An adventure of Wonder Woman: Scales in the Temple 2  

By Homer Vargas

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The Yothga plant is a creation of Robert E. Howard, used in "The Scarlet Citadel" (1933).


Chapter 2

A strong light was penetrating through her eyelids. The veils of slumber started to pierce, and her conscience slowly returned. Diana found herself laying on her back over solid, cold rock, the light coming from many torches fastened to the rough rocky walls of the room where she had been captured. Shaking her head, she fought the remaining effects of the potion, trying to stand up, but her arms and legs were bound by something. She saw golden shackles over her bracelets and ankles, with solid chains of the same metal which were connected to four golden rings stuck into stone... she realized she was tied over the sacrificial altar, and suddenly her memories returned. The snake-woman! She wasn't to be seen anywhere; the Amazon decided that it would be wise to break free as soon as possible, and mustered her strength to tear the weak golden chains apart... but, hard as she could try, nothing happened. She was shocked. Did the potion do something to her powers? She couldn't notice any difference from before, in fact, she felt as strong as ever; but the chains wouldn't break, no matter how hard she pulled.
"Poor little Princess, are you so weak that you can't break free?"
The voice, mocking and sweet, came from beyond her. Diana managed to bend her head enugh to see the snake-creature coming from behind the golden throne, together with Tak.
"What did you do to me?!" she asked. "Did you cancel my powers?"
"Such naivety." The woman's voice was soft, yet it had a note of despise again. "Your supernatural gifts came from the Gods, and no magic in the world may destroy them. Your eyes can only see the physical appearance of the bonds that are keeping you prisoner. But their true nature is way more powerful... just like the white symbol, they act on your essence, neutralizing your divine abilities. A power that I gave them in long years of work, waiting for this moment!"
She approached to the table and slowly went around it, caressing her prisoner's naked body with a hand. She was completely naked too, and her scaled skin was glowing, covered by some exotic oil: its scent was subtly erotic, like a mind-numbing mist which slowly brought up forgotten sensations and passions. Her breasts, though devoid of nipples or areolae, were small, soft and shapely, and her delicate cleft was that of a human female. She touched Wonder Woman's beautiful lips with her index, then went down to her neck, making all the way on her chest and encircling one of her big, soft breasts, tickling her nipple. Then she caressed her linea alba, sliding between her toned abdominal muscles; she followed the sweet curves of her perfect navel; she slid aside her vulva, giving a soft poke to her clitoris, making her start up a bit with surprise and erotic tension. Then the creature followed the line of the Princess' inner thighs, caressing her silky skin, feeling her muscles tensing, amused by her efforts to dominate the pleasure. She touched Diana's strong calves, then she went down along her beautiful, arched feet, tickling them a bit, playing with her perfect toes, kissing the sensitive skin.
"So, Princess? Do you want to join me for a little... playing?" Her voice was low, loaded with desire and lust. Her scent was a seducing fragrance... which awakened strong passions in the bound Amazon.
"Never!" Wonder Woman strived again to break free. "Don't touch me, you monster! I don't want to make love with such a cruel being as you!"
"Really? Maybe your will says so, but this cute little thing down here does not quite agree." She caressed again her prisoner's clitoris, which was now beginning to swell. Diana felt the erection building, and concentrated to fight it.
Suddenly, with a single, fluid movement, the snake-woman jumped over the altar, standing on all fours. She was looking like a panther about to catch her prey. "You are trying to resist me" she whispered. "A little fool, you are." She bent over Wonder Woman's pelvis and licked her pubic mons, encircling her vulva. Then her forked tongue slid into her prisoner's cleft of Venus, tickling her inner walls. A moan came from Diana's throat.
"So, are you finally giving up?" The snake-woman's thin mouth cupped the Amazon's clitoris and, with a gentle suck, drew it in. Wonder Woman arched her back, while a deep breath dilated her mighty chest. She waved her arms, pulling her restraints, turning the pain of her inner struggle against desire into a physical effort. Meanwhile, the evil creature was relentlessly attacking her unprotected pussy, inserting her expert fingers between Diana's inner lips, deep into her moist femininity, twisting, searching for every spot which could bring more intoxicating pleasure to her prisoner. The Princess of Themyscira suddenly arched forward, her abdomen as hard as forged steel, her arms tensed against her bonds, shouting "Stop at once! I don't want! Stop touching me there!!"
