A Slave to a Nation Part 1  

Wonder Woman:

A Slave to a Nation

Chapter One:

Caught in a Trap




Scampering across the rooftops of the office buildings in the business district, Wonder Woman enjoys the night air as she patrols along the north side of the capital city. She always performing her duty as a super heroine, protecting the city from any dangerous or harmful activities that disturb the peace that she serves. But, tonight, in between her patrols, she has an important appointment that she must keep.

Reaching her destination, she stands in front of the gate entrance to the large government compound run by the Department of Defense. As she arrives, she looks up at the large clock tower. It expands a few stories above the security post on the other side of the gate. She notices the time and says to herself, "7:30. Good. I'm on time for the meeting. "

Wonder Woman was indirectly contacted by the scientists at the D.O.D. They originally got in contact with Diana Prince, a field agent with the Inter-Agency Defense Command. In order to get Wonder Woman's attention, everyone knew they would have to go through Diana. They managed to get up with Diana earlier this morning. When they spoke with her, they convinced her that Wonder Woman's expertise could help them further their extremely sensitive undercover research on a large governmental defense project. They explained to her the work they had been doing on a top secret experiment and needed the use of Wonder Woman's extraordinary abilities to further their research. Upon hearing what she believed as a legitimate need, they convinced her that the experiment was vastly important for the security of the nation as a whole. Realizing some validity to their story, she agreed to pass the message on to Wonder Woman.

Clearing security at the gate, Wonder Woman soon makes her way to the large D.O.D. building in the center of the compound. Just as she reaches for the door to the building, she hears loud sirens and alarms go off from inside it. Alarmed and confused, she swings open the front door and hastily rushes into the large building to see what the clamber is all about. Once inside, she notices that the building seems somewhat empty. She then realizes the sounds of the alarm are coming from down a long marble hallway on one side of a large foyer and she moves towards the area where the alarms appear to be blaring from. The only sign of any presence in the building is a light coming from the last door, at the other end of the hallway. As she gets close to that door, she realizes that it's the laboratory that she was to meet the scientists. She ponders as she runs, "I got here in the nick of time. That's where the meeting is supposed to be. I wonder if some one is trying to foil their experiment. If there is any wrong-doing, then justices will prevail. I will see to that."

As she enters the laboratory, Wonder Woman yells out, "Hello! Is everyone here ok?" Just under the loud screeching sirens, her highly trained hearing picks up a muffled whimper coming from the tall locker near the back of the large lab.

With deep concern, she swiftly moves towards the locker. Reaching it, she yells, "It will be ok, I'll get you out of there." She grabs the handle of the locker and in one fell swoop, yanks the door off its hinges. Like someone hitting a switch, the sirens stop sudden and abruptly, as a purple mist from many well positioned canisters sprays out of the open locker directly at Wonder Woman. Stunned, she drops the locker door beside her as she shouts, "Oh no, It's Purplyze Gas*. I can't move."

Her body begins to go numb and stops responding to movement, leaving her standing motionless.

*(Purplyze Gas: an experimental crowd control gas that contains a quick-acting highly paralytic drug. The government has been working on it and developing it for riot control in foreign lands. It causes the victim to almost instantly lose mobility but remain erect instead of collapsing like a rag doll. This make for easier removal of the paralyzed bodies.)*

Stunned and completely confused, she now stands statuesque in one place in front of the locker. She then notices something unusual coming from inside it. Swirling sparkles of lights began to captures her attention. Hovering in the locker at her eye level is a medium size sphere, similar to that of a disco ball. It is now reflecting many of the sparkles directly at her face. Because of her paralytic state, she can't look away as they continually shifting color and shape. Staring helplessly at them, she thinks to herself, "That orb…the glow…these lights …what are these lights? They are so soothing and calm. Why is it so hard for me to stop looking at them?"
With all her attention focused on the swirling sparkles of lights in front of her, two small speakers lower from the ceiling simultaneously and unnoticed by Wonder Woman. They position themselves along side her head, each one facing her ears with one on the left and one on the right. They then, began to emit a near sub-human pitched sound wave directly at her. At first, she thinks she hears something that sounds like birds chirping all around her. Then, after a few seconds, the chirping stops and she begins to hear words as though someone were whispering. The words sound not as if someone were there besides her talking, but as though they were coming from inside her own head. Totally unable to register what is taking place with the sudden bombardment of mental assault, she can't help but to listen as the words tell her to be calm, relax and pay attention to the pretty lights dance around in inside the locker.

