An adventure of Wonder Woman: Scales in the Temple  

By Homer Vargas

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The Yothga plant is a creation of Robert E. Howard, used in "The Scarlet Citadel" (1933).


Chapter 1

The summer air was already warm in the early morning over the green lands of northern Thessaly.
Even at this altitude, Wonder Woman felt the rays from Apollo's disk warming her beautiful skin. She increased her speed, hoping there was still nobody to see her. After all, her voyage was a very personal thing, something she did only every now and then in her immortal life. She didn't want tourists and fans to know she was here... once in a while, she wanted a bit of intimacy for her own.
Her mind went back to the places she had already visited. There were many ancient sites in Greece; ruins of once wonderful temples, like the ones in Asklepieion... hidden entrances to underground worship places, only known to Amazons nowadays... shrines secluded in small islands... she had been in many of those sacred areas, bringing her spiritual offerings to the Gods, renewing her devotion to them and to the cause she was born for.
She felt very happy every time she undertook this pilgrimage. Of course, her native island of Themyscira had many wondrous temples where she could pray together with her mother and sisters; but this was something different. A pilgrimage was something more spiritual to her... it took sacrifice and solitude, for it was not only the goal, but the voyage itself to strengthen the soul.
She had already been in many areas of Greece. Macedonia and Epiru had been her first stops, followed by a part of Thessaly and Peloponnesus. Then she had headed again towards the central lands, stopping in various small islands, as beautiful as emeralds set in a deep blue robe which covered Greece. Returning to the peninsula, she visited mount Parnassus and, of course, Olympus.
Now her journey was almost at its end. In fact, only one place was missing... an underground temple she had never visited before. Diana wondered why did she forget about that place in the past; sure, it was small and not known by many, even in times when the worship of the Gods was in its bloom. Now she would see it for the first time, and this thought made her smile with joy.
She slowed down, diving towards the hard vegetation and the dry soil under it. When she landed, she noticed that there was very little animal life there... as if that land was too unwelcoming for every inhabitant of earth and sky. The sun was high now, and its burning heat was scorching the dried soil. Diana stepped towards the small cave where she knew the secret entrance was.
With a little effort, the Princess of Amazons entered through the narrow opening, pausing for a while to let her eyes adjust to the darkness. It was also confortably cool in there, she noticed with relief. She turned her small electric torch on and began walking, minding her every step. The small tunnel went forward for a while, then started descending with a steep slope. Wonder Woman followed it for a long while, until she found a smaller one, turning left; she took this way, almost crouching in some parts of the cave which threatened to close upon her. When she could stand on her feet, she saw a vertical tunnel: she knew it led to the secret entrance and she flew right through it.
The tunnel led her in a bigger cave, decorated with ancient symbols and statues. Exquisite paintings stood there, untouched by time and decay; that was an archeologist's dream come true... but Diana couldn't notice anything else than the caped figure standing in the center of the decorated floor, lit by torches lined against the walls, quietly looking at her.
Undoubtedly a woman, clad in a long, anonymous dress, she just stood there, her arms peacefully crossed in meditation.
Wonder Woman looked at her, still shaken by that encounter. She didn't expect at all to find anybody there... and she noticed the woman wasn't surprised a bit, as if she had been waiting for her!
"Hello" she said after a while. "I am Princess Diana of Themyscira. I am here to worship the Gods."
"Welcome, Diana of Themyscira" replied the woman, with a soft tone of voice. "I understand you have come here to celebrate the Mysteries."
"Do you mean... that someone still celebrates them? It's incredible!"
The Mysteries were secret rituals in honour of one or more Gods, known and practiced by a very small group of priests. Diana knew that many of them were very cryptic, and some could be even dangerous. Wonder Woman was excited by the chance to attend such a rare celebration.
"I didn't come here for the Mysteries" was her answer "but I would be honored to see them."
The woman bowed slightly. "You are most welcome. However, you must behave as the Ritual commands, without questioning. Are you willing to?" Her eyes gazed upon Diana, with a concentrated stare.
"Yes. Please tell me what to do, and I will obey at once." The Amazon approached the woman, eager to follow her.
