Superheroine Jeopardy 09  


Superheroine Jeopardy Part 09. Lightening In The Sky. Mary Marvel Battles Catgirl

Catwoman captured, dominated and corrupted Batgirl, and turned her into Catgirl, an evil, younger clone of herself. The renegade crimefighter helped Catwoman capture, and break the spirits of Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Queen Hippolyta, and herself captured and raped Batman's young, crime fighting partner, Robin. In her arrogance, Catwoman then conquered Paradise Island and made herself Queen.


"Holy Moly, I'm glad that's done!" Mary Batson breathed, with a sigh of relief, as she rose from her impressive, new mahogany desk. In one brief, morning session, she'd rapidly and efficiently zipped through the mountain of work, that accumulated in her four-day trip to corporate headquarters. An unnecessary trip, in her opinion.

"Billy is such a stuffed shirt!" Mary thought in exasperation, of her brother. "He could just as easily have covered everything in a memo!" As she sat back in her luxurious executive chair, for a moment's breather, the new Director of WHIZ Cable-News glanced around her expensively furnished office with satisfaction.

"I've really made it now!" She thought, proudly. Then, she glanced at her watch, and jumped up.

"No time to sit around congratulating yourself, Girl! You've still got a lot to do today!" Mary hurried to the door, but paused a moment, to catch a glimpse of herself in the full length mirror. Her luncheon date was important, and she wanted to look her best. "I guess, I'll do!" She thought, pleased with her smart appearance, in short-skirted designer suit, that showed off her long, elegant legs to perfect advantage.

"Holy Moly! I look almost as impressive as Mary Marvel!" Mary Batson thought, with a secret little smile. "It's funny, how nobody ever notices how much we look alike. Of course, she's a lot bigger and more muscular, but I've got one heck of a figure myself, if I do say so, myself!" Even after all these years, it was exciting, and comforting, to know, she had only to say the name of the ancient wizard Shazam, to be transformed into that vital, irresistible superheroine, in white cape and bight red costume.

"And don't forget the yellow boots!" Mary grinned, at her reflection.

Outside her office, a crowd of subordinates instantly clustered around Mary, as though drawn to a magnet. The attention had little to do with her position of authority. Just as her alter ego, Mary Marvel, had grown into the magnificent superheroine, without equal in strength and crime-fighting skill, the young orphan girl had grown into a vital woman, of keen intelligence and compelling personality. Yet, it was more than drive and intelligence, that drew people to her. She seemed to have a kind word, an encouraging pat, or an apt compliment, for everyone in the room. She already knew everyone's first name or nickname, their children and grandchildren and even their pets. If only for a moment, each of them had her complete, rapt attention. She left, the room abuzz with admiration and affection for the dynamic young executive. Some people might call Mary charismatic, but most just thought of her as sweet and innocently charming, everyone's favorite sister.

Mary paused to tell her secretary. "Oh, Mrs. Simmons, I'll be a little late coming back from lunch. I have an appointment with Lois Lane." Even Mary couldn't get up the nerve to call the older woman by her first name. The stern, forbidding elderly beldame, ruled the office with an iron hand. It was said the forbidding, old lady was as efficient as a buzz saw, and as warmly emotional as a shark. She detested all slackers and frivolity. Yet, now, she simpered. "Oh, you take your time Dearie! You work too hard! You deserve to relax a little!"

People looked at each other, in disbelief. No one ever heard Mrs. Simmons express such sentiments. In the short time Mary had been there, the older woman had developed warm maternal feelings for her young boss.

As Mary left, Mrs. Simmons gushed. "Isn't she a dear?"

Aside from the satisfaction of the big promotion, Mary had an urgent personal reason for coming to Gothopolis. As she hurried to the restaurant, she mulled over Gothopolis's greatest mystery, the disappearance of the superheros and heroines, all her friends. Supergirl and Superman, then Wonder Woman had all just vanished, not to mention Batgirl, and now Dick Grayson, just as he was about to assume the mantle of Batman.

Mary was especially distressed over the disappearance of Supergirl and Wonder Woman. There was once an intense rivalry between Mary Marvel and Supergirl, but there was a strong bond, too. They'd both been teenaged superheroines, overshadowed by older, more famous, male superheros. As they grew to maturity, they became fast friends, despite the great geographical distance between their municipal home bases. Of course, for women who travel at the speed of light, distance is not really a problem.

Mary was most saddened by Wonder Woman's disappearance. When she's a young orphan, even a superheroine can be lonely, and Wonder Woman had been like a kind, understanding, older sister. Sometimes, Princess Diana had even brought Mary Marvel to her home on Paradise Island. Among those strong, confident, Amazon women, Mary Marvel had felt instantly at home. When the mighty Queen Hippolyta learned Mary Marvel was an orphan, she had treated her as another daughter, and Mary had come to love and revere the Queen, as a second mother. Much as they loved Mary, though, Amazon Law forbade any, but an Amazon, to know the location of Paradise Island, else, Mary Marvel would have flown to seek the aid and advice of Queen Hippolyta.

Neither could she contact Bruce Wayne. The wealthy bachelor had become a recluse, at his Florida Estate, refusing to see any visitors. He'd even refused to talk to his old comrade, Mary Marvel. That's why Mary was so eager to talk to the new Managing Editor of the powerful, influential Daily Planet. If anyone could give her a clue, to what was happening, it would be Lois Lane. At lunch, though, Lois was very uncommunicative.

"I suppose, she's afraid I'll try to scoop her?" Mary thought, but she soon decided there was more behind Lois's evasive behavior, than just professional rivalry. Lois had taken on a cold, hard veneer, and there was something shifty about her eyes, that Mary never noticed, when they'd met other times. Mary was a shrewd judge of character, and knew she would not have overlooked anything so blatant. When Mary mentioned Superman, Lois became especially evasive, as though she were guarding some guilty secret.

"I have no idea where he is! How would I know anyway? Why does everybody keep asking me?" Lois said, defensively, and swallowed half her Martini in a gulp, then added. "Moreover, I don't really much care!"

