Superheroine Jeopardy 06  


Superheroine Jeopardy Part 06 Mating a Queen

Catwoman defeated and captured Batgirl and Supergirl. She so totally terrorized the younger crimefighter, that Batgirl fell completely under her feline ascendancy, and gradually fell into evil ways, herself. Batgirl aided Catwoman to capture Supergirl and then Wonder Woman. Catwoman rewarded her new protegee, with the title of Catgirl. Catwoman beat and tormented her two captives, unmercifully, until she so completely broke their spirit, that now, even the despicable Catgirl may abuse them, with impunity. Leaning of her daughter, Wonder Woman's enslavement, Queen Hippolyta came from Paradise Island to free the captives. Alas, the noble Queen, herself, fell before Catwoman's savagery, and is now, too, a helpless captive.

"Bring the old cow, in here!" Catwoman ordered Supergirl, and you make sure you keep that camera rolling, Catgirl. The "old cow" Catwoman referred to was indeed, the gloriously beautiful Queen Hippolyta. The Queen's mighty figure, though austerely powerful in physique, was curved in a delightfully feminine manner, and she looked scarcely older than her beautiful daughter.

As Supergirl gently supported and led Queen Hippolyta into the room, she whispered. "Oh, I'm so sorry, Your Highness. I hate helping that awful bitch, but I have no choice. "

Hippolyta patted Supergirl's hand. "I know, My Dear! We're all in the same boat, here. We must do our best, and pray for a chance to turn the tables on her!"

In the center of the room, Catwoman had had Catgirl previously set up an "X" shaped frame. There were shackles at the end of each of the four extensions. Supergirl chained Hippolyta to the frame. The frame crossbars were long enough, so that even the exceptionally tall, Amazon Queen's beautiful, nude body was stretched painfully by the bondage. At the center of the "X" was a cross piece that thrust the Queen's genitalia into especial prominence. Hippolyta felt her heart beating faster in apprehension, but she smiled serenely at her weeping daughter, Wonder Woman, and then at Supergirl, to reassure them.

Catwoman led in a shaggy burro. "Well, my dear Queen, I know you've spent all those years without any male companionship on Paradise Island. I thought you must be a little lonely, by now, so I've arranged a blind date for you! This is Pedro! I found him in Tijuana. I'm told he's very adept at pleasing the ladies!"

Hippolyta glanced nervously at the shaggy, dirty animal. "Surely," She thought. "even this vicious, depraved wretch wouldn't..... not to another woman.... would she?" She wet her lips, nervously. Pedro's large, pink tongue lolled from his mouth. Catwoman led the animal closer. Pedro stuck his head close to the captive Queen. The creature nibbled at her enormous breasts, like a horse searching for sugar cubes. Instead Pedro found nugget-sized nipples. The animal's lips tickled her sensitive breasts. The stimulation, combined with the ghastly threat, caused Hippolyta's nipples to stiffen in alarm. She had a near uncontrollable urge to shriek, but she set her lips in a firm line.

"He likes them!" Catwoman purred. "Pedro's never seen such big tits before!" Hippolyta trembled anxiously. Pedro pushed his head and long muzzle against Hippolyta's flat-muscled belly, and rubbed against her. His nostrils snuffling against her regal pussy. A look of horror crossed Hippolyta's snapping, black eyes, but she rapidly regained her composure.

"Must keep up my courage for Diana's sake!" The courageous Queen thought. "Oh Dear Hera, though, this creature makes me nervous! Hera, help me face, whatever comes, with dignity and composure!" She prayed earnestly.

Although, Pedro seemed attracted to the Queen, Catwoman saw no signs of sexual arousal in the beast. She recognized the cause of the problem. The burro had been taught from colt-hood to respond to the genital aroma of human females. That had never been a problem with the depraved playmates previously supplied to him. The fastidious Queen Hippolyta was, of course, disgusted and horrified, instead.

"Oh Wonder Woman, I notice your royal mother is not used to sexual pleasure, and isn't ready for her new consort. She's never enjoyed the favors of a stud like Pedro before, and you know how skittish virgins are?" Catwoman chortled.

Wonder Woman looked at her cruel oppressor blankly. "Dear Athena, she can't, no not that! She can't!" Wonder Woman was already heartsick, at thought of the burro bestially violating her mother, but that was just a physical horror. What Catwoman now proposed, was so abominable, that it could mentally and spiritually destroy both her mother and herself.

"Ah, the bridesmaid is as shy, as the Bride! Isn't that adorable?" Catwoman purred, nastily. "Kneel by your mothers thighs, Dear! Perhaps, your solicitous attendance may help alleviate your Mother's maidenly modesty?"

"Oh, dear Athena! She does mean for me to do that, to MOTHER!" Mother and daughter shared a deep bond of affection, and were warm companions. Yet, Diana had never called her queenly parent anything, but the more formal 'Mother,' since she reached young womanhood, so great was the dignity and majesty of the older woman. How could anyone, let alone a loving daughter, take such abominable liberties with that magisterial woman's body?

