A Slave to a Nation 3  

Wonder Woman:

A Slave to a Nation

Chapter Three:

Meet the President



Two bodies slumber on a small bed in middle of the now quiet Department of Defense laboratory. Beep!! Beep!! Beep!! An annoying sound of an alarm rings through out the once silent laboratory. Waking up after a short nap, the scientist leans over to shut it off and mumbles, "Ah man, I'm still worn out. Those thirty minutes of shut-eye did me no good." He had set the alarm to remind him to get Wonder Woman ready for her first meeting in the president's office.

Still lying beside her on the bed, he lingers over the sight of such a beautiful woman as she sleeps. Purring as she did before, she lies there peacefully with dried cum all over her mouth, breasts and vaginal area. After about 45 minutes of the best sex he had ever experienced, the scientist had become completely exhausted. Her physique, being ten times better than his and having more stamina than he could have imagined, caused him to be completely overwhelmed. He needed time to recover and, at the same time, decided to put her back to sleep in the blissful slumber she was in a few hours earlier. Now, he has just 30 minutes to get her ready.

He addresses her, "Wake up, my beauty. It's time to get ready for your meeting." She flickers her eyes a bit as she awakens from her dreams. Looking up at him smiling, she responds, "Hello, master. Thank you for allowing me to dream of my mother and family. When they become slaves, it will be wonderful to have them here serving beside me." He quips back, "Soon they will be here. But before that, we will need to learn everything we can about your make up and how you came to exist as amazons. That is going to require many tests to be done before we can go after your family. But don't worry; we will form a plan to bring them here." Still smiling, she says, "I can hardly wait for that day."

The scientist hastily speeds up the conversation. He commands her as he gets up as picks his clothes off the floor, "It won't be long trust me, but now, we must hurry. You will need to go wash up and put your suit back on. There is a sink over by the table where you placed your suit." Upon hearing the command, she gets up, walks over to the sink and begins to wash her self.

Meanwhile, at the White House, with at least 30 people gathered inside the president's office, a special meeting has started. The government's entire branch department heads and military branch leaders are there in the meeting. Somewhat surprised by it all, they are all curious why they have been summoned to such a hush-hush event.

The president starts the meeting by introducing a strategic defense plan that was put into effect 10 years earlier. He speaks, "Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for coming to this highly confidential briefing of the future plan of defense for this nation. Unbeknownst to you and your departments; the Department of Defense, under the orders of my predecessor, former president Wiseman, began researching a plan to tighten the defense of this country to secure it from terrorist attacks and declarations of war. Since I was the vice president under him and completely agreed with the plan, I continued it when I took over office."

He continues, "The plan started when my predecessor noticed something peculiar in the state of affairs surrounding the super heroine known as 'Wonder Woman.'" He distinctly noticed that, at that time, she was becoming more involved and more of an impact player in policing the area around the capital city. Wonder Woman had always been a factor in that effort off and on since the end of WWII. But at the time the plan was being formed, she had begun to expand her efforts, even as far as helping on international assignments. This increase activity caught Wiseman's attention. He begin to wonder what would happen if she were to fail on a mission and fall into the enemy hand's. Over the years, prior, there had been a few recorded times on some of the mission endeavors when it was a close-call and she lucked up and prevailed. This really alarmed Wiseman and caused him to start investigating further. The biggest problem we had then was that we didn't have any information on her, except for the obvious fact that she had supernatural attributes that allowed her to exceed that of any other agent."

Upon hearing the president's opening statement, the Joint Chief-of-Staff piped a question, "So we went over 50 years without trying to find something out? I thought since we trusted her so much that we'd have more than that on her." A slight grumbling overcame the room as a result of his question. The president answered, "I know, it's quite alarming, but that is the truth about it. Our Country and government as a whole were more trusting of her over those years than they should have been" A more, louder grumbling followed his response.

The head of the Intelligence Department broke the grumble, "We should have opened a file on her and investigated her history more till we knew all that we could know about it before we put her with that much trust. No wonder Wiseman was alarmed." "You're quite right," the president responded. "So we improvised a plan to do just that. To keep it internal and keep a tight lip on the situation we allowed the Department of Defense to watch and investigate all they could about her continuously. "

"In the beginning, she would completely outsmart us. She would always find and capture our men that we had placed to spy on her and turn them in as enemy agents. But, as we knew might happen, perseverance paid off. One night, after a tussle with a few gang members and showing them some criminal justice, she ducked into the alleyway we had been watching and transformed back into one of her secret identities, Diana Prince. At that time, she was a naval officer, working at the naval headquarters, here in the capital, and right under our noses. We found out later that she was there using herself as a plant to get inside information on certain military involvement that she thought 'Wonder Woman' could be helpful in. Looking into her records, we found that they were all fabricated and there was no record of her from before the time she enlisted in the Navy."