Completely captivated by the all that is going on around her, she is unable to stop her gaze at the sphere and tune out the bombardment of suggestions in her head. She finds it harder and harder to think clearly as she feels herself falling into a trance-like state. She tries valiantly to fight off the trance as she hears the words, "You must comply, you must obey, you can not resist…," along with other words she can't quite make out begin to repeat over and over inside her thoughts.
A booming voicebreaks the sudden silence of the laboratory. Seemingly speaking into a recorder, the voice shouts across the now quiet laboratory, "This first encounter with the subject, Wonder Woman, has gone almost as perfectly as we planned it. With near perfect timing, it was executed with simplicity, easy and extreme effectiveness. Our perfectly timed set up was able to get the subject to come to the lab, completely unaware of the true meaning of why she was called to be here, and stand in the designated spot. As the locker door was opened, specially placed canisters of the agent, Purplyze, emitted the gas at the right time and place to immobilize the victim, giving the mesmeric-strobe time to capture her attention. Thus, the subject is rendered helpless and unable to escape the series of acoustic subliminal messages being transmitted directly into her subconscious thought. Inevitably, Wonder Woman has been captured."
In her now waning moments of self-realization, Wonder Woman seethes at how foolish she was for rushing in and not being careful and fully aware of the situation. Somewhat disgusted at the events, she thinks to herself, "I can't believe how easily I was lead to the trap and how hastily I fell for it." She rationally tries to think to herself, "I must think of a way out of here before I'm done in for good." She begins to try to fight and resist the overwhelming desire to comply with the words in her head and, at the same time, tries to think of a way out of her predicament. She starts to concentrate and focus on a plan. As she begins to push the words out of her head, she realizes an important thought, "If I can just get these words out of my head and hold out a little longer, the effect of the gas will start to wear off."

Suddenly, her raven hair is pulled aside, snapping her out of that thought. Caught off-guard, she feels something like a bee sting as an injector needle is pressed to her neck. She reacts in her thoughts to the shot, "Ouch! What was that?!?"

The voice, now coming from directly behind Wonder Woman speaks again, "Ah, trying to resist the subliminal commands I see. There now, that should squelch your resistance and speed up the process." He continues in a more matter of fact tone, "This particular blend of hypnotic and psycho-tropic sedatives was specially designed for Wonder Woman, to relax her, destroying most of her resistance and to render her even more susceptible to the messages encoded into the sound emissions. She should be feeling the effects instantly and should be in complete compliance very soon."

Wonder Woman sluggishly thinks to herself , "Uhhhhh….Noooo….I've been drugged….I can feel the effects starting….Feel so strange….so good….so relaxed….can't focus….so hard to think….so hard to resist." A warm sensation washes over her mind and body and takes over her senses. She begins to feel her will to be and her resistance to fight, melt away, like butter on a hot pan. The lights continue to constantly dance before her glazing over eyes. A pair of strong hands begins massage her neck and shoulders, relaxing her even more deeply into the trance she can not escape. She responds in thought, "Uhhh…that feels so good…so relaxing. I feel…feel soo…weak, too hard…to...resist, No…must focus…must hold out a little longer."

No longer able to force the words out of her thoughts, they instantly rush back inside her head and seem to be become more forceful, repeating over and over, "You must comply! You must obey!" Losing more control of herself in the overpowering feeling to relax, a small speckle of drool dribbles out of her semi-open mouth and down to her chin. Lost in the onslaught, she barely musters a resistance. The last bit of Wonder Woman's legendary fiery will struggles to still exist inside her psyche.

