A Slave to a Nation Part 8  

By Dumbtime

Wonder Woman:

A Slave to a Nation

Chapter Eight:

A Slave is born.




"It's time to move on to the next phase of tonight's operation, get her to the mind-extrapolation chamber." Dr Wellers orders the two younger scientists to see to it that she is properly strapped in to the chair inside the chamber.

Speaking, as he walks, to the small military entourage that has been following a step behind him the whole night, Wellers explains what is about to happen to the subject, "We are now going to extrapolate all the Amazon's memories from her own brain. Through our extensive research of Wonder Woman over the years we have uncovered a hereditary trait that gives Amazons telepathic abilities. Thought to be only a myth, it is now very evident as we have observed and tested with Wonder Woman. Certain mutated brain cells, when called upon, triple their amount of bio-electrical impulses and act as radio transponders and receivers. They allow the Amazon to create thoughts into highly accelerated radio frequencies to be transmitted like radio waves to the specially designated receiver, another Amazon. All we have to do now is give her the command to open the ability in her mind when we attach the probe to the temple area on her head. The computer will begin to try to find the right frequency. When it does find it, it will take over the ability from her and then transmit the entire contents of her memory to the waiting memory banks in the computer. Once there, the information will be sorted and translated into files and documents that can be accessed by anyone that wants to know anything about the Amazon. The process for copying the brain of Wonder Woman took approximately 5 hours. Gloria, here, doesn't know as much as she did so it should take less time. The chamber that we have placed her in has a chair with hundreds of register probes that will monitor her bio-readings to make sure her physical health is not affected by the ordeal. "

He continues to explain," Through thorough observation of Wonder Woman and the telepathic ability she has, we have improvised a contraption that will access the Amazon's brain frequency through the Amazon's nature ability to open there mind. Wonder Woman uses her tiara to enhance her ability to mentally talk with her mother over the long distance she is at, being away from the Amazon homeland. All Amazon's have this inherited trait that gives them the ability and they access it through concentration and allowing there mind to be open to the minds of the other Amazon's. What Gloria knows will not be as important as that of Wonder Woman or the other Amazons, but it will still be good to have her knowledge on file."

Now down from the truss, completely oblivious to what is going on around her and still in the deep blissful hypnotic trance, Gloria stands at attention waiting for her next order. The two young scientists move to where she is and begin to prep her for the next phase, each one applying bio-patches on Gloria's silky smooth light brown skin. They then order Gloria to follow them as they lead her over to the chamber. Dr. Weller responds when he see them head that way, "Alright boys lets get her strapped in so we can start this process." He notions to Gloria, "Take your seat on the throne of your new destiny, my slave." She responds with the usually response, "Yes master, I must obey."

After she sits comfortable on the chair, the two scientists scurry over and begin latching hundreds of electrodes to the bio-patches. Wellers moves in behind Gloria and grabs a crown like metal band. He places it on Gloria's head sliding it down so it covers her forehead from temple to temple.

Speaking back at the crowd he explains that since Gloria never knew she was an Amazon, she must be briefly trained on using her telepathic ability. He reaches and flips a switch on the panel beside the chair. Instantly the metal crown begins to glow as if it we suddenly coming to life. Gloria jolts and then stiffens as if being grab hold of by some unseen force.

He then instructs her on how to open her mind to be read like a book, "My slave, concentrate on the very top of your forehead and think of the color red. " She answers, "Yes, master, the color red." He continues, "Now try pushing the thought of the color red out of the top of your forehead. Keep pushing it until it leaves." Again she responds, "Yes Master, I must obey."

Suddenly a blank monitor on the wall behind the chair glows with a bright red screen. Wellers asks, "Excellent, my slave. Did you feel the thought leave your head?" "Yes." She responds, "I pushed it out of my head like you commanded me to." With a big grin on his face, Wellers turns to the younger scientists and says, "She is now ready for thought extrapolation. Get me the head set."

