Superheroine Jeopardy 03  


Superheroine Jeopardy Part 03 Amazon Distress

Catwoman frightfully abuses the captive Wonder Woman, in hopes of enslaving the heroic Amazon superheroine. Synopsis: Catwoman defeated and captured Batgirl and Supergirl. She so totally terrorized the younger crimefighter, that Batgirl fell completely under her feline ascendancy. Batgirl's betrayal allowed Catwoman to capture Supergirl with Kryptonite. After prolonged and atrocious torture, Catwoman forced Supergirl to fight her friend, Wonder Woman. Though Wonder Woman defeated Supergirl, the fight took its toll of the intrepid Amazon. The wily Catwoman purloined Wonder Woman's Amazon Girdle, source of her amazing powers. Undeterred, Wonder Woman eagerly took on the villainess. Predictably, the conniving feline fought dirty, using every foul trick in the book, against the chivalrous Champion of Justice. Alas, horror of horrors! The evil Catwoman thoroughly trounced our gallant heroine, and made her captive.... Now!

Catwoman pointed to the disabled Supergirl, and ordered the submissive Batgirl. "All right, Battie! Get your little, yellow-haired playmate back in her kennel. I'll put this one away, myself!" Catwoman added smugly, indicating the doleful figure of Wonder Woman, still slumped helplessly against the wall.

Catwoman had set the Kryptonite emissions level from the slave collar so high, that poor Supergirl couldn't walk. Batgirl had to drag her back to her cell. After the savage beating by Catwoman, Wonder Woman didn't look in much better shape than Supergirl. Her right arm hung limply by her side, throbbing with pain. Both knees were bruised and swollen, where Catwoman had beaten them with her blackjack. It was agony to stand on them. Pain, and the shock of disastrous defeat, dimmed her eyes.

Catwoman took Wonder Woman's arm, and dragged the limping, dazed Amazon toward the cell, next to Supergirl's. Every step was torment for the beautiful Amazon Princess, yet her spirited pride wouldn't yield. She gritted her teeth, raised her head high and strode beside Catwoman, with regal grace. Only an occasional tremor of her big, shapely legs, or a sharp heave of her heroically opulent bosom, betrayed the vicious injuries, Catwoman's blackjack had inflicted.

Inside the cell, Catwoman released her grip, and Wonder Woman paid the price for her defiantly regal carriage. Her long, powerful legs trembled so hard, she nearly fell. Yet, her eyes blazed with stubborn pride, and she tossed her silken mane of ebony hair, haughtily.

Now that she had caged her, Catwoman critically examined her prize. Wonder Woman's face was classically perfect, large, aquiline nose, strong, stubborn chin, wide-spaced, storm-blue eyes, under thick, black, perfectly shaped eyebrows. Her mouth was large and wide with lush, pink lips, and when she spoke, straight, pearly white teeth were visible. Individually, each feature was overpoweringly strong, but so well matched, that together, they evoked a sweet, feminine delicacy. Holding that beautiful face, so imperiously high, her neck was long and slim, rising, with steely strength, from shoulders, broad enough for a truck driver.

Catwoman noted Wonder Woman's rich, creamy flesh was without blemish, but for the bruises she had inflicted herself. Despite the incredible muscle tone and development, Wonder Woman's complexion was as delicately fragile as a pale, peach blossom.

Wonder Woman's magnificent bosom rose and fell rapidly, and Catwoman admitted to herself. "Good God! Those jugs must be about 48, Double D! Geez, you'd think boobs that big and heavy would sag a little, but they bob around like helium balloons, at a parade! The bitch must have iron muscles to hold those monsters up, that high!"

Below the unbelievable boobs, Wonder Woman's flat, ridged abdomen rippled with each breath. Those magnificent, belly muscles tightened her waist to a breathtaking slimness, no whalebone corselet could ever achieve. Her long arms were femininely rounded, with the pronounced biceps of a weight lifter. Below the breathtaking waist, Wonder Woman's hips jutted out to bountiful, womanly fullness. Her legs were unbelievably long, and powerfully muscled, but despite the heavy muscles, they were gorgeously curved.

As she admired the spectacular beauty of her unfortunate, new acquisition, Catwoman gloated at the damage, she'd inflicted on the splendid body of the celebrated Champion of Justice. She spun her foe around to examine her from the rear. Wonder Woman resentfully resisted being pushed around by Catwoman, but she was too weak to prevent it. Her back was as strongly muscled, as the rest of her body. Tapering from exceptionally broad shoulders to breathtakingly slim waist, it exploded into buttocks, the size of creamy beach balls. They were cleanly bordered, by tight half-moon creases, that set them off from those fantastically curvy legs. The big muscles jammed them together so tightly, that the crevice between, was no more, than an enticing, shadowy line. They looked hard as rock, too. Grinning evilly, Catwoman poked Wonder Woman's behind, and found her guess to be more than true.

