An adventure of Wonder Woman: Scales in the Temple 7  

By Homer Vargas

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The Yothga plant is a creation of Robert E. Howard, used in "The Scarlet Citadel" (1933).


Chapter 7

They followed the minotaur's trail, a task which was pretty easy indeed. The blows of his axe on the wall had left small heaps of rocks on the ground, and his roars echoed not too far ahead. Tailike found that, despite her trust in Wonder Woman, she was more and more nervous as they came nearer to the monster's lair. One thing was chasing a fleeing monster in an open environment; another one, completely different, was peeking into its nest... especially when it had proved to be strong and powerful enough to take care easily of both of them. Now she understood why they hadn't met any other creatures there: this was his realm, and whoever tried to trespass its limits would face the minotaur's fury. Unfortunately, this included herself and Diana, too.
Some kind of light was now visible ahead. It was not like that of a torch, neither like the sun's: it was bright but cold, and it shone evenly as if it didn't come from a definite source. It seemed that the rock itself of these walls produced it.
The corridor ended in a wider cave. It was well illuminated, and moss grew over its ground; the air was slightly damp and a small stream of water flew along one side of the hall. In its center, a big animal's hide covered the rocky ground.
The minotaur stood there, looking at the intruders and sending threatening puffs of vapour from its nostrils. It took a defensive stance, and for a moment Tailike feared that it would charge at them. Instead, the creature stood in the middle of the cave, brandishing its great axe.
Now, in the light, she could see its body more clearly; it wasn't completely covered by fur, nor so much beast-like as she had thought... in fact, it looked like a very tall and shapely man's, not deformed at all, except for its head and feet. She blushed a bit when she stared at its penis: the creature seemed not to be ashamed about walking naked, nor about showing its huge member. But after all, she repeated to herself, it was an abomination, a freak of nature... a savage beast, and nothing more.
Wonder Woman walked towards the monster with confidence, stopping right in front of him, about two meters away. The enraged minotaur bent forward and roared again, a deafening cry of hate which seemed to echo through the two women's chests. But Diana wasn't afraid, not even impressed. She stretched her arms out and touched gently the bovine head, with nothing else but comprehension in her sky-blue eyes.
Tailike saw the creature backing away from that tender touch, as if the Princess' hands had burned its skin. It seemed uneasy and nervous, and roared again while raising even more its weapon. But the feelings on Diana's beautiful face did not change. The young hunter was shocked by a sudden enlightenment. Could it be...?
She approached carefully to Wonder Woman, and heard her speaking with a low voice. "You didn't mean any harm to us, did you? You thought some evil beings from the upper dungeons had invaded your place, and you attacked first. I'm sorry for calling you 'monster'. I didn't understand then; please forgive me." She noticed that the minotaur was listening to her, intelligence shining in those brown eyes. Its defensive stance had loosened a bit: slowly, he put its axe down, relaxing. Its movements were definitely not those of a beast, decided the young hunter. She stopped beside Diana and looked at the creature, who returned the stare with a bit of distrust.
"I'm Diana, Princess of Amazons" said her companion "and this young woman is Tailike, a very gifted monster hunter." The tanned face blushed a bit and her beautiful green eyes stared at the ground as she received such a compliment from her heroine.
"We were captured by the evil being who probably made you prisoner, too. Now she's dead, at the hand of this girl." The bovine head turned to face the young hunter, genuine surprise widening its brown eyes. "Please allow us to find shelter here, to rest and recover our strength" continued Wonder Woman.
The minotaur looked to both women and nodded unmistakably. He reached a bag in a corner and took some dried meat and cheese, offering them to his guests. Then it walked to the stream of water, apparently oblivious of them, kneeling to wash out the dirt and the stains of greenish blood from its skin.
Diana and Tailike enjoyed their meal and, after they ate everything, they felt much better. Especially the Amazon's strength was returning, both physically and mystically. She realized that a good part of her weakness had been caused by the strange powder she had breathed when the parasite attacked her, and now its effect had wore out. She felt a light touch on her shoulder and she turned towards her friend.
"What do you think, Wonder Woman? Can we trust that... that creature?" whispered the monster hunter.