In a more commanding tone, the voice speaks again from behind Wonder Woman, "You must serve me. You will feel privileged to do so to my every command. You should feel highly honored to be chosen to serve as a subject for the Dept. of Defense because of your splendid physique and super-human capabilities."

The words from the voice and the words absorbing into her thoughts created by the subliminal messages begin to take a heavy toll. Unable now to fight these agents bent on destroying her will, the heroine begins to feel herself comply with the voice. Losing the battle of her will, a weak struggling thought still lingers, "Yesss….Feel.…sooo….hon..ored….No…m..ust…res…ist… c..an't…give…in. She is now barely able to think at all, nonetheless, fight the onslaught of relaxation and compliance.

The same hands, still unseen to Wonder Woman, begin to undo and strip away her outfit, leaving her helpless, naked and completely defenseless as the hypnotic display of lights continuing to mesmerize her and more messages of her full compliance and obedience penetrate and are absorbed deeper into her subconscious. The voice continues, "Lets see if the pleasure program has taken affect." The hands that were massaging her shoulders are now traveling down her back and around her sides underneath her armpits. From there, they reach around her and cup her large, firm breasts. As she stands there helpless, having her massive breasts passionately kneaded and massaged, she slowly feels herself become more aroused and her body begins to tingle. She struggles to think, "Wh.at…is...hap..pen.ing…to..me? Fe..el…so…tur..ned …on, so…hor..ny. Uh, Uh, Mmmmmmmm. Oh Yes…feels…so… GOOOD!!!

After a few minutes of the massage, Wonder Woman is so aroused that she no longer thinks of resisting. Feeling herself slip further and further away from reality, her eyes begin to roll back into her head. Suddenly the hands stop and she feels something tightening around her neck. With the new surge of mind control rushing through her brain and nothing left to fight with, her will snaps as she registers her last thought, "Uhhhhh, I c..an..not ..resist an.y..more..Yeeesssss, I must comply, must obey." At that moment the last of her will completely slips away, leaving her with no resistance to the will of the voice. Vacant and completely oblivious to the fact that her own golden lasso is being used on her, she has no thoughts of who she was, is or will be. Her mind is now completely empty of any thought. They can be no longer found in her head. The only mental registry in her psyche now is that of compliance and complete obedience. She is now ready to be a slave.
"Excellent, slave" the voice continued. "Now, for the real reason you are here. If our extensive research about the abilities of the materials in this rope proves true, as we have seen you use it numerous of times, it should provide the finishing touch to our first meeting with you tonight." With that he speaks the words that virtually seal the fate of Wonder Woman's future. "You are now and always will be a slave, Wonder Woman. You will obey and comply with every command given to you by me and the other research members of this laboratory. Your first and only loyalty will be to me and then to them. You only goal in life now is to serve this great nation by serving your masters to the best of your capabilities." Pausing to let the first string of orders mold Wonder Woman's now putty-like mind, he proceeds to barks out her first command, "Slave, follow me to the other side of the lab."

Upon hearing the command, she realizes she can now move again as the paralyzing affects of the gas have worn off. No longer having any resistance against the voice's command, she completely complies, turns unhesitant and follows obediently behind the dark figure still holding the other end of her lasso.

"Very good, slave," The voice remarks, "you have done well so far in our first session. I will reward you with a request. Anything you would like at this moment shall be granted. What would you like as your reward?" Still deep in a trance, with a slight smile and in a somewhat monotone voice, she says, "Master, It would please me to be allowed to service your penis orally."
The voice booms again across the room as if it were still being recorded, "As planned, the greatest benefit of the mesmerizing light strobe and the subliminal messages is now achieved. The subliminal processing overwrote the subject's natural drive to achieve more as a super heroine. Now, with her new drive in place, she will want to serve more as a slave. She will find herself wanting to please her master to the best of her abilities. When she senses that following commands pleases her master, she will begin to anticipate a reward for her obedience. As of now, because of the subliminal programming, she'll want to sexually pleasure her master as a reward. The program cycles her mind into thinking that giving pleasure to her master pleases her. It continually increases as the subject's conditioning continues. This is a must in order to maintain absolute compliance during the more rigorous examinations and testing that will be conducted in a few weeks." He continues now towards Wonder Woman, "We are extremely pleased with this progress. Slave, you've earned your just reward. You may proceed with the blowjob."