"How dare you?" Wonder Woman cried out, in regal vexation, at such crude disrespect to her person.

"Because I own you, now, you stupid slut! That's how I dare!" Catwoman snickered. She took off her remaining deadly glove and, to emphasize her point, slapped Wonder Woman's big, amazonian butt cheek, with it.

Wonder Woman tried to wheel around indignantly, but Catwoman squeezed her swollen, right elbow in the same spot, her blackjack struck earlier. Wonder Woman screamed, and froze where she was.

"That's my good pet!" Catwoman purred, and patted the amazon's enticing derriere, with insulting license. Seething in impotent fury, Wonder Woman clenched her teeth, and endured Catwoman's insulting physical affront.

"Geeze! She must be about 48-21-46, and so tall and erect! She's incredible! Oh, I can't wait for this arrogant musclebound bitch to crawl on her belly for me!" Catwoman thrilled eagerly, as she offensively patted Wonder Woman's magnificent croup. "Kneel down and worship me, Slave!" She cried arrogantly. With a cavalier toss of raven tresses, Wonder Woman turned her proudly erect head, and replied disdainfully over her shoulder. "That will be the day, when an Amazon Princess bows down to an evil, petty criminal!"

"I may be evil," Catwoman snapped, "but I'm certainly not petty, you sanctimonious cow!" Catwoman knew she could knock the disdainful crimefighter to the floor, and beat her into unconsciousness, but she wanted more. She wanted to see fear and deference, in those insolent, blue eyes. She thought of Wonder Woman's Magic Lasso. Perhaps that was the key to rapidly break Royal Amazonian self-esteem.

Catwoman darted off, not even bothering to close the cell. Wonder Woman saw her chance, and started toward the cell door, but her overtaxed legs betrayed her. She slumped to her knees. By the time she gathered her strength for another try, Catwoman was back. From behind her back, the vicious feline whipped out Wonder Woman's own Magic Lasso. When Catwoman twirled the lasso, Wonder Woman tried to dodge, but Catwoman tangled it around her long, swanlike neck and throat.

"Now, Wonder Woman! Kneel and obey me!" Catwoman commanded the taller woman.

For a moment, Wonder Woman appeared dazed. Her deep blue eyes grew glassy, and she swayed slightly. Then with a conscious effort of will, she stiffened her body. Her classic features set in concentration, as though under tremendous pressure. "N-no!" She said, through clenched teeth. Her voice was strained and hesitant, but her aching knees did not bend. Then, more confidently, she challenged Catwoman. "No I won't! My Amazon Lasso only commands obedience, if the user's will is stronger. Your will, will never be stronger then mine!"

As though struggling against a tremendous weight, Wonder Woman laboriously, but steadily raised her left arm and grasped the looped, golden cord around her neck. Then she slowly and deliberately removed the lasso from her neck. Catwoman suddenly staggered, as if struck by an invisible blow. Wonder Woman tugged, and pulled the Lasso from Catwoman's trembling hand. With a seemingly careless, one-handed toss, she looped the shining, gold cord around the trembling Catwoman.

"Now! You shall obey me!" Wonder Woman said, with stern authority.

Catwoman's body stiffened. Her face went expressionless. Her eyes stared blankly. Her arms fell limply to her sides. In a dull monotone, she murmured. "I will.... I will...I ahhh! Oh it's so strong! Can't fight it!" Catwoman began to tremble. Under her cowl, perspiration beaded her forehead.

Wonder Woman's body tensed again in concentration. Though both women were virtually motionless, it was obvious, that a tremendous struggle was going on. The tension in the small cell was almost visible.

"Damn you, Amazon bitch! I'll never obey you!" Catwoman snarled. She almost seemed to be weeping. Tears filled her green eyes. Gradually, her body grew as tense as Wonder Woman's own. Then, struggling and sobbing aloud, Catwoman slowly raised both hands, until she grasped the golden cord around her neck. She struggled with it, as though it was a living thing. She tugged and strained, until at last, with a loud scream, she tore it from her body.

It was Wonder Woman's turn to stagger backward, as though struck by an invisible force. The Magic Lasso dangled uselessly from her hand, then fell to the floor, as though her hand had lost the strength, to even lift it. Her imperious bosom heaved spectacularly, as though she had failed at some herculean labor. Wonder Woman gazed at Catwoman in amazement, a look of horrified astonishment on her beautiful face. Catwoman's face was pale, and she still wept silently, but her green, cat's eyes glittered in triumph.