"Very well." With a gesture, the caped stranger pointed towards a big wooden door, engraved with arcane symbols and ancient Greek writings. "That is the Door of the Supplicant. Whoever shall pass through it must have his feet naked, feeling the chilling touch of Earth. You will remove your boots and give them to me."
Wonder Woman immediately obeyed, taking her red boots off and entrusting them to her guide. Now she was much nearer, and Diana noticed that her face was that of a young and very beautiful girl... though she just couldn't determine her age. Without a word, the girl put the boots into a cloth bag and lifted the wooden bar blocking the door. The Amazon crossed it, her delicious arched feet sending her shivers every time they touched the cold, damp stone.
After a while, they arrived to another door. "This is the Door of Renouncement. He who wants to walk through it must relinquish his worldly possessions. Remove your tiara, earrings and golden rope, and give them to me."
Diana was not too sure about giving those items to someone. Those were ancient artifacts, endowed with great magical powers... and they had been entrusted to her. She looked pensively at her guide.
"Do not worry about your sacred objects. They will be guarded well, and you will have them back after the celebration."
A bit more relaxed, the Princess removed her earrings and tiara, giving them to the caped girl; then she put her Golden Lasso in the bag with the other items, and she could pass through the second door.
"You didn't look surprised to see a visitor" she asked to her guide as they walked along the corridor. "Were you... waiting for me?"
"No" answered the woman plainly. "But I knew that, at the right time, a being of great power would come to me. And that time is now."
The answer left Diana a bit puzzled, but in that moment, they came in front of another door.
"The Door of Heart. Disrobe your chest and step forward with a light spirit, and you may pass." The girl's voice was plain, emotionless.
The Princess started removing her bustier. As soon as it opened, the spell which had been cast over it by her mother, Queen Hyppolita, vanished, and her breasts regained their true dimensions and weight, growing to a 38F size... and yet, incredibly, they remained as steady and hard as those of a young girl. Their pink, large areolas were glowing at the torch light; two beautiful nipples started poking out, feeling the chilling air in the cave.
Over Wonder Woman's powerful chest, her breasts triumphed as a symbol of beauty and femininity. She had never showed any embarrassment about them, or the fact of being naked in front of others; that was the way she was made, the way the Gods wanted her to be, and there was nothing to feel ashamed of. She was proud of her trained, athletic body, and of the beauty and strength which emanated from it, divine gifts which had been part of her since the day she was born.
Diana had been looking at the caped woman's eyes. They were locked on her, showing no trace of surprise. Their stare followed her waving breasts as she handed her bustier, with something which could look like interest; then, the stranger quietly reached the door and opened it.
"She didn't react in any way" thought the Amazon. That was strange; she should have been at least a bit startled, just like any normal person.
Could it be that she knew? It was improbable. As soon as her breasts developed completely, showing the full power of Aphrodite's gift of uncanny beauty, her mother cast that spell over her every dress and suit of armor, allowing her daughter to live and fight without hindrance from her exuberant 'curves'. As such, that was a secret known only by her mother and her Amazon sisters...
They had come to yet another wooden door. This one was decorated with different symbols, which seemed to glow softly in the dim light. Diana felt something while looking at those markings, like a web of subtle thoughts and arcane words, whispered from what could be an infinite distance.
"This is the final door. The Door of Inner Secrets. Remove your last piece of clothing, Princess, and let your most intimate part come in the light."
Wonder Woman quietly slid the bottom of her costume down, leaving her perfect body completely naked in the cold air. Her toned muscles were highlighted by the dim ambient, as the torches created soft lines of light and darkness over her beautiful form. Her every movement was full of grace and dignity, as if she was dressed like a queen... she looked like an ancient greek statue, sculpted by a mortal who had gazed over a naked Goddess.
She walked to her guide and handed her last piece of clothing. The girl was staring at her beautiful womanhood... naturally devoid of any superfluous hair, as well as every other part of her body, her vulva was made of two fleshy, soft labia, of a delicate pink, which partially hid her big clitoris, a trait which was common to all Amazons. The pink sexual organ seemed to peek shyly from under a long hood, which covered and encircled its round head... similar to a tender rose petal, the hood vanished into the labia, to form two delicate inner lips.