Calculating and with the slightest of ease, she slithers up to him and unzips his pants. Kneeling down before him, she pulls out his now rock hard cock. Staring intently at it, she begins fondling it in her hand with extreme anticipation. Pressing her lips around it and with the suction of a small scale vacuum cleaner, she draws her cheeks in as she pleasures his organ with vigor. At first, she struggles with the awkwardness of it, then instantly it becomes like second nature to her. With in a few strokes she finds her rhythm and brings the dark figure to near ecstasy. Finally, as she is at the same time getting lost in her own moment of ecstasy, he climaxes, spraying his thick beads of cum directly into her mouth. His pleasure causes her to have her own orgasm as well.

"Outstanding, Slut," the voice chuckled. "I can see the beginning of many benefits to "cum" in our new working relationship. Now back to the business at hand. You will not know why, but you will return to this laboratory at 12 midnight every Friday night for further test sessions or unless I summon you here at a different time. Summoning you here will not be a problem since we know your secret identity as Diana Prince, an agent at the I.A.D.C. We are easily able to keep in constant contact with you. Of course, you will have no recollection of me or our sessions unless I summon you or it is time for you to return here. You are a slave to us at all times even when you are not here. Even when you are conscious, you will subconsciously obey our commands. If by chance we meet on the street and give you a command, you will not recognize us consciously as some one you've meet before, but subconsciously you will receive the command of your master. You will think of it as your own thought and comply and obey. When we need to, for further conditioning, we will use the trigger word "sleep time" to put you back into the trance-like state of mind you are presently in."

With much confidence, the voice continues, "The Dept of Defense will uncover your secrets and understand what gives you your super human features in order to use them to further the development of the defense of this great nation. You are now, and forever, the property of the government. Do you understand those order, slave? Do you understand what you now are? Is that understood?"

The now re-programmed Wonder Woman rises to her feet and nods her head in agreement. Still drooling cum from her mouth, a long string of it drops from her lip and stretches down across her left breast. The voices barks back at her, "I didn't hear you, slave. Did you answer me?" Now knowing her true meaning and purpose in life and in complete, utter compliance, Wonder Woman proudly answers, "Yes, Master! I am a slave and I am the property of the government! I understand!"

"Excellent," says the voice. "Now, slave, clean up your mess and get dressed. You will return to the place that you were when you first arrived at the compound for the meeting and continue on your regular schedule. You will not remember the request for a meeting, the alarms, this laboratory, me nor my voice. As far as your conscious mind is concerned, you were never here and were never suppose to be here. We will see you again this Friday for the next session. Don't make any plans for the weekend." Saying that, he throws a wash cloth, her clothes and a breathe mint on the table beside her. (The mint is to cover any hint of the previous active her mouth was just involved in.) To that, she proudly answers again, "Yes, Master! Get dressed....Remember nothing....Return here Friday....No plans for the weekend. I must obey!" Instantly, she cleans up, eats the mint, puts on her clothes and whisks away into the night.

15 minutes later, standing outside the gate at the clock tower at the front of the Dept. of Defense compound:

"Hmmm..." Wonder Woman ponders, "It seems like just a few seconds ago I looked at that clock and it said 7:30, now it says 8:45. Did I lose time somewhere?" She answers herself, "Nah, I must have just misread it. I need to go find some criminal activity. Justice needs to be served somewhere. And after that, I'll go home and clear my calendar of any plans I had for this weekend."

A Slave to a Nation part 1