The snake-woman stopped and raised her head from Wonder Woman's pubes, her eyes now colder. "So, your will is as strong as your muscles. But you are wrong if you think even for a moment that you can win over me! Tak, bring me the Ovuli of Torment!!"
The bronzed slave disappeared at once, and returned moments later bringing a worn leather bag. Shass'haa took a small egg-like object from it: the Ovulus was 15 millimetres wide, and just a little higher. It was white, translucent, made of something like wax... the snake-woman put it into her mouth, moistening its surface with care, and held it at the torch light. "See, Princess? This small egg, obtained through a process as ancient as my people, is capable of shattering any woman's will, giving her desire beyond limit. Normally I use them as a torture instrument, making my prisoners crave for my touch... letting them suffer for hours, even days, until they can finally come at my hands... isn't this true, Tak?"
She looked at the motionless slave with a smirk, then continued. "But for you, it's a little different. Here!"
Her fingers carefully positioned the small object against Diana's vaginal orifice, then started pushing it in. The Amazon tried to close her legs, but the chains kept them spread; her powerful vaginal muscles couldn't stop its descent either, because her femininity was far too moist and lubricated, and after some moments the egg stopped against Wonder Woman's cervix.
Soon, the naked Princess began feeling the effects of the Ovulus. A pulsating heat emanated from her womb, invading her every muscle, numbing her head. Her skin started glistening with sweat, despite the cold air; her breath became intense, her nipples as hard as rock, her clitoris ached, throbbing with excitement.
The snake-woman inserted a finger into her vagina and took it out: it was covered with thick, transparent female lubricant. She sucked her finger with voluptuousness, savoring Diana's most intimate taste, together with her nearby victory.
She observed her prisoner. Now the effects of the Ovulus were reaching their maximum: even if her sensitive scaled skin and forked tongue couldn't feel the steep increase in the Amazon's body temperature, her abundant sweating was very noticeable. She had begun squirming, trying to find relief from the desire which consumed her; her eyes closed shut, her voice now a moan.
"My sexual magic cannot be fought" she murmured, her reptile eyes wide with triumph. "Now you will crave for my body, you will pray for me to release you from this sweet agony... we will make love, and our souls will bond. Then my magic will flow through you, unthwarted... I will know your secrets and desires, Princess, and I will bond your spirit, making it subservient to mine. Finally, in the moment of your supreme extasy, you will become a slave, waiting for my every word, your soul consumed by pure evil. And after that, I will suck your abundant magical energy away, absorbing it into myself, so that it will increase my own strength!!!"
Diana slowly turned her head towards the monster, and opened her eyes. "You... will fail... my will... can still fight" she whispered, defiantly. "I will not... give up."
"What's this?!?" the scaled woman shouted angrily, losing her self-control for the first time. "Are you resisting?! No woman has ever been able to retain her will after receiving my Ovuli of Torment! Even I would..." She stopped, her chilling blood now even colder from the frustration she was feeling. She couldn't use another Ovulus. That could be too much for even that stubborn Amazon. But, unless she found a way to bend her will of steel, she couldn't start working on her, submerging her spirit to make her a slave. What could she do? What were that woman's weaknesses, so that she could use them against her? What did she desire, what did she care for? What was her most important...
The Princess of Themyscira was still fighting her hot, tensed body, affirming her will over its burning needs, when she felt the hideous being caressing her forehead, whispering sweetly at her ear. "Hear me, little Amazon. Now we will make love, and you will accept me. You will resist no more. Because, if I feel that you're trying to fight for a moment only, this night the poor Tak will feel the bite of my silk whip!" The last words, uttered with inhuman sadistic pleasure, hit Wonder Woman like a punch. She opened her eyes and looked at the abomination. "You... must not! That poor girl has nothing to do with this! Leave her alone!" She gasped, feeling the extasy striking her like a tidal wave. Her concentration was breaking.
"Why? She is my slave, and I can do everything I want with her. She didn't do anything wrong, indeed... but nonetheless, she will be the one to pay for your stubborness!"
"No... I can't let an innocent pay... I can't!" Diana arched her back, as if giving voice to the fierce battle inside her. She was prisoner of a dangerous beast, a being capable of great evil, trying to enslave her body and mind; her safety was imperative, because, had she fallen prey of that abomination, there were no means to tell what purpose she would use her - and her powers - for. But, how could she fight with all her heart... knowing that for every second she resisted, that unlucky girl would be tortured mercilessly?