Expecting resistance, Catwoman pulled Wonder Woman's own Magic Lasso from under her cat-tunic, where she'd concealed it. With a quick, expert toss, she looped it around the neck of her captive Amazon Princess.

The captive superheroine could no longer resist Catwoman's will, for even a moment, when bound by her own Magic Lasso. "Oh Athena, give me strength to resist!" She prayed, even as she sank obediently to her knees, at her mother's feet.

"Ah that's better! I'm sure you want to ease your mother's timidity a bit, don't you? Use your tongue on the bride, to prepare her for the nuptial rites!" Catwoman sneered, as her victim helplessly obeyed her first command.

The suffering Amazon Princess was torn to shreds, inside. The thought of violating her own mother in such incestuous, Sapphic manner, froze her blood.

"Resist her, Diana! Resist her! You are an Amazon Princess! You are far stronger than this evil wretch could ever be!"

Wonder Woman sorrowfully looked up at her mother. Her heart ached to tell her it was so. "I can't Mother! I can't!" Wonder Woman wept. "I had great strength once. You gave me that, but she has robbed me of it all.... I'm--I'm afraid of her!" Wonder Woman blurted out the shameful words, that no Amazon ever uttered before.

Wonder Woman's admission, and the terrible suffering in her face, nearly broke her mother's heart. "How could this evil witch, not even an Amazon, do this to my Diana?" If Catwoman could do such a thing to her magnificent daughter? Hippolyta's heart fluttered, in dread. Would she too, fall under the evil feline's domination? "No, no!" She'd resist! She was the Queen of the Amazons! She must resist for all of their sakes!

"These little mother-daughter chats are very touching. But not on my time, girls! Get to it Wonder Slut!"

Catwoman's words rang in Diana's ears, like a bell tolling her doom. She daren't disobey, though. Amazons were not overly concerned by nudity in other women. They were proud of their healthy bodies. Diana had often seen her mother in the nude, engaged in wholesome sport, but she had never looked at her mother, THERE! She always modestly averted her eyes. It just seemed a forbidden place! Now, in response to Catwoman's inexorable domination, she looked at her mother's pussy, preparatory to violating it.

"Why it's exquisite!" Wonder Woman thought, midst her misery, in momentary admiration of her mother's genitalia. It was quite delectable, with a trim, raven thatch, framing the firm, neat labia. "Not gross and disgusting, like that awful ugly thing of Catwoman's!"

Just before she meekly obeyed her terrible mistress, Princess Diana, about to break the greatest taboo of all, violation of her own mother's most forbidden and secret of places, whimpered. "I'm sorry Mommy!" It was the brokenhearted voice of a little child. Oh, my poor little Deeny!" Queen Hippolyta wept, to herself, reverting to the nickname, she hadn't used, since her daughter's babyhood.

Then, the subjugated heroine meekly did, as her harsh mistress bade her. Wonder Woman pressed her face against her own mother's genitalia. The unhappy Queen blushed, scarlet, all over her magnificently regal body, as her enslaved daughter's sweet mouth and tongue assailed her near- virginal pussy.

Catwoman's savagery had schooled Wonder Woman's delicate tongue, to such incredible skill in Sapphic art, that, in spite of her steely resolve, Hippolyta could not resist her beautiful daughter's ministrations. She tried desperately to press her thighs tight, but shackled as she was, that was quite impossible. Queen Hippolyta felt the hot wetness flow within her, and her delicate pussy opened like a sweet flower to her daughter's equally sweet mouth. Did her shame increase the depth of her response? Of course, the evil Catwoman had not coerced this monstrous mother- daughter abomination to ease the captive Queen's suffering, and certainly not for the pleasure of either unfortunate victim. "All right! That's enough! All done! You two Amazon bimbos don't have to get off, on this! The old sow is wet enough now, I expect. The groom is waiting, anxiously!" Catwoman chortled happily, nearly ecstatic at the terrible infamy, she had forced, upon the innocent mother and daughter.

Catwoman jerked on the lasso, tearing Wonder Woman's face from her mother's thighs. The delicate aroma of the Queen's opening passion flower, wafted toward the waiting burro. Now, he pawed the floor in excitement. In his equine mind, there was a dim awareness, that he had never tasted such beauty in his nostrils before.

A broken, disgraced Amazon Princess slunk shamefully away on all fours! Her unfortunate mother, wept uncontrollably, and clenched her manacled hands, so tightly that her nails bit into her palms. In horror from her vantage to the side, Supergirl saw that the shaggy, brown burro's penis was slowly enlarging, unrolling like a huge club, until it dangled stiffly, all the way to the floor.

"It's so terribly big!" Supergirl thought, in horror "I never realized! Poor Queen Hippolyta!" The blond heroine, herself the victim of so much horrifying shaming punishment, began to weep, in sympathy for the older woman.

Pedro grew more restive, pawing the floor, and snorting as he approached the dishonored Queen. He, once more, pressed his shaggy head into Hippolyta's muscular belly.

"Hera, protect me!" The Queen prayed, looking upward toward the heavens, for divine aid, she knew, could never come. Pedro snuffled at Hippolyta's tight-lipped pussy. The distressed Queen uselessly tried to clench her genitalia, defensively.