Such a big clitoris was a symbol of feminine strength, but also the sign of a healthy, vigorous sexuality, which Diana and her sisters boldly embraced in honor of Goddess Aphrodite and her son. She couldn't count all the times she had played Eros' games with her many lovers on Themyscira, delicately stroking each other's 'kleitorìs', feeling it grow and harden in their mouths or under their expert fingers, seeing extasy race over their beautiful faces and coloring them with the red of passion...
The caped woman slowly approached her right hand to Wonder Woman's delicate femininity, then she caressed her labia and clitoris.
"What is this?" asked Diana, a bit surprised by this intimate contact.
"Don't worry, Princess. I'm just making sure that you're ready to pass the final Door."
Her fingers worked swiftly over the soft cleft which hid the Amazon's vaginal channel. As her index lifted the meaty clitoris, her thumb and middle parted the big labia, exposing Diana's inner lips... two sweet, thin, smooth orchid petals, hiding a warm and moist secret. The caped woman's left index plunged deeply between them, wriggling into the soft flesh, drawing a shiver and some deep breaths from Wonder Woman. Under her right index, the stranger felt the raven-haired warrior's powerful clitoris swelling and hardening, while the hot vaginal walls were moistening and in the air could be felt the sweet scent of Diana's excitement...
"You're not a virgin" whispered the woman. Maybe in her voice a slight disappointment could be heard.
"N... no, I'm not. Is this a problem?" Wonder Woman managed to keep her voice steady, although she could feel waves of pleasure rising from her low abdomen, menacing to obliterate her reason and draw her into a spiral of desire... she suddenly realized that the stranger was very expert. She wondered if that ability was a requisite for her role in the ritual, whatever that could be.
"Of course not." The caped woman rose on her feet, her movements calm and measured, her tone of voice almost flat. "Please, open yourself the final door."
As Diana reached the heavy portal, her guide faced away from her, then with a flashy movement, she sucked her left index, her eyes widening with pleasure and inhuman greed, her movements fluid and swift, like those of a snake. Then she turned again towards the nude Amazon, which was now opening the door wide. With a neutral expression, she said "You may enter."
As her naked body crossed the threshold, the Princess felt that strange sensation again, words whispered in her head that she could not understand; and together with it, the air around her seemed to warp, becoming for a moment as thick as water, then "releasing" her. Everything lasted for less than a split second, but she started thinking there was something wrong with that place.
The wide room, carved into solid rock, was not quite like Wonder Woman expected. It was not decorated by fresco paintings or statues: its walls were made of rough stone and it was nearly empty, except for a golden throne at its opposite end, and a heavy stone table in front of it. Though massive and square, that didn't look like an altar... but more like a sacrificial table. On its sides were stuck four golden rings, maybe for transportation, though that sounded strange, as such a ductile metal could never bear that enormous weight.
"What's this place?" asked the Amazon, now a bit wary. All of this could be a trap, and she realized she was there, naked, without her weapons... Her senses were now alert, her harmonious muscles a bit tensed, ready to attack or to avoid any danger.
"Please, follow me. You haven't seen everything yet."
The mysterious girl walked on with a fast pace, going towards the center of the room. Diana pondered her chances: that could be the base of a secret cult, maybe practicing human sacrifices... but her almost inhuman sense of smell didn't pick up any traces of blood there. Nonetheless, in such a case, she felt that her duty was to investigate, both to find out if any crimes were carried out in those halls, and if a temple to the Gods had been desecrated in any way. She stepped forward, even more cautious, concentrating on every small noise around her, caring to put her naked feet where she remembered the other woman had passed.
Soon she reached the center of the big hall. Her guide, who had got a bit nearer to the throne, seemed to make a slight gesture with her fingers.
Light erupted around the naked Wonder Woman, carrying a strange pain in her every limb... she strived to focus her thoughts and tried to run away, but she found that any movement was impossible. When her eyes recovered from the intense flash, she saw a strange circle on the rocky ground: it contained other circles and geometrical shapes, with writings in an unknown language and alphabet, and in its whole it was extremely elaborate, so that in some sections it was almost impossible to discern its lines from one another. It seemed to be made of white light, and if she stared at it for too long, its circles looked like they were slowly moving. The whole symbol was more than three metres wide and she was staying in its exact center, imprisoned by an unknown but great force. She felt dizzy, a strong nausea taking over her stomach, weakness growing into her legs.