"Round Two appears to be a draw, Amazon!" Catwoman's voice was husky in the aftermath of the titanic struggle.

"Yes! You are of stronger will, than I thought possible!" Wonder Woman replied. For a moment, the generous Amazon's candid, blue eyes betrayed admiration for a worthy foe.

"Yes, I am far stronger than you would ever believe!" Catwoman crowed. "As you will learn!" Catwoman was rapidly regaining her composure. She wiped the tears from her eyes.

"We could be friends, you know!" Wonder Woman declared earnestly. "With such strong will, you could do much good in the world, and undo much of the evil, that you have done. I could help you!"

Catwoman laughed sarcastically. "You'll help me best, when you crawl to me like the dog-bitch you are, like your two friends, Supergirl and Batgirl! I'll admit, you should be the best one, yet! Far superior to those two weaklings!"

"You're a sick woman, Catwoman! You need help, please let me help you find it?" Wonder Woman beseeched, imploringly.

"Why don't you help me, by kneeling down and kissing my ass, you sanctimonious Amazon cow!" Catwoman snarled, losing patience with her stiff-necked prisoner .

"I shall never do that! It would be wrong!" Wonder Woman replied earnestly. Then, she added, with a proud toss of her head. "You have bested me physically, but no one will ever enslave a Princess of the Amazons!"

Catwoman picked up the Magic Lasso, from the floor, where Wonder Woman dropped it. She rapidly looped it around her hand, leaving several feet dangling free. She snapped it like a whip. She liked the feel of it. Wonder Woman nervously backed away.

"Well, if this doesn't work one way, it may work another!" Catwoman purred. She viciously sliced the Lasso across Wonder Woman's exquisite face.

Though gossamer thin, and almost weightless when handled, if used as a weapon, the Lasso struck with the power and weight of a cattle drover's bullwhip. The lash left a vicious welt across Wonder Woman's beautiful cheek, and the impact sent her staggering backward. Aghast, her hand flew to her cheek.

"How delicious!" Catwoman laughed in delight, at her spidery, new toy's dreadful effectiveness. She slashed Wonder Woman's naked bust. Wonder Woman shrieked, as her own treacherous Lasso burned a fiery welt, across the expansive, ripe-fruited opulence, of her amazingly buoyant bosom. The blow spun the Amazon in a half circle, and knocked her off her feet. She fell face down on her hands and knees. The impact caused atrocious pain to her wounded knees. Catwoman eagerly struck her across her huge, impudently upthrust behind. Wonder Woman shrieked again.

The pain was atrocious. The pain and her inability to escape from it, drove Wonder Woman into a frenzy. She was naked and totally vulnerable, and for the first time in her life, she was really scared. Without logical thought, she despairingly tried to escape, by crawling away from her tormentor, on her hands and knees. Catwoman followed, easily keeping up with Wonder Woman's painful progress. With every step, Catwoman would slash Wonder Woman's big gleaming behind. Every lash left another burning weal, on that opulent flesh. Catwoman was rapidly stripping Wonder Woman of her proud, amazonian self-control, and the unfortunate crimefighter howled dreadfully, at each kiss of the lash.

As Wonder Woman neared the cell door, Catwoman dropped the Lasso, and caught the fleeing Amazon, by her by her thick, glossy, ink-black hair. Catwoman jerked Wonder Woman upright. She kneed the tight, shadowy crevice between those lushly rounded bottom cheeks, obscenely grating her sharp knee against the heroine's forbidden, nether region. Wonder Woman screamed in horrified outrage. Her body jerked desperately away, and she fell on her face. Catwoman bounced painfully down on top of her. Wonder Woman moaned at the jarring impact, of Catwoman's body.

Once on top of her, Catwoman played with Wonder Woman's magnificent body, as if she was no more than a big, beautiful, Barbie Doll. She reached under Wonder Woman's captive body, and immodestly fondled her raven-thatched, pubic mound. Her long fingers audaciously invaded the firm labia, burrowing right into Wonder Woman's pussy. She brazenly tickled Wonder Woman's clitoris. With her other hand, she crushed an exquisite, pink-tipped breast, squeezing and pinching the enormous globe.

The imperious, Amazon Princess realized, with a pang of horror, that the hateful villainess owned her beautiful body, now. She cried bitterly in shame, still vowing that Catwoman would never own her soul, as well. Against her will, the subjugated superheroine's tyrannized body responded to Catwoman's assault. She erupted in a hateful climax, directed by the iron will of the she-devil on her back. Now, Wonder Woman did dread that her very soul was in thrall to this cruel persecutor.

