An adventure of Wonder Woman: Scales in the Temple 3  

By Homer Vargas

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The Yothga plant is a creation of Robert E. Howard, used in "The Scarlet Citadel" (1933).


Chapter 3

The sound of running water softly caressed her ears, and her conscience gradually came back. She opened her eyes and looked around. As she saw the cave walls, she remembered what had happened the day before... or was it more? She was not sure about how much she had slept, but at least she had regained some of her strength, though her heart seemed strangely... dried. She stood on her feet, noticing the flux of water flowing into an open channel hollowed into rock, which ran in the back of both halves of the small cave. She felt thirsty and knelt in front of it, drinking the chilling water: then she noticed some pieces of cloth and a piece of soap, made from ashes and goat grease, like ancient Greeks did... and stinking like a goat, too.
The snake-woman seemed to want her to take a good bath. "How thoughtful of her." A grin appeared on her face, anger twisting her beautiful traits. She grasped the piece of soap and raised her arm to throw it away, smashing into the rocky wall... then she stopped, with anguish in her eyes. "What am I doing? What is... strange desire for... hate?"
Her chest seemed to grow with rage and fury. Her hands were shaking. If she had been near the scaled monster, she would jump to her throat and tear the life out of her, without hesitating. A deep urge to kill, to cause suffering overwhelmed the Princess of Amazons. Her mouth opened and she whispered "I will... kill... her!!"
She covered her face with her wet hands, the cold water refreshing her skin but not her mind. "No! Why am I thinking these things? Why am I feeling such... sick pleasure in the idea of killing?!" She tried to remember, to understand what had happened to her. It was so hard to think clearly... emotions ran free, striking her conscience like tidal waves. Her memory was confused, almost blank.
She shook her head and wandered around her cell. On the other side of the wall of poles, she saw Tak, kneeling peacefully in front of the water, staring at it with her hollow expression. Another wave of savage fury shook Diana in the deepest of her soul. She threw herself towards the wooden poles, almost smashing some of them, battering the barrier with her bare fists. "You! This is all your fault! Had not been for you, I wouldn't suffer that torture! I will kill you! You, little meaningless..."
Tak turned towards her. She saw the horrible expression of mindless anger and hate twisting Wonder Woman's face and was frozen cold by it. In those emerald eyes, fear surged, a fear not driven by an idea of danger or even self-defense instinct, but merely by a memory... another face with those savage eyes... but her skin was green and scaled... her body started shaking, although she stood still in her place.
Suddenly Diana saw what was into Tak's eyes. She realized the horror which her life had been for so much time, pain and suffering at the hands of the cruel being who had captured both of them... a monster like she herself was becoming now.
She fell on her knees, sobbing, tears running along her face. Her heart seemed about to break, her legs and arms as cold as stone. This was the misery of hatred and despair, a dark cloud which enshrouded her mind and soul, driving her actions, twisting her will. But now, she remembered the words her mother, Queen Hyppolita, told her so often, since she was very little. "Remember, Diana. Hatred is just a lie. It deceives you, making you do things you will regret. Always try to see the truth behind it. Always follow the way of truth."
She focused on those words, holding on to them as if they were her only hope, an anchor in a stormy sea of emotions gone wild. Her mind was filled with clashing emotions, violent and bitter. She tried to see the truth in her behaviour... what was behind it? What was the cause of her rage?
Something deep in her conscience shivered, then crawled away like a beetle seeing the light. What was it? It looked like... something dark and elusive, a bit like a little snake. She concentrated on it and prayed silently "Gods, please give me the wisdom."
Delving deeper into that sea of black emotions, she looked for that little slithery thing. She could see it again for a moment, before it crept away... but this time she recognized it... magic... a spell!
Memories flew back, memories kept locked away and now suddenly released. The monster had cast a spell over her... injecting dark, impure thoughts into her, to corrupt her heart! A feeling of incredible relief overwhelmed her, calming her emotions, giving her more strength and confidence. She chased the alien thought like a huntress, trying to corner it, to clean her mind of every dark place it could hide into. Her concentration was incredible; small drops of sweat started forming on her forehead, her breath deep and slow. She used the training of a whole life, the purity of heart she had conquered day after day, and gradually, the small flux of thought started to emerge from the depths of her soul, until... with an inner smile, her consciousness grabbed it, keeping it firmly. Diana then turned all her power against the intruder, breaking and crushing it. With a deep breath, she opened her eyes. Her battle was over, and her heart belonged again to her. Tears ran again along her cheeks, but now they were tears of joy, and Wonder Woman let her flow as she smiled, wild with happiness. A prayer of thanks rose from the deepest part of her soul.

