An adventure of Wonder Woman: Scales in the Temple 6  

By Homer Vargas

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The Yothga plant is a creation of Robert E. Howard, used in "The Scarlet Citadel" (1933).


Chapter 6

Darkness. In the simple span of a breath, all her world had become complete darkness. The young monster hunter tried to understand where she was; the stone under her naked feet was colder than before, so she guessed this had to be a deeper level of the dungeons. Of course, she had been brought there by a spell left by the evil creature she had killed. Even in death, that monster managed to trick her! But where was she? The air smelled of decay and corruption, and of something else, a terrible stench she knew somehow, yet she couldn't remember well...
From all around, strange noises started echoing. Low grunts... hysterical laughs... strange gurgles... the rustle of inhuman skin over the worn floor...

The bestiary.

She felt paralyzed by a cold she had felt only once in the past, when she had fought her first battle with a monster. She could have died then, as she was much younger and completely alone against the foul beast. Now, it was just like then... she was alone, half-naked, in complete darkness, just in the middle of the lamia's abominable bestiary... a place where the evil creature had gathered the results of her unholy experiments, creatures which had never been seen on the surface of Earth, born of insanity and horror. She recalled when the snake-woman had brought her into that deep dungeon to assist her in feeding its vile inhabitants: she was like a zombie then, but she remembered every detail of the twisted bodies, the eyes full of madness and evil, the filthy tentacles and talons, the yellow, rotten teeth, and more than anything else, the heinous human resemblance of some of their features... everything was now returning to her like a flood, menacing to obliterate her conscience in a merciful oblivion.
But that would not be her fate. Her soul hardened like steel, her muscles tensed. A cold calm overcame Tailike, her breath regular and slow. She perfectly knew there was no escape from that place. Wonder Woman was not with her; she had probably been displaced somewhere else by the evil magic. She was alone, surrounded by the evil creatures she had sworn to slay. Her hand tightened around the sacred short blade as she heard the unearthly noises coming nearer. Her end would be that of a warrior, she promised. She also hoped it was fast.

