A Slave to a Nation 7  

Wonder Woman:

A Slave to a Nation

Chapter Seven:

If the Suit fits, watch how you wear it




Gloria beamed with excitement as she parked her car in the small parking lot, just inside the main gate of the Department of Defense's main research compound. She had been overly excited all week at the opportunity to showcase her abilities for the Department of Defense and their research team that she was coming to visit tonight. But, as requested, she was able to keep her excitement hidden from everyone, including her partner and new love interest, Diana Prince.

A shuttle cart, driven by an army private pulled up beside Gloria's car as she gathered her thing and began to get out of it. "Ms. Gloria Clemons?" The soldier asked. Gloria responded," Yes, I'm Gloria Clemons." The soldier continued, "Ma'am, The researchers here have been expecting you to arrive. I'm here to escort you to the main research facility in the center of the base." The soldier offered Gloria the seat beside him in the cart. She accepted the offer and sat down in it. He immediately whisked the cart into motion as they headed towards the large building in the center of the compound. A sense of pride came over Gloria as she reflected on the words, "…have been expecting you…"

Within a matter of minutes, the cart pulled up to the large building. As it came to a stop, the solider began instructing Gloria further, "Go inside the front door there and sign in with the receptionist in the foyer. She will point you to go down a long hallway. The research lab is at the end of that hallway. The receptionist will fill you in on any other information that you will need." Gloria exited the shuttle and thanked the soldier for the ride and info. He smiled and nodded back at her then whisked the cart off back in the direction of the guard post.

Gloria took a second to look around and then took in a deep breath. She thought to herself," Wow, I'm actually here. This is so exciting, I can hardly wait to find out what is about to take place." She then quickly moved towards the door and opened it.

Inside the building, there was a large foyer with a tall ceiling. The foyer's walls were all made of heavy shaped stone and the floor was made of marble. Just like the solider said, the receptionist was sitting behind a large desk in the middle of it. She was a strikingly glorious redhead wearing a very tight red satin button-up blouse. The blouse's buttons were barely able to maintain the tight, snug fit the blouse had around her well shaped and voluptuous breasts. Gloria was taking back a few seconds by her beauty. She spoke as she saw Gloria come inside, "Ah, Ms. Clemons. It's good to see you arrived on time. My bosses have been expecting you and highly anticipating your arrival."

Still beaming with excitement, having the sense of pride from the repeating of those same words, and the total attraction she having with the beauty her eyes beheld, Gloria took a moment to gather herself and responded, "Mmmmm. Uhm, Yes. Thank you. I like being prompt for important issues. The guard that dropped me off here said something about the lab being at the end of a hallway?" The receptionist answered, "Yes, he is right; it is at the end of that hallway there." She pointed to the hallway door to her immediate right. She continued, "But, before you go in there for the meeting, they have instructed me to give you this." She handed Gloria a medium sized case, similar to a briefcase. It had a numbered key pad on the top just beside a large red button. She continued to speak, "There is a door to a small room halfway down the hallway on the left. Go in that room, put the case on the table inside the room, push the red button on the top of the case and then enter this code on the keypad." She handed Gloria a slip of paper with three numbers on it and continued, "Please put on the garment that is inside the case. You can leave your clothes that you have on now in the room. Once you have the garment on, exit the room through the other door, not the one you went in. You will be entering the laboratory from that door. The researchers will be waiting for you there. I will let them know you are here and changing into the garment."

A sudden sense of caution creep into the back of Gloria's mind as she began pondering the ideas of changing clothes and putting on this mysterious garment in the box. Because of the hypnotic notion of the magic lasso to go along with the D.O.D. plans, along with the feeling of pride and importance she was having by just be there in their presence, she quickly dismissed the thought as frivolous. She thanked the receptionist, quickly grabbed the case, hastily walked down the marble hallway to the door that the receptionist had mentioned to her and went inside the small room.

Inside, there was a small table in the middle of the room up against the right wall. Beside the table was a small locker. Gloria walked in and placed the box on the table. She looked the box over and then unfolded the piece of paper that had the numbers on it. Pressing the red button, as instructed to do so and typed in the number sequence on the key pad. The faint sound of latches unlatching could be heard inside the box. Instantly, the front of the box opened and a hidden drawer slide out. In the drawer were a very silky satin-looking black body suit and a note. Gloria grabbed the note first and read it. Out loud, she read, "Remove all the garments you have on until you are completely naked, and then put on the body suit so that it touches the maximum amount of you exposed skin." Still driven by the pride and importance and the need for more of it, she wasted no time stripping her clothes off and storing them in the locker. Completely nude, the cool air of the room perked her nipples as she began to put on the suit.

