Superheroine Jeopardy 07  


Superheroine Jeopardy Part 07 Bird in the Hand

Catwoman has captured, dominated and corrupted Batgirl, also know as Barbara Gordon, and turned her into Catgirl, an evil, younger clone of herself. The renegade crimefighter helped Catwoman capture, and break the spirits of Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Queen Hippolyta.

Now that Catwoman had come to trust her new protegee, Catgirl, she allowed Barbara Gordon to return to her own apartment, for a night off, every once and a while. It was a great relief to be free of the demanding feline. Few, if any, mistresses could be quite so demanding as the imperious Catwoman. If it wasn't for an occasional evening away from her, Catgirl thought she'd lose her sanity, much as she'd come to admire the vicious criminal mastermind.

Barbara was relaxing in her living room, with a stiff drink. Catwoman had been a real bitch all day. By now, Barbara was as tense as a cat, and feeling pretty bitchy, herself. When the bell rang, she thought. "Damn all's I need now is a salesman or Mormon Missionary!" She got up and looked through the peephole. There was a tall figure in Bat-eared cowl and cape outside her door.

"bm!" Catgirl thought. "What does he want? He can't know I'm Catgirl, can he?" She put that thought out of her head. "He can't prove anything without witnesses, and our three witnesses aren't in any position to talk." Catgirl thought of the unfortunate Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Queen Hippolyta. "Well I may as well let him in. To tell the truth, I wouldn't mind a little hetro sex, for a change. Even having three superheroine slave-girls to choose from, can get boring after awhile. "I've always wanted to know how Batman would be in bed? When I was little, goody-goody Batgirl, of course, I wouldn't think of doing anything like that, with another heroic crimefighter! What a dip- shit I was!" Catgirl thought, as she opened the door.

As the door opened, Catgirl drew back in surprise. That wasn't Batman! She looked closer. "Why, it's Dick Grayson, in Batman's costume!" She realized. "Hmm, Dicky seems much taller, like that!" She remembered, she'd heard he was very well hung. "And a twenty-year-old, might be a lot more fun, than an old man, like Bruce Wayne. He must be fifty or better. Anyway, as they say, a bird, in hand, is worth two, in the bush!" She noticed the way those big chest muscles really filled out the tight, latex, Bat-tunic. "Well, we'll see if this bird gets into my bush, or not?"

"That suit's a little big on you, isn't it, Little Boy?" Barbara challenged.

"Hey, what do you think, Barbara? I thought Batgirl should be the first to know. Bruce is hanging up the Batcowl. He just can't hack it anymore. He's gotten hurt bad, a couple of times in the last year. He finally admitted, it's time I took over for him! Well, what do you think?"

"I think you should go home, and grow up, my little Cock Robin!" Catgirl laughed.

"Aww! I'm plenty grown up! I could show you, if you like!" The new Batman said, in an insinuating whisper.

"I'm sure you'd like to, you little pervert!" Barbara said, but she laughed when she said it. "Well, come on in, as long as you're here!" After she let the Bat-costumed crimefighter in and closed the door, Barbata picked up her glass. "Want a drink Birdboy?" She asked.

"I don't' drink!" Dick replied, rather shocked. "It's not legal until next year, when I'll be twenty-one. You know how Bruce feels about any infraction of the law?"

"Yeah, yeah! He's a real stickler, I know! O. K.! It's your loss!"

"I'm surprised to see you drink, Barbara! Fighting crime is dangerous enough, sober!"

"Yeah, well, I don't do so much crimefighting, anymore!" Barbara admitted.

"I know, I haven't seen you around! Gee, Barb, I've really missed you!" Dick said, moving closer until his barrel chest was touching the girl's out-thrust bosom. "May I give you a kiss, to welcome you back?"

Catgirl stuck out her cheek, and Dick kissed her, but he looked disappointed. For a change, the old, pre-Catwoman Barbara came to the surface. She felt sorry for him, and impulsively reached up and kissed the younger crimefighter on the lips. It developed into a passionate exchange, as they opened mouths and darted tongues at each other. When Barbara broke away, she was panting.

"Well, maybe you have grownup, some!" Barbara said. "Geez, though, Dick, you smell like a horse! You've been out fighting crime too long, without a bath!"

Even wearing the Bat-cowl, Dick managed to look sheepish. "I was out on a stakeout, all last night, and never got home. Gee, I'm sorry Barbara!"

"Why don't you go on in and take a quick shower, here, at my place? When you come out, maybe we'll see what develops?"