"I see you insist in your decision. Very well! Tak will endure fifty slashes of whip... and of course, if you don't change your mind, the number will grow, maybe up to a point where she will no longer bear the pain..."
"Stop! You can't do this!" Diana felt tears rising in her eyes. "Didn't you harm her enough? How can you be so cruel... to take pleasure in a pointless torture?!"
"It's up to you" answered the snake-woman, softly. "If you refuse me, it will be as if you were whipping her helpless back. She could even not survive... I care very little, though."
"You demon!" shouted the bound Amazon, striving again to break free.
"Shall we say seventy slashes? What do you think, my dear?"
In her heart, Diana had already taken her decision. She prayed the Gods to watch over her, to give her the strength to hold on to her soul and heart... whatever happened.
"I see. Maybe you are thinking that, only because she has no will, Tak can't feel pain or fear" hissed the evil being. "She can, indeed... do you need a proof? Should I begin her punishment right now?"
"Enough!" Wonder Woman's voice cracked a bit. "I will do it. I will... make love with you. I promise not to refuse you. Don't harm that girl."
"Excellent!" The creature's eyes widened with anticipation. Finally, she would get the chance to shape that powerful will... to tear her soul away, and make her a slave. Of course, her great inner strength would make things a bit longer than usual... but this was the opening she was waiting for. Her body moved with hypnotic grace towards the stone altar, her movements like those of a cobra. She jumped fluidly over the stone slab, and crawled over Diana.
"Now, let's get more intimate... and this time, there will be no obstacles. Don't you agree?"
"Y...yes. Please do whatever you wish with me. I'm yours." The Amazon closed her eyes, offering herself to the monster, waiting for her touch to free her... finally giving in to the desire in her aching body.
Shass'haa softly caressed Wonder Woman's cheek. Her skin was as cold as the stone walls of the cave, and the naked prisoner was started up, chilled by the snake-woman's freezing touch against her hot, sweaty body... yet, that sensation made her heart jump, tensing her muscles even more, increasing her pleasure. Now she felt the icy touch of the creature's hands over her breasts... the fast run of a slim tongue around her left nipple... a finger playing with her navel, and then going down... running over her pubes like cold fire... until...
The scale-skinned woman welcomed with delight the deep gasp coming from her future slave. She continued her expert work over the Amazon's femininity, switching between soft caresses and deep strokes over her aching clitoris. Meanwhile, her other hand ran across the beautiful raven hair, bringing Diana's head towards hers. "Kiss me, Princess" she whispered to the squirming heroine. "Kiss me and become my slave forever." The fleshy red lips hesitated for a moment, then reached a perfect, cold, evil face and closed over their thin counterparts. The serpent-like monster wound herself tightly around her prey, savoring the warmth of her body, locking her in a reptilian embrace. Then, she started her work.
Wonder Woman instinctively stiffened as she perceived the evil magic radiating from the creature, trying to break her natural defenses and reach her most inner self. She knew that her soul was in danger, but her heart told her not to fight: she had to let the beast in... to let it conquer her. Finally the last defenses fell, and two souls were bonded together. A flux of pure thought poured from Shass'haa's mouth, flowing into Diana's, bringing evil and decay, contaminating her... spreading through her whole being... its touch burned like acid, smelling of depravity and corruption, intoxicating yet strangely appealing... she moaned loudly, with a mix of inner pain, repulsion and pleasure. Her body squirmed lightly against the darkness invading it. But the monster over her tightened the embrace and worked even harder over the prisoner's pink femininity. As seconds passed, the strong Amazon slowly gave in, allowing the spell to take her over... a fierce triumph passed over the yellow reptilian eyes.

The process was going well. The snake-woman sensed her prisoner yielding, enveloped, penetrated by the flux of evil magic. She could feel her dark forces expanding through that incredibly pure being, biting at her will, weakening her brave soul. She measured with caution the sexual stimulation, not wanting to make the Amazon climax before the spell had done its work. Her fingers were wriggling inside the woman's hot femininity, drowned into a sea of warm, sticky juices, touching the muscular vaginal walls in the right places to cause the desired reactions in that strong, sensitive body. The ancient being could effectively direct the rhythm of extasy into the Amazon, pulling the strings of her pleasure just like a musician would play an instrument.