That was hard to believe! Lois's longtime crush on Superman was an ongoing joke among the news confraternity. Lois hardly ate, but gulped down four Martinis, while Mary sipped a glass of wine with her sandwich.

Mary left the restaurant, more puzzled then ever. "I'm sure she knows a lot more than she's telling! She didn't even seem proud of her promotion to Managing Editor!" Mary thought. "In fact, she acted guilty about it, as if she was ashamed of getting it!" Mary contrasted Lois's odd behavior, with her own joy at promotion. She'd been darn proud, and didn't care who knew it! "Well, if I can't get to the bottom of this, Mary Marvel will!" Mary Batson vowed.

Just then the beeper in her bag, went off. Mary checked in with Mrs. Simmons, to be told, that the First National Bank of Gothopolis was being robbed. "I'll cover that one, myself!" Mary told Mrs. Simmons. "I'm right near there."

"You, be careful, and don't get hurt, Young Lady!" Mrs. Simmons added urgently, before she hung up.

In the absence of the mighty heros, that Gothopolis had come to depend on, crime was rampant. Mary also suspected there was a pattern behind the heightened criminal activities. It was, as though, some underworld mastermind was coordinating and directing all criminal activity. Marry was sure the disappearances were in some way connected to this unseen, malignant, directing force, whoever it was.

Of course, since Mary Batson's arrival, Mary Marvel had done her best to fill the void, but even the redoubtable Mary Marvel couldn't be everywhere at once. Mary even thought of appealing to her brother for help. "He's gotten to be such a pompous ass, though, since he was named, CEO of Whiz Industries!"

Too, Mary was still miffed at her brother Billy, or WB, as he now liked to be called. Her dear brother had done his best to block Mary's appointment to WHIZ Cable-News. Only the personal intervention, from his hospital bed, of Mr Morris, the aged tycoon, who'd built WHIZ from a single radio station, to international, communications conglomerate, got her the job.

Dr. Sivana was right!" Mary thought, with a guilty giggle. "Captain Marvel is a Big Red Cheese! Gee, sometimes, I miss that old villain Sivana! He was so dedicated to evil, and he never accomplished a thing. Something always went wrong!" Mary would hate to admit it, but she was so soft-hearted, she couldn't even hate evil villains. She always saw their good sides. She even had a sneaking affection for incompetent, old Sivana. "Poor old Sivana, he kind of reminded me, of Wiley Coyote!" She thought. Then with a pang of sadness. "Oh, if only poor Freddy was still alive, he'd help me!" Brushing a way a tear, Mary muttered. "No time for reminiscing, now, not while there's a bank robbery, going down!" Mary darted, out of sight, into an alley. As she did, she pronounced the name "Shazam!" An incredible bolt of lightening flashed through the afternoon sky, and struck the spot where Mary Batson stood. Suddenly, in place of the youthful, news executive stood Mary Marvel, the World's Mightiest Girl.

"Holy Moly! Wow! That always feels so good!" Mary Marvel thought. "It's like sex, only better in some ways!" Just as Mary Batson matured into a strong, vital woman, so too, had Mary Marvel grown form a rather scrawny, but pretty teenager, into a magnificently beautiful figure of a woman. Strong, tall and commanding, her form had broadened into truly magnificent proportions, though curved in the most delightfully feminine manner.

Mary Marvel might have been truly intimidating to the average person, if it weren't for that sweet, understanding smile, that captivated everyone she met. Hardened criminals had been known to surrender hostages to her, without a fight, and vow to go straight, after a few minutes of Mary Marvel's warm, understanding sympathy.

Like a Canaveral rocket taking off, Mary Marvel flew straight into the sky, and moments later was circling Gothopolis First National. Just as she arrived, she spotted fleeing figures running from the building, with drawn guns. They leaped into two parked cars, which immediately sped away. Mary Marvel swooped down to the lead car, seized its rear bumper in her right hand, and stopped it dead. The driver of the second getaway car, saw her, and tried to ram the heavy vehicle into the slim figure in red.

As the car smashed to a halt, against her invulnerable body, Mary Marvel giggled. "That'll teach them to wear their seat-belts! Lucky, they've got airbags!" The World's Mightiest Girl grabbed the second car's front bumper, with her left hand, and flew straight into the air again, lifting both cars, with her. Moments later, she set them down in the parking lot, at Police Headquarters. She stayed long enough, to make sure the criminals surrendered their weapons, and were safely taken into custody.

As Mary Marvel flew back to the WHIZ Building, she heard a small boy crying from the street below. She had a million things to do, but it didn't matter. "Oh well, I"ll get them done, somehow!" She dropped to the pavement.

"Hi there! What's your name!" She asked, with an infectious grin.

"Cleavon!" The boy replied. His eyes opened wide in amazement. "You're Mary Marvel!"

"You guessed it, Cleavon! I'd rather you just called me Mary, though!"

"Can I really?" Cleavon answered, eyes still wide. Then he remembered. "Can you get my cat Elvis, down from there, M-mary?" He pointed to a nasty-looking, one-eared alley cat perched precariously, high up a utility pole.

"Well, Elvis looks pretty fierce!" Mary Marvel replied. "I'm afraid he might scratch me! I bet both of us, working together, can get him down, though!"

"Oh, he can't hurt you, Mary?"

"I'm not taking any chances!" Mary answered, and took Cleavon's waist. Slowly, they flew up to Elvis's perch. "Okay, you get him!" Mary whispered. Cleavon picked up the villainous-looking cat, who started purring.

Back on the ground, as Cleavon held Elvis in his arms, Mary Marvel reached out gently and touched the cat's head. Elvis twisted, so he could rub affectionately, against her hand, and purred loudly.

"See, he likes you!" Cleavon said.

"I guess, he's not so fierce, after all!" Mary admitted, with a sheepish grin.

As Mary Marvel flew off, Cleavon muttered. "Geez, she's nice! I wish she was my big sister!"

