An adventure of Wonder Woman: Scales in the Temple 4  

By Homer Vargas

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The Yothga plant is a creation of Robert E. Howard, used in "The Scarlet Citadel" (1933).


Chapter 4

In her deep slumber, Diana felt uneasy. Beyond the boundaries of her conscience she could feel a strange presence watching, observing, hiding in the shadows. Though she didn't wake up, her warrior instincts were alert, sensing the simple presence of evil somewhere around her. She rolled over a bit, coming closer to Tak's motionless shape.

Up high, crawling over the cave ceiling, a small black shape moved in circles, uncertain. Its black tentacles waved in the air, feeling scents that no living creature could imagine. There was something new, another human being with a power that was almost tangible, and this scared the small thing. But its sensitive appendages felt beauty and warmth, a radiant soul whose taste had to be delicious beyond imagination...
The human moved, wary, and the oily tentacles raced away in fear. The small creature returned to the place it knew so well, and after stitching a small drop of its green sticky secretion on the stone, it jumped down, much like a spider, slowly approaching the human it was used to drink every night.

Diana rolled over again, feeling more and more uncomfortable. Small movements and weak sounds from somewhere near made her slowly emerge from the sea of slumber, and she opened her eyes a bit. But even before she could see what was happening, a clear feeling of danger made her head raise, cleaning her mind from the last webs of sleep, jumping on her knees with every sense on alert. Tak was still laying on the straw heap, beside her, but her body twitched and squirmed in agony, while low moans of pain came from her mouth, partially dampened by something black and repulsive whose pulsating tentacles were keeping stuck to the suffering slave's face, while a thin thread from it went up to the cave ceiling. The Amazon didn't understand what was happening, but she realized that the thing was purely evil and was harming her lover. She threw her hand forward to remove the black abomination, but some of the oily tentacles raised, dripping a green ooze which resembled poison. Wonder Woman drew her hand back and thought fast. The screams from Tak were becoming stronger; she looked around to find something to use as a weapon, and finally she saw a torch, burning quietly some meters from her. She jumped from the pile of straw and grabbed the wooden object, carefully avoiding the drops of hot oil dropping from its flaming top. She approached carefully, thrusting her weapon towards the black creature, avoiding its whipping tentacles and burning them one, two, three times. Finally the disgusting being jumped away from Tak's face, making a loud hiss. Diana followed it, moving with care, dancing with the monster as if it was a snake, and as soon as she approached the pieces of cloth on the floor she grabbed a fairly big one and swiftly threw it over her enemy. In a flash, she thrust the torch's tip in the cloth and set it on fire; from the flames came a chilling sound, high and full of pain, while the piece of cloth moved frantically on the ground. Wonder Woman pinned it down with the burning torch, ignoring the awful noises coming from under it, until, with a final convulsion, the small mound stood still.
She waited until the piece of cloth was completely burned. Then, suppressing a wave of nausea from the horrible stench, she approached the dead thing. It looked like a cross between a spider and an octopus; on its lower side, many suction cup opened, surrounding a central, bigger one. While she was staring at it, the monster's outlines seemed to melt, to blend into the shadows on the ground. In a few seconds, only a burned stain remained on the cold rock: the dead creature had returned to the depths it had been drawn from by the unholy forces of black magic.
Diana rushed to Tak. The girl was now still, her eyes open, staring blankly at the ceiling over her. No trace of will remained in them; she didn't react to words or touch. Wonder Woman felt tears rising in her eyes. That small spark of humanity she had managed to bring back had been mercilessly sucked out, leaving the girl as empty and cold as she had seen her the first time.
So that was what that poor girl had to endure since she had been captured... that was the way the snake-woman kept her prisoner. The monster had drained her soul night after night, until all that was left was an empty shell. The Princess' heart withered at that thought, and she asked herself what kind of evil was that monster capable of. But now the little demon was dead, and nothing could prevent Tak's soul recovering her strength. She hoped that their captor's sleep would last enough to allow the girl to regain her will and help destroy that abomination.
Laying over the straw, next to her lover, Diana caressed the short platinum-white hair and closed her eyes.