"That creature is a man, Tailike" answered the Princess, gently. "Don't be deceived by its beastly looks. He isn't a demon from the dark pits of Hell, or a magical creation. A minotaur, as lore tells us, is a human being who has been cursed by the Gods... for a guilt which is someone else's, maybe his parents'. He lives a life of loneliness, rejected by men both for his looks and for his great strength."
The tanned warrior looked at the minotaur, still bathing, and for the first time she didn't see an abomination, but a man, who carried a burden that even his powerful shoulders could barely endure. What could be, she asked herself, life without friendship, without love, feeling hated and feared wherever you go? She wondered how did he manage to retain his humanity, preventing himself from becoming the monster that everyone saw into him.
She looked at her sacred blade, still dirty of green blood. She would not hesitate to use it against him, just some minutes ago. A horrible thought crawled into her mind, its implications too great for her to accept. She had always been proud of having killed many monsters in her young life. Now she asked herself: had she ever killed a man instead?
"D-Diana. Are there..." she whispered, afraid of the answer she could receive. "Are there other creatures who are in reality human beings? Who have a heart... feelings like us?" She felt the chilling air even colder against her skin.
"Not that I know" answered Wonder Woman while she caressed her cheek, rightly guessing the reason of her torment. "Never fear, sweet Tailike. Normally, a man or woman turned into a monster becomes what he, or she, looks... a beast, craving for destruction and death such as Medusa, the Gorgon. This minotaur is quite an exception."
The Princess rejoiced as relief flooded her friend's face. Though her life, and her career, were only at their beginning, she hoped that nothing would ever stain that pure young heart.
"Diana!" whispered Tailike, shocked. "Look! He's hurt!" She pointed to the silent figure near to the water, now turning away from them. The Amazon saw a big open wound on his back, touching both shoulder blades: it was recent, and seemed to be pretty deep. Blood had ceased flowing from it, leaving big stains all around.
She walked to the minotaur and knelt before him. "You're hurt" she said, touching his shoulder. "Please let me look at it."
He winced at her touch and looked away nervously, but he let her take care of the injury. Wonder Woman washed the minotaur's back, then she cleaned his wound with water, carefully removing every trace of slime and green blood. That had to have been a hard fight, maybe against many evil creatures. Life was surely brutal in those dungeons.
"Here" she said, when she finished. "Now it should be bandaged. But what can I use?"
Tailike reached her, removing the stripe of cloth covering her chest. "This should be fine" she said. "It's the least I can do."
As Diana wrapped the cloth around the minotaur's chest, the girl knelt in front of him, smiling and saying "Thanks for the food. It was delicious."
The bovine head nodded, but immediately turned away, nervously. "Is there something wrong in me?" the tanned hunter asked herself. "He looked away as soon as he looked at my..." Then she remembered that her chest was exposed, and she noticed his member swelling. "Sorry" she said, embarrassed, as she covered her small, delicate breasts. Though she didn't do it on purpose, that sweet, feminine gesture made things even worse.
"You should be all right now" Diana said happily as she knotted the primitive bandage. The minotaur faced her and bowed his head as a sign of thanks. Even kneeling, he was at her eyes' height, and he stared in awe at her naked body, glowing with beauty. In front of him now was the most lovely and sweet woman he had ever seen. His mouth was not made for human words, and he could not express the feelings in his heart, nor sing poems to celebrate her virtues. Even if he could, he told himself with grief, nothing would change. For he was a beast to her eyes, a freak of nature...
She felt the sadness in his stare, and caressed his head. He shuddered, feeling the sweet pain of a woman's touch, something that was forbidden to such a being as him. His hands, as if by themselves, reached out for her face, and his big fingers passed through those raven-black hair...
Diana looked at his eyes, recognizing the pain only love and passion could give. That man had never made love with a woman in his whole life. Even if he couldn't talk, his body was speaking for him, as demonstrated by his erect member aching for her touch. What could she do?
She didn't think for a moment about her role as a Princess of Amazons, or as Wonder Woman. That wasn't important at all. Only truth and compassion mattered for her; she knew that the man in front of her was asking for her love with all his heart and with sincerity, and that he did not just crave for sex, because he didn't rape her when they met, even if he surely could. She had felt his desperate loneliness the first time he had touched her... but she still was not sure.
