A Slave to a Nation 4  

Wonder Woman:

A Slave to a Nation

Chapter Four:

Not yourordinary Gloria




…A few days after Wonder Woman's second visit to the lab…

While sorting through the information obtained from Wonder Woman's thought extrapolation, one of the young scientists uncovers an interesting assortment of facts. Sitting at his desk, he stands up and shouts across the office space in the direction of his supervisor. "Oh my goodness!! This is totally amazing!!" he proclaims with excitement, "Looking over these facts here I can barely believe it but it has to be true. There's another amazon here in the city and we never knew it. And based on what I'm uncovering, Wonder Woman never knew it either." He quickly gathers the information and rushes the data over to his supervisor. Shocked by it, the supervisor quickly picks up the phone to call the head of the Laboratory. Upon hearing the excitement of the discovery, the head scientist tells him to keep analyzing the data and that he'd be right there.

When he arrives, the main scientist in charge of the Wonder Slave project gets brief on the findings. The lab supervisor reports, "Gloria Clemons is Leon and Jennifer Clemons' daughter. If this is true, based on piecing the facts gathers from Wonder Woman's thought extrapolation and the government records we have on the Clemons' family, that Jennifer Clemons was in fact the Amazon called Dalia, then Gloria is an amazon as well," Upon hearing that and looking over all the data presented to him, the head scientist says, "If that is the case, this little operation just got more interesting. I need to call my superior so he can get hold of the president."

…Flash back to 30 years prior…

A rising criminal mastermind named John Li Lang was bent on taking over most of the criminal active on the east coast. Slowly absorbing the gambling, prostitution and drug rings around the capital city, the only thing standing in his way from finalizing his plans was Wonder Woman. She had foiled all the attempts to establish connections and footholds to increase his control over the city and outlying areas. He set out to rid the nuisance and devised a plan to stop Wonder Woman once and for all. After well calculated interactions and well placed opportunities, he was able to spring a trap and managed to capture Wonder Woman.

While he had her in his grasps, for several days he used a couple of different techniques in mental torture to soften her resolve to oblige him with information that he could use to keep her in check as he began executing his plan for the take over of the city. After she showed signs of breaking, he used the magic lasso on her to gain valuable information about anything he could get in hopes of turning her to his ways. He asked several questions about things relating to her and her origins and wanted to know where she actually came from.

After several days of intense interrogation, her will broke and she revealed to him the existence of "Paradise Island". Satisfied with the information he obtained, Lang relaxed the interrogations. This allowed time for Wonder Woman to begin to search for a way to escape. One night when they returned to her holding cell, before he could get anymore information out of her, she managed to find a loop hole in his commands that held her in check while under the influence of the lasso. She was able to retain her magic belt and lasso in a fierce hand to hand fight with Lang's goons and escaped. Knowing that she screwed up she began her own campaign to hunt Lang down and rectify the bungle.

The villain, with newly gained knowledge of how Wonder Woman operated, was quite elusive and escaped her grasp on many different occasions. Wonder Woman sent word back to the island for help with the matter. Dalia was sent in response. She was almost a twin to Diana, except she had blonde hair instead of raven. She was as physically fit and in as good of shape as Diana and had the body that dripped of lusciousness. She also was the top guard of the queen's rank and would've been Wonder Woman if Diana hadn't beat her in the competition held on the island for the role of the super heroine.

Not suspecting two Amazon "super" women coming after him, Lang set another trap to recapture Wonder Woman. Some valuable information he was able to get out of Wonder Woman during the interrogations was the close connection between her and Diana Prince. Wonder Woman was able to circumvent the direct questions that would have directly exposed her alternative self, but instead made it know that there was indeed, in Lang's eyes, a bond between the two. He sent an enticing note directed to Diana at the I.A.D.C in hopes of luring Wonder Woman into his trap.

That same day, disguised as Diana's cousin from out of town, Dalia was in Diana's office on a visit to see Diana. Being nosey while waiting for Diana to return to her office from talking to her boss, Steve Trevor, she was shifting through some papers sitting on Diana's desk when she noticed an unopened letter. Curiosity got the best of her and she opened it. Upon reading the message in the letter, she figured that the culprit that wrote it had to be the guy they were looking for. Realizing she had just intercepted the note before Diana could see it; she decided to take matters into her own hands. Pride, blinding her cautiousness, allowed for her to fall right into the hands of Lang and his goons. The unsuspecting Dalia walked right into the trap and was captured.

After springing his trap on the one he thought was Wonder Woman, Lang was quite surprised to see someone different snared in it. He had Dalia incapacitated by drugging her with chloroform and had her taken back to his lair. There, for the next few days, he proceeded to interrogate her for the same information he wanted from Wonder Woman, the location of the Amazon's homeland. He stepped up the torture techniques he had used on Wonder Woman by using the lasso that Dalia had possessed along with a few mind altering drugs and concoctions he had developed for the "super amazon psyche." He also had her raped and tortured every night until her will broke. Completely tamed, obedient to her new master and gushing with the information Lang wanted to know, Dalia compliantly gave up the location of her homeland and all the knowledge she had about the Amazons.