Mustering her every power, Diana forced her limbs to move, ignoring the sharp pain coursing into them, feeling as if she had been tied by rays of light which burned her soft flesh, coiling more and more around her arms and legs as she tried to slip away from them. Almost collapsing from the effort, she managed to make a step forward; and yet, she realized it was in vain, as every single bit of progress made her feel like she was being tied even more tightly by several other rays of searing light... as if she had fell into a giant spider web, and every movement left her unrelentingly entangled into its sticky threads.
Soon she stopped, feeling that pain and nausea were numbing her mind. She looked to her captor... the mysterious woman, who now had removed her cape and was looking at her with a fierce and wild stare: the predator looking at her naked, beautiful prey.
Her arms raised in a fluid movement, and suddenly her appearance changed... not as if she transformed her body, but instead like the reflection in a mirror which abruptly broke, and as the shards of the illusion fell from her, vanishing into nothingness, her true aspect was revealed: a female being of incredible beauty, with long limbs and a willowy body, a perfect face, a fairly long neck and elegance in her every movement... but her skin was scaly, with a strange hue of green, and her eyes were like those of a venomous snake, deep pools of night which could mesmerize a man in a soft flash of sweet poison. She radiated evil as much as beauty, and as she approached to the trapped Amazon, silent and deadly in her light dress of transparent silk, her forked tongue hissed forward, probing the air with excitement.
"Oh, joy" she moaned, "oh, what a wonderful day this is! I have waited for so long... for a powerful being like you... and now you came to me, like a bird into the hunter's trap! I knew that this moment would come: I waited for the slow revolutions of the planets to bring you here. But now, seeing you naked and trapped before me... the extasy is overwhelming!"
"Bring me... here??" gasped Diana, focusing her thoughts, trying to regain some strength. "I don't know who you are... but are you saying that you influenced me... that you controlled me, making me come here?"
There was spite into the creature's voice. "You are a being born of legend, overflowing with magical power... yet you understand so little of magic." She started moving around the white symbol, looking at every detail of her beautiful prey, almost caressing Diana's body with her intense stare... her skin, glowing with beauty; her strong abdomen; her incredible breasts and feminine buttocks...
"Your mind is so bound to mundane things. Magic transcends causes and consequences. They mean nothing to it. Magic is about desire, emotion... its weave extends over time and distance, and beyond them... many, many years ago I started entwining thread after thread, slowly embroidering my own destiny into the fabric of existence, knowing that one day, you would come here... just as it happened!"
"Are you saying that... you have the power... to change the events of the world??" Fighting the nausea and dizziness, Wonder Woman tried to understand more about this being and its powers... which, up to now, had been more than enough to capture her.
"Don't strain your mind, little Amazon." The smile over the creature's face was definitely not reassuring. "You don't understand many things, and I am not the one who will teach you. You're here because I wanted you... you are my prey... you are MINE!"
Her arms raised again, waving in powerful yet elegant gestures, and the Princess was overwhelmed by a strange force. It tore through her body, like a strong electric current trying to penetrate deeper and deeper into her, probing even her mind and soul... Diana bent forward, almost crouching, instinctively shielding herself with her bracelets... growling to suppress a cry of pain, she closed her eyes shut and concentrated, fighting the dark spell. She used all her will, ignoring her limbs aching from the stinging white light of the symbol: she fought with all her courage, and gradually, she felt that the alien force lost its power and retreated, going back to its owner.
The snake-woman made a step backwards, staggered and visibly astonished. "You warded my spell off" she whispered, "not by countering it with another one, but with your sheer power only... you're even stronger than I expected!" Her eyes showed a mix of anger and excitement.
"Thanks" panted Wonder Woman, still shaking for the great effort. "And as soon as I break free of this trap, I'll show you something even more surprising!"
"But you can't break free, little Princess" mocked the creature. "You don't understand yet, do you? That seal is not keeping your body still... it's binding your very soul! Every magic creature is powerless once inside it, because its supernatural essence is sealed by the white light, shackled beyond any hope of freedom. And how can you move your flesh, if the soul which gives it life is prisoner?"
The worried Amazon had to agree. It seemed that every effort was futile, that she was no more than a marionette bound by its same threads: because her limbs were not answering to her will, as if they were no more there. She decided that the best thing to do was buying time, trying to discover more about her captor and to explore the boundaries and limits of this trap. If there were any, of course.