At the same moment, that Mary Marvel was helping Cleavon rescue his cat, in a secluded estate, outside Gothopolis, another drama was taking place. Catgirl, once known to the public, as the heroic Batgirl was stalking, a big, beautiful, naked, blond woman. Her victim was her betrayed former comrade Supergirl, once the mightiest Superheroine of Gothopolis, now the helpless slave of Catgirl's Evil Mistress, Catwoman.

Catgirl grinned with feline malignity. This should be fun! Supergirl looked so much healthier, now, then she had in some time. She had lost that dry, hacking cough, and that sickly, green pallor. The improvement in her health was due to the Amazon scientists that Catwoman enslaved, when she conquered Paradise Island. They managed to apply the gravitational principles used to power the invisible Amazon planes, to a tiny force generator. They had encapsulated the devise in a bracelet of Amazonium Metal. Locked on her wrist, the bracelet neutralized Supergirl's powers of flight, without causing the captive superheroine any other side effects.

Once certain, her unfortunate victim couldn't fly away, Catwoman felt comfortable setting the Kryptonite Control Collar around Supergirl's neck at a much lower level. At that level, the Kryptonite radiation that had been insidiously destroying Supergirl's health was no longer lethally toxic.

"The Blond Bimbo makes a much more useful pack horse, this way!" Catwoman decided. "I'd rather not kill the slut, if I can avoid it! She does a lot of useful work, scrubbing toilets and taking out the garbage. Not to mention the politicians who pay $10,000, for a night with Supergirl. All those porno videos, too! Besides, Catgirl seems addicted to her. She's always got those pink lips and blond hair buried between her thighs, the young rascal!" Sometimes, when things were going especially well, and Catgirl somehow managed to carry-out, every single one of her myriad commands, satisfactorily, Catwoman felt a near parental pride in her protegee.

Naturally, Catwoman had not wasted her Amazon scientists' time, developing the new bracelet, just because she was worried about Supergirl's health. She foresaw the need of such a device, to deal with a new threat on the horizon.

Though, at the lower Kryptonite Radiation level, Supergirl was, again, much stronger than Catgirl, she still fearfully backed away, from the smaller, slimmer redhead. Catwoman had taught Catgirl, to love these little games of domination. The two demonic felines had beaten all resistance from the hapless, blond heroine, yet she still detested capitulating to their sexual domination. Too frightened, to fight back anymore, she did her best to escape, but Catgirl rapidly cornered her. "Bad Girl!" Catgirl snorted. "Trying to play hard-to-get, with me!" She slapped Supergirl back and forth across the face, with Kryptonite-treated gloves, until the terrified blond sank, weeping to her knees. Lifting her short Cat-skirt, Catgirl settled down on Supergirl's face. Squatting on the weeping blond's face, it was hard to believe the servile slave obediently eating her avid pussy, was once the mighty Supergirl. Now the subjugated crimefighter meekly carried out every vile command Catwoman and Catgirl gave her.

Of course, Supergirl was bound by the Kryptonite Collar around her neck, but it had taken considerably more, than the collar, to break the proud, stiff-necked superheroine to Catwoman's leash. It had taken incredible torture and degradation, as well, but Catwoman had plenty of that to spare. And she had reveled in every minute of it.

Though, she was enjoying herself, Catgirl felt something lacking. She envied Catwoman, the joy of breaking Supergirl, and the two other wretchedly miserable women, in the cell next door. The mother and daughter, who were once Wonder Woman, and her mother the indomitable Amazon Queen of Paradise Island.

"I'd like the chance, to do that, to one of those arrogant, super bitches!" Catgirl thought. Even when she was the virtuous Batgirl, Barbara Gordon couldn't help harboring a secret envy, and grudge against heroines with super powers. "What a kick, it must be, I'd love to defeat one of those smug bitches, and then enslave her!" Catgirl thought, as Supergirl servilely serviced her. "The way they struggle so, against it, at first, is so delicious! They just can't believe, it's really happening to them!"

Just as Catgirl neared orgasm, Catwoman's voice grated over the intercom. "Catgirl get in here, damn it! Where are you?"

"Damn her! That bitch delights in interrupting me, when I'm having fun! She's always got some foolish thing for me to do!" Catgirl muttered, in vexation. She'd come to revere and admire the cold-hearted, feline dominatrix, and did her best to emulate Catwoman, but being her chief assistant was no easy task. Catwoman always had some whim or errand for her assistant to do.

"Let her wait a minute!" Catgirl thought, caressing her own erect breast, to speed her sexual fulfillment. A few moments later, she shuddered pleasurably, and then languidly rose, from the weeping, cum-stained beauty, between her thighs.

"Well. I better see what Her Highness wants?" Catgirl muttered, as she pulled down her cat-skirt around her otherwise naked loins. She sauntered brazenly, to Catwoman's office. As she left, Supergirl glared at the vicious, little redhead, with fierce hatred.

"That miserable, little bitch is worse than the other one, now!" Supergirl sniffed. "Oh, if I only had all my superpowers back? I'd show them!" But with a little sob of resignation, the crimefighter wondered, if even without the collar, she'd ever dare challenge those two, again. The vicious sadists did a very thorough job, of breaking her proud, free spirt. "Maybe, I'm such a pitiful weakling, that I deserve to serve them!" Supergirl wept, miserably.

When, Catgirl entered Catwoman's office, the older villainess was already drumming her long nails, impatiently. "Where have you been?" She demanded. "Oh, never mind! I suppose, you've been dallying with one of those super-sluts, again! Don't you have any self-control, Girl? You're at them every minute! Do you want to wear the stupid bitches out? Superheroines don't grow on trees, you know!" Catwoman smiled almost maternally, though, as she chided Catgirl, secretly pleased, with her protegee's progress.

"Well, enough cat-chit-chat! I have an important assignment for you, Catgirl. I just thought, we had all the superheros and heroines under control, and now another one's popped up. That smarmy, goody-goody bitch, Mary Marvel is sticking her nose into my business, every day. I just got word, she ruined that bank heist, we've been planning for the last three weeks!"