"Do you realize that I cannot live with you?" she asked gently, with a low voice, looking into his eyes. "That not knowing love could be less painful than its undying memory?" He looked at her and nodded slowly, still caressing her black, long hair. She felt that it didn't matter for him. He had so few good memories to cherish, to keep in that small, warm place into his heart, the only thing that prevented him to become the beast that everyone saw... and yet, each one of them was incredibly important; he didn't care if those moments would never come back. Their memory was enough.
"Then I will be happy to give you the best memory I can" she whispered as she turned and walked to the back of the hall, where moss grew thicker, and made an invitation with her open hand. Tailike looked at her, astonished. Her heroine, her living example, the mythical Amazon who had slain the most terrible monsters... was about to mate with one of them?! Sure, she knew that the minotaur had a human heart, and a kind one for what she could say. His looks were mostly those of a shapely man, too... yet, there was still something wrong with all this. But what?
She ran to Wonder Woman and grabbed her arm. "Diana, please, wait" she whispered. "Do you think it's... good to do... it with him?"
"Yes, Tailike. He sincerely desires my love, and I am willing to give it to him." The Princess smiled, and the girl realized that she felt no embarrassment or guilt.
"B-but... you are doing it just to thank him, right? Or because you feel sorry for his lonely life, for his sad destiny? In both cases, it's not right to have sex with someone you don't love... just because you think you should, is it?"
"But I don't feel obliged" answered Diana, startled. "Listen to me, dear. You're a very beautiful, young woman. Your marvelous body, your sweet face are perfectly matched by what I see in your heart." The monster hunter blushed a bit and lowered her eyes. "Those are gifts from Aphrodite, the Goddess of Beauty and Love. And in her honour, any woman should happily give her love to another person, when she is asked with good heart and sincerity. You should feel it not as an obligation, but as an honour, the fulfillment of your virtues. Do you understand?"
Tailike understood perfectly what Wonder Woman was saying; her words were absolutely right and very beautiful, and moved her from within. But this didn't mean that she liked this situation.
"Yes, Diana" she whispered, while tears started glowing in her green eyes. "You're right... but please..." she sobbed, hugging more tightly the Princess' arm and hiding her face against it, "Please, don't... don't give yourself to him! I beg of you!"
The Amazon looked at her young friend and smiled, caressing her white hair. "Look at me, Tailike" she said. When the two glowing emeralds faced her, she kissed lightly the hunter's forehead and said "Jealousy is very bad. It can kill your heart. It is a lie, born from fear and selfishness, and you should cast it away. Don't believe even for a moment that I love you a little bit less, just because I am willing to lay with another person." She smiled and winked at her friend. "Come now; join us."
The girl, startled, looked at her for a moment, unable to speak, then blushed noticeably. "What?!? Are you saying I should...?" She couldn't complete the sentence.
"I'm just inviting you to make love with me... and if you want, with our common friend. Don't feel obliged at all: you must do what your heart tells you." With a peck on Tailike's cheek, she reached the minotaur who hugged her gently as they both laid over the thick moss carpet.
Diana kissed the muscular chest beside her, caressing the powerful muscles. Her lover shivered, not used to a woman's tender touch: that same strong, lonely man which would stand a wound from a devil's claw without a growl, now was gasping, overwhelmed by the immense pleasure of mere contact with the delicate hand of this woman who stood at his side, radiating beauty as if she was a Goddess born from the morning dew.
He wanted to kiss her perfect face, her warm breasts, her toned abdomen; sadly he couldn't, because his head was that of an animal and she was a Princess of noble birth. So he turned away from her, feeling dirty and gross, the grisly hybrid everyone despised. But a feminine hand reached his snout and gently made him turn towards two wonderful sky-blue eyes. "Don't feel ashamed of what you are" whispered Diana as her warm lips touched his, and the Beauty kissed the Beast.
Tailike was looking, paralyzed. This went against a good part of what she had always thought and dreamed about love. And yet, she felt like shehad always been the one in the wrong, too blind to see, too full of prejudice to understand. The Princess of Amazons was actually kissing that beastly creature, yet there was absolutely no perversion, no depravity in her. The smile on her face, the light in her eyes were talking about love only, and she realized that it was because she did not see him as a monster, but as a man.