Still weak for the effort, Diana rose to her feet, laying against the barricade. Tak was staring at her, eyes still wide and full of fear. She felt a wound in her heart for the things she had said and thought, and for scaring that poor abused girl.
Looking at the wooden poles, she noticed that some of them were not as snug to the rock as the others. The Princess of Themyscira tried them until she found one which satisfied her. Applying all her might, the Amazon forced it to bend, then to break, creating a passage in the wall wide enough for her to pass through. She approached the slave, trying not to scare her anymore, whispering softly. "Tak. Don't be afraid. I don't want to harm you."
She knelt beside the girl and caressed her cheek. Now she seemed more relaxed and Diana tried to talk to her, hoping to shake her conscience. She spoke slowly, asking her name, trying to find a starting point, a reaction of some kind. But all was in vain. After several minutes, the Amazon gave up: nothing seemed to reach her. It was as if her soul had been ripped away from her body, leaving her as a broken vase, empty and unable to contain anything anymore. Diana's heart ached at that thought and she hugged Tak, cradling the girl's head over her shoulder. Then she noticed the layer of dirt all over that athletic body, the filthy rags barely covering her breasts and hips. She smiled softly and said: "Maybe we can find a purpose to that soap."
Tak peacefully let herself get naked. Diana looked at her, and thought she was magnificent. She could easily be taken for one of her Amazon sisters. Her body was incredibly toned and harmonious, her face that of an angel. Wonder Woman took some water with her hands and poured it over the girl; she shivered at the touch of the chilly water, but didn't move. The soap wasn't exactly what one could find in a perfume shop, and smelled horribly; nonetheless, Diana rubbed it against Tak's body, and was happy to see that, gradually, the layer of dirt vanished, to reveal the clean bronzed flesh beneath it.
She washed every part of the slave's body, feeling no shame or embarrassment. To her, the girl was like one of her sisters in arms, and she was delighted by her beauty, even in her most intimate parts. Her nipples, now fully erect after the contact with the cold water, were small and delicate; her little breasts were shapely, firm, with small areolas whose color was a lightly darker tone of that tanned flesh. As the Princess' hand passed over them to remove the soap, Tak's breath seemed to accelerate a bit, but she didn't notice.
Now the wet steel-like muscles shone at the torch light. Wonder Woman washed carefully the platinum-white hair, removing dirt and small pieces of leaves and twigs. When she washed the girl's face, she closed her eyes and made a wince. "There, there" murmured the Amazon as if she was talking to a small child, "We're done."
The slave's small feet were particularly dirty and hardened by their continuous contact with soil and stone. Sadly, there was nothing she could do about this; but, once clean, their beautiful shape sticked out, as well as the sweet contrast between the tanned flesh on their top and the much whiter soles.
Diana rinsed the warrior's hard abdomen, caressing the sweet navel in its center; then she carefully spread the girl's legs wide, exposing her genitals. As she was about to start washing her shaven pubes, she noticed that her clitoris was nearly as big as her own!
"How beautiful" she said, caressing it; but, as it started swelling, she immediately moved her hand away, realizing she couldn't touch Tak that way. "It's not right" she thought. "This girl has no will of her own. It would be like taking advantage of a sleeping, or mentally retarded, person."
She proceeded to wash that last point, then she poured water over it. She noticed that the slave's breath was accelerated, but she didn't give it much importance.
"There. Now, let's see what we can do about your clothing."
The Princess took the clean pieces of cloth; she dried the girl's body with some of them, then she tore the others to make a primitive cover for her chest, like Amazons did. The cloth passed behind the neck, then was crossed and went to cover the breasts; its ends were knotted behind the back.
After this, Diana wrapped a long piece of cloth around Tak's hips, and with few, fast moves, she made a primitive loincloth.
With a smile, Wonder Woman looked at the final result. The girl was on her feet, clean and with new clothes; now her stunning beauty was fully evident, the incredible contrast between her platinum-white hair and her suntanned flesh, the height and harmony of her muscular body, the emerald green of her eyes, in a face whose traits remembered those of some classic statues.
"Good. If only I could fix up what's into your mind." The Princess let out a sigh and looked at the remaining pieces of cloth. Then she remembered she was freezing, and thought it wasn't a bad idea to wear something in those caves. She started making a chest piece for her, too, but her enormous breasts kept poking out. "Now my mother's spell would be so useful" she muttered, handling one of her breasts.
Suddenly, a low moan drew her attention. She turned and saw Tak looking at her, with both her hands under her loincloth, touching herself.
Could that be...? Was this an act of will? A reaction?
She approached the girl, whose face was now a bit red, and looked in her eyes. There was need in them... something which could resemble a desire...