"Sure thing!" The boyish crimefighter answered.

As soon as Barbara heard the shower start, she raced into her bedroom to change.

"Lets see how our little bird-brain likes Catgirl?" She thought, as she swiftly donned her new costume. She belted on her new Cat-Utility belt, and pulled on gloves modeled after Catwoman's deadly, weighted brass- knuckled gauntlets. She pulled similarly armed, high-heeled boots onto her shapely legs. She made a couple of other quick preparations, and then waited outside the bathroom door, licking her lips eagerly.

Dick came out of the bathroom, wearing a towel around his slim middle, and found Catgirl waiting.

"Catgirl!" The young crimefighter gasped in dismay. "How did you get in here? What did you do, to Barbara?"

The only answer, to Dick's questions, was a silvery, but villainous, laugh.

Seeing Dick's arrogant, young, male nakedness, while she wore her Catsuit, gave Barbara a thrill of confidence. She felt a hot, eager wetness between her thighs.

Dick looked at the slim, feline figure, with incomprehension, then gasped in amazement. "Is that you, Barbara?"

"Of course it's me, Dopey!"

"But that's the Catgirl costume, Catwoman's new accomplice?"

"Haven't you ever heard of going undercover?" Catgirl said then added, in a seductive purr. "Haven't you always dreamed of making it with a caped villainess, Big Boy?"

Dick gulped. He had to admit to himself, the slim redhead really looked sexy, in that getup, maybe even sexier than as Batgirl. The hint of villainy added to her allure. Was it just the costume, or was there a hint of real evil in those blue eyes?

Catgirl stepped closer and looked up, batting her eyes through her mask. As she did, she pulled the towel from the young crimefighter's waist. "You won't be needing that, anymore, tonight!" She whispered huskily.

Dick's mouth dropped open. This certainly wasn't the chaste, modest, young librarian, he knew! Was she perhaps under some evil influence, from the appalling Catwoman? How should he handle this? He wished he still had the Batman costume on. He'd like to take the girl to the Batcave, and perform some mental tests, to see if, indeed, her mind was under some sort of hypnotic control.

As the troubled young hero pondered these questions, Catgirl saw the doubt in his eyes. She grabbed him around the neck and pulled his face down to her own. She began to kiss him seductively. Dick's eyes half closed. "Wow, she is some Babe, mind control or not!" He thought. "Well, maybe I should just play along a little longer, to see what she's up to. It's not as if she's dangerous. She's only a girl! I could always handle Batgirl in practice sessions, without any trouble, even if she is a couple of years older!" Dick decided confidently, although his judgement may have been clouded by the passion of the girl's kiss. As Catgirl felt the handsome, young man's body, relax against her, she drilled her left fist, low into his muscular belly. The Boy Wonder wasn't expecting anything like that, at all, and her fist sank way in. The punch doubled him over, with a loud "oooof," right into a right uppercut to the chin. Catgirl put everything she had behind that one. Her weighted fist straightened Dick right up, again, and banged his head against the door frame. His eyes were dazed, and he grabbed at the door, or he would have gone down.

"Holy sucker punch! Barbara what are you doing?"

"Teaching you a well-deserved lesson, Little Boy!" She crowed, in that stern, authoritative tone, she'd learned from Catwoman. Then she hit Dick in the nose with a left. It didn't draw blood, but it banged his head against the door, again. As the young crimefighter staggered away from the door, Catgirl clobbered him with another right to the chin. Dick fell down on his knees. The slim, feline-costumed girl stood over him, and laughed. When he tired to get up, she hit him again.

"Barbara would never hit an opponent, when he was down!" Dick thought. "She MUST be under Catwoman's evil influence!"

Dick grabbed at Catgirl's legs. "Barbara, this isn't really you! Let me help you, please? It's the evil Catwoman making you do this! " Young Dick wailed plaintively. The Boy Wonder's entreaties just made Catgirl mad, and she kicked him in the belly. Dick fell on his side and lay there.

"Barbara if you don't stop, I'm going to have to fight back! I don't want to hit a Lady! Please, you might get hurt!" He begged the beautiful, red-haired girl.

"O.K., Big Man! C'mon, I'll let you get up. See if you can hit this LADY, my little birdie?" Catgirl taunted. She was feeling really cocky now. It had always galled her, when the younger crimefighter had bested her in practice sessions. Catwoman had taught her a lot in the last few months, and she was eager to teach some of those same lessons to this self-confident male.