Catwoman pulled down a life-sized, roll up picture, of Mary Marvel, smiling shyly, as she accepted the thanks of the Mayor, for averting a natural catastrophe. "She does have a very sweet face, though, don't you think, so innocent and girlish? They say she's just as sweet in person. Everyone who meets her, just adores her!" Catwoman smirked, knowing Catgirl's feelings toward Mary Marvel.

Catgirl gritted her teeth, at sight of that sweet, beautiful face. Of all the superheroines, she'd always secretly envied, she resented Mary Marvel, the most. Mary Marvel was the most powerful, and the most beloved, of all of them, everyone's favorite crimefighter. "Boy, I'd love to smack that saccharine-smirk off her face!" Catgirl hissed. "Nobody can be that sweet!"

"Well, I hope you'll get the chance!" Catwoman replied. "I want you to deal with her!"

"Me?" Catgirl cried in dismay. "How am I supposed to deal with Mary Marvel? She doesn't have any weaknesses, like the others do!" Though, she'd been yeaning for a chance to bag herself, her own superheroine, the thought, of tackling the World's Mightiest Girl, alarmed Catgirl.

Catwoman smiled, serenely. "Don't worry! I've thought of that. Now, that I'm wearing Hippolyta's Girdle, as befits my exalted, new, Queenly rank, her slut daughter's Amazon girdle is just going to waste. I decided to let you try it on, for size!"

Catgirl liked the idea of possessing Wonder Woman's strength-giving, Divine Girdle, but still looked dubious. "Even so, Mary Marvel's still stronger than someone wearing that girdle!"

Catwoman glared at her, and Catgirl shut up, knowing she'd rather face Mary Marvel, any day, than incur Catwoman's wrath, ever again. "Well, I'll do my best!" She said, ingratiatingly, though without much conviction.

"I know you will, My Dear, and I know you'll succeed! Just make sure you do, though!" Catgirl gulped, wilting under the implied threat in those cold green eyes.

"Can I try it on?" Catgirl asked, changing the subject. She was suddenly excited at the chance to have super-powers, of her own.

"Yes, of course, My Dear!" Catwoman answered, suddenly smiling warmly again. "I want you, to get used to it, and master its powers, fully! You'll need them!" Catgirl silently said, "Amen!" to that.

"Mary Marvel's powers derive form the same Divine sources as do the powers of these Amazon girdles. My loyal Amazon scientists have come up with a few additional wrinkles, that may make things even easier for you!"

Catgirl fervently hoped so. In the following days, as Catgirl prepared for her encounter with Mary Marvel, Mary Batson continued her investigation into the superhero/heroine disappearances. The trail seemed always to lead back to a mysterious, cat-suited figure. "Catwoman!" Mary thought, but could one person do so much evil?

A week later, returning home, from a Press Banquet, late in the evening, Mary Batson spotted a catlike figure flitting through the dark, deserted City streets. Mary trailed the shadowy form to a vacant lot, in a deserted section of the City, due for renovation. The area overlay a vast catacomb of caves and abandoned tunnels. In spite of the danger, Mary was reluctant to transform into Mary Marvel, lest the lightening flash in the sky alert her quarry.

Mary Batson glanced around the dark lot warily. The figure she was following, had dropped from sight. Shrugging, she walked toward the center of the weed-grown space.

"Wish I had flat heels on!" Mary thought. "If I'm not careful, I'll break my ankle!" Intent on maintaining her footing, in the dark, brick-strewn area, Mary missed seeing the shadowy figure in black, concealed behind a pile of rubble, until a whistling noose suddenly settled around her shoulders. Caught by surprise, Mary gasped "Wha..?" struggling against the loop, as it tightened, binding her arms to her sides.

"Be silent! I command you!" A voice rang out. Too late, Mary half-turned, and saw a figure in a catsuit, holding the other end of a glowing lariat.

Mary tried to speak, the familiar name of the Wizard, but something held her back. "That's Wonder Woman's Magic Lasso!" Mary realized. "Where did this girl get it?" For she could see, though masked, this was evidently, quite a young, woman. Mary looked closer. Despite the cat-mask, there was something very familiar about the girl.

"If I didn't know better, I'd swear that's Batgirl's voice! But why...?" Mary thought. She knew, there was one person, who could get to the bottom of this mystery. She knew, too, that the power of Wonder Woman's Lasso depended upon the strength of will, of the user. She doubted, very much, that this young woman, even if she were by some improbability, Batgirl, possessed a stronger will, than her own.

Mary strained to utter that Word of Power. Her mouth was dry, and her forehead damp with perspiration. There seemed to be a band of steel constricting her throat. Mary Batson's body tensed, as she concentrated all her strong will. "Sh... Shazam!" Mary finally blurted out the word.

The night skies crashed! A tremendous bolt of lighting spurted from the sky, hitting the vacant lot, dead-center, in the exact spot, where Mary Batson stood! In that flash, Mary Batson became Mary Marvel, feeling that rush of incredible power flow into her body. As her muscles swelled and tightened to incredible shapeliness, her height increased by eight inches, and her bosom rose, higher on her more muscular chest, expanding like two balloons inflating with helium. In place of her chic, business suit, appeared a form-fitting, red costume, with an even shorter skirt, that bared the full length of those gorgeous legs, that seemed poured from molten gold. Only the good- natured grin on the beautiful face was the same.

"I compel you to obey me!" That familiar, youthful voice rang out again, though not so certain this time. Inwardly, though, Catgirl, for it was indeed Catgirl, was thinking. "Gottcha!" For Mary Marvel, the pressure of the lasso about her shoulders, was no more than a negligible annoyance. Mary smiled pleasantly, "I don't think so, Little Girl!" And she casually pulled the loop free of her astounding body.

"Be careful of that Lasso! It belongs to a friend of mine!" Mary Marvel warned the cat- suited figure. "I do believe that's her property around your waist, as well! What do you know about Wonder Woman's disappearance? A good deal, I'm afraid! Perhaps the Magic Lasso will work on you!"