Catwoman rose from the quivering body of the imperious Amazon Princess, now humbled so absolutely. She contemptuously turned her over on her back, with the toe of her boot. She looked down, smirking triumphantly, and sneered.

"Pretty soon, you'll beg me to do that to you, Wonder Slut!" Catwoman boasted.

Tears ran down Wonder Woman's ravaged face. Horror and despair dimmed her dark blue eyes. What had this she-hyena done to her? She never felt so helpless in her life. Catwoman had stripped her, of her stubborn, self-confident pride in her strength and self-control, as easily as she'd stripped away her colorful uniform.

"You've had your fun! It's my turn, now!" Catwoman smirked. Wonder Woman looked at her blankly for a moment, and Catwoman patted her crotch. Wonder Woman began to understand. She stiffened in horror. Did this evil villainess believe an Amazon would service her, sexually? How dare she?

"Go to hades!" Wonder Woman spat out, forgetting agony, shame and fear. "I'm a Princess of Paradise Island!"

Catwoman's green, feline eyes blazed furiously. "Don't you ever dare talk back to me! You're my slave! Nothing but a worthless little slut, like Supergirl and Batgirl. You'll do whatever I want you to. Pretty soon, I won't even have to tell you! You'll learn to anticipate my whims!" She shouted furiously.

Furious at Wonder Woman's defiance, Catwoman grasped the crouching heroine under the arms, and dragged her to her feet. She shoved the bigger woman against the wall, her limp body needing a prop. Then, without warning, Catwoman attacked the defenseless Defender of Decency, unmercifully. She sank her hard fists into Wonder Woman's firm, rubbery white flesh. It was so much more fun, to batter that gorgeous body, with her bare fists. Her deadly gloves had their place, in the serious business of winning the fight, but now she could sadistically enjoy her triumph.

Wonder Woman moaned pitifully, as Catwoman's brutal blows rammed into her helpless body. Catwoman carefully aimed her punches at Wonder Woman's most sensitive and intimate spots, concentrating primarily on her nipples and her naked, pubic mound. Nearly disabled by grievous injuries, Wonder Woman dodged and parried as best she could. It wasn't good enough! Catwoman easily dominated her amazonian body, with small, skillful fists.

Unable to defend herself, Wonder Woman began to sob in frustration. Catwoman opened her fists, and methodically slapped Wonder Woman's face back and forth, with vicious contempt. Finally, Wonder Woman sank to her knees, giddy from Catwoman's attack. Catwoman just kept on relentlessly slapping the heroine.

After appalling defeat, brutalized by more barbarous beatings and brutish rape, even an Amazon Princess nears the end of her endurance. Defeat filled her with shame, and victimization crushed Wonder Woman's self-esteem. Unable to escape or retaliate, the torment became unendurable, until at last, the gallant Amazon could stand no more. Wonder Woman gave way to panicky despair. Her bruised lips parted in anguish.

"Pleaseeee! For the love of Athena! Sstopppp! Selena, pleeeassee!" Wonder Woman wailed hysterically. "Pl-please stop hitting m-me!"

"What will you do, if I stop, Wonder Bitch?" Catwoman purred, raising her leather skirt above her waist.

Her pitiful, shuddering sobs subsided, as Wonder Woman despairingly gazed at Catwoman's naked genitalia. Her horror and revulsion mounted, but she shamefully surrendered, sobbing brokenly. "Whatever you say, Selena!"

With a sob of resignation, Wonder Woman thrust out her little, pink tongue. Her bruised lips warily touched Catwoman's labia. In disgust, she gingerly tasted the love juices dripping from Catwoman's excited pussy. Hating herself, for surrendering to this cruelest of mistresses, Wonder Woman zealously kissed those thick, pouting lips. Her intimidated tongue sought Catwoman's clitoris, and paid it servile homage. She wanted to die of shame! It seemed forever, before Catwoman reached her sadistic climax, and let Wonder Woman collapse in shuddering self- disgust.

Catwoman looked down at the hapless heroine and chuckled. "Why you have the makings of a very talented little pussy licker! Supergirl never seems to get the hang of it. I suppose, it's to be expected, since you're an Amazon!" At another time and place, Wonder Woman would have reacted indignantly, to the sexist aspersion, that all Amazons were of Sapphic bent. Strutting in satisfaction, both professional and sexual, Catwoman carefully locked the cell behind her, leaving the defeated heroine alone for the rest of the night. Lying on the wretched pallet, Wonder Woman remembered, who and what she was, and bit back her forlorn, despondent tears. She could hear Supergirl's painful, hacking cough, from the cell next-door. The dauntless Maid of Might was slowly wasting away from Kryptonite poisoning.