One of the scientists walks over to a nearby table, opens the drawer underneath the table and pulls out the same sophisticated pair of headphones. He walks it back to Wellers and hands it to him. Wellers then proceeds to plug the headset into the back of the large metal chair. He then gives the same command he gave Wonder Woman when she sat in the chair, "Ok, slave, you are going to open you mind to its greatest capacity and not hinder your ability to remember everything that you know. Your mind will become like an open book to be read by the machine. These headphones will be sending subliminal messages to provoke important memories and thoughts to come forth. From the metal crown you are now wearing, you will feel the same probe you just felt when you pushed the color red out of your head and you will not hinder its processing. You will do whatever is in you power to allow the probing to be successful in recording all there is know about you. Do you understand?" She responds with the usual response, "Yes, master. My mind is now an open book ready to be read."

He places the headphones on her head and flips a switch. Instantly, the power of the machine takes over her mind, as she gives no resistance to it. As she feels the rippling effects of the power frequency the machine produces, a cascade of unlocked memories begin to emerge from it. The subliminal sounds begin to remind her of her of events from here childhood and time spent with her parents. This produces more thoughts as they begin to flood her mind and rush through her head, passing through at rapid speed. Gloria mentally, as commanded, pushes those thoughts towards the top of her forehead to what she perceives is the source of the rippling effect. Once the thoughts hit that ripple, a reaction happens and the power frequency becomes like a vacuum, pulling more and more thoughts to it. The sudden impact of it all cause her body to jolt around a bit and her eyes to roll back in her head, She is now completely unaware of anything outside the flood of thoughts, not even all the people still standing beside her.

Wellers explains the extrapolation process further, "All of her thoughts, as they rush through her head, are being forced towards the mutated brain cell transponders in her brain. Now that the computer has interpreted the correct radio frequency of those brain cells, it has taking over the process allowing the computer to interface with her brain. Since she is in the hypnotic trance and only knowing my instructions, she can now put 100% of her focus on her brain's ability to remember thoughts and then turn them over to the computers interface to be scanned and copied."

He continues to explain more to the crowd watching," In a time when man lived with out the technology we have in the modern today, a trait like that in a person would give them a great advantage over normal people. But, times have caught up with the Amazons and now that trait is their biggest weakness. Once subdued, see how easily we can obtain all the information that an Amazon could ever posses. This is one of the possible crisis that was foreseen when the inquiry into Wonder Woman begin under President Wiseman. Right now any secret that Gloria had and never told is being copied to a word document to be read by anyone that can get access to that file. It's actually how we even came to find out she was an Amazon. Though Wonder Slut's memories, we were able to piece things and events together and uncover the unknown facts about Gloria, facts that even Gloria, herself, didn't even know. Just imagine if one of our enemies found out this possibility before we did. What implication could it have caused? If the Amazons have been around as long as we are finding out, just imagine the vast knowledge that they have stored away and what it would mean to the ones that uncovered it. "

Sounds of astonishment came over the small crowd of officials as Wellers explained the importance of the events that need to take place to secure the continued future and protection of this great nation. The two scientists, while Wellers was explaining things to the crowd, continues to monitor Gloria's readings from the bio-patches and take notes from monitors governing the extrapolation process. Complying the numbers into a PDA, they then walk over towards Wellers and present him their findings. He announces them to the crowd, "It looks like all is proceeding as planned. The computer is steadily streaming her thoughts and copying them to the hard drive and all her vital sign are ok. It looks like the time it should take to finish is about two hours, based on the volume size of her brain's memories. She will need about 3 hours of restful sleep after the ordeal to allow her mind to recover and be refreshed for the next process, mind conversion. Let us meet back here in 6 hours to observe her go through the conversion." With that, everyone dismissed and left Gloria alone to the guise of the computer to finish copying her thoughts.

..Two & ½ hours Later..

One of the younger scientist walks back in the chambered room where Gloria is still sitting in the extrapolation chair. He reaches up to the switch on the side of the chair and turns it off. Her eyes recover to there more normal trance position and her body ceases the slight jolting motion it was doing. The scientist pronounces proudly, "Congratulation, slave you just gave us all the information that you have from your very own thoughts. Soon we will apply this same process on your sisters and cousins from the family you never knew you had." He continues, "We also have enough information about your past and your own consciousness that we now can bend and conform it to fit your new permanent identity. But we have some time before that is completely formulated. This will give your body and mind a chance for some rest from the ordeal it just went through and be ready before the next procedure."

