A Slave to a Nation 2  

Wonder Woman:

A Slave to a Nation

Chapter Two:





Five days have now past by since Wonder Woman's incident with the Dept. of Defense. She still had no recollection of anything that happened that night. The morning that followed it, she woke up and went about her normal routine of work and more work. By day she was Diana Prince, the same well-known field agent at I.A.D.C working to become even more famous in the government ranks and infamous among the criminal mindset. By night, unless she was needed during the day, she was Wonder Woman; protector of the innocent and dispenser of justice to any one who dared to participate in criminal activities.

The routine was the same for the other four days as well. The only criminal activity she could muster to find during that time was a carjacker holding up an old lady and a cat-burglar trying to steal safety deposit boxes from the local bank. It was light work for someone of her stature. But, tonight that routine and stature were about to be drastically changed forever. It's Friday night and fast approaching midnight.

As she scurries across the city skyline on her way to the government district, she thinks to herself in the solitude of the moment, "I hope Gloria will forgive me for canceling our plans for tomorrow. I just felt it would be good to keep the calendar clear for this weekend. I know that this weekend was highly anticipated and we planned for weeks to be the first customers to hit that new mall when it opens, but I sense something big is going to happen over the next few days and I have to be ready for it."

For some strange reason, though she care little about it, she felt compelled to patrol the government buildings tonight, especially the Dept of Defense buildings on the north end of the city. As she posed proudly on the ledge of the building across the street from the D.O.D compound, she noticed the time on the clock tower. It was ten minutes to midnight. "I think I'll start my patrol around that large building there in the center the campus," she ponders as she oversees the area, still completely unaware that she was just in that building a few days earlier.

Using her amazing strength and agility, she hops from rooftop to rooftop until she lands at the front of the large building. Security around the compound was extremely tight, but they were already alerted that Wonder Woman would be coming and ordered to not hinder her in any ways. Easily arriving at her chosen destination, she enters the front door to the large building. As she does so, she says to herself, "It's a good thing I'm here, security seems a little bit lax tonight."

Once inside, the only sound that could be heard was the clicking of her boots on the hard marble floor, as she walked down the same hallway that she once ran five days ago. She notices a light coming from what looks to be the entrance to a seemingly large laboratory at the end of the hall. She thinks to herself," It's too odd that there is no security in or around this building and why does this all of a sudden began to feel like déjà vu?"

Taken back by the impressive site that she sees as she enters the lab, she notices how massive a lab it is with electronic gadgets everywhere. It seems to extending on deeper in the building and the walls are lined with computer screens and electronic meters, along with interfaces and terminals.

Snapping her out of the state of awe, she notices that there is a man in a lab coat standing in the center of it by a keyboard terminal that is right beside a tilted operating table. "Hello sir, can I speak with you for a moment?" Wonder Woman says as she strolls in nonchalantly to question the man about the lax in security.

When she reaches the place the man is standing she continues, "There are no guards posted outside and this place seems too important to be left unguar… "Wheeling around, checking his watch and then grinning, the man interrupts Wonder Woman, "Ahh, Wonder Woman, 12 o'clock midnight, right on time and schedule."

She responds, "What?!?!? You were expecting me?? How is that pos…si..bl..e……Huh?…I can't remember what I was about to say." Her response tails off as her subconscious mind rips the thought right out of her consciousness. She seems somewhat baffled as to why she can't think of what she was just thinking and why she should comply and obey the stranger standing before her. After a few more seconds pass, the baffle ness disperses. Now, she can only think of nothing else but complying to and obeying her master standing before her and is completely reassured by the thought.

"Yes, master. You summoned me to be here at 12 midnight and I am here ready to obey your command." She now says with confidence. "Excellent, slave," the man said in response to her. He continues, "Most excellent; we have a long weekend ahead of us and we need to get started right away. Have you cleared your calendar for this weekend, like we asked you to do?" She replies, "Yes, master, it is all clear." He continues more, "Walk over to the small table over by the door and place your belt, lasso and Wonder suit on it. All you need to be wearing tonight is you tiara and boots. Come back to me when you have done this."

"Yes, master, I hear and obey, remove my suit and place it on the table," she says as she moves in response to his command.