Her strong embrace was now relaxed, allowing her scaled body to slide back and forward over the human's skin, savoring her warmth. With one hand she cupped Diana's left breast, softly squeezing the tender yet firm flesh, tormenting its nipple which was now as hard as rock; its color had turned slightly darker, just like the beautiful areolas.
As soon as her spell finished its work, the monster detached from Diana's lovely mouth, which released a low moan of anguish. Both her hands grabbed the incredible mounds which were Wonder Woman's mammary glands, and started rubbing them against one another. Then she sucked a hot nipple into her cold mouth, sending shivers into the Amazon, and enjoyed teasing the sensitive skin with her reptilian tongue. After a while, she started a deep sucking motion, drawing the entire areolas into her mouth, pumping as if she wanted to extract milk from those symbols of abundance. It reminded Diana of a popular myth, where some snakes were said to sneak into houses at night to suck the milk from sleeping nursing mothers.
Now the snake-woman was changing position: she turned around and positioned her hips over Wonder Woman's face, while bringing her mouth over the Amazon's moist vulva. She caressed the perineum with her left finger, which she drove over the prisoner's anus, encircling it, then slowly penetrating the muscular opening. Diana opened her eyes wide, startled, feeling the icy finger entering, chilling her passion and dampening the orgasm which was building into her. "I won't let you come so easily, Princess" thought the monster. "You must be totally exhausted when I suck your energy away."
Her mouth reached the big, hot clitoris beneath her and cupped it, drawing the hood down. Then Shass'haa started moving her head in a slow circular motion, massaging the engorged pleasure organ into her mouth while she hummed lowly, the vibrations in her lips exciting even more the shackled Amazon.
Her right hand moved towards Wonder Woman's vagina, and penetrated it with one, then two fingers which started writhing, together with the one sticked into the Princess' anus. The attack on two fronts bewildered Diana, whose passion flared up again, her mind completely erased by the intensity of her pleasure. She felt herself floating, waves of excitement driving her back and forth... while another bigger wave was building, to sweep her away...
Shass'haa knew that soon climax would erupt into that toned, tensed body, and she could no longer delay it. She turned around again and slid backwards, kneeling in front of the woman's pelvis: she cupped the strong glutei with her hands and, with a single movement, raised her prisoner's low torso, bringing Wonder Woman's vulva right in front of her thin mouth, much like someone would do to drink from a large cup. The serpentine tongue lashed forward, winding around the erect clitoris, stroking back and forth with fast movements... the heroine's ample chest expanded in a deep breath while she gasped in extreme excitement, and as soon as she was about to climax, Shass'haa cupped her vulva with her mouth, driving her thin tongue deep into Diana's vagina for a last stimulation.
With powerful shakes, letting out a cry of liberation, the Princess of Amazons reached orgasm, her vagina squirting a flow of hot juices into her captor's throat. Her strong body arched upwards, every muscle tensed to its limits, as a numbing, warm wave overcame her conscience... submerging everything...
The malevolent creature looked at her prisoner, now relaxed and exhausted, panting over the stone altar.
"How do you feel, Diana of Themyscira? Are you ready for another little game?"
The Amazon slowly opened her eyes, finding even speaking a very hard task. "No... more... please... I'm so... tired..." Her eyes closed again.
"No wonder. The Ovulus was made to concentrate and transform every bit of a woman's physical energy into lust. But now I need another kind of energy from you, Amazon. And I will have it all." She knelt on the table with her legs closed, in front of her exhausted prisoner. Her arms were extended and pointed towards the sides of the table, her fingers forming strange symbols. She threw her head backwards and concentrated... a dark aura emanated from her, strange currents flowing in it like in a hellish river, its size growing at every moment. After some moments the currents seemed to take a direction, something like a pattern, and a big tentacle born of pure evil energy erupted from it and took flesh, writhing over the Princess' body, a horrible mouth opening and closing on its end. From the large stem smaller tentacles burst forth, just like branches from a tree's trunk. Diana opened her eyes, alerted by her screaming sense of danger which made her feel the magic tendrils before even seeing them. The greedy mouths on their disgusting stems raced towards Wonder Woman's silky skin, attaching to her body, but somehow she knew their true target was her pure and shining soul. The tentacle which was the root rushed to her toned abdomen, and latched on the beautiful navel in its center, exerting a strong suction over its tender flesh. Many smaller mouths attached to the Amazon's head while two of them, bigger, cupped her breasts, covering the big areolas completely; another one found its way to Diana's still erect clitoris and sucked it in, savoring its warmth, while a shiver ran in Wonder Woman's back. Her arms and legs were targeted by the mouths too; in a few moments, every part of the Princess' body had been connected to the mystical aura pulsating around the snake-woman.