The same as before with Wonder Woman, he then commands her, "It is now time for you to rest. I'm going to count backwards from 5 to 1, when I reach 1 you will be in a completely restful slumber, both body and mind. Nothing will awaken you from it except my voice. Do you understand?" "Yes, Master. I must rest, only your voice will awake me" she replies. "Excellent, 5..4..3..2..1.." When he hits "1" her eyes close and her head slumps over in the head rest of the chair. A slight inhaling and expulsion of breath can be heard as she softly snores in the wake of a blissful sleep. "I can't wait to do that to more of the Amazons like you. Your sleep makes me so aroused that I have to splash water on my self to cool down from watching such a gorgeous creature sleep so peaceful."

..Three hours Later..

The very excited scientist strolls back into the room where Gloria is sleeping. He removes all the bio-patches and electrodes and moves in front of her. Speaking to her to wake her up, he says, "Wake up my sleeping beauty; it's now time to move on to the next procedure." Hearing her master, she opens her eyes and raises her head to attention, still in the zombie-like trance. He continues, "Stand up and follow me back in to the lab." With that she is up and following behind him.

They move through the lab to a table where Wellers and the crowd of officials anticipatorily wait for her. On the table, there is the same forest green jet fighter pilot's helmet that was used on Wonder Woman. It still has all the features from before, the three antennas and a large dark visor that looks to fit completely over the wearer's eyesight.

When they reach the table, Wellers picks up the helmet and commands her, "You will again open you mind to its greatest capacity and not hinder the ability of the helmet to alter you conscious mind. You will feel the effect of the altering and reprogramming and you will not hinder its processing. You will do whatever is in you power to allow the effects to be successful in altering and reprogramming your conscious mind until you have been completely reprogrammed. Do you understand?" She again replies, "Yes, Master. I must allow the helmet to completely alter my mind." With that he pushes a button and a metallic cord drops from the ceiling. He then grabs the cord, plugs it into the receptacle on top of the helmet, places the helmet on her head, fastens it, makes sure the visor completely covers her eyesight and flips the switch on the side of it.

With the helmet now activated, the three antennas begin to buzz and pulsate. An unseen force grips Gloria as if electricity shot from her frontal brain lobe through her spine to her arms and legs. She now stands more erected in place. Inside her mind she begins to sense another type of rippling effect appear, similar to the one she felt earlier but with a different affect. Instead of the swirling vacuum, it is more like a dark thunder cloud with an ever-growing blanketing effect. As the cloud expands through her mind, she begins to feel the electrical effect as though switches were turning off and on in her brain. She begins to feel parts of her fade away and disappear as if it were erased. Thoughts and memories of names, places, people and events begin to alter or fade. The cloud's affect spreads more and more through out her mind and begins altered it as she beings to lose more of her self; image and identity. Unable to stop the process, because of the command to not resist, she embraces the advancement of the cloud as it begins to completely cover all of her mind. Soon, all of her mind will become absorbed by the affect, as she continues to show no resistance. Eventually the cloud will complete its task and begin to dissipate.

As the crowd watches and wonders in amazement, Wellers explains the procedure, "Similar to the previous procedure, the computer will again interface with Gloria's brain through the mutated brain cells, but this time with a different purpose. Once the interface has linked the two together, the computer will transmit the right frequency to make those brain cells become like a radio receiver. It will then broadcast certain electrical impulses, specifically tuned to certain brain wave patterns detected in the extrapolation process. Those wave patterns will begin to be altered in her mind, thus altering and erasing the thoughts attached to those brainwaves. When the "mind sweep" is through, her memories will no longer exist as they once did. 85-90% will be erased and the remainder will be altered to maintain certain control over the new memories that will be imprinted on the altered wave patterns."