"Only if you can catch me, you big cow!" The slim, redheaded girl laughed. She suddenly darted to one side, and vanished into a shaft, leading to the underground world of caves and tunnels.

"Holy Moly, that was dumb!" Mary Marvel thought, berating herself, for letting the girl escape, so easily. "I didn't see that shaft, there. She must have planned that, all along! I must be slipping! Well, no use crying over spilled milk. " Mary Marvel thought and dropped to the bottom of the shaft. "Darn it! Sometimes, I wish I had X-Ray vision like Supergirl! It'll take half the night to search all of those tunnels. Well, I best get started then!" She thought with good-natured determination.

Meanwhile, Catgirl rushed through the maze, following the trail of the Magic Lasso, recoiling it as she went. When, she confronted Mary Marvel, Catgirl held only one end of the variably long Lasso. The other end led to, and was securely grounded to, a device devised by Catwoman's Amazon scientists. Of course, that stickler for detail, Catwoman had insisted Catgirl memorize the entire maze, anyway. By the time Catwoman finished with her, Catgirl could run the rout, blindfolded. In bare seconds, the Lasso led to a medium-sized, low-ceilinged chamber. Behind one wall was concealed an exotic new type of battery, or storage device.

The Amazon scientists determined that only a small portion of Shazam's lightening was actually used to transform Mary Batson into Mary Marvel. The Magic Lasso could be used as a conductor of that energy, and they were able to construct a battery that would store that tremendous excess, for Catwoman's exclusive designs. Catgirl knew that behind the wall, there was now stored enough energy to light and heat Gothopolis for a year. She must work quickly, though. Mary Marvel could be on her any moment.

Attached to Wonder Woman's, now Catgirl's, Amazon Girdle was a tiny version of the ingenious new battery. Once charged, it would incredibly amplify the powers of the girdle, perhaps increasing Catgirl's own strength to the level of Mary Marvel, herself. To give Catgirl another edge, strands of the Magic Lasso led to her Amazonium- weighted gloves and boots. So charged, they could be as dangerously painful to Mary Marvel, as conventional metallic weapons would be to a normal person. Hands trembling nervously, Catgirl charged the small battery from the larger.

Catgirl sighed pleasurably. She had already come to anticipate the thrill of donning the Amazon Girdle. Now, that thrill was enhanced ten-fold, by the charge of energy, that amplified the girdle's incredible powers.

"Let that simpering, goody-goody, bitch come, now!" Catgirl thrilled. She quickly concealed the battery and Magic Lasso behind a panel. Now she was ready! Just then, Catgirl heard a sound from the outer corridor. She flattened herself against the wall by the single door, and waited, heart thumping with excitement, a feline hunter anticipating the chase.

Once she descended the shaft, Mary Marvel rapidly searched the myriad tunnels and passages. Then she saw a light coming from a room at one end of a long passage. She sped to the open doorway, on foot. All of the ceilings down here were too low, to use her flying ability, advantageously.

Mary pushed boldly into the room. A lesser mortal might proceed with caution, but what had Mary Marvel, the World's Mightiest Girl, to fear? The shock was, therefore, all the greater, when a small hard fist struck from behind, and knocked her to her knees.

Mary Marvel shook her head, to clear it, a little dizzy, from the sneak attack. "Holy Moly! What hit me?" She thought, in bewilderment. "That felt like the time, I was hit by that asteroid in outer space. I wasn't injured, but it sure made me dizzy!"

Mary Marvel wasn't particularly fazed by the attack, just curious. She turned to see the cause. It was the nasty, little, redheaded girl, in the Catsuit. As Mary Marvel looked at her, wonderingly, the girl struck again, smashing her fist into the side of Mary's head. Unbelievably, the punch knocked Mary Marvel to the floor.

"Okay, Honey! That's enough of that!" Mary Marvel muttered, as she jumped to her feet. For just a moment, though, her legs wobbled. "Holy Moly!" That punch was a lot more potent, than she'd first guessed!

Catgirl noted the momentary hint of weakness, with relief. "Those scientist bitches were right! If you hit Miss Goody-two-shoes, hard enough, with these energized Amazonium knuckles, she feels it! Ha! That was just a tap! Wait til I really open up on her!"

Recovering her equilibrium, Mary Marvel stood, long, gorgeous legs apart, hands on well-rounded hips. She shook her head sadly. Even now, Mary Marvel was unconcerned for her personal safety. The generous-spirited superheroine looked at her foe, half-admiringly.

"That was quite a punch, Girl! We could use you on the good-guy team!" Catgirl snickered. "Yeah, maybe you could, Honey, but when I'm finished mopping up the floor with you, there won't be any good-guy team. You're the last one, Sweetheart. All your pals are locked up where they won't bother anybody, anymore!"

As Catgirl boasted, Mary Marvel thought "She's a cocky little witch! I'll say that for her! It's too bad she's on the wrong side! I really hate to do this to her! Unfortunately, I guess, I don't have any choice!"

As Catgirl spoke, she eased closer to the tall, shapely, red-clad figure. Without warning, Catgirl's foot lashed out. She savagely kicked Mary between her confidently- spread legs. Catgirl felt her toe land just where she'd aimed.

"Terrific! Right in the pussy! Let's see how the arrogant, sanctimonious twit likes that?"

In fact, Mary Marvel didn't like it at all! The kick doubled her over in unfamiliar agony, nearly paralyzing her. A scarlet haze washed over her mind. Naturally, she knew pain as Mary Batson, but the superheroine never experienced it as Mary Marvel, before. Though brave a lioness, her super body lacked any preparation for blocking it out of her awareness. It was a terrible physiological shock! "Holy Moly, that hurts!" She gasped silently. Mary noticed she was trembling from the aftershock. "I guess I better get used to getting hurt she thought, eyeing her grinning foe.

Trying her best to ignore the throbbing, all-too-intimate pain, Mary Marvel had to take a deep breath, before she could gasp aloud. "You, nasty little snot! That's not fighting fair!"

Catgirl laughed nastily. "Tough, Bitch! Like, it's fighting fair, when you use your super powers to hit people?"

