Superheroine Jeopardy 05  


Superheroine Jeopardy Part 05 Amazone Distress

Synopsis: Catwoman defeated and captured Batgirl and Supergirl. She so totally terrorized the younger crimefighter, that Batgirl fell completely under her feline ascendancy, and gradually fell into evil ways, herself. Batgirl aided Catwoman to capture Supergirl and then Wonder Woman. Catwoman rewarded her new protegee, with the title of Catgirl, Catwoman beat and tormented her two captives, unmercifully, until she so completely broke their spirit, that now, even the despicable Catgirl may dominate and abuse Supergirl and Wonder Woman, with impunity.

Catwoman and her newest aide, Catgirl once the heroic crimefighter known as Batgirl but now Catwoman's most devoted follower, were relaxing over breakfast served by their two servants Supergirl and Wonder Woman. The two vanquished superheroines servilely pandered to the two villainesses, with sad downcast eyes. Both were naked, their proud uniforms long ago, stripped from their magnificent bodies by their oppressor.

"So Mistress, how did your juvenile gang do with the Kryptonite you gave them?" Catgirl asked deliberately in Supergirl's hearing.

"Why it had a rather funny outcome!" Catwoman laughed. "It seems, the little bitches actually captured the 'invincible' Man of Steel. I'm told they raped him, up the behind with a Kryptonite dildo, spanked him with a Kryptonite paddle until he sobbed for mercy, and did some other nasty little things to his naked body. Of course, the dildo and paddle were courtesy of Yours Truly. Then damned, if his dippy girlfriend, Lois Lane didn't play Rambo with a shotgun, and rescue our poor, little abused superhero!" (See Superviolation by GW)

Catgirl laughed. "Lois Lane rescued Superman? That's a switch! But does that mean he's loose again?"

"Well, no! Not quite" Catwoman laughed, in delight. "Here's the best part. Seeing her boyfriend raped and abused, got our prim, little, old- maid reporter so hot and horny, that now she's got superman locked in her cellar, doing the same things to him, the little brats did. Now that our corporation bought control of the Daily Planet, I've worked out a little deal with our intrepid reporter. I fired that old fool Perry White and gave Lane the job of Managing Editor. The only condition is, she keep Superschmoo in her cellar, forever! She was quite agreeable! She may have the makings of a Kitten, herself!"

Supergirl's heart sank! Could it be true? Could Superman have been imprisoned and raped just as she and Wonder Woman were? Could her friend Lois really betray Superman, and all of them? She looked at the evil Catgirl, once her friend Batgirl, and knew such things could and did happen, especially when the vile Catwoman was involved.

Just then, there was a commotion on the lawn. Catgirl rushed to the window.

"What is it?" Catwoman asked.

"Oh shit!" Catgirl cried. "It's another invisible plane, like Wonder Woman's. Wonder Woman couldn't restrain a sudden thrill of joy. "Mother!" She murmured.

"Holy Female Gorilla!" Catgirl called in alarm. "You got to see this! The biggest bitch, I ever saw in my life, is getting out it. It must be that Amazon Queen, Wonder Dip's mother! Man, she is BIG! Must be near seven feet!"

Catwoman rushed to the wall safe. As she opened it, her fingers fumbled with nervousness. It took two tries before she got it open. She pulled out Wonder Woman's girdle, nervously, fingers still fumbling, and latched it around her waist. It took a moment because she'd added a complex new latch to the original Amazon artifact. She'd stealthily snatched it from Wonder Woman's own trim waist, and wasn't taking any chances on anyone doing the same thing to her!

Once she was sure the Girdle was locked safely in place, she breathed a little easier. What else? Oh yes, she didn't want any interference from behind! She used the dial on her wrist to increase the level of Kryptonite radiation from Supergirl's slave collar. Supergirl dropped to the floor, weak as a kitten. She was able to stumble to her feet, a moment later, but she had to lean against the wall to stay upright. Catwoman and Catgirl quickly pushed the two captives into a cell, until the intruder was dealt with.