Now his strong hands gently cupped one of her breasts, while her tender touch had gone down, to his erect member... she was caressing that hugephallos, which swelled even more under her fingers. Tailike felt a strange heat radiating from her womb by looking at it, together with a tingling sensation she believed she couldn't feel anymore in front of a man. Her adventures with the other sex had been very limited and disappointing; moreover, there was little time for love in the life of a monster hunter. But now she blushed, touching instinctively her aroused femininity, and she felt very stupid. Her strong character took over, and she walked to the lovers' nest.
A bit embarrassed, she looked at the two of them, her face red, and said "Um... may I, well... stay with you?"
Wonder Woman smiled warmly and the minotaur nodded. Someone could have said that, despite his bovine head, he was smiling, too.
Tailike removed her loincloth and laid beside him, still a bit uneasy. She looked at that powerful chest, those strong muscles; just seeing them so near made her feel warm again. Her hand caressed nervously the shapely body; slowly, she became more confident, and she started kissing every part of that toned physique. Then a strong hand delicately touched her small breasts, thrilling her like she would never think possible. The thought of being held by those big hands, running along all her body, made her sink in an ocean of deep, warm pleasure. A gasp from the minotaur took her back to reality: she saw Diana holding his enormous member, sucking its tip with her mouth. Now, this was something she had never heard about! She came nearer, intrigued by the novelty. The Amazon was moving her head, working with her tongue around the big penis' head. When she noticed the girl staring, with her eyes open wide, she said "It's called lesbiazo. Do you want to try?"
Tailike withdrew a bit, in a very feminine way; then, with girlish enthusiasm, she grabbed the member, looking at it as if she was hypnotized. Wonder Woman showed her the most sensitive areas. "I'm pretty new to this myself, but I can teach you the basic technique. And remember" she whispered "if you feel it throbbing, withdraw at once. Trust me."
Under her guidance, Tailike became pretty good, and in a few minutes she took the minotaur to a powerful orgasm. His strong body tensed, and with a roar of pleasure, he came, spraying his hot semen which touched lightly the girl's face. She laughed heartily as she cleansed herself; Diana was happy seeing that her friend was starting having fun.
While the half-beast was recovering from his intense orgasm, the Amazon knelt before the monster hunter, and they started touching each other everywhere, while their mouths met in a deep kiss. Tailike massaged Diana's enormous breasts, feeling their warmth, teasing the hard nipples; she felt herself floating in a sea of sweet pleasure as she made love with the heroine of her dreams, feeling that expert tongue writhing into her mouth. Wonder Woman caressed the tanned warrior's chest, her small, sensitive breasts; her hands went to her steel-like abdomen, to her meaty navel, and even lower...
A dampened gasp came from the young woman when her big clitoris was unhooded by Diana's skilled fingers. She hugged her lover, shuddering, arching her body forward, begging for more. She caressed the Amazon's toned back while her hips moved slowly, savoring the incredible sensations unleashed by her aroused sex. She detached her lips from her lover's when she let out a long, high moan of extasy, and Wonder Woman lowered her head to suck one of her beautiful breasts. Meanwhile, her fingers went deep into the girl's tight vagina, touching and probing, going in and out from the now wet and lubricated channel. The monster hunter was shaking, drawn by an immense pleasure; but she gasped, overjoyed, when she felt the minotaur's big, strong hands closing over her shapely waist, delicately caressing her skin, massaging her toned body. Those enormous fingers passed over her abdomen with such a gentle touch that she would never expect from a man so strong. With a finger, he teased her delicious navel, generating sensations which shook her deeply. She raised her arms and threw them back, closing them around the minotaur's furry neck. Now she didn't feel any repulsion about his beastly traits, and her only desire was to be held in his strong embrace. A shiver ran all the way through her, and she was overcome by a tingling sensation and a flash of light as she came, in a splash of female juices.