"Get away! Shoo! Shoo!" Hippolyta wept tremulously.

Instead, Pedro reared up on his hind legs. His front hooves pawed the air. Hippolyta winced fearfully, as one of the deadly weapons nearly smashed her face. The burro had been well-trained for such encounters, and pushed against the Queen for balance, his front legs around her neck, and his great shaggy face next to her own. Hippolyta felt the animal's hot breath on her face and neck. She shuddered in disgust and terror. The creature's belly rested against her magnificent physique for support, pressing the breath from her body.

Pedro rocked back and forth trying to get his engorged cock, into the delectable target, that would ease his equine passion.

"Go help the poor creature, Catgirl!" Catwoman ordered. "He can't get lined up correctly!" She temporarily took the camera from Catgirl.

With gingerly distaste, Catwoman's slim, redheaded disciple walked to the terrible tableaux. Screwing up her courage, she took Pedro's mighty member in her hand, and guided it toward Hippolyta's fearful pussy.

Hippolyta looked into the girl's face and whimpered, pathetically. "Oh please! No don't! Oh help me, please! Won't you?"

Catgirl looked away. For a moment, even she was ashamed to be playing such a part in the defilement of this magnificent woman. Then, to hide that shame, she brazenly pressed her face against Hippolyta's bosom and tongued a stiff, royal nipple.

"You, shameless bawd!" Hippolyta wept, as Catgirl guided the great knob to its target. In horror, Hippolyta felt it battering against the inadequate passageway. Pedro whinnied in excitement. Catgirl parted Hippolyta's nether lips, allowing the giant knob to enter. She jumped away.

"Nooaawww! It's too big!" Hippolyta wailed, in terrible distress.

Then, Pedro's eagerness couldn't be denied. He lunged forward. A lifetime of abstinence had made the queen's pussy small and tight. Now, the irresistible force of Pedro's enormous, equine dong met the immovable object of an Amazon Queen's forbidden genitalia. It was the irresistible force, Pedro's animal lust, that triumphed. Wonder Woman screamed, herself, as her mother's terrible shrieks of violation pierced her brain and heart, like sharp swords.

Somehow, the lunging animal buried his gigantic cock inside Hippolyta's body to the hilt. It was done relatively quickly, but to the unfortunate Queen, it seemed to happen in slow motion. She felt every inch of the horrible invasive penetration, as the lecherous burro rammed further and further inside her. It was impossibly large, and seemed to be ripping her apart.

Snuffling and panting, Pedro thrust his shaggy body up and down, driving his mighty cock in and out of Queen Hippolyta's ravaged body. She couldn't stop screaming; it was so terrible. That awful thing stuffed her body with horrible unyielding bulk, and rammed in and out of her like a steam hammer. At last, when shehopelssly prayed for death, the devastating rape came to an abrupt, distressing end. Pedro ejaculated with tremendous force, shooting a load of hot semen into Hippolyta's violated body.

"Oh Dear Hera, that filth is inside me!" Was Hippolyta's horrible realization. Pedro's engorged member began to shrivel, and the burro slowly withdrew from the sadly weeping Amazon. Pedro dropped back to all fours, snorting in satisfaction. Mighty Hippolyta dangled from her shackles, like a broken doll, as Catwoman led the burro to one side. Feeling curiously empty, now that, that terrible thing was out of her body, Queen Hippolyta wondered how she could ever face her loving followers again. "I'm not fit to be Queen!" She despaired. Of course, no Amazon could contemplate the shame of being raped by a male, but for an Amazon Queen to be raped by an Ass, would mark her as an object of ridicule and derision, forever.

At Catwoman's word, Supergirl unshackled the despairing Queen, and tenderly carried her, barely conscious, to her cell. Wonder Woman walked beside them, her head hung in shame, at what she had done. How could she ever live with that abomination on her head?

When Catgirl entered her study, Catwoman was fondling an iron object. "Ever seen one of these outside the movies, Catgirl?" The older woman asked.

Catgirl looked closer. "What is it, a branding iron?" "As a matter of fact, it is!" Catwoman answered. She took out a stamp- pad, inked the iron and pressed it to a piece of aper. The intricate design spelled Catwoman, with a Catspaw in the center.

"Your insignia?" Catgirl s asked.

"My brand! I like to brand things that belong to me!"

Catgirl looked nervous. Although, she was now Catwoman's chief assistant, Catgirl never knew what Catwoman would take into her mind, to do next.

"I think we should brand our newest head of cattle!" Catwoman said. Catgirl sighed in relief. "Ever bulldogged a steer?" Catwoman asked.

"No!" Catgirl said, relieved that someone else was to be the object of feline sport, today. "But I'm willing to give it a try!" "Good! Once, I've heated this little toy to the proper temperature, I'll let our Royal Guest out! You see what you can do with this?" Catwoman said, tossing Wonder Woman's Magic Lasso to her protegee.