"Oh, if only I had been able to rescue her!" Wonder Woman lamented, blaming her own tragic failure, for Supergirl's continued exposure to the deadly Kryptonite. Finally, her exhausted, pain-ridden body drifted off to sleep. Sometime, in the wee hours, she woke with a start, remembering where she was, and what Catwoman did to her. She couldn't contain her grief any longer. She began to sob hopelessly, like a little girl, alone at night, after a cruel bully has hounded and harassed her all day.

As dawn broke, the proud Amazon Princess sternly restored her austere control over her emotions. She resolved never to give in to despair, again. She set her firm chin defiantly, and clenched her fists. She rose from the pallet, almost falling, when she put her full weight on her legs. Catwoman's blackjack had terribly battered and swollen her knees. She ached all over, but she smiled grimly, at the pain. "That feline bitch will pay for what she did, the next time, she comes near me!" Wonder Woman vowed, ardently. "So help me, Hera and Athena!"

The rededicated Amazon heroine began a series of limbering exercises, preparing to take advantage of any opportunity that might arise. Her face twisted in a grimace of pain, but she stoically ignored the pain. Gradually, she began to loose some of the stiffness. She could barely move her right arm though. She feared Catwoman might have broken one or more bones.

It was relatively late in the morning, when Catwoman's face appeared at Wonder Woman's cell door. The sybaritic, feline villainess was not an early riser. Catwoman had just breakfasted, and wasn't yet dressed, for a day of crime. She only wore a short nightie and equally short silk robe. Catwoman was rested and refreshed, and smiling with catlike smugness.

"How is my sweet, little, Amazon Superheroine, this morning?" Catwoman purred, as she unlocked the cell door.

Catwoman scarcely opened the door, when Wonder Woman was on her. The heroine's left hand closed on Catwoman's throat, and she slammed the villainess back against the wall. She immediately drove her knee up at Catwoman's crotch. Catwoman twisted like a cat, and Wonder Woman's knee glanced off her skinny hip. Catwoman gasped in pain, but Wonder Woman hadn't done any serious harm. Wonder Woman reached for Catwoman's throat, with her left hand, but the crafty fiend seized her wrist, in both hands. Catwoman flung herself backward, and planted her foot in Wonder Woman's belly. Leaning forward , off balance, the feline maneuver hurled Wonder Woman head over heels. Flipped completely lengthwise, she landed with a bone-jarring jolt on her back. As she scrambled to get up, Catwoman was already standing over her.

Wonder Woman raised her left arm to ward off the next attack. Catwoman 's heel smashed down on her face. Blood spurted from her aquiline nose. Catwoman leaned over, seized her raven hair, and dragged Wonder Woman across the uneven floor jolting her injured back. Then she reversed momentum, and forced Wonder Woman to sit up. Wonder Woman screeched, as Catwoman hauled her to her feet. She struggled to twist around to rend Catwoman's body.

Catwoman released Wonder Woman's hair, letting the injured crimefighter spin furiously around. Catwoman was waiting for her. Her hard fists hit Wonder Woman in the face, a left to her bloody nose and a right to the jaw. Gurgling in pain, Wonder Woman saw stars, and went down on one knee. Her enormous bosom quivered with unappeased rage. Looking down at her foe, Catwoman was met by fiercely blazing, blue eyes.

"You want more you dumb bitch? O. K.!" Catwoman snarled, and kicked Wonder Woman in the belly.

Wonder Woman grunted in anguish, but rose to her feet, and struck Catwoman with her mighty left arm. Catwoman was still off balance, from the kick, and went flying. She landed on her behind. Wonder Woman sped after her. From her doubled over position, Catwoman launched herself, as though from a catapult, headfirst into Wonder Woman's solar plexus, emptying her lungs in a whoosh of distress.

Wonder Woman's face blanched. This second assault against her bruised abdomen, in scarcely more seconds, devastated our heroine. Her belly was normally firm and resilient, as vulcanized rubber. That was yesterday, before Catwoman beat her so disastrously. Today, to her anguish, Wonder Woman found her belly was still vulnerable as unbaked dough. She desperately clutched her belly, to ease the roaring inferno that erupted in her innards.

Catwoman stepped back to admire her handiwork. Even though her knees nearly buckled, long habit, still thrust Wonder Woman's enormous bosom, proudly high on her brawny chest. In her intense struggle for breath, those magnificent melons bobbed wildly, accenting their delightful, full-fruited beauty.

Catwoman wasn't one to forget Wonder Woman knocked her on her butt, moments earlier. She would pay back that indignity tenfold. Now, she licked her lips, sadistically, and laughed venomously, anticipating retribution. She cocked her fists threateningly.