If Dick was more experienced, he would have stayed down a few minutes, but he jumped up, and came right after the slim redhead. His pride was hurt, too, that a girl had knocked him down so easily. The slim redhead's strength had surprised him. He was eager to pay her back for that embarrassment, but Barbara could see he was still hurt.

"O.K. Honey! You started this! So don't blame me, if you get hurt!" The young man said with cocky confidence.

Despite his bravado, Dick modestly tried to cover his naked crotch, but the girl got a good look. "Hmm it is as big, as I heard! Oh, and isn't that boyish modesty sweet, too? He'll make a delightful, little pet!"

"Save your breath, Dicky-Bird!" Catgirl laughed gaily, as she stepped in close, and clipped him on the nose again. Dick was still off- balance, and this really made the young crimefighter furious. He rushed at the taunting girl, but she gracefully danced out of the way, and kicked him in the shin. It stopped him, and threw him off-balance again. He squealed at the intense pain, her pointed steel-capped toe inflicted, and danced on one foot a moment. Catgirl slammed a right into Dick's side, before he could get his guard up. Now, she tore into him, throwing rights and lefts, as fast and as hard as she could. She landed some good punches, especially to the young crimefighter's belly. The vicious Catgirl wasn't at all concerned, if some of her punches landed pretty low, either.

The desperate young man grabbed Catgirl's arms in a clinch. She couldn't pull free, so she kneed at his naked crotch. She missed, but the threat made the boy nervous enough, and he let go. He pulled away from the slim little redhead. As soon as she got her right arm free, Catgirl hit him in the face. Dick staggered back a step, but then lunged at the girl. He grabbed her arms and pinned them to her body from the side, so she couldn't use her knee, to get at his crotch. Dick used his much greater strength to throw the smaller girl right across the room.

"Shit, he's strong as a bull!" Catgirl thought. "Well it's too late, to stop now!"

As Dick charged, Catgirl had just enough time to jump to her feet, and raise her fists defensively. Instead of boxing the girl, and risking injuring her seriously, the gallant, young hero lunged at her, trying to grab her, and throw her on the floor. Catgirl knew she had to stay on her feet. If the powerful, male crimefighter got her down under him, she doubted she'd be able to get back up, again. Catgirl barely danced out of the raging, young athlete's way.

Dick rushed Catgirl, again, but this time she was ready. Instead of backing off, as he expected, Catgirl danced straight at him. His arms were stretched out to grab her. She got right between them, and drove a left straight into his belly, well below the belt, if he'd been wearing one. Dick grunted, and Catgirl drilled her right into almost the same spot. The red-headed villainess got everything she had, behind that one; it was a perfect punch. Dick's belly was like a washboard, but he hadn't expected those two punches. Even after everything else the cute redhead had thrown at him, Dick still thought of her, as a comrade. He would hate to admit it, but he'd always had a crush on Barbara, too.

"Damn you!" Dick groaned, in a choked up voice. His arms closed around Catgirl's slim shoulders in a bearhug, but it was too high up, to be effective. Catgirl was able to drill some more deadly punches into his aching belly. With those weighted, reinforced gloves, Catgirl's fists landed with the impact of exploding hand grenades. Dick was gasping hard for breath. He couldn't ever remember any criminal dishing out this kind of punishment. It was almost impossible to hold on to the wiry, feline punisher.

Catgirl brought her arms up, breaking free of Dick's enfeebled grip. His face was wide open, and Catgirl switched targets. She drove a left up into the young man's chin. His head snapped backward. She followed, moving faster. He tried to raise his hands, now, to box with her, at least to fend her off. Before his hands were in position, the little redhead drove a straight left into his mouth, splitting his lip,

Dick's eyes looked glassy, and he threw his arms up, to protect his face. Without even a pause for breath, Catgirl shifted her attack to the handsome, young stud's belly. Her arms worked like a pair of jack hammers. She just kept plowing rights and lefts, straight into his gut. Dick's muscular abdomen, suddenly felt like mush to her fists. How delicious!

Dick doubled over, his mouth hanging open, like a fish out of water. He couldn't get his breath, at all. A trickle of blood from his cut lip dribbled down his chin. Catgirl let loose a haymaker right fist, almost from the floor. It landed right on the point of young Dick's chin. His mouth snapped shut, and then his legs collapsed. The tall, young crimefighter just dropped to the floor, on his behind. He sat there, in a daze, arms bracing himself against the floor, shaking his head.