"All right! Let's go welcome our guest!" Catwoman said, trying to sound nonchalant, but she gulped nervously at the words. Catgirl looked terrified. "Geez Selena! Queen Kong out there's got one of those things around her waist, too and she'd make two of you!" Catgirl was so scared, she dared address her Mistress by her first name.

Catwoman was just nervous enough, herself, that for once, she didn't notice her aide's faux pas.

Catgirl was thinking in panic "Dear heaven, if that Queen frees these two, what will they do to me?"

Catwoman saw the panic on her aide's face. She stamped her high-heel- booted foot in exasperation. "Oh stay in here then, you useless little ninny. You'd just get in my way! I'll have to handle this myself, as usual! You handle the camera and don't miss anything!"

When she got to the outside door, Catwoman peered warily out, to get a look at the fabulous Hippolyta, Queen of the near mythical Amazons of Paradise Island. Queen Hippolyta stood on the lawn, in all the irresistible glory of a warrior Queen, imperiously surveying the site of her daughter's captivity. Seeing her, Catwoman gulped. "Good God! The little ninny was right about the size of her! Maybe, she even underestimated a little?"

"Where is this so-called Catwoman, who has dared lay hands on my daughter?" The Amazon Queen stormed, in voice like the peal of some colossal silver bell. Though carefully modulated and pleasant in normal speech, Hippolyta's voice could carry, for a mile in command or challenge.

That voice, but even more its source, sent a chill down Catwoman's spine. Compared to this feminine colossus, her daughter, Princess Diana, the mighty, Wonder Woman, seemed a stripling girl, barely nubile. Yet the two were easily recognizable as mother and daughter.

In freshly youthful face, the Queen's features amazingly resembled her daughter, Diana. Just as beautiful, but sterner and more forceful, long used to having her imperious will uncontested. Her wide, red mouth was large and passionate, but set in stern lines of authority. Raven-black tresses fell to her waist, in vibrant curls, that no amount of combing would ever tame. A single silver-white streak, a bit to left of center, flowed all the way to the ends, an ivory river in an ebony sea. In contrast to the daughter's warm, Mediterranean-blue eyes, the mother's were as snapping, crackling black, as her raven mane. Her tawny, olive- toned skin also diverged, though most pleasantly so, from Diana's peaches and cream complexion.

Though so like her in facial features, in form, Hippolyta was like no one else at all, eclipsing even her astonishing daughter. This was truly a Queen of Amazons! She was incredibly tall. Catgirl hadn't gotten that far wrong: easily, well over six-and-a-half-feet tall, and yet broadly built in proportion. Her brawny arms, bursting with the muscles of a blacksmith, were like the branches of a mighty oak tree, with biceps that ballooned at every movement. Yet they in no way lacked for feminine grace. Incredibly, her shoulders were broader than any blacksmith. Her bust was truly Queenly. In size, it might dwarf the two halves of a large watermelon, yet it floated lightly, balanced high upon her mighty chest. Though heroic in dimension, her bosom was in perfect harmony with those mighty pectorals and incredible shoulders. Her waist nipped in, so tightly, that every muscle in her flat torso stood out in bold relief, moving sinuously, under tawny, olive skin. Below that unbelievably slim waist, the Queen's hips were just as regally broad as her upper body, and her buttocks, awesomely and boldly, complimented her enormous bosom. If her arms were like oak branches, those legs were like trunks of young oaks, yet her rippling muscles shaped them in alluringly feminine curves.

Queen Hippolyta had thrown off her simple tunic before exiting her Royal Plane. Now, her only adornments, were the simple gold circlet of Queenship on her noble brow, the delectable brown nuggets that so nicely complimented the dauntless melons of her bosom, Hera's own girdle round her taut waist, and the black bush, glossy and curly as the wild mane on her head, embellishing her bold, pubic mound. If ever sculpted in living wood, Hippolyta's form would indeed have served incomparably well, as the figurehead of some mighty ship of war, from the heroic age.

From Hippolyta's wrist dangled a mighty war club. It was said among her people, she had taken it from mighty Hercules himself, in combat. An equally formidable sword-of-war hung down her back, suspended from her left shoulder.