As she strips naked in front of the man she just met, she has no resistance to the action. She instead feels like this is exactly what she is supposed to be doing. In hopes that her master will be pleased with her obedience tonight, she does it hastily and as quick as possible. In a matter of seconds, she removes her suit and is back standing naked and at attention before the scientist.

"Mmmm, Hmmm, I can't get over how perfect your body is, especially how perky these are," he says as he reaches up and cops a feel of her 39DD cup breast. She feels a tingle start in her loins and her mouth salivates some when he does this to her.

The scientist begins to explain, "Tonight, Wonder Slut, we are going to scan your mind and thoughts to extrapolate from them your entire origin and history. Then we're going to formulate and reprogram you with your new permanent identity as the first human property of the state. When all that is complete, you have a very important meeting to attend with your ultimate master, the commander-in-chief of this great nation. He will give you his "special" inspection and final approval of you as government property." She responds to him in a matter of fact way, "Yes, I must comply with your wishes, I am the property of the state and you are a high official with the government. You are my master and I am your slave. I must obey your commands."

"Excellent response! Slave!!" The scientist says with great excitement. "That pleases me tremendously; you will be greatly rewarded after we have finished with all the procedures this session." Upon hearing his words, a large grin comes across her face as a sense of great joy fills hers to no end. Wonder Woman becomes a bit horny and more excited about please her master even more. "Follow me to the back of the lab," he says as he turns that way. She follows happily after him, bouncing like a puppy at feeding time.

They reach the back wall of the lab close to a pedestal with a keyboard terminal on it. The scientist types in some codes and a part of the wall slides open to reveal a cylinder shaped room. In the middle of the room is a large metallic throne-like chair with thousands of wires running from it to the computer panels on the back wall.

After the room is revealed and the wall stops in it new position, the scientist pauses his actions to tell Wonder Woman a very important statement, "To continue any further with our procedure, a quick change has to be made in your state of mind. We need have only your subconscious mind available with your conscious mind turned off so it won't cause any interference." She looks at the scientist a bit puzzled after hearing this. After a brief pause to contemplate more of what he said she response by saying, "Master, I hear and obey your commands but, I do not know how to turn off my conscious mind."

"Slave, you continue to amaze me. " He grins while answering her back "You actually tried to formulate a way to turn off you conscious mind?" He asks in return. "She responds, "Yes master you commanded me too." "Excellent, do not worry about not obeying that command. For turning you conscious mind off is not a problem. " He responds, "I know how. The time now seems to be your SLEEPTIME.'" Instantly, upon hearing the trigger word, Wonder Woman's mind becomes empty and detached from the world as she slips back into the deep hypnotic trance that she was in a few days earlier. She stands there with the same glassed-over gaze that she had once before.

"What a superb specimen you are Wonder Woman. The capabilities your subconscious mind displays are truly amazing and promising. The domination it has over your conscious mind will make this weekend's session even better. The conscious mind that you had before today will now be reprogrammed to conform to the order of the state and be a new consciousness for you, Wonder Slut, or should I say Diana Prince, or even better, Princess Diana of Paradise Island." The scientist confidently continues, "We know of the Amazon tribe there that you and your family come from. Your superb physique is so amazing, we can only imagine what the rest of the tribe will be like once we have them here as property, just like you." The scientist continues, "When we're done here after tonight and tomorrow, we will know all we need to know about them and begin to form a plan to capture them as well."

Oblivious to anything he is saying to her, Wonder Woman mindlessly waits for the next command to obey. He then tells her," Take a seat on the Throne, my dear, and accept your new destiny. We have a long night and day ahead of us." She immediately moves to the chair when she hears his words and gives the normal response of "Yes, master."

Once she is seated, the scientist scampers over and begins placing sticky electrodes all over her body. When he finishes with them he then clamps two wires to each side of her tiara that covers her temple. As though speaking to a recording device, the scientist says aloud, "The electrodes will record her bio-rhythms to monitor the stress levels this activity puts on her body and psyche. We know of her telekinetic abilities with the tiara that she wears, so we will use it to our advantage as we probe her mind and record the specific brainwave frequencies of every thought that she can remember, in the order that she can remember them."