"Ooh the Poor Baby!" Barbara said, and her voice sounded really sympathetic, but she smashed a left and a right into his eyes. "Poor Baby! I guess, I'm just a real mean bitch!" Catgirl added, with smug satisfaction. She didn't let her hurt, dizzy, male opponent get up, but hit him in the nose. The blow knocked Dick over backward, and blood gushed from his nose. His brawny arms were flung out over his head, and he was gagging. He didn't look like he'd get up for a while, but just to make sure, the vicious, apprentice feline pounced on his chest. She pinned her knees on his biceps.

With the last of his waning strength, Dick bucked just as Catgirl pounced. She couldn't pin him solidly, but as she fell over by his side, she slid her long, firm-muscled legs around the gallant lad's middle. She tightened her thighs with a spasmodic, near-orgasmic pressure.

"Ooh, that feels good!" Catgirl thrilled, as she felt Dick's muscular abdomen go limp, from the force of her powerful legs. "Squirm you little worm!" She murmured into his ear.

Dick struggled like a madman. No girl was going to hold him down like that, with just her deliciously rounded thighs! He was a man now! He was the new Batman! Somehow, though, the determined young crimefighter couldn't break out of the silken trap. He thrashed and flung himself from side to side, but Catgirl just kept tightening her inexorable grip.

"C-can't breath!" Dick gurgled. He tried to hit at the grinning feline, but she got hold of his hand, with both of hers. She bent two fingers backward, until he sputtered at the pain. He would have screamed, if he had the breath. Catgirl found a sensitive pressure point in his wrist, and as she bent his fingers, pressed her thumbnail into the spot.

Catgirl's hips and powerful thighs squeezed and writhed with near sexual pleasure, as they crushed the powerful young crimefighter's brawny middle. It was as good as sex, Catgirl decided, to physically dominate someone, like this. Poor Dick whimpered in agony. He was seeing spots in front of his eyes. This was scarier than the time Batman and he were thrown into Gothopolis Bay, weighted down with concrete. How could one little girl do this, to a big, strong, young man, at the peak of his tremendous, physical conditioning? Catgirl felt the big, powerful body falter, weaken, then go limp. She gave a final convulsive squeeze, and almost came at the erotic pleasure of mastering the handsome, young male.

Dick gagged and choked in pain his rugged tanned face paper white. Catgirl squirmed around, until her face was directly above the helpless lad's frightened features. Her thighs never loosened for a second. She looked directly into her victim's eyes. They were big and dark with fear.

"Is the little Birdy-boy afraid of big, bad Catgirl?" Catgirl purred, ecstatically. The helpless caped-crusader didn't answer, but his lower lip trembled, like a little boy about to cry. Catgirl couldn't resist. She pressed her lush mouth against his trembling lips, and kissed him hard. She slid her tongue into his defenseless mouth and brazenly explored it. The taste of victory was sweet!

"Mmmfff!" Dick tried to protest. He didn't like to have a girl kiss him, against his will. It was so demeaning! Catgirl slid back atop his chest. And sat on him triumphantly. When he tried to struggle, this time, the slim, arrogant girl rode him easily.

Catgirl cocked her fist, and Dick looked up at her, with a scared look on his face. "No more! Please, Barbara!" He gagged. He couldn't believe, that he was begging a girl for mercy! Catgirl sat there a moment, with her fist cocked. The young crimefighter looked up at her with that scared, sick look in his eyes, and she almost felt sorry for him. It was such fun sitting on his chest, pinning him down under her, though, she didn't want him ever to forget who was boss, ever again.

The boy looked, so adorably cute, whimpering in fear, Barbara wanted to kiss his bloody mouth, again! "Screw it!" The vicious Catgirl thought, and ignoring his plea, smashed her cocked fist into Dick's jaw. The boy's head snapped sideways, and he started to moan. Barbara stood up and put her foot on Dick's big barrel chest. Then she loudly counted to "ten", very slowly. Dick was conscious, but he couldn't move. He kept looking up at the redheaded girl, with that sick, hurt look in his eyes.

When she finished counting, Barbara leaned down, and slapped Dick 's face lightly back and forth, to bring him around. She wanted to make sure, that he appreciated everything, she was going to do to him.

As Catgirl slapped the gallant young lad, she taunted him. "Bet you never thought a little girl could do that to our big, brave, new Batman, huh? Come on, Little Boy, we've still got things to do!"