Catgirl lay in wait, just out of sight against the wall, as Catwoman led her royal captive from her cell. Hippolyta walked stiffly, trying to prevent any movement that would cause further pain to her wounded pussy. Though two days had passed, her magnificent body was still in agony from the vicious, equine rape. Even so, she moved with royal dignity, a serene look of composure on her beautiful face.

Wonder Woman, fearing for her beloved Mother, ran toward the cell door, but Catwoman slammed it in her face. The captive heroine watched in horror, through the bars. As soon as the Queen was out of the cell, Catgirl leaped at her neck, and grabbed the huge woman in a headlock.

Caught by surprise, Hippolyta tried to get loose from the fierce little redhead clinging to her neck. The Amazon's mightiest warrior seemed incapable of even defending herself against this chit of a girl, half her size. She moved with awkward uncertainty, as she tried to break loose. The encounter with the burro had broken something within her, emotionally and spiritually. The fierce warrior had been transformed into a frightened victim!

Although her own feet both left the floor, Catgirl swung back and forth from her precarious hold, building up momentum. Then she flung herself forward and pulled Hippolyta off her feet. Catgirl's maneuver knocked the Queen to the floor. She landed on her chin, with Catgirl's arm still locked around her neck. Her enormous up-tilted bosom plowed into the floor, driving the breath from her lungs. Hippolyta saw stars, and went limp, long enough for Catgirl to staddle her waist.

Catgirl rapidly looped the Amazon Lasso around Hippolyta's left arm, and wrist as she twisted the arm behind the Queen's back. A moment later, she did the same to Hippolyta's other arm. Then, she lashed the two wrists together. Catgirl jumped up, on one knee, caught Hippolyta's left leg and rapidly tied that to her wrists. By the time the unfortunate Queen fully recovered her senses, she was trussed up tight.

Catwoman picked up the branding iron, from the brazier where it had been heating, and sauntered closer to the hogtied Queen. "Ride her cowgirl!" She yelled to Catgirl.

"Did you time me? I may try out for a new rodeo event, sow tying!"

Hippolyta looked over her shoulder, apprehensively. Ever since the terrible interlude with the burro, she lived in terror of what new horror Catwoman would inflict on herself, or her unhappy daughter. Now, she saw Catwoman advancing on her, holding a branding iron, that glowed red-hot. Unable to maintain her regal composure, in this undignified terrifying position, she screamed and babbled. "No, no! Please!"

>From her cell, Wonder Woman screamed. "No! Not my Mother, please! Please, do it to me, instead!"

Of course, the mighty Queen's pitiful pleas, only excited the sadistic, feline criminal. Catwoman was inexorable. She waited until Catgirl had the hogtied queen in just the right position. Then she struck, pressing the re-hot iron against the Queen's tawny-fleshed, right haunch. There was a loud sizzle, as the iron seared into the living flesh of the huge muscular buttock. Hippolyta shrieked horribly. Catwoman callously held the iron against Hippolyta's tormented flesh, until it stopped sizzling, and started to cool. All the while, the tormented Queen screamed in terrible anguish.

The despicable Catgirl leaned over, and stuck her tongue in Hippolyta's ear and sucked on it, erotically. She nibbled on the earlobe. When Catwoman finally removed the branding iron, by now, almost cool, Catgirl looked up and asked . "Sometimes, when they brand fat heifers, they notch their ears, too! Do you think we should do that to this one?"

"Catgirl I must say, you are becoming delightfully devilish. But, no! Not now, at least! Take our newest head of livestock back to her coral for now!"

Catgirl loosened the Lasso from around the Queen's mighty limbs, and roughly pulled the weeping woman to her feet. "C'mon, Queenie time to get back in your cage!" She snickered. Hippolyta still sobbing, brokenly let the nasty, young beast lead her, to her cell. Catgirl opened the door, and gave the regally beautiful woman a contemptuous shove. As Hippolyta tripped through the door, Catgirl smacked her across her badly burned bottom cheek, to speed her progress. Hippolyta screamed at the slap. Wonder Woman rushed to her stricken mother, and helped her lie down on her left side. Her bitter tears fell freely on her mother's beautiful body. She looked up at Catgirl, still standing in the doorway, snickering at her mother's suffering.

Wonder Woman wept. "You, filthy, little brute! Someday, I'll pay you back for this! That's a promise!"

Catgirl laughed gaily. "Anytime, Wonder Slut! Anytime! I can handle you, just as easy as that overgrown cow, that suckled you!" Overcome by insane rage, Wonder Woman sprang at her tormentor. Just as she reached her, Catgirl pulled a blackjack from her belt, and hit the furious Amazon across the side of the head. The big, beautiful crimefighter fell to her knees. "Sucker!" Catgirl snickered, as she kicked Wonder Woman in the belly. Catgirl left Wonder Woman moaning on the floor, as she slammed and locked the door.

"Dirty Bitch!" Wonder Woman wept helplessly, as the cell door slammed. She crawled painfully to her mother, and stroked the weeping Queen's hair. Hippolyta looked up at her daughter, with a hurt, uncomprehending look, in her dulled black eyes. "Oh Diana, they branded me, a COW! Why did they do that?" She buried her face against her daughter's body, and Wonder Woman rocked her mother's upper body back and forth, like a child until the Queen fell asleep, still moaning in pain.