Wonder Woman swallowed nervously at the threat in Catwoman's cruel laugh. Then, Catwoman came after the Amazon maiden with a vengeance. Her first punch bounced Wonder Woman's magnificent right breast, as though it were a volley ball. As Wonder Woman's mouth twitched, to swallow a cry, the next blow drove, wrist-deep, into her taut muscled belly.

Even without her weighted gloves, Catwoman's swift, feline fists struck with deadly power. Small, hard fists hammered Wonder Woman's middle, especially targeting her firm, round, little bellybutton. Wonder Woman' did her best to ward off Catwoman's punches, but one of her muscular arms was already disabled, and Catwoman brushed the other aside, with ease. Her power punches exploded in Wonder Woman's middle, like grenades.

Wonder Woman's tightly-muscled belly, clenched and unclenched, in gasping spasms. Her delectable, feminine shapeliness belied the robust proportions of her physique. It was a physique that could absorb frightful punishment, but it was only human flesh. Finally, Wonder Woman's long, heroically fashioned legs trembled uncontrollably, and nearly buckled at the knees. She swayed unsteadily, and her heroically fashioned body folded at the waist, in silent agony. "Come, Pet! We're not done yet!" Catwoman snickered.

Only, her Amazon Pride kept Wonder Woman on her feet. Her sadistic feline foe saw the sick agony in those big, blue eyes, and knew Wonder Woman was at her mercy again. Wanting to prolong this amusing game, she unclenched her fists, and slapped Wonder Woman's bosom, with her open hand. The huge, creamy melons, with their delicate nipples, were a vulnerable target, and Wonder Woman could no longer protect them. It was terribly galling to Amazon pride, that Catwoman could slap her fabulous bosom, with impunity. Although the slaps weren't terribly hard, Wonder Woman leaned against the wall, mewling helplessly.

When Batgirl heard the fight, she was irresistibly drawn to it. She crept up to the cell, and surreptitiously watched the unequal struggle. She watched Wonder Woman's enormous titties jiggle around her chest, without losing their firm, taut contours. She drank in the agonizing fear, in Wonder Woman's usually serenely composed face. She always idolized the invincible Wonder Woman. Yet, it was a guilty, forbidden thrill, to see the mighty Amazon, scared and helpless. Wonder Woman high-pitched wail of distress intoxicated the fickle-hearted redhead.

Batgirl avidly watched the Amazon Princess shuffle doggedly after her tormenter, only to have Catwoman slap her across the face, one more time. The demeaning slap incensed Wonder Woman, and she swung at Catwoman with a wild roundhouse punch. Catwoman dodged easily, and slapped Wonder Woman again. Wonder Woman tried desperately to hit the wily criminal, but she had lost all her amazing coordination and grace. Her blows went wild. She staggered on rubbery legs, panting and sobbing in frustration.

Catwoman stayed just out of reach, darting forward, to slap Wonder Woman at will. Finally Wonder Woman summoned all her remaining strength, aimed her left fist carefully, and hit Catwoman square on the nose. Startled, Catwoman took a step backward. The blow stung, but Wonder Woman was hurt too badly, to do serious damage.

"Oh, so you have a little fight left in you? Well, I can fix that!" Catwoman hissed. She kicked hard, catching the Amazon in the crotch. Her toe was bare, but even so, it hurt incredibly. Catwoman angrily clenched her fists, again, and knocked the enfeebled superheroine all around the cell. Wonder Woman finally buried her face in her hands, and turning away from her tormentor, hugged her breasts, protectively.

Catwoman pulled Wonder Woman's hands away from her face and chortled. "Come, come, my little ostrich! Take your head out of the sand, and take your medicine!"

Holding Wonder Woman's left wrist, Catwoman smashed a right uppercut to her chin. The big Amazon staggered backward a step or two, and then flopped over backward. Lying at Catwoman's feet, her great ivory-hued legs writhed, as she tried to get up. It was no use, there was just no strength left in her phenomenal body.

For a few moments, Catwoman stood over the superheroine's admirably formed figure, crouched servilely at her feet. She savored the complete annihilation of the hated Champion of Justice. Then, she strode to the cell door. Batgirl drew fearfully away from the door. Catwoman glanced at her knowingly, but otherwise ignored her. Just outside the door was Catwoman's rack of torture implements. She selected a huge, fifteen- inch, rubber dildo. It was at least three inches thick, with an even thicker wooden knob, at the end. Catwoman deftly strapped the monstrous phallus around her loins, and strode back to the awkwardly sprawled superheroine.

The gallant Amazon Champion had struggled to her hands and knees, but that was as far as she got. Her strong beautiful legs, so strongly muscled, trembled urgently, but just couldn't raise her body. As she struggled, her big, round buttocks gleamed like old ivory.