Wonder Woman passed her mouth all over Tailike's chest, kissing her skin between the small perky breasts, down to her still tensed abdomen, while the girl stood there, panting from the incredible orgasm, her hands still holding the minotaur's neck. He gently removed them and made the young hunter lay down on the moss, allowing her to catch her breath. Then he turned to Diana, who looked at him with an unmistakable stare in her blue eyes. His penis was erect again, and she made him lay down while she cleaned the remaining semen from the big member's head; then she sat over it, allowing it to penetrate her slowly, while her vaginal tissues and muscles adjusted to its noticeable size. When it could proceed no more, she started a circular movement with her hips, and her breath became deeper and faster. Moans came from her mouth, while the minotaur grunted, concentrating not to come too early despite his lover's incredibly tight femininity. Furthermore, this was his first time with a woman; but he held up, so that she could feel the highest pleasure he could give her.
Two slender, tanned hands came silently in his help. As Diana moved at a faster and faster pace, she felt her left breast being touched from behind, while delicate fingers unhooded her majestic clitoris. Tailike's voice came from somewhere near her ear, whispering "You didn't think I would just lay there without giving back all my love to you, right, my Princess?"
Wonder Woman let out a cry of joy when her friend's fingers began stroking her clitoris and nipples. The huge phallos inside of her was moving back and forth, causing warm waves of pleasure to run through her body and mind; sweat drops began forming on her silky skin, deeper breaths came out from her throat, and she threw her head backwards, keeping her eyes closed shut. Diana felt a very intense orgasm building into her; from her mouth, open wide, a cry came out. "Oh, sweet Aphrodite... this is so wonderful... I'm... I'm about to..." and arching backwards, shuddering, she came powerfully, while the red of passion and an expression of deep happiness graced her marvelous face, making it, if possible, even more beautiful.
She laid over the moss carpet, panting, her eyes closed in delicious satisfaction, a sweet smile on her lips. The minotaur came just after her, helped by the tanned warrior, who used her hands and tongue to release him from his unbearable desire, and even managed to avoid being hit by his hot semen this time.
The three lovers rested for some moments, catching their breath. Then Diana and Tailike started touching and kissing again, their desire for each other seeming endless. The Amazon let her friend lay over her, rubbing her still erect clitoris against her own, while she helped the girl's movements by holding her toned buttocks. Their lips met in a deep kiss, their sweaty bodies touching and moving, unleashing a world of sensations they both enjoyed incredibly; their legs crossed to feel even more each other's touch as softened moans came from their throats.
The two women kept playing this sweet game for some time, knowing that their male lover needed to rest before he was ready for love again. But it didn't take too much for his huge member to become hard once more, and this time it was Tailike to ask for his virile touch, raising her behind with a mischievous and shy expression in her angelic face as she looked behind her, towards the tall and muscular man-beast.
He approached cautiously to the girl, caressing her supple back as she rose on her knees, with Diana still under her. His fingers delicately touched her sweet flower, and a flood of unknown sensations and feelings ran through Tailike, things so different from what she had experienced in her whole life... her heart seemed about to break as she felt the veil of innocence tearing apart.
Now his member was pressing against her femininity; she remembered about few hours ago, when a filthy monster tried to rape her, and she fought with all her strength against his foul appendage. But now it was so different; she wanted to receive that man's penis inside of her, and she spread her legs wider to allow her physique to withstand its huge proportions. Slowly, in what looked like an eternity, the minotaur's phallosslid into her, while she kept biting her lower lip, her eyes closed shut, her whole body tensing, sweaty, and Wonder Woman gently caressed her cheeks. Finally, that enormous member started moving into her, and from her womb pleasure kept growing and growing until it carried her away, obliterating her thoughts, her conscience. Diana was massaging her breasts, kissing her neck and shoulders; she cried, believing for a moment that she was about to die for the unbearable extasy. Her world seemed to bloom with emotions, strange, new, and she felt tears of joy running along her face. His hands were holding her hips, helping their movements; the Princess' hand under her went to her clitoris, and everything else fell into nothingness. She felt those marvelous sensations only, she just cared for her lovers and for the joy they were giving to her. Now her former fears and doubts seemed so childish; she laughed about them as happiness filled her soul. This wasn't just sex, as she had thought in a first moment. She felt true love in her and in the people near to her, a blessing that was unknown in those dungeons so far away from the sun and the warm air.