Catwoman gazed at this veritable phenomenon of nature, in near awe. She felt sick to her stomach. "Holy Hanna! That looks like a Sherman Tank on legs!" She gulped. I thought with Wonder Woman's girdle, I was invincible, but mine is just a copy, and that she-monster has the Goddess Hera's own. I'm not sure, she even needs it! She looks like she can tear tigers, limb from limb, not to mind a gorgeous, little kitty-cat like me!

"Well, what choice do I have, now?" With this thought, Catwoman stepped outside to confront this truly awesome figure. Behind her, even more cautious, and trembling fearfully, came Catgirl, carrying a video camera, to record what was certain to be an epic contest. Her hands were trembling so, she found it necessary to rest the camera, on the branch of a tree to steady it. There seemed no way Catwoman would even survive this battle, but if she did and Catgirl failed to record it, she knew her punishment would be terrible.

"This is private property, Miss er Miss whatever your name is!" Catwoman said in quavery voice, feigning ignorance.

"I am Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons of Paradise Island, as you already, very well, know! And you are called Catwoman, though your given name is Selena Kyle!" Though she leaned carelessly on her mighty club, Hippolyta's gleaming, black eyes, flashed furiously, at sight of the vile villainess, who dared imprison and dishonor her beloved daughter, an Amazon Princess!

Hippolyta went on. "As to private property, this estate belonged to a woman you murdered. Even in the male world, murder gives no title to property. At any rate, I think property rights scarce concern you, for that is my daughter's property about your waist! Surrender it, release my daughter and her two friends, and I shall do no more, than turn you over, to the proper authorities here in the male world.

With bravado she hardly felt, Catwoman cried out. "Come and take it you big, overgrown cow, if you think you can?"

Hippolyta grinned at the challenge, baring her strong, gleaming-white teeth, like a tigress about to protect her cub. "Prepare for battle, then, Witch!"

Seeing Catwoman was apparently unarmed, Hippolyta chivalrously threw down her mighty club, and laid aside her great, battle sword, still in its sheath. "I need no weapons to deal with such a wretch as you!" She grinned dangerously, and then stalked toward the feline villainess. Catwoman gaped at that figure from myth and legend, living and bearing down on her. She wanted more than anything, to run for her life. Instead, her legs seemed rooted to the ground. In a bare moment, the awe-inspiring Queen was upon her. Now, Catwoman must fight!

Catwoman raised her hands defensively. Hands on hips, the Queen looked down at her rash foe and laughed derisively. Catwoman threw a punch. Even with all of the super-strength of Wonder Woman's girdle at her disposal, her weighted, brass-knuckled fist bounced off Hippolyta's chin, as though it was granite. The Queen chuckled. "Is that the best you can do, little pussy-cat?"

Catwoman backed away, nervously. Hands still on her broad hips, the Queen advanced on her. Catwoman desperately threw punch after punch. Hippolyta ignored them all, as though no more than feathers stroking her face and body. Then Queen Hippolyta went into action. She seized Catwoman around the waist and tossed her a dozen feet through the air. Catwoman landed on the ground like a sack of garbage. If not for the Amazon Girdle around her waist, she might well have been killed.

Catwoman rolled desperately, with feline quickness, but Hippolyta, equally quick, leaped after her. She swooped down, and rolled Catwoman face down. She effortlessly pinned her there with one arm, as she sought to unlatch the stolen Amazon Girdle around Catwoman's middle.

"Suffering Sappho!" To her dismay, Hippolyta discovered that the latch had been replaced by a steel locking mechanism, that was beyond even her incredible strength to open. Of course, she might break the girdle itself in twain, but that would destroy its powers. She was loath to do that.

"Well wear it a little longer, you feline impostor!" Hippolyta said in regal anger. "Once I teach you the folly of daring the wrath of an Amazon Queen, you will be glad enough to surrender it!"

Hippolyta spun Catwoman over on her back again, gripped her nylon cat- suit by the neck, and with one hand, lifted the villainess straight up into the air. Catwoman's feet dangled six inches off the ground, kicking frantically.

