A Slave to a Nation 5  

Wonder Woman:

A Slave to a Nation

Chapter Five:

A Party for Two



For the rest of the afternoon, Diana continues to perform her normal duties as an agent at the I.A.D.C. Since she is presently working on more than one case, she is constantly taking phone calls and gathering information from the other agents and informants. All the while she is performing these duties, in the background; she is still piping information about her homeland to the D.O.D. site. To her, this task is more important than the cases she was working on.

In a perverted twist, it was somewhat similar to when she was covering up the tracts to her former identity as Wonder Woman and Princess Diana and considered it her duty to do so then as well. Her subconscious mind, as a result of her new identity, continually made her believe that this was also her duty. Changed and recreated to serve that new identity, her conscious mind is now more subjective to her subconscious than its former objective self. Instead of her conscious mind protecting the truths that she accepted as proven to be true, it now accepted anything her subconscious told it to be true. And those truths came directly from the commands of her masters. Whatever they commanded was the truth and her subconscious made it so.

A by product of the capture and altering of her mind and identity was also beginning to surface in her personality. A repressed sex drive was starting to awaken. Diana had know no other in a sexually circumstance before. She was sexually tortured twice when she was captured and once rapped by a villain, John Li Lang, when he got the drop on her. But, in those situations she never considered them sexual acts, just a villainous attack. She never opened her mind to the thought of them being sexual. She only thought of them as attacks, never letting herself feel any pleasure in or from them at all. The Lang raping was just a part of the torture tactics to break her will so she would give up information. She rationalized no pleasure from it, even when she was order by the use of the magic lasso to do so.

She was never really attracted to men to the point of give herself to one. The only one she even considers to get close to was Steve Trevor Sr., her boss's dad, back during WWII. There were a few others that did catch her eye and she was somewhat attracted to, but her duty and her drive to be the best Wonder Woman could be never let it go any further. She never expressed herself sexually until that night with Gloria. For some strange reason, on that occasion, she felt very attracted to her.

Nothing never really happened that night, except they stripped each other, one piece of clothing at a time. They admired each others curves and feminine attributes that were exposed as each body part was unclothed and they lustfully fondled those exposed body parts. By the time they were both naked, they passed out in each others arms because of too much champagne. Diana had fantasized about that night many times in her mind. She wanted more from it. She wanted it to go further.

Before the capture, she would stash away such fantasies as frivolous thoughts. Now with no reason to hold back, they were becoming more real. The programming the subliminal messages did had awakened the sexual pleasure areas of her brain. The bird chirping sounds she initially heard while she was immobilized and staring at the swirling lights, right before the voices told her to comply and obey, were subliminal sound transmissions directly aimed at her brain's pleasure center. They were the catalyst that promoted the drive to please her master in order to feel pleasure. The more she pleases the more she feels pleasure. The more she feels pleasure the more the drive to please. This was the intended purpose the scientists desired of her in order to perform the more difficult tasks that would demand her full compliance. But it was having a somewhat favorable by-product, uncovering the sex drive Diana had so long buried deep inside. And now that drive was focusing on Gloria.

The command to capture Gloria, along with reminiscing of that night a few months ago had dominated Diana's mind all afternoon. About every 45 minutes, she had to find a secluded place around the office building to "relieve" herself of the sexual tension that had built up. Barely able to concentrate on her work, she was still able to get it done and at 5 minutes to 5:00 she calls Gloria to see is she could leave a bit early.

"You can hardly wait either, I take it." Gloria answers back on the phone. "I have been thinking about it all afternoon. I'm so excited I could almost pee in my panties." Diana answers.

"Good, give me two minutes and I'll meet you downstairs. I've got a pleasant surprise to show you when get to your apartment and I need to grab it and take it with me when I leave." Gloria tells Diana as she gathers her things together to prepare to leave her desk.

"Excellent" Diana answers back as she does the same and hangs up the phone. She thinks to herself as she snickers, "I got a surprise to show you too when we get to the apartment as well."