Catgirl swaggered back to Catwoman, and laughingly told her. "That stupid cow-princess tried to attack me. That little trick you showed me with the blackjack, sure fixed her good!"

Catwoman smiled, but warned her protegee. "Just make sure you don't damage our cow-princess's value! I've had some very tempting offers for her services. It seems there are quite a few people, who'd just adore having an Amazon Princess-superheroine, suck them off. In fact, I'll tell you a little secret!" Catwoman said, lowering her voice. "I've had inquiries from the very highest government circles, about the possibility of Wonder Woman doing a stint as a White House Intern. It seems, that a Very, Very Important Person is lonely and disconsolate, since the recent, highly-publicized departure of his last zoftig, black- haired intern, and is pining for a replacement."

"Wonder Slut's had more experience with pussy than cock. Should I have her 'bone' up, a little, on one of your dildos?"

"If you do, make sure you get it on camera. No point in wasting nice footage like that. It'll sell well in our Adult Video Line. The tape of Wonder Slut on the dog leash, relieving herself on the lawn, is in the Top Ten all over the Country."

It was several days later. Queen Hippolyta's badly burned buttock had fully healed. The first night she had become delirious, running a high fever. Wonder Woman had begged Catwoman on her knees, for the Amazon salve and unguents from the First Aid Kit, in her mother's Invisible Plane. Finally after, unbidden, the once stiff-necked Amazon Princess kissed and sucked her feet for fifteen minutes, the vicious feline had sent Catgirl for the Kit. Catwoman had been very interested in the way the Amazon healants, from Paradise Island, had worked so quickly and effectively.

"Those Amazons have a very advanced science and technology." Catwoman mused to Catgirl later that day. It could be worth Billions, properly exploi- er managed, that is."

Now, Catwoman ordered Catgirl to bring the Queen out for inspection. Catgirl looked like a child leading around the mighty, warrior woman. Hippolyta towered over Catgirl, by a foot or more, and was twice as broad, though with form no less pleasingly shaped. Despite the disparity in size and strength, the imperious Queen, eyes downcast, docilely followed the slim redhead, with halting step. She was ever self- consciously aware, of the terrible brand of ownership on her broad buttock. How could Regal Pride survive such shame?

Catwoman was seated in a large chair, and the captive, branded Queen stood meekly in front of her, wringing her hands nervously.

"Turn around, Cow! Let me see how your brand came out?" Catwoman ordered. The mighty Hippolyta obediently turned away, to show her captoress the ugly scar on her formidable, superbly-formed backside. Catwoman's cruel emblem stood out in perfect clarity on the great, tawny flesh-dome.

"Excellent!" Catwoman smirked. "Come over here! Kneel down!" She ordered, indicating a spot by her feet. The Queen obediently turned and sank to her knees. She had a near uncontrollable urge to sob in shame, but she bit her quivering lip, bowing her stiff neck to hide her weakness. Catwoman noted the tremulous agitation of the Queen's regally- sized, upswept bosom, though and smiled smugly, thinking. "The old cow is adapting to discipline, as well as her calf has!"

Though pleased by Hippolyta's timorous bearing, looking down at her captive, Catwoman frowned. Despite her submissive air, the very size and power of the Queen's mighty form offended her. "Arrogant Bitch!" Catwoman thought. "She certainly deserves to be taken down a few more pegs!" Then aloud she called to Catgirl "Bring it out!"

Temporarily locked in the same cell, Wonder Woman and Supergirl watched apprehensively. Wonder Woman clutched the bars, until her knuckles were white. "What is that devil going to do to Mother, now? Oh Hera, help and protect her!"

Catgirl wheeled out a large medical-appearing apparatus, even as Wonder Woman hopelessly prayed. She placed it by the waist-high exercise bar near Catwoman's chair. Catwoman rose from her seat, took Hippolyta's arm and tugged her to her feet. She shoved her toward Catgirl.

In turn Catgirl caught the Queen by the arm. After first driving a weighted fist into the Queen's belly, to make her more amenable, Catgirl tipped the statuesque woman over the exercise bar. The stricken Queen fell face forward across the bar. Her gorgeous, raven and silver tresses brushed against the floor. The bar cut into her middle just at the waist, keeping her breathless. She hung there, motionlessly, afraid to offend the vicious little redhead by moving, and ashamed of that fear. How could an Amazon Queen fear this depraved, little slut? Catgirl held Hippolyta in place, while Catwoman patted a huge upthrust, butt-cheek. It was the right one, with her cruel brand burned into the flesh. Hippolyta winced at the vicious touch of her evil captoress.

"Oooh, that did come out so pretty!" Catwoman cooed. "It will be mighty tough to try and sit on a throne with my brand on your backside, so maybe you should abdicate, Queenie!" It was near-impossible to sustain an air of haughty disdain, with her formidable behind, waving in the air. Nevertheless, Hippolyta's royal pride was, outraged. She fiercely breathed "Never!"