Diana knew that her fellow warrior had to be near. That was surely the place the scaled creature would deem appropriate for both of them to meet their doom.
When Tailike had vanished before her very eyes, she knew she had to follow her. As fast as she could, she had grabbed two lit torches and had jumped into the magic door; darkness had surrounded her, and now she found herself in a deeper section of the dungeons, in what seemed to be a menagerie, a private zoo full of horrors too abominable to be depicted. Behind heavy iron bars, eyes full of hate and lust stared at her, to vanish in the shadows when the light struck them; strange sounds echoed, neither human nor beastly, heavy with menace and desire. But the creatures behind the bars were not what worried the Amazon. She was much more concerned about the monsters which wandered free in those corridors... because at the torch light, on the worn floor she could clearly see countless traces, both ancient and recent... and none of them had been made by a human foot.
She came to a narrow curve. Keeping her torches high to hold darkness away, she paid great attention to the floor, to avoid any holes. She was entering another long corridor, when a mass of dirty skin and muscles jumped out of a niche and hit her with a powerful strike which sent her flying backwards. She landed on the dirty floor, expertly breaking her fall by rolling, and stood on her feet to face her new enemy. Her eyes widened: the beast had to be well over four meters tall and was very stocky, although its shape could hardly be classified. Many legs supported a massive trunk, from which two arm-like limbs sticked out, each larger than Wonder Woman's thighs and armed with powerful claws. In the center of its mass was what could maybe resemble a head, with a round mouth surrounded by sharp teeth and many small eyes. Viscid tentacles came out from its sides, waving in the air, almost like they were tasting her scent.
The Princess winced for the foul smell coming from the beast. Its translucent skin was covered with some kind of slime; everything about that creature recalled decay, corruption, and a savage and brutal strength.
She jumped forward with all her speed, a bullet fired to the monstrosity in front of her, beauty and grace in her movements as she rolled and pointed her shapely leg like a spear; far beyond its speed and reflexes, the being was hit by a devastating flying kick and landed two meters back. Wonder Woman recovered from her attack and looked at her enemy: it seemed not to have suffered any harm and regained its erect position in a blink. "As I thought, he's hard to damage" she thought while her sky-blue eyes inspected the mountain of flesh, looking for a weak point. She raced towards the beast, hoping her speed would allow her to catch it off guard. A roundhouse kick from her red boot hit the disgusting head; but the tentacles lashed out and grabbed her neck, while the powerful arms almost crushed her chest in a tremendous hug. She saw the creature's mouth coming nearer, looking for her head, as the pressure on her body increased.
But her strength was returning fast, and that horror couldn't match it. Her arms gradually forced her enemy's to open, then a powerful blow from her foot fended its enormous body off. She grasped the tentacles still wound on her neck and pulled hard, forcing the beast to run forward, sending it smashing in the rocky wall. Then she grabbed one of its enormous legs and, using all her strength, grinning her teeth for the incredible effort, she raised the mountain of muscles over her head and threw it away: the whole cave seemed to vibrate for the thunderous smash of the monster's enormous body against the wall. A strange, greenish fluid poured from its broken head; the creature laid still, devoid of life.
Diana, still shaken by the herculean effort, recovered her torches and walked on, determined to find her friend. After some steps, something round moved in front of her: still too unsteady on her legs, she parried with her bracelets, but the small orb opened as it hit the metal, releasing a cloud of violet powder. The Princess choked and staggered, her eyes closed, a strange feeling of weakness overcoming her. A savage laughter came from the ceiling and a large form jumped down, landing just one or two meters away from her. She managed to open her eyes and saw another monster, recalling a giant greenish octopus, which stood on its many tentacles, waving hypnotically before her, staring at her body with two large eyes placed on a deformed head.
Weakness overwhelmed her and she fell on her knees, the world around her twisting and spinning. She felt the beast's tentacles running all over her body, keeping her hands and legs spread, crawling under her costume. Somehow, through physical contact, she could catch a glimpse of the creature's foul thoughts; how it had crept in the shadows, looking at the beautiful woman fighting the other monster, and then, when she thought everything had ended, it struck...
