A Slave to a Nation 6  

Wonder Woman:

A Slave to a Nation

Chapter Six:

Ah Jeez, the Hangover




As the sun peeped over the tree tops in the eastern horizon, the sunlight slowly cast itself through the Venetian blinds in the window opposite Diana's bed. Two naked and exhausted bodies lie still in the same position they were in when they passed out. They lie there slumbering away the wild night of extreme ecstasy they just experienced a few hours earlier. The darker one of the two began to slightly moan as she dreamt as if she were still performing more of the same activity she was earlier involved in. The sun continued slowly to rise in the morning sky, as more sunlight began to flood the dark room, exposing more and more of the remains of the events of the night.

Soon the room was fully in-dowsed with morning light. An annoying alarm clock broke the peaceful silence that was about the wore-out bodies of Diana Prince and Gloria Clemons. Stirring to address the alarm, Diana can only grudgingly moan as she struggled to get the strength to move towards it. Finally muster some, she sluggishly reached over Gloria and turned it off. Still half asleep and suffering from sheer exhaustion and a powerful hangover, she realized that she has to get Gloria and herself moving or they will be late for work. She slid back to her place beside Gloria and dreamingly gazed at the peaceful slumber of the dark-skin beauty. She slowly shook Gloria's shoulder and chanted, "Wake up, Gloria wake up," over and over till Gloria began to open her eyes.

"Wow, did last night really happen or was it all a fantastic dream?" Gloria said to Diana as she looked up at the raven haired goddess looking down at her. Diana smiled back and responds, "No, you're not dreaming. It really happened. And, if we don't really get moving, we won't have the time to be able to enjoy the nice warm sensation of the shower because will have to rush it to get ready for work." All of a sudden the empty tanks of energy in both of them were filled to near capacity as the thought of bathing together instantly motivated them to move more hastily towards the bathroom. As they went, both of them never thought to grab any clothes.

Diana reached into the shower and turned on the hot water so it could steam up a bit. Gloria moved to the sink and began to prepare a toothbrush with toothpaste. As the steam from the shower started to feel the room, Diana adjusted the temperature, so it wouldn't be to hot, but still vitalizing warm. After she did that she slithered up behind Gloria, as Gloria finished brushing her teeth. She moved Gloria's pony tail over her left shoulder and began slightly kissing the small of her neck. Diana then placed her hands on Gloria's hips and slowly slid them around her waist and up her stomach. Still moving upwards, her hands finally reached Gloria's large mounds of mammary and began to cup and massage her large breasts. Gloria dropped the toothbrush in the sink and at once she reached back and grabbed Diana's left cheek with her left hand. She then reached up with her right hand to helped Diana's hand massage her right tit. She tilted her head back slowly and let out a soft purr as the ecstasy of it all began to excite her again.

After a few seconds of the kissing and massaging, Diana reached up to Gloria's shoulders and slowly spun her around till she was facing her. With only an inch between them, she pulled her closer as there lips touch and their tongues explored each other's mouth. While embraced in the deep passionate tongue-filled kiss, Diana slowly pulled Gloria towards the shower. She reached out and grabbed the shower door and opened it, never releasing the kiss as she did so. They entered in the shower and stood under the warm water drizzling on them. The warmth of the water added more energy to their tired bodies, giving them more vigor to make the kiss even more passionate than it initially was. They stood under the shower head for what seems like and eternity, never once stopping the kiss as they did so.

***Thirty minutes later, leaving Diana's apartment---

"I just want you to know, that was the best night and shower of my life!!" Gloria said to Diana as they entered the elevator to go down to the car. She continued, "I wasn't expecting it to go that far, but something came over me, like some wild beast that need to get out and get satisfied. I hope that it was as good for you as it was for me." Diana, responded, "To tell you the truth, it was the best I've ever had as well. I never had an orgasm so hard in my life. I was never going to let it stop, but I passed out from exhaustion." Gloria agreed, "Same here, we must've passed out at the same time." Some what concerned, she brought up an interesting question, "Is this going to make our working relationship feel weird? I really loved making out like that with you and I want to make love to you again and again." With a slight lustful look in her eye, Diana look deep into Gloria's eyes as the elevator doors opened to the garage area and said, "No, it will make it better and I can't think of anything else I would want to do to you than making love with you as many times as possible." She sealed that statement with a small peck on the Gloria's lips before they exit into the garage and head for Diana's car.

The ride into to work was very peaceful for both women, as Diana again let the top down on the car and the brisk morning air flowed through and freshened them up a bit. Not a word was said as the car sped through the government district of the capital city on the way to the I.A.D.C. building. A few glances and shy smiles were the only things shared by the two women all the way there.