"That's what I was afraid you'd say!" Catwoman smirked, looking uncommonly pleased at the Queen's indignant refusal. "All right, Catgirl! Stick it into her!" Hippolyta looked back over her shoulder in alarm. It was so terribly embarrassing for a Queen, to have these two vicious felines always playing with her royal behind. Catgirl whipped off the sheet covering the apparatus she'd just wheeled in. There was a huge enema bag hanging from a frame. It must easily hold about two gallons of fluid.

"What did you put in there?" Catwoman asked.

"Hot oil and water!" Catgirl giggled. "Like you told me!" Catwoman took the hose attached to the bag herself. The nozzle was quite large. Catwoman fingered it with gloved fingers a moment.

The trembling Queen saw the diabolical apparatus, and quavered. "What are you going to do with that?"

Catgirl snickered. "We're going to use it on an asshole (pun intended) Queenie!"

Catwoman looked at her protegee and admitted. "Sometimes you're quite droll, Catgirl!"

"You, vicious perverts!" Queen Hippolyta cried. "How can you treat another woman so cruelly?"

Catgirl and Catgirl looked at each other, in delight, and laughed together, at the naive question. Then both answered in unison. "BECAUSE IT'S SO MUCH FUN!" Catgirl parted Hippolyta's super-muscular buttocks, exposing the Queen's tiny, brown anus. Catwoman pushed the nozzle against the clenched sphincter and shoved. It entered Hippolyta's body with a soft little plopping sound.

Hippolyta's mighty body jerked in shock, and she squealed loudly, in outrage. The flood of silken hair, pooled on the floor, whipped wildly about. Her proud, beautiful face, hanging upside down, flamed in embarrassment. Catwoman shoved he tube further into her body. The chaste, modest Queen began to sob in embarrassment. It was terrible to feel that insidious tube worming its way deeper and deeper into her bowels, in some ways worse than the frightful encounter with Pedro.

Hearing Catwoman and Catgirl giggling at her distress and shame, and knowing her daughter and Supergirl were also witnessing her mortification and pitying her, made Hippolyta's suffering all but unendurable. The proud Queen wished she could die. How could Regal dignity ever survive such degradation? She could never look her loving subjects in the eye again. Perhaps abdication was the answer?

"All right, Catgirl, turn it on!" Catwoman called.

Catgirl pressed the "on" switch of the electrical pump that powered the diabolical, enema machine. There was a loud humming, then a wet slurping. Hippolyta felt an unpleasantly hot, wet surge deep in her body. She squealed again, and kept on moaning and crying, as the hot oily mixture pumped into her intestines, more and more of it, filling up her lower body. She automatically tried to squeeze her sphincter shut, but the rubber hose prevented that.

"Look! She's leaking!" Catgirl cried derisively. Supergirl stood beside Wonder Woman, holding her friend's arms from slightly behind, bracing her so she didn't keel over. In horrified fascination, the two subjugated superheroines watched the dehumanizing spectacle. Wonder Woman was weeping bitter tears. How could these fiends degrade her wonderful, noble mother so? Of course, in her heart, she blamed herself for this terrible catastrophe. If only she'd been stronger, her mother would never have fallen into Catwoman's clutches.

Supergirl sadly remembered, when she was the strongest woman on earth, using her great powers to prevent outrages like this. Now she was a humbled slave, relieved that Catgirl had not flung her across that hideous beam, to pump hot oil into her intestines. She shuddered at the thought. "You, miserable, despicable coward!" She thought in self- revulsion. Wonder Woman half turned and hid her face against her friend's shoulder. Supergirl patted the daunted Amazon's arm sympathetically.

The electric motor made a strange gurgling noise. "What's the matter?" Catwoman asked.

"The bag's empty!" Catgirl replied. "This one, I mean!" She added, pointing the rubber enema bag. "That one's full, I guess!" Pointing to Queen Hippolyta.

"All right, good!" Catwoman replied with a smile. "I'll turn this 'bag' loose then! First though..." She made a motion with her head, and Catgirl, laid down the camera, and scurried off on some prearranged errand.

Catwoman seized the rubber tube, and pulled as hard as she could, ripping it out of Hippolyta's suffering anal region, with a loud plop. The villainess grabbed Hippolyta's arms, and roughly straightened her up. The Queen stood stiff-legged, knees pressed together, desperately trying to keep her sphincter muscle clenched tight. Catwoman picked up the camera, and resumed recording the Queen's degradation.

"What's the trouble, Your Highness? A little lower bowel distress, perhaps?" Catwoman chortled. Hippolyta's face flamed in shamed embarrassment. There were tears in her eyes. She clenched her hands in desperation. She was terrified of having an accident, knowing it would be another victory for the vicious creature, who inflicted this abomination on her.

"Oh stop your fidgeting! What's the matter with you?"

"Please, may I go to the bathroom?" The proud Amazon Queen abjectly, tearfully pleaded, in the voice of a shy first-grader blushingly asking a stern teacher's permission.

"All right, Your Highness! You may have my leave to use the bathroom, if you like!" How gratifying to exercise such total control over even the bodily functions of this magnificent woman.