He continues," Once that occurs, the computer will begin projecting the new improved thoughts and ideas directly into the subject's brain. Her mind will be like a blank sheet of paper and the new thoughts will be permanently written on that blank sheet. The person Gloria was will never exist again after both procedures are finished. The new Gloria will be a willing and submissive slave to serve this nation as we see fit."

Still continuing to explain, "As of now, she will be used as a tool to bring out the full sexual drive Wonder Woman has so long repressed. We are presently researching and testing Wonder Woman to find out as much as we can about the Amazon libido and the future implication it will have on reproduction. Once we have reached her full drive and have a better understanding on the fertilization period of Amazons, we will begin to try mating her with our best solider specimens to see if reproduction will occur. When we conqueror her people, we will imply the same to them as well."

While Wellers explained the plan to the officials, Gloria's mind becomes void of most of her thoughts and memories. Slowly it begins to clear and becomes like a big white screen. It has been completely whitewashed. The visor then comes to life and projects visions for her to see and register in her psyche. Slowly those visions become thoughts that roll by like pictures of a movie show. Similar to Wonder Woman, she begins to recognizes them and agree with them, making them her thoughts and accepting them as her own. "Yes, I have and always will belong to the government. I serve nothing else but the government. I do all that I can do for the government. I must obey the government officials that are in charge of me. I must serve the commander-in-chief to what ever purpose he desires. I am to aid and assist Wonder Woman to achieve her peak sexual drive and to help the researchers of the Department of Defense further understand the enhanced bio-logical functions that Amazons possess." These thoughts and many more begin to burn themselves permanently into her conscious mind, all the time forming her new identity and new purpose in life.

After about 30 minutes of it all, a green light began flashing on the side of the helmet. Wellers and the two scientists gleamed with joy at the sight of it. Wellers the reaches over, unplugs the helmet and takes it off. "Tell me who you are and what you're doing here," he asks of her as he puts down the helmet. With a completely blank stare and a monotone voice, she responds, "I am Item# 672JDF23TY7POI, property of this great nation and slave to the officials in charge of me. I am here to serve this great nation by complying with your orders and obeying your commands. "He adds to her comment, "Excellent, you will accept the nicknames, 'Whore" and "672' as your identification as well."

He then makes her bend over forwards, as he did to Wonder Woman, so that all her stringy black hair can hang to the floor, exposing the back of her neck. He pulls a branding device out of a shelf under the same table the helmet is on. He presses it at the small of her neck just below the hairline causing a burning flesh smell to fill the room. The numbers and letters she just chanted are now permanent branding on the back of her neck.

Wellers then speaks specifically to Gloria, "There, now you are official," he adds, "When I snap my fingers you will leave the trance you are now in and your new conscious mind will awaken and take over its new life." Hearing the snap of his fingers, her eye flutters wildly and she begins to stagger a bit. After a few seconds she looks at him, grins, and says, "I am here to obey you master, what is your command?"

He quips back at her, "Stand there and look beautiful, my slave, until I give you another command." He then turns to the entourage of officials and speaks, "Tonight you have witness the future of the Amazons and the future of this nation. One must fall so that the rest of us will live. Very soon we will have all the information we need to launch a full scale assault on "Paradise Island" and capture the Amazons to be processed in the same way you have seen tonight. I will kindly dismiss this meeting and let you good people go back and report to your superiors the progress we are making on this project."

Wellers then leads the group to the door and bids them a farewell. Afterwards, he walks over to the control panel board and presses the intercom button to speak with the receptionist, "Ms. Thomas, has Wonder Woman finish her testing for the night?" She answers back, "Yes, Master. She is waiting out here in the lobby. Do you want me to send her in?" He responds, "Yes, we are now ready for her to coming in. After you send her in, I want you to go up to my office and put on the outfit I got you yesterday from the lingerie store. Once you have put it on, I want you to watch the special DVD that I had made for you to see while you wait for me to come up there." She replies back, "Yes, Master. I will go to your office, put on the new lingerie, and watch the special DVD while I wait for you. I must obey." Wellers hangs up the phone and grins as he thinks to himself, "Ah, it feels good to be in this position. Thirty years of service to my country have paid off better than I ever could've known."