The president continues, "We then proceeded to bug her apartment. Sending her away on assignments kept her busy while we placed microphones and camera's everywhere. Come to find out, she trusted us as much as we first trusted her. It was too easy to send her away and too easy to bug her apartment when she thought we were 'watching out' for her best interest. It was the major flaw in her judgment we fear existed. If that trust were violated, would she turn on us? Did that much trust cause some of the assignments to almost fail? These questions in tuned us to ask the biggest questions in our homeland security, 'who is she truly loyal to and can her loyalty be turned away if she were captured?' We then dug deeper and investigated more."

As the president paused, the under secretary of the army shouts from the near back of the office, "This is preposterous. She has done nothing more than uphold and preformed the justice this country so desperately needs and is a good example to children. She has done nothing wrong. How is she such a threat?"

The president answers, "Indeed, she has done that and more, but it's not her character that is the issue, it's the unknown factors that present the big risk. We soon began to compile all the info we were receiving, then another breakthrough occurred. We recorded a conversation she was having with her mother while she in her apartment as Wonder Woman. She somehow was telepathically talking to her and we have yet to figure out exactly how. Through that and a few other conversations, we uncovered that she is an Amazon from an island called 'Paradise Island.' Her whole family comprises her mother and numerous amounts of sisters and cousins, all female. No males reside on the island. Her true identity is Princess Diana and her mother is the Queen."

Upon hearing these words from the president, shock falls over the crowd there in the office. The Admiral Head of the naval branch breaks the silence, "If our enemy were to discover that island and convince the amazons to join their cause, there is no telling what an army like that could do to the balance of power this world has now."

"Precisely the point, Admiral," the president answers, "that is why the D.O.D. and I comprised and executed a plan to capture and subdue Wonder Woman. Over the last week, she has been captured and had her will subdued until she was in completely compliance to the desires of the state. Since then, we have extrapolated all the information about her history, her homeland and her people from her subconscious thoughts. We have altered her conscious mind to be in complete compliance and obedience to high ranking government and military officials, other wise known as you all. And we will run vigorous tests and trials on her to find out how she ticks and has such a great physique. This information along with the capture of her people will hopefully produce a future Auxiliary class of soldiers that will defend the freedom this great nation enjoys."

Shouts of, "Amazing,""Unbelievable,""Ingeniuous;" fill the room as the crowds attitude about the good news they just heard turns them from concern to excitement. He continues," Also, Wonder Woman is on her way to this meeting, as we speak, for your inspection and approval. She should be here at any minute." Upon saying that, his phone buzzes and his secretary informs him that the prize has arrived. "Good, send her in," he responds excitedly.

Even though she had met the President many times before, the transformation wiped out the memory of those meetings. She had no clue as to what her supreme master would be or look like. This was all a part of the psychological transition of her old self to her new self. To completely submit to her master on the first meeting she was to have with him. It would permanently seal her new position in life.

Wonder Woman could only imagine what her ultimate master would be like. His voice, coming from his secretary's phone, almost made her knees buckle. She thought to herself, "The voice of my Commander-in-chief and ultimate master is so godly, I will do the best I can to please him in any way he so desires." As she enters the room, the first person she sees is the president. She holds her composure on the outside for the benefit of the meeting, but on the inside she is completely swooning at his site.

"My, My, aren't you a gorgeous site." He says as she enters. "The site of you pleases me greatly." She also most faints upon hearing that as a bolt of pleasure and anticipation jolts her insides. Struggling to speak, she responds, "Thank you, master." Still fighting to maintain composure she turns to the crowd.

"Tell us who you are and why you're here," he asks her as she stands facing the crowd. She answers, "I am Item# 673HST78RE3ILM, property of this great nation and slave to the officials in charge of me. I am also known as 'slut' and '673' and I am here to serve this great nation by complying with your orders and obeying your commands. My alter egos are Wonder Woman, Diana Prince of the I.A.D.C., and Princess Diana of Paradise Island. I will continue to use my old identities to keep the secret of my true identity, as government property, safe and secure." "Excellent," he remarks and then commands her to remove her super heroine suit to show her complete submission to him and to show off her near-perfect muscular body. The old Wonder Woman would've been repulsed and would've had no part in such a thing, but the new Wonder Woman openly and joyfully submits with complete compliance and obedience. She takes it off, revealing not only her body, but the complete dominance the president possessed over her will. He than tells the crowd that they have 30 minutes to examine, inspect and question Wonder Woman in any way they see fit.

