yes! You like being defeated by a real man!"

"Oh… oh..oh…oh…n…ye….no..huhuhuhuuuuu"

"You like getting fucked by a real man!" he said as he pumped his cock into her loving the way she was slowly starting to hump back onto him.

"Ahhh….y….y…AOOHH!" she screamed and arched her sexy back as she suddenly got more excited. He knew she was closer to orgasm now again so he reached and squeezed and massaged her tits again.

Again he stood her up onto her knees by pulling her hair back to him. He noticed the rub of her power belt against him. He licked at her ear and she moaned and humped harder. Feeling the time was right, he picked up to an incredible pace. She was driven over the edge… almost.

"AHHAHAHHUUHGGG… OOoohhhhhh!!! OH!! Sh…aaa.." she went on as he drove her closer and closer to another orgasm.

Finally he drove deep into her. "Ahh!" and pulled her ear to where he could whisper to her, "You like being defeated, tied up and fucked…" her hips were bucking hard as she tried to hold back the orgasm. "…all while still have your power belt on!... You like me fucking destroying you… against your will!" she bucked even harder…

"annno…n….n…." she tried to deny it but then he started pounding her harder and faster than ever.

"Aghhh uhuuuhuuuh…. Oo..o.o.o.o" she was almost there.

"Say it!"


"You like it don't you! Say it!"

"Ye….OH OH OH OH!!! OH YES!!! YES!!" she screamed as the orgasm took her will power away.

"You are by bitch!!"

"Yes!!! YES!! OH! OH!! UHHUHUHUHUHHUuuuuuh!!!"

Finally he was ready to finish her off and blew his load into her soaking wet pussy.

"Ahhhhh….ohohoooooh…." she moaned as he thrusted a few more times and then shoved her to the floor. He walked around to where her head was and forced her face to where his cock was. "Clean it bitch! You're my bitch so clean my cock!"

"Ohhmmm…" she didn't agree but her mouth said it all as she licked him clean.

She finished and was on her stomach as he walked up and pulled her to her knees. She grabbed at his hand on her head but couldn't do anything about it. He looked into her beautiful eyes and said,

"I have this entire thing on tape from four different angles. This is my hideout and I have security cameras running all the time. So if you ever decide to stick you snobby nose in my business again, I'll show everyone your staring video as my whore! As her eyes took on a pleading look he spoke finally before she could, "As far as I am concerned Wonder Woman," he glanced at the heroine on her knees naked except for her power belt, boots, tiara and bracelets with sweat and cum all over her face and legs; and he smiled as he drew a fist back, "As far as I'm concerned Wonder Woman, consider yourself, DESTROYED!"

"Uh..!" she cried briefly as his punch knocked her out again.

This was beginning to be a fun profession. First Supergirl and then Wonder Woman. Who was next?


He dropped her off in a park somewhere without clothes or anything. He knew she'd get up soon and get away before anyone saw her. She would likely come after him again. If she did, he would be ready again.

He was after all, her destroyer.

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