She grabbed a handful of hair on the young crimefighter's big, manly chest, and sat him up. Dick's face was white and sweaty, and Catgirl thought she caught a glimpse of tears in his eyes. She shivered in delight. Dick's face was scarlet with mortification. At the height of his athletic abilities, just promoted to wear the Batsuit, a girl kicked his butt, in no uncertain terms. Sitting on the floor, naked, unable to get up, the beaten young hero looked so cute and boyish, Barbara couldn't wait to play with her new toy. Once Barbara would have felt sorry for her crime fighting comrade. Now it just made her laugh, to see his helpless humiliation.

"So my little Cock Robin, isn't so much of a man after all, huh? How'd it feel, having a girl beat you up? The way Dick's lower lip quivered, it was obvious he didn't like it at all! Now, there was no doubt there were tears in his eyes. They were overflowing, and running down his cheeks. He furtively tried to wipe them away.

Catgirl saw the boyish gesture, and laughed gleefully. "All right, you've sat there long enough! Up on your feet! It's time for the next round of fun!"

Dick tried to get up, but didn't succeed, until Barbara grabbed his arm and tugged. Even with Catgirl's help, Dick could hardly stand. His knees knocked together, and he felt like he was going to faint.

"Why are you doing this, Barbara?" The anguished, young crimefighter asked, in the voice of a little boy, being punished for something he didn't do.

"It's such fun!" Catgirl answered, with a silky purr. "Oh, call me Mistress Catgirl from now on, you pathetic little loser!" She commanded the tall, young man who towered over her by eight inches. Catgirl patted the young man's muscular behind possessively. Dick winced and tried to pull away, but Catgirl squeezed his manly butt cheek, until he whimpered at the pain.

"Don't pull away from me, you little dork! Catgirl snarled and her cold, harsh tone sent a thrill of fear down Dick Grayson's back. He stood still, passively letting the slim girl paw him.

"Remember that time, when I just started out as a crimefighter, your buddy Batman thought I was getting in the way, in the Penguin investigation, and he spanked me? And you stood there laughing at me! Do you remember that?" Y-yes!" Dick admitted sheepishly.

"Well, I didn't think it was funny!" Catgirl purred. "I wonder how funny you'll think it is, when I do the same thing to you?" She gave his butt an extra hard squeeze, as she said it. She felt his virile body tremble fearfully. "Come on, Dickybird! Time for payback!" Catgirl pulled the trembling, young athlete toward her bedroom. Dick, in near shock, reluctantly let the girl pull him along. In the bedroom, Catgirl grabbed a huge ornate, silver hairbrush, a family heirloom, from her makeup table. When Dick saw it, he felt a giant lump of fear in his throat. His manly buttocks tightened in fear.

The terrified crimefighter tried to run toward the door, almost forgetting he was stark naked. Catgirl skipped after him, and caught his big muscular arm.

"Come back here, Dickybird!"

"Get you're hands off me!" The boy yelped fearfully. He tried to jerk loose, but Catgirl twisted him around to face her.

"You're not going anywhere, my little Dickybird, until I say so!" Catgirl snarled. Dick desperately hit his tormenter in the stomach. He'd forgotten about her steel-buckled, utility belt. His punch hurt the slim redhead, and knocked the wind out of her. Dick yelped in pain, himself, and waved his hand in the air, his knuckles smarting from the belt buckle.

"You little Bastard!" Catgirl yelled, and hit Dick across the side of the head, with the brush. Dick's eyes went glassy, and his legs wobbled. Catgirl took the long-handled brush in both hands, like a baseball bat, and hit him in the belly. Dick doubled over, clutching his aching gut. His hard abdomen trembled, and he felt like he was going to throw up. Catgirl slammed the brush across the back of his neck, and Dick went down on his knees, still holding his belly. Catgirl raised the brush over her head with both hands, and hit the gallant lad across the small of the back.

"Aggghh!" Catgirl heard the boy groan. He crouched at her feet on his hands and knees moaning.

"Why are you doing this?" Dick whimpered plaintively, again.

"Shut your mouth, you pitiful, little wimp!" Catgirl yelled, and kicked the helpless young man in the side. Then she grabbed him by the hair, and pulled him. He crawled after her. He was almost sobbing.

When Catgirl pulled the groveling crimefighter back to the makeup table, she laid the brush aside, temporarily. She looked down at the injured crimefighter, his big body rippling with those exciting muscles, that were now useless to even help him, to stand up. She felt a catch of excitement in her throat. She grabbed Dick's ear, like a stern teacher disciplining a young boy. She sat down on the chair in front of the table, and used the demeaning hold to force Dick's brawny body, facedown, across her lap.