She watched, confused, as the tentacles expertly removed her costume. They flashed back and forth, working with precision, making the star-spangled bottom slide over her legs, pulling her boots away, opening the fastener in her upper piece of suit.
When her enormous warm breasts regained their true proportions, the monster laughed with pleasure. Now the female was naked in its grasp; it was the time to touch her, to ripen her wonderful lifeforce. A tentacle, slightly bigger than the others, approached her helpless femininity, caressing it, passing over her clitoris; its tip slid gently between the fleshy big lips, finding its way through Diana's vagina.
The Amazon arched her body, feeling a strange warmth radiating into her. The tentacle was moving at a constant pace, pumping into her, feeling the delicious pressure of her moist intimacy. She gasped when another smaller appendix with a small mouth on its tip delicately sucked her clitoris, moving back and forth and sending shivers of pleasure along her back. Then she felt yet another slender limb attacking her unprotected anus; she instinctively tightened her muscles, but her reactions were numb and slow, and she could feel the probe entering her through 'that' opening, rubbing against the one into her vagina, sending waves of extasy which clouded her mind even more.
The time had come, thought the obscene beast. Her lifeforce was glowing before its eyes, ignited by her passion. Other tentacles rose, with big suction cups on their ends. They were the monster's mouths, the way to suck and drink the living essence pulsating in that woman.
Two of them cupped Diana's breasts, covering the whole big areolas, moving upon them to grab even better the soft mounds of flesh and the erect nipples on their top. Another one attached to her abdomen, centered over her delicious navel. The last one covered the Princess' beautiful mouth, sucking her lips like a lover hit by Eros' arrow.
Just as she was about to come, Wonder Woman's eyes widened in pain, and she squirmed violently, feeling her lifeforce sucked out by the hungry appendages. Her brutal suffering pierced the veil of numbness, and she forced her weak limbs to fight, striving to break free from the tentacles and their grasp. Her arms slowly bent and she managed to grab the limbs whose suction cups were draining her breasts, pushing and pulling the soft mounds with greed. She tried to tear them away, to detach the hungry mouths from her pink areolae, but she was moving as if in a dream and her efforts were too feeble. She arched back, feeling a sharp pain as the monster renewed its attack to her vital essence. Vast as it could be, even Wonder Woman's lifeforce had a limit, and she knew that sooner or later she would be completely drained... then her mission to find Tailike would be...
She opened her eyes. She couldn't allow herself to lose against that vile parasite! She had to find the girl... save her from these abominations! Her hands tightened around the viscid tentacles and she pulled with determination, until the big suction cups came away from her aching breasts with a disgusting sound. She grabbed with both hands the limb attached to her navel and forcibly removed it; a shriek of pain came from the obscene creature as she tugged its "mouths" with her returning strength, almost tearing them off. Her naked foot hit the deformed head, and all the tentacles twisted around her released their grip to protect the vital spot. Then, she stood firmly on her feet, twisted around and pulled the mouth-appendages, flipping the whole creature and smashing it on the rocky ground. She turned again and repeated her effort with even more strength: this time the monster was hurled into the air, flying through the corridor for about ten meters. Seriously hurt, it hastily jumped away, hiding in the shadows.
Wonder Woman fell on her knees, nausea and numbness flying at her, every limb shaking. She felt as if one liter of blood had been sucked out of her veins. The parasite had taken away part of her lifeforce... but she knew that her immortality would restore it, given enough time. Now, sadly, she hadn't even a minute to waste: her friend could be in extreme danger! Strong as she was, her young age and lack of experience might cause her fall, even in front of a weaker enemy. That dungeon was crawling with savage beasts, maybe similar to the one she had just defeated... and Tailike was not immortal. What would happen if she was attacked by another parasitic creature?
She forced herself to stand on her feet. The torches, still lit, and the parts of her costume were laying on the ground; while she was collecting them, she heard a woman - or maybe a girl - crying somewhere, not too far from her. She hastily tied her clothes with her lasso and ran, naked and barefeet, through the dark corridor, keeping her torches high and hoping not to find any other creatures on her way.