Hippolyta urgently looked toward bathroom. It was at the other end of the large room. She gulped desperately.

"What do you say, you ungrateful bitch?" Catwoman snapped.

"Th-thank-you, Mistress!" The words, muttered in bitter shame, near choked the haughty Queen. She started across the room, toward the critically needed bathroom. She walked stiffly and slowly, as though on eggshells. She locked her magnificent thighs together, giving her a pigeon-toed, knock-kneed stance. Her big, tawny buttocks quivered with the strain, as she inched her way across the room. As she got nearer and nearer, she fervently prayed for strength. "Hera help me, in my need!"

Hippolyta was within a few feet of her direly needed goal, when suddenly, Catgirl leaped out in front of the Queen, from behind a screen, where she'd concealed herself. She carried a short whip, in her hand, and blocked Hippolyta's path. Hippolyta looked up in horror, at the small redhead. "Pl-please! Let me by?" She wept.

Instead, Catgirl slashed the Queen's mighty bosom. Hippolyta screamed in anguish. Catgirl raised her whip again, and Hippolyta's pleading eyes darted around desperately. Stiff-legged, she tried to get around Catgirl, but Catgirl slashed her superbly-molded thighs. Hippolyta's body trembled in terrible agitation.

"Oh Dear! I have to go, so bad ! Can't hold it in much longer!" Hippolyta tried to go to the side, but Catgirl blocked her path again. Clenching her teeth, Hippolyta tried to go straight ahead, braving Catgirl's lash, as the lesser of two horrors. Catgirl whipped the lash across the distraught woman's pussy still not entirely recovered from the terrible Burro rape. Hippolyta screamed, in shock. Yet doggedly, she kept on, and Catgirl lashed her flat, muscular belly, distended by the tremendous volume of fluid pumped into her intestines.

Hippolyta just couldn't hold it! She must get by! Summoning all her resolution, she charged at Catgirl. The mighty warrior's body bore down on the slim redheaded villainess. Catgirl jumped to one side, at the last moment. As Hippolyta sped by, Catgirl stuck out her leg and kicked Hippolyta's feet out from under her. The mighty Amazon Queen sprawled face down on the floor. When she tried to rise, Catgirl struck her across the back with the whip. Hippolyta doggedly tried to crawl toward the bathroom, as Catgirl whipped her broad, muscular back and huge, up- thrust buttocks, unmercifully. Somehow, Hippolyta rose to her feet once more, her face a mask of agony.

Catgirl lashed out at Hippolyta. The harried Queen dodged this way and that, but the feline witch tormented her with the whip, whichever way she turned. She was making no progress at all. If anything, she was further from her goal, then when Catgirl first attacked her. It was pitiful, to see so noble a figure reduced to such mortifying desperation.

Catgirl's slashing attack drove Hippolyta into a corner. She was trapped. With a sob, she knew it was no use. She cried out in anguish. Hippolyta couldn't hold it in, any longer. The oil and fecal-matter spurted from her body in a powerful, unstoppable stream. Hippolyta screamed in remorseful shame, at her failure to control her body. She almost swooned, and her mighty legs collapsed under her. She tumbled in a broken heap, in a pool of her own filth.

"Dear Athena aid me!" The mortified Queen whimpered to herself "I can no longer command even my own bowels! I am no Queen, not even an Amazon!" Besoiled and besmirched, Hippolyta wept brokenly, all haughty, royal pride shattered beyond recall, too distraught and dispirited, to even crawl out of the vile mess she had made.

Catwoman released Wonder Woman and Supergirl from their cell, and ordered them to clean up the mess, and the unfortunate, humiliated Queen. The two subjugated superheroines cleaned up the horrid mess, and then Wonder Woman helped her mother to the bathroom. Hippolyta leaned helplessly, on her daughter, sobbing brokenly.

Sobbing herself, for her mother's shame and misery, Diana brought her mother into the bathroom, and ran the shower. She had to gently push Hippolyta into the stall. Hippolyta was in such a state of shock and humiliation, that she was helpless to even wash herself. Wonder Woman climbed in beside her. Supergirl stood to one side, averting her eyes, loath to add the noble Queens shame, and let the daughter tend to her weeping mother.

The oily filth clung so, to their shapely bodies, that Wonder Woman had to use a bristly bath-brush to scrub it off. As she tenderly scrubbed her mother's massive, but exquisitely shaped buttocks, Princess Diana couldn't help but see that evil Cats-paw brand, burned into her beloved mother's delightful behind, just as it was burned into both their souls. In the shower, no one could see the sad, bitter tears running down Wonder Woman's gorgeous face.

"Thank-you, Diana!" Her mother murmured humbly, as Wonder Woman finished. "I'm so sorry, I put you through that. It must have been so terrible for you and your poor friend Supergirl!"

"Oh, mother! It's my fault, that we're both here and you know it!" Diana wept, brokenly. For the next several days, Catwoman forced poor Queen Hippolyta to wear adult diapers, laughing and making sport of her in them.