The high-minded heroine couldn't deny the truth of Catgirl's charge. When it was necessary to hit even the worst criminal, no matter how much they deserved it, Mary Marvel always felt like a bully. Hurting anyone was so repugnant to her, that she'd go to any lengths to avoid it. She'd never taken any martial arts training, afraid that would make her even more dangerous.

Mary was still stooped over from the kick, when, a hard fist smashed into her nose. Once again, there was that unfamiliar shock of pain. It felt like one of Shazam's lightening bolts lancing through her brain. Mary's mouth dropped open in shock. She stumbled away from the smaller girl.

"Oooh that hurts! Wow! I better get it, together, or she IS going to mop up the floor, with me!" Catgirl was coming at her! Mary had one hand clapped to her smarting nose, while she still nursed the vicious pain between her legs with the other. She gasped, as she did her best, to straighten up. She desperately raised her fists, the way she'd seen boxers do. She knew, she really didn't know anything about self-defense. When you're the World's Mightiest Girl, you don't worry about it. Even as Mary Batson, it was not a concern. She just said Shazam, and....

Mary Marvel's thoughts were rudely interrupted, when Catgirl shot another punch, through her amateurish defense. A left fist struck her cheek, spinning her in a half- circle. "Wham! Bam! Pow!" Three more punches pounded her kidneys.

Mary Marvel stumbled away, then doggedly turned back, and raised her hands again. She threw a punch, but Catgirl ducked under it, and Mary's fist whistled harmlessly over her head, with a enough power to stop, a speeding freight train. Mary put everything she had into the punch, and when it missed, she swung half-around. Catgirl snuck two short jabs into Mary's side. Already off-balance, Mary stumbled and nearly fell. Though lacking any martial arts experience, the red-clad crimefighter was graceful as a gazelle, and instantly recovered her equilibrium.

Mary Marvel furiously threw another roundhouse right, but Catgirl deflected it in mid-air. She instantly retaliated, with a hard, right fist in Mary's tummy, really low in her tummy. Mary's mouth gaped open, in pained surprise. Catgirl closed it, with a left uppercut. Mary shook her head, to clear it, and her shimmering, brown hair danced charmingly around her beautiful face. She threw another punch, that Catgirl caught harmlessly on her metal-shod glove. The impact stung Mary's knuckles.

"Darn it!" Mary Marvel thought, in consternation, as she tried to dodge a straight left flying toward the center of her face. She almost succeeded, but the blow grazed her jaw, with enough force to toss her hair about, some more.

Then, Mary thought she saw an opening. Catgirl's face was right in front of her, unguarded. Mary Marvel swung, for all she was worth. At the last second, Catgirl ducked, and fired a devastating right into Mary's middle. As she doubled over in anguish, Mary ruefully realized, the cagey redhead set her up.

"Holy Moly, that hurt!"

Grinning like a Bengal tigress, Catgirl bored in at her big, beautiful foe. Mary retreated warily, not soon enough, though. Before she got clear, Catgirl was all over her. It seemed that those small, relentless fists flew at Mary from every direction. It was bewildering to say the least, not to mind painful. Despite the speed of Catgirl's attack, it was carefully aimed and coordinated. The small redhead was an expert, every punch landed and hurt.

Catgirl virtually ignored Mary Marvel's amateurishly upraised arms. They were no obstacle, at all. Catgirl just pushed them aside, or whizzed over, under, or around them. Catgirl battered her superheroine foe backward, until she trapped her in a corner. Mary couldn't retreat any further. The dizzying attack was taking its toll. Her arms felt too heavy to lift, not that it did much good, when she did. A really hard, right smashed into her left eye, and Mary Marvel blinked back tears of pain. That was an unpleasant first, for the invincible heroine.

Catgirl bored in at her foe's slim, taut middle. At the first few belly punches, Mary stiffened her corded, abdominal muscle into a rigid washboard. Now, as each punch took its additional toll, that got progressively harder to do. Finally, one of those vicious, belly punches took her breath away, and paralyzed her, from bust to crotch. Catgirl followed-up with another wicked punch, that blasted through the straining muscle wall, and Mary's face turned white. She clenched her fists stubbornly, or she would have keeled over, from the awful shock.

Catgirl always resented girls with bigger boobs then her own, and Mary Marvel's were incredibly bigger. "I wonder if superheroines get implants?" Catgirl wondered. "Let's see!" She targeted Mary's awesomely large bosom, sinking five or six punches into each jutting, high-set, perfectly-formed breast.

"There, you, big, overgrown, red clown! See how you like me popping those big balloons?" Catgirl chortled maliciously. The way her fists sank into that succulent flesh, with such a delightful squish, Catgirl reluctantly admitted, that Mary's bosom was all her own. "Good! All the better!" She thrilled, as she drilled another fist, dead-center into Mary's huge, right breast, and watched Mary's mouth twist in a tormented grimace.

"Oh, my boobs!" Mary grieved silently, wishing her costume was equipped with a built- in bra. By now, she wasn't even trying to land any punches herself. She was bent over, busy trying to protect her tummy and prominent boobs, from Catgirl's cruel fists.

Mary had a brief flashback to a schoolyard fight, she had as a young teen, before Shazam granted her the power to change to Mary Marvel. The other girl repeatedly hit her newly budding, young bosom, like that, and it had hurt. Now Catgirl's stinging, ruthless blows were hurting Mary Marvel a lot more. Mary Batson leaped on top of the other girl and pinned her to the ground. She held the girl there, until she gave up.

"Well, here goes!" Mary Marvel thought, adopting the successful tactic from her youth.

Mary leaped at Catgirl from the crouch she was in. Like a diver entering a shallow pool, she flew an inch off the floor, using her flying power to gain tremendous momentum.

"Oh, shit!" Catgirl gasped. It seemed like a bright red, freight train coming at her, and she was glued to the tracks. Mary Marvel crashed into the evil, young villainess, and bowled her over. Catgirl fell flat on her back, and, a split-second later, Mary Marvel's big body crashed down on top of her, knocking the breath out of her. Catgirl's legs were splayed wide apart, and Mary landed between them, right on her pussy.