As Diana parked the car and they both got out and headed towards the office door from the garage parking, a sense of seriousness overtook them as they put on a work mindset to prepare for the daily ordeals ahead of them. When they got into the elevator that would carry them up a couple of floors to the level there offices were on, a down-to-business attitude began to settle in on them both. With there minds now focused on the work at hand, neither of them knew the day ahead, as Gloria's fate was already sealed by the post-hypnotic command given to her by Wonder Woman.

This morning was business as usual. The same hustle and bustle of researching and investigating leads to the cases that both Gloria and Diana were working on kept both of them busy and focused on the work at hand. They didn't have much time for chit-chat.

Soon, the morning begins to give way to afternoon and prompted Gloria to think of food. She picked up the phone and called Diana's extension to see if she wanted to go get a bite to eat. Diana answered and agreed that she was indeed hungry too and suggested a revisit to the restaurant they ate at the day before. She told Gloria, "I'll call and make a reservation at 12:30 so we can get there after the main lunch rush. We can be more cozy and secluded this time and not be in as much of a hurry. That way we can enjoy each others company more." Excitedly, Gloria agreed to the arrangement and hung up the phone.

Two minutes later, Gloria's phone rang. She looked at it and recognized Diana's extension on the caller id. She grabbed the phone and answered, "Diana? Was there a problem getting a reservation?" On the other end of the call, Diana's monotone voice chimed in, "This is the secretary for Dr. Wellers, the main laboratory scientist for the Department of Defense. Can I have a moment of your time?" At first Gloria thought Diana was playing a trick on her, but the command giving to her by Wonder Woman under the influence of the magic lasso kicked in and made her accept the notion that this indeed was the person Diana was claiming to be.

Gloria responded, "Yes, I have a few moments. What can I do for the D.O.D.?" Diana continues, "The department scientists need your assistance for a specific research they are trying to conduct. Your pristine physical condition and athleticism along with your expertise in the spy game would advance the scope of their research tremendously. Is it possible for you to meet with Dr. Wellers and two of his associate scientists this Friday night at eight o'clock?" Gloria originally had an appointment at the health spa for her weekly therapeutic massage, but the influence of the magic lasso and the command to oblige the caller made her erase the event in that time slot. She responded to Diana, "It would be an honor and a privilege to sit and discus the research with Dr. Wellers. I don't have anything schedule at that time and can indeed make that appointment." "Excellent," Diana responds, "I will let Dr. Wellers know." "Also, make sure that you tell no one of the appointment. The research is top-secret and very delicate." Feeling that is meeting will be of the utmost importance, Gloria agreed to not tell nor alert anyone to what she had just agreed to do.

After Gloria hung up the phone, a sense of euphoria came over her as she felt that her presence as a top field agent was finally being noticed by the other agencies in the government. She thought to herself, "I have finally arrived. I'm making out with my idol, the top agent in the I.A.D.C., and I'm finally getting the same recognition that she has been getting from the D.O.D." Gloria decides to put the spa visit back on her schedule as a rouse, so no one will know of her real appointment.

Unbeknownst to Gloria, Diana, still in the trance she was in while pretending to be the secretary of Dr. Wellers, has called him to tell him all was going as planned and that Gloria would be in place at 8:00 on Friday. Wellers responded, "Excellent Slut, You have done well. I'm very pleased with the way you've conducted yourself in the field. Your direction and drive to completely obey and comply with the commands I have giving you has been near perfect and far greater than we could ever imagine. You have earned a great reward. After we have captured, transformed and examined Gloria, she will be reprogrammed to become your personal sex slave to do with as you see fit to satisfy your deep passionate sexual desires. She will be yours and yours alone. I know that hearing this will send your libido into overdrive so I want you release the pent up energy you have in you right now. Go to your secluded spot and relieve yourself of the sexual tension that my statement has just given you. Once that is done come back to your desk and continue what you were doing before I first called you today. You will, as always, not remember anything you have done from that moment before I called till the moment after I hang up. We will see you again at midnight Friday night. Do you understand, Slut?" She replies, "Yes master, I must go relieve myself of the sexual tension and continue about my daily business. I will see you again Friday at midnight."

Diana snapped out of the trance as she hung up the phone. Shaking her head to get he cobwebs out, she realized that she has become extremely horny. So horny, in fact, that she got up and raced to the elevator. Once inside she pressed the number 3 and bit her lip as the elevator slowly dropped to the third floor. As soon as the doors opened up, she swiftly headed to the ladies room at the opposite end of the floor. The third floor was mostly the maintenance department and there are no women working on this floor. The ladies room on this floor was the most secluded place in the building for someone in her condition to not be heard, while she allowed the tension built up to "cum" out. Once she finished, she straightened herself out and headed back up to see if Gloria was ready to go to lunch.

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