He reaches behind the top of the chair and pulls up a sophisticated pair of headphones. Pausing for a second, he gives the commands that will allow for the next procedure to proceed. "Ok, slave, you are going to open you mind to its greatest capacity and not hinder your ability to remember everything that you know. Your mind will become like an open book to be read by the machine. These headphones will be sending subliminal messages to provoke important memories and thoughts to come forth. You will feel the probe from your tiara and you will not hinder its processing. You will do whatever is in you power to allow the probing to be successful in recording all there is know about you. Do you understand?" She responds with the usual response, "Yes, master. My mind is now an open book ready to be read."

He places the headphones on her head and flips a switch. Instantly, the power of the machine takes over her mind, as she gives no resistance to it. As she feels the rippling effects of the power frequency the machine produces, a cascade of unlocked memories begin to emerge from it. The subliminal sounds begin to remind her of her childhood and time on Paradise Island. This causes a flood of thoughts to rush through her head, passing through at rapid speed. Wonder Woman mentally, as commanded, leads those thoughts towards what she perceives is the source of the rippling effect. Once the thoughts hit that ripple, a reaction happens and the power frequency becomes like a vacuum, pulling more and more thoughts to it. The sudden impact of it all cause her body to jolt around a bit and her eyes to roll back in her head, She is now completely unaware of anything outside the flood of thoughts, not even her master still standing beside her. He checks over the instrument panel on the chair. "All bio levels look good. I'll see you again in 5 hours when the process is over. Hang in there kiddo, you in for the ride of your new life." With that he returns to the lab and continues about his business.

..Five hours later..

The scientist excitedly strolls back in the room where Wonder Woman is. He reaches up to the switch on the chair and turns it off. Her eyes recover to there more normal position and her body ceases the slight jolting motion it was doing. The scientist pronounces proudly, "Congratulation, slave you just gave us all we need to know to enslave your whole family. Soon we will learn of your family's perfect genetic make up and use this information for the protection of this great nation." He continues, "We also have enough information about your past and your own consciousness that we now can bend and conform it to fit your new permanent identity. But we have some time before that is completely formulated. This will give your body and mind a chance for some rest from the ordeal it just went through and be ready before the next procedure."

He then commands her, "It is now time for you to rest. I'm going to count backwards from 5 to 1, when I reach 1 you will be in a completely restful slumber, both body and mind. Nothing will awaken you from it except my voice. Do you understand?" "Yes, Master. I must rest, only your voice will awake me" she replies. "Excellent, 5..4..3..2..1.." When he hits "1" her eyes close and her head slumps over in the head rest of the chair. A slight purr can be heard as she softly snores in the wake of a blissful sleep. "Down boy, not yet, "the scientist says aloud as he adjusts the crotch of his pants to accommodate the instant bulge he got at the site of this sleeping beauty. "You'll have to wait till we get her done with all the procedures," he says as he turns and walks back into the lab.

..Three hours Later..

The very excited scientist again strolls into the room where Wonder Woman is still sleeping. He wakes her by saying, "Rise and shine, Wonder Woman, it's time to move on to the next procedure." Hearing her master, she opens her eyes and raises her head to attention, still with in the zombie-like trance. He continues, "Stand up and follow me back in to the lab." With that she is up and following behind him.

They move through the lab to a table close to the middle of it. On the table, there is what looks like a forest green jet fighter pilot's helmet. It has all the features of that type of helmet, with the addition of three antennas and a large dark visor that looks to fit completely over the wearer's eyesight. Two antennas are mounted on each side of the front and one is protruding out the back parallel with the floor. Directly on top of the helmet is a receptacle for a three prong plug.