"Goddam Bitch!" Catgirl wailed, in stunned amazement. Though dazed, Catgirl reflexively wrapped her slim, strong legs around Mary's waist.

Mary Marvel's huge breasts bobbed in Catgirl's face. The redhead wanted to bite one, but she was afraid that invulnerable flesh might damage her sharp, white teeth. For a moment, Mary just lay on top of the leather clad villainess. She was still a little woozy herself. She saw, that she had a clear shot at Catgirl's face with her fists, She cocked her right fist, then hesitated, indecisively "I don't want to kill her!" Mary worried, soft- heartedly. Instead, she grasped Catgirl's wrists, seeking to pin them to the floor.

The brief respite was enough for Catgirl to draw on the power of the supercharged Amazon girdle. Her body stiffened. With a convulsive wrench, she clamped her legs together around the heroine's svelte middle, with the power of a bear-trap snapping shut.

"Aawwk!" Mary Marvel felt the enormous power of those slim legs, enhanced by the Amazon Girdle and Shazam's Lightening.

"Holy Moly! She'll break my back!" Mary experienced an unfamiliar stab of anxiety. Our heroine struggled to pin the redhead's wrists to the floor, but they thrashed with the power of an ungrounded, high-voltage electrical cable. Catgirl wriggled her right hand free, and caught Mary's left wrist. Unbelievably, Catgirl's grip numbed Mary Marvel's arm and hand.

"Holy Moly! She's strong!"

Now, Catgirl found the leverage to roll Mary over on her side. Rather than roll on top of the bigger girl, she stopped there. Mary struggled frantically, to escape those terrible, crushing thighs. Catgirl relaxed her legs for a spit-second. In her frantic struggles, Mary twisted on her back, just where Catgirl wanted her.

Catgirl squeezed even harder, now. "Gottcha Bitch!" She thought smugly. From this angle, she exerted maximum pressure on her valiant foe's middle. Mary gagged in distress, as those slim legs scissored her tummy, with a devastating pressure, completely out of proportion to their size.

"Ggghhhhh!" Mary Marvel's body arched in agony. Her grip on Catgirl's left wrist slackened, and a moment later, Catgirl was gripping Mary's right wrist, too. Catgirl glanced at her foe's broad chest, wonderingly. Mary's enormous boobs bulged upward, from the terrible force of Catgirl's legs.

"Wow! This bitch has bigger boobs than Wonder Slut, maybe as big as Queen Hippy, herself?" Catgirl let go of Mary's left wrist, and jealously grabbed her right boob, instead. She pinched the erect nipple, through the thin material of her costume, and Mary Marvel squawked in distress. The vise around her middle held her immobile; she couldn't reach Catgirl with her left hand, and Catgirl had her right hand immovably. Catgirl was free to torment her sensitive breast, with feline savagery.

"Oww! Let go, you, Nasty Witch!"

Catgirl laughed in delight. Catgirl's pressure on her middle, and torment of her breast, was making Mary Marvel sick to her stomach. Her long, superbly-sculpted legs kicked with mighty power, totally uselessly. As she struggled hopelessly, her short, red skirt rode up around her hips, exposing the full glory of her gorgeous, white thighs, so packed with dense, shapely muscle. Mary frantically flung her head, from side to side, and her shimmering, brown hair bounced about her head.

Catgirl drew little jolts of power to convulsively stiffen her thighs. The deadly pressure on Mary Marvel's solar plexus, paralyzed her whole body. She saw spots in front of her eyes. Her big body shuddered. Feeling that magnificent, womanly body, so superbly sculpted from living muscle, powerlessly trapped between her own hot, grasping thighs, intoxicated Catgirl. She felt hot wetness in her pussy. "Oh, this is such fun!" She thought in delight. "Look at that misery on her face! Nobody ever hurt the big bitch before, and she doesn't like it, and she can't do a thing about it!" She shivered in ecstacy.

Mary felt consciousness slipping away. "Got to hold on!" She resolved urgently. Try as she might, though, she couldn't hold on any longer. For a second, things went black. Catgirl felt that big, shapely body go limp. She was just a little tired, herself, now, and released her foe's body. She stood up, taking a deep breath. "That was glorious fun!" She thought.

It was only a few seconds, before Mary's eyes fluttered open, again. She realized, she was free, but lay there a moment, trying to get her breath and bearings, one hand pressed to her sore tormented breast. Catgirl didn't give her time to recover. She grabbed the golden lightening bolt, on the bosom of Mary's scarlet costume, with both hands, and roughly hauled the World's Mightiest Girl to her feet.

Mary Marvel's long legs trembled coltishly, as she tried to keep them under her. The room spun in circles, and she momentarily saw two Catgirls, as if one wasn't too many. Before Mary's vison cleared, Catgirl slapped her face, with such stunning force, that she spun around, away from her foe.

With Mary Marvel's back to her, Catgirl kicked the taller woman, in her boldly-rounded behind, slammng her into the stone wall. Mary's invulnerable body crumbled the granite, like dry cracker crumbs. When the reeling heroine stumbled backward, she left a life-size impression of her magnificent body in the stone. Still behind her foe, Catgirl grabbed two handfuls of shimmering, brown hair, and yanked, with all her Amazon-augmented power, until Mary squealed aloud. The nasty feline judo- tossed the big superheroine, by her hair.

Still in shock, the judo maneuver, so surprised our heroine, that she didn't even think of using her flying powers, to break the fall. She landed on her side, and a split-second later, Catgirl's toe stabbed into her kidney, rolling her on her face. Mary tried to get up on hands and knees, but Catgirl kicked her in the belly from underneath. As her back arched in the air, the breath whooshed from Mary's lungs. Rolling away, as fast as her aching body could move, she exposed her belly, and Catgirl leaped high in the air and came down feet first on her middle. Mary Marvel jack-knifed in agony. As Catgirl stood on her caved-in abdomen, Mary desperately grabbed for her leather-clad legs, but, with a silvery laugh, the wily feline deftly jumped to safety.