Diana quickly gathers her stuff together and files the proper things where they belong. She turns off her computer and rushes through the office to the elevator. As the elevator heads to the underground garage, she goes over the plans she has for the night. She whispers to herself, "I'm so excited. Gloria is in for a treat tonight. I'm going to introduce her to my new sex toy, my magic lasso. It should make things pleasurably interesting. I can hardly wait."

When Gloria leaves the elevator to the garage, Diana is already in her car and waiting just outside the elevator lift area. Gloria hops in excitedly and Diana hits the gas. The tires squeal a bit as she heads for the exit. They both laugh and giggle like school girls at the sound of the squealing tires.

As they leave the garage and hit the street, Diana presses a button of the dash board and the convertible top drops to the back. She then drops her hair from the tight bun she had it in so it can wisp in the rushing breeze created by the car speeds through the open air as it heads to her apartment. Gloria arches her back and stretches her arms above her head to take in a deep breath of fresh air. This stretches the buttons across the chest of her business shirt to their limit, as it barely can contain the large mounds already. She grins then giggles at Diana, who giggles back at her. They never say a word to each other; they just grin and giggle with leering eyes all the way down the road.

Diana parks the car on the street just outside the apartment complex. As she raises the top, Gloria grabs the Victoria Secrets bag she brought with her from the office and hops out. "Is that the secret that you were going to show me?" Diana asks and she locks the car and turns on the alarm.

"You just have to wait and see till we get inside." Gloria excitedly quips back.

"I have a surprise for you as well when we get inside but I'll show you after you show me yours." Diana responds. Somewhat puzzled but extremely intrigued, Gloria pipes back, "Wow, this night just gets better and better. I didn't know you had it in you to surprise me, but now you've got my curiosity peaked." They stroll up the sidewalk, into the lobby area and grab the elevator, the whole time still giggling.

When they reach Diana's apartment door, Diana unlocks it and leads Gloria inside. Once inside Gloria notices a large bottle of expensive champagne chilling in a bucket of ice with two neat champagne glasses beside it sitting on the coffee table.

"Is that your surprise?" She asks Diana. She answers back as she grabs the bottle and pops the cork," No, I had that ordered and delivered this afternoon. Shall we indulge in some now?" It shoots off and hits the ceiling and bounces back onto the floor. The both giggle at the whole action. Diana fills both glasses and hands one to Gloria. She embraces the glasses and gently sips the champagne from it. Diana fills her glasses and does the same. They both gaze at each other sipping the shiny golden liquid grinning between each sip. After almost a minute of sipping and gazing, Gloria breaks the spell with a quick remembrance, "Oh, the surprise!!"

She grabs the bag she brought in, pulls out a smaller bag from inside it, lays that bag on the couch and heads towards the bedroom with the larger bag. "I went to the store that Saturday morning you cancelled and picked us up a little 'somp'um, somp'um.' I hope you didn't mind me getting you some too. I guess you size as a 38DD. If it's too small, then the tighter the better, you won't be in it long anyways." She says still giggling and flirting about the whole idea of what's happening. She continues as she starts to close the door, "I'll put mine on first and come out and model it for you, and then you come and put yours on and model it for me." "That sounds good to me." Diana answers back. She starts planning her surprise to Gloria, as soon as Gloria closes the door.

After a few minutes pass, Gloria opens the door again. Diana's eyes nearly popped out of her head as her jaw dropped at the sight of Gloria strolling out of the bedroom. Her wispy black hair was pulled back tight to a pony tail at the back of her head and it hung down to the middle of her shoulders. She was wearing a baby blue shoulder-less see-through teddy that was only being held up by her large breasts. Diana's mouth watered at the sight of Gloria's nipples showing through the material. She also had on matching tie strap panties that were so conforming and snug they highlighted the camel toe between Gloria's legs. It was topped off with a white lacey garter belt clipped to thigh high white hose. She stood there in black toeless 3 inched spike heels knowing she was a sight to see. The milky smooth chocolate skin of her neck and bare shoulders glistened from the soft light in the apartment. Diana thought to herself, "She looks so delicious and she's a striking resemblance of the Goddess Calypso. I can't wait to get a taste of that."