When they reach the table, he picks up the helmet and commands her, "You will again open you mind to its greatest capacity and not hinder the ability of the helmet to alter you conscious mind. You will feel the effect of the altering and reprogramming and you will not hinder its processing. You will do whatever is in you power to allow the effects to be successful in altering and reprogramming your conscious mind until you have been completely reprogrammed. Do you understand?" She again replies, "Yes, Master. I must allow the helmet to completely alter my mind." He then, gloatingly, explains further what is about to happen. "What once made up the proud consciousness of Wonder Woman, Diana Prince, and Princess Diana will now become a simple façade to keep the cover of your new identity from being discovered. In a sense, you will somewhat believe that you are still that person when you are in the public eye, but you will no doubtfully know what your new permanent identity and purpose is at all times from this moment on." With that he pushes a button and a metallic cord drops from the ceiling. He then grabs the cord, plugs it into the receptacle on top of the helmet, places the helmet on her head, fastens it, makes sure the visor completely covers her eyesight and flips the switch on the side of it.

With the helmet now activated, the three antennas begin to buzz and pulsate. She stands more erected in place as if she were gripped by an unseen force. She senses another type of rippling affect appear in her mind, similar to the one she felt earlier but this one does not act the same way. Instead of the vacuum, it is more like a growing dark cloud with a blanketing effect. As the cloud expanse in her psyche, she feels the affect as though switches were turning off and on in her brain. Thoughts and memories of names, places, people and events begin to alter or fade. As more and more of her mind becomes altered under the affect of the growing cloud she beings to lose more of her self; image and identity. Unwilling to stop it because of the command to not resist, she welcomes the advance of the cloud as it begins to completely cover all of her mind. Soon, the part of her mind that was obeying the command becomes absorbed by the affect. Since the former parts of her mind that would normally resist such an event are gone, she continues to show no resistance. Eventually the cloud completes its task and begins to dissipate.

Her mind begins to clear and becomes like a big white screen. It has been completely whitewashed. As the visor comes to life, it projects visions for her to see and register in her psyche. Slowly those visions become thoughts that roll by like pictures of a movie show. She begins to recognizes them and agree with them, making them her thoughts and accepting them as her own. "Yes, I have and always will belong to the government. I serve nothing else but the government. I do all that I can do for the government. I must obey the government officials that are in charge of me. I must serve the commander-in-chief to what ever purpose he desires. I am to aid and assist the capture of all amazons on Paradise Island. They must serve the government just like me. I will act out the roll of the super heroine, Wonder Woman, to carry out my duties for my government and protect the people of this great nation. I will act out the roll of Diana Prince to gain important intelligence in order to perform my duties. I will act out the role of Princess Diana to infiltrate the amazons on Paradise Island. I will use the knowledge that my master has given me to make these roles as believable and beneficial as possible." These thoughts and many more begin to burn themselves permanently into her conscious mind, all the time forming her new identity and new purpose in life.

After about one hour of it all, a green light began flashing on the side of the helmet. The scientist gleamed with joy at the sight of it. He raced over, unplugs the helmet and takes it off. "Tell me who you are and what you're doing here," he asks of her as he puts down the helmet. With a completely blank stare and a monotone voice, she responds, "I am Item# 673HST78RE3ILM, property of this great nation and slave to the officials in charge of me. I am here to serve this great nation by complying with your orders and obeying your commands. "He adds to her comment, "Excellent, you will accept the nicknames, 'Slut" and "673' as your identification as well."

He then makes her bend over forwards so that all her raven hair can hang to the floor, exposing the back of her neck. He pulls a branding device out of a shelf under the table the helmet was on. He presses it at the small of her neck just below the hairline causing a burning flesh smell to fill the room. The numbers and letters she just chanted are now permanent branding on the back of her neck. "There, now you are official," he adds, "When I snap my fingers you will leave the trance you are now in and your new conscious mind will awaken and take over its new life." Hearing the snap of his fingers, her eye flutters wildly and she begins to stagger a bit. After a few seconds she looks at him, grins, and says, "I am here to obey you master, what is your command?"

Looking at his watch with excitement, he says, "Excellent, slave. I've got the perfect command for you right now. We have two hours before I have to have you ready to be at the president's office. I think now I can give that reward I promised and you can satisfy me as much as you possibly can." The expressions of joy and lust flowing from her face match the thoughts in her head. He presses a button on the panel near him and a small bed on a platform raises from an opening n the floor. "He quips, "We have a lot to do in short time, and I believe its best we get started on that as soon as possible." Moaning in anticipation, she can only agree.

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