Tailike had fought like she would never hope she could. Five obscene monsters were laying on the ground, their innatural lives broken forever. She had used all the skills she had been taught in her training; she had fought with her sacred blade, her hands and her feet, moving like a flash while she administered death to the insane abominations whose limbs tried in vain to catch that beautiful body, that angel face, who seemed to vanish just a second before they could reach her, like a thin stream of mercury pouring from a man's hands.
At the end, only one beast was still alive, watching her with an evil grin and a light of demonic intelligence in its big eyes. It was like a ball of flesh and muscles, with long nervous limbs and big eyes, nose and mouth, which were not part of a face but of its round body. That living nightmare laughed at her, balancing on its long legs, while its obscene genitals moved as to mock the young warrior. Almost exhausted, Tailike muttered "Little revolting..." and prepared to strike, while she concentrated, her eyes half-closed, her body tensed. In a blink, the hunter sprang forth, thrusting her short blade. But the creature dodged by jumping sideways, with a speed which surprised the young woman. She landed, ready to turn around and follow with a strike which would put an end to the creature's unholy life... but her naked feet slipped over a pool of thick green blood which had poured from the corpse of a slain monster nearby, and she fell to the ground. In a flash, her enemy was over her, twisting her arms with an unearthly strength as it burst into laughter. Her blade fell with a hollow sound. She tried to break the lock, but her captor tugged her left arm, almost dislodging it and making small tears appear on her eyes, her teeth grinned to suppress a cry.
She was forced on her knees; as the monster's prehensile foot grabbed her loincloth and pulled it down, the thought of what was about to come struck her, and she yelled "NO!!!" while her eyes widened in horror. Another burst of laughter was the answer; the abomination, while keeping its grasp on her hands, looked at her now unprotected womanhood, delighting in the sight of the tender lips, from which the smaller labia minora peeked, the big, hooded clitoris, and the tight anus nearby. Its long, sickening tongue flashed, licking Tailike's vulva, savoring its feminine taste; it delved deep between the big lips, going up through her muscular vagina, its cold touch causing her to wrinkle with disgust and humiliation. She realized she was about to be violated by a monster; by one of those evil beings whose destruction had become the reason of her life. Now she could feel the head of its member against her lips. It slid easily, lubricated by some foul substance... she screamed, all her despair conveyed in a long cry of pain and helpless rage. Her vaginal muscles tightened, preventing the obscene appendage to go any further. She felt her captor doubling its efforts, pushing with increased strength against her tight femininity. Her arm was tugged again with brutality; tears ran over her face, but she refused to give in.
Then, in a moment, the pressure on her vagina disappeared and she was free. She fell on the ground as noises around her hinted of a powerful battle; she heard the monster's shrieks of death echoing in the corridor, together with a loud Amazonian battle cry. She understood that now she was safe, and raised a prayer of thanks to the Gods.