As she stands there answering numerous questions and having her body touched, pinched and poked, all she can think about is how her ultimate master is someone worthy of worship and pledging complete allegiance and obedience to. After the 30 minutes are up, he mentions one last thing to the crowd, "Her government 'masters' have the same subordinate order as the chain of command. I have the final say so in what her commands are. Soon she will be release to your guise, after her testing is done. She will be watched and monitored by and eventually housed at the D.O.D. That is all; people, Wonder Woman and I have further business to discuss in private. Grinning like a mule eating briars and giggling like a young school girl, the vice president quips back, "I bet you do have some further business with her. Better not let your wife find out." The president laughingly responds, "No worries Mike, eventually I'll introduce her to Sally and then I can have some three-way fun. You better be quiet about it till then or you won't be getting your turn for any private business with her."

As the last person leaves and the door closes, the president looks over at the lusciously naked beauty stand in the middle of the room. He strolls up to her as she smiles at him with a lustful expression. He comments to her, "You have pleased me to no end tonight, now its time for you're duly reward." He pulls a remote out of his pocket and aims it at the right side of the office. An unseen panel opens to reveal a medium size posh bedroom. Wispily, he says to her, "That room is normally used for nubile interns, but today you will be its greatest occupant. Give me that lustful kiss that you've been want to give since you laid eyes on me and then help me get these clothes off. She willingly obliges.

Standing there holding each other, both complete naked, He motions for her to head towards the bedroom. As she turns to head that way, he gives her a good slap in the rear, grabbing a whole handful of butt cheek. Surprised by it, she lets out a little yelp in response.

Inside the bedroom, he pushes a button on the wall and the panel begins to close. Before it completely closes, he looks at her as she crawls on the bed on her hands and knees; showing every curve that makes her a woman and needed to be shown. He says to her, "I'm going to do to you what I've always wanted to do to a woman. You are my biggest fantasy and we're going to make it 'cum' true." She can do nothing but suggestive moan back at him as she anticipated the greatest night of her life.

..Monday morning..

Back at Diana's apartment, the alarm rings loudly as it is time for her to get up and get the day started. She leans over and turns it off while sitting up at the edge of her bed. She stares at the clock in some what defiant disbelief that it is really time for her to get up and go to work. She is completely exhausted and still pleasantly sore from the weekend activities, but she has no recollection of where she went or what she did. And she doesn't really care that much about it. All she knows is she has got work to do and she needs to get to it.

On the car ride in to work, she tries to formulate a believable story for her co-worker and best friend, Gloria. She thinks to herself, "She's going to be really, really pissed at me for canceling, but something really important happen this weekend. Even though I can't recall it, I know that it doesn't matter because I have more pressing things to accomplish today and this week. I know!! I'll tell her that a private family issue needed to be taken care of and that I'll make it up to her somehow. Then I'll smile that believable smile that she falls for every time."

..At the office..

As Diana sits at her desk in her cubicle and boots up her computer, a strikingly beautiful African-American lady strolls up to the cubicle door with her arms folded and a stern look on her face. Gloria had a body that most men fantasize about and would die for. It was not quite as perky, curvy and full as Diana's but close, probably the closest outside of Paradise Island. Diana sometimes wondered if Gloria had some Amazonian in her.

Angrily she says to Diana, "I can't believe you did that to me. I can't believe you canceled on us this weekend. Do you know how much I was looking forward to being the first customer in THAT Victoria Secrets, in THAT new mall?!?" Diana apologetically responds, "I'm so sorry about that Gloria, I know it meant a lot to you but I had a very important private family issue come up that I had to address. I promise, I double promise that I will make it up to you. Anything you want to do, I'll do it." She smiles that famous smile back at Gloria when she finishes her statement. Gloria relaxes and backs down from her stance and responds, "Ok, there is this great restaurant at that mall that I want to try out for lunch today. How's that sound?" "Wonderful!!" Diana answers back, still smiling the smile. Excitedly Gloria tells her, "Great, I'll come get you when it's time to go." "I can't wait," Diana answers back. Before leaving, Gloria asks if everything went well with the family issue. Diana assured her that it went better than planned. With that, Gloria returns to her desk.

As soon as Gloria leaves, and after checking to see if no one else was coming by her cubicle, Diana pulls up the I.A.D.C website on her computer and types in her special password. A new webpage appears and she begins to type in the Latitude and Longitude coordinates of Paradise Island. Instantly it pulls up all the information the agency had from any thing in a 500 mile radius surrounding that coordinate. She opens up another tab in the explorer to a secret D.O.D. webpage and begins funneling the information she receives from the I.A.D.C. site to the D.O.D. site. She corrects any mistaken information that was corrupted by her efforts to cover up the location of her home island when she began working for the government a few years back. She thinks to her self as she goes over the information, "I've got to be careful in recoding this information, don't want to get caught getting it. I'll need to spend sometime each day this week to make sure I get it all. It's very important that I have it done before I go on to patrol the government district, as Wonder Woman, again this weekend."

A Slave to a Nation part 3