Now possessing the valuable location of the island of his "soon to be amazon slave harem', Lang had no further use of Dalia so he decided to discard her in a back alley way near downtown of the capital city. Taking her off in an unmarked van, they pulled into one of the slum areas that were under the control of Lang's operations. Stripping her of all her clothes, the last thing the villain did before kicking her out of the van was to use the lasso on her one last time. He wanted her to forget everything that she knew. Everything, not just what he had done to her since the time she was captured, but every thought she had. He wanted her to forget her home, her identity, and her will to be who she was. He wanted her to become nothing. He figured that she'd either die or become one of the local prostitutes because of her looks. When he lifted the lasso off her shoulders, she had complete amnesia. He then kicked the shocked and stunned woman out of the van and drove off. With no idea where she was, who she was and what she was doing there, the world around her began to grow dark and enormous. The defeated amazon collapsed in the dark street.

While the incident with Dalia and the van was going down, Staff Sgt. Leon Clemons was just leaving his mother and brother's apartment complex. He had come back to pay a monthly family visit and to check up on his little brother. He didn't want him to be getting involved with any of the local gangs like he did when he was young. Their dad had long been gone and Leon was being the father figure and mentor to his younger brother.

Leon was an African American that joined the army to keep from going to jail when he became an adult. Never really knowing his absent father, the army became like a family and a since of guidance. He quickly caught on and moved up the enlisted ranks. The army made him a fine upstanding person, and he wanted his brother to grow up like that.

Turning the corner at the alley near his mother's apartment complex, Leon noticed a van peal away leaving a strikingly gorgeous blonde woman in the middle of the street, completely naked. She looked around at everything around her, completely confused and frighten. Standing in amazement, he watched her collapse where she was standing. He ran over to where she was and he noticed she was unconscious. He took his army coat off and placed it on her, picked her up from the street and carried her to the local hospital, only 3 blocks away.

One year of therapy sessions, set up by Leon through his army benefits, could not recover any of Dalia's memories. The good person in Leon truly desire for her to recover and become the person she had forgotten. Even though there was nothing to know of her because of the amnesia, he began to care for her deeply. During that year, she and Leon had become very close. They fell in love and were married a year later. Since she couldn't remember her real name, she accepted the name Jennifer, the one that Leon gave her in the hospital so they would take her in as a person, instead of classifying her as a Jane Doe. They settled in a capital city suburb neighborhood and had a baby girl named Gloria.

Unbeknownst to Leon, Jennifer, a.k.a. Dalia, was still an amazon. Any offspring born of an amazon would also be an amazon. At the local hospital, the doctor's marveled at the near perfect baby they helped deliver. Because of that fact, Gloria grew up faster than most babies. She was walking at four months old and talking at ten months. Her body and mind were growing at a phenomenal rate and she started school when she was 3, as she was as big and strong as most 6-7 year olds. Because of the mix between the genes of Leon's African nature and that of Jennifer's Mediterranean Caucasian nature, Gloria's skin was a glowing bronze complexion. And her eye color reflected the same as her skin. If she were to be compared to a wild and exotic animal, it would have been that of a tigress.

Lang's campaign to conquer Paradise Island came ever so close to succeeding. He was able to captured, tortured and brainwashed one third of the amazons into fighting against their sisters. But even well executed plans can be foiled if the other side knows your plan book. Diana eventually found the discarded note and realized that Dalia was caught, so she sent word back to the Queen that the island's location was compromised. This gave the Queen's high guard enough time to come up with a plan of counter attack. The amazons were able to hold off Lang's invasion force and capture him. They erased his memory of anything that he knew about the amazons and where the island was and sent him off to turn his self into the authorities back in the states.

With no sign of her anywhere and Lang's inability to tell them where she was after he dropped her off and erased her memory, they accept the reality that Dalia was either dead or lost forever. But they never gave up looking and hoping.

One day, fifteen years after Dalia's disappearance, when Wonder Woman was doing a visit to a local high school to influence the teens to stay out of trouble and do what was right, she saw a figure in the crowd that she recognized from many years earlier. Jennifer heard from Gloria that Wonder Woman would be at her school that day so she went to see Wonder Woman for herself. Wonder Woman cornered Jennifer after the visitation and asked here if she ever knew a person that looked like her named Dalia. Still not being able to recall anything because of the "amnesia effect" from the command of her magic lasso, she denied ever knowing any one with that name. But, even through the denial, her posture and quirks tip off Wonder Woman that she indeed was Dalia.

Wonder Woman sent word back to the Queen that Dalia was found. The Queen was quite pleased to find out Dalia was still alive. She then told Wonder Woman that the Queen's Guard would deal with it and that she should stay clear of the matter. She told her that she should not be involved with Dalia in order to keep Wonder Woman's reputation and namesake clear of any suspicions.