Her male lover gently rose her and turned her over, so that they faced each other. Then he sustained her, placing his enormous hands under her armpits and around her chest; just feeling their contact, the touch of those strong fingers which could crush stone, and yet were now holding her as delicately as a girl would hold a kitten...
She threw herself forward and kissed her lover's furry neck; then she hugged his huge chest, leaning her head against it, turning the up-down movement of her hips into a circular one, like she had seen Wonder Woman doing. Meanwhile, Diana had knelt behind her and was holding her hips, helping their movements as she kissed her muscular back.
Tailike increased her pace, beginning to feel that tingly sensation in her womb, as her body became hotter and hotter. Her cheeks and ears seemed to burn, and her breath formed small clouds in the cold air of the cavern. Finally, swept by an explosion of extasy, she came, crying with pleasure. She stood there, laying over the minotaur's powerful chest, feeling his heavy breath against her face. The Princess quickly lifted her buttocks and freed the huge phallosfrom her vagina, stroking it with her hand until she felt it throbbing and, with a growl from the half-beast's throat, it released his semen. She knew that letting it stay into the girl's womanhood would surely bring consequences for her future life... and she was still far too young to face them.
Now completely spent, the three lovers laid over the moss, deliciously serene, savoring the sensations still echoing into each one of them. The minotaur, laying on his side, caressed Tailike's white hair, and she came nearer to him, nestling against his body. He lightly touched Diana's cheek, while his eyes expressed a mute "thank you". She smiled, and touched his snout.
They spent the night there, laying beside one another, covered by a big warm hide that the host had taken from a corner. Their slumber was long, deep and safe.

Diana and Tailike waked up under their furry cover, finding a breakfast made of dried fruits, bread and cheese. Those things had to be very rare in that dungeon, and they understood that their host was offering to them the best he had. They ate everything, noticing that he was not there at the moment, probably checking out for the presence of monsters within his domain. They looked at each other, thinking about the same thing, but the young hunter spoke first.
"What will be of him, Diana? He can't stay here. We must take him with us!"
"It's true. Now that the lamia is dead, no one will ever bring any food here, and he will starve to death. Even if he found food, however, his life would continuously be at stake. He must return to the world outside... though I'm afraid that he will never find his place there." The Amazon's eyes expressed sorrow.
"But it would be dangerous! If word of his presence spread, my order would set off to kill him... and I don't know if they would listen to me about his true nature!" An idea struck the girl as her face enlightened with hope. "He could live on Themyscira! What do you say, Wonder Woman? He's a good-hearted man, he wouldn't harm your sisters... and no one would hunt him there!"
"No, Tailike. Men are not allowed to live on Paradise Island, though they may stay there for a while as guests. The Gods themselves decided this way."
She looked at her friend's beautiful face, now clouded by sadness. "Don't worry, dear" she whispered. "We will think of something. I won't abandon him... and I know you won't, too." They smiled, then the girl hugged her Princess. "Thank you, Diana" she said. "You taught me so much. And you saved me from that mindless existence. You're the best friend I will ever have."
The Amazon returned the hug and said "You saved me too, young hunter. And together, we walked across this place of horrors. You're a sister to me."
They stared at each other for a while, then their lips met in a kiss. Under the hide, their bodies moved, and after some moments low moans echoed on the stone walls.
Coming back from his sentry route, the minotaur stopped, looking at the two passionate women, unable to believe to their sexual charge. He came nearer, sitting next to them; they looked at him, smiling mischievously, and took him under the cover.
Diana and Tailike made lesbiazoagain, licking and sucking that huge penis until it shot a huge load of semen. This time Wonder Woman misjudged the timing, and they all laughed as she cleansed her face. Then the girl had an idea: the two women laid one over another, facing and rubbing their clitorises together, and the minotaur slid his member between their touching genitalia. It proved to be a wonderful idea.
After some cleaning, the moment to depart came. The Princess of Amazons, her power now restored, focused on her birth place: a bright light appeared in front of her, then it grew wider, and in its center the magnificent buildings and temples of Themyscira appeared. Tailike and the minotaur stared in awe at the stunning view of Paradise Island, its green forests, its golden beaches, its high mountains.