"Stop it, damn you!" The young caped-crusader whined pathetically, his voice filled with terror. Though, he was weak as a baby, Dick fought vainly to get loose, until Barbara drove her elbow into the back of his neck. His rigid body went limp, and he dangled helplessly across her knees.

Wow! What a rush, to drag this huge muscle-bound guy across her lap, against his will. She reached for a hard round buttock. She patted it contemptuously. Dick trembled apprehensively, and tried to twist his head to see what the frightening, little redhead was doing. She pinched his rock-hard behind and he yelped.

"Mind your own business, Dickybird!"

Catgirl rasped her sharp fingernails against Dick's anus, and the boy howled in shocked outrage. The girl wrapped a slim leg around the boy's big, muscular thigh, and twisted his bulging arm behind his back. Dick struggled weakly, but Barbara easily held him in place with a one-handed hammerlock. She leaned across his body, and licked his ear and his cheek. Her tongue felt rough like a cat's. Dick felt sick fear.

Catgirl picked up the brush again. She licked her lips, in delicious anticipation. She raised the wicked brush high over her head, then waited a moment, letting the suspense build, until her muscular, male victim shivered in dread. Then she smashed the brush down across his big-muscled behind. Poor Dick howled, and leaped six inches in the air. Catgirl almost lost her grip on the gallant youth, but she gave his arm a hard twist, and reestablished control. She raised her arm again, and smacked him even harder. He howled just as loud, but this time, his anguished gyrations were much easier to control.

Catgirl raised her arm, and delivered the third, stinging blow. The big brawny youth was pitifully easy to keep under control now, and she rapidly established a steady, relentless rhythm.

"Bad Boy! Bad Boy!" The heartless feline intoned at each stroke. The young crimefighter howled at each smack of the brush. "What a baby you are!" Catgirl taunted him. By now, Catgirl had delivered two dozen strokes of the brush. Dick's manly bottom was blazing an excruciating scarlet.

Dick was in agony. "Leave me alone!" He wept. "Please!"

Catgirl kept up the relentless barrage, until blisters started to form, on the boy's muscular backside. His howls and sobs had died away to whimpers and moans. He dangled limply, too hurt and exhausted to fight back, anymore.

Finally, Catgirl decided she'd had enough fun with the brush. Of course, that didn't mean the unfortunate, young hero's ordeal was at an end. As Catgirl pushed the whimpering, well-chastised crimefighter off her lap, she glanced appreciatively at his hard, masculine buttocks, blazing agonizingly. The hapless youth jumped up, and danced about, holding his blazing bottom. In his agony he was oblivious to the way his oversized cock waved about. Catgirl saw it with greedy eyes, though.

"I guess, our Robin-Red-Breast is Robin-Red-Ass, now!" Catgirl laughed in heartless amusement.

Poor Dick gurgled in shame. What would Batman think of him now? Beaten up, and spanked, by a GIRL!

"Oh, Dicky Pet, come back over here!" Before the humiliated young man could escape, Catgirl grabbed his arm and pulled him back on her lap. This time, she sat him on her knee, just as she'd once seen a drunken man in a bar do, to a girl. She pulled Dick close, and kissed him aggressively and hungrily. The boy tied to pull away, but Catgirl was too strong for him, now. She pawed and groped his frightened manhood. It made him feel dirty!

"Don't fight it my little Birdy! Catgirl's like little birdies, like you! They're delicious!" As she taunted the boy, Catgirl pinched his nipple. The terrified, young crimefighter jumped up, despite his pain. He just stood there trembling in terror of the vicious redheaded girl. Catgirl eyed his manly, muscular behind.

"Gee, the little wuss does have cute little tush!" Catgirl thought, licking her lips. "Bright red brings it out so nicely! Ohh, I'm tempted! But, oh no, that would be too terrible and humiliating! Oh I shouldn't! Not to my poor little Dickybird! Oh, but his little tush looks so cute! I'd love to! Should I? Oh, Catwoman would be so proud of me! I will! I just can't resist!"

Catgirl jumped up and seized the weeping, young crimefighter's big muscular arm, and pulled him over to her bed.

"Stop! Let me alone!" Dick whimpered. "Haven't you done enough?"

"Now, now, Dickybird that's no way to talk! Don't you want to have sex with me?"

No!" The frightened boy cried.

"Too bad!" Catgirl laughed. Then with a twist, of her strong, young body, she flung the big, fabulously-muscled male face-down on her bed. He lay there, shivering in dread. The angry, red glow of his big, muscular buttocks emphasized the way they trembled in fear.