As each part of the inside lining of the suit touched Gloria's skin, the suit began to adhere and meld to it. Completely conforming to the shape and curves of her body, Gloria noticed how comfortable it felt and how light weight it was. Snug and fitting like a glove, but not restricting, it hugged every part of here body and gave the appearance as though it were painted on. As she fastened the back of the suit, the buttons melded in the suit until there was no button or seem to be seen. She was completely encompassed by the suit. When that was done, she exited the room through the opposite side she came in.

***In a small viewing room, overlooking the large room beside where Gloria is changing clothes, a conversation was being held while she was putting on the garment---

Dr. Wellers asks the assistant, "Has the transfer papers for Ms. Clemons been processed yet?" He replies to Weller's, "Yes, Sir! The papers have been signed and processed; Ms. Clemons is now an employee of the Department of Defense." "Excellent," Weller replies, "Unbeknownst to Ms. Clemons, she is about to enter her new life as property to this great nation." He continues speaking towards the small crowd of military official there to watch the experiment, "Gentleman, sit back and enjoy the show."

Gloria walked in from the changing room into a much larger all-white room with no exits other than the door she came in. As she reached a few steps into the room, the door closed instantly behind her and sealed itself. The sense of caution she previously squelched earlier began to gain substance again as she suddenly felt trapped. Moving towards the place by the wall where the door was, she began to try to feel the wall for any hint of an exit. Not finding anything but a smooth wall and having a more intense feeling of being trapped, she turned her head slightly to the side and yelled, "OK!! What the hell is going on here?!?!? Is this some kind of joke? I thought you brought me here for something serious and important, I have no time for games."

A man's voice from a speaker in the center of the ceiling responded to Gloria's question and demand, "No need to be alarmed Ms. Clemons. We are about to get started and were just taking security measures to secure the room you are in. "

The walls on one side of the room began dissipating to reveal a window. Gloria could now she a tall slender man in his late fifties flanked by 2 other younger men. They were standing behind what looked like a control panel. The only one looking at Gloria was the older man. He began to speak, "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Dr. Ian Wellers, head of the research division of the Department of Defense. I'm in charge of this entire facility here and I am the one that asked you to come tonight. We are extremely grateful that you decide to help us with a few of our top-secret experiments. "

Upon seeing Dr. Wellers and hearing his introduction, Gloria quickly squelched the sense of caution and again replaced it with the pride she had earlier. Smiling back at him, she responded, "I am grateful for the invitation. I will proudly serve my government in anyway I can. I am honored that you considered me for such experiments. What do I need to do to help you get started?"

Wellers responded and explained, "You have already done so by putting on the suit that you are now wearing and entering into this room." Smiling back, he continued, "The suit is one of our on-going research masterpieces. It is made out of a special metallic fiber that we have been designing for nearly 15 years. Upon receiving certain electronic impulses from many well-placed nodes lined in the stitching of the suit, it can conform and shape to the skin of any person's body type. It also can change in density. At one moment it will be light as a feather and at the flick of a switch, heavy as a half a ton. The experiment will involve you wearing the suit to help with a few other tests on other devices we are developing. Your physique, agility and on-the-spot decision making ability make you the best candidate to wear the suit."

Gloria asked, "What's the purpose of such a suit?" Wellers explained further, "To enhance a soldier's or policeman's body armor and further protect them from the dangers of their job. She responded, "Wow, I can see this suit becoming very important then. What other things will I be testing?" Wellers answered and continued the explanation," Tonight we are using you in the suit to test a new defense droid. The droid is a prototype. It is a spherical hover craft with extremely sensitive motion detectors and a very new and experimental stun gun. The gun shoots a neuron-deactivating pulse ray that simultaneously neutralizes body motor skills and brain functions. The ray must be aimed directly at the targets eyes for it to be effective in neutralizing the target. The pulse enters through the retina and travels to the brain where it specifically numbs the areas that contain the ability to control movement and the ability to generate thought. This immobilization will stop any quick thoughts the assailant might have for escape or to ditch what was taken and for a quicker retrieval of the assailant."

"Ok, then why did you need me for that? Sounds like anyone could have been selected to be the target." Gloria quipped back. Again Wellers responded, "We have used others before, including your good friend, Diana Prince. But we needed someone with a spy background and a certain physique, you fit the part perfectly. You are here to provide actual field test specs for the targeting mechanism in the droid. We know everything else works perfectly, but the targeting system has not been tested thoroughly."

Hearing Wellers' statement about Diana made Gloria swell with pride. Now she felt like she was equal to Diana and getting the same respect as she gets. She took a deep breathe and let her chest heave a bit in doing so. She barely made out the last of the statement about the targeting system because of distraction the pride that was building in her head.