"Let me down! Let me down!" Catwoman wailed. The Queen slapped her across the face, and then backhanded her from the other side. Hippolyta didn't use all her strength by a long sight. Catwoman's head snapped back and forth so hard, she thought it would be torn from her shoulders.

Hippolyta contemptuously threw Catwoman another dozen feet. Catwoman screamed as she landed on some large, hard, knobby object. "Damn it, what is that?" She wondered dizzily. Then she recognized the log-like club of Hercules beneath her body. "Well, maybe Queen Hippo did me a favor?" Catwoman thought with sudden hope. As the Queen approached, Catwoman leaped to her feet, holding Hippolyta's own giant, war club in both hands. Hippolyta reflexively raised her right arm, when she saw the club careen toward her head. Too late! The club was broader than her amazonium bracelet, and when it struck her forearm, there was a snap, as of bone cracking. The awesome club continued on unimpeded, hitting Hippolyta solidly across the side of her head. If not for her circlet of gold, the club would have smashed her skull like an eggshell. As it was, the blow knocked the might warrior woman head over heels, no mean feat even with Hercules' club. The Queen's regal taira fell from her head, bent from the blow. Before Hippolyta could rise, Catwoman smashed the club across the small of her back with feline savagery.

"Noooo! Mother!" Wonder Woman screamed. The mighty warrior Queen, possessing indomitable will, pushed herself up, but her right arm collapsed, under her, still numb and injured, by the first blow. Hippolyta groaned at the pain, but pushed herself up, with her other mighty arm. Catwoman smashed the club down across the back of her neck, and Hippolyta fell flat again. Still feline-swift, Catwoman darted to her, and unlatched Hera's Girdle from the Queen's trim waist. As soon as the clasp opened, Catwoman plucked it from under Hippolyta's fallen body. Catwoman threw the stolen girdle as far as the strength of her own stolen girdle allowed.

The Queen screamed at loss of her sacred trust. "Goddess forgive me!"

"You should have gotten a lock for your own girdle, Queen Hippo!" Catwoman chortled in delight. "This is how I caught your stupid slut of a daughter, too. Well, as they say, 'like mother, like daughter'! What a pair of stooges!" Hippolyta rolled over and looked up in shock. Catwoman smashed the club into her flat, sculpted belly. Even those granite-hard muscles, bereft of the Divine Artifact, couldn't stand up to Hercules own club. Mighty Hippolyta curled up in a ball, holding her middle, gasping for breath. Clinging to the bars of her cell, Wonder Woman sobbed in grief. The Amazon Princess couldn't believe anyone could do this to her mother. Supergirl patted her hand in sympathy, despairing herself, to see their last hope of rescue fading.

Of course, even without Hera's Girdle, Queen Hippolyta was as dangerous as a tigress on the prowl. The two girdles increased strength, only in proportion to the wearer's original strength. Hippolyta was so much more powerful than the evil Catwoman that, even now, it was unlikely Catwoman's strength exceeded that of her foe. Only the injuries she had inflicted upon the Queen with Hercules's club, gave Catwoman any chance for an equal contest.

You're mine now, Hippy!" Catwoman laughed, overconfidently. She threw away the club. "I'll finish you with my bare hands, you big cow!" She crowed, arrogantly. Technically speaking, Catwoman's hands weren't bare, at all, for she still wore her weighted, brass-knuckled gloves, not to mention, similar enhancements, to her high-heeled cat-boots, her knees and elbows. Driven by the force of Wonder Woman's Girdle around her waist, these might be near as deadly, as the terrible club, itself. Catwoman quickly demonstrated that deadliness.

As Hippolyta sought her feet, Catwoman kicked her in the jaw. On her knees, the blow raised the Queen six inches, before it flattened her, again. Though the solid kick dizzied her, Hippolyta, the seasoned warrior of myriad campaigns, rolled away, and on the second try, made it to her feet. Laughing nastily, Catwoman gave her enemy no respite. Her weighted fists flying like lightening, she pounded the tall Queen's face and bosom, driving her backward. Unused to retreating from any enemy, Hippolyta gave ground grudgingly.