"What... is this?! What are you going to... do to me?"
Shass'haa opened her mouth, but not to answer these questions. The aura grew stronger and the tentacles increased their writhing. In that very moment, Diana closed her eyes, her head slightly bent backwards, feeling a strange, terrible pain in her every limb. She was not being hurt physically, but there was an entity... an evil entity... attacking her in a way she could not understand. Behind her closed eyelids, small flashes of impossible colors danced, mystic sounds from beyond this world echoed lightly, sensations and feelings she had never experienced but that, somehow she knew, had been into her since she was born: they emerged briefly to disappear at once, ripped from deep within her and siphoned away. She felt as if she was losing something very important, which she had never recognized until it was extracted from her body... or soul. The tentacles writhed and coiled ... what were they stealing from her?
Then, all of a sudden, she remembered. The snake-like monster said she would drain her of magic... and that had to be it! The terrible pain she was feeling was her supernatural essence being forcibly extracted from her soul. It flew along the disgusting tentacles, to be absorbed by the evil creature, increasing her evil powers...
Diana squirmed for the suffering. As her magic power diminished, the spell increased its strength to drain her more. Her mind, already weakened from the intense orgasm, was unable to fight the process, and at each passing moment her power grew weaker, while her enemy's became stronger and stronger. It was difficult to think clearly... the Amazon's warrior instinct compelled her to make another futile effort, and she strained weakly against her bonds while the tentacles continued sucking her magic power. Through her half-closed eyes she saw the scaled abomination... who was now writhing slowly, with snake-like movements, panting and shaking, overwhelmed with extasy as she felt the powerful stolen energies filling her, giving her new power. Her eyes were open wide, in excitement and greed.
Wonder Woman felt the pain fading while her conscience started slipping towards unconsciousness. Her whole body was numb, and her spirit was now reflecting her weakened muscles as a strange languor made its way into her heart.
"Yes... more... more... I want more!" Shass'haa gasped in extreme pleasure. She would drain that rich Amazon up to the last bit of magical energy... she would suck her dry!! She would not stop until... until...
Pain erupted into the monster, her head feeling like it was about to explode. Frantically, she recalled the words and symbols of her magic to end the spell, while her mind slipped fast towards insanity. The tentacles vanished at once, as well as the dark aura; she shook for a while, like a dying lizard, then, slowly, reason returned in her eyes, and both her and her prisoner stood there for a while, recovering from the experience.
"So much... so much energy" said the monster, amazed. "You are powerful beyond my expectations. I couldn't absorb all of your magical essence. But this is enough." She looked sleepy, her movements now a bit slower and uncertain as she climbed down from the altar. "I need to rest, so that I may assimilate this wonderful energy. Tak!"
The slave approached to her master, her eyes as empty and lifeless as always. "Take her to the cell you prepared yesterday. Watch her closely. And don't allow her to leave!" With a slight gesture of her hands, the shackles holding Wonder Woman opened.
While the young woman lifted Diana without effort, the creature smiled. "I will be sleeping for a while, maybe for days. I have never extracted so much from one single being. But I will be back much before you can recover your magical energy... and Tak will keep you here. So relax, Princess, and enjoy your stay."
She walked away with unsteady steps, confused. She looked like a snake which had eaten a big prey, and now had to return to its hole and sleep to digest it.
Tak carried the almost unconscious Amazon into the corridor behind the throne. They passed past some closed doors and then came to a large opening in the rock which was separated from the corridor by a fence of thick wooden poles. It looked like a place where animals could be kept... maybe in the past it hosted sacrificial bulls or lambs. It was divided in two parts by another wall of poles; in each part there was a straw heap, and the bronzed slave put her over the one in the right section. Then she closed the door, entered the left section and laid over the other heap, resting.
Diana covered herself the best she could with some straw; weakened, spiritually and emotionally drained, she fell deeply asleep.


End of Chapter 2

An adventure of Wonder Woman: Scales in the Temple part 2