After a lifetime of invulnerability, Mary Marvel was learning about all aspects of pain, in one short, brutal lesson It was a lesson, Catgirl gloried in teaching. Mary couldn't believe how much it hurt, just to stumble to her feet, again. Her short, white cape had twisted, around to the side, hampering her right arm. Catgirl was on her in an instant. Catgirl's fist smashed her ripe lips. Mary was shocked to realize, that taste in her mouth was blood. That was a disquieting new sensation! Those small deadly fists ruthlessly battered her backward. Near defenseless, for the first time in her career, Mary Marvel gulped back a lump of fear in her throat.

Catgirl hammered the devastated superheroine up against the wall. Pressing close, she pounded her fists into Mary Marvel's belly, in short deadly jabs. As she punched the gasping, brown-haired girl, Catgirl savagely rammed her knee into Mary's crotch. This was the second assault on her genitalia in the fight, and it was even worse this time. Catgirl's knee lifted Mary up on her toes. Mary shrieked in terrible anguish. The pain was so harsh, her powerful legs froze. Her wobbly knees knocked together, as she clasped her luscious thighs together, to ease the terrible wound to her womanhood; then her back slid limply down the wall.

Crouched at Catgirl's feet, Mary Marvel was too tempting a target to resist. The feline sadist took two steps back, and with savage pleasure, buried her sharp-pointed toe in Mary's huge, up-tilted, right breast. That hard-driven kick knifed through all of that resilient flesh, and nearly cracked the rib beneath. Once again, Mary felt intolerable pain. Her long, swan's neck arched backward, as she bared her strong white teeth, in a howl of agony.

In the aftermath of that kick, Mary Marvel slumped against the wall for support. Paralyzed by the pain, her head drooped, chin on her chest, long, brown hair half covering her beautiful face. Catgirl grasped Mary Marvel's chin, and lifted her face up, for inspection. Mary's big, brown, doe's eyes were glazed, and glistening with tears, from the pain. With a thrill of delight, Catgirl saw the trickle of blood at the corner of the superheroine's ripe, pink mouth.

"I guess our invincible heroine, Mary Marvel, isn't so invincible, after all!" Catgirl thought, smugly. She leisurely slapped Mary across the face, with all her super- powered strength. Just before the blow landed, Catgirl was especially gratified, to catch a gleam of fear, in those big, brown eyes. The slap snapped Mary's head sideways. Her big, beautiful body trembled, apprehensively. Catgirl slid her hands under Mary's armpits, and lifted the mauled crimefighter up on her feet, again. With the last bit of her fast-waning strength, Mary Marvel wearily raised her hands in that futile, untutored gesture of defense.

Mary's eyes darted desperately around the room. She saw the door, over Catgirl's shoulder. "Holy Moly, maybe, I can dodge past, and get away from her!" She thought, with a gleam of hope. But then she straightened her shoulders, with a painful little shrug. "N-no! I won't run away! I'm Mary Marvel!"

Mary gamely swung her aching arm at Catgirl's face. Catgirl easily moved her head aside, and the punch missed. Mary's heart sank in discouragement. "Oh, can't I even hit the nasty snot, at least once?" Still, she pluckily resolved to go down swinging, if she must go down.

Catgirl laughed contemptuously, and put her hands on her hips. She dodged Mary's feeble blows with ease, just shifting her weight and moving her head, aside. It was Mary, who almost keeled over, from the effort.

"You're really a terrible fighter, you know, Sweetheart?" Catgirl chortled, in contempt. "You should have stuck to rescuing kittens from telephone poles! They don't have claws like this Kitten!"

Ignoring Mary's last enfeebled blow, Catgirl ducked into a crouch, and grabbed the bigger woman around the waist. When she straightened up, she lifted the big crimefighter, almost off the floor. Her arms crushed Mary's slim, steely middle like a compacter. Mary's back arched, in a pained bow, her long hair falling down the middle of her broad muscular back. She groaned in misery, and beat and pried at Catgirl's shoulders and upper body, but it was useless. The cruel redhead was unyielding. She squeezed Mary's limp body, until the beautiful brunette dangled lifelessly in her arms.

When Catgirl did set Mary Marvel down, the heroine stumbled away. Once more, she raised her hands, this time, though, no longer in fists, but open, in a vain hope of blocking Catgirl's hammering punches. It looked very much like a gesture of supplication.

"Wow, the World's Mightiest Girl really looks scared, now!" Catgirl congratulated herself, as Mary Marvel backed warily away from her. Catgirl stalked the taller, more beautiful woman with blood lust in her eyes, avid for the kill.

"Okay, Sweetpea! It's time for nighty-night!" Catgirl laughed cruelly, as she cornered her prey. Mary Marvel saw that final punch coming, but there wasn't any way, she could avoid it. Catgirl put everything she had behind it, and that impossibly hard fist, driven with all that awful, stolen power, struck Mary Marvel squarely on the point of her chin. The force drove Mary up on tiptoe. She felt her toes leave the floor, she felt the terrible pain crash through her brain, she felt her magnificent scarlet-clad form crumple in a broken heap, at Catgirl's feet. Then, poor Mary felt nothing else, for a long time!

Catgirl prodded the fallen heroine with her toe. Mary whimpered, a little, but didn't respond. Her body was limp as a dishrag. She was definitely out cold!

Catgirl leaned over the fallen superheroine, and lightly, but possessively kissed her ripe bruised lips. "You're mine, now, Marvel Bitch!" Catgirl whispered fiercely, and extending her tongue, tasted the trickle of blood at the corner of Mary's mouth. "Ummm, delicious!"

Mary Marvel stirred uneasily, but didn't recover consciousness.

Oh, no! Not sweet Mary Marvel, too! Get up Mary, get up! You're our last hope for truth and justice! What horrors will the fiendish Catgirl inflict on our heroine, now, that she has knocked her out cold? And what are Catwoman's plans for her ever increasing empire of crime? Can nothing, or, no one, stop Catwoman and Catgirl?