Perhaps, the Queen proudly took more punishment than was wise, in her reluctance to show weakness, before this insolent, evil, feline, creature. The punishment was terrible, too, for Catwoman was never so happy as when injuring her prey. Now, she was in ecstacy, inflicting such pain on this magnificent womanly foe. Her left fist smashed into Hippolyta's eye, almost closing it. Her right fist smashed her ripe mouth, and Hippolyta tasted blood. Next, a fist seeming ridiculously small in comparison, speared Hippolyta's enormous right boob, with distressing results. As the stricken Queen tried to get her breath, another fist struck that classic Athenian nose, with unerring accuracy. Blood spurted down Hippolyta's beautiful face, mingling with the blood already trickling from the cut in her scalp, opened by her own mighty club. Then Catwoman started all over again, eyes mouth, bosom, nose, always striking savagely, and seldom missing her targets.

Relentlessly harried by her smaller foe, Queen Hippolyta could never recover the initiative, and Catwoman battered her back, step by step. Hippolyta's ears were ringing and she was seeing double. Catwoman's pounding fists battered the mighty Warrior Queen against a great tree. As Catwoman forced her back against the trunk, Hippolyta was almost grateful for the support it lent her, but now retreat was cut off. She winced in pain, as a deadly fist struck her on the ear. Her long ebony and ivory mane tossed wildly, as Catwoman battered her face from side to side. Slumped against the tree, Hippolyta's mighty legs were spread wide. Catwoman stepped in close grabbed Hippolyta's two formidable biceps, for maximum support, and rammed her weighted knee up into the Queen's crotch.

"Owwww!" Hippolyta's mouth opened in a wide "O" of misery. The tall, broad Queen clutched her throbbing hurt genitalia. Until now, Catwoman had hardly attacked Hippolyta's body, concentrating on her beautiful face, with an occasional detour to that imposingly regal bosom. Even though, those granite-sculpted, abdominal muscles had given some, when struck by the mighty club, they'd still looked invulnerable. Perhaps, after that devastating crotch-kick, they'd be a bit more amenable to punishment? Catwoman took a half-step back, and lanced a punch dead- center into the Queen's belly, scarce missing those glossy, raven, pubic curls. Hippolyta gasped again, as the blow's stunning force paralyzed her entire lower body. The next punch met with even less resistance. On the third try, Catwoman buried her fist as deep in that once invulnerable belly, as she had in the softer flesh of the Queen's enormous boob. Whatever breath left in Hippolyta's lungs, whooshed out.

Now, Catwoman threw caution and restraint to the winds. The vile villainess stood flat-footed, to pack the maximum power of the Amazon Girdle behind her deadly fists. She hammered away with both fists, like twin jack-hammers battering the Queen's magnificent, once-invulnerable abdomen to jelly. Hippolyta would scarce admit it, but any hope of taking the offensive was long gone. With quiet desperation, she did her best to block Catwoman's devastating attack. Without Hera's Girdle to power her Amazon bracelets, Catwoman blasted right through her enfeebled defense.

Knowing one more such punch would be her undoing, the Queen turned away from the vicious villainess. Catwoman nailed her with another pile- driver in the small of her back. The blow rammed Hippolyta face-first against the tree. Her belly received more punishment, but it was chiefly her enormous, Queenly bosom that suffered the most painful damage, rasping against the rough tree bark. Then scarcely pausing for a breath, Catwoman continued with her deadly two-handed barrage, now targeting the Queen's rippling, lower back. Hippolyta's great, tawny body shuddered at each punch. Now, she had lost even the slight protection her bracelets had afforded. She wrapped her arms around the tree trunk, and clung to it for support, as her groans grew ever louder.

Catwoman spun her around by her upper arm. The Queen looked at the villainess in dumb-founded shock. No Amazon Queen, was ever so badly drubbed in single combat, and no Amazon ever, by a non-amazon, save for her own Princess-daughter. Amazons would forever remember Hippolyta and Diana, once their greatest of Heroines, as objects of derision, disgraced by ignoble defeat! Catwoman espied the shamed despair, clouding those flashing, black eyes. Grinning evilly, Catwoman delivered the coup de gras, one final punch delivered with all the awesome power she now commanded, directly into Hippolyta's solar-plexus.