"Ohh, this is so delicious!" Catgirl shivered in delight. Dick Grayson looked over his shoulder, absolutely terrorized by the slim, girlish redhead, in the form fitting Catsuit. Catgirl smacked his reddened behind. "Lie still, Dicky-bird!" The petrified, young man lay still, afraid to oppose this fearsome, feline virago.

Catgirl opened her bedside table, and triumphantly pulled out a giant, sixteen-inch, wrist- thick dildo and harness. She had borrowed it from Catwoman to play with at home.

As Catgirl rapidly strapped the fearsome tool on, the would-be Batman sobbed like a little girl. "Oh, Barbara, Barbara, please don't, do that to me!"

"Stop your blubbering, you little wuss! It's a wonder none of those 'big, bad men' you chase, haven't rear-ended you, before this! Of course I don't expect any of them, have anything the size of 'Big Leo' here! I always thought that's what you and 'Batboob' were looking for! Didn't Bruce ever do this to you?"

"You sick pervert!" Dick whimpered, aghast at the thought of the heroic, high-principled Batman molesting a younger comrade.

For his impertinence, Catgirl smacked the young man's behind, even harder and he whimpered in pain, and held his tongue.

As Catgirl knelt down on the bed, beside the sniffling crimefighter, Dick tried to crawl away, from her. Catgirl grabbed him around the waist and pulled him back. "Come back here, little Birdie! Kitty wants to play!" Dick sobbed hopelessly. Catgirl patted his chest. His mightily-developed pectorals were as big as some girl's breasts.

"Oh you have titties, like a girl!" Catgirl chortled and fondled her victim's nipples. "Wow they get all hard, just like a girl's, too! Does that mean, I turn you on?"

As she played with Dick's manly chest, with her other hand, Catgirl toyed with Dick's genitals, fingering his limp cock, and lightly squeezing his balls. She kissed the back of his neck, and nibbled at his ear, with playful ferocity. His limp penis came back to life, perhaps from terror, as much as Catgirl's rough, gloved hands. Catgirl felt it expand.

"Wow, it is pretty big for such a sweet little boy! Of course, it's not as big as 'Leo'!" Catgirl whispered in the helpless boy's ear. As she squirmed around on top of him, Dick felt the horrible "Leo," bobbing between his muscular thighs. The rough leather of Catgirl's costume chafed his raw, red buttocks, and his sobs grew louder. She wouldn't really do that to him, would she? Catgirl was breathing heavily, almost panting in excitement.

"Well, enough foreplay; it's time for the main event!" Catgirl whispered, in her sobbing, young victim's ear. She squirmed around, some more, until she'd positioned the terrible, penile weapon directly between Dick's thighs, probing his manly buttocks. Dick squirmed and struggled, but Catgirl caught his muscular arms in a full-nelson, and held him, too tightly to escape. Her slim arms were so much smaller than his brawny limbs, but he couldn't get loose. He felt like he was in a straitjacket. Worse, he felt "Leo's" huge, bulbous tip threateningly prod his tiny anus.

"Don't, Barbara, please! For the love of God, don't!" Poor Dick Grayson sobbed one last time, in mindless terror. This was a realization of his worst nightmare! It was already too late! Catgirl was lunging against him, harder and harder. He weakly tried to fend her off, but it was no use. The boy desperately tried to clench his sphincter shut, but that horrible club was ramming against it. The red- haired girl-savage on his back was remorseless.

"Nooo!" It was ripping into his body! The bulbous knob penetrated Dick's tiny anus, with a plop. He felt horrible, rending pain! The horrible thing was inside him!

Catgirl almost came in excitement. "Oh That's delicious! It went right inside his cute little behind!" She rammed it home, all sixteen inches, right up Dick's tight butt.

Dick shrieked like a violated schoolgirl. "Get it out! Get it out!" On top of the shame, was terrible physical pain, that horrible thing plunging around inside him, pounding his intestines like a hammer. It was as thought the terrible little redhead owned his body!

"Now, now, Dickybird, just be still, and I'll do all the work!" Catgirl whispered in Dick's ear. His earsplitting shrieks were horrifying, but Catgirl gloried in the boy's pain. Her slim hips rocked up and down, as she drove in and out of Dick's helpless, shuddering body. This was incredible, better even then tormenting the helpless Supergirl or Wonder Woman. She was actively forcing herself on a helpless terrorized victim, and her frightened victim was a big, brawny male. As Batgirl, she'd always envied the macho, young crimefighter, even though he was younger than she was. Now, he was her helpless toy!