She woke up and felt the space beside her empty. Tak had vanished.
That could only mean one thing: the snake-woman, Shass'haa, had emerged from her slumber and had called her slave to assist her... in what, she couldn't know, but she was sure this couldn't be anything good.
She tested her strength and found that it had returned a little bit, though this was nothing compared to her usual level of power. But it was better than nothing, she thought.
She heard footsteps coming; Tak appeared from a corridor and opened the fence door, then grabbed her arm and dragged her out. Diana considered her choices. Now she could fight the slave; without her help, maybe the evil creature could be destroyed or at least captured. But before, she had extracted and absorbed all of her magic power, and there was no way to tell how stronger she had grown. Even with her gifts returning, she could be unable to fight that scaled abomination. She remembered that Tak used to be a monster hunter and a strong warrior before she was captured: if only she could bring her will and soul back...!
Meanwhile, the tanned slave had brought her to the room with the throne and the sacrificial altar. Shass'haa was there, clad in an elaborated silk robe, with strange jewels on her arms and legs; she seemed more powerful than before, and her yellow eyes had something even more terrifying... it was like an aura of evil magic was roaring around her, a thunderous storm of arcane energy ready to be unleashed over anyone who dared to defy that monster.
"Ah, Diana of Themyscira" she hissed when Wonder Woman was in front of her. "Look at me. Behold my new power. This is all thanks to you and to the magical energy I ripped from your soul. My conscience is expanding like I had never dreamt before; my strength is growing and growing."
She approached the beautiful Amazon. "What are your feelings for me, dear?" She sweetly mocked her prisoner. "Do you hate me? Are you dreaming of breaking my neck and killing me? Come on. I am here, in front of you."
Diana looked at her and pondered over the situation. "She thinks that her spell is still working, turning me in a hellish creature like her. But soon she will find out the truth. Of course she is waiting for me to attack her... but if I am fast enough..."
She took a fighting stance, faking rage in her face, then, in the blink of an eye, she turned and ran away, making a magnificent jump of three meters over the altar and heading to the corridor she had seen Tak coming from when she brought the Ovuli of Torment. That should have been the way to a depository of magical items; there, she could find some weapon to use in fight, and hopefully the surprise effect would keep the snake-woman and her slave from catching her too soon...
Shass'haa was, in fact, a bit stunned. She had raised all her magic defences, and was ready for any kind of attack she could think of; and the woman she thought now to be a blood-thirsty, savage beast had fooled her with a feint and was running away! She shook herself and raised her hands, evoking forces no human being had ever known. The air around her seemed to boil, then, with a deafening sound, an enormous lightning bolt erupted from nothing, headed towards the naked fleeing Amazon. Diana was now in front of the corridor opening, and, gathering all her resources, she made another jump, followed by a rolling landing which took her far enough from the terrible explosion in the spot she had been one second before. She smelled the ozone and the dust from behind her and deduced that Shass'haa was now muchstronger than before... which meant that, without some weapon or magic equipment, she could easily throw away any hope to fight her. She heard the hissing voice, yelling "Tak! Catch her! Quick!" and she knew that the slave would be the first obstacle to overcome; of course she couldn't harm the poor girl, but she feared that even in her mindless state her strength and fighting abilities would make her a tough enemy. An open door on the right seemed to be the only exit from the long corridor; she quickly ran through it and found she was in a small room, which, judging from the foul smell and the incredible amount of vials and jars full of strange substances, could only be the snake-woman's laboratory. Her eyes wandered around in search of a weapon, or maybe her sacred Lasso of Truth, but in vain; however, in a corner she recognized the small bag containing the Ovuli of Torment, and an idea took shape in her mind. She opened the leather pouch and took an Ovulus, just while a soft sound of fast, naked feet hinted that Tak had found her prey. As the tanned slave entered the room, Diana leapt towards her, causing the girl to take a defensive stance. Her enemy's arms were crossed, protecting her high torso and leaving her hips unprotected; with one hand she lowered the pimitive loincloth she had made for Tak, and with the other one she quickly took the Ovulus to the warrior's unprotected vulva. She saw the beautiful emerald eyes open wide as the round object was pushed up through her vagina; but the slave was not excited, meaning that her femininity wasn't lubricated enough, and while Wonder Woman felt the resistance of her strong inner muscles she remembered how Shass'haa had moistened the orb with her mouth before using it... suddenly two strong, bronzed arms grabbed her and before she could try to fight back, she found herself prisoner in a steel-like lock. While holding her arms behind her back, the tall woman raised the Amazon's strong body like that of a small girl, and started carrying her back to the room she had fled from. Diana tried to set free, but her returning strength was even more reduced by the arm lock.