The Queen's noble body bent in two, like a great tree, toppling, one somehow felled by a tiny child with a toy hatchet. Catwoman smashed her weighted elbow down on the back of Hippolyta's neck. That blow would have crushed a lesser woman's upper vertebrae. Even mighty Hippolyta saw flashing lights in her head, when it struck. Another wallop to the side of her head knocked her off her feet. Hippolyta scrabbled at the dirt for purchase to raise her body, but it didn't look like she'd make it to her feet anytime soon. Catwoman went to work on the fallen warrior woman with her feet, kicking boobs, belly and kidneys, as Hippolyta rolled one way then another. The Queen's desperate efforts to avoid Catwoman's feet did her little good. Whichever way she rolled, Catwoman's sharp pointed toes would invariably find some vulnerable spot, to inflict pain. In their cells, Wonder Woman and Supergirl, sorrowfully heard the loud, heartbreaking groans of agony from the fallen Queen. As Hippolyta rolled on the ground in agony, the despicable Catgirl zoomed her camera in, to catch the torment of that strong, beautiful face.

Catwoman leaned down and grabbed Hippolyta between her legs, sharp, metal claws pinching and scratching that gorgeous, most intimate of Royal erogenous zones. The Queen shrieked in torment.

"Aaiiieeee! Let go, you foul witch! Let go!"

Catwoman responded with a savage triumphant laugh. "What's the matter Hippo? Never had a pussy massage, from a cat before? I'm awfully glad you came to play with me! My claws are a little sharp, though and you may not be having as much fun, as I am! You'll get used to it soon enough, or maybe not! I know, you're pathetic little daughter doesn't like to play with me, any more! She whines and whimpers, whenever I touch her!" As she taunted the near helpless Amazon, Catwoman continued clawing. Hippolyta helplessly writhed about the ground, in horrendous agony. Catwoman stood up, and pulled the Queen's noble form half off the ground, then dropped her. Hippolyta's mighty buttocks bounced once, before she lay still.

When Catwoman let her, go, Queen Hippolyta curled up in a ball, massaging her wounded genitalia, still wailing at the pain. Momentarily posing for Catgirl's camera, Catwoman ostentatiously threw away her infamous gloves. Speaking into the camera, she intoned boastfully. "I guess I don't need these! Not for this pitiful, overgrown cow, anyway!"

Catwoman contemptuously reached down and rolled Hippolyta over on her back again, and grabbed her by the nipples. Hippolyta squawked in shock, at the new torment, as Catwoman cruelly clasped her inch-and-a- half, long thick nipple spikes tightly between her claws. The pain was excruciating. Now, Catwoman used the power of Wonder Woman's Amazon Girdle to lift her mother, first pulling her to a sitting position, then pulling her erect. Hippolyta shrieked as Catwoman lifted her up on her feet and then off them. "A little trick I learned in prison!" Catwoman crowed. "Ever heard of the 'nipple-hang'?"

Catgirl remembered Catwoman, in a very rare convivial mood, telling her about Irene Simpson, her cell-mate during her last incarceration. This Simpson woman insisted on calling herself Asp, and dreamed of becoming a super-villainess. The woman was always talking about getting revenge against a certain superheroine who had sent her to prison. (See Council of Righteousness Chronicles. Volumes I and II, by GW) One of the things, Irene delighted in dwelling on, was a new hold she thought of in her perverted daydreams. She called it the "nipple-hang."

Though, Catwoman thought this Asp a little deranged, she had been intrigued by the nipple-hang. It seemed such a delicious way to finish off some overly-confident superheroine. Once she acquired Wonder Woman's Amazon Girdle to give her the strength to perform such a feat, she couldn't wait to try it out. The unfortunate Queen Hippolyta was the first, new victim to make herself available, for experimentation.

Queen Hippolyta shrieked, again and again, as Catwoman lifted her on tiptoe, by her tender nipples. Hippolyta's toes clawed at the ground for support, but found none! Catwoman raised her arms higher, until she suspended Hippolyta's entire 275 pound body from her nipples. Hippolyta's enormous breasts stretched like taffy. Her sandaled feet danced desperately, but uselessly in mid-air. That glorious silver-raven mane flung this way in that, in her terrible misery. Perhaps, if Hippolyta was not an Amazon, her nipples would have been ripped from her enormous breasts!