"I always wanted to 'deflower' a helpless, little virgin!" Catgirl snickered, and grabbed Dick's penis again, holding the enfeebled, young crimefighter with just one arm. His cock had actually expanded, when she rammed the giant dildo up his behind. As the savage redhead rammed in and out of the boy, she roughly fingered his throbbing cock. Poor Dick was overwhelmed by pain, shame and erotic stimulation. He soon exploded in a mighty ejaculation, all over the bed. Even then, Catgirl kept ramming in and out of his ravaged body. Dick's depleted cock started to shrink, but Catgirl tightened her grip and rubbed harder. She kept up her brutal two-pronged rape, until she forced the emasculated, young crimefighter to ejaculate again.

After the second enforced response, Catgirl finally pulled the dildo out of Dick's abused body, and lazily stood up. The big, brawny crimefighter curled up in a fetal position, on his side, hiding his face in his hands, still weeping liking a molested little girl.

Catgirl looked down on her victim, with profound satisfaction. She knew, with feline intuition, that she had destroyed her rival's budding, masculine pride forever. She laughed good-naturedly. "Poor Dickybird! That was delightful, but how can I ever respect you again? You let me fuck you on the first date! I guess you're just nothing but a cheap, little floozie!"

"Gee that gives me an idea! A cheap little slut, like you, should dress like one!" Taken by her new idea, Catgirl grabbed the weeping, naked young male and pulled him off the bed. She dragged him back to her makeup table. The young caped-crusader was too demoralized to resist. Catgirl sat the shamed crimefighter down at her makeup table, on the same chair, she had used to spank his cute, little bottom. Dick stayed where she put him, looking scared to death.

Poor Dick didn't fight back, even when Catgirl picked up a lipstick and smeared it all over his lips. Then she rouged his cheeks, and put mascara on his eyes. He closed his eyes in shame. Catgirl picked up a pair of huge clip-on, hoop earrings, and clipped them on Dick's ears. From the closet she took a bleached-blond wig she'd used undercover, once, and adjusted it on Dick's head.

"You make an adorable little girl, Dickybird! Let's see what I've got for you to wear?" New tears ran down Dick's face. Catgirl slapped his face getting rouge all over her palm. "Stop you're blubbering; you're smearing your makeup, you little slut!" Dick snuffled back his tears, terrified of angering the heartless villainess.

Catgirl found a lacy, pink lingerie set, strapless bra, bikini panties and frilly, garter belt. "Step into these!" Catgirl ordered, holding out the panties to the mortified young man

"Barbara please!" The boy wept. His plea earned him, another slap across the face.

"What did I tell you to call me?"

"I-I'm sorry, Mistress Catgirl!"

"That's better, slut!"

Dick blinked helplessly and let Catgirl slip the panties on him. She stuffed some handkerchiefs into the bra, and put it around his broad manly chest, and snapped it. Of course, it hardly fit, and she barely got it snapped. Dick could hardy breath. Barbara fastened the garter belt, and slipped a pair of black-net hose on his brawny legs. She threw a pair of high heels at him.

"These belonged to my Cousin Bertha. We always called her 'Bigfoot," so I think they'll fit you!" Dick obediently slid his feet into the shoes. They were a little tight, but he was able to get his feet into them.

Dick looked down at the well-filled bra on his own broad chest, and felt the silken garments against his skin. He glanced in the mirror, horrified. Despite his muscularity, he had very little body hair, and his youthful face looked somewhat girlish, in the makeup and blond wig. He shuddered in self-disgust. He knew he'd never fully recover from this terrible assault on his masculinity. The girl, he'd always had a crush on, had beat him up, raped him, and now feminized him. It was the ultimate emasculation! Catgirl triumphantly led him to the door.

"Please don't take me out, like this!" The almost Batman whimpered.

"Stop whining, you cheap little slut! I have my car downstairs, but if you don't stop blubbering, I'll put you on the back of my old Batcycle and drive you through downtown Gothopolis! How would you like that, Dickybird?

"Oh no Barb..., I mean Mistress Catgirl, please!" Dick whispered. The broken-spirited, cross-dressed, young crimefighter let his vicious new Mistress lead him down to the car, into Catwoman's captivity.

Can no crimefighter stop Catwoman and her evil, young cohort? What is Catwoman's next plan for domination? Is even the Diabolical Dominatrix proof against the mighty, Amazon Armies of Paradise Island?

Superheroine Jeopardy part 7