She removed the useless cloth from her chest, and lifted her own breasts a bit, offering them to the mindless slave. "Do you like them?" she asked with a low voice. "Do you want to touch them?"
Slowly, very slowly, a hand moved towards the soft mounds, and cupped one of them.
That was it! That poor girl's sexuality must have been repressed for so many years... and now its strength was allowing her to make a contact with the external world! Diana came closer to Tak, took her hands and placed them over her beautiful breasts.
"Here" she whispered softly. "Do you like this?"
The answer was a deeper breath, almost a moan, together with a twist of the slave's hips. Her legs were pressed together: she obviously needed relief from her excitement. But was this right? Was it good to make love with a person who could barely express even her strongest needs? But, if this meant that her soul would awaken a bit... she looked into those emerald eyes again, and saw in her heart what she had to do.
"Sweet Aphrodite, please give her strength through your love" murmured the Amazon. She hugged the girl and drew her nearer, then she lowered the primitive loincloth and touched gently her burning femininity. Her clitoris was fully erect, incredibly hard, and her vagina was already wet. "Poor girl" she thought "I will give you relief."
She started caressing the swollen clitoris, drawing its hood up, while her middle finger passed through the inner lips. The slave's head was leaning over her shoulder, and she could feel Tak's fast breath against her ear, her low gasps and moans, the twitches in her body.
She removed the chest cloth with dexterity and licked one of the small breasts, then she sucked a nipple into her mouth, tickling it with her tongue. A low cry from her lover marked her first orgasm, more of a relief than anything else.
Diana took the girl to the heap of straw and laid her over it; she removed her own loincloth and knelt in front of the bronzed female. Tak was looking at her with flames of desire in her eyes, and her hands were moving slowly, trying to reach the beautiful figure in front of her.
The Princess of Themyscira arched her back, raised her arms and passed her hands through the long, raven-black hair. She was incredibly seductive, a gift of beauty and appeal from the world of the Gods, her perfect body glowing with femininity.
"I will give you all the love I can, Tak" she promised.
She laid over the bronzed girl and kissed her. Meanwhile, her clitoris touched Tak's, and she started moving slowly her hips, rubbing the pink pleasure organs one against the other, exacting a moan from her lover's lips. Her hands cupped the small breasts, massaging them, increasing circulation and letting more blood reach the already darkened areolas. Her lips cupped one nipple, gently drawing it in, and then started a sucking movement, pushing and pulling the small mound of flesh in and out.
After a while, she started licking that strong abdomen, running along Tak's linea alba until she reached the beautiful little navel; Diana's tongue tickled it, moving in circles around its outline, while the steel-like muscles beneath twitched lightly. She moved on, reaching the shaven pubic mound... and then the beautiful flower that was the girl's vulva. She opened it with her fingers: the pink, fleshy inner lips and the swollen clitoris seemed to greet her, awaiting for her tongue and its gentle touch.
However, the heap of straw was not too big, and the Amazon decided to change her position; she turned around, bringing her hips over Tak's face. Then she started licking that adorable kleitorìs, following the outline of its head, briefly sucking it into her mouth and then releasing it again.
Suddenly, with Diana's great surprise, two strong hands grabbed her exquisite buttocks and pulled them down. She felt her own clitoris being licked, and rejoiced because her gamble had paid: the slave was regaining a bit of her will. "Good... good, Tak! Go on... like this!" she moaned, happy both for this progress and for the pleasure she was receiving. She started stroking her own nipples while sucking: she felt her extasy mounting, together with her lover's, as the muscular body under hers squirmed a bit. Almost at the same time, both women were rewarded with a strong orgasm which left them exhausted and covered in sweat.
Panting, Wonder Woman decided to take a small break. She laid aside her lover, looking at her with a smile. Now those green eyes were showing a small spark of will; with time, she hoped, that spark would become a burning flame, and the powerful warrior in front of her would be reborn again.
"I'm Diana" she told her, slowly. "Dia-na". The girl looked at her, without any sign of understanding. The Amazon took her hands and nestled them on her chest, right between her breasts. "Dia-na" she repeated.
A blink of comprehension lit Tak's eyes. She started speaking, with some difficulty: "D... d... dd... dia... na."
Wonder Woman's eyes enlightened with joy, and she hugged the girl. "Yes! Yes, that's it! Good, very good, Tak!" She kissed those beautiful lips, caressing the platinum-white hair; then she noticed that the slave's emerald eyes were half-closed, slumber overcoming her. She covered both of their bodies with some straw and kissed her lover goodnight.


End of Chapter 3

An adventure of Wonder Woman: Scales in the Temple part 3