"Aaaaugghhhhhh!" "Aaaaugghhhhhh!" Hippolyta's shrieks pierced the air. Her despairing daughter, once called Wonder Woman, slumped to her knees, and buried her head in her arms. She hopelessly tried to drown out the awful sounds of her courageous mother's horrible suffering. Even the endurance of an Amazon Queen has limits. At last, near mercifully, Hippolyta's eyes rolled upward, and her mighty body sagged in defeat.

Catwoman savagely bounced Hippolyta's limp body up and down, in one final act of cruelty. With a snort of disgust, Catwoman flung the unconscious Queen away from her.

Catwoman stole up to her victim. Hippolyta lay on her side, one mighty hip cocked in the air, one arm covering her face. Though unconscious, she was still moaning. Catwoman hopefully toed the mighty body, now so pitifully helpless, as other felines do, when, after toying with some victim, overlong, the unfortunate creature no longer responds to sadistic play. Catgirl came closer with the camera, catching in full, the calamitous downfall of the fabled Amazon Queen. Catwoman posed with her foot on Hippolyta's upthrust hip, then kicked the Queen over on her back, and posed, first with her foot on that heroic bosom, and finally resting on Hippolyta's groin.

"Bring her inside!" Catwoman ordered Catgirl. The former Batgirl tried to pull the Queen's enormous body but couldn't budge it.

"You're useless!" Catwoman laughed in a good mood. She adjusted the wrist control of Supergirl's collar to increase her strength. "I've got a better idea, anyway, get me Superslut, and Wonder Wimp. Let them carry this big, musclebound hippo to her new home!"

Catgirl released the two subjugated superheroines from their cells. By now Supergirl was sobbing as hard as Wonder Woman, at the frightful, unbelievable defeat of the mighty Queen Hippolyta. Their hopes, so high only moments before, were now dashed in so brief a time.

The vain Catwoman had thought of some new poses for her victim and herself. Queen Hippolyta was suspended by her bound hands and feet from a long pole, borne on the shoulders of her daughter and of Supergirl. It was as though the unfortunate Amazon Monarch were some innocent, jungle creature, wantonly molested by a vicious huntress. Catwoman strutted alongside her victim, as she forced Wonder Woman and Supergirl to parade about the Estate grounds, while Catgirl ran the camera.

Then Catwoman had another idea. She remembered a newspaper picture of billionaire sportsman Bruce Wayne, Batman's alter ego, posing beside a giant Marlin, he had caught off the Keys. She ordered her two slaves to string Queen Hippolyta up by the ankles, dangling her upside down. Then Catwoman posed beside the Queen, one hand resting negligently on the mighty club of Hercules, the other possessively on Hippolyta's genitalia. It was at this point that Wonder Woman collapsed to the ground, with a sad whimper of despair.

"Oh, for the love of heaven!" Catwoman snorted in disgust. "Catgirl, get the smelling salts! Does this dolt think she's the swooning heroine of some Victorian melodrama, or what?"

While Catgirl ran off on her errand, Catwoman ordered Supergirl to take Hippolyta down from her demeaning pose and take her to her cell. Once down, Supergirl picked up the mighty figure in her arms, as gently as she could. Hippolyta moaned. Her eyes flickered open, and seeing Supergirl, she murmured. "I'm sorry I failed you, and Diana! Please forgive me?"

Supergirl wept for the courageous woman and Queen, seeing her own hopeless despair, now beginning to dawn in the older woman's eyes. She carried Hippolyta to the empty cell, Catwoman indicated, and laid her tenderly on the pallet in the corner. A few moments later, Catgirl led Wonder Woman to the same cell. The despondent Amazon heroine was sobbing uncontrollably, her head bowed in despair. When Hippolyta and her daughter were safely locked away, Catgirl pushed Supergirl back into her cage and locked it. Catwoman once more drained her strength, by increasing the level of Kryptonite radiation from her collar.