Wellers explained even further about the events yet to come for tonight. He described the testing and how it would operate. Gloria would pretend to be a thief here to steal confidential documents. The sphere would engage Gloria and try to gain angle advantage as quick as possible to fire a clean shot at her eyes. She was to do her best to avoid getting a blast in the eye for six shots. If she survived they would move to the next level and adjust the intensity of the testing. He told her that the stun guns were replaced with a laser pointer and that everything was perfectly safe. She indicated she was ok with it and ready to get it started.

The first sphere came out of an opening in the floor behind Gloria. She wasn't aware where it was till she felt a presence of something behind her. Instantly, she flipped backwards to avoided any angle the sphere was try to a get as a trajectory on her face. She bounced around the room like a gymnast. Twisting, leaping, tumbling and turning to avoid the laser light. The droid never made contact and after 6 shots at Gloria, level One was over.

The scientist continued to praise Gloria, secretly hoping that her pride would make her become careless. The small audience of high military officials was also taking notice of the testing and was very impressed by Gloria's abilities. Gloria handled the next two levels with easy. It seemed as though she was too quick to catch as she appeared to know exactly when to jump, turn or twist when the sphere would fire its laser. A comment coming from the back of the room seemed to sum up Gloria's performance so far, "Wow, she just as fast and agile as Wonder Slut. I bet all the amazons are the same as her as well."

At level 5, the sphere still seemed to be no match for Gloria. She was having too much fun making the droid look like a fool. The scientist decided it was now time to even the sides. With the slight turn of large dial on the control panel, unbeknownst to Gloria, the suit's density increased 15 percent, causing it to gain nearly 20 pounds of weight. The leaps and bounds that were once too easy, were now getting more difficult. The sphere seemed to be catching up more to where Gloria's position was.

An hour later, at level 9, the first laser light registered contact on Gloria's forehead, but never could get the shot it needed on her eyes. After the sixth shot missed, she was told that the level was over. Exhaustion was starting to creep in the picture as she was still in the dark about the density increase of the suit. Wellers spoke over the intercom, "Catch your breath before the next level, you'll need it. At a random time during the conflict, a second sphere will enter the room and you will have to avoid it as well." Gloria thought to herself, "Oh great, I barely survived the last level. They must think I'm Wonder Woman or something."

Wellers looked over to the assistant on his left and asked, "Is the stun gun loaded on the second sphere and has all the data from suit during the last levels been compiled to its targeting computer?" He responded, "Yes Sir! It is ready. It will know exactly where she is going to be in the room when it enters. She won't know what hit her and it will be the last thing she consciously remembers when it strikes." "Excellent!" Wellers delighted," Proceed with the next level."

Wellers spoke again into the intercom, "Are you ready for this, Ms. Clemons? It is going to be very intense." She responded, "Give me your worst!!" The door in the floor opened and a new sphere proceeded out into the large room. Instantly it began firing the laser at Gloria as it tried to get a good position to see her face. Gloria dodged and weaved the best she could with 35 extra pounds on her frame as a result of the increase of the suit. The sphere recorded two more strikes on her forehead but not her eyes. As it was lining up for the fourth strike, Gloria twisted and turned to avoid the shot. When she stopped her momentum to prepare for the next move, she found herself staring directly at the second sphere that had entered the room without her knowing. Its stun gun fired one pulse at the face of the defenseless Gloria. A direct hit was recorded as she soon lost control of her body and stood erect and still in the middle of the room. She tried to think of what happened to her, but the thought never fully registered as the thinking processes of her brain began to shut down. She now stood there as nothing more than a zombified statue.

Wellers reached down and pressed a different button on the panel. The fasteners, that melded into the suit earlier when Gloria put it on, reappeared and popped off onto the floor. Soon after that, the suit peeled off her skin and fell to the floor leaving her completely naked. Wellers instantly shouted into the intercom, "OK Boys!!! We've got 10 minutes to get her set up in the lab before that stun ray wears off. Get in there and get a move on." Suddenly a side door and a large door leading into the large Laboratory open up. Five soldiers ran from the side and grab the now erect Gloria statue and carried her into the lab towards the back of it.

When they reached the back of the lab, they then strapped her wrist, ankles, waist and neck to an "X" shaped truss. Still in her zombie state, she had no idea what was happening to her or what was going on. Wellers, leading the small pack of official, entered the lab and marched back to where Gloria was. He barked out more commands as he arrived, "Make sure the restraints are on good enough. I don't want her moving any during the extrapolation and transformation processes." With that he picked up two devices from the table beside Gloria, one a small disk the size of a quarter and the other a small electronic looking helmet with a facial mask. He placed the small device on her head and stepped back.