Recovering a few seconds after being stunned by Gloria's beauty, Diana responds to the moment, "Wow, you look so gorgeous. I'm jealous."

"Well, now it's you turn." Gloria answers point at the bag on the couch.

"Before I do that, let me show you my surprise." Diana asks as Gloria moves towards the champagne. The curiosity was about to bust Gloria wide open and she hung on those words in anticipation. "Ok, show me what you've got." Gloria said to her as she set her glass back down beside the champagne bottle. Diana begins to twirl and after a flash of bright light she is transformed into Wonder Woman.

Gloria steps back and gasps in shock of what has happened in front of her own eyes. Diana is now Wonder Woman. "What? This can't be! You're Wonder Woman?!?! How? Why? What does this mean?" She says in disbelief of what she sees standing before her. In a blink of an eye and before Gloria can get over what has happened. Wonder Woman grabs her lasso and loops it around Gloria's shoulders. With the lasso synched tightly around her, Gloria felt its hypnotic power overtake her.

Upon completing the action of capturing Gloria with her lasso, Wonder Woman's eyes glaze over, as well, as her subconscious mind forcefully overtakes her own consciousness. Diana had received further instructions from more voice mails that came later in the afternoon on how to handle Gloria and had incorporated it into tonight's activities. Thinking she would use the lasso to make Gloria more aroused and accepting of all that would happen later gave the opportunity for her master's plan to be conducted.

In a now monotone voice, she barks out commands to Gloria, "Do not move. Do not resist the power the lasso has over you. My masters have ordered me to capture you and reprogram you to meet them at a specific time and place. You will listen to the commands I give you and obey them completely. Do you understand?" Completely caught off-guard, confused and unable to resist the control the lasso now had over her, Gloria responds in compliance, "Yes, I must listen to your commands and obey them completely."

Wonder Woman continues, "You will receive a phone call from me tomorrow morning. I will say the letters 'D, O, D' and you then will think that I'm the secretary from the laboratory at the Dept. of Defense compound. I will make arrangements for an appointment for you to meet with the scientists in the lab. You will not have anything planned for that time and will agree whole-heartily to meet with them to go over what they need to discuss with you. To you the meeting will be of an utmost importance. Do you understand this?" "Yes, I understand and will comply" Gloria answers with no resistance.

Wonder Woman's eyes come back into focus as she snaps out of the spell she was in. "Where was I? Oh yeah, that's what I was doing." She says as she looks at the captive Gloria, having no idea she just sealed Gloria's fate. "You will be very aroused and accepting of tonight activities. You will open up your inhibitions and let this night be one of the best nights of your life. You will soak in each moment and let the beauty of it take you over the edge of ecstasy. I want you to close your eyes now and not open them till I tell you to, even after I take off my lasso. When I remove my lasso, you will not remember anything that happened after you said it was my turn to put on the lingerie in the bag, but you will still comply with the commands I have given you. You will not remember me tell you that I had a surprise for you either. Do you understand?" Still with no resistance, Gloria closes her eyes and responds, "Yes, I understand and will comply."

Wonder Woman removes the lasso and twirls again. Instantly she transforms back to Diana. She reaches over and taps Gloria on the shoulder and tells her to open her eyes. Gloria blinks her eyes and staggers a bit then looks at Diana and says again, "Ok, it your turn. Take that bag and go change. I can't wait to see how sexy you're going to look in that." Diana smiles, picks up the bag and heads for the bedroom.

"It's time for this night to really get started now." She thinks to herself giggling as she closes the bedroom door behind her. Gloria bites her bottom lip and fantasizes how Diana's going to taste when she gets that lingerie off her that she's about to put on. She grabs her left breast around the nipple and begins massaging it with the soft silky material of her teddy. With her other hand, she slides it down over her tight stomach, down into the silk panties to address the sudden moisture building in her nether region. As she finds the clit in her vagina with her middle finger, she gentle begins to massage it, in tune with the massaging of her left breast. In doing so, she releases the bite she had on her lip and lets out a slight moan. At that moment, Diana yells from the bedroom, "Girl this is going to blow you away. I'm almost done; I'll be out in a second. "

A Slave to a Nation part 5