"Who are you?" she asked to the scaled monster. "And what do you want from me?"
The snake-woman answered with a bored tone of voice. "Again, mundane questions. But, for practical reasons, you need a name to call me... as you will be my faithful servant soon." She smirked. "So, for you I am Mistress Shass'haa, your only ruler and owner. About what I want from you... it's just about everything, Princess of Amazons. You will be a priceless warrior for my cause against other powerful forces in realms you still don't know. Your exceptional magic power will be a precious source of nourishment for me, and I will extract it from your body and soul whenever I will see fit. You will know complete submission to me, as others already did... and I'm about to show what I mean. Tak!"
From a dark little corridor beyond the golden throne, a female figure stepped slowly forward, and Diana's eyes opened wide in awe as the woman came towards her. Well over two meters tall, she had a proportioned figure, with long, slender legs and arms; her whole body was a display of strength... at her every movement, steel-like muscles and tendons rippled under a very suntanned skin: yet, she wasn't bulky, but incredibly toned and defined, something that qualified her as a powerful warrior at the Amazon's expert eyes. Despite her strength, the woman retained grace and femininity, and her movements were as harmonious as those of a dancer.
Wonder Woman was impressed by the contrast between the girl's bronzed skin and the bright white of her short hair, an exotic mixture which would make her stand out in every context... but soon her admiration turned into sorrow and pity, noticing the dirt all over her body, the rags which barely covered her chest and hips, her naked feet covered with dust... and, she saw with anger, the bitter mark of the whip.
But more than all, the stare in her emerald eyes struck the Princess: there was no life in them, no sign of emotion or will, no bigger hint of a human heart than what could be found into the cold stone that surrounded them. Those shards of green ice shone coldly in a face which resembled that of an angel: sweet and slightly long, with a tiny nose and fleshy lips, it hinted a young age for the girl... maybe 25 years, or even less, thought the Amazon.
At first, Diana had thought that the young warrior had been dominated by the snake-like creature through a spell, like she had already seen some wizards do: but it would mean that her every action would need guidance from her master, while she had been perfectly able to go around the golden throne and reach the hideous monster who had called her forth, without even facing her. Hypnotism was also improbable, because it would imply a clear and perceivable will, though bent to another being's wishes. She focused on the girl her gift of affinity with all creatures, but with a shock, she realized that everything that could be found into that poor soul was a deep void: a perpetual winter... a cold, hollow silence...
"Meet Tak" was saying the evil creature. "Like you, she was a fine warrior, gifted with many talents. A monster hunter, no less: a member of an ancient order of warrior monks, devoted to slaying any unnatural creature on Earth. I took her, and I shaped her into what you can see now: a humble servant, an empty shell with no will of her own. Soon, you will follow her fate, too."
"Monster!" Diana shouted, suddenly struck by the fate of the young girl in front of her. "What have you done to her?! What happened to her heart? How... could you do this to a human being?" She strived against her invisible bonds.
"My, my, Tak" sweetly said the scaled abomination. "Looks like the Princess cares for your condition, even more than for her own. How noble. You see, my silly heroine, Tak is a very useful instrument to me. She's not a mindless zombie. Her mind is still alive, and she is capable of fighting as if per her own will, as well as feeling emotions... fear... and pain. But she has no ability to decide, no independent thoughts. Her soul was something that I did not need, and I ripped it from her being. Now I'm going to give you the same treatment. Here" she gave the servant a small flask "make her drink this potion. I'm sure that she will find it... soothing."
Without any hindrance, Tak entered the light symbol. She then grasped Diana's long hair and pulled, forcing her to bend her head backwards. Then, keeping her mouth open, she took the flask to her lips, and closed her nostrils.
"No! Please, don't... mmmpgh!" Wonder Woman tried to fight, but the other woman's hands were even stronger than she expected, while she was incredibly weakened by the seal. Soon she had to breathe, and started to drink. The thick fluid smelled of strange herbs... she felt heavy and started to lose consciousness, the world around her suddenly distant and unreal. In the girl's strong embrace, she closed her eyes and slept deeply.


End of Chapter 1

An adventure of Wonder Woman: Scales in the Temple part 1