Batgirl crept back to the door. She wondered, with a thrill of guilty excitement, what the cruel Catwoman was going to do with that terrifying looking dildo? Batgirl's eyes gleamed with mixed emotions, half pity and half pleasure, as she anticipated the further humiliation of her would-be rescuer. Longtime awe and admiration, for the poised, sophisticated Amazon Princess was fast turning to contempt. Even as a little girl, Barbara admired strength and success, and hated failure. Now, seeing Wonder Woman, a beaten wreck, at Catwoman's mercy, she felt the older heroine had, somehow, betrayed her trust.

"Wonder Woman's always so high and mighty, and patronizing!" Batgirl thought, disparagingly. "Look at her now, naked, and whimpering like a sick, little puppy dog! Some superheroine! Maybe, the snooty slut deserves it! You've got to hand it to Catwoman; nobody else could do that to Wonder Woman!"

"Oh my god! I'd hate to have that horrible dildo thing shoved up my little puss!" Batgirl thought, with a pang of guilty excitement, as she looked almost admiringly at Catwoman. Then, she had a mental picture of herself, wearing that brutal weapon, and using it on Supergirl, or even Wonder Woman, herself. She thrilled at the thought. Maybe Catwoman would let her punish the two superheroines, one day. After all, Catwoman seemed to encourage her sexual consolation of Supergirl. Sometimes, when she made love, to the helpless Supergirl, Supergirl acted as though it was punishment. "Ungrateful little witch!" Batgirl thought.

Batgirl's disloyalty to her friend, somehow, added to her excitement. She licked her lips, as Catwoman pounced on her helpless prey. Catwoman fitted her body to the voluptuous, nude curves of the bigger woman. She fumbled with the dildo's knob, until it was precisely positioned against Wonder Woman's anus. At the appalling threat to that forbidden passage, the fearless, Amazon maiden looked around, in frightful disbelief.

"No! Get away from me! Get away from me!" Wonder Woman screeched, in wild terror of the huge knob threatening her maidenly modesty.

"Holy Back Door!" Batgirl realized. "She's going to stick it up Wonder Woman's heiny!" Her own little sphincter contracted in a chill of fear. Her hands flew to her mouth, aghast. "That thing will never fit! She's too small, there!" Though horrified, Batgirl couldn't repress a nervous giggle, behind the hands covering her mouth.

Batgirl's doubts were misplaced, though. Catwoman lunged, and the evil, ugly tool began to penetrate. Wonder Woman shrieked and bucked, trying to dislodge the terrible incubus from her back, but Catwoman skillfully mastered her struggling victim. She lunged against Wonder Woman's big, straining buttocks, again and again. On the fourth try, she buried the knob in Wonder Woman's desperately wriggling behind. Once impaled, Wonder Woman couldn't possibly escape. Each succeeding lunge, drove the giant, artificial organ, deeper inside her. Wonder Woman screamed, over and over, in mindless hysteria. She'd never imagined such pain existed. She felt like that terrible rod was ripping her entire body in two.

The further the dildo penetrated, the happier it made Catwoman. She shouted. "Keep howling like a she-dog getting fucked, Bitch! Because that's what you are!"

Batgirl watched and listened in astonishment. She never imagined anything like this, before. She grinned shamefacedly. Wonder Woman did look like a beautiful, thoroughbred bitch being taken in heat.

"Oh the poor Darling! It must be awful. Worse then getting an enema when you're a little girl!" Batgirl sympathized, but her sympathy mixed with other emotions. "How can she be such a pitiful loser, though? She's bigger and stronger than Catwoman. Even that Amazon Belt didn't do her any good! Catwoman just took it away from her, and then beat the crap out of her! And now she's letting Catwoman screw her up the behind!" Batgirl thought in disgust, blaming Wonder Woman for lacking the strength, to protect herself from Catwoman's vile abuse.

Catwoman reached underneath her wretched victim. She fingered Wonder Woman's genitalia, and manipulated her sexual organs. In a short time, Wonder Woman, enduring the greatest horror of her life, realized her abused body was responding to Catwoman's feline domination, again. How could her body betray her, so?

Wonder Woman reached a climax, in a fury of self-hatred. As soon as Catwoman felt her victim's body shuddering in sexual release, she stood up, and with one hard wrench, ripped the dildo out, of Wonder Woman's quivering backside. Wonder Woman let out a piercing scream of utter agony, and despair. She collapsed flat on the floor. When she managed to gingerly move her body a few moments later, she looked over her shoulder, up at Catwoman's face. She read her immediate fate in those implacable features.

"You're not finished yet, Doggy-girl! You've had your fun! Now, it's my turn!" Catwoman sneered.