Wonder Woman panted as she stared at the vile corpse on the ground, her hand still pushing the sacred short blade into its rank flesh. Her eyes went to Tailike, who was now rising on her feet, her beautiful face covered with tears but smiling with joy and relief. She had accomplished her mission; she had found her friend and protected her, slaying the disgusting beast which was trying to violate her. Diana felt an incredible weakness rushing through her limbs; her legs bent and she fell on her knees, shaking for the effort. Tailike ran to her and hugged her naked body, extremely worried.
"What's wrong, Wonder Woman? Did that monster hurt you? Oh, please, speak to me!"
"No... it's nothing" panted the Amazon. "I'm just weak... a beast... sucked part of my lifeforce out... but I will be all right."
The girl made her sit against the wall and cradled her head, with horror in her face. "It's horrible! How do you feel? Oh, Diana!" Her eyes widened in shock. "Are you about to... to...?" She couldn't complete the sentence.
Her heroine smiled weakly. "I'm feeling as if a swarm of vampire bats had feasted over me. Don't worry, dear. I'm immortal, you know. My strength will return... with some time. But I'm afraid that time is a luxury we can't afford."
She was right, of course. Both warriors were seriously weakened, and they knew that for any living being that cursed dungeon was a deadly trap. Their safety depended from finding a way to escape, the sooner the better.
"Do you remember anything of this place, Tailike? Is there a way out?" asked Diana, hope giving back a bit of light to her blue eyes.
The hunter's head bowed, showing her despair. "No" she answered quietly. "There is a door... but it's protected by a strong magic, so that no monster can escape. I remember that the lamia worked hard on it for many days, to ensure her safety... and incidentally, that of the external world."
Her words were true. Even if they managed to break the magic door, a horde of nightmarish creatures would swarm over the nearby lands, bringing death - or worse - over their inhabitants. That could not be allowed.
Diana rose on her feet, still shaking, an idea taking form in her mind. She could conjure a mystical passageway to Themyscira!
She concentrated, putting the tip of her fingers over her golden tiara. She recalled an image of her birth place; a feeble light formed in front of her, waved for a moment, and then vanished.
"My power's still too weak" she whispered with sadness. "I would need far more strength to make this magic work."
"Maybe we can find a shelter somewhere" said Tailike, with a weak smile. "An easier place to defend, where you can rest... and recover your energies!"
That was a chance, though very small. If that dungeon had to be their end, a place would not be worse than another. The monsters could find them anywhere. Diana moved some steps, helped by her friend who held high the only torch which remained, as the other one had fallen into a pool of green blood, and every effort to light it again had been in vain.
They walked along the corridor, their senses on alert for any possible hint of beasts ambushing them from the shadows all around. The inhuman sounds had become weaker now; maybe the inhabitants of that dark world started fearing the two warriors. Or, more probably, they were developing a better strategy to attack.
Whatever was the reason, they found no creatures on their way as they went ahead; the stench was also much weaker here, but the slight and constant down slope hinted that they were descending into the lower part of the tunnels... which could be the lair of an even more terrifying monster.
After what seemed an eternity, the torch had run almost out. Wonder Woman and the young monster hunter had to walk in half-darkness: they proceeded slowly, checking for holes in the ground. Now the air was clean, smelling lightly of mold, and the temperature seemed to be a bit higher. Maybe they were near some layer of hot water...
The silence was broken by a distant sound. Almost like a tree trunk which hit the rocky ground, it was followed by another, and many others. Then, suddenly, everything was silent again. Tailike walked in front of Diana, as the Amazon was still very weak. She inspected the section of the corridor ahead, finding nothing. They proceeded even more cautiously, not knowing what could hide in the deep darkness. The light from their torch grew dim again.
Without warning, something huge and fast hit the young hunter, sending her flying back in the air while her torch fell on the ground. She landed and remained unconscious as an enormous mass emerged from the shadows. Diana tried to evaluate her enemy, but the darkness just let she discern a humanoid shape. She approached the small highlight around the still burning ember; the titan rose its arms, brandishing a long weapon, and smashed it against Wonder Woman's bracelets one, two, three times. The Princess grinned her teeth as the violence of the attack almost threw her to the ground: whatever that creature was, its strength was incredible! Only her warrior prowess, together with the magic of her indestructible bracelets, had allowed her to deflect the inhuman blows, which could easily destroy a concrete wall. In the uncertain light, she catched a glimpse of what looked like a bull's horn protruding from the beast's head...
A Minotaur!
The revelation shocked her, and a feint from her enemy catched her off guard: she received a powerful punch in the abdomen which took all the air out of her and fell her to the ground, almost unconscious. Her head spinning, she waited for the final blow from the great weapon, which now appeared as an axe, but instead she saw the incredible creature bending over her, to examine its naked, beautiful prey. It was almost three meters tall and pretty massive, with two strong legs ending in bull-like feet. It was completely naked, and a huge penis hung from its groin... a phalloswhich was now growing and growing, as a powerful erection almost doubled its size! The beast came closer to Diana and grabbed her feet, bringing her into the light... its head lowered more, the brown eyes stared at Diana's unprotected femininity...
Suddenly, the Princess of Amazons understood what was about to happen and strived to recover from the blow. She yelled "NO!!!" and squirmed in the giant's grasp, trying to free her legs and fight against her captor... but she was far too weak to have any chance of success. Her feet seemed to be locked in steel shackles; she shook even harder, shouting "Unhand me! I don't want! Let me go, you monster!"
With her great surprise, she found herself free. The bovine head looked at her for an instant, vapour coming out from its nostrils, then the enormous mouth opened and a powerful roar of anger and despair seemed to make the rocky caves tremble: the minotaur rose in all its height, towering over the laying Amazon, yelling its rage to the world, its fists pointed to the sky far above. Then it turned away and walked slowly to the deepest part of the dungeon, hitting repeatedly the walls with its axe.
Diana, still startled, felt a movement near her and turned to see Tailike, her eyes open wide, shaking lightly.
"I... I thought you were doomed" she said, still half-conscious, fighting to fully regain her senses and the control of her body. "What did... you do to make it flee?"
"I did nothing, Tailike." Wonder Woman stood on the ground, strangely absent. In those brief moments, her empathy with living beings had touched both her and the creature, and now she began to understand the meaning of its actions. With a strange expression in her eyes, she stood on her feet, helping her friend. "Come on. We have to find him."
For a second, the young monster hunter thought that the blow she had received might have done something to her ears, or maybe to her brain. She looked at the Princess of Amazons, astonished. "W-what have you said?? You really want to... go after that beast?!"
"Don't fear him" said Diana, gently. "He could have killed both of us. We were helpless, and every other being in this place would have finished us off... but he didn't. And maybe... I think I understand why."


End of Chapter 6

An adventure of Wonder Woman: Scales in the Temple part 6