Catgirl was especially vicious with her gibes. "You didn't poop your diapers, again did you Queenie? Should I have your worthless slut of a daughter change them. She likes cleaning up your poop!" This final degradation completely broke Hippolyta's spirit, and she hung her head and wept, like a little girl, at the feline cruelty.

Catwoman had one final insult, and torment for the unfortunate Queen, who had dared her feline wrath. "Get Pedro in here, then get the 'big cow' out!" She ordered Catgirl.

After Catgirl led the burro into the torture chamber and fastened his halter, she tripped lightly to the block of three cells, eager to see what new amusement Catwoman planned. The three unfortunate heroines were now separated, each to her own cell.

Catgirl no longer had any fear of the mighty Queen Hippolyta, but treated her with contempt. She threw open the cell door, and pranced inside. The diapered Queen cowered away from her in a corner. Catgirl leapt after her, and seized Hippolyta's ear. She pulled the tormented Queen after her, by this demeaning hold. Hippolyta was doubled over nearly to the waist, and stumbled awkwardly after. Her huge breasts dangled in front of her, quivering in terror. Catwoman raised the camera to record the Queen's demeaning progress.

Catgirl dragged the Queen to where Catwoman stood by the burro. Catwoman handed the camera to Catgirl. The miserable Hippolyta straightened up, when Catgirl released her ear. It was red and burning from the punishment. She waited nervously, eyes downcast, plucking at a strand of raven hair, at her shoulder, curling it and uncurling it. She was terribly aware of the presence of the appalling Burro by her side.

"Pedro 's been pining away for you the last few days! Catwoman chortled.

Hippolyta's heart sank. "No, no, please! Not again!" She wept.

"Well, perhaps he'd be satisfied with just a blow job, this time!" Catwoman answered, after a pause, as though she'd reluctantly considered every alternative.

Queen Hippolyta looked at her feline tormenter, blankly. "I-I don't understand?" She quavered, her huge dark eyes fearful, lest her naive ignorance, bring some new horror down on her head.

"Oh, you are such a stupid slut!" Catwoman a replied sternly. "Don't you know anything? Pedro wants you to suck his big donkey cock, until he comes in your mouth! Do you understand now?"

"Y-yes! I guess so!" Hippolyta whimpered. It was a terrible shameful thing to contemplate, yet she was actually relieved the Burro wasn't about to forcefully enter her small, delightful, Royal Pussy again. She doubted she could survive another equine rape, or remain sane if she did.

"All right, then! Get down there, and get to it!"

Hippolyta, naked but for her demeaning diaper, slumped to her knees, and crept up to the burro on all fours. She crouched miserably beneath Pedro's belly, unsure what to do next.

"You must titillate your groom! Have you forgotten already, you stupid slattern?" Catwoman called. "He's very sensitive, and must know you want him. I can call your sluttish daughter out here to help, or you can use your hands. I'm flexible today, so I'll let the choice be yours!"

"Oh please, don't force Diana to do that again?" Hippolyta wept. The unfortunate Queen slid her hand inside her diaper, and energetically fingered herself. Somehow her terrible shame, aroused her, and it wasn't long before her demeaning self-abuse produced the desired results. Pedro snuffled eagerly, and his colossal member began to thicken and elongate, swelling into a mighty rod .

The beast turned his head, eagerly contemplating the unfortunate human female crouching beneath his hindquarters. It was beyond his equine comprehension, to know this was a mighty Queen, whose every whim was law to her people. Now, she was no more than a Royal slut to his bestial passion. He nuzzled her ear, almost playfully.

"He's ready now!" Catwoman cackled. "Get busy!"

Hippolyta took the Burro's loathsome tool in hand, and guided it to her wide, sweet mouth. It had expanded to its full frightful size, and the Queen could get no more, than the broad tip in her mouth. Even then, she almost choked. She dutifully sucked at it, tonguing it and even kissing it, instinctively knowing what was required of her.

Wonder Woman and Supergirl stood by their cell doors, watching in fascinated horror. More than anything, in the world, Wonder Woman wanted to hide herself from this abomination. Yet she couldn't tear herself away.

Catwoman looked over at her other two brokenhearted captives. "Come girls! Watch your heroic rescuer give a blow job to a donkey!" She chortled. Wonder Woman wanted to die herself, seeing the shame, her defeat had brought, upon her noble mother.

Just then, the Burro exploded in a tremendous ejaculation. The enormous load of semen that exploded into Hippolyta's mouth almost choked her. She collapsed, gagging and sputtering. When she stopped coughing, she broke into loud, uncontrollable sobbing.

Catwoman walked over to the Queen's weeping, horrified daughter. She reached through the bars on the cell door, and patted the cringing Princess Diana on the face, then chortled. "Now that your mother has mated with the Ass, that would seem to make him your stepfather!"

"Shut up! You hateful Bitch! Wonder Woman wept.

Will Pedro be named Prince Consort of Paradise Island? What, will become of our terrorized heroines, next? What of Batman and Robin? Won't they stop Catwoman's reign of terror?

To be continued in: "Superheroine Jeopardy. Part 7. Bird in Hand." Same Cat Channel! Same Cat Time

Superheroine Jeopardy part 6