Catwoman grabbed two handfuls of raven curls, and dragged Wonder Woman's pale, tormented face toward her. She thrust out her pelvis to meet Wonder Woman's mouth. After the terrible, anal rape, there was no fight left in the Amazon Champion, and she meekly did Catwoman's bidding, sucking and slobbering at Catwoman's pussy with feverish intensity.

"What a good, little Amazon!" Catwoman purred. "You knew exactly what I wanted and did it without being told. You'll make an obedient, well- trained slave, very quickly!"

When Wonder Woman finally satisfied her insatiable, feline Mistress, Catwoman ordered Batgirl to groom her. Batgirl led the unresisting Amazon into the bathroom, and gently, but firmly, pushed her into the shower. Naked herself, Batgirl slipped into the shower with her. There was barely room for one person, and Wonder Woman couldn't move with out coming into contact with the younger woman. The proximity made her uncomfortable. Batgirl picked up soap and washcloth, and enthusiastically washed Wonder Woman's nude body. At first the hot water on her body was a relief, but as Batgirl's busy fingers became ever more intrusive, Wonder Woman became ever more ill at ease.

"Please Barbara!" Wonder Woman sighed, in embarrassment. "Don't put your hands there!"

Batgirl giggled at Wonder Woman's distress. "Oh Diana! Don't be such a baby! You're an Amazon; you must have showered with other girls before." As she said it, the avid redhead hefted Wonder Woman's aching, bruised right breast.

"Wow! That weighs a ton! You certainly do have big boobs!" Batgirl chortled admiringly. She pinched the huge, up tilting globe, and added. "They're real too! Boy! That is some rack!" Batgirl tweaked a delicate nipple, until it stiffened in reaction. "Holy Milk Ducts! Your teats are as big as my pinkies!" Batgirl observed, as she toyed with Wonder Woman's delectable bosom.

"Barbara, stop that! I asked you not to touch me. I mean it!" Wonder Woman demanded, more firmly.

In response, Batgirl closed her fingers on the nipple, she was toying with, and pinched it as hard as she could. Wonder Woman squealed loudly. She grabbed Batgirl's wrist, and tried to tear her hand away from her bosom. She couldn't even do that.

"Please, let go! I never thought you were so nasty, Barbara!" Wonder Woman sniffed unhappily.

Batgirl let go of Wonder Woman's beautiful breast, and snickered, sounding distressingly like Catwoman. "Gee, Your Royal Highness! I'm sorry I offended you! It's time to wash the rest of you, now!" So saying, Batgirl plunged her hands between Wonder Woman's legs, and brazenly thrust the bar of soap inside her defenseless pussy.

"You nasty Bitch!" Wonder Woman squawked! Her pussy was already terribly sore, from Catwoman's claws, and the soap burned the sensitive, internal membranes.

"Gee Whiz, Diana! What's the matter? Don't you ever wash yourself, there?" Batgirl snickered.

Wonder Woman hung her head in embarrassment, thinking. "Catwoman is turning the nasty little bitch, into a clone of herself."

Just then, Catwoman yelled. "Don't take all day in there!" Batgirl jumped nervously, and rapidly rinsed Wonder Woman's privates. She pulled Wonder Woman, from the shower, taking a moment to slap her on the behind. Wonder Woman's magnificent derriere was still laced with welts from her own Magic Lasso, and she yelped in shock.

I forgot to mention, you've got a big butt, too, Sweetheart!" Batgirl added nastily. She quickly toweled dry, both herself, and the shamed crimefighter. Then she sat Wonder Woman down, and brushed her raven hair, until it gleamed like a raven's wing. As Batgirl finished, the brushing, Catwoman came in and handed Wonder Woman, the clothes she would be allowed to wear in feline captivity. The brief garments were no more than a pair of pink-lace panties, several sizes too small for the broad-hipped Amazon, and a matching pink bow, for her flowing raven curls.

Wonder Woman looked like a huge version of a little girl's doll. The only incongruity being her huge ivory and pink breasts thrusting boldly up from her chest. Catwoman had so badly crushed her pride, that the imperious Amazon Princess accepted the ridiculous outfit, apathetically. This was just the latest in a carefully orchestrated regime of punishment and humiliation, intended to break the Gallant Amazon's spirit, and reduce her to abject slavery.

Can anyone, truly enslave an Amazon Princess? Will Catwoman, indeed break our gallant heroine's spirit? Is there no escape, from the ferocious feline, for our three hapless crimefighters?

To be continued in: "Superheroine Jeopardy. Part 4. Amazon Submission." Same Cat Channel! Same Cat Time!

Superheroine Jeopardy part 3