"Let's go" said Wonder Woman. She faced the half-beast, saying "though a man can't live on Themyscira, you can stay for a while. Then I will take you wherever you want."
With her great surprise, his horned head twisted slowly, in denial. He made a step back and waved them goodbye.
The two warriors were shocked. "Do you realize that you will die in here? There's nothing to eat, nowhere to go, only death!" The Amazon looked into his eyes, seeing understanding and resignation. His lonely life had come to an end. He did not want to return to the outside world; what would be there for him, seemed to say his stare? Where would he go?
She didn't know what to say. Of course he was wrong: there was always hope, for everyone. But how could she speak about that, when she was a heroine, loved by her people and by men and women throughout the world? When she had so many sisters and friends? When her beauty could make her welcome anywhere?
She came near to him and said "Come with us, please. We can't leave you here." But he knelt and caressed her head, still shaking his head. Now he had known love, and its dear memory would stay with him until his final moments. That was enough.
"Listen to me" she started, determined to persuade him, without any idea about how. But while she opened her mouth to speak again, she was pushed aside with decision, and in a flash she saw Tailike stopping in front of the minotaur; her hand moved swiftly in a wide arc, slapping the huge bovine head with enough strength to make it turn aside!
If a bull's snout could ever express astonishment, that was surely the time. He stood there, paralyzed, while the girl looked at him with such a rage in her green eyes that one could say she was about to explode.
"What are you trying to say? That you are willing to stay here, to rot like an old mushroom? To die from starvation? To enjoy the company of the filthy things which slither in this stinking dungeon, until you close your eyes forever?! I will not accept this! You cannot give up your life just because no one wants you! Listen to me, you dumb bull's head! You will come with me, to my monastery, and I will talk to every hunter there, to make them know that you're not a mad, rampaging monster! And if they don't believe me, I will smash their heads against a wall until they do! Then you will be able to go everywhere you want, and no one will have anything to say about it! And..." Tears dropped on the cold ground in front of her naked feet. "And you will... never be alone... because I... I dowant you, you silly... big minotaur" she said between tears, her voice cracking. Her heart seemed about to split in two: she had never experienced such a pain in all her life.
He stood there, as still as a stone, while she sobbed in front of him. Then his hands reached her, and he hugged the young brave girl, holding her tenderly against him, feeling her cry silently. She threw her arms around his neck and nestled her head against it, whispering "Please don't leave me..."
Diana smiled, her heart full of joy while she raised a prayer of thanks to Goddess Aphrodite.

Queen Hyppolita laid, completely naked, on a golden beach, taking a rest from her royal duties. The sun warmed her silky skin, while she felt the hot sand slithering over her body, caressing her arms and legs, teasing her femininity. She slowly rose to her feet and entered the crystal-clear water, grateful for its refreshing touch. A cloud of curious silvery fishes swam around her shapely legs.
She relaxed while her thoughts flew to her beloved daugher, far away from her, fighting for her people in the name of the Gods. How much time had passed since they had been together? She missed her so much...
A voice echoed, calling her back from her thoughts. Persephone, one of her personal guards, was running towards her. "Your Majesty! Your daughter, the Princess, has come back!"
The Queen's marvelous face was enlightened by joy, and she smiled. But she noticed that the loyal Amazon in front of her looked puzzled. She stared at her and said "Very good. Is there anything else?"
"...and she brought some... guests with her" added Persephone, even more perplexed.
Hyppolita was startled. Guests were absolutely rare on Themyscira. But if they were Diana's friends, they would surely be welcome. She returned to the small grove where her other two guards waited, and put her exquisite dress and sandals on. She couldn't help but notice that the Amazons had a strange expression on their beautiful faces.
She took the road towards the royal Palace, but as soon as she came out from the refreshing grove, she heard a rich voice whose sound made her heart jump with joy. She turned and saw Diana running to her, happiness radiating from her sweet features.
The Queen smiled again and walked to her daughter, but she slowed down, absolutely dazzled, when she saw a very tanned young woman, with white hair and an impressive, slender physique, holding a naked, gigantic Minotaur's hand.
"I believe this will be a very long story" she said to herself.


The End