Wonder Woman crouched on the floor of her cage, kneeling helplessly beside Hippolyta. The Amazon daughter still sobbed broken-heartedly. She could never forget watching the demonic Catwoman beat her idolized mother into unconsciousness, and then demean and debase her noble victim. The Queen had lapsed back into unconsciousness.

Sometime later that day, Queen Hippolyta sat in the corner of the cell, hardly moving, her eyes fixed straight ahead. Battered and bruised, she moaned each time she tried to move. Wonder Woman sat near her equally despondent. She had tried to comfort her mother and ease her suffering, but there was so little she could do! Hippolyta had patted her hand in mutual misery, but couldn't rouse herself, from the shock of her defeat, and the frightful beating Catwoman had inflicted on her. It was a traumatic blow to her regal pride and dignity.

Catgirl walked into the cell carrying a dish of food. "Hey Queeny, here's supper! Catwoman said I should feed you!" She snickered nastily to the unfortunate Amazon Queen. Hippolyta didn't look up, but continued to stare emptily into space.

Still laughing, Catgirl sat the unappetising mess down beside Hippolyta. When the Queen didn't respond, Catgirl kicked her in the side. "Supper Queeny! Are you deaf?"

Shaken out of her horrified revery, Hippolyta looked up unbelievingly. The haughty, forceful Amazon Monarch snapped. "How dare you speak to me like that, you impudent, young hussy? I am a Queen!"

"Not around here, you ain't, Queeny!" Catgirl snickered. "Well suit yourself! Catwoman said, you were to have this food, one way or the other!" Catgirl leaned over the distinguished, older woman and grabbed the ebony and ivory hair, at the back of Hippolyta's neck. Then, she roughly pushed her face down into the foul mess, and rubbed the Queen's aristocratic nose in it. By the time she let go, the disgusting food was up Hippolyta's nose, and in her mouth, and eyes. She was still gagging on it, as Catgirl sauntered toward the door. Hippolyta began to sob in shame, as she tried to wipe the sticky mess from her beautiful face. Her brokenhearted daughter looked on, weeping softly for her unfortunate mother.

Hearing the sobs, from both women, Catgirl turned back . "You stupid old sow!" She laughed. "Look at you, wallowing in garbage. You're no better than that filthy slut in the corner! Like Mother, like Daughter!"

"Leave my daughter, alone!" Queen Hippolyta wept. "Diana is an honorable Amazon Warrior. She may have been defeated in battle, but I am incredibly proud of her!"

"Oh yeah! The former Batgirl snickered. "Well watch this, then Queenie! Wonder Slut, come here!"

Wonder Woman looked up at her young tormentor miserably. Even in front of her mother, she no longer possessed the courage or will to resist either of her two vicious, feline mistresses. The enslaved superheroine obediently crept to her younger mistress, on hands and knees, her magnificent amazonian body so ill-suited to such a demeaning pose.

"Watch this Queenie!" Catgirl chortled, as she half-turned, and pointed to her behind.

Wonder Woman pathetically looked up at her former friend and ally, the misery plainly written in her sad, blue eyes. "Pl-please don't make me do that, Barbara?" She whimpered. "Not in front of my mother!"

Catgirl pointed again, and Wonder Woman wept softly in shame. How could she do such a thing in front of her royal mother's eyes? Yet she found herself terrified to disobey the vicious little redhead, she once thought her friend and ally. As Catgirl, the little redhead frightened her now, as much as the evil Catwoman. The big, magnificently beautiful, incredibly powerfully-built Amazon maiden abjectly pressed her trembling, pink lips, against Catgirl's leather-covered buttock, in a meek kiss of submission.

Queen Hippolyta buried her face in her hands, and wept in pity and shame for her beloved daughter.

Is there no hope, at all, for our three unfortunate heroines? What evil torments will Catwoman inflict on the noble Amazon Queen? Will Hippolyta fall as low as her unfortunate daughter Wonder Woman has?

To be continued in: "Superheroine Jeopardy. Part 6. Mating a Queen." Same Cat Channel! Same Cat Time

Superheroine Jeopardy part 5