They entered the main room where the snake-woman was waiting, her eyes like poisoned darts. Tak put her prisoner on her feet, while keeping her hold on Wonder Woman's locked arms. With hasty movements, Shass'haa approached the Princess and grabbed her head, gazing at her sky-blue eyes; her words vibrated with a hatred which could almost be touched.
"You have vanished my spell. You aren't under its control. Your soul is still intact! How did you manage that? HOW?!?"
She moved her hands back. "I feel that your power is returning. It's much sooner than I had thought. I think I will have to drain you again."
Those words shook Diana's mind as the memory of that horrible process and of her suffering came back to her. With all her strength she pulled her arms, ignoring the pain in her joints, and she managed to break Tak's lock. In a flash, the snake-woman jumped back, while her fingers weaved strange symbols in the air; the Amazon felt her hair tingling for the static electricity, and she protected herself with her bracelets just while a powerful discharge hit her. Shass'haa's hands emanated more bolts of electricity, and Wonder Woman grinned her teeth, feeling her small bit of strength fading away as she blocked the fierce attacks.
"What a waste of precious strength" hissed the scaled monster. "Let's put an end to this futile battle." Her fingers harmoniously changed their movements; the air around the Amazon seemed to harden, and she was raised one meter from the floor, her arms and legs spread open by an invisible but powerful force. Her wonderful naked body, paralyzed and floating helplessly, looked like a gift from another world, a bright star stolen from the sky.
The monster reached her prisoner and caressed her toned left leg's inner part. "Now, that's better" she whispered. With a slight gesture of her hand, Diana moved slowly down until her muscular abdomen was in front of Shass'haa's head. Then the forked tongue lashed forward, tickling the Princess' beautiful navel, running around its outline. Two slender, delicate hands slid over her feminine hips and pulled them gently forward, while going slowly down to her firm buttocks.
The snake-woman cupped Wonder Woman's navel with her mouth and sucked lightly. Then her eyes opened wide, full of greed, and the Amazon screamed, feeling her magic essence painfully ripped from her being. The scaled abomination started moving rhythmically, slowly writhing in extasy as she drank the powerful energies, increasing her strength even more. Diana's body was incredibly tense, fighting against the spell which held her prisoner, while the pain numbed her mind.
Tak stood there, watching her master as she cruelly extracted power from the woman that had been her lover. Nothing seemed to be alive into those cold emerald eyes. Her mind was as empty as always, a broken vase which couldn't hold anything, anymore.
Shass'haa was very thorough in extracting every little bit of magic power left in Wonder Woman. After a while, her rhythmic motions stopped and she removed her mouth from the Amazon's navel, visibly satisfacted. With another slight gesture of her hand, the prisoner moved slowly down and slumped over the rocky floor, exhausted.
"Mmmm, that was good. You're totally drained now. By the time your power returns, you will be a mindless slave; this is what I planned for you... and this will be, no matter how. I was hoping to subdue you the easy way, so that your mind would still be useful to me. But now I see that I have no other choice. I will give you to the Yothga!"
She ordered Tak to carry the weakened Amazon and to follow her. As she felt the strong arms raising her body, Diana's eyes opened; she saw the slave's beautiful face, completely devoid of emotions, and sorrow overcame her. She had failed. She couldn't take the poor girl away from that meaningless existence.
Now she was completely powerless, and she feared that the second way to enslave her would be much worse than the first. This time, she probably wouldn't make it: and even if the small demon which drained Tak's soul in the night was now dead, once the girl regained a bit of her will she would be completely alone, not only against the monster's dark magic, but against her own mindless body, too. Only by fighting together would they have a chance to win against the snake-woman's spells... and now, that chance seemed to be lost forever.
She looked again at that beautiful face and whispered "I'm sorry, Tak."
The slave had no reaction; her eyes were looking away. With surprise, Diana noticed that she was staring at her beautiful breasts, a slight shade of red on her face.


End of Chapter 4

An adventure of Wonder Woman: Scales in the Temple part 4