Suddenly, Gloria's eyes began to flicker as if she were waking up from a deep sleep. Groggy and somewhat dumbfounded, she looked around to try and figure out what happened. The last thing she remembered was staring face to face with the sphere droid and then a bright yellow light. She looked at Wellers and asked, "What is going on? What happened to me? Why can't I move my arms and legs?" He answered back, "The experiment is going as planned, you took that real blast from the stun gun we slipped in on that second sphere like a real champ. Now we can get on with the next phase, your conversion." In shock, she questions, "My conversion? What are you talking about? Let me out of these straps." Wellers continues, matter-of-factly, "I'm sorry Ms Clemons, but I can do that. You see we've found out something about you and we can't let that secret get out. Your natural ability, to do things better than most people, comes from the Amazon blood in you. You are of the same blood as that of Wonder Woman, or should I say Diana Prince. We can't afford for you to be find out and slip into enemy hands."

Gloria couldn't believe what was happen nor could she believe what was being said. She struggled at the fact that she was now being held prisoner, naked in the presence of high ranking government officials and gasped at the statement that Diana was Wonder Woman.

"Enough of the same talk, you know the truth now, but it won't matter in a few minutes," Wellers said as he move to put the strange helmet on Gloria's head. She tried to struggle at first, but he grabbed her chin to hold her head still and threw the helmet on. The head band inside the helmet fit itself around her cranium as two metal plates fastened to the temple areas on each side of her head. The mask slid down and completely covered her eyes so she could not see anything but the lens in front of them. As he grabbed the chin straps to tie the helmet on her head, microphone laden ear covers dropped over her ears and completely muffled any possible outside sounds or noises. The helmet was now in place and ready to do its job.

Wellers walked from Gloria to a near by control panel. He reached and grabbed a small microphone and spoke into it. He said, "You are now about to become the second person to transformed from an individual person to the property of this great nation. Diana Prince was the first, now it's your turn. Say goodbye Gloria, your about to begin your new life as Item# 672JDF23TY7POI." With that, he pressed a button on the panel and the helmet began to buzz to life.

Instantly, Gloria felt the electric impulse of the metal plates along with the rhythmic sound of high pitched static in her ears and the magnificent strobe rings of light coming from the lens. It completely overwhelmed her at first, as they were resonating through her psyche. Using all her resistance, she slowly began to fight off the subliminal messages to comply and obey. She used all the mental strength she could muster to fight off the invasion of her mind.

With all her sensory perceptions blocked and using all her energy to try and fight the forces invading her mind, she had no idea what was about to happen next. A small prick on her neck took her completely by surprise. Wellers described what was going on to the crowd, "The same psychotropic & hypnotic sedative that worked on destroying Wonder Woman's resistance should have the same affect on Ms. Clemons as well. We've sped up the process since Wonder Woman's capture. The subliminal frequencies being broadcasted through her senses of touch, sight and hearing will now have a much easier time putting her into a deep hypnotic trance. The trance will enable us to retrieve any vital information stored in her memory and then complete erase and reprogram her mind. It's only a matter of time now."

The small prick not only introduced the quick acting mind-numbing agent, it distracted Gloria's effort to stop the bombardment of signals trying to take over her mind for a split second. This allowed the frequencies to grab an instant foot hold in her psyche. Minutes past by as her resistance rapidly disintegrating and the grip she had to try and contain her being slipping away. She found herself slowly falling into a deep trance and giving in to the thoughts of complying and obeying to a new master.

Seconds-by-seconds ticked away as more and more of Gloria's mind slipped closer to the deep trance that was being induced. Wellers noticed that she was on the edge of falling so he provided the final push. He reached over and pressed a small blue button on the panel labeled "Mind Zap." Instantly a blast of bright multicolored lights speckled the lens of the mask as well as a higher pitched sound resonated from the ear covers. The metal plates dispersed a more intense pulse of electricity. With the sensory overload happening all at once, the remaining energy Gloria had left to resist was depleted. She tumbled over the edge, her will disintegrated. The only thing she had left in her head was the urge to comply and obey.

Knowing now that Gloria's will was gone, Wellers pronounced to the officials in the room, "It is done, Gloria Clemons is now ours to control. " He then picked up the small microphone and spoke, "Gloria, you must now completely obey your master's words and comply with his will. From now on, you will only hear and obey the researchers at the facility that you will now call, 'Home.' I am your supreme master until you meet the one whom you will serve for the rest of your life. Do you understand this that I have spoken?"

The now completely mesmerized Gloria answered back in a monotone voice, "Yes Master. I must obey your words as you have said them. From now on I only obey and serve my master." Wellers replied, "Excellent. That will do just fine, slut." He continued, bark commands at the soldiers still in the room, "Get her down from the truss and escort her over to the 'Mind Copier.'" Upon saying that, he pressed a few buttons on the control panel and the same chamber with the mechanical chair that Wonder Woman was in on her second visit to the lab appeared.

A Slave to a Nation part 7