The Queen's Guard confronted Jennifer and Leon one night while Gloria was out with her friends from school. With the help of a lasso, they restored Dalia's memory and she told Leon all that had happened and what she was. Because of the security risk to the safety of Paradise Island, the Queen's Guard gave them two options to choose from. One, they would have to take Dalia and Gloria back and wipe Leon's memory of what he just found out and set up a fake accident so everyone would think they were dead. Or two, they would take Dalia and Leon back to the Isle of Charos, since males can not live on Paradise Island, to live out their lives together. The second option would involve a fake accident and death of Gloria's parents, but Gloria would not know or be aware that she was an amazon. Dalia chose the second option. Her love for her daughter was as great as the love for her husband, but the risk of jeopardy was greater if Gloria were to find out she was an amazon than her losing her parents.

Gloria was down-trotted and depressed for nearly a year after her parents were killed in that car wreck. She ended up living with her aunt and uncle. Because of her enhanced physical condition and superb mental abilities, she went on to excel in academics and athletics during her time in high school and college. She expressed great interest in become a crime investigator and work in under cover operations.

When the I.A.D.C. took notice and called on her to become an intern and cadet, she never thought twice about it. She excelled faster than any cadet in the program and made field ops two years after she started. She nearly broke all the records at the academy that Diana had set when she was there. Her beauty made it easy for her to go under-cover as a model or debutant. Her physique and wits made the jobs easy to get in and out. Her strength and agility made any confrontations over in seconds. Her intelligence made it easy to get the right information. She was perfect for the job.

With her desire to succeed and the work load that she took on, she never had time to seriously date any one on a regular basis. Because of her exotic untamable beauty, many advances were sent her way, even from some of the most powerful men in the world, but she had no real desire to accept any of them unless it was a part of the mission she was on.

Friends were even harder to come by for Gloria. She was either to gung-ho about work or completely not interested in the involvements of "civilians", as she would put it. Needless to say, outside her uncle, she didn't have any true friends, until she interned under Diana at the I.A.D.C.

Diana was quite impressed that Gloria broke most of her records she set at the academy and wanted to know more about her. She encouraged her boss to give the internship to Gloria. When she came on board, they were an instant hit. They were able to relate on the same level about life, men, work and the such. Diana introduced a feminine feature that Gloria never got to use much growing up; chit-chat.

They were close, and at one point, even closer. At Gloria's apartment, after a successful sting operation put one of the biggest Drug Lords on the eastern seaboard behind bars, they celebrated with way too many glasses of champagne. Diana's innocent brush up against Gloria's arm turned into an exploratory tender issue. The next morning they woke up on Gloria's bed completely naked, with a heavy hangover and embarrassed but not regretful.

...Present day, Lunch at the mall…

Diana looks up at Gloria after taking a bite of her chicken tortellini and says, "So what was the real reason you wanted to be the FIRST customer at THAT Victoria Secret's anyway?" Gloria shyly looks back at Diana and replies, "Well, because I though you would look so good in that black lace and I really love the strap lingerie. I thought we could have some fun. They were providing private changing rooms and serving free champagne to the first 10 customers."

Diana tells Gloria, grinning as she reminisced about how good that night was, "You and your silly champagne, didn't you get enough of that stuff a few months ago after that sting. I know I did. I had a hangover all day the next day." Blushing, Gloria answers back, "Anything to get you drunk and in sexy lingerie works for me." They both burst in to laughter at Gloria's comment.

When Diana got back to her desk from lunch with Gloria, she noticed the phone message light was blinking. When she open her voicemail, she noticed only one message from the D.O.D. "I wonder what those guys over there want, they are always trying to poke their noses into our investigations," she says as she presses "1" to listen to it.

A masculine voice bolsters, "Hello, Slut!" Instantly Diana's eyes flickered as she losses conscious thought and her mind opens to receive the command that her master was about to give. The voice continues, "Your friend Gloria is an amazon and must be captured and brought to us. You will entice her over to your apartment tonight, changing into Wonder Woman and use your magic lasso to program her to come to the Laboratory at the D.O.D. compound at 8:00 pm on Friday night. Continue gathering the information that we requested and we will see you at midnight on Friday as well. That is all for now." She hangs the phone up and in doing so snaps out of the trance she was in. "What was I about to do? Oh yeah now I remember," she says to herself.

Picking up the phone again, she dials Gloria's extension. When Gloria picks up, she quips, "You know that conversation we had at lunch about champagne and lingerie? How about we try it again at my place tonight after work?" Gloria responds, "I was wondering when you were going to ask me that. You can count on me being there. I'll meet you in the carport, no need to take two cars where we are going since we'll be right back here in the morning, if you catch my drift." Diana licks her lips and responses, "Stop, you're making me blush. I'll see you in the garage at 5:00. Be there or be square."

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